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Sandwiches Pasta Soups
Pastas and sauces are homemade daily and Cup Bowl
Served on Amighetti bread.
served with bread and butter. Soup du Jour $2.15 $3.65
Whole: $6.45 Half: $3.85 Chili $2.15 $3.65
Regular: $6.99 Side: $4.19
Kids Menu
Amighetti Special
Made with ham, choice roast beef, Genoa salami, brick Spaghetti with Meatballs or Red sauce
cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion, pepperoncini and Tortellini (white or red sauce)
Cavatelli con Broccoli •••••••••••••••••••••••••
special dressing.
Spaghetti with Garlic Butter and Mushrooms Especially for children ages 12 and under.

Little Bit of Italy Mostacolli with Red Sauce $2.99
Meat Ravioli with Red Sauce (includes small fountain drink)
Served hot with our own garlic butter, Genoa salami,
Chili Mac Ham and Cheese Sandwich & Chips
two blends of cheese, black olives and onions.
••••••••••••••••••••••••• Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich & Chips

Spaghetti and Meatballs & Bread
Other Sandwich Favorites Buttered Spaghetti & Bread
Served on Amighetti bread, choice of brick, American Cavatelli and White Sauce & Bread
or hot pepper cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion, ••••••••••••••••••••••••• •••••••••••••••••••••••••
pepperoncini and special dressing, mayonnaise, mus-
Homemade Desserts
Served with bread and butter
tard or fat-free mayo.
Select from Italian Classic, Ranch, Fat Free
• Turkey Delight • Roast Beef
Italian, 1000 Island, Honey Dijon
• Veggie • Ham & Cheese •••••••••••••••••••••••••
or Blue Cheese.
• Tuna Salad • Turkey Pastrami Cheesecake $2.79
Cannoli $1.29
Iceberg and romaine lettuce, red onions, Parmesan
Hot Sandwiches cheese, artichoke hearts, marinated tomatoes, ripe
Brownie $1.29
Served on Amighetti bread. Large Chocolate Chip Cookie $1.29
and green olives and our own classic dressing.
Meatball •••••••••••••••••••• •••••
Regular: $6.99 Side: $4.19
Choice Roast Beef and Gravy
French Dip Chef
Iceberg and romaine lettuce, ham, salami, tomatoes,
Barbecue Ham or Beef
mushrooms, brick and cheddar cheese. •••••••••••••••••••••••••
Extras Regular: $6.99 Side: $4.19 Fountain: Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Mountain
Pepperoncini 6/$.75
Mandarin Orange & Almond Salad Dew, Mug, Wild Cherry Pepsi
Bread/Butter $.85ea
Iceberg and romaine lettuce, mandarin oranges, Cans: Coke, Diet Coke, 7-Up, Diet 7-Up, Dr. Pepper,
Extra Meat $.60 per slice
toasted almonds and red onion. Diet Dr. Pepper, Cherry Coke, AW, Barqs, RC
Extra cheese $.35 per slice
Add Chips for just $.79 Regular: $6.99 Side: $4.19 Bottles: Fitz Cream, Fitz Root Beer, Fitz Diet Root
Beer, Bottled Water
Box Lunches Coffee and Hot Tea
Iceberg and romaine lettuce, brick cheese, red onions,
1/2 sandwich, chips and soda $5.50 tomatoes and pimentos Fresh Brewed Tea
Substitute whole sandwich for just $2.20 more. Regular: $5.85 Side: $3.45 Lemonade
Tuna Salad
Garlic Bread $1.69
Scoop of homemade tuna salad on house salad.
Cheese Garlic Bread $2.79 Regular: $7.25 Side: $4.35 Imitated!
Pasta Salad $2.15
Chunky Potato Salad $1.10
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Often Imitated, Never Duplicated
••••••••••••••••••••••••• ®

More than a sandwich!
The Amighetti Special is often
called the best sandwich in St. Louis.
The Special begins with bread still made
fresh daily as it was in 1921 by Louis
Amighetti Jr., using recipes that were
brought from Italy. Inside the Special
lies ham, beef, salami, brick cheese, B A K E RY & CA F E
lettuce, tomato, onion, pepper and
Amighetti’s own special dressing. The u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u

Special is often imitated but
never duplicated.
At our store on the Hill, you’ll The Hill
find our bakery, restaurant, gellateria, “The Original”
serving unique flavors of ice cream, and 5141 Wilson Avenue
our outdoor wine garden, offering live St. Louis, Missouri 63110
music on Saturday afternoons. Phone: (314) 776-2855
Amighetti’s also offers delivery
Fax: (314) 773-4820
service and an extensive catering menu,
providing sandwiches by the foot - eight Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. M
feet, that is! Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 6:00* p.m. T-F
Our store in Rock Hill serves the 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Sat.
same great sandwiches on fresh-baked
Amighetti’s bread, salads and pastas. Closed Sundays
Come in and see how special we really *7:00 p.m. in summertime
••••••••••••••••••••••••• Rock Hill
“The Other Hill”
Catering 9438 Manchester
••••••••••••••••••••••••• St. Louis, Missouri 63119
Ask about our catering Phone: (314) 962-6030
services for your Fax: (314) 962-6435
next party! Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. M-F
9:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Sat.
The Hill: (314) 776-2855 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Sun.
Rock Hill: (314) 962-6030