For some, the military justice system is something that should stay as it allows the Mexican army to carry

out their operations to safeguard the nation without bureaucratic obstacles to bring to conclusion the same. However, for many voices becomes this legal privilege for placing military force s in a state of superiority over justice emanating from the constitution and com mon law derived from the constitution. It was considered that Article 13 of the Constitution of the United Mexican Stat es is vague in establishing a valid military jurisdiction exclusively for offens es and crimes that go against military discipline, but to make a deeper analysis the same we reveals that the jurisdiction can not beyond the people whose membe rship is outside the army and the imprecision repeatedly on matters of misdemean ors and offenses against military discipline. Article 57 section II of the secondary legislation and to be more specific in th e code of military justice and piracy refers to are those that are "of common or federal law" by members of the Armed Forces. Military tribunals, as mandated by Article 128 of the Constitution; have an obli gation to uphold the Constitution and the laws derived from it, as public servan ts are, and in implementing the Code of Military Justice to members who are mili tary tort defendants whose constitution is not a breach of military discipline o n one side and the other how they are harmed victims and injured individuals in cases decided by military justice in regard to the violation of human rights tha t have affected the agencies noted nationally and internationally. The state of Chiapas, is one of the most affected by gun violence which directly affects the child population in the same complaint has been ordered as research and participation by non-governmental organizations to develop programs nationw ide whose purpose is to protect and monitor children's human rights, as does civ il society in Canada to develop instruments of foreign policy. It is in this state in the south of the Mexican Republic, which has accused the Mexican army and police public safety support for a paramilitary organization ca lled the "peace and justice" which are allegedly responsible for the execution a nd disappearance of people so-called "years of terror and war" at the annual mee ting of the communities of the lower Tila Suchjá Masoja. Also, the commission called for mediation between the Revolutionary Democratic P arty-People's Revolutionary Army and the federal government accused the disappea rance of two of its militants in the Mexican state of Oaxaca state, allegedly by agents of the three levels of government and members of the Mexican army the ye ar 2007, this state being one of the recorded 470 cases of "forced disappearance " It is in this situation, society requires to deepen more in what motivates a can didate to join the Mexican army, to have well defined profile of protector of th e nation that the people expect, and finally, whether follow disbursed as procee ds of tax to have an army on a regular or permanent, whose functions have been d istorted in recent years.

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