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J"assignedto rs ".*. {". it's not new.rJ r*-".g ""'. TLe Exoteric ""1".'r..b *- ..*" *-ldly *-pt.1 status in thi {"' tLe maeses. y"" to t1'" .g . All L"-.d/o' "L"*" tLat you Law an u4e {rofr witLin to L".' li{" i' e@ry serse "{ tk ""'d."i.iat in h{e." tLe Neteru' q"*t {"' ".J ".gt" ". in a process epi*ual wolution.*J ttaining ecLool. "'d -" -u offer you aasistace in t}e most penonal quet L. l" ""is improve your p-. (A. Cr'^-nyt k "*Ldg" "'J -i"d"-. mostly witLou patticular rJigion Las 1 . Thi. 2 '"L""L -g-dl"".' not an orCanization. t" ..J.."pl" 1".. t" d*"lop "'d "Ltui..t" -hcL v" "li. leaming in t" "anA ".*. It l" io tL. TL.*k"L t" g-d""t" TLe nan tLa "L.{ li{".It tu witL g*at ioy tl'"t -" "."1 J ld".L"-.h J*ig""d {o' "Lo""' {""." -. p"l""uo..E.u. -ii"i"g f... in *t""1 "{ li{.l*"pLn a religion.J "' tLi: imer joumey. "{ tL*. "ll Lelo. b*lA*{ ""1t"'..1 ../*o-lJis.." pf. V. i" d*ig'"J for t1'ei. in tlis scLoolp.4" u u L"* *jlli"lly cone to tLie pLnet *11"d v".rtL*cLool. oldante TLe Exoteric "cL""l depend on institutions o{ ld.d 2.e Tfi""' -*1".try ".tio{ Li-.g ld". b"LJ "' {'. -. -"'ld .How ootiwted yot are ty tlis want will Jetemine I -"'lJ 6"t hL.u gift J t-' hf. \r.e"i".O).'i".. "'k"L *" du'."t"Jl""*.ph acceptance inro rl'e fLme o{ coneciour tyo caredories. in ordet to g-d'."eot "oo&u"o" . """i. Ve are on eattL tLe expenence meta-orpLosis "{ th" """1 tk"'gL t}'. It's an dcient oJer.d di'"ipli"". i. e'"!-k"g L4L""t pu'pos. rL. g"'J* ".L..t .tL. Ve are to p.l.t" the my:ticaVeoteric putL "p-ifi". . inde"J pl""""d by y.i. TLe atire Lunanity Lelongs to it i -LicL tL. "i -ligi"* -". tLe {act tlat y"' ..* p*"". riteg and creeds tLat ou th" rarious ritut.. Ancient Egiptian OtJer tLat you leam to di {'".ri{y tLat tLe Anc..1'"1'tltLi.Li"L is p'oniaeJ ". a gector Jenomination. E""t"..ll -c"i"" tL" -d*.. .". Iu* .* 'e' "-"t. . 1.. goemance anJ to dendally tLeir teing. sh tnal anJ eror.t" . By "i.tLi y". " ['-i.esso{ .""' first step on tLe joumey into sell discorery as an Egip*"..' tL*"L"ld o{ tLe Ancient Egipftn o'&' *k. sine tLe beginning o{ une. N.'" "*"y "{ th" d..ent Egiptiu" Ot.J J*ig'"d "ll """J. .

"g". "' tL.'" .-' . " i"'d.g """1'"J. . li{. g-g 'nosqu*.*r. ""1d. qu"L to pJg" y"' it cLJlense wha L. t^tL in tLe ortloJo" *liei"'" "{ *"'1d. ad t. .lanons athletics.ted tLeoselves.t""1 "{ lif" n. entertdinmenl Lueinees. G"/ *al'. preconcei"eJ dJ-"i*.'i.d"s-.y L"* littL "da*anJi'g o{ tLe intrd rel{ (ind "1*u lly di"i'ity *itLi'). TL.""ft t" tJt to...ti" "'""J. "y u. th" p.'d *.d" to eligiow {.{o.J.'illi'lly tJ"'gind o! leamins L". So tLey ae taugLt to pray outaide "{ tL"-".di"t.'d o{ t.y * f-J o.g""J {"' th" *u""""."purut"ry "t"g.y tli"l e"+e-Jly (E""t". L"lhg "{ " "ooo. bJ"." "{ "'t*"J p'uy"').* -d "tL.ents li{.1 rJieious itrterpretations tley i^. Tkis eLmentary stageo{ tLe Exoteric ". Lound Ly tk"i' *hgio." '"t th. *"t on orter corporations. dpects "{ 1i{.tL *L""1 -'"t L. organ."'i*.Tti" i" *Ly *hgi""" peopler* *ry t""chy.* -y "p-u "r "p. TLey a'e t"ogLt t" L"li. 1ft.."g [*'"* tL"y L"e Le* tausLt to tLinl. religious orgdizations GL. {or tLey ue not taugl o{ tke Exotern b k.sid. tLe remn* ""J "L*" *"d." ld. ad a#./'Jigi-" .b *Jy t" figLt you on it."y &ffic"lt to argumentauve...r.-L*.'."+" co. out in tLe L""". instituUonalized d"""ti"". b""i"""" L-$g.". d"p."pl..L tA. 2 .k h i" d"".y att"cL"J t" tLeir reLg.t g"l n tA* .y"Col.i*1ly). -"io."o-"ull"d Lo"". 'Ly't *^*'1'rr.t* ""t"'t {". Hi. militaty.d any disagreements witl' tL"i' I{ you cotrr€rsation wL.--i. p-pL u'.' tA.. ""h""* t" Io-'n o{ tL"L *ligi"'. Exoteric etud.d. tL. Lr 'utL"."I a"l .'.e *'.zed ffime.n.I*r '*2"t". *. It is ".* th. o. tk. Th.u"i"A'y""" .g" i Exoter.t"". masonry.'d sit dom and apeatto s"-"o'. fust *L""1.tL. -L" i" i.-." PeoDL -L" -" -"-t..natio's {"' Jl J tL*.'."u"' &". {"' th. Th".' E""t. -liei"" .. 'y'"g"g.c scLool tL. "*re tLat Exotdctum its"[ .ot oLt"i.r.ntJist L. "{ '. politlcs. eociJ conceme. tL.t" tk" u"d {ocueing predominatly mainstream society {or tleir g"*-.rJ sa iJ*".y d"?"'d upon tLeit {ome to TL.'". rl.'g .'" *p.4"""".on. o. as mterialigm.r lite. "'d tk" state J -"'ldly "o-""po. -d di{f. u ull i* .*&. gate o{ entry into tle Esoteri scLool.

"till "1". Otrce .L"*.1*" intenuons and tLe dooo "{ tk t-. tL.7 *i11 "d &"iph. religious *ripturee o{ tL" -" i.1d -}'. For centuries Lu-. Lut it'e still you. stage during tLeir tL"s.""-o "tLe' 'no'" . g"""'Jly (-*. spiritual matunty &"." (out"'/""t.Iity . p"tl "p".-.ts o{ Lfe).'. .'d minteregted in Eeoteric k". TLi" i" -L. suffi" and st "p*. . tL.g".t {"' "'1y tle "L"*" *L"t {"*) or simply are not d*J"p'ne.sig'. tL" tL"y L""o-" tL..-J "o. tLe s'J". At tLi" l*l to aJvance on tL" putL t"*-J" "*"{ I'i" "..rJ . o" the otLe' L-d..Ii-"d appearances."{ tL.-".' '"ligi"..J ". "".tL.d tL" {o.g" L. they ludge Ly "'t--d "'d "..o"*.t L.d ".."Id" l..-. so'l L* p**d tLtougL tLe Exoteac E""tdc s"Lo"l "{ ld.n tte-s"l*. ptesent lde. TL. The 'Ji"" o"t "'J represents tLe myrucal o' initiative patL tL. ""d tLe spi. TL..ts o.d "t".g*" o{ ""d h* "tt"i'. Io. { has pl".it"J p*"on Go"l) L"Ch" tLe nunlen mlling it di-u"L tLe sput'J petction. "{ tL. d. G""l) and has to caet el4 to find tLeir tne sel{ (contraty to "ff t1'" -u"t {imitation "{ tk .l""" lit."" u.ed tL" . tL.* -eaning. averagepeople (Exoteric gtuJe. 'neaniad) of tLingr....cq".g b"L. -"" kL" u *u"t tL"t Lid" y"". ego presciptiom allov the stuJent to struddle against tLe *l{-c-"ted (-*L) th"t -u...'"e to tLe center certer. L* -"1. "--. and at tLie time i' onis li{.J {"' tLe The Eg"t 'i" ".t-t". soul L. *... Egotencigm in Exotedc.". 'no'.'l"li"-. lilened unto a c cle s p'""". {or as tLe mystical patl g. -"-.. trotL (LigLa sel{).s. cianps tLe soul and dwaJs its epintuality. $" p. not completeJ tLiu p'.'lity. "" do "t""* {.I*" to linitationg "{ {"'*.t Lu" L*" d"."L "1"" L""" a {om. "t""-{*. {u"" {'".llLJg.t" L.p *lklng amongst Lumadty """1*d "'"'gL t" *d*t-d in th* long rotot lile nightnare.'t d. tLe Jeecription.l" rLe se. E*oteric si& "{ li{."e oLsemnce to inner convictions. clogging its progress ad stunting its growtL."d *ligi"". *itL tL.. .'JI"". *" f"' tt. I' "dJition to respecting tLe uoyug* 1.dy {".g &". p"t otiJity -ith.t it. o"* (relidious) staee. G. order to dissolve it into Tl'ey lea.e'loot tL. tL"y {. ""'t"'t".ury .r in.ld.J " naturJ Jistaste {"' base a'J '"..J "y.""""u. *Lo l"v. a content . -.J" i'o* b. "." {o' "'di'ary..t""1 "{ lJ" i" "p*i{i". 'p.ii.s .

or nce Ag tLe Jewr.4"ch'o. &. tl'" meanings. {* tL. TL. T*"L. dL At tLi" I""J tLere is no long* if.' -"-ldly *hool tempt"tioro that ca bi."d -tL' to tL"t -""Jitv.f on purpoee/. "{ tL" L"-.1d losesits atiiaction.*i""L' chose tLem in tleii tongue in tLeir part o{ tLe eart} a particuLr reLgion "'t" "*ti . Ltt* LIL (ignoran@equt JeatL) TLur.di$.rs J thi" '"t""1 teacL a state wLeretl'ev 'b.g. (l""*i'e).* * I }Jie* "...""" tt.."J . {o-" t" go t"fi-J t "*Ljg" "{ tLiu 't"g'. so it was onlv LL"-. ". vLat is L*t {o' " p.g shdents'h" k'"' h"' mqninq ia for the Esotenc eoirjtuaVmlgticJ Lo irrerprci it. of L.t". At tL" co. tt *. . As a certain medicine l tle prope'ty to Le. tLev '* tL. St"d.. A11.alL e*emal aspects "{ -kg.h." i"'-g.t .ts t'".i" {"' tL. o.d diffe*"c"g .D"."l'"i"." """1 G ."J LLeir "f Ll"'.li*a'1* 1.*-'*". . tL.." "t"de.-J) -".g. . th*"L"ld "I (-. ['"*i"q -d "*"*""'". L"lv Lo"k. begirs lo see*l'at the wot reoresent. so tLat tLe spiritual vovager puasi"'.s -"to-p*a"o. r-lv becomirg aware lile <min inne.". claimire L.-. E'"t"'i" stJ"'tg "{ li{" "'lv t'"* in wl'icL you fi. LL. ["liJ b*"*" The spi'it J 'oy.j *t. E""t". of rhem . . o{ u-. BiLL .Mliz.t"..d L.itL L"comeg H-".ei"J."*ligi"'" L*"'"" the apparent ...'d Q*'"' lit"'Jy. Jisappearat tLese higl noticeaLle 1"""L "i .J "."'". e""d *L" L. .ln "'J t" "1"" t"' I p." ". et"r."d {.a Je{iciency only."""'Ji."."t") .t t"!" tL. E""t.tL"t {on" (ExotericiEm) nece$arv./he'. nol literJ]y b'L "y*Loli"Jly. t-tL" tL." ""U.J Ji#erent nentalitiee.ipL" -ho -i"L to li* . it'" "*"t tt"i"d1y to tJi"{ -J f"itt. tLere are no lon nov controle k" "' L.""y L...t"r {acte. "'d '"J"fihd do"u".-.ole eadl as Egipliaos Lt'"y -.tigi""' Lavea tendencv emp}raa.*.i' Ea" and decipL* tL" i th.l {". tLe 'elig.opL .Lt'.1"*. pa+icularly essential.LL. $'1 in tleir {orfre.ti"'" 'l-"s.': TI'. -hgioo"-*'" according to .'*' -eet Jl tL" n*d."t" "{ tL" I""t". *'t"i.p.'tic'L' '" """d" t" L" Lli-J"d ""J tLeir eapacities to unJentand.. tLe &oplet rejoi "{ Tf.'.""1y.v &" to tL"i' "g"i Leein to eo "" th.ous significdce can penetnte into you spid anJ tL" "v''l'ti" {"'-" """ iB di"""""u'. "ortL*' parl'. Lt it'"" J" what mogt men "* "-JL t" J". A s".g. sent out at df{*eot ioflu"o*" b.".. and a lar eastem patl' e ". *Juog tL"t tL"v .al a certa.

E' not yet amLened tLeir spiritual/myetical . Mo*s Isla-i" .. &d to gettLere. -h"t B'ddL' L.d '"ligi"' {""l. N"* l""t at tLem aeain. t-tL "' tk. sat J"- ".t"'t"d."t" ""d '"1*e"ts i. di"co*'. h""r"' -"'. BuddLa *ti'eJ L"Jl "{ yo.". L"t L" J"" I"{t k" {"-ily.'".'p into tLe religions seem dune i."4 b:ll -". on a man desertingLis parente at age 13 and then ending q L-g "" . TL. out o{.tl"'. '*U*" *"d"" to .' k" Ji". -"p"'*t.--""egs .M"tL" t" M*""."thi.cL tLey functioa . TL" *-.". "'"*.k. o.--. truly standing J""e tL" -..y.d J-"dy t"g* to Le twisted u"J di. But tecauseth" d.t *"..11 y"".1 *'y L* *".. only s"l'u"' {"' th" "'". t" "" did L" *ll *L"t h. -. -1" -"d" -L"t is t osn x tLe religions CL.g your jols in C""L"r.B"ddL".t B"ddLb- tull-fl"dg."L".rt. So tL" Ck'ti"ng "'d tL" No tra&tional rJieion is the only M'"li* -.hties and go eit and "L.. *Li"L *""U l-* "ll "{ 1-o"' -up"'"$.ty.t! i"dais-.g*" ".'d l"d." is iite tLe gunnit (LigLest point) "{ u ppu-id. tL" b"dy tl'e parent religion.' {-. D*"'t yo"' i"-dy . L"t go-" L*"d utl. vL."d"d "p"' -L"t B'J&" -."t utterances.:uan. tLen go Lome . so it is impoesille to eonweyan orestandi.d steJ {aon caavang .'. Eeypt.ipL" -J tL. it is one ad unique.p""pl"..s . It *" ""ly a$. }'."".t Tle Esoteric dimension in"ol""s tL. kll p""pL.i -* ""pposedt" 1. and Ve !. "i."g 2*"L."g '"'..d its entlery.ce "{ tL*" -p"'t"d sayings.J *. St"p .J " *y "ot of "-dJy ""ff". Lill"d.-*l*".g i' m"Jit. t"k" tLeiz viwe anJ tLat's tLe h*L "{ I"L-.d k'".""lJ d'"p d".'? TL. *itL otL.'tl' o{ CLristianitv. "d" "'d "LilJ-'. d."" *iJ "d supposeJ eignifica.t. T-. tL" way in wL.d "' -Lut I'e -. V".lities.-€ w.t}'e Clitutian '. L"-"t"* {."-. a G"d.g tL. tL.. L""i.ld 'eligi".o-Lae. E*" bJo'" h" l'. Do"'t L" {ooled into existence.L. tLere grew up a }'os+ J ".- MoL.1i4"" "*" 'L". {". tLe vorld. g*"t. it waB cenainly not Jsus.J.g o{ tLat -Jty to tL"* -h. k t"""Li'gs L. put tLen Leads t"getLe' -d L"ilt tL".t abo't {i"1"'-".d di.tLat's rehgion's you.d tL" fut"re..J =L-g *. 't"pp.d I"L-."t Ly Li" fully .ipL" Jis"ipL" """1J .ly t" {ollow k-. t"tLeir wireg aad kJ" L[ t" ""ff."f tle.. J"d"is. spiftual senses.11 "{ t}'i' ilL*".r {"rrJ*". tL" b.1 ". -"k" . H.pp"u'u""" tL. *"..

-"Jd. cameto L" -J.d".. p"*o" the o'.g propL"t" : Judais'tr. .. .i. ut"ppd. {"r tL" L. JL t" *cog'r .s .eed c-e-o.*" tL't *" "{ initiates E'Lo li* . TL. M"ges.q. TL" Neteru 1""".ll L. "' tL " LigLot trutl. TLe ** pnnciple aaucleo{ tLee *".r "".J **J" u" u' io. :ntioned ealier is tLe Eeote.t" go. *-" {"t. It i" "{ erovrl. your progressl ".ly **oilL -o".g . # y J".rgLt.. TL" A.l. t*tL.Ve.J L. CLnstiaaity.! lrl I"l. "'. .d -"t 6 .t"J. t tL" o'g-iz. {"'.. .t""t rLet.*ll [" Jli to go {u*L* th. its Geligious)Li.'d . -L. r. {"".. r tL. L"* .e story to tell. trade upon it.. *t GcLo"l"{ rl'"'cl't) **l 1'pi.di'g t< / the Ancient Egiptiao O'd."t.di. "'d assig'. As I L J .""i"lJL o-J" t" tk" loyJ. Hhduism."dl teacLingsare o. CLoics Jlow you to to yoqr giowtL.v-r-- *t" t"". I{ y"" cannot pase tle Exotetic school.tL. TLis ie natural to tLt imp'ess people ".5tL anJ vl sion tLat Lis om soJ permital k. uJ tlar i{ j"a. l.J (Deities) ne1€r alow anyone to anJ enter a new one vitlout . Lnost politicJ organization ou{ upon it. you vill not Le aLle t< tt "* fl-L to you.J. b&*" u"J proclaimtlat yor """1J .tes ""d -d d"g'""s (.ts renegade."."Jy {"ElLd." ca'neL*t t" ea'tL." *ill cL""* to act accorJ.dL.s). {".l .t L" ta.J*."'*. *. they *""1d . .d "' it by { .tL" atre.p"" it" . TL.t L"* existed.J '.. .sn.d at y"" L*1.g" o{ jes"" CL'.lLlL -" ".d". Lws. Jl .ligions. 'eguki""".*tL.. a"d tL. it too admn g. ' a gatellit" io .".J"J *"1""d "'d tL. d"" to tLe {orns tLat L."".'ug"J t" tLeir teachings.g lit"--."" Leen i-p*. -d *" *l'at L* b*n -.bal *14.nd "{ it. .'".. "" ning o{ a. y"r' all L. Zooastrian.utL a g"*--"ntal . N."""J b.. E*oteric s..eligi"" .y"'d tL" ft*t "*"iti. {"r . Jl Li"d. and r poli.gLt reasoning. L" *"'ld not [.itL it" . greatt *L* ol tL. {". > p'"tL-e.d wde to cor *Jy -" lack di""".ipp"d Ly tL".h...All '"Lgi"'" *"L L". Th" "-" i{ BuddL. T.LlisLeJ -. -. TL" "ccasio.ainisn. . "{ '. L&e tLe state. tl""e -L" " '""1t ". *hgio' .y"'J tL.o.b""Lt" ""d . But men seize upp"ur" u..E. ontact vitL tL" ""t"ide w"'ld are epiritual teaoro.*.J M"].y. Ji"idi'g it'"I{ into sectgand too. He "{ Ji"i".t""l "{ li{e and put into pmctice one o{l tLe religions "{ tL.y.t ""L""1 '.

tLey are udrers a past season. t"k"g i{ {"' tL" ""1y t-tL t th.. -Lglo" a'e -i'd--. .s"n+. divine spirit "{ t-tL.. tL*. it tu no g""d *lyi"g "..' it comes to a sfntuJ liG In ordet to trang{o p""pL'" li*" ". 1""k. *k"t -.."**l p'"g-* ""t.y ..t'J g'owtL.otr stop at a religious c'*J ""d ti.d . Lut it is juet tlat.'d -t"".t.d.n t"d. th"* . tLi'g The a*id* -J d. "o" -uy b" *i"."d *ligi""" dog-*. *ad know tLe trutL o{ tLe spirit t}ra out {or you."ligi"" Ly tLe spiri 1i{".gL"'. Lut we ae not co"soi"os "{ .t'-L. witLout Leing . 1.""."ubL t" p'ud" o'e -itL tL" noutisLmen '*d"d {o' o. oae must not ""o{"* .od ." only G"d.e*" at a tLeologicJ ""lLee.d"g-"".H diret contact vitl tLe &"i.e** J ."e stuJieJ -ligi"'" ecriptures. yo*""1{ i' it.d {'.ngs Let. tJy -h. St"Je. you stop tle almcement and wiJening oI .p*. coJeJ li{. d.." vLe' )." d"g-*. J" univercJ) anJ striw {or totJ trut}r' TLey teacL us to enter int conscioueneea). *" '"pL.-L*Jdi. T}'ig i tlat men must attain."'""" .". -d odLoJox interpretationa. -d gi* *""d"J"l *-"'"."*J..-"y.L". pli extracLirg tnowleJge"'J *.g t" tLe p""t . Y"r J" rot ".tL tLe . j". pL.g -hgio"" J"g-* TL."1 "{ ld.'Le" t"gLt Ly se[ ndLt""'" men. Th. b""1" alone cdnot gire tle t"t"lr'"tL.d p-pu'" . Unde-.".lo'opLy.*d"" *1"1" o{ ." -h"L is in ere+Ling.'" "".'*"tes "."d". AutLenuc spirtuJ (mysticJ) te'"L."JJ*hgi""'. tu1i4"' d"g.i g.. TL"y L"* 1". i.y ".o tL" way o{ epirituJ li{e. at tLe same time.y"'d Jl ""d"" ".Jigi"'"."141't"' tL. ."'*.reLgiousteeh. y.i" "pi.'.t {"' fu realization.'d }...t " '"hgioo J""ig'.' tLeology. G"'" "'t"'"hJle *.ehgt"s -i'J.kstor. n'" tl'e t"." . Fo. -orld. tLe Esoteric .y."Li "{ tL.d ". d".g."ti" place is tLe t -pL "{ th. Th"i' -.. * tL.t Oo" -.' Iollow. rt"Jy oJy "." b.d . -L. ** Ly lit"-lis-.oy r.di'g .e."L p. Students o{ tLe Eaoten tL" ". -""t fi*t {i.-r"t 1i.t ht tl'e JotLi.. p.""t Lo*J t" . *iJ".* alov" -L (be.J our inner soul.. ."t L"* b. . Spi'lt""l teacli."d LJ p'"g-*. *ho are cLoeen. tt" L""L "{ LI". h.'flu"'*J .'.*d ."g" .t . d..eLgi"o" t""cLi uth spirituJ teacLings. a.J -lis. *k"L i" t-. y"' muet te a part "{.t L. . cloger to Ji"i."'.g t}re ftture...J {"' y"' to "li'g to ad eLut youroel{up i.9.ts "i tLe Eeotenc ""t""1 "{ lif" 1""".

.y". "J Ly th."J." O"d* only puppets ln tL."'"" "{ someone watcLing you i{ you really concentrate.g in and out 9 tines. *i"' o+-. extonJ {o.*d o{ *uJe.d t. Unity mlst L( tk"'g}' "'d"^lty tLe woJd: uniry *J*d th-"gL tL." 'cLoJ.t to tle Esoteric 1e".€ $. But tLe Esoteiic Jimension '"*"" are awaiting *."{ t*tL "uy"."d "itv tL" ".g'"." y"".y.te .1"g : timee. I".gLt ""i-e. and insttuctions/assistance int" tte ."t"r "{ t-.& "{ tL" L'g* {"-. p"p"' "lip ". .-. participating i t settind spidtual e*amples . -e-t.'d place on LLe cmter of rt'" f"rr p"g* it 3t.i l" "v" l. eacLone is in indispensJle to wL"L. th" E""t"'i" b'otL*k""d o{ t-tL EacL uemler is a pa* of tLe unitv.l/ to some extent. *. Tu!". E*"td" supentition."{"-ation. Lu* t" p*" tLe t}.--. 'Ha-Hotep".i'L rl" Meuge Gomtl'e nasrers "EeoLeric or Exoteric' gacred documenL F"' El Y"'." yo"' puctag". Ly ""r o'Ji"".. "A-". ttaJitions. P.le L'e"tL.' $".p 5. T.tL" . VL..1/*L""1. "" t}'. t" st."iJ -Lti"""."1"*J .. l'"ly J.y". by -"di.""t *L""1 level T^. Ve suggest that tLe .4. . intelleVemotiong. I-om .rL. tL.n". wLd" l""ti"g y""' eyes d. TL. this te-ple is eaeyto I. Step 3: PLce a cLair 3 let You eay these Deities names 8 yo"r L{t ". Srepl.ry yoo -i11 overcome Exotetism ie tLat you magts tLere scL""L.dis'n J"a"i3m.. TLis is tLe stage wLose 6'lAll-".1t". iJ"Lt.o.tL.opbleton a. M.- (11. L".y it *' t" "**t. ['t {"' tL" "y"' "{ tL"" dimension is esseoti it renains atle to receiwetL. tL" Jl. PL... . "{ "y* tLal are looli4 at you.y. p"i.'-tly on tL" t"" """. tone.*/"t"J.. {anaticiem a. away {rom tLe Jte'.J otLer ". tL" -J t" Exoteric aspects.d. u11"*.-" J -"-hip. rf.* f'".. 9+L ti^e y"" ""y"'O-" Lolding it on a viLrat. On tLe last count oi 9 "A" K"l".t ' cL.-R. Y". k {"'-" adw. "{ Ch'i"ti"-. d.gLt t" L{t *"'ly.ce spidtuJly peJecLion for ou spinr"al adwncement Lowards prepardtorysLaEe phyri". You *ill Gd tl'" P'".'J to your eyes {acing yours.'ts o{ tLe Ancient Egipti.a"t"). fi. ReJ rhi" p-.g'uph ufL". is an aLButdity. St..p 2."' d**". {asung ""-p.

ohro.Ert'. 'Ot6id.oa' No Relirbility On Thc llacr You. Conparativc Of . GO BACK TO BTGINNING REA"DING OF THE BOOK AND START .'. Atl Ousidc Inllucncq Aad B.|ids. Vhcn A Pcrlo! Ir Rcttrict d By Bclicfs Ard Feith Tbzr Pct lotr I! Ir A Statc Of Exotcric.Vby Exoteric? The Vod Exotcric Coocr Froo Thr L.5.rrocc Ia Tbc Doeio Of Dividty.rad. Frlo U. It'r Thc Outsidc laflucacc And Not Evcn Out Of Thc Udvers Bccn M& To Bclicvc Ard Acccpt About Yourcclf. Ftom cl. Vtet you. Or Mdc To Bcticvc Or Acce?r.ohtic1It.tin .'O*'. Frcnr Grtc& l*. Thc Crcetivc yorq Thc cod you Thc Divinc You. But Ou6idc llc EovirooDcog Ybd Yqr flavc ncea Convinccd Of.Block Your Divility.

5 5 7 9 * G E-l\tAlL To: EGIPTSX3(ar AOL. O . a 3 0 6 0 4 . E G I P T I A N I I Y S T L R t E S . B o r5 5 7 9* A t h e n s . C O M .COM.Fo{r * P . Or Visit O u r W E B S I T L IA t $ ' \ \ ' W .

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