London 2012 Torch Relay Route Planning Research Questionnaire South East

As a follow up to our recent Torch Relay workshop, we are keen to hear your thoughts and ideas as we begin the first phase of route planning for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Torch Relays. Many of you have already started to think about this, but this is a formal opportunity to guide us in telling the stories of your Nation or Region, including the places that you wish to showcase. Please complete the short questionnaire below and return to your Nations and Regions Co-ordinator by 10am 6th April 2010. There is no particular weighting to each number; we simply want to understand the five areas in each category that you would like to see the Flame ‘shine its light’. Your name: Your organisation: Name Removed Isle of Wight Council

National or Regional Top Fives: Areas of cultural significance

1. Carnival. Home to the oldest English carnival - Ryde Carnival. The Carnival
Learning Centre, Ryde opened 2008 as first dedicated carnival and celebratory arts learning & production space in the country. 2. Festival life and vibrant youth music scene - IW Festival and Bestival, Platform One Music College, Newport. 3. Inspiration for many contemporary artists and crafts people, who live and work here. Quay Arts Centre, Newport. Links to Tennyson, Dickens, Keats, Elgar, Turner. 4. Hub of emerging film making talent. Minghella International Film Festival, Isle of Wight is home to the Minghella family. The late Oscar winning director Anthony Minghella grew up here. Areas of historical significance

1. Osborne House, E. Cowes, summer residence of Queen Victoria. The Island
2. blossomed in the Victorian era as a popular destination for the well-to-do attracted by warm climate/ healthy sea air Brading Roman Villa, Brading, one of the finest Romano British Archaeological sites in the UK. Famous mosaics (and ghost stories) Carisbrooke Castle, nr Newport, 12th century hilltop fortress, most famous for its imprisonment of Charles 1st Blackgang, on the dramatic south coast, haven for smugglers and ‘wreckers’ Dinosaur Isle visitor centre, Sandown. Isle of Wight is one of the top ten locations in the World for finding Dinosaur remains

4. 5.

Areas of sporting significance 1. Cowes week – one of the UK’s longest running and most spectacular sporting events. International Regatta features Olympic and World-class

5. 5. 4. 4. Centre of learning and development for carnival arts in the South East. Engagement of young people in sporting activity – The Primary School Games. 3. 3. Tourism – seaside holidays. yachtsmen/women – previous host to Americas Cup (originated from Isle of Wight). three and a half thousand competitors. The Needles. longest pier in England (after Southend) at nearly half a mile long. Newport. Royal Yacht Squadron. 5. 5. 3. 3. Operates Ryde to Southsea 4. Almost half the Isle of Wight is designated AONB. Round The Island Yacht Race – the fourth largest participation sports event in the UK after the London Marathon and Great North and South Runs. 5. 2. 2. quaint villages and cream teas 2. IW Walking Festival – biggest event of its kind in the UK. Market gardening. 3. Major events in your Nation/Region (that usually take place in May. Forest and woodland – Borthwood Copse. most iconic landmark Tennyson Down and Monument. also west Wight Osborne House Ryde Pier. West Wight. Important landmarks in your Nation/Region 1. Sailing. early July. The Island boasts 500 miles of well maintained and signposted footpaths and over 50 miles of heritage coastline. Suggested locations for Evening Celebration events (based on areas of significantly large population) . especially at low tide. due to warm climate and rich soils. boat building and composites. June or July) 1. Brading Marsh. salads. It is said you can experience all of lowland Britain in miniature here. with over 50% of the Island recognised as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty NatWest Island Games 2011 taking place on the island. 25 member Islands. West Wight.2. characteristics or traditions of your Nation/Region 1. June Round the Island Yacht Race. Rivers and estuaries teeming with wildlife and protected species. Major gateway for passenger traffic to and from the island. See it from the top of the Downs at Brading or Ashey. 2. Cowes and East Cowes. 14 sports. The Western Yar as it enters Yarmouth. Cowes Important industries. magnificent when viewed from the sea or air. Areas of natural beauty 1. Carnival as tradition and Industry. home to our treasured Red Squirrels 4. May Day Jouvay. Ryde. Arreton valley. major 3 day music festival. Yarmouth. Newtown. Tennyson Down and the Needles. May IW Festival. Outstanding views across the Solent from Ryde Sands. June The Arts Parade. 2012-inspired event with Solent partners IW Walking Festival. nr. Sandown and Parkhurst Forest. 4. The Hovercraft – originally developed here and last surviving commercial fleet in England.

June 2011. ideas or information relating to the Olympic and Paralympic Torch Relays: Three good reasons why the Torch Relay should visit the Isle of Wight 1.00. 5. train and passenger ferries. 5. Important projects or organisations involved with positive social cohesion and regeneration initiatives 1. Island 2000 3. Significant Black and Minority Ethnic communities in your Nation/Region 1 2 2. 3. bus. mostly hard standing (IW Council car park). Ryde Esplanade. Isle of Wight has a predominantly white population. 2. to take a car with two passengers £36. set against sea wall with spectacular backdrop views across the Solent – inc Spinnaker Tower.1. Close proximity to all Island and mainland transport links – rail. . Xxx% Equals Group IW Mosque IW Polish Society 95% of the Island’s Prison Community are from BME communities Please detail any other thoughts. by Eastern Gardens. a 3. NatWest Island Games. Eco Island – IW Council initiative 4. West Wight Landscape Partnership 2. 3. 4. 5. a foot passenger day-return ticket will cost £11. 4. Chosen site for Opening Ceremony. 4. Key youth focused programmes or activities in your Nation/Region 1.70. Pan 2. This will have a massive impact on Islander’s ability to access the Relay. Isolation/deprivation We are a largely rural community cut off from the mainland by the most expensive stretch of water in the country. Important environmental regeneration and sustainability projects in your Nation/Region 1. . In July. Only residents living near the ferry ports of Ryde and Cowes can be said to be within one hour’s travel distance of events. Extensive site.

000 of them live in poverty. And finally…. It boasts greater involvement in celebratory arts per head of population than anywhere else in the country. Educational attainment and workforce skills are not as high as the English average and this is recognised as a local disadvantage to opportunity. efficient and eco friendly means of bringing the Torch across the water. 4 marching bands. • We celebrated the launch of the Cultural Olympiad in schools and community settings. employment or training. • We were one of the first local authorities in the country to host a 2012 regional conference exploring creative. The Torch Relay is guaranteed a huge. In 2011 over a thousand young people will actively take part in the opening ceremony of the Nat West International Island Games. in Ryde this rises to 92% (11 out of 12 schools). The Primary School Games. 1 steel band. Schools and Young people have a track record of engaging with outdoor celebratory events.000 residents sustain 19 summer carnivals. 9 winter parades every year PLUS 4 samba bands. May Day Jouvay 2010 . enthusiastic. • We have developed new large-scale outdoor events that celebrate the Games (The Arts Parade 2008 – 2012. 3. .Unemployment on the Island is significantly above the national average and is currently running at double the South East average.) • We have been awarded the Inspire Mark for two of our programmes that further active participation by people with disabilities (No Man is an Island.790 children and young people age 0 -19 living here. 78% of Island schools take part in their local carnival. The BIGGEST & BRIGHTEST welcome! The Isle of Wight is known as the Carnival Isle. sustainable partnership working ‘like never before’. with disabled and non-disabled people. Commitment to the ethos of the Games The Island welcomed the opportunities afforded by London 2012 at its earliest inception. almost 6. • We instigated a Small Grants Fund to support community initiatives that reflected the core themes and values of the Cultural Olympiad. Blue Touch Paper Carnival). plus 2 internationally renowned costume bands. colourful and unique reception on its journey across the Carnival Isle. 2 stilt walking/circus skills troupes and the UK’s first dedicated carnival production and learning space. With our partners across the Solent in Southampton and Portsmouth and working with our local community. A mere 141. There are a significant number of young people (212 in January 2010) not in education. Social deprivation indices show that of the 27.2012. 2. All this results in the Island ranking within the most deprived quartile of local authorities in the South East. news-worthy. we will propose the most outstandingly original.

want the Torch Relay to come to the Isle of Wight.We Thank you . it will MAKE SUCH A DIFFERENCE to our community. REALLY. to the following address: Southeast2012team@seeda.       Please return this questionnaire to your Nations and Regions Coordinator on completion.

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