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In the world of unasked questions and unheard solutions, only togetherness can act as a catalyst towards finding a way out. Every query has an answer and every answer will give rise to another query. It’s a scary place to be in. but with mingling heads and hands we can all find our way in the crossroads. Splat is for everyone who has been sleeping for too long. Rub your eyes, eat the yawns and look, it’s a new world for saying, stopping, sorting and saving ourself through one another. At Splat, we are playing peek-a-boo into the world you paint with your eyes. We aren’t intruders, just a yearly tabloid. By editorial team. For any further queries and feedback contact us at splat.bmm@gmail.com


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Little did Rhythm know that the first day of his job would turn out to be a disastrous one? But he thought that this was just a matter of a day and ragging from his colleagues’ would eventually blossom into friendship. The days continued as the same. His ideas were credited to others, he was blamed for being unprofessional, the job of an Associate Editor made him feel by his colleagues that he was not a deserving one for the post. Even if he would be ready with his feature there was always someone or the other who would change the idioms or phrases in his absence just to make his craft horrible. Eventually he expected negative reciprocation such as his acquaintances playing with his layouts for publication, changing the entire subject of his feature, his juniors not following his directions and many more turned out to be true. He couldn’t cope up with the so called “CORPORATE POLITICS” because the ambience was absolutely new for him and as a status of being a middle class man living alone in a city of metro with zero corporate background made him feel even more out of the place. His asset was only his work (which was often messed up by his jealous acquaintances) and his habit of visiting an old age homes. Not having a family here made him close to them all, but he was especially close to a lady he lovingly called amma. He would always share his anguishes without saying. His expressive eyes were more than enough for her to get that sad vibe he was going through. She always thought that this was just a trauma of being alone in the city. But today when she met him it was something more than that. After persuading him he confided into her about his professionally erosive life. She too exclaimed “I am ignorant about whatever is happening with you!” She didn’t know how this world worked but all she could help him in teaching him the basic principles of life. She made him understand that, cheating is a part of all games whether on the field or off it .But for every task, you have to have a vision. You will never get anywhere if you don’t know where to go. Every aspect will be an added asset of the train but the main engine is comprised of Hard-work, and Diplomacy. The pain, the suffering is the forbearers of the glory that lies ahead. The finest steel must go through the hottest fire and hotter the fire the finer you’ll come. The most important of it all is the sense of humor about it all. If you don’t have ability to laugh at yourself and realize it’s all just a game then you’ve lost already! Now, that he knew how the world works it was time for him to execute it. He gradually implemented the basic tricks of the trade and equally worked hard for the accomplishments but now with a little bit of diplomacy. The focus within him grew like a flame and days passed by and by, his acquaintances’ were in hassle that their only target that was fun to bully was progressing like heavy flames. Finally, it was the day where he was given the post of Chief Editor. The acquaintances were now his salaried employees, who had no option but to follow his directions. The publication had reached new heights and he was the backbone for the new reach and success. Even though the politics continued, the rules of the game never changed but the tables turned! anvita.bansal

lessons learnt from politics

James Thomson was in search of a dealer. And his dealer was Norah Banks. When James heard from The New York Times that Norah was leaving Charter’s, he immediately offered her a placement in his board with a salary that reflected, how serious he was in wanting her to work for him. Norah Banks felt confident as she headed straight towards the large corner suite. She was justified on wanting to look her best for her meeting with the chairman. Her recently acquired suit and white blouse would surely make heads turn. “Good morning Kent”, she said brightly, she didn’t receive a response. “Dr. Banks, some distressing information has been brought to the attention of the chairman”. Norah was taken by surprise. “Are you referring to my report”, “Yes”, said Kent. “The chairman wasn’t given the copy of the report, But that is not the case sir, I have send the report to both of you,” replied Norah. “I never received it,” said James abruptly. ‘I never saw it’ repeated James. Stay calm girl stay calm Norah could hear her inner self. “Are you trying to goad me into resigning”, said Norah quietly. “Get out before I throw you out!” screamed James jumping from his seat. “I want you out in 10 mins”. Norah walked down the corridor with as much dignity as she could. This time Rebecca was waiting for her behind her desk clutching a large brown cardboard box with her personal belongings. Norah placed the box on the desk and opened the bottom drawer, “You can’t remove anything that belongs to the company”, said Rebecca. “I feel confident that Mr. James won’t be in need of my refreshments”, said Norah. Norah walked out into one of the elevator. She was waiting for the elevator door to open when American Airlines Flight 11 out of Boston crashed into the ninety-fourth floor of the North Tower. There was a loud explosion and the building began to sway from side to side. Norah was hurled across the corridor ending up flat on the canvas as if she was floored down by a heavy weight. The door of the elevator opened and she watched as a fireball shot right through the shaft. The heat slapped through her face as though an oven door had opened. Norah lay dazed. Her first thought was that the building must have been struck by lightning but she quickly dismissed that idea as there was no cloud in the sky. An eerie silence followed and then it was swept by the screams of ‘Oh, my God!’ as huge shards of jagged glass, twisted metal and office furniture flew past the windows in front of her. She wondered if others were in the same condition as hers, in the World Trade Centre. Norah tried to remember what she was supposed to do in such a situation. But first Norah had to find out whether she could stand up. She tried her best to push the ceiling past her, although she was bruised in several places, nothing seemed to be broken. Norah left the contents of her cardboard box and stumbled towards the stairwell at the center of the building. As Norah headed toward the hallway she was greeted by a series of questions, to which she did not have answers. “What are we supposed to do?” asked the secretary. “Should we go up or down?” asked the cleaner.”Do we wait to be rescued?” asked an employee. Rebecca was nowhere to be seen. When Norah reached the stairwell she joined a group of dazed people, some silent, some crying and some who were confused. No one seemed to have the slightest idea as to what caused the explosion. The building was still swaying side to side. Some of the people around her were busy trying to contact the outside world on their cell phones, but few succeeded. One who did get through was busy chatting with her boyfriend about what her boss told her, and she would take a day off and go home. Whereas another began having a conversation with his wife ‘A plane has hit the North Tower.’ Norah started to count the steps as she walked down the flight. Another fifteen hundred before she could reach the lobby. The stairwell became more crowded. Norah heard the first clear order “Get to the right and keep moving”, said an authoritative voice from somewhere below her. It was till several more steps later that she saw a fireman heading slowly towards her. He was wearing a baggy fireproof suit and sweating profusely. Another fireman followed closely behind carrying a long length hose, and a large bottle of drinking water. More and more fireman were now heading towards her, turning the highway, into to traffic. “Keep moving, Keep moving”, they said. Norah began to feel confident that she will eventually wake up from her nightmare, until she heard another cry from behind her. “A second plane has hit the South Tower”. Norah refused to believe that this freaky accident could happen twice on the same day. “Keep to the right, and keep moving”, was the constant cry echoing from behind. Some of the migrants on the downward journey began to tire, giving Norah to overtake them. When she reached the next stairwell, the smoke became denser and quickly filled her lungs. She covered her eyes and began to cough uncontrollably. Norah recalled reading somewhere that 90% of deaths in a fire are caused due to inhalation of smoke. Were they all trapped with no escape route up or down? “Keep moving”, the clear sound order from a fireman heading toward them. “It gets worse a few floors and then it’s all fine” He assured. Norah obeyed. She covered her eyes and began coughing for the next three floors, but the fireman turned out to be right. And then Norah and everybody else sped their descent. When Norah reached the twentieth floor, she faced a new problem. This floor was filled with pouring sprinklers, pipes, leaks on every floor. She stepped carefully over fragments of broken glass. She felt like a football fan trying to escape from a football stadium. Three more floors had to be dealt with before she could reach the lobby. Suddenly, she found herself around more sprinklers jetting out from the ceiling above her. She was drenched. The orders came out louder, “Keep moving, and get out of the building, get as far away as you possibly can”. As she reached out of the lobby Norah spat out the last bit of vomit as she continued to move away from the building. When she reached the entrance of the plaza, she found ambulances, fire brigades, tending to their rescue charges. Norah didn’t waste time. Her jog turned into a run until she heard an unfamiliar voice behind her. She lay transfixed at what she was seeing. The South Tower collapsed right in front of her as the whole World Trade centre came crashing down. Norah ran, as she had never run before. She ran until she reached her friend’s apartment. She thought of how selfish she was. She had disregarded her friend to save her own life. Tears poured, as she ran wondering if her dear friend Catherine was still alive or not? Norah took deep breaths as she forced her body to achieve speeds that she had never experienced before. As she stumbled up to Catherine’s apartment, she tried to think about the number to Catharine’s apartment. Norah kept pressing the bell and collapsed on the floor. “Oh, thank God”, she cried “you are alive”. “You are alive”, repeated Catherine as she flung open the door. Catherine took Norah by the hand and led her through to the small kitchen at the end of the corridor. She poured her some coffee and switched on the television. “How did you manage to escape?” asked Norah. “I took a day off as I had an appointment with one my clients”, said Catherine. Norah watched the endless replays of planes flying into the South Tower. “Are you ok?” asked Catherine. “Yes, I will be fine”, said Norah. “Do you mind it if, I turn off the T.V?” “Off course not”, said Catherine. Norah thought about how many friends and colleagues she might have lost, and realized how lucky she was, to be alive. abitha.aravind

The noon had arrived amidst the chaotic silence. He was sitting alone in the room, holding a pen and a parchment; he somehow knew that these words might be his last written ones on earth. He steadied his mind for awhile to gather his thoughts together. He wondered whether what he had done was for the better or for the worst… yet the only answer he heard was the bells toll in the nearby church. The prisons stoned walls never felt as claustrophobic as they did that day. With this last thing in his mind, he set off writing what he thought would be fit for a hero to write before bidding adieu. “Life is sometimes filled with trebadours of subconscious inner dimensional being...It has joyous meanings, soundless and yet too loud for ears, free of music and yet full of harmony...Some angels say to hear this song truly, one must leave heaven...never to return, but, to return home one must sing this song without knowing that it is THIS song that will guide you onto the path of oblivion illumination. Pushing this riddle out of my mind, a riddle that I fathom I will never be able to disascertain without knowing its true meaning. For this the contorted universe will be shred by the fierce claws of its own thunderous and ravenous hands. I hath no blue gaze that can render someone motionless; I hath no sword of Mayhem that can create infernal wrath with brute force in the innermost soul of a being. Celestials, I wonder, whether they are subservient to the creatures of the earth-it is a traversity of creation. Such humiliation of human servitude is chastising in itself... Crush some and elate others with a sense of purpose. Lest my debate be misconstrued as a vote in its favor, in my favor. Visual harmony can never resonate with my spirit. I have to look away from myself to escape the blackened allure. My song has died a painful death. What had once been undulant cascading song of my existence and wonder is now careened in strident and petulant debate. Heaven itself seems to be transformed by the lack of general consensus among its celestial inhabitants. I feel my heart is on the verge of true upheaval, something that I cannot ignore, and something that I cannot resolve. I feel as if the universal fabric of time and space has rendered my dimensional physicality into nothingness. I sometimes wonder how I live, I have a guttural instinct that tells me about a ferocious shower of whiteness will burst in my soul, disintegrating me, distorting me and eventually making me pure. Life seems like a spiraling tornado of silver flames that engulf me now and then into a space of nothingness. There is a feverish choir of wailing voices loosened by a clamor of piteous pleading sobs of my own that keep on humming mercilessly in my heart. I let out a howl of despair in the language of thunder, a cry to heaven that resonates through the vast stellar reaches of the universe. Yet I am unheard, my wail is answered by no-one but the gust of wind that blows through my empty soul...Even before he could put down the pen and calm his mind’s tornado he heard a sharp thud on the door and the guards came barging into his room. “Its time”, they said and he knew it was the moment for him to bid farewell to the world. With his head held high, the harbinger of peace marched into the sunshine where the angel of death was patiently awaiting to take him to the place where he belonged. And that was the time when he heard the heaven’s song, so peaceful, so serene so pure…and an angel’s thought crossed his mind... “I am Pure, Light am I. I am Light, Pure am I.” With this, he smiled for the last time to the world, closed his eyes and the only thing he heard was the swish of an axe. tejas.morey

kathasthu 3
Kopar Park was a place near my house where I went every day. I used to sit on a bench at the park looking at the sun and wonder what was I doing in this mean world with people around you who use others to enjoy a comfortable future. I was in a state in which I could kill myself and no one would be bothered. But suicide was not an option, in fact I had none. Those were the days during which I didn’t even know what dope meant. One night while I was following my routine of sitting in the park the entire day, I met a friend of mine who was in school with me. He saw me sitting alone, so he asked me to join his group who were sitting in the darkest corner of the park. I recognized them as I used to see them every day in the same place smoking like a chimney. I always hated smoking because my dad smoked a lot and the smell irritated me. But the cigarettes they were smoking smelled different from the one which I despised. My friend told me that it is called ‘dope’ and it is an expensive Iranian tobacco. They asked me to try but how much ever different and expensive it might be, it was still a cigarette to me. Since I was bored and sat alone in the park, they asked me to hang out with them. Although I thought that they might use me for something, like my earlier friends, I accepted their offer as I was happy that I had made new friends after a long time. Gradually the time I spent with them had increased and they insisted on smoking but I stuck to my principles. My parents had enough money to feed even my wife and kids if I were to get married but, my dad wanted me to earn for myself. I was in no plans to work for at least a couple of years more. I am oblivious with regards to reason for that. One day my dad threw me out of the house saying that “you can come inside my house only when you earn something.” These are the words I can never forget as it was this that I never followed and because of which I am, what I am now. I went to the park and met my friends. I didn’t tell them what had happened at my place as it would have been too embarrassing for me if they laughed. Seeing me depressed they forced me to smoke saying that it’ll surely make me happy. Believing them I took a drag of the cigarette. I started coughing after the first drag but my depressed mind was greedy for some happiness so I tried it again and this time it went smooth. I had seen people smoke more than one cigarette but one was enough, to make me happy. I felt at ease after a really long time but I didn’t know why was my head spinning and I didn’t even care, as I got what I wanted ‘contentment’. I don’t know what happened after that but the next morning I was on my bed and my mom was shouting at me. My mom told me later that some of my friends had brought me home saying that I fell unconscious. After that day my parents didn’t shout at me much as they thought I cannot handle myself if I was thrown out of the house. I couldn’t go to the park for two days as I felt too weak even to walk. The next time I went there I thanked them for dropping me home that day. They started laughing at me. On asking for an explanation for their laughter they told me that I didn’t want to go home and was sleeping in the park itself but they somehow managed to take me home. I couldn’t believe I could have done that. Irrespective of what I had done that night, I wanted to smoke as it was the only thing that made me feel happy. I started spending my whole day in the park and went home at midnight. I was enjoying, I was addicted. I gave my friends money to buy it since they said it was costly and wasn’t available in the vicinity. I was always passionate about celebrating anniversaries for the things I enjoyed doing. On my first anniversary of smoking my passion and addiction made me smoke like never before. I was in my own world when suddenly everybody started running; I couldn’t as I was tired. Then I saw cops coming my way and I tried to get up but I tripped and fell down. They saw me lying down and ran towards me but I had nothing to be afraid of them so I got up and sat on the bench. One cop came to me and asked me whether I was drunk. I told him that I smoked a cigarette and wasn’t drunk and a hand fell like a hammer on my cheek and I was down on the ground again. The next thing I remember was the police station and me sleeping on the bench. The guy who slapped me in the park started talking to me in what sounded like gibberish at that time so I asked him for some water. He got a bucket of water and threw the whole thing on my face. The splash banged my head hard on the wall behind me. Suddenly I became conscious of what was happening but I couldn’t talk properly as the left side of my face was swollen due to the slap that I had got in the park. The cop asked me what was I doing in the park and I told him that I was smoking. He then checked my pockets and took the tobacco that I had with me. I told him this was my obsession and it is nothing but an Iranian tobacco called ‘dope’. The other guy standing next to the cop slapped me on my right cheek this time. He accused me of lying to him and slapped me again. It was a slap of truth and realization for me. The truth was that it was drugs and not normal cigarette that I smoked for a year and the realization was that I was fooled by my friends again. I told him about my friends who lied to me and why I started smoking it. I called my parents and explained them what happened. My parents believed me and I had a feeling that I had never experienced being with them, I felt happy. The cop was a helpful gentleman. He understood my problem and didn’t file any charges against me; instead he made arrangements for me to come out of the addiction in a rehabilitation centre. My addiction left me but my passion wont. Today I am celebrating my first and the last anniversary of being in the rehab. I’ll be out of this place in a week’s time. I know I won’t ‘dope’ again but I’ll surely find my ‘happiness’. srivatsan.govindrajan


the dusk bestowed dawn!
It had been a long time. All her pals had got married and settled and it was only she who was waiting for her dream man to arrive. The process seemed to be gradual and her marriage was fixed. When she saw the person whom she had to spend her life with she was happy to find him exactly the way she had always wanted. Even amidst all the happiness and contentment surrounding her marriage, her instincts scared her. She chose to ignore them because her apprehension did not really have ground. The D-day saw her excited beyond words. Like any other girl, she wanted to be the centre of the universe with the world dancing at her feet for those brief hours which were going to change her life. The festivities, the ceremonies...everything was so perfect! All this happiness made her giddy. But his eyes said something more than she could understand. She tried to dismiss the feeling but it kept haunting her throughout the time she was getting married. A few years of a happy married life later, her world came apart. Yes he was seeing another woman ever since they were married. Perhaps even before that. Yes she was absolutely right about her instincts the day they had tied the knot. Yes she was torn and sad and broken. Yes she was the wife of an infidel. His mistress was expecting a child. The husband who made love to another woman did not think twice before taking away the world she had secured herself in. he just left her in the cold, a fragile little thing who did not even know how much time it would take for her to gather her life back. She cried all day and she cried all night. He did not stop her. She left home to never come back. He did not stop her. She filed for a divorce, he did not stop her. She kept running from the shadows and he did not stop her. She was angry with the skies; she wanted to tear at the stars. But all she had was questions whose answers were too difficult and sad. Answers, that scared her. She had to fight. She did not really have an option. The aunties sympathized but even as she closed the door on them she knew she and her married life was the hottest subject for gossip around. She was finding it difficult to breathe in a world of strangers with only in the company of herself. She had to stand up. She had to make something out of herself. She could not afford to waste her qualification because she made one wrong choice. Her mind started drawing out parameters for whatever she wanted to achieve, her dreams, her life was hers and only hers.

In the third grade we shifted to the second floor of our school building. On the fourth floor we had our laboratory. The silly leaf and onion experiments they make kids conduct. That was a laboratory where they also showed human body parts and plaster of Paris skeletons to students. One day we were sitting in class in the recess and Amrita came flying in and announced ‘the skeleton in the lab moved!’ I almost dropped the morsel of food that was on its way to my mouth. I am sure the girl had exaggerated, widening her eyes more than required and gesticulating wildly but it had blown me off. All of us ran up the stairs to the laboratory to check it out and yes, the object really was moving. What we did not realize then, was that the peon had left one of the windows open and that the wind was responsible for the fear in our eyes! Then other bits and pieces enclosed in the laboratory started floating around, and it died out almost as instantly as it came. A few days later, I was on my way to a perfect tie – knot. Amrita always made fun of my tie knotting skills. She was pretty skilled at it. And I was skilled only with my words and phrases. I sat down at the breakfast table and importantly held the newspapers in front of me. ‘GIRL FOUND DEAD IN SCHOOL BATHROOM’ under which was a gruesome picture of the girl lying on the floor of the bathroom. They said she was apparently drugged. They said it was my school. They said they found Amrita dead. They said my Amrita was dead. I could see the cornflakes drowned in milk in a blurry mass before my eyes. I could feel my hand touch the ‘oh so perfect’ tie – knot. I think I ran to my mother and clung on to her and cried for hours. I knew what dead meant. I wasn’t going to see her ever again. She would never know that I could do my tie myself. Her zeal towards life, eye rolling... mom says I took it too rough. She knew what losing someone meant. She had lost her husband too. Not to death but losing is well... losing. The news lost its spice. Amrita’s family left the city. They gave up the case. Whoever that was had done a pretty clean job. We left Mumbai. I grew up in Delhi. Even though days had passed like years her reminiscences retained within me. And in a way she grew up with and inside me. But something else was growing with us. A constant and restless fury kept building inside me. I needed to know why she was killed. I had to know what god would let a 6 year old die at the hands of some psycho killer and let him get away. I had vague dreams where I could hear her full throated laugh, sometimes we’d be swinging and her swing would come down empty. Sometimes she’d hide behind the glass door in the school bathroom and I would keep calling her name. She’d never turn up and I would always wake up screaming her bloodstained body stuck inside my mind. She wanted to tell me something. And I could never ascertain to whatever that was for the next 19 years... One day I got a call from the school and the principal wanted to see me. It was regarding Amrita. The entire flight to Mumbai and the way to school my heart kept threatening to burst out of my chest. Our principal had aged but her ever kind smile remained young. I did not want to know what was coming. ‘Tina we all know losing your best friend was very hard for you and that is why we think you would want to know why and who did it.’ My hands balled into fists, were white at the knuckles. She continued cautiously knowing how much it was going to hurt... ‘Our school peon...’ ‘...he came to us and confessed killing her, and 8 such other girls from other schools. ‘Of course... I thought it was simple. Cuddling and loving kids, winning their trust and then... I couldn’t breathe. I thought I heard her wrong .Bahadur! He was much loved by all... but Amrita was particularly attached to him. Yes, it was the massive shouldered, Bahadur chacha who always had a treat for us ‘.... ‘but why?’ I shouted ...‘why Amrita? I couldn’t comprehend it at all. It was too much for me. Her death which had almost started to dissolve into good memories now hit me harder. And then she told me that my best friend was raped before he killed her. He was attracted to her six year old body. Her head full of brown funny curls; he smashed on the washroom basin. Her perfect tie he strangled her with... he was a maniac. I was crying again and this time hysterically. He had come to me after she died; he had held my hand and patted my shoulder. I wanted to cut his touch out of my body! He thought if he confessed, he would cure himself off his sin. The next few days it was all over the papers, the news channels and the city. The murderer had confessed after 19 years. My wound was ripped open. On my flight back to Delhi I fell asleep and I dreamt we were swinging and when it came down; my Amrita was on her swing laughing her full throated laugh.



That day when she felt the breeze against her skin she felt something that almost made her feel guilty. She was probably glad things turned out this way. She had always wanted to be free. He had hurt her but she had already forgiven him for it. It was easy for her to do that. She had healed herself and she was happy. The coffee was better alone and the dinner was always her choice. She had already started to live. Her ex-husband married the mistress who started patronizing inside the house when he wasn’t around. When he came to know he divorced her and she demanded half of his property as alumni. He tried getting back with his ex but she was too busy waiting for that one special person who was taking time but was just on his way... anvita.bansal

4 for higher
He came from a commerce background and ended up in the advertising world. With 29 long years of experience and having worked in 8 different advertising agencies he now owns an ad agency OVERTURE COMMUNICATIONS PVT LTD for the past 13 years. So let’s know what it took for Mr. Rajeev Ruia to achieve success. What inspired you to choose advertising as your career? It was by default. I always wanted to get into marketing. But my college career was a bit of a roller coaster. While I won every prize including the Best All-Rounder while still in my second last year, I was not very interested in academics. So getting into a prestigious business school didn’t work out. I was advised to join advertising, work there for 3 years and then shift to product management. But that was not to be. Advertising, I realized, was my life. I was really enjoying what I was doing. The late nights, the challenges, the excitement and more importantly the satisfaction. That’s why I chose to stay. What are the different fields of media that you have worked in? I’ve worked only in Advertising. What are your responsibilities as a managing director? I need to ensure that the company grows steadily. The output, the timely delivery, the quality, the reacting to a changing market environment, the acquiring and retaining of clients, ensuring delivery from all in the company to achieve our predetermined goals. What is the process of handling a client and a product? We help build brands. ● First a team goes to the client. This includes the client management for sure and depending on the client, possibly the media planning and creative teams as well ● We understand the client’s requirement, the problem or opportunity that needs to be addressed. ●The client management team then analyses what competition is doing and find the gaps that can be exploited. We also try and understand the consumer and what he desires by doing some market research ● Based on this, the client management team creates a marketing communications strategy and gives a direction to the creative and media planning departments. This is done in the way of creative and media briefs ● From this emanates the media plan and the creative. ● The media planning department either works with a need based budget or works within the budget indicated by the client ● The presentation is then made to the client. The client management team presents the overall strategy and the creative and media people present their work ● The client then comments on the work. Either they approve it or suggest some changes. ● The agency then goes back to fine tune the requirements ● The finally approved work is then released. ● Media books the space and time depending on the media selected. They negotiate hard to get the best deal ● The creative work is converted in to artworks and up linked to the press or a film is made. All this depends on the requirement of the clients business, the budget and the strategy. It does not mean only mass media will be selected. New media is being used progressively. As also events and direct marketing techniques. Have you ever faced a crisis situation? Many. But nothing that can beat one. It happened way back in 1983. There were no computers then. So things took longer and were less convenient. This incident happened when I was working with one of the companies HTA (Now called JWT). I had accompanied my boss for

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the launch of a soap brand. While he supervised the work in the first city, in the second he let me do it. Well…he was quite impressed with the way I handled the entire event and told me to handle the next one in Kolkata. I made my list. Checked everything and left for Kolkata feeling rather elated. The evening before the presentation we were doing the test run. I asked the audio-visual person to play the film so we could set the sound levels. It was then that I realized that I’d left the film reel back in Mumbai. The launch conference was to start at 9.30 am the next morning and I was in a soup. I kept my wits about me. I immediately looked at the watch. It was 7 in the evening and there was no way I could go back to Mumbai. I immediately went back to my hotel room called up the travel agent to enquire about all the flights that came to Kolkata from Mumbai later that night and early the next morning. There was just one flight from Mumbai at 6.00 the next morning. I called my Mumbai office and luckily the audio-visual executive was still in the office. I told him what had happened and requested him to reach the airport the next morning at 5, look for a responsible guy traveling to Kolkata on the flight, explain the situation and request if he could carry the film to Kolkata. He did that. Fortunately the person was the Marketing Manager of a company and understood the situation. The audio-visual executive took the persons contact number and address in Kolkata as safety and told him I would collect it from him at the airport. I finished all my work the next morning and rushed to the airport to catch the flight arrival. The cabs in Kolkata were ramshackle Ambassadors which had a bad habit of stopping. I hopped in to the best one available, told the driver I would pay him R100 extra… which in those days was a lot of money. But he had to make it to the airport and back in break neck time. He was a crazy sardar and just took off. I don’t know how I survived the trip there and back. I got the film and was running down the corridor of the hotel banquet room where the function was and heart the product manager announce… `and now we will show you our ad film!’ this was a 35mm film like you have in theatres…not a CD or DVD. I didn’t have time to load the film. So I asked the audio-visual guy to hold the film in his hand, told the other guy to push the film through the sprocket in the projector and I started pulling the film at the other end. We ran the whole film manually. At the end the whole film was on the floor and I was hoping the client would not ask for a rerun of it. By God’s Grace the film played through well and the client didn’t ask for a rerun. The client was none other than Hindustan Lever and they never knew what had happened till after the entire event was over. The moral of the story is that you have to keep your cool and wits about you. Crisis situations will always be there.

have a three stage interview process…personal discussion, group discussion and a written strategy creation. We try and test the candidate from various aspects. What would you want to change in the media industry? I just want people to respect this industry like before. Earlier when we charged 15% commission it was given to us with respect. But now it is become very dirty, people fight for every penny. We are the consultants and must be given the respect of a consultant. How do you see the media evolving in the near future? Earlier the concept was broadcasting. Then came Narrowcasting. (Narrow casting is where you target a specific group of readers or audience. Now it’s moving to Point casting. I’ll give you an example of Point casting. Soon there will be just one small device just like your cell phone, which will act as your cell phone, computer monitor, TV and audio remote, etc. and it will give you a choice to select which movie you want to see at what time, down load information automatically…whatever you want at the time you want. You will not be controlled by the timings of the TV programmes for example.

How do you make it BIG in the media industry? A lot of people make it big in any industry by giving and accepting physical favours, bribing, joining teams, etc. but that doesn’t always work in the long run. Though I must admit in a lot of cases it does. But the way it should be done is by using your brains and commonsense and not being mechanical. You need to have a knack of tackling issues, need to learn to be street smart. Be the best in the work that you do. Theoretical knowledge is very important but Is internship really important? not the only thing that works. You need to be practical since the No I believe internship is not really important. Most of the competition never stops. During working hours there are no friends organizations just hire interns and make them do nothing; they and no compromises. Fight for what you stand for because it’s all just end up hanging around and learn nothing. Just a handful of about ‘YOU’. agencies make sure that the interns are actually trained. But even for an internship you need to have that spark and passion within How far can ‘Contacts’ take one? you to learn. It’s mutual, you benefit from the company by getting Contacts can take you really far. But that only helps you get there. practical knowledge and the company benefits from you. It is just Success comes by how you use the edge the contact has given you. ‘What you take out of it’. Anything you would want to advice to the aspiring What do you look for in a student while hiring them advertising students in future? for a job? Do you stress on certificates or just hands on Since the youth is dynamic, very tomorrow and keep moving on, I experience? have a few tips to give them: Certificates – Not really, thought they do help. Hands on experience “Deliver Quality on Time” – for sure depending where it was. It should be at a good company… “Be Proud of what you are” and good does not mean big! We look up to, what you are and what “You can’t be in until you are involved” you stand for. You need to dream big and go for it. You can achieve “Check, Recheck and Check again” anything if you have the passion. “Dream big and Believe in yourself” It’s also about how you can fit in and gel with the company rules, “It’s always only about YOU” and lastly policies and people. We ask questions like ‘How will my company “There are no NO’s”. benefit by taking you in my company?’ `What do your parents do?’ We nidhi.hemani, preeti.adidravda, malvika.garasia

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What I mean by “culture” is the character of the company for which you work; the kind of non-quantifiable aspects you can’t ascertain until you actually work there for a while. You might be able to get a hint or have some intuition about the environment based on the industry, job description, interviews, etc---but that stuff is all basically the equivalent of a first impression when meeting and getting to know a person (i.e., just like a person, you can’t really know them very well until you’ve spent a fair amount of time with them). The cultural assumption of a true free enterprise system would be: “Individuals are responsible for their own lives and labours. They trade as equals, but are beholding’ to nobody.” Free enterprise isn’t anything like big-corporate capitalism. We’ve been told the two are equivalent, but that’s just another bit of cultural brainwashing.Think about it. Job holders by definition aren’t capitalists. Job holders, no matter how well paid they might be, function merely as the servants of capitalists, just as medieval serfs functioned as the servants of lords. They are beholding’. They function in a climate of diminished responsibility, diminished risk, and diminished reward. A climate of institutional dependency. The daily act of surrendering individual sovereignty – the act of becoming a mere interchangeable cog in a machine – an act we have been conditioned to accept and to call a part of “capitalism” and “free enterprise” when it is not – is the key reason why the present Job Culture is a disaster for freedom. People who are self-sufficient in life’s basics, who make their own decisions, whose livelihood relies on their own choices rather than someone else’s, are less likely to march in lockstep. Independent enterprisers are far more likely to think for themselves, and far more capable of independent action than those

whose first aim is to appease institutional gods. Living in the Job Culture, on the other hand, has conditioned us to take a “someone else will deal with it” mentality. “I’m just doing my job.” “The boss makes the decisions.” “I’m just following orders.” But if someone else is responsible for all the important choices in life, then we by definition are not. Now we look back on medieval peasants and wonder how they stood it. How grim it must have been to till the same fields your whole life with no hope of anything better, under the thumb of lords and priests you had to give all your surplus to and acknowledge as your masters. I wouldn’t be surprised if one day people look back on what we consider a normal job in the same way. How grim it would be to commute every day to a cubicle in some soulless office complex, and be told what to do by someone you had to acknowledge as a boss—someone who could call you into their office and say “take a seat,” and you’d sit! Imagine having to ask permission to release software to users. Imagine being sad on Sunday afternoons because the weekend was almost over, and tomorrow you’d have to get up and go to work. How did they stand it? It could be fixed, but it’s a little difficult to describe because people have a hard time thinking out-

side of the surf mindset, the assumptions that underlie the “job culture”. It will take some time.I’m just curious what the culture/ environment is like where other people work. I’ve seen what I consider two fairly distinct “company characters” and wonder which is closer to the norm, or if it’s all over the map, basically luck of the draw. A final consideration: if your current situation isn’t ideal, what would you envision as the ideal? On the other hand, now comes a time where we have to leave the thought of the ideal to the ideal situation because of the world, which is threatened by terrorism and wrecked by recession, now may see staggering job cuts due to the economic turmoil. First it was US and European giants like Pfizer, GM, Philips, Caterpillar, Home Depot and Sprint Nextel, which announced laying off a staggering 70,000 workers and now the International Labour Organisation warned that the global meltdown could leave over 50 million more people jobless by the end of 2009. Global unemployment in 2009 could increase over 2007 by a range of 18 million to 30 million workers and more than 50 million if the situation continues to deteriorate. ’Global Trends 2009’ indicated that jobless total may increase to 198 million or even 230 million people in the worst-case scenario. We now have to assume that we are now facing a global job crisis. You thought, you secured a seat in the best college and that was the gateway to a secured future and a wonderful pay package. Once the placements begin, your campus would be bustling with those who would want to hire you and if you are an IIM graduate, sky is the limit. Ironically, if you are graduating this year, the scene is exceptionally sad. Reports from the campus of IIM-A bring out that the club class of their regular recruiters have actually missed being on their campus this year. This includes Lehman Brothers, Deutsche Bank and Merrill
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TEJAS MOREY Company: Wizcraft International Pvt. Ltd Job Profile: Associate Talent Producer and a part of the ‘TALENT TEAM’. Experience:My earlier misconceptions that shows are easy to direct and produce were proven wrong on the first day of the job itself which was like an eye-opener for me. Initially it was a bit cumbersome but once I got the hang of it, it proved to be like a walk in the park. I got an opportunity to meet people from all strata of life which was something new for me. Being a part of the core team gave me an eagle’s eye view about how things go around in the industry and how to work my way through every problem that was put up in front of me. The comfort level that I enjoyed in this company was phenomenal. It helped me in boosting my confidence level to a whole new extent which proved worthwhile and allowed me to explore my creative side and implement it in different ways and means. The guidance that I got from my half a dozen of bosses was beneficial in every way. My conversational skills were further enhanced and my PR extended to a whole new level. VARIDHI AGARWAL Company: Brodeur India Job Profile: PR Consultant for 2 months Experience: The experience of interning with Brodeur India was great. I couldn’t have had a better first time experience. The most interesting thing was that I could interact with many people from the media industry which gained me lot of contacts. The work atmosphere was pretty casual & relaxed. KARAN BHATIA Company: Zoom Entertainment Network Job Profile: Assistant Producer Experience: Transcriptions, making an EPK [electronic press kit] and giving to the marketing team to promote my shows in different channels. Giving ads in print media sit with the editor and decide the format of the show and then edit the episode accordingly, make by lines, for my shows. I also used to do mapping –this is related to TRP’S of my respective show. My job also includes giving the concept to the editor for editing the promos of boll wood as well as Hollywood films for our zoom review show, co-coordinating with the digital team to upload my videos on various sites. On the whole It was a good learning experience .I felt like doing something constructive as well as creative. Got to get hold over some cocorporate politics. Going on shoots of zoom review show and encounter, interviews and meeting up with people who are quite senior in the industry, attending regular meetings on Friday to discuss the TRP’S of all shows being aired on zoom and discussing stuff for the upliftment of the channel made my experience very interesting. ANUJ UPPAL Company: MTV Viacom 18 Job Profile: Assistant Director for the show on MTV – ‘TEEN DIVA’. Experience: First of all I got a lot of exposure as I traveled to many places to check out the shooting locations. All in all it was a fabulous experience as I got to learn a lot about preproduction, production and how channels create reality shows. I got a glimpse of the glamour world. I also had to talk to people on the phone making deals about the requirements for the sets. It really amazed me that young girls of around my age are so talented, hard-working and are bold enough to compete on such a big reality show on such a big channel like MTV. One factor that really made my internship even more awesome was the working atmosphere which was a really cool, person around is crazy about their work. I also got to meet many VJ’s and we guys used to go partying after shoots which was great fun and one more thing we used to get free Red Bulls every now and then which boosted our energy to work even more.(Laughs). It was a tiring and challenging but I really loved the work that I used to do and the most importantly I learnt that how much talent and efforts go in just for 1 hour of entertainment. DHIREN SHAH Company: Global Advertising & Ingenious Ideas. Job Profile: The PR Agency my job profile was like contacting & keeping a tab on clients every day. In Ingenious Ideas (Ad Agency) my job was of a visualizer. Experience: It was a Wonderful experience. It was like learning new things. The PR agency where I worked actually helped me a lot in building up my communication skills in the industry & The Ad agency where I worked recently; I was in the creative’s department. So there it helped me like how to work in a professional industry & come up with different ideas. SHRUTI SIROHI Company: Mudra radar Job profile: I was taken as an intern for 2 months in media planning department in mudra radar. Experience: Basically any intern to start in a media firm needs to first know and learn about the softwares such as MAP, TAM , RAM etc. So I started with these softwares. And I was assigned 2 projects wherein I could use and understand the application part of these softwares. The first project assigned to me was to track DLF IPL 2009, a complete report was submitted on trend analysis, viewership trend during IPL , a comparison study on IPL 2008 v/s IPL 2009.second project assigned was to make a presentation on complete media market scenario till June 2009, growth pattern and upcoming trend in various media was included. Beside helping me academically mudra was an overall great learning experience professionally and personally.

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It is always said that “is acting a profession?” and if you are into acting what is your backup, these two prominent questions have to be faced by a student who wants to take up acting as a career. Acting is ‘doing’ and the person who does it so efficiently is an actor. So we had a talk with Nikhil Hazare, Actor and a very renowned theatre personality and also a proud owner of the production house ‘Swarnamadhya”.He has also bagged many national and international awards for Best Actor. Nikhil Sir expressed how one can grow to be a good and a surviving actor. What qualities should an actor have? There are many qualities. The most important one is having passion for acting. He should have that spark within himself. He should always be a student, willing to learn, should be hungry to learn more. He should love everything about the profession like dieting, working out etc. He should dedicate himself completely to what he is doing. Instead of learning to act, he should act. As an actor what makes you survive in the industry? There are two categories: One who is an ‘artist’ and the second who is a ‘commercially viable artist’ you should know how to make money. You need to socialize and make contacts. You need to keep a business point of view while doing art. I was fortunate enough to get ‘Aas Paas’ and I did around 30 shows. Then came the turning point of my life ‘Aadipashya’. We faced a lot of trouble in finding the producer for the play, finally I decided ‘Swarnamadhya’ will produce the play and the play was a hit, we personally got calls from various places to perform there and we did around 75 shows. I am the proud owner of ‘Swarnamadhya’, which is now recognized at a national level. I must admit that luck did play an important role in helping me getting contacts, but I also believe that luck favors only those who work hard. Can you express some of your good and bad memories? I immediately got my first Marathi play ‘Gandhi Viruddha Gandhi’ in 3 month of leaving my job. I started selling my voice and became a voice over artist. I then got into a serial called ‘Daulat’. With all this money I got my portfolio done. My bad memory would be that I was asked for casting couch. Even we guys get frightened!!! There was also a time when I had no money with me because I had left dubbing and shooting for serials. Insufficient money made me leave some of my good habits like smoking and late night partying. (Laughs) People often question, is acting a profession? Your take on it? I stopped socializing! I know people have this misconception. They ask me what you do besides acting. But all I can say is “success” is the answer. No one will dare to ask me that once I attain success! Do you agree that “age” is a vital factor? Yes, because when the producers know your real age they will cast you only for those kinds of roles even if you look young.

From how long have you been in this industry and how is the experience? I have been in this industry for about 8 – 10 years and the experience has been wonderful. I’ve got to experience all kinds of emotions and had lots of fun too. What made you take up acting as a profession? I basically wanted fame, success and money and with acting I am getting it all. I don’t want to call it a profession but a part of my life for what I am getting paid. The best thing is I am getting paid for what I like doing. According to our sources you are shooting for your debut film, what took you so long to enter the film world? I myself don’t know why it took me so long. I didn’t find a good script, a nice story and of course a good offer. I didn’t find any, so I chose to write my own script. I approached producers but instead they were interested in producing ‘Aadipashya’. So I got busy performing ‘Aadipashya’ and that’s why it took me time. I think this is just the right time. Theatre, television and films, which one will you prioritize and why? I haven’t actually done any films yet but I will prioritize films for the fame and money and the second one will be theatre. I don’t want to do saas – bahu sagas. In films I will get complete exposure and theatre gives you an experience of re-living your emotions again and again. Which acting school should one join? Also these schools are very expensive and where can we get these ‘art teachers’ as we know that you were trained by Satyadev Dubey? No institute is bad. It’s just the people and the surroundings that make it bad. A person who wants to learn can learn it anywhere and anyhow. He should have brains as to what to do and what not. What makes your company different from the other and what made you produce a play on GREEK TRAGEDY? Swarnamadhya is a group of individual formed out of sheer love and passion for theatre. We are completely devoted to theatre and believe in pursuing it passionately. We have professional actors from Swanamadhya with substantial work experience on Marathi and Hindi stage. Aadipashya was an attempt to amalgamate two great traditions of storytelling (Greek Tragedy and Keertan), and evolve a more interesting style, which gave a new flavour to the modern audience. Your company has successfully reached the mark of 75 shows, tell us your experience. The experience obviously has been fantastic. Swarnamadhya has performed with the National School of Drama (NSD). We have performed 10 plays within 12 months. We have got nominated 17 times, won 7 awards. We performed at 11 theatre festivals that include 4 international festivals. janani.balakrishnan, anvay.ashtivkar

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With global economic scenario slowing down, many organizations have taken this as an opportunity to consolidate and bring about better prospects for the firm. It is not only setting up the targets for the firm but also building up a sustainable employer-employee relationship. Companies today are certainly looking after unique avenues to enhance their brand image and also boom the revenue for their respective organization. Out of which employee branding is the current wave by which employers are finding the solutions in the terrified times. Corporate sectors have now accepted to formulate their brand perception strategies in order to ensure definite impact on its clients. The added responsibility is bringing about employee loyalty towards the organization and even a better projection of oneself in the corporate world. Employee brand image only upgrades the strategies and prospective outcome of the organization but also intensifies on an individual’s ethical codes such as honesty, transparency, fairness, etc. The prevailing time has also made companies realized the value for material and thus many are concentrating on using affordable substitutes, cutting on resources; for instance, electricity, paper, etc. In line with this strategy, many organizations have effectively improved their employee work habits within the limited means. The times of adversity have brought about change for the betterment of the corporate culture. In some cases, it’s even proved to undergo winds of change. The employees are taking up the initiative and are bringing about innovative thoughts for set change. Individuals are valuing materials and doing their bit to save them. And those who had just stepped into the big “B” shoes, but couldn’t sustain themselves in the times of turbulence are taking up the bigger challenge of pursuing further studies to have an additional qualification (As an anecdote many are doing Correspondence PG Diploma- Marketing, Finance, HR, etc.) to meet the better prospects for the economy. With the new dimension for the economy, the current job culture is on its way for a profound glory. anvita bansal

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Advertising is the means of informing as well as influencing the general public to buy products or services through visual or oral messages. A product or service is advertised to create awareness in the minds of potential buyers. Some of the commonly used media for advertising are T.V., radio, websites, newspapers, magazines, bill-boards, hoardings etc. As a result of economic liberalization and the changing social trends advertising industry has shown rapid growth in the last decade. Advertising is one of the aspects of mass communication. Advertising comprises of brand-building through effective communication and is essentially a service industry. It helps to create demand, promote m a r k e t i n g system and boost economic growth. Thus advertising forms the basis of marketing. Advertising plays a significant r o l e in present commercial sectors. A career in advertisement is indeed glamorous and at the same time challenging with more and more agencies grabbing up the opportunity every day. Whether its brands, companies, personalities or even voluntary or religious organizations, all of them use various medium of advertising in order to communicate with their target audience. The salary structure in advertising varies and if you have the knack for it one can reach the top. It is an ideal profession for a creative individual who can handle workpressure. Today, new areas are emerging within advertising like event management, image management, internet marketing etc. Event management wherein events are marketed. Image management wherein, a particular profile of an individual or an organization is projected. Internet marketing has also brought about a lot of changes in advertising as Internet means that one is catering to a selected group of audience rather than a mass audience. Eligibility & Course Area Educational: Most advertising agencies recruit candidates with a formal management or advertising/mass communication qualification. Preference is given for MBA’s for posts in the market research, client servicing and media planning departments. In the creative department, on the other hand, a general BA with a command of the language of communication plus knowledge of designing packages like Photoshop, coral draw or fine arts is the requirement. There are also specialized courses in advertising/mass communication at diploma level and post graduate level for which basic qualification is graduation. However, advertising is also offered as a subject for the graduate degree course in mass communication studies at certain institutions for which minimum qualification is 10+2. In addition there are also certificate courses f o r which 10+2 is enough.
Today the world is incomplete without websites; online advertising is one of the latest marketing mantra. So while we take a look at the dotcom and online world Nandkumar Mayanak, an Art Lead working in an online gaming company India Games gives his insights about advertising, online gaming and online advertising What interested you in this field? My passion for creative work and the fire in my belly to create something new. What are the qualifications one needs to become an art director? Well if you talk about degrees, there are various courses. You can opt for Commercial Arts (Applied Arts) or NID or any design institute. But the most important qualification you need is CREATIVITY, How CREATIVE you are and can you really think out of the box? What is your job profile like? Anything and everything in designing. From Web designing to print designing. Advertising and Graphic Design. Also a bit of merchandising. What do you enjoy the most about your job? I am doing what I love to do! Doing things differently is what I believe in. Who were the biggest inspirations for you? What is your success mantra? Advertising itself was the biggest inspiration for me. I wanted to be in advertising and graphic designing ever since school. The ad’s I’ve watched growing up all are inspirations for me to get into advertising and yea when it comes to multimedia off course SPIDERMAN has been my true inspiration.Well I think I’m still yet to learn loads of stuff so no mantra as such, but yea I’ll always say that “HARDWORK PAYS! WORK HARD WORK SMART!” What are some trends that you have seen in the world of advertising that might help prospective students who are looking to get into advertising firms when they graduate? Evolution in media. The canvass of the media is expanding day by day, reaching more and more people. Earlier there was radio advertising, and then TV came up with newspaper and magazine ads. It’s the digital age now. Web and mobile are the new emerging medias. So with upcoming media’s like these you need to be up to date as well as innovative enough to handle each media and make the most of it. What are the skills that really help all artists to succeed regardless of their specialty? Adaptation to the new trends. Keeping yourself updated with the latest trends and innovating your own style which again would not look out of the fashion. In today’s digital world you need to be changing with the times. No industry has been left aloof from recession. How has it affected the Advertising world in your opinion? YES! It certainly has. Companies reducing their media budgets, cutting down advertising campaign production budgets. You have come a long way up to this position. What were the ups and downs you went through and how did you keep your cool in all this time? Patience is virtue. Apart from being in a very aggressive world of advertising, one should always be patient. I did face a lot of obstacles in work and in career both, but being patient and taking the right decision at the right time is what I did. Your suggestions to the young students who aspire to enter into the Advertising world? This is not what anyone and everyone can get into, it’s different from what we always say and that’s true. Be prepared for a lot of hard work and struggle. No matter however great your visualsation is, the execution also matters the most. And yes above all if you feel you can sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo then you have chosen the right career. Smart work being the new mantra now, people really need to work smart with a lot of patience and positive attitude.

Personal attributes: Basic qualities like creativity and flair for writing or ability to translate ideas into a visual format are required for making a successful career in this field. They should have insight into the interests of people from all walks of life, ability to work as part of team, mental and physical toughness to be able to withstand high pressure and criticism, must be sociable and have calm temperament. Market and media researchers should have an analytical and logical brain. Those in creative field should possess artistic abilities to make the ad appealing to the masses. There are many professions, trades and art forms that are closely connected with the advertising industry. You may find one of them suits your talents best, or, they could open the door to a career in an agency. These include career options as, Printer, Photographer, Illustrator, Commercials Director, Public Relations, Direct Marketing, Designer, Sales Promotion, Set Designer, Make-up Artist, Commercials Producer, Model, voiceover, Sound Engineer, Typographer, Stylist, Brand/Product Manager, and Market Research Analyst. India is a big market, showing great potential for all the international brands that are now found in India. Projections for the coming years suggest an average growth of over 30% for marketing research analysts, advertising managers, and visual artists. The scope for any profession lies in your ability to move the parameters to sustain in the path one chooses for itself. kritika sirohi

Akshat Trivedi Copywriter

Ranjit Mhatre Art Director

Whenever we remember an ad mostly we do recollect it with the help of its jingle. A good ad with a bad copy can’t sell well and it’s the same vice versa. Mr. Ranjit the Art Director and Mr. Akshat the Copywriter from the well know Ogilvy & Mather(O N M) share some cool ideas about advertising and copywriting. What interested you’ll in this field? RANJIT: “Challenges”. You will face new challenges every day and they are so different from each other. The best part of it is that you have to think very simple and at the same time

creative. Creating an easy communication is simple, but creating an easy yet effective and appealing communication in not so easy. Thus this challenges of creating an easy, effective, creative and appealing communication made me take up this field. AKSHAT: “People”. I always wanted my thoughts to go “public’ and this field gives me that opportunity. And here you can’t bore people. Public i.e the audience is the king here. If they like a product, and can relate or associate themselves to it and they buy it. The association is I would like to build and work towards and thus I’m here. What are the qualifications one needs to become an Art Director and a Copy writer? RANJIT: “No” Professional qualification as such. Having a degree from art school helps you. But I believe it’s a ‘GOD GIFT’ to be an art person. You have it or you don’t. You can’t learn creativity anywhere, you must be creative. School, colleges teach you the mediums of advertising. How effective you create a particular medium is all up to you. AKSHAT: No Professional qualifications. Writers come

from different background like I did my MBA, but my flair for writing made me take a turn here and I started penning down copies and headlines for some of the well known brands. Well for a copywriter you need to talk the people’s language. What are some trends that you have seen in the world of advertising that might help prospective students who are looking to get into advertising firms when they graduate? RANJIT: Industry is becoming more specific. Now you will see every agency is coming up with design cell, PR, digital services, DM etc. Exclusive departments & exclusive services. Having said that if you have command on only design than you can work exclusively for design cells. Many companies today need in house visualisers and designers. AKSHAT: They also need good Copywriters. Well a package of all would be the best selling. i.e. if you are a visualiser who can design and write his own copy, BINGO you’ve hit the mark then. No industry has been left aloof from recession. How has it affected the Advertising world in your opinion? RANJIT and AKSHAT: Yes. It has affected the Advertising industry but we always hunt for an opportunity. Giving your client cost-friendly work but yet effective. Working on low budgets as we did during college helps here. Cutting down costs on the ad production is what we have to face, but again that’s a challenge and that’s what we are here for. Your suggestions to the young students who aspire to enter into the Advertising world? RANJIT and AKSHAT: It feels like a very glamorous job from out there. But believe us it isn’t. You really got to take real efforts to make yourself a brand image. So guys “If you are ready for a roller coaster, come on!”

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Lynch. There is news that 17 students who jointly worked with Lehman Brothers for an internship have not got any offers. The companies have now changed their strategies. Some lesser known colleges feel that it is a boon in disguise. Companies are now willing to hire more students from their Institute at a lower package offered to students of higher colleges.The global meltdown has affected all sectors. The worst hit being the finance sector. There are rise in the number of job layoffs and cost cutting. In fact all the economies of the world are facing crisis to tackle this global meltdown. The meltdown has led to shock waves across the world, with economy after economy gasping for breath to survive this financial tsunami.With companies planning to shut down, many of their departments lay offs are taking place. So the freshers are not only competing with their contemporaries but also with the experienced group, which has been laid off. Students and professors truly believe that this is the correct time for students to keep studying than look for a job. Times are bad and might get worst. But keep hope and believe that good times are going to come soon. One must not be rigid but embrace work with open hands. Hard work and brilliance will always pay. The need today is to show to the company that you are a boon to them and not a bag of liability.



8 we the people
The last time we decided to do or die it changed the map of the world and today we’ve reached a stage where eyes of the world are around us again. The young India, Gen next as it is called is supposed to step in the old shoes and take the country to newer and greater heights. The Indian society has time and again failed to view the youth objectively. Most people are prone to generalisation, hence rendering extremities to the youth culture. So, when an Abhinav Bindra or Sania Mirza get international recognition, the youth is heaped with adoration, admiration and pride. Phrases like ‘hope for the future’ and ‘nation makers’ have been used ad nauseam to grace such occasions. On the other hand, when a Manu Sharma shoots Jessica Lal the young generation is automatically transformed and monsterised into irresponsible, complacent, irreverent hedonists. So, who is the new young Indian? What defines the youth? Each one of us had to go through the phase when our families recognise a sudden change in us. ‘Slipping out of hand’ is what they call it. Definitely, youth of the twenty first century is more informed and so, more opinionated. This is a natural outcome of media exposure to the Western thought patterns and cultures. Friendships cross border, professions cut across stereotypes and morality becomes privately customised. The concept of a society has undergone a sea change at the hand of the young crowd in the metros and urban spaces. While they have more or less dissolved barriers of caste and creed and the constrictions of moral dos and don’ts to form a freer and more enterprising and mixed society, they also have marked their individual grounds. One can be tolerant to a variety of point of views and ways of life. However, everyone demands the need for the private space to think and be. This is simply adhering to the concept of ‘Live and Let Live’. What most people fail to recognise is the stratification within the core of the youth. Young people are as varied as the rest. Psycho-social and ethical upbringing determines what one thinks and does. Sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll is not every young person’s story. Had the young population been as one dimensional as the generalisation proclaims them to be, then there would be something very wrong with the social machinery. Like at any other time, the youth is mostly confused regarding life and choices. There is a need for a proper orientation and inspiration. Young people need idols and guidance. In this time of changes, people start working very soon. There is a trend of summer jobs among teenagers. There is a frenzy to intern and get work experience while studying. While it is a positive turn towards self sufficiency and confidence, there is a need to think whether they are well equipped to handle the pressures and corruptions of an adult life so early. One of the most common allegations against the youth is their irreverence towards law. There is supposedly no fear of law and order. First, in a social structure where corruption is the order of the day, bribery is an ailment not confined only to the youth. This, however, is no excuse. This contempt for law and order is something that has seeped in over a period of time. Delhi stands out as the crime capital of India. According to statistics taken early in 2009, the youth, especially those below 25 years of age, are involved in crime (murder, rape or dacoit) with the majority of them being ‘first timers’. Unemployment and disparities in income are the main causes for youngsters to take up to crime. They represent a vulnerable lot and easy prey to criminal gangs who use them for committing crimes. With the cosmopolitan culture setting in, certain phenomena are fast emerging. Partying, clubbing and pubbing are all by-products of the English and American lifestyle. Open markets, free trade, globalisation have invaded education, work as well as social circles. Hence, such influx is a natural consequence. Similarly, the concepts of yoga, karma and arranged marriage have found followers in the West. This is a balanced exchange. This is an era of no boundaries and the youth is open to influences from across the globe. It is up to them what they want to pick and choose and how they want to apply it to their lives. Dismantling Valentine’s Day merchandise and roughing up girls in pubs amount to nothing more than a hysterical show of blatant and irrational high handedness. Indian families are cynical to the Western concepts majorly because of two opinions- that everything Western is banal and that everything Western will draw their children away. Such opinions in a way insult the ability of the youth to think and make a right decision. One needs to take a note on that, most of the young masses have broad perspective towards the happenings of the world and blind aping of the west is a passé with the gen next. They know where to draw the line. Be it career, family relations, political orientation or sexual choices the youth has tried to find a unique identity. The music, films and art shows. Even the present cabinet shows young minds at work. There is immense potential in today’s youth that needs to be tapped and channelized in a proper way by a responsible outlook. Easy money and access to wide options have spoilt many a lives. Caution and regulation has to be practiced by the youth itself. The freshness in view and action needs to be respected and given a chance and not shunned by rigid culture vultures. Only then can the country progress and it all starts by dominating today. shruti.kapoor

In this era when we are talking about ‘Women Empowerment’, women being at the forefront walking along with men contributing in the progress of the country, many times even ahead of men, we still find many cases of female infanticide in the country. Still, there are parents who don’t want a girl child. Although, there has been a decline in the infanticide cases, but still it is quite evident. Female infanticide as we know is the intentional killing of baby girls due to the preference for male babies and from the low value associated with the birth of females. It is hard for us to believe this as we are from the Urban India, but there are female infanticide cases in the urban world as well. The advent of technology and misuse of pre-natal sex detection and also attitude of the unscrupulous medical practitioners, who are facilitating the female foeticide through induced abortions. There are strict laws and penal actions against violators, but the laws have not worked. Over 10 million female fetuses have been aborted in India in the past two decades. It is pertinent to note that the fall in the juvenile sex ratio is much higher in the economically developed States in India. There is steep fall in sex ratio in States like, Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat and Maharashtra, along with the Union territories of Delhi and Chandigarh. In Punjab there are only 874 females per 1,000 males. The situation in Haryana, Gujarat and Maharashtra is also similar - the females are 861, 921 and 922 respectively per 1,000 males. Kerala is the only State where females are 1,058 per 1,000 males. India cannot afford to wait till the next census in 2011 to determine whether the growing practice of female foeticide and the girl child mortality rate had gone up. In India the reason behind rise of female foeticide is because of the strong son preference in society, the small family norm practices like tradition of giving dowry, laws that govern property inheritance and the cultural perception about the familial name through the male line. The mortality of girl child is also high because of parental discrimination against their daughters in terms of health care and nutrition. We may think what can we do in this regard, how can we change the parents perception. But, I would like to state over here that we are the future of India, we have the aid of media, and we are the future journalists, future ad-makers. We should use our resources and create awareness among the masses against this menace. In whatever way, we should contribute to eradicate female infanticide from the country. An on-line survey showed that 16% of the people still feel that infanticide should be legalized in India which is appalling. 22% feel that society lacks knowledge about female infanticide. When asked who is supposed to be blamed for it, 30% said it’s the families, 60% said it’s because of carelessness and 10% answered that it’s due to other reasons like molestation etc. 92% feel that the Government is not doing anything about it. When asked to give suggestions, people said that it is advisable to keep helplines. It also important to educate t http://adsoftheworld.com/files/images/capitalFetus.jpg he masses and inculcate it at the school level. Distribution of leaflets can also spread awareness. It is pivotal on the part of the Government to keep a tab on the hospitals regularly to avoid such situations. sindhu kasyap borpuzari



• Latur earthquake • Surat epidemic of so-called plague • Kaiga nuclear leak • Ahmedabad earthquake • Bird flu • Tsunami • 26/7 Mumbai floods and now • Swine flu These are only the recent disasters that India has faced with only her citizens facing the worst that could come to them. Every time, a catastrophe of a big magnitude occurs the powers that be and the aam j a n t a seem to wake up. Floods in Assam, B i h a r or cyclones in A n d h r a Pradesh have become a routine list of natural calamities so much so that people do not even appear to take cognizance of these. Are we really the people who take all these in a stride or are we in a denial mode as the psychologists interpret? Every time a calamity has occurred, there has been no denial of the fact that it has been forewarned or for that matter the government has been anticipating it. Then why do we wait for the calamity to take the heavy toll on people and property? Or are we trying to prove the Malthusian theory of natural calamities regularly occurring due to over population right? These are some of the questions which need hard thinking by every citizen who waits for the authorities to do something and by the authorities who pass the buck to nowhere. The recent case of swine flu is a case in point. For the past six months or so, the Western countries have been reeling under this epidemic. The Indian health departments have been lost on the reality that today it is a small world and that people move globally for business or pleasure and that it is only a matter of time that the epidemic or rather the pandemic could sweep through the country. Was it not improper to wait for the first few cases to come to light and then swing into a frenzy which drove everyone in a situation of panic? Suddenly, streets were being cleaned and fumigated; the media blared with dos and don’ts and asked people to maintain cleanliness. Quarantine wards were made available only after detecting the cases and the municipal health department went looking for additional centres for diagnosis. This resulted in not just negligence but loss of life and the flu went unchecked for quite some time. In all this the vendors of masks and handkerchiefs made No, I don’t mean pusillanimous or perhaps even a word with ev- a field day by making a nice pile in the shortest of time! ery vowel in it. What I refer to are words with vast connotations During the plague (or was it leptosporosis), the filth from and potentially baffling facets that are regrettably being used rather Surat was removed and Surat became khoobsurat. After loosely and imposed arbitrarily in this darling country of ours. Let the 26/7 floods, the Mithi River was dredged but floods me speak of two such considerably Big Words.Take ‘Indian culture’ still leave the municipality red-faced. Before a more sefor instance, we have a bunch of saffron clad hooligans with body vere calamity slaps us in the face, do we not need to sit odour issues tellingus what it stands for. They bellow the loudest up and do our little bit in whatever way to avoid the last and tell an entire nation how it’s supposed to live. Any poor unwit- minute panic? Or do we really need a disaster to push us ting bloke going out for a drink with his lady friend is fair game into action? vrunda moghe dev for these foul smelling zealots. He shall invariably have his shirt torn and bones broken, to reveal what his lady friend might have to endure would mean having to deal with certain censorship clauses. You would be justified in asking, “Why all this hoopla men?” Tis but in the name of that holier than holiest, humongous, monolithic edifice that Indian culture seems to have turned into. Try not to talk of the orgies of Khajurao or the mind numbing contortions of the Kamasutra; mention not even the carnage of infanticide or the red meat involving culinary habits of the Aryans to these soap and deodorant requiring bigots. It would be sagacious to simply keep quiet and be punched in the gut or be molested or both.Numero Deux, the Youth. Now isn’t that an enormous word? Evocative of images of wrinkle free faces shining with unbridled enthusiasm and overflowing with cock-eyed optimism; strapping lads, clad smartly, walking purposefully, with one eye on the money and one eye on the girl. This appears to be the one image slapped across our T.V screens again and again by the mainstream media. We set about defining what the youth wants a la upward mobility and mobile phones, more films set in New York rather than Bombay, shorter clothes and bigger muscles, IT jobs and vegetarian capriccios. This tepid onedimensional understanding of say around 500 million Indians from mind bogglingly diverse backgrounds and social predicaments is at best daft. Why then must we fall into the folly of Big Words? To Facilitate Market research surveys? To render impotent the already insipid mumblings of sociologists about Indian pluralism? To dissemble our ignorance? Search me, I dun no. Nachiket Joshi


WORKSHOP, India’s first humour metal band from Mumbai first came into notice when stormed the YouTube comedy charts with their debut single ‘Bunty And Mallika Sherwath. Since then the band has grown immensely. They reached the top 5 on Channel V’s Launch Pad III. The Band members areSahil Makhija (the Demonstealer) on vocals and guitars, Rajarshi Bhattacharya (The Rajbot) on lead guitars, Hamza Kazi ( Humzoid)on drums and Riju Dasgupta( the Rijunator ) on bass. With the newfound fame Workshop has been gigging regularly. I had a chance to catch up with “WORKSHOP” and they are very true to their ‘Humour Metal’ spirit, lets hear it from them. What’s the story behind the name “Workshop” ? DS: Boy this is one of those questions that’s going to haunt me forever. Hahaha…. Well basically I was doing a guitar workshop and I asked Hamza and Riju to be my backing musicians for the workshop 4 years back and that’s how we started jamming together and after a while and much persuasion from Hamza we said lets make this project an official band in 2008 and the name Workshop just seemed like a perfect fit. And so we were christened. Could you please introduce the band members (names/ nicknames) and the instruments they play? DS: The current lineup of Workshop is The Demonstealer Vocals/Guitar/Lyrics/PR/Marketing/ Conceptualization The Rijunator – Bass/Backing Vocals/One Liners & SFX The Rajbot – Lead Guitars/Backing Vocals/Dancing/Being gross The Hamzoid – Drums/Polyrhythms/Backing Vocals/Cameraman What genre of music do you consider your work to be? Who are your major influences? DS: Honestly I can’t really slot our music into 1 particular genre because there is no limit with Workshop, as in, there are no musical boundaries. We can throw in anything from Death metal to the bhangra into the music. So basically we all have our different musical influences. Mine are pretty much all the extreme metal bands I listen to ranging from Dimmu Borgir, Behemoth, and Cyptopsy to Blind Guardian, Nightwish, and Kamelot etc. I also listen to some alternative and retro.. When did you form your band? What inspired you to make music together? Hamza: We really can’t remember but its quite similar to the big banged…once it happened everyone passed out and we’ve had no recollection of the event since then. The Pin fall pretty much did the trick and I remember all of us saying “whoooaaa I wana make music like that”. Such is life…the most insignificant of occurrences influence and change lives so drastically. Your debut single ‘Bunty & Mallika Sherwat’ is a huge success on YouTube, tell us how this song happened and the music video of it. DS: Well the song actually happened over 2 years ago when I had released my solo Hindi material, Khooni Murda and Chhati Ke Saath Panga and I was writing more Hindi songs and this was one of them. I used to play this on an acoustic at parties and this song just seemed to fit the Workshop catalogue perfectly so we worked on it and turned it into what it is today. I had the idea to make the video so I just told my brother who is into film making and good with movie maker to make a video and this is what he did with it. Hamza: The song is based on a true story as narrated by our Vocalist. We just play it like it happened. Funny, how if it is a huge success how come our pockets are still jingling with Rs. 3 Coins? The video was edited by Baba Siddiki when he was on tour in Sweden. Riju: We had nothing to do with the video. Ask Superman. Although he’s probably protecting the planet. Unlike you who have no job, and listen to us. Do you have a record label? DS: I guess I am my own record label: Demonstealer Records. Where have you performed? Do you have any upcoming shows? DS: We’ve been lucky to get some good gigs right from the start, we just started gigging in December 2008 and we’ve played a bunch of college festivals and also took part in Launchpad. Now we are constantly looking for new places to play .We have played in Hard Rock café as well. Which songs do you perform most frequently? Do you ever play any covers? Do you have a set play list? DS: Cookie Monster, She Folked Up My Jazz, Pudhe Sarka, I Came and Bunty Aur Mallika Sherwath. That’s our standard set for gigs now. We don’t play covers really except one cover because we were forced to play it on Launchpad, it was Madonna’s like a Virgin and since we liked what we did to the song we have added it to our set list for special occasions. What are your rehearsals like? Are they as spontaneously hilarious as shown on your YouTube channel? DS: Oh yeah our rehearsals are even funnier than our live shows because we always seem to love our own jokes and just have a good time. Hamza: No those are staged. They are dull, boring, monotonous and morose to the absolute core. Incase you are unable to catch wind of the sarcasm here….I’ll lay it on the table…we don’t pretend to be funny….we just are. So the jams are pretty much what you see on YouTube or in our live shows. Workshop made it to the final 5 of Launchpad III , tell us a little bit about this experience. DS: The launchpad experience and staying with 7 bands in a house was really awesome fun. It was even great that we got to play at Blue Frog. Hamza: One of the best experiences we’ve ever had as a band. As it is quite apparent, all the members are camera whores and that worked well with the producers. Everyone seemed to enjoy staying in one house as much as we did. Thanks to the band bonding there is some potential for gigs in Delhi and Kolkatta. Let’s see how it turns out. Riju: Awesome shit! Go Reverse Polarity! What has been your biggest challenge as a band? Have you been able to overcome that challenge? If so, how? DS: The biggest challenge has been getting Raj to take a bath and Riju to stop acting retarded and Hamza to stop talking about Polyrhythms. Not been successful at all. Hamza: Coming from TOTALLY different musical backgrounds its hard to settle on a specific “sound”…so we took the easy way out and took the sound to all the genres possible. So our biggest challenge was to successfully create a musical bhel puri and yet retain the taste. What’s your ultimate direction for your band? Are you seeking fame and fortune? Hamza: If porn sites and Madonna can make money then we can too. What advice do you have for people who want to form their own bands? DS: Believe in yourself, work hard and don’t give up. Keep practicing and make an impression. Hamza: Go to bed early and don’t leave the toilet seat up. Is there anyone you’d like to acknowledge for offering financial or emotional support? DS: Definitely my parents, brother and girlfriend for always having supported me and given me the freedom to do what I wanted and pursue my dreams. I also got to thank everyone along the way who has supported me and my musical endeavors, I guess it would take forever to list them out. Hamza: Furtados for financial support and Barkat Meat Shop for dying on the relentless quest to provide us with unconditional emotional support. Riju: My classmate, Aditya Anupkumar. For all the amazing photos he’s taken. Any last words? DS: Cheers & Stay Demonic, and check out our video and songs on our MySpace page www.myspace.com/workshopindia Hamza: Kabhi alvida na kehna….kabhi alvida na kehna. Riju: Hey Ram…they were Gandhiji’s last words… tejas.morey


Shahi Tukda Ingredients: Oil Bread-2 slices Milk-1 cup Sugar-4 tbs Cardamom Procedure: Boil the milk, sugar and cardamom for 2 mins .cut the bread in two halves and deep fry it. Then soak the fried pieces in that milk and after that remove on a serving plate and garnish it with some pistachios and almonds etc. serve immediately. Masala Papad Ingredients: Oil Papad Onion Tomato Green chilly Chaat masala Lemon Coriander Procedure: Finely chop onion, tomato, green chilly, and coriander, add everything in a bowl .Add chaat masala and lemon juice. Now mix it well. Fry the papad o roast it as per your preference. Add the topping on to your papad and its ready to eat. Fried Roti Ingredients: Left Rotis Ginger- Garlic paste (along with green chilly) Oil Salt to taste Red chilly powder Turmeric powder Coriander leaves Procedure: Cut the rotis into small pieces. Pour oil in a vessel on a low flame and add ginger- garlic paste to it. Cook for 1 minute till it turns brown. Add pieces of roti into it. Add red chilly powder, turmeric powder and salt to taste. Add water (1/2 a cup for 1 roti).Garnish with coriander leaves. You can also garnish it with a tadka of mustard seeds (rye) in oil along with curry leaves. Fruit Chaat Ingredients: Any seasonal fruit whichever is available. Lemon juice Chaat masala Procedure: Cut the fruits in dices; put all the fruits in a bowl. Now add lemon juice and chaat masala. Fruit chaat is ready to serve. contributed by poonam anand, sufia khan & kritika sirohi
ie to come to a level where he can command respect at the spill of an idea. His styles of design now vary from revival art forms to avant-garde. His stories no longer lack the fire and originality as did his soggy panties wearing forerunners. As with the appreciation and recognition of an emerging underground brigade of moviemakers, the animator has not stayed far behind in the art of storytelling through visuals created from the scratch of a bug bite. Moreover, it’s one of those professions where you get paid *flashes Ujjala white teeth* to do your thing, to enjoy the process, to be yourself, regardless of the patience required. Watching a creation (2D, 3D, DD, etc.) take life and wave a finger back gives one a feeling of becoming God-like, a feeling that can only equate to the process of being 'productive': of laying eggs, watching them spurt life and grow *points finger at self for writing this and laughs, till chokes on own spittle*. I leave it unto you, dear reader, to decide which God. kevin.d'mello The author writes a defunct blog at nonsensically-yours.blogspot.com

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Yaay! College is out and vacation is in. This for me, as a student of BMM, means that I have to engage myself in something ‘productive’. Productive, here, is not the act of being knocked up to lay eggs, but instead, of doing something worthwhile. Now, most First Year BMMites prefer to stay at home, watch TV, experiment on their pets/siblings/neighbour’s visiting cousin, ogle at their cell phones for hours expecting it to play that familiar Tandoori Nights ringtone assigned to a buddy who hasn’t called ever since vacs began, stalk their fraands on social networking sites, or read blogs like this one. A handful of others manage to convince themselves to step out of their moss-ridden caves and carry their shiny metallic posteriors to the nearest phookya joint for a puff. It’s a prerequisite for anyone taking admission into the course. If you don’t smoke, you’d better find something good enough to hide your face in when Those Others happen to be in your vicinity; preferably a double-sided bubble wrap sheet. In addition, there also exists an infinitesimally small number of BMMites, consisting of know-it-alls, who somehow manage to land up with internships. It is this small group, which we all despise and secretly hatch terror plots against to zap them to the Dark Ages or daydream about being subjected to Japanese torture. Finally, there are people like me who decide to do something ‘productive’ by enrolling themselves into an animation course five months past the said date. Halleluiah!

Yes, my dear about-to-flip-the-page reader, after years of watching toons being subjected to mental, physical, and sexual abuse by their creators, I will now have the privilege to do the same and more *wicked laugh*. Don’t frown on it my fraand. You may say that cartoons and animation are corrupting kids by exposing them to violence and pointless acts and utterances, this with reference to Shinchan, Kochikame, Sakura and a host of other dim-witted potty humour promoting animes. But seriously, if you have missed the chance to watch toons like Rugrats, Ren & Stimpy, Hey Arnold! & Recess; then I’d suggest you leave this planet and crashburn yourself into the sun ASAP. They gave to a generation of kids who missed the 60’s bus, a completely new world of possibilities that strictly ejaculated out any form of ‘Ken was destined to hump Barbie forever’ ideology. They made us aware of our foolishness, our stone cold wit, our vulnerabilities, and our humanness. They told stories of bravery & sacrifice, of trust & betrayal, of families, friends & fingering foes, of puppy love & just plain old stupid love. They brought awe into the eyes of the father and insight into the mind of the child. Their creators lent to them their own personality and style of design that came heavily influenced by the surrealist, abstract & irrational art movements that followed WWII. Dark truths told in the most subtle way possible: this is the rule they followed. Never mind the current state of Indian cartooning and animation, which continues to be engulfed by stories of mythology and sadistic dancing dogs; which restricts itself to advertisements and film special effects. Times are changing, and so is the Indian cartoonist and his quality of work. His profile has moved on from an engineering/medicine dropout junk-

10 hyperbol
Want to be a superhero? All of us do, darling. But you have to be ready to face the super paparazzi. Here’s your guide to be a fashionable superhero: 1. CHUCK THE CAPE With industrialization at its peak, wearing a cape would just be suicidal, dear. Just imagine yourself wearing a cape and getting that old piece of cloth entangled in all those wires. Simply pathetic! 2. WEAR YOUR UNDIES OUT It’s the oldest and the most powerful fashion statement that can be made by any superhero. It’s the only Attire which can even fetch you some endorsements; like Lux Cozi or a Rupa for a local superhero, or a Chromozome or an Armani for an international one. Thought superman made this fashion statement, he was never able to cash into it or maybe the advertising industry was unaware of it then. You need to cash into this because you may not get a reporter job like superman. 3. WEAR A BLUETOOTH HEADSET It would be an easier way to be in contact with the not so supernatural world. Rather than removing your cell phone in midair, you might not be concentrating on the sky ahead and may bump into a U.F.O. So for your comfort use a Bluetooth headset. After all fashion is all about comfort babes. 4. GET A COSTUME MAKEOVER You should always change your costumes after a specific period. Even your fans need a reason to buy a new action figure. You need to publicize yourself in the modern world. 5. ADD BLING TO YOUR STYLE Bling is the latest in thing, In order to get the public’s attention when you are in mid-air you need to add bling to your style. It is the only thing that will make the ordinary folk peep out of their According to MENSA, if you get 11+ you are a “genius”. office windows. You have to work out what the letters mean. See no.0 as an ex- 6. PIMP YOUR RIDE ample. Your ride should be drooly enough to compel Mattel to come out with miniatures of it. Having a dull black bat mobile ain’t that uber cool. You have to pimp it up, homie! Decorate your No. Cryptic 1. 24H in a D 2. 26 L of the A 3. 7 D of the W 4. 7W of the W Here I am, sitting in Costa coffee sipping on my favorite 5. 12 S of the Z Coffee and munching on some delicious cookies with 6. 52 C in a P “Mr. X” (he told me to keep his anonymity but also thought 7. 5 T on a F that Mr. X sounds really cool). A really cool looking guy 8. 90 D in a R A (read ‘HUNK’ plus a successful bollywood choreographer) 9. 15 P in a R T and a gay. All the chicks in the café are busing checking him 10. 3 W on a T out or flirting with him and I’m sitting there smiling blindly 11. 100 C in a R about the fact that no matter how hard they try, they won’t 12. 11 P in a F (S) T get any action from him. After ordering a huge list from 13. 29 D in F in a L Y the menu, he winks at me and gives me an affirmative nod 14. 365 D in a Y to start off... 15. 52 Y in a Y What do you do for a living? 16. 60 M in an H I am a choreographer in the bollywood industry and have 17. 23 P of C in the H B been working since past 8 years. I choreograph stage-shows, 18. 64 S on a C B awards and also reality dance competitions. 19. 1000 Y in a M nishigandha.sharma When did you realize that you had feelings for the same sex? I guess I realized that I had a certain amount of affection towards the same sex when I was in the 10th grade, although I never expressed it since I was afraid I would be treated as an outcast and it was a bit embarrassing for me at that point of time. Did u know this? ● Light travels at the speed of Rajnikant. ● Rajinikant sleeps with the light on. Not because he is afraid of the dark, but the dark is afraid of Rajinikant ● Rajinikant can cook Maggi in one minute ● When Rajnikant does pushups, he doesn't lift himself up. He pushes the world down. ● There is no theory of evolution, just a list of creatures Rajnikant has allowed to live. ● When Rajnikant does division, there are no remainders. ● Once Rajnikant counted till infinity . . . twice ● Rajnikant doesn't swim, the water pushes him. ● Rajnikant doesn’t go to class but still gets perfect attendance. ● In an average living room there are 1,242 objects Rajinikant could use to kill you, including the room itself. ● When Rajnikant looks in the mirror, nothing appears. There can never be a second Rajnikant. ● Rajnikant can unscramble a scrambled egg. ● Rajnikant can kick start a car. ● You know Rajnikant jumped off the Empire State Building this one time and he only sprained his ankle. ● Some people get lucky and kill two birds with one stone. Rajnikant once killed four birds with half a stone. What's that? You say there's no such thing as half a stone? The four dead birds didn't think so either. tejas.morey


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ride with Looney Toons stickers. If you cannot afford a highend audio system, hire a brass band & stuff them in your dicky. Listening to trumpets playing ‘Saat Samundar’ live always gets those poser rich kids who roam around with black tints and shiny wheels in which they can see their self-obsessed doped face, to roll up their windows with jealousy. 7.FASHION AIN’T ONLY FOR YOU, IT’S FOR YOUR CHICK TOO Like any other sports star or porn star, your chick will always be under the eyes of the super paparazzi. They know more about the clothes she wears, the food she eats, the guys she makes out with behind your back than you do. So always, have her geared up to face the paparazzi. 8. ART OUT OF WASTE Fashion can also be economical. If your dog tears up your blanket, don’t throw it away. It can always be used as a replacement for your primary cape incase it is torn by your jealous super neighbor’s dog. 9. KEEP YOUR HQ AT EASE Your headquarters has to be comfortable and at ease, because it is the place from where you are going to get your fashion statements and plans for eliminating the villains. You should organize your headquarters according to your comfort level. If you are comfortable facing the camera then probably you should have cameras installed everywhere in your headquarters, in your room, dining table, in your commode, inside your trees wherever you think it’s worth filming. However, if you’re not comfortable facing the camera then you can have cameras with a comb, which would make you think that there’s no camera but there would be a camera. 10. SUPERBOOST YOUR PR It means you have to get your P.R high! Which would mean having drugs, and this would be the perfect cover story for India TV. You could deliberately ask them to put your slot in late hours, which would force them to put it in the prime time and just adding to your PR. gautam.anand

In chat with a happy gay...

Why haven’t you revealed it to them? My parents are a bit orthodox, so I guess they won’t understand me that well, so I’ll keep it within myself for a while. Are you in a relationship with anyone? (Laughs)I still haven’t got any suitable match! Do you ever get harassed in public? Thankfully my attire and mannerism makes me seem like a normal straight guy as opposed to some gays who go out of their way to actually change the way they behave and all to actually emphasize on the fact that they are gay, which I personally dislike. Are you ashamed of being a homosexual? No, not at all, I just feel unfortunate that the society doesn’t accept me for the way I am. Do you resent the fact that you are unique in a weird way? Ha-ha… not really. I’m glad about the way I am and there is nothing to resent about it. What do you think about 377? (Smiles) its kinda like a blessing for people like me. We can actually get settled and have a family. I was thinking of shifting my base to the US just for this single reason. But now I don’t have to.


1. Rubber bands last longer when refrigerated. 2. Peanuts are one of the ingredients of dynamite. 3. There are 293 ways to make change for a dollar. 4. The average person’s left hand does 56% of the typing. 5. A shark is the only fish that can blink with both eyes. 6. There are more chickens than people in the world. 7. The longest one-syllable word in the English language is “screeched.” 8. All of the clocks in the movie “Pulp Fiction” are stuck on 4:20. 9. No word in the English language rhymes with month, orange, silver, or purple. 10. “Dreamt” is the only English word that ends in the letters “mt”. 11. All 50 States are listed across the top of the Lincoln Memorial on the back of the $5 bill. 12. Almonds are a member of the peach family. 13. Winston Churchill was born in a ladies’ room during a dance. 14. Maine is the only State whose name is just one syllable. 15. There are only four words in the English language which end in “dous”: tremendous, horrendous, stupendous, and hazardous. 16. The characters “Bert” and “Ernie” on Sesame Street were named after “Bert the cop” and “Ernie the taxi driver” in Frank Capra’s “It’s a Wonderful Life.” 17. A cat has 32 muscles in each ear. 18. An ostrich’s eye is bigger than its brain. 19. Tigers have striped skin, not just striped fur. 20. In most advertisements, the time displayed on a watch is 10:10. 21. Los Angeles’ full name is “El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la

How did it feel to be different from others? (Laughs)You can ask the straight people the same question Does being a homosexual help you in anyway? you know! (Winks) I tend to get many female students bcoz their parents know Have you publicized the fact that you are a gay? that they will be in safe hands. Just kidding. It hasn’t helped No, I haven’t publicized that I’m a homosexual yet .I believe me in any way though. it might hamper my reputation an business in general .Or Anything that you would like to share with our people might even think that I’m doing it for boosting my readers? rep. Oh yeah! Surely! All I want to tell everyone is just accept us the way we are and stop treating us like untouchables. We Do your parents know about it? are humans after all. No, my parents are clueless about it. tejas.morey Reina de Los Angeles de Porciuncula.” 22. A dragonfly has a life span of 24 hours. 23. A goldfish has a memory span of three seconds. 24. It’s impossible to sneeze with your eyes open. 25. The giant squid has the largest eyes in the world. 26. In England, the Speaker of the House is not allowed to speak. 27. The microwave was invented after a researcher walked by a radar tube and a chocolate bar melted in his pocket. 28. The average person falls asleep in seven minutes. 29. There are 336 dimples on a regulation golf ball. 30. “Stewardesses” is the longest word that is typed with only the left hand. nishigandha.sharma

ANSWERS TO CRYPTOLOGY:24 hours in a day, 26 Letters of Alphabets, 7 Days of the Week, 7 Wonders of the World, 12 Signs of Zodiac, 52 Cards in a Pack(Without Joker), 5 Toes on a Foot, 90 Degrees in a Right Angle, 15 Players in a Rugby Team, 3 Wheels on a Tricycle, 100 Coins in a Rupee, 11 Players in a Football(soccer) Team, 8 Tentacles on a Octopus, 29 Days in Feb in a Leap Year, 365 Days in a Year, 52 Weeks in a Year, 60 Minutes in an Hour, 23 Pairs of Chromosomes in a Human Body, 64 Squares on a Chess Board, 1000 Yards in a Meter.

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of the people don’t understand ‘animosity’, so, still you think that it will help you in brushing up your English. It will help you on information, but, for giving a perspective Mr. Nitin Yashvantrao, editor of THE TIMES OF INDIA you need to read, and also you need to have a membership (broad sheet, general), speaks to us about what he perin Library. This is because, during my era it was different, ceives journalism as, and what changes has the media now it’s specialized. There’s more focus on specifics, for house undergone in the last 15 years. e.g. if its economics, “JOURNALISM IS NOT a PROFESSION; IT’S AN OBSES- you have Banking, Insurance, Corporate. Even in general SION, A PASSION….” he says... reporting it is politics, bureaucracy in politics, administration, budgets, and fiancés. So the newspapers are not 1. “What interested you to join this Profession?” going to be giving you the wholesome diet. That only you “From the past 15 years I am in this profession. There is no will gain, by reading. It is like a exercise, getting into a glamour associated with it. The only perk of getting in to newspaper, getting into a job, and then you following it. journalism was socially driven. This was the only cause to The system has been set, tomorrow you may get into the get into journalism. I started up writing, so it was a passion same job as I continued, but what is expected out of you is and I got paid for it so, no complains for it. I pursued what asking questions. And for asking questions too, one needs I liked and so, for it has paid off. In the industry, Times of to be equipped. That’s primarily your job, but writing is India is number one in terms of salary. So, this takes care definitely one part of it. of my financial needs” 9. What are the qualifications required to become 2. How is journalism as a profession? a journalist? “I think it is not a profession, it’s an obsession, it’s a pas- Depends on what your priorities are ‘What is that you sion, and you don’t get into journalism because it’s a high want.’ I told you what I do, what I liked and I get paid for paying job. I don’t perceive it as a profession. May be down it. As far as TOI is concerned, it has started its own instituthe lane, now after 15 years, things have changed, now you tion in journalism. We generally recruit people from there have a professional 3 years course; During my days there i.e. preference is given to our college. Same is the case with were no professional courses. It has become more professome other newspapers, this is how the education is, but it sionalized. need not be so. Most of the television journalists are from Jamaimillia institute of journalism. Many of them have 3 What did you study? taken “I am an arts graduate; I did my diploma in journalism, up post graduation from the institution. First of all readwhich was something I thought it could help me to get ing and writing is important that’s how you can get your into it and knowing the basic elementary rules to a certain perspective. extent. It did help, but the on job training is entirely different from what you learn in 10. What do you think is the difference between the college. the print and the broadcast media? Newspapers don’t give you anything it just informs you. I 4. What are the things you keep in mind while you can have a bias opinion in providing info. For e.g. it may are writing an article? happen that I may only give you the positives of Kasab or I Every paper has its different ideology; every paper holds may give you his negatives, well it’s in my hands, so I dica different perspective. If I am working for a tabloid then tate. But if I am on television you can hear me speak, that my news perspective for the same story is different. If I makes it different. We form our opinion on generally what am working for a broadsheet, then my perspective for the is written by ‘A’ newspaper, we don’t subscribe to Marathi same will be different. Or if for a weekly magazine, then newspapers, Hindi newspapers. So we cannot base our it will be different. So keeping in mind that situation, the opinions on one newspaper. This makes a huge difference place that you are working in the environment, this is how between broadcast and print media. you look at a particular issue and look at a particular story. 11. What more tips would you like to give us, apart 5. People say, girls cannot be media personnel’s, from journalism? And when you recruit people because it’s not a 9- 5 job. What’s your take on it? what is the one thing that you look for? “How would you say that? What is the basis of that? If you are getting in to journalism we basically see how We have 30 reporters in TOI, 3/4th are women, so it has alert you are with the issues, what is your perspective. You nothing to do with gender. What you are saying must be in need to have a opinion it could be left or right of the centre. places like Latur, Beed or such remote places, but in places You just can’t say that you don’t have an opinion; you just like Mumbai, Delhi, and Lucknow it is not that. Women can’t say that you don’t have opinion. You need to take are there and they are beating men, so it has nothing to do a stand. And again the same thing, this can only happen with gender. when you read. Interpretation may differ, your interpretation is different, and my interpretation is different. For 6. now- a-days, people practice yellow journalism, e.g. there are many news channels who have interpreted what would you say on this? the budget in different ways. That doesn’t mean they are “It has not come now; it is as old as trade itself; so it wrong. depends upon the paper and the brand with which you are working, the paper you are working for and what is on your INTERVIEWED BY: - AGARWAL PRIYANKA mind as an indi DUSANE AKSHAY vidual, as a reporter. If you read the same news article on Kasab, every newspaper will have a different angle. There is basically the fight for eyeballs, how do you outshine others, so that’s why you find more colors in the newspaper. There is more 1. Educational background focus on page making, more illustrations, and graphics. “Pass out of Jaihind College” INTERVIEW- Nitin Yashvantrao

The strength within helps us in making the right choice or decision and also in taking the right path. We are young and dynamic full of ideas and we come across a lot of things but we have to decide upon what is the right choice for us. I am not saying that something miraculous will happen and we will be shown the right path. It is up to us to make the choice, it is the positive energy which will help us in making the choice. We often use words like inspiration, motivation, spirituality in everyday conversations. How important are these words in a person’s life! Talking about the best in the business; someone like Shahrukh Khan or for that matter Sachin Tendulkar , could they have been what they are today without a source of inspiration or a motivation in their lives ? Each and every one of us should have a source of inspiration, something to draw strength from, a sense of spirituality. I would like to quote an example of one of my friends who once became very frustrated with his life. Successive failures in clearing his exams made room for negativity and nihilism, the monotony had set in deep, studying for long hours didn’t make a difference, he had no inspiration whatsoever and he had lost all hope. Later somehow, he started learning the violin, he prepared his schedule in such a manner that he could devote at least an hour of his day to violin, with time he got rid of his monotony and he fared well in his exams. This is a kind of spirituality, for me anything by doing which we get a peace of mind and positive vibes is spirituality, for some it can be playing an instrument or singing, for others it can be praying or reading a book or meditating. We need not keep on looking for an inspiration or a source of strength or a motivational force, it can be very much within us, we just have to explore it and identify it. There is a strength within us which helps us to destroy all the negativities and induce positive energy. I can even quote my own example, whenever I am sad, depressed and surrounded with negativities and filled with confusions, I pray, meditate and visualize Lord Shiva, in no time I get a feeling of confidence and a state of ultimate bliss, the feeling induces within me an energy which is so strong that it makes me feel that I can achieve anything in this world. The feeling is not superficial because everything seems possible and can be made possible when a person achieves a positive state of mind. I discovered my inspiration and the source of strength in Lord Shiva, for you it could be a supportive friend, a lover. It is up to us to find that source of inspiration. Let it work for you. -SINDHU KASHYAP BORPUZARI

Fashion Big Business! Big Perspective…? If we look behind a decade ago, it was then the “fashion markets” had turned into a “fashion industry”. In 1998, designers for the first time were persuaded to organize themselves under the umbrella of the Fashion Design Council of India, a non profit organization that was to address the needs of the industry. Then, no one knew that Indian masses have voracious appetite for Fashionable Trend. It was this appetite that helped the industry to boom and prove it to be “Revenue Stock” oriented business for the country. But the matter of concern lies with the business still being in the wake when compared to the other Fashion cities such as Paris, Tokyo, and Milan, New York etc. For instance, France has 30% (approx) of world exports where as the participation of India is about 2% around the world. The ratio itself suggests that there is immense homework left to be done. However, Indian Fashion Journalism has to address all aspects of the business of fashion and just not be people centric. Fashion Industry for many is only refined to style and sophistication. For the masses, it represents a world of gloss and glamour where as there are many serious and relevant issues of the said industry which still needs an eye view. It needs to focus on reporting the news like the state of domestic markets, export markets, retailing, technology, development of infrastructure for industry, improvement of source and manufacturing and many more. All this is possible only when the Fraternity is promoted. It is responsibility of the designers to take the first step as regards to enhance more on the trade aspect along with the designs for the promotion of the industry and help in to be at par with other Fashion cities (mentioned above) so that our country would be a part of maximum export forum, indirectly generating substantial name and revenue in the industry and for the country respectively. As Mr. Sumeet Nair Executive Director of Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) suggests that “The time is ripe for designers to take their big leap in terms of business collaborations and other such mutually beneficial business activities. This is necessary if they want to keep up with growing competition and market forces.” Anvita Bansal

Rajesh Jathar interview

7. Is it that the broadcast media is overtaking the focus as compared to the print media? “No!! It’s not the question of overtaking; it’s the question of speed. But even if this is so, we have a large number of people reading newspapers. These days there are a more newspapers coming in, news magazines have been launched just a few months back…this shows there are many readers who still want to read it. 8. Different people read Newspapers for different purposes, some people also read newspapers for preparing for the competitive exams, what is taken on it? It used to be once upon a time, but today’s English if you see, its trash. The English that newspaper writes is trash. In my days, that is I came from the era of typewriter. When we used to type a copy and suppose If I have to erase that line then again we have to go back and type the whole matter. Even if one mistake is there in the writing, the editor or sub-editor would just turn it into a paper ball a throw it at our face. It shows how rigid they were. You either are perfect or you get out. Today we use words like someone “protested against”… there’s nothing called as protested against, protest is always against. We use the word “Cops”, there is no such thing called cops .We use animosity, 90%

2. Youth are directing towards culture. “I m glad that finally the youth have woken up, bringing a huge change in our attitude and that’s where I m adopting culture. It has advantages and also disadvantages. I mean I would not mind a kid wearing Levis jeans, but stepping out for drugs that’s not done. I wouldn’t mind it if a kid is passionate about Tennis and would want to adopt as ideal. Its great but beyond it the kid does not lead to its objective then it’s a bigger failure to the parents and also to the kid.” 3. Sir what are your views on the article 377? “I m proud of my government finally, Identifying a community of humans and they are a part of our country and I accept it and its legalized. It although was more important, see as we were just defined in humans and the animals, within humans there are various other categories.” 4. Sir any suggestions for our youth? “Being passionate is very much important. Without being passionate I don’t think a person would be able to achieve much. The youth are very much in line but they should also know their boundaries, they should also know how to handle the passion and not let it cross the line of aggression.” Continued on page 12...

12 mediology
Wake up time…
I never realized that although being a media student, writing for media would turn out to be so difficult. As we all know media has changed tremendously over a period of time, you relax yourself on a couch have a sip of a coffee and update yourself with all the happenings of the world. Comparing to earlier era media has developed and molded itself immensely according to the ever changing lifestyle & taste of the viewers. Today the aim is not only to provide information but to also entertain the viewers. If you get a phone call from your friend saying “there is a huge fire near your area” before the smoke reaches your window you will see the flames on your television sets. I appreciate the spontaneity of our media. When Mumbai was attacked by the terrorists they demonstrated each and every scene of the affected site. I appreciated the fact that our media was taking so much of pain to broadcast the live actions of the dreadful attack on our city. My appreciation for the media came to a screeching halt when I saw our journalists highlighting the strategies of our commanders. Was there any need for the journalists to go near the sniper’s those were targeted on the terrorist’s and broadcast the same video live? It was something very confidential and not to be revealed in public, at least at the time of the attack. After every thing was over it was highlighted on the news that the terrorists were aware about the strategies of the commanders through news channels and their counter attack was so effective because they were aware about the

status of the armed forces. I truly believe that our media doesn’t use the freedom they have been given in a positive way at times. My opinion is not based only on one incident, but there are countless other incidents happening everyday that makes me loose my faith in media. It was shocking for me to see when a girl got raped, the journalists were running behind her to click her photographs and take her interview instantly outside the court. Her face was plastered on a news channel and after sometime they censored her face, this was what shocked me. First they revealed her identity and now the same media was trying to cover up for it. Probably this is one of the reasons why girls could be afraid of registering rape cases. Though the current media tells us the advantages of being sensible, they don’t practice what they preach either. Though the current media shows us the achievements of our favorite celebrity, they annoy him/ her by getting too involved in their lives and create false rumors. I would like to share the most tragic and humorous thing ever happened to me. When Mumbai was drowning due to heavy rains, I turned on my TV to know about the condition of the city, there was a certain news channel that considered something insignificant yet more important to telecast i:e “Rakhi ab chali dulhan banne!!!” “Kis ko chunegi Rakhi aapne paati ke rup me?” though later they realized that its high time now they need to show the condition of the city. But what did they show? “Sitaron ke ghar bhi pani pani” the reporters of this news channel went to the celebrities in Mumbai and highlighted the situation of their houses ‘LIVE’. A reporter was standing outside the bungalow of Mr. Amitabh Bachhan showing water entering inside it. I expected them to broadcast the condition of our local trains and roads but I got to see the condition of the houses of celebrities. I appreciate the effort reporters took to cover all those areas (houses) but their effort could have been valuable if they would have been on stations, airports, highways or slum areas where the problem is of real concern. The next gen of media must try to improve on what the current media have achieved. As a famous newspaper once quoted,” We can’t quite decide if the world is growing worse or if the reporters are just working harder”. By - Aditya Thakur .


oday the influence of media can be witnessed in all the fields. All the important events in any part of the world are covered and telecasted in no time; this shows how fast media is in its work. Our thirst for news is well quenched by the media. It is through the newspapers and television news channels that we come to know about the daily happening, both in our country and all round the world. People in some or the other ways are dependent upon the media. But does a medium give people the feedback they need or just raises a big question daily in front of them? We often hear about news such as adulteration of food grains, illicit constuction of houses, roads, construction

is what we need.


Politics is what people are aware of and even scared of. Media and politics are dependant on each other in such a way that if one fails the other is screwed up. Media often meets up with many accidents and one of them was when it picked up scrap with politics.


“Dominance” is the only policy, which our Indian politicians know. It was clearly seen in a case where many advertising agencies had to suffer a great loss because of these politicians. The big flashy hoardings publicizing Shiv sena, MNS, Congress and so on, do you think they own those hoardings? Or they rent it? If yes, then you’re wrong. You must have not paid attention to this fact because it doesn’t make any difference to you, but it does to those who pay for it, the advertising agencies. Here, as usual again the politics wins because of their dominance. The hoardings put up by the politicians are not usually paid. This similar case happened in Mumbai when few political parties had put up their flexes on the hoardings, which were already occupied. Seeing this, the customers who had paid to the agencies for publicizing their ads started complaining. These ad agencies didn’t understand what to do? How to react? This problem had become common and was almost faced by all the agencies. So they decided to meet up and conclude this matter some how. They all decided to put up a flex on one hoarding which stated that the customers are complaining, as their advertisements are not displayed inspite of paying for it and which also said, “ kindly remove your flexes and seek permission before doing such a thing. Reading this note the politicians got very agitated and asked the agencies to remove this flex. The situation got worse. The unity which the agencies thought would have solved the case ruined it even more. The politicians took up their case so badly that the ad agencies had to suffer many consequences. Finally the customers and the politicians both went against the agencies due to which the agencies had to s uffer a lot.

It might be a small thing for us but such small things one day will become a big problem for media. If the politicians, who govern the country start taking advantage of media, how will media and the country progress? The state Cabinet was to take up the newly drafted ‘Maharashtra prevention of display of advertisement unauthorized on any government premises or in public places and places open to public view and defacement of property Act’ for approval. But, due to lack of time, it could not be taken up. It was then passed at the Cabinet meeting where a senior bureaucrat said, as politicians across parties support it unanimously.

Unauthorized banners, posters and hoardings glorifying sundry politicians on their birthdays, achievements, arrivals, departures, et al, will soon be a thing of the past, with the state Cabinet all set to frame a stringent law to prevent the defacement of public places. Offenders will be jailed for six months and fined Rs 25,000. Once the Act comes into force, the state will appoint officials at the municipal level to register cases and investigate offences. The officials will be empowered to ask offenders to clean the defaced area after removing the unauthorized advertisement material. If any offender fails to do so, the money needed for cleaning would be recovered from him. The draft bill also stipulates that civic officials who fail to remove unauthorized material and clean up an area would be held responsible for dereliction of duty. The freshly drafted Act was first approved in 1994-95. However, it lacked legal teeth required to discourage people from putting up illegal hoardings, banners, posters and advertisements. The DF government then decided to introduce an amendment to it with more stringent provisions. A recent riot in the north Maharashtra city of Dhulia, allegedly fuelled by a controversial banner-in, which many properties were razed, and hundreds of citizens displaced-strengthened the government’s resolve to go for the stringent Act. Compiled by – Aishwarya Vazkar.

of defective bridges and buildings, etc and it just goes on. Media does its job by exposing all these internal and external cases. Since there is a rise in the graph of reality shows the conflicts between the contenders are also high. To highlight such kind of conflicts is the favorite job of our news channel these days. In some reality show on television some celebrity fought with another celebrity, next day the news is on all the news channels. Is this what we want to know? Is this gap shop going to satisfy our wants? If there is adulteration of goods, media tells how it happened? Why it happened? When it happened? Who did it? But do they tell what solution can we get out of it? How can we stop this and step out of this situation? There is a big no to all our questions. Media is always in lack of answers. Raising an issue is easy but what about answering them? This is not just a negative point of media. Infact, we can say media itself is becoming negative on its part. Other than this, we even find that news shown on television mostly showcases the dark side of the world. They show how many things went wrong but why don’t they show the correct and good things happening all over? As the level of distructions is increasing, level of good things happening are also increasing. Then why is the media so negative? For example, because of the recent swine flu epidemic many people died. This was shown by all the news channels. But what about those who took precautions and were cured on time by the doctors? Why was this not highlighted? After the train blasts all the newspapers highlighted the number of those who lost their lives and some who were severely injured. But what about those heroes who immediately came to extend a helping hand? Why no appreciation for them? Just highlighting our weakness would take us nowhere. It would rather hamper our image on international front. Media should also have a positive approach towards issues and events. This shall help us develop courage and unite us in time of crisis. Media plays an important part in the lives of the people. Just a bit change in the pattern of their work and everything is well. The dependence on media is increasing day after day, thus it should realize its responsibility. Solution is what we really need now. An answer to a few of our questions is what we require… and one day we all hope to get them. By - Aishwarya Vazkar.

Media Facts!

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Global newspaper circulation up by 1.9%: Radio to your rescue...
Newspapers are a crucial part. Many of us start our day with this black and white sheet which brings to your doorstep the entire world in some pages. We cannot ignore the fact that the broadcast media reaches the audience fast in comparison to the print (newspapers and magazines) but it is always the newspapers which provides you detailed information of things happening in and around your world. The World association spokesperson says, Newspapers circulation across the world is on rise and the industry is booming in India and China. Newspapers are holding out to the competition as their circulation rose last year across the world on booming demand in India and China, World Association of Newspapers has said.


Compiled by- Aishwarya Vazkar Source Internet

The Times of India daily circulates around 3,146,000 newspapers all over India. 2. According to the official records, radio broadcasting in India began on July 23, 1927, when the Indian Broadcasting Company, IBC, inaugurated its first radio station 7BY in Bombay. As time went by, 7BY became the more familiar VUB and the Indian Broadcasting Company was taken over by AIR, All India Radio. 3. There are various claims as to who invented the radio ( also known as the wireless telegraphy) first? An advertising professional named Waldo Warren coined the word radio. The following are listed as inventors of the radio: a) In1894, Alexander Stepanovich Popov, is said to have built the first radio receiver. b) Nikola Tesla is the one who has a US patent for the invention of the radio. She is said to have developed radio frequencies and has also transmitted long-distance signals. c) Guglielmo Marconi is said to have founded the first use of radio. d)The amplitude-modulated AM radio was developed by Reginald Fessenden and Lee de Forest e)The frequency-modulated (FM) radio was set up by Edwin.H.Armstrong. 4. The most expensive hoarding of Mumbai is 60x20foot which is displayed at Haji Ali today goes for anywhere between Rs 15 lakhs to Rs 20 lakhs a month and the most expensive gantry which is located at Mahim causeway costs about Rs 20 lakhs to 25 lakhs. 5. The very first website was nxoc01.cern.ch, and the very first web page was http://nxoc01.cern.ch/hypertext/WWW/TheProject.html this site was shut down a long time ago and the person who invented web was Tim Berners-Lee. 6. The first search engine created was Archie, created in 1990 by Alan Emtage, a student at McGill University in Montreal. The original intent of the name was “archives,” but it was shortened to Archie. 7. In early 1980s there was only one first national channel Doordarshan, which was government owned. Sun TV (India) was launched in 1992 as the first private channel in South India. Zee TV was the first private owned Indian channel to broadcast over cable. 8. Honda had released a commercial for the limited edition Honda Accord using the falling-dominoes concept. They said that this film had no computer graphic or digital graphics and the film actually took 606 takes. On the first 605 takes, there was a minor mistake so didn’t work and they set up the whole thing again. The film took three months to complete and altogether cost 6.2 million dollars to make, for a two minutes commercial. It has been claimed as the world’s costliest ads. 9. The first motion film that really told a story was “the great train robbery”, it was produced in Edison Laboratories in 1903. The film caused a nationwide sensation. D. W. Griffith was among the most famous of the early directors and producers, and was the first man to move a camera during a scene. He produced “The Birth of a Nation” one of the most spectacular pictures of all time and it was the most expensive film made up to that time. 10. Manikantan is going to be the costliest animation film in India. The story of Lord Ayyappa, presiding deity of the Sabarimala shrine in Kerala. Investors with roots in Australia, the U.S., Singapore and Indonesia have underwritten most of the budgeted $10 million. Work had begun in a Thiruvananthapurambased studio.Well known actors will lend their voices to the characters.This film will be released during the month of October.

Jammed roads, blocked railway lines….this is the face of Mumbai during rains. Road accidents, land slides, water logging is something that happens frequently during rains. In this entire scenario one thing that most of desire of is a helping hand. Radio being an important aspect of media has now come up with a solution to help the Mumbaikars out of this mess. Radio Mirchi 98.3FM in association with Aircel has extended a helping hand to Mumbaikars stranded in the rains through an initiative called ‘Mirchi Lift Kara De’. A free of cost service launched offers pick and drop to Mumbaikars stuck at important junctions like Dadar, Worli, and Thane or Andheri area during the rainy season. To avail this service, Mumbaikars have to look out for branded Radio Mirchi and Aircel Indica cars that will take them to their desired destination. Commenting on the initiative, Sriram Kilambi, Station head, Radio Mirchi – Mumbai said, “Everyone is aware about the commuting hurdles when Mumbai receives excessive rainfall. Therefore we, along with our partners – Aircel, initiated ‘Mirchi Lift Kara De’ which is an effort to help our fellow The paid-for newspaper circulation rose by 1.9 per cent Mumbaikars reach their desired destination without facing over the 12 months and by 8.7 per cent over five years to too many problems. Besides the regular announcements, more than 510 million copies in 2006. Similarly, the number RJ’s are constantly guiding our listeners on how to use this of new paid for titles crossed 11,000 marks for the first time service. They have managed to help more than 100 people in the history, WAN said, quoting preliminary data from its daily to reach their destinations. This has helped many World Press Trends survey. people during the tough times they faced during this year The free daily newspaper circulation more than doubled over rainy season.” the five years to 40.8 million copies a day, while more than 1.4 billion people are now reading a newspaper daily, the Compiled by – Aishwarya Vazkar. survey found. Including the free newspapers, the circulation rose by a higher rate of 4.3 per cent in one year and by 14.2 per cent over five years. The total number of paid-for newsContinued from Page 10... papers and the combined total of free and paid-for titles rose to 510.4 million and 551.2 million in 2006, the WAN survey 5. There is a feeling among people that media was found. not matured enough in depicting the whole saga of “The chorus of disapproval for newspapers is certainly a 26\11? What is your opinion on this matter? global trend these days, as many media commentators have “I don’t have any such opinion. It’s that we played our part become profoundly bearish and negative about newspapers. of the game and that all I mean we did our job to get the But their views are belied by the facts about the relevance, news to the masses.” vibrancy and future vitality of newspapers in this fast growing digital age,” it added. 6. Youth generally gets confused about what they are supposed to do? Compiled by – Reena Rai. “It’s very simple; I mean I have also gone through many Edited by - Priyanka Agarwal. such situations in my life. You get stuck up at a place and that’s were you need guidelines on a person who will guide you. If you think you are deviated from your goal you should ask your guide. You need a correct mentor in life, he\she should be one in which you believe and that he\she makes a lot of sense.” 7. How has recession affected you? “Ya it has affected, almost to the extent of loosing jobs. No it has affected the industry and it took a dip of 30‐40%. You can check it up as a last there are not huge profits regulated by our media company. It’s a great achievement that we have survived the recession.” 8. What contribution you would like to make for the society? “It’s very different to say because as you grow, there a lot of things you go with. I mean its simple when you travel from one destination to another, you come across many things. Not all but few have an Impact on you, one of which is when you call your country as a progressive country. Why is progress only to the urban and suburban area, why is it so that my farmers are still continuing suicide. I think there are things which I wish I need to contribute.” Interviewed by-SINDHU KASHYAP Arjun Sareen

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