Contact Information

S.A.S. in the evening or weekend
Patty Yarrow 636-293-3506 Angela Curtis Sherifa Hardware-Bethune

S.A.S. during the day
Patty Yarrow: 636-534-5264 Shelley Saale Cindy Burrows

Come join us for lots of fun activities this August. Attend a show at the Muny. Check out the Municipal Band Concert in St. Charles. Join us for water games at our Get Wet Day. See how far you can spit watermelon seeds at the Watermelon and Washer’s Event. U W Gen X volunteers are sponsoring an Ice Cream Social. Try your hand at lawn tennis. Attend the Healthy Living Senior Fair. Mall walk at the Mills. Join us for a fun filled day at the City Museum seeing all sorts of unusual objects, including a visit to the aquarium. Learn about Missouri wildlife at the nature class. Attend the Coffee Social to chat and munch on cake. Stop by and check out our new kitchen and join us for a cooking class. Get in touch with your creative side and try your hand at crafts. Join us for Karaoke. Don’t forget to put on your summer duds and attend the Beach Blanket Birthday. Be a contestant in our version of Our Price is right game. So don’t miss out this summer, sign up and come have fun.

Important Info. S.A.S. now has a BLOG! Check it out at http:// www.sasisfun.blogspot. com Please ensure that when registering for activities for either program that you forward the registrations to the SAS mailbox or e-mail your registration.. Make note of any costs related to the activities. When in doubt about needing money for an activity contact SAS

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Monday 1

August 2011
Tuesday 2 Craft 10-11:30 Bingo 1-2:30
Wednesday 3

Thursday 4

Friday 5

Table games 10-11:30 Spin baseball 1-2:30

Gardening 10-11:30 Cooking class 1-2:30

Exercise 10-11:30

Get Wet Day 10-11:30 Movie 1-2:30

Friendship Circle 1:00p-2:30p

Muny—Meet at the flagpole at 6:00and expect to return to Emmaus late {around 10:30-11:00p.m}

Mall walk at the Mills 6:30-8:00

Cooking class 6:30-7:30

Craft 6:30-7:30

Monday 8

Tuesday 9

Wednesday 10

Thursday 11

Friday 12

Floor bowling 10-11:30

Bingo 1-2:30

Healthy Living Senior Fair 10-2. Meet at the flagpole at 9:30. Bring money for lunch. Cooking class 1-2:30 Project Heart 5 - 6:30 Scrapbook / paper craft 6:30-7:30
Tuesday 16

Gardening 10-11:30 Table games 1-2:30

Catholic Mass 11:00-11:30 Wii gaming1-2:30 Municipal Band Concert 7:15-9:30

Karaoke 10-11:30

Movie 1-2:30

Muny—Meet at the flagpole at 6:00 and expect to return to Emmaus late {around 10:30-11:00p.m}

Monday 15

Wednesday 17

Thursday 18

Friday 19

Outing to The City Museum . Meet at the flagpole at 9:15 and we will return 3’ish Nature class 6:30-7:30

Bingo 10-11:30 Puzzles 1-2:30

Gardening -10-11:30 Craft– 1-2:30

Table games 10-11:30 Friendship Circle 1:00p-2:30p

Exercise 10-11:30 Movie 1-2:30

Washers and Watermelons Behind STEPS 6:30-7:30

Beach Blanket Birthday 6:30-7:30


Monday 22

Tuesday 23

Wednesday 24

Thursday 25

Friday 26

Horse racing 10-11:30 Karaoke 1-2:30

Balloon volleyball 1011:30 UCC group & Card bingo 1:30 -2:30

Gardening 10-11:30 Table games 1-2:30

Sensory with Shanon 10-11:30 Friendship Circle-1:00p2:30p
Movie Out TBA

Wii gaming 10-11:30 Movies 1-2:30

Movie In 6:30-8:00
Bingo 6:30-7:30

Monday 29

Tuesday 30

Wednesday 31

Coffee Social 10-11:30 Table games 1-2:30

Bingo 10-11:30 Cooking class 1-2:30

Gardening 10-11:30 Pictionary 1-2:30

Price is Right game 6:307:30

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Saturday 6

August 2011
Sunday 7


8/1 The Muny show tonight is Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. The show is outdoors so please be mindful of the weather and our start and end time. 8/2– Mall Walking– Meet us at the flagpole at 6:30 p.m. and we will be going to the Mills for a walk and expect to return 8’ish. 8/4 Cooking class— Help make a layered dessert; please eat dinner before attending. 8/5 Expect to get Wet Day.– Join us outside, behind Steps for water games & fun! 8/5 The movie is Tron : Legacy ; a Disney Sci-Fi fantasy.

Saturday 13

Sunday 14

8/5 Craft– Make and take a bracelet using yarn and a twisting technique. 8/8 The Muny show tonight is Bye Bye Birdie The show is outdoors so please be mindful of the weather and our start and end time. 8/9 Healthy Living Senior Fair -

Lawn Tennis 9:30-10:30

Meet at the flagpole at 9:30. Bring money for lunch out. ($8.00 suggested )
8//9 Project Heart- We will be cooking an Around the World Meal. It’s dinner! 8/9 Scrapbook/paper-craft– Join us for scrapbooking; if you don’t like to scrapbook we have a butterfly craft for you. 8/11 Municipal Band Concert— Bring a lawn chair or blanket to sit on and a water bottle to keep hydrated and enjoy a free outdoor concert at St. Charles Frontier Park. Meet at the flagpole at 7:15 or in the park by 8 p.m. 8/12 The movie is Indian in the Cupboard; a fantasy adventure. 8/13 Lawn tennis– Play lawn tennis with us behind STEPS. In case of poor weather we WILL still meet and play inside. 8/15 City Museum– Lots to see & do! Admission is $11.00 ($6.00 for City Museum entrance and $5.00 for the aquarium) Bring a sack lunch.

Saturday 20

Sunday 21

Out for Ice Cream 1:15– 2:15

Saturday 27

Sunday 28

Gen X – ice cream social 1:30-2:30


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Descriptions Continued

8/15 Nature class– Come and learn about Missouri’s wildlife
8/16 Washers and Watermelon-Play a game of washers with us behind Steps, eat a slice of watermelon and see how far you can spit your watermelon seeds 8/19 Birthday Party– Celebrate August birthdays with a beach party! Wear your favorite summertime/ beach attire. ( if you wear a swimsuit please wear a cover up with it.) 8/19 Movie-The movie is Green lantern; a sci-fi adventure. 8/21 Out for Ice Cream– Bring money for a cold treat {fat free is available), suggested amount is $5. We are going to Lyon’s on Elm street which is an outdoor facility; in case of inclement weather we will go to Dairy Queen on First capitol instead. 8/22 Movie In—Come and spend a summer evening watching a movie and munching on popcorn! “Bend it Like Beckman” is our featured movie. 8/25 Movie out– You will be contacted a few days before the show with the show selection and meeting time. Clients are charged for tickets through in – house transfers but they should bring funds for refreshments ; suggested amount $6.

Important Contact Info. S.A.S In the Evening Patty Yarrow: 636– 293-3506

S.A.S During the Day Patty Yarrow: 636-534-5264


8/26 Movie– The movie will be Rango; an action animation.
8/27 Gen X Ice Cream Social- Chat with our Gen X volunteers

and enjoy some ice cream . 8/29 Coffee Social-Join us for coffee and cake and a chat.
8/30 Price Is Right Night– You could be the next contestant at our very own version of Price is Right!

Remember SAS is offering “kits” for a monthly project or activity to be done in-home. If you would like to participate in the offered project ask your home manager to contact Angela Curtis.

Free Events to attend
8/17 Come listen to the music of Rogers, Nienhaus and Crawfers in the downtown Historic district 100 & 200 North Main Street. Call 1-800-366-2427 for more information. 8/4,8/11, 8/18, 8/25 There is a Band concert at Frontier park starting at 8:00 p.m. every Thursday evening this month Bring a lawn chair or a blanket to sit on. 8/2,8/9,8/16,8/23,8/30 There is a summer concert series at the Civic Park Bandstand every Tuesday 5:30-8:30 The series is called the O’Fallon Jammin weekly. Call 636-379-5614 for more information. 8/26,27,28 Agility Dog show at Mattison Square Garden (behind Brunswick Bowling alley in O’Fallon)

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