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Installing elements is an important process in developing a screen play. I have
found many interesting elements from original saga. And I have separated them
into three categories. The first one is major, major elements has been utilised to
develop the structure of screenplay and the second category is important
elements. Which were must to have in screenplay, and the last one is minor
elements, and these will be utilised as per the requirement.

Major Elements

Lack of power

Behalf of lack of power Sriramulayya struggles himself and felt unsecured.
Injustices done by reddy community makes him to raise his voice. He raises
some issues against the reddy leadership and that makes reddy’s, and
particularly Narayana reddy so uncomfortable. Who is ruling the area by that
time, May be internally Sriramulayya wanted to be powerful and there might be a
desire of leadership. But lack of power is his state. Sriramulayya got laurels
among the other communities and in their vision he had become a leader. They
felt that he is the only person they looking found. They found a leader ship.
Slowly Sriramulayya become a supremacy threat to Narayana reddy. His position
was in jeopardy. At that point of time Narayana reddy tried many tricks to calm
down the person. He misuses the system and cornered Sriramulayya with a fake
case and that case turns Sriramulayya as a Maoist leader. Before that he was not
into the Naxal movement. He was cornered by this particular fake case and in
the records he became a naxalite. Even that movement also doesn’t keep him
silent. So Narayana reddy doest have any other choice than killing of
Sriramulayya. Position of Narayana reddy helps him to get that.

So lack of power influences the life of Sriramulayya in this way. Externally it
seems like Sriramulayya fought for the minority communities and lost his life. At
this point people made their mind set. Power gets the things to Narayana reddy.
Here one more thing is that Narayana reddy was ruthless to get his things with
his position.

Suri struggles with lack of power when Ravi owns the power in that territory. You
can experience this element when you remind the life course of suri. So lack of
power one element that it has produced many difficulties and those difficulties
should run away when you get in to the power.


Narayana reddy was ruthless with power when he conspires the killing of
Sriramulayya. He misuses the power. After that chennareddy was ruthless after
the vengeance act of Paritala family second generation. When chenna reddy was
in power he was more ruthless than Narayana reddy. After that its Paritala Ravi
term. He became ruthless to get the power and he was so ruthless too, while he
was in power. He never spares any one in the enemy circles when he was in
power. He planted a TV bomb in suri house and it was the most ruthless act of
Ravi and it was most ruthless up to that time. In that act suri lost his mother and
other 4 family members. Here one thing i realise that, the people who were
ruthless when they were in power, later they paid for their ruthlessness.

Rise to power

There are two such circumstances in original saga. One is with Ravi and another
one is with Suri. In the year 1993 Ravi contested election with TDP ticket and he
won that poll battle. In that elections TDP take over the power from CONGRESS
party. That change makes Ravi so powerful. Here one thing I have been noticed
that if the party you are representing was in power in centre you are so powerful.
In 2004 elections congress captures the power. This factor changes the life
course of Ravi.

So these are the major elements i found in original saga. With these elements i
have prepared my conflict.

Struggle and raise elements were catered to develop the protagonist character
and ruthless and fall elements were catered to antagonist character.


If some one upset by an extraordinary event, that was a protagonist element. So
here Sriramulayya’s assassination is an upset to Paritala family. And TV bomb
event was a great upset event to Suri. As the consequences of those events they
pursue a goal to restore a new order. Put simply, they want something and keep
going until they do get it.

After Sriramulayya’s assassination Paritala families struggle is protagonist
element and the families’ position is power less. After TV bomb Suri’s struggle is
also a protagonist element by the time suri’s position is power less. So that is
why, i have decided to kept this element to develope the first phase of
protagonist character.

In the second phase we are going to show the protagonists rising. In original
saga Ravi kills Narayana reddy while he was not in power, power less position
takes life of Narayana reddy and you can describe that as his payment to his
ruthlessness. Suri conspire the killing of Ravi and this was also the payment of
Ravi’s ruthlessness.

Here one important factor is that both families struggle a lot with lack of power
and they get the things while their opponent’s position was powerless. That
really matters in the entire saga.

So these elements were used to develope the protagonist character.

The wounded hero
Sriramulayya’s killing is a wound to Paritala family. And TV bomb is a wound to
suri. These wounds i gave to protagonist character. The protagonists struggle all
made up with these emotional and mental suffer. This position was an outcome
of the powerless position. So the wounds of original saga have been catered to
the protagonist character.

Wounded hero must rise with payback, this is a protagonist element. Ravi family
kills Narayana reddy and suri kills Ravi, these are the payback factors. So their
rise factors also going to be protagonist elements in my script.


In original saga most of the people were ruthless, while they were in power, or
for the sake of power. Narayana reddy conspires the killing of Sriramulayya while
he was in power and Ravi tries to kill Suri for the sake of power and there might
be a family vengeance factor but most probably he was ruthless while he was in
power. His leader ship was an out come of a lot of struggle, but most probably he
was ruthless to keep the power with him. So ruthlessness is an antagonist
element and in the first phase of the story the antagonist character should be
driven with this element.

In original saga every individual paid for their own ruthless. It was witnessed
many times in the saga. But here the portion of paying for ruthless, we can call
them as fall. This falling factor always comes after loosing power only.
Narayanareddy, chenna reddy, lost their lives when their position was powerless
and those are the payments for their ruthlessness. This is all again happened
with Ravi, Ravi was ruthless to get the power and his most unconventional
ruthlessness act is planting TV bomb. Suri survives and he was upset by the
extra ordinary event and his consequence factor was vengeance. After that he
strongly desires the death of Paritala Ravindra. He tried his hand in a big way in
1999, with an unbelievable masterminded plot. That was jublie hills bomb blast.
But Ravi survives. After 2004 elections congress captures the power in AP and so
TDP remains as opposition. So Ravi was power less. After that Ravi was murdered
and you know why and how. His fall indicates that he pays for his ruthlessness.

Lack of power, rise, ruthless, and fall these are the four major elements I have
imported from the original saga and catered to develop my respected
protagonist and antagonist characters. In the earlier versions I was so much
confused how to develop the characters. There was always a bottom line but by
the time execution is the problem. So this way I found so comfortable to execute
the story. Here there is a protagonist and antagonist. They both characters
represent different sides. Protagonist character carries the good side with
struggle and rise and antagonist character carries the dark side with
ruthlessness and fall. So here we are discussing about the system and not about
the persons. That is why the bottom line is that, POWER is not a permanent

Important Elements
Threat To supremacy

Sriramulayya becomes a threat to the Supremacy of Narayana reddy and Reddy
community. So Narayana reddy has found that Sriramulayya’s death is the only
obligatory choice. So he conspires the killing of Sriramulayya. This was the first
element that took a big crack between the both families. I have utilised this
element to bring the crack between protagonist family and antagonist family in
my screen play.


Sayanna, the killer of Sriramulayya was his own follower and he betrays
Sriramulayya for the sake of Narayana Reddy. There might be a threat from
Narayana reddy or there might be some other priorities. But the thing is that he
betrays Sriramulayya.

Pay it back

Paritala Ravindra and Paritala Hari were the Survivors of Sriramulayya. And their
first payback act was the killings of sayanna and Narayana reddy.

Paritala Hari was murdered in a fake encounter and the conspirator was
Chennareddy, by that time he was a sitting MLA, and I have considered this
event as a pay back thing for Narayana Reddy killing.

Later Paritala Ravindra Shot dead and the conspirator was Suri. I considered this
event as the pay back thing for the TV bomb killings.

See the thing is that if Sriramulayya family wounded by narayanareddy family, in
the later consequences Sriramulayya family paid back. And that particular pay
back harms Narayana reddy family and they paid back, this is cycling process
exactly what happened in original saga. So Pay back is an outcome of a wound, I
am giving wound and pay back factors to protagonist. And that helps us to keep
the protagonist character into a good and safe side.

So here installing elements is an important essential part of building a
screenplay. So in a sequence approach we have to install these elements. Then
the audience would get in touch with the elements and they felt familiar with the
original saga. You just remind every time that this is about the system and you
have nothing to do with the persons.

So finally the conflict is between two families and the families should represent
the two different sides of the system. So from these both families we are going to
have the protagonist and antagonist.

Protagonist should represent the positive side of the system and antagonist is
going to represent the dark side.

Milieu must be Hyderabad. There is no change in the milieu. And we are going to
have two political parties. Antagonist represents a party. His power was laid
beyond his parties’ position in centre. But protagonist political interests came
through the consequences. Here we have to be conscious that he was not into
the direct politics when the movie starts.


There are many minor elements

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