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Harmony & Bliss 2007
cisco Financial District Hilton, Harmony & Bliss will feature wines paired with a fusion menu specially prepared by Chef Darren McCabe. Harmony & Bliss also features an entertaining live auction of fine wines. This year, as part of the Harmony & Bliss program, we will unveil its Campaign for a New Beginning Donor Wall to honor the dedicated community of donors who have invested in the future of the Chinese Culture Center. Please join us for this special celebration. For more information, please contact Fengyuan Ji, at 415-986-1822.

Sep23 Film: Mei Mei ~~ Location: Auditorium Time: 1:00 PM Admission: (TBD) Sept. 23 KSW APAture panel discussion on interracial relationships + reading/performance excerpt of David Henry Hwang's "Bondage" Time: S:00-7:00pm Sep 29 Film: Floating Life (New~ittnmaker Award) .CllJiA!J$.f) Location: Auditorium Time: 1:00 PM Admission: Free to members, $6 for non-members

Oct 7
Film: Four Sisters from Baima 1',f!!l,\Il!li1HM;& Seen and Heard ~~ Location: Auditorium Time: 1:00 PM Admission: (TBD)

Photo Courtesy of Frank Jang

Oct 14
Film: Please Vote for Me Location: Auditorium Time: l:00 PM Admission: (TBD) Sep 7, 2007- Jan 4, 2008 Exhibition: Nostalgia ~~ lOarn-4pm Location: Gallery Time: Tuesday-Saturday Admission: Free Tian Feng and His Institute

By Sabina Chen Join us on Saturday, November 3rd, for the Chinese Culture Center's Harmony & Bliss 2007 Celebration! Hosted again this year by the San Fran-

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Dec 8

What's New with C4?
By Michelle Chung Thanks to the hard work of our staff members and the program's partners, C4 is well on its way to becoming a main staple in the Center's fame. The variety of films we have shown as a part of C4, including High School Senior Year, Beautiful Men, and American Fusion, has brought to us a great ber of new audiences and . peoples of the Bay Area. You can look forward to the many terrific and fascinating films we have in store for the Fall. In October, CCC will partner with ITVS and San Francisco Public Library to screen a captivating documentary film, "Please Vote For Me, " Check out

Adult Mandarin Class Fall Session begins Chi Idren Learn & Play Glass Fall Session begins Brush Painting Class begins Calligraphy Class begins

Oct 28
Celebrating Him Mark Lai Luncheon at Empress of China Time: ll:ooAM Admission: $15 Nov 3 Harmony

& Bliss 2007

Dec 8
Time: 2:00PM GCG Annual Membership Meeting

Harmony and BlissNew Blood

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What's New with C4 Executive Director's Message Book Launch Beidao Reading Chinese Translation Upcoming Exhibition

www.c-c-c.org to stay tuned for updates about upcoming screenings.

In Search of Roots 2007 Update A Remembrance of Lucy Lim Donor List

rate parts of our lives to meet, to fit together in a ragtag, multi-ethnic, notaltogether-neat puzzle. In the end, our wedding was for our community. I'd like to think that's what we do here at the Chinese Culture Center: to gather and celebrate community. It's been interesting to observe the notaltogether-neat patchwork of people coming to our events, classes, and exhibitions-people with specific interests, curiosities, or expertise about some aspect of Chinese culture. The conversations have been vibrant, full of questions, and no conclusions. From the opening of our new exhibition, Nostalgia, to the original film screenings of C4, we aim to gather a discussion around contemporary Chinese culture. As summer ends and we look forward to fall, we hope you'll join us for several events that are a celebration of our community. On November 3rd, we hold our annual fundraising dinner, Harmony & Bliss (see cover article). On November 10th, join us as we celebrate the publication of Judy Yung's book, The Adventures of Eddie Fung: Chinatown Kid, Texas Cowboy, Prisoner of War. And look out for an announcement as CCC joins with fellow Chinatown organizations to honor a true hero of our community, Him Mark Lai on Oct. 28th. As I drag Blake around to various Chinese and Asian-Pacific American events, he writes on his nametag "Mr. Sabina Chen." I'm grateful my Oregon born and bred husband feels welcomed in this San Francisco community. Sabina Chen Executive Director

Sabina & Blake Wedding Cake Topper Photo courtesy of Noah Thompson

As readers of our previous newsletter may know, Blake and I were married in June in Portland, Oregon. It was a lovely celebration. Our officiant was our friend Liz, an Episcopalian chaplain, who pronounced us husband and wife by the power invested in her by Life, the Universe, and Everything. Both Blake and I wore red sneakers and made our guests follow us through town like we were the Pied Piper. We walked to the carnival on the waterfront, rode the Ferris wheel, and carnies stopped us to give us free stuffed animals. Strangers on the street congratulated us. Teenaged girls squealed over my dress. Odd how putting on a foofy white dress can make people go a little nutty. At the Chinese banquet, my mother and her friends from Taiwan approved of the food and my new mother-in-law ate everything except the shark's fin soup. And the next day, at the picnic reception, the rain poured, but our friends came out anyway, wrapped in their Marmot parkas in the middle of June. We feted under rain canopies with wine, Marimba music, and our wedding cake with chocolate frosting.
In the end, as much as we thought the wedding was about us, it wasn't. It


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was a time for family to come together, a reunion of friends, a celebration of life. It was a time for dispa-



Book Launch for The Adventures of Eddie Fung
CCC, the Chinese Historical Society of America, and University of Washington Press will be hosting a book party to celebrate the publication of The Adventures of Eddie Fung: Chinatown Kid, Texas Cowboy, Prisoner of War, edited by Judy Yung, on Saturday, November 10, 1 to 4 p.m., at the Chinese Culture Center. A visual presentation introducing the book and the husband-and-wife team that wrote it will begin at 2 p.m. Light refreshments will be served. The Adventures of Eddie Fung tells the story of the only Chinese American soldier ever to be captured by the Japanese during W orId War II and put to work on the Burma-Siam railroad, made famous by the film The Bridge on the River Kwai. In this moving and unforgettable memoir, Eddie recalls how he, a secondgeneration Chinese American born and raised in San Francisco Chinatown, reinented himself as a Texas cowboy before going overseas with the U.S. Army. On the way to the Philippines, his battalion was captured by the Japanese in Java and sent to Burma to undertake the impossible task of building a railroad through 262 miles of tropical jungle. Signed copies of The Adventures of Eddie Fung will be available at a discounted rate to CCC and CHSA members.

Bei Dao Reading
By Sabina Chen & Darja Filippova On July 29th, CCC was honored to host a reading by the internationally acclaimed poet, Bei Dao. Dubbed the voice of a generation of Chinese, Bei Dao's poetry has been translated to over 25 languages. He has won numerous prestigious awards, and is repeatedly nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature. Born in the pivotal year of 1949, the poet's youth was marked by devotion to the state ideology. In fact, in unison with his generation, he became a member of the infamous Red Guards, and following the Cultural Revolution, was sent to be "reeducated" in the countryside. The 11 years he spent doing labor in the countryside have been definitive, fostering the sense of disillusion and alienation • that seeps through his work. Bei Dao first gained recognition through his participation with the Misty poets, who collaboratively published the progressive literary magazine, Today. Following the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests, the magazine and the movement was banned, and Bei Dao was forced into exile. The poet has since been living and publishing abroad, taking residence in Germany, Picture left Sweden, Norway and settling in the U.S., where he has been lecturing at various universities. To read Bei Dao's interview in both English and Chinese, visit c-c-c.org. At the reading hosted by CCC, Bei Dao read from both published and new works in Mandarin, while the English translations were read by the writer Lillian Howan. It was an afternoon of the poet's generosity, as Bei Dao answered the audience's questions in both ..,. Mandarin and English, questions ranging from poetic aesthetics to politics,

to right:

Abby Chen,

Bei Dao and Sabina Chen

language, imagery, suffering, audience, and home. In response to a question of whether he wrote in Chinese or English, Bei Dao responded that he wrote in Chinese because, "if you write poetry in languages other than your own, then you are a liar." And then he added, "Chinese is the best language for poetry." This event at CCC was Bei Dao's last reading while in exile. He moved to Hong Kong at the end of July.

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Board of Directors
Albert Cheng Eric Tong

on the Past

Tzu-Cheri Lee

Executive Vice President
Roderick Hong

Vice Presidents
Y. Mei Lam RonaldWu Russell E. Leong, M.D.

Celia Chang

Richard Lee, M.D.

Board of Directors
Kerwin Chan Darlene Chiu Gin Y. Ho Jennie Horn Patricia Houden Helen Hui Lenora A. Kwok Kenneth Lam Michael Lee Wai-Hon Lee, Ph.D. Eric Leung, M.D. Rolland C. Lowe, M.D. Doroteo Ng Roland Ng Irene Vee Riley Colin C. Wong, D.D.S. Kimberley A. Wong Brian Vee

By Abby Chen This fall the Chinese Culture Center will present Nostalgia, a group show of photography, video, and installation including artists from the United States and mainland China. Nostalgia explores ideas of longing and memory especially in relation to the idea of a homeland Nostalgia is a part of who we are. Our distilled memories, infused with notions of the heart, create a dreamlike recollection of the past, both real and imaginary. Through the lens of nostalgia, the people, places, and events of life experience are resurfaced with a patina of fondness and longing. We carry this essence of our history with us each day of our lives. The artists in this show present a wide range of perspectives: from personal to popular culture, from abstract to documentary. Among the varied works are a makeshift theater and photographs of China by American-adopted Chinese girls. Nostalgia includes installation work, contemporary video collage, historical collections of photographs and documents, and both experimental and straight photography. Curated by CCC Program Director Abby Chen and photography curator Heather Snider. Artists include: Crystal Liu, Liang Ma, Jin Meng, Norma Quintana (Returning Swallows), Felix Tian, Dan-xiong Wang and Chi Zhang.

Art Advisory Committee
Terese Tse Bartholomew Tsung Woo Han, B.F.A. Tatwina Chinn Lee Manni Liu Gang Situ Pat Tseng


Campaign for A New Beginning Chairpersons
Rolland C. Lowe, M.D. Colin C. Wong, D.D.S.

Executive Director
Sabina Chen



In Search of Roots 2007 Update
China was a great success! The Roots interns brought back not only a newfound knowledge of their ancestral pasts, but also created a good amount of publicity through Reuters and BBC. We are looking forward to news from the interns for a successful rest of the year. To find out what our 2007 Roots interns are up to, check out the recent launched online community http://c-c-c.org/programs

ested Roots members, so please keep a close eye on the updates posted on our website, www.c-c-c.org. Interested in reaching your ancestors, but don't have the time to take part in the In Search of Roots program? Good news! Weare test -piloting a service in which we do the research for you. Please contact the Center for information and updates. *

Photo of 2007 In Search of Roots Class
Courtesy of Frank Lee

By Michelle Chung The 2007 In Search of Roots trip to For the upcoming year, we are introducing a new application process for inter-

* We are currently offering this service only to members of CCC.

By Sabina Chen

A Remembrance of Lucy Lint
for herself as an excellent scholar." Groundbreaking exhibitions included Wu Guanzhong: A Contemporary Artist, Six Contemporary Chinese Women Artists, and Stories from China's Past: Han Dynasty Pictorial Tomb Reliefs. For each of these exhibitions, Lucy researched, wrote, and published extensive catalogues that remain standard textbooks in Asian art history classes today. "Lucy was very meticulous in research and an excellent writer," said Manni Liu, former CCF staff and Executive Director. "She edited all the staff's work to the comma. That tells a lot about the quality of these exhibitions. Some people might say it was hard to work with Lucy, because of her high standards. But once you came to understand her goal, it was easier to understand her work style. She wanted a perfect product." Lucy Lim's legacy and influence with the Chinese Culture Center and the contemporary art world cannot be overstated. Earlier this year in Beijing, Wu Guanzhong's "Ancient City of Jiaohe" sold for $6 million. This painting had been exhibited at the CCC Gallery and included in Lucy's catalogue. It was the highest price paid for a work by a living

Lucy Lim, Executive Director of the Chinese Culture Center from 19811991, passed away in London on June 15,2007. An uncompromising perfectionist, Lucy brought a standard of excellence to the Center's exhibitions during her tenure. Her exhibitions showcased her passion for contemporary Chinese art, introducing these works to the American audience for the first time. Lucy's vision elevated the Center's influence to an international level, being the first organization to bridge the contemporary Chinese art world to the United States. "Nobody knew about contemporary Chinese painting in the mid-1980's," said Wylie Wong, former CCF board member. "Everyone was studying ancient traditional Chinese painting. And here was Lucy showing us that Chinese painting was alive and well and the beginning of a new age." "Lucy was a moving force to bring contemporary Chinese painting to America," said Tatwina Lee, former CCF Board President. "When she was working on an exhibition, she was a phenomenal researcher and very true to the material. She set high standards

Photo of former executive director Lucy Lim
Courtesy of CCC

Chinese artist. "So many of the artists that Lucy showed are now major figures in the Chinese art scene," said Wylie Wong. "When Lucy found these artists, they were unknown except for in the Chinese underground art scene. Within 5 to 10 years, those artists were selling for 6 or 7 figures U.S. dollars. This is how prescient Lucy was."

Donations through August 2007
General Donation Anonymous Gallery Donation Box Silicon Valley Bank Anna Y. Wong Dodge & Cox Campaign for A New Beginning Steven C. Owyang and Onilda Cheung Helen & Allen Fong Lenora A. Kwok Katherine Lam Maizie & Michael Lee Robert E. Lee Winchell Quock Tiger W ong-SW Hotel Patricia Tseng Ronald & Lillian Wu In Search of Roots Program Franklin F. Chow Raymond Tom In Honor of Sabina and Blake's Wedding Carolyn & David Bella Chris & Etang Chen Nancy Hom & Bob Hsiang Sin-Shong & Juey-Shin Lin Su-Jen Lin Aaron & Cheryl Olson Dee & Margaret Wang James D. & Mochi C. Kubo Chan In honor of Marjorie Quon Peter and Mei Lam In Memory of Virginia & Stanley Toy, Sr Gertrude Gurd In memory of Eric Tong's mother Jennie A. Horn In Kind Donation Onilda Cheung Carol P. Peckham

Message about the Campaign
in honor of her husband, H.P. Kong, naming the first of CCC's gallery rooms.
Sarina Kong's contribution is in appreciation to the several members at CCC for their dedicated work in preserving the rich culture of the Chinese heritage. Pleased to have this special opportunity, Sarina hopes her gift will enable the Culture Center to expand its fine programming to be enjoyed by the community for generations to come.

Picture left to right: Pat Tseng (CCC Art Advisory Board Member) and Sarina Kong

By Sabina Chen The Chinese Culture Center received a major campaign donation from Sarina Kong

Chinese Culture Center Of San Francisco
750 Kearny Street, 3rd Floor San Francisco, CA 94108 (415) 986-1822 - http://www.c-c-c.org - info@c-c-c.org


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