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About Codebees Technologies

Codebees Technologies is a global consulting and outsourcing company with
clear vision to “strengthen & energize the organization’s intellectual
capital through cutting edge human resources”.

Being a vibrant player in associating with the best of breed companies in
software realm, its team of diehard professionals have the skill and expertise
to sniff the trends of the IT industry and come with a fair amount of common
sense to unearth the inherent potential in the candidates.

Our recruiters are armed with the expertise to
gauge the organization’s requirement and its
culture; and thereby chart a course of action and
evaluation in selecting the candidates who can not
only fit their requirement, but also who can uphold
the mantle of the organization on the growth path.

Our spectrum of experience encompasses dealing with providing human
capital at entry level, which often rides high with unbridled enthusiasm and
power to grow and explore newer things each day, to the high-profile senior
level professionals who are passionate to experience equally thrilling
challenges that match their vision and foresight, in both technical and
business management positions. Codebees loves to handle critical
challenges in recruitment and prove a point or two in delivering value to
each of its assignment.

Codebees has a vision to fashion its services on the modern and progressive
lines: to be the highest dependable human resource provider to achieve the
common goal of all its clients’ progress and growth.

Address: Flat # 7, Jabbar Estates, Begumpet, Hyderabad – 500 016
Ph: (040) 27763465, (040) 27768468
Services Provided
1. Human Capital and Account Management
2. Technology Services

We provide resources in the following IT and Non-IT

Database Designing and Human Resources
administration Finance
Network planning and Marketing
administration Supply Chain Management
Software Development Retail Management
Quality Assurance and Secretarial Services
Testing Telecommunications
Web Designing and Manufacturing
maintenance BPO & Call Centers
Project Management Top Management
Business Analysis

Selected list of clients we have served are:
Slash Support, Janus Cyber Serve, Apex Covantage, V3 Engineers, Trisha

Sonata Software, Seven Hills Business Solutions, Vertex Computer Systems,
Serole Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Select Systems India Pvt. Ltd., Akebono Soft
Technologies, Nipun Net Solutions, Threshold Software Solutions, Cranes
Software International Ltd., Ready Test Go Pvt. Ltd.

E-InfoChips, Toshiba Embedded Software(India) Pvt. Ltd., Sasken
Communication Technologies Ltd., Genesis Microchip Inc., iKoa Corporation,
CG CoreEl Programmable Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Vihaan Networks Ltd., Linkwell
Telesystems Pvt. Ltd.

Address: Flat # 7, Jabbar Estates, Begumpet, Hyderabad – 500 016
Ph: (040) 27763465, (040) 27768468
Commercial Matrix

Item Description Cost

Candidates with less than 5 years of 8.33% of annual compensation
experience accepted by the candidate

Candidates with experience between 5 10% of annual compensation
years and 8 years accepted by the candidate

Candidates with experience above 8 12.5% of annual compensation
years accepted by the candidate

Service Tax 12.36% as applicable

Terms and Conditions
1. Business Client is requested to place a written order and indicate the
number of vacancies with position description.
2. When the client receives resume in duplication from other sources and
vendors, client shall inform us of the same within a day of the receipt
of the resume from us, else the resume shall be deemed to be
submitted by us.
3. We do the preliminary short listing of the consultants. Finalization and
hiring formalities is the responsibility of the business client.

Address: Flat # 7, Jabbar Estates, Begumpet, Hyderabad – 500 016
Ph: (040) 27763465, (040) 27768468
4. Once the candidates are finalized, business client will intimate us of
the hired and their annual compensation in writing.
5. We will provide free replacement, either when a deployed professional
leaves the client or client does not approve the competence of the
professional within two months of joining the client.
6. Payment must be made within 15 days of invoicing, by
Cheque/demand draft and must be drawn in favor of Codebees
Technologies Private Limited payable at Hyderabad.
7. All disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of Hyderabad Courts only.
8. Either party can terminate the agreement with 30 days written notice.
However condition 4 will remain in force for one year after the
termination of the agreement.
9. All written communication can be done via postal mail, fax and/or

Contact Person: Ali Shaik (Manager - Operations),
Naveen Kumar .T (BDM)


Web Site:

Address: Flat # 7, Jabbar Estates, Begumpet, Hyderabad – 500 016
Ph: (040) 27763465, (040) 27768468