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es ee ee el owe - oa ql LIBRARY OF MUSICIANS’ JAZZ \ Hiss Sonor’ ae ppalgreo GU wartben enmanlled ae to furnish 8 compact library of the most requested songs her for professional musicians and is not intended for sale to the general public, a INDEX TO SONGS Dandy Line. 3 Nir Conditioning. & \iregin 47 Algo’ Bueno... I 4 Night In’Tunesia 3 An Oscar For Treadwell a Another Kind Of Soul indo au Privave. 1 Back Hone Blues..... “21 Back Talkeesesesvssssveveseses149 Bag’s Groove. 250 Ballad, A. 19 Band Aid. Barbados, Bark For Barksdale Basie Eyes. Batter Up.. Beach-Wises..s..+. Bea’s Flats... Before And After. Bernie’s Tune. Billie’s Bounce Bimini. Bird Fea| Bisquit Mix... Bloomdide. .. Bluebird....++ Blues By Five Blues For Alice... Blue Hazes... Blues In A Blues In The Closet. Blue Seven... Blues The Nost..++ Boardwalk. Bockhana Boo Boo Be Doop Boonerang. Bop City... Boplicity.. Bounce... Bouncing With Bud. Bottoms Up. Breakfast With Joe. Bright Blues. Brown Gold. Budo. +++ Buds Blues Bud’s Bubble. Bulldop Blues Bunko. Cairo, Gaptain Ahab. Caribbean Cutie....++++ 159 Casa De Luzessesscssessecseeee 18 Champ, The. 25 Chase, The 25 Cheryl... a8 Chuckles... 159 Circling The Biues: 1158: Cohn My Way. 29 Cone Pone Conf irmat ion. Contours. Cool . Cool Blues... sess Goal Cat On A'iiot Tin Root Cool Mix. Cooling Tt Crazeolog Creepin’ ‘In. Criss Cross... Cruising... Daa Houd Dear Old Stockholm... Debbicteeeersrres er Delilahieese eneeenees Dexterity. Diablo’s Dance. Didi. Digits. Dizzy Atmosphere. "Jango, Doggin’ Doin’ The Thin; Donna Lee. Don’t Argue... Doodlin?s..tsccesse Dot’s Groovy Dorn For Doul Down Tempo... Doxy..s++s Duffescesss Duke, ‘The. Barly Autumn, Early Spring East Coast Ouipost. Eb Pob. Edie weLin El Yorke... Elevation. bn Eleven Sixtysesessesees Emanon...+e+0 Ergo.. Eronel.....sss++ Everywhere. ss. Fat Man, ‘The. Feather Nerchant Feelin’ Fine. leFifty Second Street Theme Figure 8 Five Brothers...0112 Flash. For Stompers Only. 46 Four. 249 Pour Brothers.s.ccesse 47 Four Nothers.cssstessssssseses 48 Frank ’n Earnest. Freckles Fruit, The.. Gerry's BluesseeeeeeeeeeeeeelT Gina = 175 Godchiid 48 Good Baits... 51 Groovin’ Highest i... 55 Groovus Mentus... + 174 Guatenala.....s+0 174 He And Joos. Half Dozen, Half Nelson, ‘i Hallucinations... lianp's Blues. Hanker in’ Happy Littie’S Hayseed. Hello... Herbstone Hershey Bar Hip Bones. Hippy.seesees The: I Know, Don’t Know Hom... T Remember Dukess..+++2 In A Cello Mood. In The Wode In The Nick Of Indian Club. It’s Sand, Inside Out. +180 rg3. fackles... : Loe For Your Brea Jazebo?S"fiaunt Je Ne Sais Pas. Tiag2 Jeamievseese Terteecese 267 live At Five! esr 67 Jotly Tunps in: "181 folly Lodger... 1183 Tordu....s++s + 66 oy Springs... 260 Juup For Me...+.+ + 69 Jumping With Syaphony’Sid.<+-. 61 Just A Few + 62 K.C. Blues. - 81 La Mucura. lady Bird. Tady NeGowan's ream. Lands End...eeseeee+0 Leese s+ Left Bank. Lillie. Limelight. Line For Lyons Little Duet, A. Little Willie Leaps. Little Taste, A. Goal Blues.s..cssscee Local 802 Bives. ‘Lonely Dreans. Lullaby Of Birdland... Maid In Mexico. Manbo Del Crow. Martians Go Hom May-Reys see Neet Mr. Gordon. Nel lophone Marbo. Nichele’s Neditat ion Widgets..esseeses Midnight ‘Son. Ninor Blues... Ninor’s Holiday Miss Jackies Delight Misterioso. Mohawk. Monti Ceili Norpo. Motel. Not ion Nove : My Little Suede 86 Nick’s Knacks Night Life. Nights At The Turntable No Ties. No. 251, Now Is The Tine... Not Really The Blues Nutty Pines... 89 89 191 90 T1193 at 0. Go Moree Oblivionss.ssses Off Minors... Off To The Races. Oh Play That Thing. On The Scene... One For Daddy-O. Onion Bottom. Ontet..+ Open Country... Opus De Funk... Ornithology. Out Of Somewhere. on Palermo Nalkess-ssse0++ Parisienne Thorofare... Patti-Cake Paul’s Pal. Pesky Serpent, Pete's Neat..-.- Piplico.. Pirouette: Popo.eseesee Pot Lick...+ Powder Put... Preacher, The Prime Rib... Prince Albert... Prodefunctus. Quasinado.. Quicksilver... Ragamuffin Rattler’s Groove. 199 Red Door, The. 95 Rick’s Tricks: 96 Riviera... 201 Rocker... 7 Roos 608. Rubberneck. - Rustic Hop Russ Job. St. Thomas Saiute To Sam's Tune. Scrapple The Apple. Seagidese eee Section Blues. Senor Blues... Serenade To A Bus Seat Sermonette Sexrereeeneee es Shank’ Pranks. Short Stop. Sipnal..... Silvernaressccssss Simbah. Si Si Sleepy Bop. +. Soft Shoe. Solar... Something For Lisa. Sonny Side leSonny Speaks So Sorry Please Spectacular. Split Kick ‘i Spontaneous Conbust ion, Squirrel, The. Sticks And Stems. Stop Tine. Sudwest Funk. Sunmer Setting Surf Ride. Swedish Pastry Swedish Schnapps..+..+ Sweet Clifford....0. Swing House Swinging The Biues.... 125 Swing neil The Girls Come Howe -.e+eeee 126 Tahiti Tamalpais... Taps Miller. Tasty Pudding. Theme, The That's What i'm Talking About 126 This Reminds Me Of You..:-..-132 Thriving On A Riff Tickle Toe. Tiny Capers. Tomayhawk Tootsie Koll: Topsy. Travising. vise: Tribute To Brownie Trickleydidl ier Trumpet Blues. Tune lip. Turnstil Valse Hot.. Visassees