INTRODUCTION to entrepreneurship

Peter F.Drunker, a leading management expert defines entrepreneur as ³An entrepreneur is one who always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity.´ Entrepreneurship is the trait or characteristic which an entrepreneur possesses. It is the prime-mover of industrial development. A spirit of enterprise makes a person entrepreneur. Entrepreneur is the thus an innovator, who carries out new combinations in ever-changing environment, to initiate and accelerate the process of economic, social and technological development.

In figure above entrepreneur is explained as an individual, who interacts with a business environment of agriculture, industry, service or profession. His main trait includes initiative, organization, management, controller, risk -taker and innovator. Cantillon, who was a French banker, first used the term entrepreneur. In the

Many multinational companies are now working on this idea. He refers this term to a person. who as a manager in a company functions like an entrepreneur. The difference in entrepreneur and intrapreneur is related to the bigger organizational network in case of intrapreneur which covers risks and helps in raising capital for an intrapreneur Introduction to Zentek Electronics & Communications . It is the key element in the industrial development of any nation.context of food processor and a seller -agent. Independent business units o r profits-centers are devised within an organization. he used this term as one. There is a great interest in this discipline due to the economic link of entrepreneurship in nation building. Further developments in this area established entrepreneurship as an established discipline of knowledge and research. Gifford Pinchot III in 1985 wrote a book on this. who carries risk due to uncertainty in farming and for a price to be paid by city dwellers. who carries all the qualities of an entrepreneur. A relatively recent term in this context is Intrapreneurship. Each is headed by a chief executive.

The company was initially into the distribution of billing machines.O The P. The Seed Capital for the venture was contributed from the Entrepreneur¶s own pocket as well as from family we have always strived to maintain and improve the quality through technology by which we are identified by our customers.O Era . We have been able to survive in the market for the past several years.Zentek Electronics & Communications Pvt Ltd is all set to break the barrier and redefine the established boundaries of the Electronics & Telecommunication market in this ever-expanding world . Zentek Electronics & Communications Pvt Ltd will be a reference point as it is the trend of the day and will also be the no 1 choice in future as well because very few companies provide end -to-end solutions.It is a family owned business. After a period of time they started the manufacturing of P. We pledge to innovate and access to new products and ideas with increased values and shift the productivity frontier to new heights.C. Zentek Electronics & Communications was established in the year 1998. our endeavor has been to provide cutting edge technology based solution to our customers.

No one in our segment of Coin Pay Phone can Compete with us either in Quality or Quantity. Not to be over reliant on one single product the company started diversifying into other new products categories. There weren¶t that many players in the market.C. Our Strength We have our own dies atleast 100 in nos for our products ranging from handsets to cabinets.C. The company charged a premium when compared to the Chinese made phones but their products had a very high level of quality standards backed by a good after sales and service network. but they weren¶t reliable.The company entered the P. Diversification : The company expected the P. They had a lot of quality related issues. .O market due to the tremendous potential for growth in this market. The company used this drawback of the Chinese imports to its benefit.O to be a cash generating product for 7 -8 yrs but it continued to generate cash for the company for 10 -12 years. Eventually the company made a name for itself in the market and eventually dominated the market f or many years to come. Initially the company faced competition from cheap Chinese imports.and of various other parts.

Vehicle Tracking Unit is equipped with ultra modern technology for tracking & security. QUALITY STANDARDS A Well Maintained Quality and Safety standards . Healthy and Filtered Clean Air environment Our solutions are highly scalable enabling services to be provided at a time and pace that meets both business requirements and budget. Our systems typically utilise GSM (global system for mobile communications) and GPS (global positioning system) technology. Products  GPS vehicle tracking systems (three model)  GSM/GPRS modem .

.  Testing and Measuring Equipment . GSM PCO  PCO coin payphoned  STD PCO monitor  Home Security Systems R & D Infrastructure & Facilities  Mechanical Design.  Software design tools .

CDMA. Hardware Design tools Our expertise  Hardware & software design tools for Microprocessor. . hardware Software. Designs. 20+ Technically Qualified Personnel. Quality & Mechanical . GSM.  500 mhz digital storage oscilloscopes  Logic analyzers  In circuit & rom emulators  Microtronix & sysgration make telephone analyzers Infrastructure Details R & D Infrastructure & Facilities :2000 Sq. feet Well Equipped . microcontroller based products related to PSTN.  Embedded software development. Workspace for Development . VOIP and VTS technologies.

ICE for C51 Controllers. Real View Development suite for ARM processor. Logic Analyzers. Level Oscillators and meters. Telephone Analyzer. Micro kernel for C51 and Z80 g microprocessors. simulators for c51 and other micro controllers. ROM emulators. Hardware Design tools : PCB Design Tools Software Features :On Line Tracking Offline tracking (Without Simcard Data Logger) SMS / GPRS Communication (Tracking + Configuring) TCP-IP/UDP Connectivity Two IP Address Configurable . GSM & CDMA MSC & BS simulator. frequency generator. Measuring and Testing equipment Mechanical Design : Products simulated / Developments made using advanced CAD software¶s like Pro-E / Auto CAD / Cadian-Mech etc. Software design tools :Assemblers. Universal programmers. LCR Meters. linkers. Testing and Measuring Equipment : Digital Storage Oscilloscopes.. Transmission Measuring Sets. libraries. Cross compilers.A range of latest and best Quality Hardware/Software design tools. Development Suite for T1 DSP and MS Visual Developers Studio & Kiel compiler.

dedicated & Committed Marketing Lifeline Supported with prompt after sales Service.Domain Name Based Connectivity with Web Server USB Connectivity with PC for Configuration Over The Air (OTA) Configuration SOS SMS and SOS CALL Facility Provision for Configuring Either 10 Incoming Call Numbers or Any Numbers Automatic APN Selection (Applicable only for Pre-define Operators) Offline Mode GPS Data Storage in SD Card upto 8 Years Programmable Power Saving Mode Cell ID information in Absence of GPS Connectivity Silent Call GSM/GPRS Server Connectivity Protocols As Per Requirement MANPOWER :- Manufacturing: A qualified committed & experienced technical team of over 80 people. TECHNOLOGY EXPERTISE :- . Marketing and Service: Experienced. R&D working on technology fields mentioned above.

GSM. 500 mhz digital storage oscilloscopes Logic analyzers In circuit & rom emulators Microtronix & sysgration make telephone analyzers TOOLS :Well maintained Tool Room as per the requirements with die & moulds and wide range of latest tools. Technical Specification :Salient Features Module 900/1800/1900 MHZ Tri-band GSM/GPRS module 20 channel GPS receiver GSM/GPRS/GPS ARM 32BIT Class 4 ( 2W for GSM 900 ) GSM 1800 ) External SIM 1. VOIP and VTS technologies.Hardware & software design tools for Microprocessor. Embedded software development.8V & 3V Supports Text Class 10 Coding Scheme CS1 Class 1 ( 1W for System CPU Output SIM (RUIM) Interface SMS GPRS Packet Data . micro-controller based products related to PSTN. CDMA.

. Voice port for two-way voice communication. Tact Switch for Call Hang .30V Internal battery: 3.YELLOW Connectors/Switches SIM Card Holder. USB Connector Power Supply Internal Battery Enclosure Operating Temperature Storage Humidity Dimension (mm x mm x mm) Cabinet Wieght Antenna Software Wide DC input voltage range 10V .RED. Tact switch for emergency SMS. Tact switch for emergency voice call / Answering Incoming Call. SMA antenna connector for GSM. GPS . SMA antenna connector for GPS.85% RH 130X85X30 aluminium/ metal (powder coated) 275gms GSM+ GPS PC Utility software for parameter configuration & Reading Offline Data From Memory card . GSM . I/O Ports 1-16 as Per Various Models.GREEN.Up.7/1050Ah Li-ion Powder Coated Cabinet -10ºC to +55ºC -40ºC to +85ºC 5% .to CS4 LED Power .

Our service is unmatched as (ota)over the air technology is used in all our products that saves time . PCO Pay Phone :We have variety of coin pay phone to choose from. energy and anxiety which the customer faces when the service is down due to technical reason. GSM based home security systems. Salient Features REGULAR Latest Microchip Technology. GPRS Modem. GPS. Low Power Consumption . PCO payphone. GSM payphone. which ensures that productivity goals are met and needs of the respective customers are fulfilled. Seven various Models with eye catching bright Colours and 100% solution for coin jam problems.Products Zentek Electronics & Communications Pvt Ltd has dedicated and professional set of staff which develops and markets different products and software applications such as Vehicle tracking system.

e 95 Dialing And Local Level Refund Of Coin For Unsuccessful Call .16 500 / 300 Coin Capacity Separate Cash Box. Programable 6 Digit Code & Pulse Rate For Group Dialing i. Dial Number.1 Coin" Dial Now Disaplay Show Now Diposited Amount. Latest Push Button Dialing With Hi-q Speech One Touch Redial Facility Of Last Dial Number DELUXE Accept All Type Of New One Rupee Coin One & Two Coin Programable Alpha Numeric LCD Display FIBER WALLMOUNT Display Prompt Such As Rs. Balance Time Display Shows Box Full Indication After 500 / 300 Calls Auto Reset After Indication Of Box Full METAL WALLMOUNT Non Resestable Cumulative Meter Reading To Avoid Loss Dut To Meter Tempering Tone Pulse & Epabx Compatible.PLUS & High Output India Only Payphones That Supports Interactive Voice Responding Systems Works On Only Telephone Line ( external Battery & Electric Power is not required ) Coins Validated Usign High Class Coin Validator All Features Are Keyboard Programable JET SUPER .

Private Phone Line Personal Tracker :Child / Elderly people Company Executives Field Executives Sales / Marketing Executives Pets.e.Compatibility With All Types Of Exchangs In India Manual Talk (*) Coin Collection In Absence Of Line Reversal i. GPRS Modem :- A GPRS modem is a GSM modem that additionally supports the GPRS .

This is much faster than using th e ordinary SMS over GSM. whose SMS transmission speed is about 6 to 10 SMS messages per for data transmission. If SMS over GPRS is used. GSM Home Security System :-  Anti-theft Reporting  Emergency Reporting . Note that some wireless carriers do not support the sending and receiving of SMS over GPRS. GPRS stands for General Packet Radio Service. (GSM is a circuit-switched technology. a GPRS modem is typically needed. If you nee d to send or receive MMS messages. It is a packet-switched technology that is an extension of GSM.) A key ad vantage of GPRS over GSM is that GPRS has a higher data transmission speed. GPRS can be used as the bearer of SMS. A GPRS modem is needed to send and receive SMS over GPRS.  Complete Message  Wireless Door  Window Sensor  Arm/Disarm by SMS  Monitoring/ Talking  Power Failure Reporting  GPRS Connectivity Lost  GPS Antenna Cut/Disconnect  GPS Fix Lost . an SMS transmission speed of about 30 SMS messages per minute may be achieved.

we cater to millions of people. we innovate and access to new products and ideas with increased values in this ever-shrinking world of ours. we innovate and access to new products Zentek Electronics & Communications Pvt Ltd is interested in long term trends because an invention has to make sense in the world in which it is put in use. Zentek Electronics & Communications Pvt Ltd is interested in long term trends because an invention has to make sense in the world in which it is put in use. we cater to millions of people. we innovate and access to new products . Device Tamper  Vehicle Over Speeding  Low Internal Battery Voltage  On-line SIM Card Removal  On-line SD Card Removal  SD Card Available Memory Low Clients Zentek Electronics & Communications Pvt Ltd is interested in long term trends because an invention has to make sense in the world in which it is put in use. we cater to millions of people.

Where Zentek is expecting their 10% of turnover only from their exported products and services. The R&D team of Zentek is working on this future 3rd Generation project. Where the customers will have the advantage of video calling directly. . It is estimated that the 3rd Generation services to the customers will be available in coming six months. Personal Tracker.Future of Zentek Electronics and Communications As we have seen and understood the total range of products of Zentek Electronics and Communications. Starting from the PCO pay phone. Zentek is also looking forward to take their organization on a global platform by exporting their various products and servic es all over the globe. GSM and GPRS Modem and GSM Home Security System. Zentek is looking forward for the 3rd Generation services for their customers. Vehicle Tracking Unit.

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