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Service BluePrint for Raffles Hospital (Singapore


Physical Evidence

• Registration • Hospital External Counter Parking Lot • Brochures • Registration Counter

• • • • •

Furniture • Furniture Writing Pad • Water Dispenser Computer • Television Printer • Queue Indicator Medical Instruments

• Telephone • Furniture • Computer • Medical • Writing Materials Instruments • Printer • Documents

• Furniture

• Furniture • Telephone • Computers • Documents

• • • • •

Telephone Computer Writing Materials Documents Surgery wear

• Telephone • Computer • Surgery • Writing Materials Equipments • Documents • Documents

• • • • •

Telephone Computer Writing Materials Furnitures Surgery wear

• Telephone • Computer • Documents

• Telephone • Computer • Furniture • Documents

• Telephone • Computer • Furniture • Documents

• Telephone • Computer • Furniture • Documents

• Telephone • Computer • Documents

• Delivery tools • Documents

• Delivery tool • Documents

• Telephone • Computer • Furniture • Documents • Parking Facilities

Patient walk in

Nurses greets the patient

The Nurse guides the Patient joins in the patient to the Normal Queue Consultation Room

Patients were placed in Observation Room


Patients remain in observation room

Patient sent to IC Unit for observation

Patient sent to ward

The nurse obtain ID from patient and registers him to the database

Nurse Assess the severity of the patient's condition

Sever Nurse place the e patient on Priority

Doctor consults the patients

Not Needed

Nurses preapare patient for surgery

Doctor performs the surgery

Patient receives the prescription from nurse

Patient is informed of folow-up appointment date

On Stage

Patient is Discharged

Nurses page the Doctor

Doctor decides if the Surgery is needed

Back Stage

Neede Nurse informs the d patient's family

Nurses check if there is any available theater

Available Theater

No Available Theater

Nurses schedule for operation

Nurse check for available wards

Nurse informs ward Patient Files passed for Admission on to ward staffs

Doctor check on patient

Nurses arrange for follow-up appointment


Registration System

Database System

Doctor informed on Patient's location

Doctor gives the patient prescription

Ward's staff informs Pharmarcist deliver pharmacist about the prescription to ward patient's prescription staff

Ward Staff check for correct prescription

Database System