Capital Corporation of America
November 6, 2009 Mr. John C. Dugan Office of the Comptroller of the Currency Independence Square 250 E Street, SW Washington, DC 20219-0001 Re: OCC Case #00963339 Dear Mr. Dugan: Tropos Capital Corporation of America, Inc., (Tropos) recently received correspondence from Wachovia Corporation (exhibit “A”) indicating a case file with your office has been opened. Wachovia wrote to us purportedly to answer our June 25, 2009 letter delivered to President Obama, (exhibit “B”) which Wachovia stated had been sent to them from the OCC. Wachovia’s letter to us is a total “non-response.” It did not address any of the issues raised in our letter to President Obama. We have responded to them accordingly (exhibit “C”). May we ask you to review the Tropos letter to President Obama and Wachovia’s response? Since the ACATS transfer, the Federal Reserve has refused to provide written or verbal explanations for its delay in remitting the funds to Tropos despite our formal request through our legal counsel (exhibit “D”). We believe the original ACATS funds transfer may be insured under FDIC regulations or otherwise be subject to OCC enforcement. Prior to prosecuting any claims, we ask your assistance in securing the immediate transfer to Tropos of the principle funds together with the entire accumulated yield thereon. Tropos is making every effort to deal privately and discreetly with this matter. We are well aware that the very integrity of the United States banking system is challenged by the treatment of this transfer.
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We ask the favor of your prompt reply.

Yours Truly,

Robert G. Hryniak President Attachments: Exhibit “A” – Wachovia response letter to OCC inquiry dated October 09,2009 Exhibit “B” – letter to President Obama dated June 25, 2009 Exhibit “C” - Response letter to Wachovia dated November 04,2009 Exhibit “D” – February 03, 2009 letter to Dr. B.S. Bernanke, The Federal Reserve; proof of delivery; Wachovia Securities INVESTMENT-SERVICES GROUP ACCOUNT TRANSFER; notary proof of signature; Bank of Taiwan Account Statement #106007004515