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bachelor of science

Health Information

P o s t- b a c c a l a u r e a t e
D e g r e e C e rt i f i c at e

Health Information

HHS 97 407 15M
ADMINISTRATORS manage the information ADMINISTRATORS with baccalaureate degrees
generated within health care facilities or health care are advanced-level practitioners eligible to sit
organizations. for American Health Information Management
HEALTH INFORMATION Association’s Registered Health Information
ADMINISTRATORS are expected to be in high Administrator examination and earn the credentials
demand as the health sector expands into the next RHIA.
century, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics cites health
information management as one of the 20 fastest
ADMINISTRATORS have strong job prospects
growing occupations in the United States.
within traditional inpatient and outpatient healthcare
HEALTH INFORMATION positions, as well in nontraditional roles in business,
ADMINISTRATORS develop, implement and legal, and information management.
/or manage individual aggregate and public health-
care data collection and reporting systems. These
ADMINISTRATORS’ salaries for more than half
systems ensure the quality, integrity, availability
of new HIM graduates with a bachelor’s degree start
and preservation of health-care data in support of
in the range of $30,000 to $50,000, and can increase
patient safety and privacy, as well as confidentiality
to $50,000 to $75,000 after/with five years experience.
and security of health information. In an e-health
environment, these processes and systems are needed
to support authorized users and decision makers.
Check out the program online at:
ADMINISTRATORS play major roles in the healthinfo_home.html.
healthcare industry as clinical data analysts, clinical
documentation auditor, compliance officer, privacy/ For more information, contact Marie A. Janes, director
security officer, data quality manager, instructor/ of the Health Information Management (HIM) and
trainer, healthcare consumer advocate, health-care Post-baccalaureate degree Certificate in Health
project manager, quality improvement director, Information Administration (CHIA) programs, at:
reimbursement administrator, revenue cycle
administrator, health information management
department director, and others. The HIM and Post-baccalaureate degree CHIA
programs are offered online through eLearning and
Academic Support (866.886.5336).