Be Careful Parents«Your Daughters May Fall Prey To Love Jihad«.

Published Thursday, May 19, 2011 By V.Ramachandra Reddy. Under Home Tags: Dangerous, Forceful Conversions,In The Name Of Love, Karnataka., Kerala, Love Jihad, Many Incidents Are Unreported, Vigilant

Read the poster carefully. All the phone numbers are functioning and this reporter spoke to them and confirmed the authenticity of this poster.

Jihad«this is the most hated word in today¶s world. There is loud Jihadi outcry all over the world. You may not know«there are many Jihads. Kalashnikov (AK-47) Jihad, drug Jihad, Love Jihad, Conversion Jihad, fake currency jihad,mass illegal migration jihad (like the migration from Bangladesh to India; the demographic situation drastically changed in the states of Assam and Bengal as a result of this mass illegal migration of Bangladeshi Muslims into India. The Congress party and Communist party welcomed them and issued them ration cards so they they can vote to their parties), etc. Among these we already know AK-47 Jihad. Mumbai terror attacks are a typical example of AK-47 Jihad. When it comes todrug jihad, your might know very well that Afghanistan is the country where 95% of the world total opium is produced. They sell opium based products in the western countries and even in India. The terr orists derive two benefits out of this Opium business. They get money to finance their terror activities and they can even weaken the youth of their enemy nations like US, India and Israel. Conversion jihad is another type you might be well aware of. Converting the followers of other religions into Islam. This is intended to increase their numbers and slowly change the demographic profile of the country. The ultimate goal of this conversion jihad is, transforming the world into Dar-ul- Islam (Islamic theocratic state). Fake currency jihad is very active in our country. The main motive behind fake currency jihad is injecting fake currency notes into India¶s economy in a big way and thereby damaging our economy. Now getting back to the main issue-Love Jihad, this has very dangerous repercussions. It has been going on in North India for so many years, but our biased Indian media ignored the issue completely. But when they introduced love jihad in Kerala, many Christian girls started falling victims to this new, innovative jihad. Unlike Hindu community, the Christian community is better organized and they have better media management skills. So they started raising hue and cry and the media started taking notice of it. Scores of incidents related to love jihad ha d come to light. The Kerala high court found strong indications of Love Jihad happening and it even ordered the state government to conduct a thorough probe into the Love Jihadprogram. ( In Kerala and Karnataka thousands of Hindu girls were trapped by Mus lim boys who allegedly received funds from Arab countries to maintain swanky bikes, decent clothing, expensive perfumes etc, to trap the girls of other religions. After luring the Hindu girls (some of them are Christian girls) they convert them into Islam and marry them to make the Islamic baby factory flourishing. In many cases the girls lured in this manner were sold off to the red light areas in cosmopolitan cities like Mumbai and Calcutta. Some are even groomed as suicide bombers to

explode themselves in the cause of Islam. The issue is so serious that more than 10,000 cases have been reported in Kerala and Karnataka alone. We do not have much information with regard to how many girls were trapped and converted into Islam in the rest of India. There is a page in Wikipedia ( about this love jihad and the magnitude of the problem. The parents who have daughters and even the college going girls are blissfully unaware of these incidents. But if you are not vigilant the love Jihad may strike you and take you by surprise

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