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University v Upper Hutt
Wellington Capital 2 Kelburn Park, 2.30pm Saturday 23 July 2011 Match Programme

Club Information
Founded: 1944 Honours:
Central League Division Two: Winners 1998, Third 1992 Wellington First Division (Venus Shield): Runners Up 1956, 1973, Third 1979 Wellington Second Division (Power Cup): Winners 1950, 1952, 1965, 2001, Runners Up 1988, 1992, Third 1999, 2006 Wellington Third Division: Winners 1998 Hilton Petone Cup Winners: 1992 Women’s First Division: Runners Up 1995, 1996, Third 2005 Women’s Second Division: Winners 1981

Home Ground: Kelburn Park, Wellington Club Captain: Craig Harris Women’s Club Captain: Bronwyn Carson Secretary: Tessa Versteeg Treasurer: Michael Roberts Committee Members: David Abricossow, Marcus Anselm, Phil Bak, Callum Campbell, Bronwyn Carson, Lauren Hakkaart, Craig Harris, Colin Kennedy, Natasha Naus, Michael Roberts, Tessa Versteeg, Giuliano Serrao, Christian Squire, Matt Steele. One man support club: Eddie ‘Leeds Utd’ Taylor Most fanatical supporter: Harriet With many thanks to:

Club Captain’s Message
Welcome Upper Hutt City to Kelburn Park today, the second longest away trip in Capital Two (after visits to Waikanae). Okay, so it’s not quite the same as the Phoenix going to Perth or Vladivostock’s trips to St Petersburg, but still we hope you enjoy your trip into the big smoke...though not too much to head home with the three points. The business end of the season is upon us, and it’s refreshing to see the top eight men’s teams (1sts to Unicorns) in the top four of their respective divisions, and all in the hunt for promotion. There’s no denying that University has ambitions to play as high as possible, so we’ll all be watching the next couple of weeks with anticipation, if only because success makes the Prizegiving so much more of a kneesup. Celebrating success, we have introduced a new Team of the Week award. You guessed it, every seven days we’ll be announcing the side that has had the best performance of ... well, the last seven days. This week I’m proud to announce the Womens First Team as the inaugural winners. Last weekend they defeated Stop Out, the winners of the Football Central Premier League, 1-0. It was the first loss Stop Out suffered all season. Our Womens Firsts have rebounded from a slow start to the season, to be undefeated in their last nine matches, becoming the form team of the second round, and in the end, finishing only two points off second place in the league. Great effort ladies, and all the best for the Cup tomorrow against Petone. I’d also like to welcome The Hunter Lounge as another proud supporter of VUW AFC. This link-up provided immediate benefits with the Committee enjoying drinks at the Lounge last Thursday night. KP clubrooms will still be the place to be on Saturday nights, but The Hunter Lounge offers a great mid-week venue for you to have a quiet couple while recovering from the rigorous training sessions down on Boyd Wilson. Finally, all the best to our Treasurer, Michael Roberts, a Gossie and club stalwart who leaves us in a week for a year in Japan. Mike, your sausage cooking skills and unique hairdos (who will forget the platinum blonde phase earlier this season) will be sorely missed in the clubrooms. Don’t worry, we still want you to Skype in for the Prizegiving, if only to see your reaction for missing out on the Michael Roberts Memorial prize.... Craig

First Team Match Report
University 5, Waikanae 1, Kelburn Park 9 July Scorers: Wilson 3, Franklin, Abo In honour of Michael Robert’s last game for the club before leaving for Japan, I was going to give this week’s match review in Haiku. But, my poetry skills are lacking, so I am going to instead deliver the report in the truest from of poetry, acrostic.

W is for winning. Waikanae were hit by a Uni tornado in their 5-1 loss to us
(poor taste I know, but had to be done).

A is for average, which sums up our attempt to defend the corner which lead to
Waikanae’s goal.

I is for impossible. We all thought it was impossible for Wilson to score with his
head. Somehow he managed it.

K is for Koncussion. One of the Waikanae players felt the pain after trying to
head the ball through Jimmy’s elbow. We hope he is okay (and before anyone complains, its poetry, the poor spelling is for literary effect).

A is for awful, which best describes Abo’s celebration after scoring with his chin. N is for nutter, or Waikanae’s right winger. A is for abysmal. The condition of KP is an embarrassment and something that
WCC need to do something about.

E is for Eddie Taylor. He deserves a special mention for staying out later than
Abo following our team dinner, and as a result becoming the first person to ever use a gold card on the late night bus. Legend! Six games. Eighteen points. Not an easy task but one that we know can be achieved. It’s in our hands boys, time to finish the job!

Goss Spot
The Day Zeus Conspired Against the Gossies Our last hit-out was against the Greeks of Olympic and the day dawned fine. In fact it remained fine till nigh on kickoff when the Zeus powered squall hit Crawford Green. At times it seemed as though the reason the pitch remained earthbound was due to the combined weight of 22 players standing on it. I was sure the northern end (where limited action was taking place due to the conditions) began to lift a little, like a Greek rug left outside in the wind. The Gossies had chosen to play against the elements in the first having reasoned that as the day got colder and the bodies tired, having the conditions at our back for the second half would be a welcome respite. In doing so we ignored that that age old Greek philosophy that “one Ouzo in the hand is better than two on the table outside”. The first half required the Gossies to be made of stern stuff as we battled to move the ball out of our own half and on the whole we delivered. We rushed to the changing sheds at half time down 1-0 and relatively happy with our position given the conditions. It was odd that Olympic chose to stay outside braving the conditions while we steeled ourselves for a stirring 2nd half. Little did we know that while we were inside discussing how to dismantle the Greeks they were outside sacrificing a lamb to Zeus around the back of the changing sheds. As we exited the changing sheds many of us stumbled as we did not step into the gloom of a cold blustery and wet northerly but into the bright sunshine and warmth that bathed the postage stamp that is Crawford Green. Despite this setback the Gossies were patient in their approach and managed to sneak the equaliser with 15 minutes to go. We also had a shot blocked on the line with a judicious arm, the owner of which was clearly a conscript as his family reside in Wairoa and even the fish and chip shop owners in Wairoa couldn’t find Greece on a map. The match finished 1-1 after Glenn and Matt Ryan both left the field with head cuts having attempted to sacrifice each other to whichever gods they follow. We did take some comfort from the fact that we took 4 points from the Greeks this season and while the 1st team still have to play them once the best they can do is to reach 3 points against the Greeks. There is a slightly famous Greek tale that revolves around a king called Odysseus who upset a Greek god called Poseidon. Obviously the Gossies have done something to upset Zeus but will take comfort that Odysseus eventually triumphed over his foes as the Gossies shall triumph over their remaining opponents in Capital Two.

Honour Roll
Match of the Week this week sees the Accies at home to the second placed Petone Chicago. A win for the Accies would be a big step for promotion to Cap 5 next season. The top men’s teams are all chasing promotion, while the Womens Firsts and Seconds are already eyeing up the silverware in the cup round. At the other end, the Goldenrods have a big game today against Stokes Valley, needing a win to have any chance of staying up in the lofty heights of Capital 16. If not, hopefully the parachute payment will be sufficient for a good off-season recruitment programme...

Grade Cap 2 Cap 2 Cap 4 Cap 6 Cap 6 Cap 7 Cap 9 Cap 11 Cap 11 Cap 13 Cap 13 Cap 13 Team Today’s Game v Upper Hutt (h) v Wellington Utd (a) v Brooklyn Nthn (a) v Petone (h) v Brooklyn Nthn (a) v Marist Cobras (a) v Wgtn Utd Legends (a) v Upper Hutt (a) v IBU The Reds (h) v Lower Hutt (a) v Karori Stevedores (h) v Western Suburbs (a) v Wainuiomata (h) v Stokes Valley (h) v Nth Wgtn City (h) v Stop Out Black (a) Last week Won 3-0 Won 3-0 Drew 1-1 Lost 0-3 Won 5-1 Lost 2-6 Lost 1-5 Lost 0-1 Lost 1-4 Lost 2-3 Lost 2-4 Table Psn 1st 4th 3rd 1st 3rd 3rd 3rd 2nd 7th 6th 5th 4th 8th 6th 5th 7th

University Firsts Uni Gossies Uni Scarfies Uni Accies Uni Stallions Uni Raiders Uni Beavers Uni Unicorns Uni Rangers Uni Wanderers Uni Brow Uni Aidan’s Amigos Cap 15 Uni Unicycles Cap 16 Uni Goldenrods Under 21 Uni Under-21s Masters 4 Uni Bombers

Grade Premier Women’s 1 Women’s 4 Team University University University v Petone Pure (h) v Brooklyn Northern (a) v Petone Pulse (a) Last week Won 1-0 Lost 0-5 Won 2-1 Table Psn 4th 7th 4th

Player Profile – Elliot Stansfield
TEAM: Uni 1sts AGE; 18 COU TRY OF BIRTH: England ICK AME Ottman OCCUPATIO Graphic Design/Marketing Student and Peer Tutor at Victoria University MARITAL STATUS (U DER THE THUMB) Unmarried POSITIO Striker/Right Wing PREVIOUS CLUBS Metro AFC, Nelson College 1st XI, Nelson Rep, Nelson United FC, Nelson City AFC, Whangaparoa College, Hibiscus Coast FC FAVOUURITE CLUB Leeds United FAVOURITE PLAYER Harry Kewell FAVOURITE FOOD Lasagne PET HATES O THE FOOTBALL FIELD Late slides PERSO YOU'D MOST LIKE TO MEET Banksy 3 THI GS YOU'D TAKE TO A DESERT ISLA D Football, Guitar and Jessica Alba BEST ADVICE GIVE TO YOU Don’t make someone your priority if to them you are only an option DREAM DATE IF OT YOUR WAG Emma Watson FAVOURITE PLACE I THE WORLD Normandy, France Currently being considered for the world’s richest design competition, the Foot Locker Art Prize. Selected as a top 25 finalist to win $50,001 AUD for the design ‘Flow”. Elgibile for the People’s Choice Award (currently coming 2nd) and the 18 and under category prizes for both being $1500 AUD each. Leaving 27 July for the exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW where the major prize winner will be announced. Vote in the people’s choice award at



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Matt Steele Kristian Miles (c) David Abricossow Simon Davies Michael Cowman Jimmy Hardaker Ignacio Donovan Franklin Mwanza Loic Lassueur Matt Rowe Matt Wilson Aidan Lawrence Mitchell Bradley Elliot Stansfield

Coach – Guillermo Schiltenwolf


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