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at Bahasa Inggerie Kertes 1 9g ‘Ogos 2007 tian Peet anal JAWATANKUASA KURIKULUM S€KOLAH-SEKCLAH MENENGAH DAERAH SABAK BERNAM PENILAIAN MENENGAH RENDAH PEPERIKSAAN PERCUBAAN TAHUN 2008 BAHASA INGGERIS Kertas 1 Sata Jam Chia Voi Ciro, 3 banal, —e JANGAN BUKA KERTAS SOALAN INI SEHINGGA DIBERITAHU Arahan 4. Kertas soalan int mengenchmg lites bahagion dengan 40 soalan 2. Jawab semna soalan. i Anda dinasinati supaya mengambil masa 10 minit untuk menjawah soalan Bahsgian A, [0 mini out Babeghan B, 10 minit wotuk Bakagian C, 10 minit untuk Bahepian D dan 20 wrinis untuk Babagian E. Instructions ‘i. This question paper consisis of five section with 49 questions. 2. Answer. all questions, 3. You are advised to spend about 10 minutes on Section A, 19 mimtes on Section B, 10 minutes on Seetiom C, 10 miraites on Section D and 20 minutes on Section K. ‘Kertas soalan ini mengendungi 12 halaman bercetak . 12/1 © His cinta Ponkia Banos Ingpers PPD Sabak Berna [abet scbota at m1 PAPER1 Each question in this section is followed by three or feur possible options. Choose the hest answer from the answers merked A, B and C or A, B,C and D. Section A Questions 1-10 4. Read the advertisement below and answer the question that follow. {( ‘Wet and wild camera can be used underwater. Your wat and wild holidays will always be remembered! Features: . Lightweight . Compact |. 7.4 moguplixela Nie B yoar warranty This camera is suitable for a. 2.° Read the text below and answer the question thet follows. Our world is becoming borderless and thus English is a necessary tool for successful communication. in today’s competitive setting, proficiency in English is highly sought-after because jt is the niversal language for commerce, Information, science and technology. ‘The text above ermphasizes the rnced to use English every day imperiance of English today iaportance of proficiency in English use of English to communicate wade i : i i 3. Road the text below and answer the question thet follows. ‘Doar Editor, I would like to make a complaint about the condition of the playground in my housing estate. The local authority has not made any effort to clean up the rubbish in spite of repeated complaints. We are affraid that diseases might break out. Last weekend, the residents decided to take matters into their own hands. A clean-up day was dectared. The playground looks like new today. Congratulations to-residents of Taman Pereama! ‘Happy sesident ‘The expression “to take matters into their own hands’ means the residents A. cleaned up the playground themselves B made a complaint to the newspapers called up tho local authorities D phones the police ‘ 4 Read the statement below and answer the question that follows We are sorry to announce that the 3.30 flight MH303 to Penang has been delayed. The departure time has been delayed by 30-suinutes. ‘What time will the plane be able to leave for Penang? A 3.30pm. “ B 3.45pm. C 4.00pm. D 415p.m. 5. Reed the sign below and answer the question that follows. Entry Authorized staff and personal only /no are allowed entry into the room? A. People who are in charge, B People who are attached to the company. C People who have amhority in the company. D. People who lives there,