INTRODUCTION Debut should like a diamond, this is my own line and I get to know that from Ram Gopal Varma’s 1989 debut SHIVA. It should provide you a lot of freedom and resources what you want to do after this. You should win every one’s trust and loyalty from the industry you want to exist. There is an old say that first impression is the best impression. Every filmmaker has his own influences to choose any profession and that might be a great film, great filmmaker, culture, tradition or what ever it may be, there must be an influence to choose a profession. Even I too influenced by some great works and people. In India, for middle class people there is only one entertainment source (most probably), and that is none other than cinema, movies became my pastime and in the start I never dreamed to become a film maker. But I used to watch a lot of movies in entertainment basis. I get connected to the Hindi movies when I am working in Calcutta. I used to watch a lot of Hindi movies and English movies and it was a new world to me, and it’s been a great experience. I get connected to HOLLYWOOD and BOLLYWOOD; I completely connected to the both languages Hindi and English. But Ram Gopal Varma’s COMPANY changes my DESTINY. I have decided to become a film maker, the most amazing thing in directing a film is that every one going to turn to you for your decisions and answers, the only person you have to turn is your self. But the world is entirely new to me. Then I have decided to study some film related books and I get connected to the basics of filmmaking. I used to steady the filmmakers like Ram Gopal Varma and Maniratnam. I used to get connected to their sensibilities in their films. As per my knowledge and understanding, most of their success films are the outcome of an issue or persons. I do believe that controversial persons or issues were always make news in the circles and the impact was completely different than other movies. Every controversial issue or person should have their own caliber and we have to choose the content on this point. In INDIA Bollywood has witnessed many issue based cinema’s but in Telugu cinema we are not (as per my knowledge)...Maniratnam’s NAYAKUDU, ROJA, BOMBAY, And GURU were the witnesses and even RGV made it big with SATYA, COMPANY, SARKAR etc. in HOLLYWOOD martin Scorsese GOODFELLAS was based on real life gangsters and Francis Ford Coppolla’s GODFATHER TRIOLOGY was the outcome real understanding about the American mafia. Mario Puzo wrote THE GODFATHER, and in his own words he said that the work was the outcome of the putting elements and events in to a format which can easily catered to the readers. Understanding the elements and events is the big deal to make a work; either it was a novel or cinema. All time great films are always the outcome of a new issue or new emotion. You have to find them to make a great film. Becoming a filmmaker is not easy. You have to assist some one first to get the practical knowledge, while you can get the theoretical knowledge (it’s not a big deal). I never assisted any one in films, but I have decided to become a writer first, at that point I used to work in Mumbai. I have visited Ram Gopal Varma’s Factory for many times and one of my works was short listed by the story department. When I got a call from the officials from factory I was in Hyderabad and they told me to catch the Hyderabad people, at that time here in Hyderabad RGV producing a movie called SHOCK and I went to the sets to meet the people. I have introduced myself to them and one guy from Varma Corp told me that they are planning more Telugu films after shock and they told me to come up with a line. And I went to them with this idea and by that time SHOCK was a disaster and no one ready to face RGV with new ideas and we have some differences on creative aspects. Finally I met RGV in Mumbai and he said that to keep in touch with story department in Mumbai and the system was shelved after a lot of unexpected circumstances.

THE IDEA As I wrote earlier I do believe in controversial issues and persons. One guy from Varma corp. here in Hyderabad told me to come up with a Telugu one. Then I have decided to take on Paritala Ravindra. If any one asks me to describe him in a line I should say that, he was the most controversial politician ever produced by Andhra Politics. Some people admire him like god; some people consi him as Devil. What made him so special in the political circles? , what are the emotions he went through out his life? I was in the search to get these details from his life course. In the research process I came to realize that he was only one major part of the entire saga, and there are many things to concentrate. 30 years is the span of saga, and many things happened in this time duration. He was shot dead in 2005 and his father Paritala Sriramulayya assassinated by his rivals in 1975. The first rift of this saga was the Assassination of Sriramulayya. FIRST RIFT Every saga should have its own rift and in this story Paritala Sriramulayya’s assassination is the first rift. Always the first rift takes between the two persons and it was exactly what happened here also. Gangula Narayana Reddy was the sitting MLA by that time and he was from Maddelacheruvu village, kanaganapalli mandal. And he was leading the village with his ultimate supremacy with the status of being a landlord of that village. In rayala seema political circles congress party is the only existing leading party in that province by that time and most of the party has its leaders as reddy, while they were the strong social community. That means Narayana Reddy into main stream politics and he became an MLA in this criterion. SR (Sriramulayya) used to support NR (Narayana Reddy). Sri Ramulayya’s family was also a land lord family from different village called VENKATAPURAM in RAMGIRI mandal in same Assembly constituency and the people of that village admires that family. In NR circle SR is the only outer community person and that makes reddy guys uneasy. Even NR too considers him for many decisions. They used to share good respect and friendship each other. Later in 1974 there is a difference came out between these two persons, and it wakes up the egos of both. As per my understanding about SR I believe that lack of power and the injustice in an issue made him to challenge the supremacy of NR. May be he was also wanted to be power full like Narayana reddy. I believe that this was the might be the logical reason behind these differences. Slowly SR raises issues against the reddy community and he is becoming popular among the local circles. While SR’S community is chowdary community and the community was a minority community in that province. Some other minority communities like kurbu, boya, telaga came into the way to support SR. SR slowly becoming supremacy threat not even to Narayana reddy, and also to reddy community in that constituency. NR try’s many things to calm down the issue, finally he kept him into the custody under Naxal act but he didn’t get succeeded. The only way they found is the assassination of SR. NR makes a decision on that and he plot’s the assassination. And they recruited the own follower sayanna to execute the mission. While he was a sitting MLA there was no problem to handle the system after the mission. And finally they made it with power and SR shot dead by his own follower while he was on the way to attend a marriage. So this is the first rift. First rift was always happened between two people. In the next segments I am going to discuss that how this rift changes the things in both families in coming years…..

YEAR BY YEAR 1975……..The first rift taken place in this year and the basic event changed the things is the assassination of Paritala Sriramulayya (the first generation man of Paritala family). Every time first rift always happens between the two persons later it will be transferred to the families. This is exactly what happened here too. The rift changes the things between two families and vengeance has become the much needed factor in Paritala family and believers priority. While the both families are leading their respective villages the rift was changes the things between the both villagers. Still there is Narayana Reddy to lead Mandela Cheruvu, but the question is who is going to get back from Paritala family, and the answer is the second generation. Paritala Sriramulayya’s son’s leads the battle after a long eight year gap and they came to the main stream with the assassination of SAYANNA (The Assassin of Sri Ramulayya). It was done by people’s war group and the younger son of Sriramulayya, Paritala Hari was the key person. 1982……..The killing of sayanna can be say that the bounce back of Paritala Family. As per my sources Paritala Hari was the key man to this particular plot and he became a mainstream activist of people’s war group. It makes the big changes and creates waves in the Narayana Reddy circle and they were decided to go after the lives of Paritala family survivors. Up to that they never take it serious about Paritala family second generation. Here in this point of time I can describe it in my own lines that “if you help some one he may be forgot you. But if you betrayal some one he never forgot you until he takes vengeance”. So this is why and what happened here in this act. 1983……… Narayana reddy was brutally murdered in broad day light in Anantapuram town. He chased down from bus stand to streets. And the assassins are none other than Paritala family. As per my sources Paritala Hari (younger son) and Paritala Ravindra (elder son) were also contributed to the mission. This makes big change into the saga. Narayana reddy family needs a leadership, and then Kanumukkula Chenna Reddy, the main follower and relative of Narayana reddy becomes MLA in 1983 Assembly elections and he came to power in that territory. His era was much violent than Narayana reddy’s era and the factor is the killing of Narayana reddy. In between his term ten close associates of Paritala family murdered and his main successive episode is the encounter of Paritala Hari. 1984………Paritala Hari shot dead in a fake encounter in sasanikota village by inspector kabir, in the name of exchanging fire. By the time Hari was mainstream activist of people’s war group. As per my sources he was lifted by his own village. He visited his house and his sister went away to get some water from outside. Inspector kabir came down to the house and he caught up hari’s sister and then warns Hari to come out side with out weapon. And Hari surrendered to the police himself to save his sister. He brought up to the 2 km away to his village and he brutally murdered by kabir. As per my knowledge there were 2000 villagers witnessed the assassination. For this murder local MLA chenna reddy plots the

mission. Being power is the matter to get things. Once again it’s proved that power really matters in this saga. After that Chenna Reddy came after the lives of Paritala group and he was almost succeeded except Paritala Ravi. Paritala Ravi went to the underground after his brother’s fake encounter. 1983………NTR forms TDP and he is looking to get the things in Anantapuram for years and He want to Capture the district from congress party. But he didn’t found any one in the circles. But in 1986 he heard about Ravi and he is observing him since then and he came to a decision in 1991.by that time congress leading the state. He announced that Ravi is going to contest in 1993 assembly elections. He was first candidate announce by party before the 1993 elections. Here one factor makes chemistry between NTR and Ravi is that they both belong to the chowdary community. NTR wanted a strong leader to get things in that territory and Ravi wanted to be powerful to exist in that territory. These Both persons point of views changes the political things in Anantapuram and chennareddy was assassinated between these years and the conspirator is None other than Ravi. 1989…....Chenna Reddy murdered in his own house. The assassins came out to him in police uniform and they told him that they were from Anantapuram SP office. After that they opens fire and gunned down him. The conspirator is Ravi and assassins are ROC (re-organization committee) people. ROC is Paritala families’ protection force and Red star stands for Narayana Reddy family. 1989 to 1999… one other big name is in this saga was Gangula Surya Narayana Reddy, the son of late Narayana Reddy. He was very young while his father died, he grown up in Bangalore by his sister and he kept out of these things up to the assassination of chennareddy. Chenna reddy never allows him to mess up with the things. After the killing of chenna reddy he gets connected with the things along with ramana reddy and obul reddy. In 1993 elections he was supposed to play a key role. 1993…… but one thing changes this saga again, and that is TV Bomb. Narayana Reddy’s wife sent TV to repair. ROC cornered the mechanic and planted a bomb in that. And their motive is to eliminate Suri (Gangula Surya Narayana Reddy). 5 members died in this plot. Suri’s mother, sister, brother and brother in law and a housemaid. But suri escapes and he went to the underground after that. He found shelter in Bangalore. 1993……..big drama starts here, the assembly general elections are going to held in penukonda and TDP candidate is Paritala Ravi. Chennareddy son ramana reddy is the opponent and he discontinued his B.tech in third year and fought against Ravi. Ramana reddy lost the elections and Ravi became an MLA. And TDP holds the power in state. And NTR made him a Labor minister. Ravi becomes the most successful person among him family circles. 1994…….Ramana Reddy Shot dead by ROC in banjara hills, Hyderabad. Some ROC man wore burkhas in this plot. It was another brilliant plot designed by Ravi. Ravi’s party TDP was in power and no one is there to stop him.

1996……. obul reddy murdered in Hyderabad. The only survival in Ravi’s rivalry is Suri. Suri wanted to strike back. But his resources are limited. The state is TDP rule. Entire Anantapuram district came into the monopoly of Paritala Ravindra. His Party’s power makes him powerful in that territory. Ravi eliminates a maximum no of people belongs to redstar, who can become a life threat to him. The reddy community’s congress party was not in the power and that makes reddy’s helpless. At this point of time suri thought of one factor and that is vengeance. He went out with a lot of sleepless nights. Finally he planned and executed a master plan to eliminate Ravi, and that was the biggest plot ever planned by any one by that time in Andhra Pradesh history. 1999……… Jublie Hills Bomb Blast. Ravi went to attend a movie function in ramanaidu studios. The movie was based on Paritala Sriramulayya life and it was produced by Ravi. After the function he was on the way to home along with movie star Mohan Babu. Suri planted a bomb in an old Fiat vehicle and it kept aside on the road Ravi exists. They execute the blast with a remote control and Ravi’s vehicle just misses in a narrow line. But ETV van becomes the victim of the blast, and 26 innocent people died in the blast. As per my sources it was the biggest massive blast ever happened in Andhra Pradesh history. After that Ravi was very much serious about Suri. Andhra police detained suri and other members from Bangalore in investigation process. And they were convicted for the crime. Later they sentenced to life term. The gossip is that Ravi plans to eliminate them within the jail but then chief minister Chandrababu Naidu never let him to do so. But Ravi arranges a mobile phone to suri with jail authorities and he used to tap that phone with his power. Suri doesn’t know this process at the starting. His conversations give clues to Ravi that who is in touch with suri. And people say that Ravi has assassinated many people belongs to suri gang with this trick. 2004……... power changes the hands in centre. TDP lost power to congress. That changes everything again in this saga. Ravi’s security reduced in process. Ravi came out with a statement that his life was under threat. His followers in Anantapuram district and TDP workers frequently murdered after the changing power. That makes Ravi uneasy and Ravi was helpless while his party was not in the power. He used to stay in his village while it was the most secured place for him. The Govt makes him sleepless with its policy’s. Many police officials changed and the system was no more in his pocket. 2005……… Finally one day it happens. The event was very much predictable in political circles before it happens. Paritala Ravi shot dead, out side his party office in Anantapuram. Zilla Parishat Election made him to come down to the location, and that was his last day. After one year after his party loses power in the centre he lost his life. After the assassination some guy called Moddu Srinu gave an interview to the news channel TV9 that he executes the murder behalf of the intention of Gangula Surya Narayana Reddy, who is serving a life sentence in Charlapalli central prison. That clears the entire confusion about Ravi’s killing. And he claims that before this he has executed two more killings. Those two other victims are also close aids of Ravi. This is the final major event of this saga, and after these details I came to a final conclusion that power is the one major element changes the life courses of both families. After these detailing I hope you too accept my vision on this issue. POWER made them loose, made them cry, made them rebel, made them rule, made them supreme’s in that territory, made them helpless, finally it gives many things, many times it takes everything from them. Power is the key factor and but one thing

they forgot that it’s not a permanent factor in politics. In next chapter we are going to discuss the elements. The elements were the out come of this real story. Every story should have its own elements and emotions. Events should change the course of saga and elements and emotions driven the persons. So here we go to………………………….. ELEMENTS Supremacy: this element causes the first rift. Sriramulayya challenges the supremacy of Narayana reddy and reddy community in that territory may be Sriramulayya wanted to be powerful in that territory. I can say this that every human being should have his own intend about his moves, if we consider this point, the first understanding about Sriramulayya’s personality takes us to this corner. Sriramulayya wanted to be powerful and that is why he challenges the supremacy of Narayana reddy. The supremacy of Narayana reddy was the outcome of his position as an MLA. That provides him power and supremacy in that territory. Betrayal: if someone is challenging your position and supremacy with his acts, what would you do? Here in this story Sriramulayya challenges the supremacy of Narayana reddy and reddy community. The acts of Sriramulayya were very much legal and he raises issues that make reddy landlords so unpopular and helpless. The other community people from that territory are felt to the magic of Sriramulayya, while they were the victims of reddy’s supremacy. The minority community people are used to treat by reddy’s like slaves. Economically and educationally they were to poor and they were lack of resources. So they came into the magical words of Sriramulayya and slowly Sriramulayya became popular among the minority community’s. Then Narayana reddy wanted to make a move against Sriramulayya to calm down the person. He motivated sayanna to betray Sriramulayya and he succeeded on that. Sayanna betrays Sriramulayya. Sayanna kills Sriramulayya, while he was attending a marriage. Struggle: Sriramulayya struggles with lack of power against the powerful people of his territory. He challenges the supremacy of Narayana reddy and his community. That takes his life. After he died his village was neglected by the political circles. And his survivals of his family struggle a lot to exist in that territory. His wife took her children to her own village to his brother to take the shelter and to keep the children away from this rift. His family struggles about lack of power. Vengeance: As I mentioned earlier in my own lines, if you help some one he may be forgot your help, but if you betrayed some one he must pay it back, Particularly in Rayalaseema. This is what happened here. Vengeance is the one emotion that haunts the Sriramulayya family and his followers. And that emotion makes them to come back to the main scene again. The second generation of Sriramulayya sends a message that they are back, with killing of sayanna. They settled the scores with killing narayanareddy. Transformation of Power: Narayana Reddy died. If the no1 dies the no2 will come to the main scene. Yes this is exactly what happened here too. Kanumukkula chenna reddy, the main follower and a relative of Narayana reddy takes the charges and he srikes back on Paritala family again. He plots the encounter of Paritala Hari and 10 close followers of Paritala family. He was almost succeeded on wash out the Paritala family except one person and that is Paritala Ravindra, the elder son of Paritala Sriramulayya. Chenna

reddy misuses the power to operate the system for his personal motivations. When you have power it shows (Bharat petroleum Publicity Line). So power makes him rule and ride the territory. Supremacy is the ultimate desire of the reddy community people, reddy people say that it came from their genes. They wont insist the challenging their supremacy. Rise to power: Paritala hari’s killing changes the mindset of Ravindra and he came to know the necessity of power and position. He realized the thing and the proposal came to his own way threw the TDP party founder NTR. He has motivated to become powerful in that territory, he wanted to lay down the path toward the power. He executes the killing of sane chenna reddy and his people. And he became the terror to reddy community in the process. He contested the 1993 general assembly elections, and he won the territory. Before contesting the elections he has cleared many things which can trouble him to win the pole battle. He clears the chenna reddy account plots a bomb blast to eliminate Gangula Surya Narayana Reddy (son of late Narayana reddy). In this process ROC (re-organization committee) works for Paritala Ravindra. But in bomb blast Suri escapes and went to the underground after the mishap. Then Ramana Reddy (younger son of Chenna reddy becomes the opposite contestant of Paritala Ravindra. Ramana reddy left his studies to contest against Paritala Ravindra. But he didn’t succeed. Ravindra won the pole battle. Suri got shelter in Bangalore. Ramana reddy lost the battle. TDP owes the power in center. And in Anantapuram system came into the control of Ravi. No stoppers for Ravi. First time in Anantapuram district ruled out by the non reddy community person. That makes reddy’s helpless. Reddy community lost its charm in Anantapuram district. Ravi Made Anantapuram in the name of TDP party. Ravi becomes the king of this kingdom with his policy’s and rebel attitude. He fulfilled his father’s desires. He became the most successful person among the Paritala family and power makes him to become like this. His party was in power from there to 2004 and he serves the party with his ruling. And he plays a key role to get the most of seats in assembly and parliamentary elections. His ruling makes things for him and his party too. His party holds the power in the state since his debut. TDP never lost the power in state in between 1993 to 2004. In this point of time Ravi never look back. Power matters…………………………………………. Rebel: To be rebel in a system you need strength. Here we can say it the element power made them to be rebel. The people in this original story always are rebel while they were in power. In my own lines they never respect anything. Power is the factor to get the things. They never wanted to loose the power in that area. But here once again I am revealing that power is the one thing that you never keep carrying permanently in politics. In politics power is not a permanent factor. The people in this original story, while they were in power, most of the times they were successful to get their things. Hence the system always works for them. Fall: Fall is the one element that always changes the course of this story. Two families had experienced the same factor in terms. Paritala Family struggles with lack of power. The reason behind their fall is lack of power. After that even Gangula family too experience the same element with lack of power. After 2004 elections Ravi lost his life in 2005 and every sense can say the lack of power is the one factor. The fall element is always comes to you when you are struggling with lack of power.

Lack of power: the factor is the one of the major factor among the all factors of this story. If you are fighting with some one powerful and working to make him powerless that means you are trying to get the power in territory. This is the bottom line of today politics. Some people in power can not accept the truth that some one is challenging their supremacy in that territory. So while they were in power they use many tricks to keep the power. Power always matters than lack of power. That is why Narayana reddy succeeded in the beginning. And Ravi lost his life in the ending about lack of power. Lack of power is one factor that can not allow you to move as you wish. Lack of can not let you the things happened to you legally or illegally. If you betrayed by the powerful people, and you wanted to go through the legal process system always works for them. If you move to take the vengeance in illegal way system should came behind you. Being powerful: in this saga you have already realized that how power really matters in politics. As I wrote earlier power makes you the monarch. System always works for you. People always respect you, common people never thought to make a move against your wishes. Power is the one factor that it will reduce your limitations of living. You can spin the money, people and positions of officials. It makes you to thing like a supreme. So these are the important elements I have considered to make my version. Here in Telugu cinema the format is completely different than any other language cinema, if we have to reach the large scale of people with your work, you have to reach with a reputed star. Here in Telugu cinema every star has own image and caliber. Marketing of a movie also depends upon this. After a lot of analysis I have decided to go with a reputed star and one thing I keep in mind that I am not going to keep the character in negative shades. So I have separated the elements in to two different segments. I have designed two major characters first. Protagonist character should lead by a reputed star and his carry over elements are Struggling with lack of power later that rise to power to settle the things. And antagonist characters elements are rebel and fall. Every positive emotion of the original story has catered to the protagonist. And negative attitude should carry over by the antagonist character. In original story both families existed with every possible element. Both families went through the same emotions in time. Power changes the course of their lives. Both families went through with every same emotion in different times. Life is a roller coaster ride. There is no bad guy; the bad guy was the system. In the next segment I am going reveal my proposed screenplay. The basic elements and emotions I have catered to the lead characters of my versions, the structure of movie, and finally what is my core element I would like to say through this movie.

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