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Making sushi at home is fun! If you have no or little experience with making sushi, this is the perfect place to start. You will get the hang of it in a few tries, and then you should be able to make them with ease and save a lot of money! Remember that Sushi is a way of cooking rather that a set of dishes. akes What makes Sushi so good is combination of the rice and Sushi vinegar mixed together do not rush when preparing and mixing the ixed together; rice, it will make or break your sushi! Be creative and always think about strong colour contrast and clean arrangements to obtain best results. In Sushi, 70% is preparation, so get everything ready and cleanly everything laid out in front of you before you start! “We all have taught thousands of people across We the UK and the rest of the world how to make good sushi for many years and this guide is our thank you to you for joining us in our Sushi you, revolution! revolution We have tried to share as many tips as possible in this book and will be adding more soon. Books are fine but it is always worth spending a few hours with a real sushi chef to learn the tricks in real life…and nibble along! along!” Emmanuel Letellier Director Letellier, Come and join us in our Your Sushi Workshop all over the UK; or have us in your home or work par parties to make and eat a lot of Sushi! Enjoy it and do not hesitate to ask any questions, we are always happy to help. Best regards and from all the chefs at Your Sushi… rom Happy Sushi makin making!

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2 3 .YourSushi.Know Your Sushi K Hoso Maki Nigiri Futo Maki Ura Maki aki Gunkan Te Maki aki Inari Temari Learn how to make Sushi with Your Sushi www.

which is what you usually find in restaurants and in tubes in supermarket. Therefore. mago. Note about Wasabe The real wasabi is an expensive root that takes about 3 years to come to maturity and does not keep for very 4 The list of ingredients for Sushi is very extensive. The Basics • • • • • • • • Sushi Rice Dry roasted seaweed (Nori) Pickled ginger (Gari) Rice Vinegar (Su) Japanese Horseradish (Wasabi) Soy sauce (Shoyu) Salt. you will be able to make it as strong as you want. Eel… Crab/Seafood sticks Smoked salmon Omelette Steak. prefer the powder one. foie gras Bacon • • • • • • English cress Light chives cream cheese Creamy blue cheese Figues. If you have a choice. be creative and experiment new things as you progress. you are presented the ingredients that we like to use for Sushi. We use instead Japaneese Horseradish. banana Pickled radish (Takuan) Avocado • • • • • • White radish Yellow pepper Asparagus Carrot (steamed) Cucumber Spinach And the list goes on…. keep it for longer and there will be no additional salt and preservatives. Learn how to make Sushi with Your Sushi www. do not buy the one in tube. sugar Roasted Sesame seeds (Goma) Filling examples • • • • • • Fresh Salmon. but this only a small list. More are listed in the recipes section. These ingredients can be used to make your rolls.

Raw nori sheets have a brownish-red to purplish color. and they are hard to Even nori that is wrapped around sushi rice should never be chewy. almost brittle. Nori becomes soft quickly when rolled with wet sushi rice so it is best to make sushi rolls right before you serve it. For those not too fan about the seaweed. That is why good sushi chefs always directly present hand rolls to the diner for immediate eating. Moderate quality nori may have a hint of a deep green sheen. Most nori sold today is very lightly roasted to bring out its flavor and to enhance its texture. When nori is roasted. This way. Over-toasting changes the color to light green. enjoy! Learn how to make Sushi with Your Sushi www. Nori is highly susceptible to deterioration from humidity. Be sure to apply the sushi rice to the rougher side (not the shiny side) of the nori. Choose nori that is crisp. One side of the nori sheet should be shiny.YourSushi. the other a flat color. The sushi rice should always be around 38 degrees when used with nori. you can use many more 5 . its color deepens to black. We have listed for you a couple of pages of alternatives to Nori to show you what can be done with Sushi. Soft nori sheets have been damaged by exposure to moisture. Choose nori with a dark black color.Dry. Lighter green nori is substandard. the nori will retain its delightful crispness.Roasted Seaweed (Nori) Please get the most expensive Nori you can find to ensure you make good sushi.

Rice paper and salad leaves A favourite for the summer. then spread your rice and ingredients…simply roll and enjoy! Parma ham Perfect for your Maki 6 .Dry roasted seaweed (Nori) substitutes 1 Soy wrapper (Mamenori) Great for the kids and colourful leave the fatty part at the top with no rice on and cover the meat with rice. still worth a try. Taste is not as good as Nori. cover it with salad leaves. use rice paper. these soy wrappers can turn your sushi into amazing creative designs. Experiment with sun blushed tomatoes and some thinly sliced mozzarella… A real treat! Learn how to make Sushi with Your Sushi www.

YourSushi.Dry roasted seaweed (Nori) substitutes 2 Smoked Salmon Lay a couple of slices of smoked salmon on your rolling mat to replicate the size of ½ piece of Nori. it can actually be slit open and stuffed like you would a pita bread. roll. cut . Trim them into the size of a piece of Nori and place onto the sushi rolling mat. Add your fillings (Ex: Mango. cut it and enjoy! (Abura buraInari Sushi (Abura-age ) Thinly sliced. Add rice and leave ¾ inch at the top with no enjoy! Nothing at all. simply rice: Chocolate! Crepes – Plain or Chocolate! Mix chocolate in your crepes mix and make a batch of a few nice dark crepes. cover with rice & ingredients. strawberries. blackberry jam. This tofu is available frozen or fresh and can be seriously addictive…not super healthy! Learn how to make Sushi with Your Sushi www. deep fried tofu. Roll on. kiwi) and add a dab of honey at the top of the crepe to seal the 7 .

it can be -mixed easier if you are in a hurry. DO NOT REMOVE THE LID during the whole duration of the cooking and simmering. When the rice and vinegar mixture is fully dissolved. Once water runs semi-clear. You might not have to use it all. While the rice is cooking. and pour the rice into a large glass or ceramic lasagne dish and add the vinegar mixture to the rice.Cooking Sushi Rice Ingredients: Makes enough rice for about 3 California rolls. but experiment with others and try them out! Method: Pour the rice into a clean bowl and wash it in cold water until the water runs almost clear. Learn how to make Sushi with Your Sushi www. drain rice of any excess water and let the rice -clear. Remember that with time. sugar and salt into a clean pot and bring it to a simmer. You can also buy pre-mixed vinegar like this one. Go slowly and add it bit by bits to make sure it is evenly spread 8 . also 20. the rice will lose its acidity also. You can cook the rice using a rice cooker or in a pot over the stove. turn the heat to a simmer and leave it for turn 10mins.YourSushi. look for th shine the and taste it. turn the heat off and let the rice stand for another 10mins with the lid still on. let it cool down. After 10mins. stand for 15min before adding 500ml of water into the rice. we’ll prepare our vinegar mixture we’ll by pouring our rice vinegar. cover the pot (with a thick bottom) and bring to boil. If you are cooking over the stove. • • • • • 375ml (or1 ½ cup) Japanese Sushi Rice 500ml (or 2 cups) of Water 60ml (or ¼ cup) Cup Rice Vinegar 30ml (or 2 Tbsp) Sugar 5ml (or 1 Tbsp) Salt uy shops. You can buy good Japanese Sushi Rice from many asian shop we like using Minori Sushi rice. Once it is assorted Nigiri sushi.

try to pre-soak the rice for 30 minutes in water after washing it. You can also try to adjust the sushi rice vinegar by adding salt. or sugar. Please do not keep the rice in a fridge as it will make it hard and too dry to taste. This will prevent too much water evaporation. ideally to be used within the next hour. Most likely it is the second reason. You can keep the rice at room temperature and cover the bowl with a piece of damp cloth. If the rice is too strong or too bland. so if you have lots of take your time and make sure that you are trying to break down into individual grain any lumps of rice as well as trying to coat each grain of rice with the mixture. try working on the other two possible reasons. This dries the rice and causes it to fall apart when moulded for sushi. Don’t overcook or undercook your rice. Use a non-stick pan. It can keep of course for a bit loner. but it needs to cool down to about 38 degrees to be perfect for Sushi. If the rice is too 9 . do it in 2 steps! Never use metal at this stage. but it will lose a bit of its softness. Some key points when making sushi rice: • • • • • Always use freshly made rice. Carefully and accurately measure rice and water ingredients. or try to steam it for longer at the end. do not refrigerate.Loosen the rice lightly with a wooden/plastic spoon to ensure that the vinegar mixture is coating each grain of rice. make sure the lid is tight. adjust the amounts of sushi rice vinegar accordingly. If using a Saucepan. Note: you do not have to fan the rice. You can fan the rice with a fan in the other hand or an electric fan to cool the rice down a bit quicker if you wish. it would interact with the rice and vinegar and give a horrible metallic taste to your sushi! When mixing the rice with the vinegar. but if you are sure about your measurements. • Learn how to make Sushi with Your Sushi www. Sushi rice is best when it is freshly made. then see if you had enough water. You want the rice to move freely in the dish. fanning it simply accelerates the process.

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This dimple is important for making air pockets in the sushi rice to make the finalized sushi easy to fall t apart in the mouth. This acts as a sanitizer as well. Hold the ingredient with your left hand by lightly left pinching it Simultaneously. you need to learn how to slice fish. A light “clap” gets rid of excess moisture. then slicing it and again and again and again…then…do a fish pie! Then. so the sushi rice does not stick to your hands so after immersing both hands in ice water. this is best done by learning from someone and buying a whole fish. It is also important to keep the hand slightly wet. pre on the center of the sushi rice to make press a form a ball of sushi rice it.Nigiri Sushi – Basic ‘How to’ guide Nigiri Sushi are very hard to master. Place the sushi rice (Shari) onto the ingredient (Neta).YourSushi. Learn how to make Sushi with Your Sushi www. Now rub the wasabi on your right index finger onto the ingredient. with your right hand. thumb. 11 . set the length of the sushi rice and with your left thumb. Ideally. he or too loose. The sushi rice should be loose at this point. With your right index finger and thum ( . or diluted sushi rice vinegar is applied on the hands. but will easily fall cked apart with no effort when consumed. the rice should not fall apart when the sushi is picked up. First. the rice should not be squeezed too tightly.

igiri whereas a single sushi symbolizes "kill" and 3 pieces symbolize "kill myself”…not nice! Learn how to make Sushi with Your Sushi www. Done Remember to serve Nigiri sushi in With your right hand (side hand) index finger.Nigiri Sushi – Basic ‘How to’ guide Place the left thumb on top of the tip of the sushi rice and press on the ingredient. flip over the sushi. and press on the ingredient. ngredient Rotate the ingredient 180 degrees. A pair of sushi symbolizes peace. close the left 12 . Press on the ingredient slightly. Place the left thumb on the tip of the sushi rice.YourSushi. Place the thumb on top of the sushi rice and close the left palm.

and ginger if desired HAM NIGIRI Ingredients: • 1 cup Sushi rice • 1 large slice of honey baked ham (if you still have leftover Easter ham. Place each slice of ham on top of a rice ball. Cut the ham into slices slightly larger than your rice balls 3. 13 . this is a great way to use it! Or you can use Turkey if you have leftovers from Christmas Dinner!) Method: 1. 3. Place each slice of salmon on top of a rice ball. You may place a small dab of wasabi on the underside of the fishif you wish also as a food adhesive 4. Shape rice with hand to oblong shape about the length of your index finger 4. Set aside and allow to cool around the length of an index finger 2.YourSushi. Add the mustard oil. Serve with shoyu. You may place a small dab of wasabi if you wish. Scoop a small spoonful of rice and use your hands to mould it into oblong balls. and ginger if desired Learn how to make Sushi with Your Sushi www. wasabi. Placing a crayfish tail on top of each piece SALMON NIGIRI Ingredients • 1 cup Sushi rice • 1 oz salmon sashimi Method 1. Cut the salmon into slices slightly larger than your rice balls. around the length of an index finger 2. Serve with shoyu. mustard and wasabi to rice 2. or cheese even… 4. Scoop a small spoonful of rice and use your hands to mould it into oblong balls.Some Sushi Recipes Nigiri Sushi CRAYFISH TAIL NIGIRI Ingredients: • 2 cups Sushi rice • 1 tablespoon of mustard oil & 1 teaspoon of mustard • ½ teaspoon of wasabi • ½ cup of crayfish tails Method: 1.

Roll the sushi 7. Roll the sushi Place nori onto sushi mat 2. Gently press a thin and even layer of rice onto nori. Use the crabstick. Cut to size BRIGTHON ROLL Ingredients: • 3 cups Sushi rice • 6 nori sheets • ½ an avocado cut into slices • 6 oz spicy salmon cut into ½ inch pieces • ½ cup of crabstick • 1 teaspoon of kewpie sauce (Japanese mayonnaise) • Sriracha sauce • Eel sauce Method: 1. Drizzle with sriracha and eel sauce 6.Sushi Rolls TOFU. Arrange all the fillings in equal quantity onto the wasabi/mayonnaise 6. Squirt a horizontal line of mayonnaise beside the wasabi 5. wash and drain • ½ teaspoon wasabi • Japanese mayonnaise Method: 1. and avocado as your fillings. Turn the nori over 4. leaving a 1 cm border on the edge furthest from you 3. Dab a thin horizontal line of wasabi across the centre of the rice 4. Place nori on sushi mat and gently press a thin and even layer of rice onto the entire nori 3.YourSushi. spicy salmon. Spread open sushi mat and wrap with cling film 14 . cut into thin strips • A small carrot. SESAME AND MIXED VEGETABLE SUSHI ROLLS Ingredients: • 3 cups Sushi rice • 6 nori sheet • 3 teaspoon of white and black sesame seed. stem removed and thinly sliced (or use normal mushrooms) • ½ cup snow pea sprouts. slightly toasted • 6 ½ oz firm tofu. 5. peeled and grated • 6 fresh shitake mushroom. Cut to size Learn how to make Sushi with Your Sushi www.

THE BACON AND EGGS FUTOMAKI ROLL Elaborated in our Bristol based kitchens. Roll sushi as taught in the Your Sushi making workshops. Prepare a bit of scrambled eggs and cook it well. forget the soy sauce there! Please note that this is not exactly what we call a diet roll! Enjoy! Learn how to make Sushi with Your Sushi www. Cut to size The true Bacon & Eggs roll would not be the same without its brown sauce … either add it in the roll or on the side. 2. 5. Cut the bacon into thin strips and cook it well to make it crispy. Place a line of bacon and add the scrambled eggs on top. not too humid. Then dry out the excess fat in a paper towel and put 15 .YourSushi. 3. Place the nori on sushi mat and gently press a thin and even layer or rice over the nori. When cooked. this roll is one of our ‘baby’ and has proven to be one of the favourite for a Sunday treat! Makes 8 pieces Ingredients: • • • • 1 sheet of Nori 2 handfuls on cooked sushi rice prepared 2 bacon slice cut into thin strips Scrambled eggs Method: 1. leaving a 2cm border at the top. try to compact it a bit. 6. some it is more like an omelet.

sliced 6 slices bacon. 2. 5. a few slices of avocado. sliced Asparagus stalk ½ teaspoon sriracha sauce ¼ teaspoon kewpie sauce (Japanese mayonaise) 1 teaspoon fish small red eggs / caviar (masago) Method: 1. 16 . masago and sriracha sauce together Cut the scallops and mix with the spicy sauce Blanch the asparagus Spread the nori onto the sushi mat and gently press a thin and even layer of rice onto the 4. 5. add everything to the hand roll Cut to size Learn how to make Sushi with Your Sushi www. leaving a border at the top. 6. 6. cut into long stalk 1 avocado. 7. Roll the sushi as taught in the ‘Your Sushi Workshops’ 8. 4. 3. and a strip of bacon as your fillings 7. Mix the kewpie. Cut to size SCALLOP SUSHI ROLL Ingredients: • • • • • • • • 6 nori sheet & 3 cups Sushi rice 1 cup scallop 1 cucumber. cooked 1/2/ cup white and black sesame seeds.YourSushi. slightly toasted Method: 1. 3.PACIFIC OCEAN ROLL Ingredients: • • • • • • 6 nori sheets 3 cups Sushi rice 6 oz smoked salmon 1 small avocado. 8. Cook the bacon to your preferred crispiness Spread out the sushi mat and wrap it with cling film Place nori onto sushi mat Gently press a thin and even layer of rice onto the entire nori sheet Flip the nori sheet so that the rice faces the sushi mat Use the smoked salmon. Line the scallop and a stalk of asparagus onto the rice (allow the flowered end of the asparagus to stick out of the sides of the sushi) Roll the sushi as taught in the ‘Your Sushi Workshops’ If you are making temaki.

YourSushi. finely chopped 1/4 cup mayonnaise or light chives cream cheese 2 1/2 tablespoons sesame seeds 1 cucumber. 2 or 3 slices of 17 . and about avocado. salmon. enclosing the filling. firmly pat a thin. Once the sushi is rolled. and gently press them into the rice. fold the bottom edge of the sheet up. To roll the sushi. and set aside. Carefully flip the nori sheet over so the seaweed side is up. on the plastic wrap. scary! Learn how to make Sushi with Your Sushi www. eel and enerously Cut each roll into 1 inch pieces with a very sharp knife dipped in water. wrap it in the mat and gently squeeze to compact it tightly. Pick up the edge of the bamboo rolling sheet. cut into thin spears 2 avocados . on the left. 1 tablespoon of imitation crab mixture in a line across the nori sheet. it is a delight On the right. Mix the imitation crabmeat with mayonnaise in a bowl. and tightly roll the sushi into a cylinder about 1 1/2 inch in diameter. With wet fingers. 2. Caterpillar roll. Sprinkle the rice with about 1/2 teaspoon of sesame seeds. shiny side down. Lay a half sheet of nori. eve layer of prepared rice over the nori even nori.CALIFORNIA ROLL Ingredients: • • • • • • 6 halves of nori sheet & 3 cups Sushi rice 1/2 cup imitation crabmeat. about 1/4 from the uncovered edge.pitted. 3. Enjoy! The Rainbow roll. is a good example of what Calif California rolls can be turned into. covered with avocado is the . generously topped with fresh tuna. cover a bamboo rolling mat with plastic wrap. peeled. Place 2 or 3 long cucumber spears. and sliced the long way Method: 1. delight.

If desired. Roll the sushi as taught in the ‘Your Sushi Workshops’ 7. Cut to size Learn how to make Sushi with Your Sushi 18 . Cover wasabi with vegetable and avocado. cut into slices Eel sauce Method: 1. pepper…) 1 avocado ½ black and white sesame seed. Sprinkle sesame seeds all over the rice 4. fry longer for extra crispiness 4. Heat oil in a pan and fry the salmon when the pan is hot 3. Lay nori sheet on mat and gently press a thin and even layer of sushi rice onto nori 3. slightly roasted Method: 1. Remember to leave 1cm border at the top 5. avocado slices and crabstick onto the rice and drizzle eel sauce on them 6. 7. Spread a thin band of wasabi and mayonnaise across center of nori 6. Flip nori sheet over so the rice is facing down on the mat and the nori facing up 5. Roll the sushi 8. Remove salmon when it changes to deep orange in colour.YourSushi. Place nori on sushi mat and gently press a thin and even layer of rice onto nori.Vegetable California ROLL Ingredients: • • • • • • • 3 halves of nori sheets 1 ½ cup Sushi rice Wasabi Mayonnaise / Light cream cheese with chives ½ cup of steamed seasonal vegetables (asparagus. Spread out sushi mat and wrap it with cling film 2. Cut to size FRIED SALMON SUSHI Ingredients: • • • • • • 6 nori sheets 3 cups Sushi rice 1 cup crabstick 6 oz sashimi-grade salmon 1 small avocado. Place salmon. Cut salmon into pieces of ½ inch wide 2.

Trim any excess fat from the flank steak 2. garlic powder 1/4 cup butter 3 cups sliced mushrooms 6 stalks spring onions Directions 1. then rub the cut side of the clove of garlic onto the steak. Remove the flank steak from the pan and cover loosely with foil 5. 3. 2. 6. Place nori on sushi mat and gently press a thin and even layer of rice onto the nori 8. 19 .5 tablespoon Japanese soya sauce ¼ teaspoon of black pepper ½ packet fresh bay leaf Method: 1. 7. pepper. Melt 1 tablespoon of butter in a leaving a 1cm border at the edge furthest from you Lay a line of bay leaf horizontally across the centre of the rice Scoop a line of mince beef onto the bay leaf Roll sushi Cut to size FLANK STEAK SUSHI ROLL Ingredients: • • • • • • • • 6 nori sheets 3 cups Sushi rice 1 ½ pound flank steak 1 clove garlic. 4.5 cups Sushi rice 3 nori sheet 1. Marinate the mince beef with soya sauce and pepper Stir fry the mince beef until cook Place nori on sushi mat Gently press and thin and even layer of rice onto the nori. 8. Use strips of flank steak. Sauté the mushrooms until they have shrunk to about 2/3 their original size. pepper. Season with salt. and garlic. Pat the surface of the flank steak dry with a paper towel. 5. Roll the sushi & Cut to size! Learn how to make Sushi with Your Sushi www. 4.MINCED BEEF SUSHI ROLL Ingredients: • • • • • • 250g lean mince beef 1. 6. 3.YourSushi. halved Salt. Put the flank steak in the pan and cook over medium-high heat until it is browned on the outside but still pink in the center. 7. and a stalk of spring onion as filling 9. Melt the remaining 3 tablespoons of butter in the pan. Slice the flank steak across the grain.

co. cut lengthwise in 1/2 inc 10 pieces of watercress. Cook carrots until tender. blanched 9 dried mushrooms. leaving a 1cm border. Gently press a thin and even layer of sushi rice onto nori.5 strands Kampyo. Mix 2 tablespoon soy sauce and 1 tablespoon sugar and 1 tablespoon water in a small pan 3. Arrange the ingredients: . watercress. Cool and cut into 10 inch lengths Mushrooms and Carrots Preparation 1. but not mushy. 1 row each of mushrooms. Cook carrots and mushrooms in this sauce for 5 minutes and drain Preparing the Rolls: 1. eel 4. Place nori on sushi mat 2. rinse and drain 2. 3. Cut to size Learn how to make Sushi with Your Sushi www. Soak in water for 15 minutes. 20 . 2. softened in water 3 1/2 oz can unagi (seasoned eel) 1 kamaboko (fishcake). Add kampyo and simmer for 2 min 4.UNAGI MAKI SUSHI ROLL Ingredients: • • • • • • • • • • 9 cup sushi rice 10 nori sheet 2 oz package kampyo (dried gourd) 1 carrot. Bring to boil in small pan 3. Mix 2 tablespoon soy with 1 tablespoon sugar. Roll sushi 5. cut in strips 4 tablespoon soy sauce 2 tablespoon sugar Method: Kampyo Preparation 1.YourSushi.

chopped fine 1/4 cup hulled black or white sesame seeds Wasabi-Ginger Dipping Sauce 1 tablespoon wasabi powder 1/4 cup water 1 garlic clove 1 inch fresh ginger. Take a spoonful of rice and roll it into a ball with your hands (size of the ball is up to your own preference) 4. green part only. Serve the sauce with the sushi balls Learn how to make Sushi with Your Sushi Roll the ball in the sesame seeds to lightly coat it. Turn the rice out into the bowl that contains the vinegar-scallion mixture and stir with a wooden spoon for 3 minutes. carrots. peeled and sliced 2 tablespoons canola or corn oil 1 teaspoon sugar 3 tablespoons rice vinegar 3 tablespoons soy sauce Method: 21 . Mix the rice vinegar. minced 5 scallions. salt. 5. Blend until the garlic and ginger are chopped fine. and scallions in a large glass bowl 2. hijiki (if you’re using it).Shaped Sushi VEGETARIAN SUSHI RICE BALL Ingredients: • • • • • • • • • • • • • 1/4 cup chopped cooked hijiki sea vegetable (optional) 2 carrots. (At this point you can leave the rice to sit for 1-2 hours.YourSushi. To make the dipping sauce.) 3. sugar. combine all of the sauce ingredients.

uk Learn how to make Sushi with Your Sushi if you enjoyed the class and the Sushi making guide. 22 . 3. sliced Wasabi paste Method: 1.YourSushi. slightly roasted ½ and avocado on each of the rice square More recipes to come: • • • • • • • • Fois gras & Fig chutney Foie gras & Onions chutney Creamy Blue cheese and fig The Maki Nutella-banana roll Crepes and Nutella/strawberry How to prepare Temaki Sushi Sushi for kids More tips and tricks to come in the Your Sushi Thank you and Happy Sushi Making! golden caviar. July 2010 Please send us your testimonial at info@yoursushi. Stir the sesame seeds into the rice Use cookie cutter to gently press rice into squares Dab some wasabi paste thinly on each square Gently press some crab meat. 4.CRAB MEAT SQUARES SUSHI Ingredients: • • • • • • 1 cup Sushi rice ½ cup of cooked crab meat 3 tablespoons of golden caviar 2 tablespoons of black and white sesame seeds.

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