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Beer, Wine & Beverage Selections

By The Glass...
Vinos de Jerez
Served with dry roasted almonds.
Sherries - by the glass $7.00
Fino - (pale golden & dry) — La Ina
Manzanilla - (light, crisp, refreshing) — La Gitana by Hidalgo
Amontillado - (richer, older Fino) — Hidalgo
A unique blend of Amontillado, Oloroso and Pedro Ximenez - (darker & sweeter) — Dry Sack
Cream - (dark, rich & sweet) — Harvey’s Bristol Cream

Sangria ~ Homemade Red or White Wine
laced with spiced, infused fruit juices Glass $7.50 / Pitcher – $28.00

Cava ~ Sparkling Wine
Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut Split $7.50

White Wines
Franco - Espanolas – Diamante $8.00
Torres – Vina Sol $8.00
La Playa – Chardonnay $7.50
Casa Lapostolle – Sauvignon Blanc $8.25

Red Wines
Caves Primavera – Tempranillo $8.00
Vino de Eyzaguirre – Cabernet Sauvignon $7.50
Vino de Eyzaguirre – Syrah $7.50
Vino de Eyzaguirre – Merlot $7.50

Imported Beers
Jamaica: – Red Stripe $4.95
Mexico: – Negra Modelo - Corona $5.25
Portugal: – Sagres $4.95
Holland: – Amstel Light - Heineken $4.95
Brazil: – Xingu $5.95
Argentina: – Quilmes $4.95
N/A Beer: – Beck’s N.A. $4.00

Domestic Beers
Coors Light - Budweiser - Bud Light $3.95
Full Sail Amber $4.95
Specialty Drinks
Mojito – “Papa Hemingway’s” favorite Caribbean drink. Light rum or spiced rum
with fresh mint, fresh squeezed lime juice and a splash of soda. $7.00
Caipirinha – Brazil’s famous cocktail! Cachaca - a sugar cane liquor, sugar,
limes and fresh lime juice. $7.00
Havana Daiquiri – Raspberry rum, raspberry fruit and fresh lime juice. $7.00
Fruit Daiquiri – Light rum with your choice of lime, banana, strawberry or mango. $7.00
Havana Cooler – Peach schnapps, rum, papaya nectar and cranberry juice. $7.00
Havana Banana – Dark rum, Banana Liqueur, Creme de Cacao and cream. $7.00
Mangotini – Made with your choice of either mango rum or vodka. $7.00
Pusser’s Painkiller – British Naval rum - This unusual potent tasting rum is not for
the faint hearted. Blended with fruit juices and coconut and sprinkled with nutmeg. $7.75

Mixing Rums
for blending in Cuba Libres, Mojitos, on the rocks or with your favorite mixer
Light Rums
Bacardi Anejo • Bacardi Superior • Matusalem Platino • Cruzan
Dark Rums
Bacardi Select • Mount Gay (Amber) • Myers • Cruzan Dark • Coruba
Spiced Rums
Captain Morgan’s • Castillo Spiced
Flavored Rums
Bacardi Coco • Bacardi Limon • Barcardi O
Cruzan Mango • Cruzan Pineapple • Cruzan Raspberry • Malibu (Coconut)

Specialty Mixing Rums
Pusser’s British Navy Rum (Trinidad & Guyana, B.W.I.) – Issued as a daily ration to
the British Navy from 1655 to 1970. Still produced using the original formula, this
superb and naturally flavored rum is known as “liquid history”. $7.00

Appleton Special Jamaica Rum (Jamaica) – Founded in 1749 and still produced in very
small batches using copper stills and aged in oak barrels. Each batch is hand blended for
unique flavor and finish. $6.75

Pyrat Planter’s Gold XO Reserve (Anguilla, B.W.I.) – Rich and dark in color, this super
premium rum has hints of heavy molasses and an extremely smooth finish. $9.00

Bacardi 8 (Bahamas) – An amber rum with moderately full body. Taste reminiscent
of walnuts, cinnamon, pecan pie and maple. Enjoy the soft rich texture followed by
an everlasting finish. $8.00
Sipping Rums
Myers’ Legend (Jamaica) – Deep ruby red in color and complex with a rich medley of
flavors like island spice and clove. Full bodied and aged 10 years to provide a lingering and
elegant finish. $12.00
Ron Matusalem Gran Reserva (Dominican Republic) – Originally produced in 1872 in
Santiago de Cuba using a secret Spanish recipe. Aged in French oak and then blended using
the “Solera” aging process which marries older and younger rums together for unique flavor
and smoothness. The average age of these blended rums are 15 years old. $13.00
Ron Matusalem Rum Classico (Dominican Republic) – An exotic golden rum, crafted from
select rums aged in New World Oak and “Solera” aged for an average of 10 years. Produced
with the same exacting standards as the other Matusalem rums. $9.00
Westerhall Plantation (Grenada, West Indies) – Never mass produced, this rum is distilled
in copper kettles and each batch is blended with different proportions to achieve the flavor

standard. Freshly crushed sugar cane juice and oak aging are also major factors in the
laborious production process.

Non-Alcoholic Beverages
Iron Beer
A dark cream soda with a hint of orange. $3.00
A cream soda with a hint of pineapple. $3.00
Diet Materva
A cream soda with hints of pineapple & soda. $3.00
A tropical pineapple soda. $3.00
A brazilian favorite - a dry yet slightly fruity ginger ale. $3.50
A fruit punch soda with a cream soda base. $3.50
Jamaican Ginger Beer
A “True” ginger ale made with real ginger, sweet & tangy. $3.50
A dark, thick, malt beverage - very sweet with molasses overtones. $3.50
Inca Kola
“The Golden Kola” from Peru. Imagine a creamy bubble gum delight. $3.50
Sangria Soda
A refreshing alternative to our House Sangria $3.50
A strawberry soda from Ecuador $3.50
Argentinian Wines - Red
BenMarco (Mendoza)
Malbec/Bonarda – Beautiful purple color with perfumed aromas of blackberry and licorice.
Rich dark chocolate flavors with oak and vanilla components. $45.00

Alamos by Catena (Mendoza)
Malbec – Dark violet, blackish color with aromas of black cherries and black currants. Intense,
peppery fruit flavors. The finish is soft, with round and velvety tannins. $32.00

Argentinian Wines - White
Catena (Mendoza)
Chardonnay – Rich and concentrated flavors of tropical fruit, citrus and pear. Has a noticeably
mineral character with excellent balance and a clean, crisp finish. $40.00

Crios de Susana Balbo (Cafayate)
Torrontes – This enticing Argentine original has aromas of peach, white pear and flowers. Fresh
fruit flavors and a dry crisp finish. $36.00

Bodega Lurton (Mendoza)
Pinot Gris – Made in the traditional methods of Italian Pinots, this wine has a particular
fruitiness and aromas of citrus and flowers. Best when young to appreciate the full flavor
and bouquet. $29.00

Chilean Wines - Red
Concha y Toro Terrunyo (Puemo Valley)
Carmenere – This Carmenere is aged in French Oak for 19 months. Bright and deep red in
color, it has hints of chocolate, pepper and spice. Full bodied with strong tannins. $59.00

Primus by Veramonte (Casablanca Valley)
Carmenere / Merlot / Cabernet Sauvignon - This wine showcases the Carmenere “lost
Bordeaux grape” which was prominent in Bordeaux in the I800’s. Potent nose and silky
palate are structured over flavors of fruit. Hints of chocolate and sweet spices add to its’
long finish. $47.00

Casa Silva Reserva (Colchagua Valley)
Carmenere – Subtle yet complex. flavors of ripe fruit abound in this deep and dark colored
wine. Velvety tannins add to the good structure and smooth finish. $37.00
Cousino-Macul Antiguas Reserva (Maipo Valley)
Cabernet Sauvignon - A smooth and medium bodied classic Cabernet. Flavors of spice,
cherries and black currants. Aged in French Oak for a year, then rested for another
6 months prior to release. $40.00

Vino de Eyzaguirre (Colchagua Valley)
Cabernet Sauvignon - Medium bodied and smooth with complex, fresh and crisp flavors
of ripe berries, cherries and plums. $26.00 / $7.50 glass

Casa Lapostolle Cuvee Alexandre (Colchagua Valley)
Merlot - Complex and balanced character with a deep ruby red color. Attractive aromas of
blackberries and cherries plus flavors of chocolate and black pepper give this wine a full palate
and explosive richness. $45.00

Vino de Eyzaguirre (Colchagua Valley)
Merlot - Well balanced and light bodied. Smooth and delicious flavors with soft tannins and a
mild, lingering finish. $26.00 bottle / $7.50 glass

Montes Alpha (Colchagua Valley)
Syrah – of intense ruby red color, it has great aromat with floral, tobacco and leathery notes.
Strong and full bodied to the palate, with soft and mature tannins. A very long, elegant and
satisfying after taste. $48.00

Vino de Eyzaguirre (Colchagua Valley)
Syrah – Deep and complex palate that reflect a bouquet of strawberries and coffee. Sweet and
ripe notes provide a prolonged, nice finish. $26.00 bottle / $7.50 glass

Montes Limited Selection (Casablanca Valley)
Pinot Noir - A classic Pinot Noir with violet and strawberry notes. Aged in French Oak
for 8 months which provides a long and elegant finish. $37.00

Chilean Wines - Whites
LaPlaya (Colchagua Valley)
Chardonnay – From Chile’s premier wine making region. Lightly fruity with flavors of
ripe pear, coconut and banana. Slightly dry with a well balanced palate. $26.00 / $7.50 glass

Casa Lapostolle (Rapel Valley)
Sauvignon Blanc - A white wine “ star” from Chile. Fruit forward and rich with citrusy
flavors and a touch of oak. Crisp with pleasant finish. $29.00 / $8.25 glass
Portugese Wines - Red
Sogrape (Douro)
Touriga Nacional/Touriga Franca/Tinta Barroca/Tinta Roriz - Rich, complex and quite
velvety with robust and concentrated fruit flavors. Powerful and bold ~ truly for wine
connoisseurs. $39.00

Caves Primavera (Douro)
Tinta Roriz – This is the northern Portuguese name for the Tempranillo grape. Fruit flavors
with emphasis on mulberries and raspberries. Smooth finish with low acidity and soft tannins.
A pleasant semi dry wine. $28.00 / $8.00 glass

Portugese Wines - White
Quinta da Aveleda (Vinho Verde)
Arinto/Azal/Loureiro/Trajadura – The unique citrine color of this wine is achieved by paying
special attention to temperature control during production. Has a delicate fruity aroma and
smooth flavor. A slight effervescence adds to the crisp and refreshing finish. $23.00

Spanish Wines – Red
Pesquera by Bodegas Alejandro Fernandez (Ribera del Duero)
Tempranillo – Top of the line Crianza of the Ribera del Duero region. A delicious combination
of lush textures and exuberant fruit flavors. May contain neutral sediment that is a unique
feature of this wine. $65.00

Marques de Caceres Reserva (Rioja)
Tempranillo/Mazuelo/Graciano – A very well balanced red wine with ripe fruit flavors and
a smooth, mellow finish. $54.00

Marques de Riscal Reserva (Rioja)
Tempranillo/Graciano – Very complex in flavor with woodsy notes of currants, mushroom
and sweet chocolate. Smooth finish with a touch of tannins. $42.00

Carchello by Agapito Rico (Jumilla)
Monastrell(Mourvedre) – Rich and complex with a compelling nose of fresh berries and flavors
of sandalwood and ripe fruit. Lingering, velvety finish. $33.00
Exaltos by Dominio de Tarres (Bierzo)
Mencia – It’s a wine most anyone would like! Features a vanilla cherry yogurt nose. An
extremely smooth wine with tannins that provide just a touch of grip but are well rounded -
very long fruit finish like a cherry pie. $59.00

La Planella by Joan d’Anguera (Montsant)
Mazuelo / Syrah / Garnacha Tinta (Grenache) / Cabernet Sauvignon – From a family estate
dating back two hundred years. This red wine is light in weight, with fresh red berry and cherry
flavors lifted by dried flowers and anise - finishes clean. $42.00

Spanish Wines – White
Morgadio (Rias Baixas)
Albarino – Complex and zesty with wonderful splashes of ginger and almond. Creamy body
and a light finish of vanilla and tropical fruit. $48.00

Martinsancho by Angel Rodriguez Vidal (Rueda)
Verdejo – Intense, fresh flavors of citrus and fruit with a beautiful floral and peach nose. Well
rounded texture and long, dry finish are key features of this unique white wine. Under 2000
cases made per year and produced using virtually no modern techniques. $39.00

Fransola by Torres (Penedes)
Sauvignon Blanc – Intense, bouquet with aromatic fruits - the wine is round and full
bodied with a citric edge. $55.00

Vina Esmeralda by Torres (Penedes)
Moscatel/Gewurztraminer – Intensely fruity with a hint of spices. Crisp and elegant on
the palate, reminiscent of green apples. Highly recommended with our House Paella. $37.00

Diamante by Franco Espanolas (Rioja)
Malvasia/Viura – Smooth and full bodied white wine with a floral nose and citrus flavors.
Semi-sweet with slightly dry finish. $28.00 / $8.00 glass

Vina Sol by Torres (Penedes)
Parellada – The first Spanish wine to be made in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks
and bottled promptly rather than being aged. A vibrantly fresh wine that is light with gentle
floral aromas, low acidity and low alcohol content. $28.00 / $8.00 glass

A. Coroa (Valdeorras)
Godello – This grape was one of the original varietals grown in the region by the Romans two
thousand years ago. Aromas of lemon peel on the nose. This wine is light gold in color with
intense honey, slate and floral aspects in the nose and taste - then ends with a bold finish. Enjoy
this wine with practically any meal served off of our menu! $45.00
Spanish Wines – Sparkling (Cava)
Freixenet Cordon Negro
Yes, this black bottled classic is from Spain! Find something to celebrate and enjoy some today!
Full bottles and splits… $28.00 / $7.50 split

Spanish Liqueurs & Brandy
Carlos I Brandy
Flavors of caramel and walnuts with an aroma of sweet pipe tobacco. Full bodied with
rich texture. $12.25
Conde de Osborne Brandy
A “solera gran reserva” Spanish brandy that’s aged in oak for more than ten years. $12.50
Anis del Mono
The famous Spanish anis liqueur ~ very smooth and aromatic. $7.00
Cardenal Mendoza Brandy
Full bodied with flavors of apricot, peach, flan and smoke. Creamy texture with a
lingering finish. $13.25
Licor 43 Cuarenta y Tres
Made from 43 fruits and aromatic herbs, this citrus and vanilla-toned liqueur has a Latin
history that dates back more than a thousand years! $7.75

Oportos – Ports
Served by the glass with homemade chocolate pate coins for a wonderful finish to your meal.

Graham’s 20 Year Old
Tawny in color, this mellow port is matured in wood and carefully tended for at least
20 years. $12.00

Taylor Fladgate Vintage L.B.V.
Taylor’s finest port with concentrated flavors and a solid, masculine style. Goes great with
our Flan! $8.00

Smith Woodhouse
Blended wines from the Upper Douro vineyard region of Portugal combine to make this
robust yet smooth port. Known for it’s rich fruit style. $6.00

Cockburn’s Fine Ruby Port
From the Douro region of Portugal, this is a full-bodied wine with a fruity flavor.
Blended and matured in oak casks. $6.00

Porto Pocas Lagrima
A very sweet port produced from traditional white grape varieties. Served cold for
fullest flavor. $6.00
Postres ~ Desserts
All of our sweet treats are homemade

Arroz con Leche $ 4.95
Rice pudding laced with anise, topped with whipped cream and dusted with cinnamon
Flan del Gran Flanera $ 6.50
A smooth, rich Spanish custard with a caramel sauce
Toronja con Queso Crema $ 4.95
Cuban candied grapefruit skin served over with cream cheese
Pudin de Pan con Chocolate $ 5.50
Warm chocolate bread pudding studded with Ghirardelli chocolate chips served with a warm
rum fudge sauce and whipped cream
Pudin de Pan con Helado $ 6.95
Warm chocolate bread pudding studded with Ghirardelli chocolate chips served with a warm
rum fudge sauce, ice cream and whipped cream
Brazo Gitano $ 6.50
“Gypsy’s Embrace” ~ A rolled sponge cake flavored with sherry and filled with apricot preserves
and rum custard. Iced with homemade buttercream frosting and topped with chopped walnuts
and garnished with raspberry sauce.
Torrejas $ 7.50
Cuban bread dipped in a rich milk custard and pan fried, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar
and served over strawberry sauce
Mango Melba $ 7.50
Vanilla ice cream and sliced mango, served with raspberry and guava sauces
Pastel de Queso $ 7.50
A rich, homemade cheesecake served with your choice of guava, strawberry or rum fudge sauce
Tarta de Lima $ 6.50
A refreshing lime pie baked in an almond crust
Marquesa de Chocolate $ 5.95
A rich and creamy double chocolate paté laced with Grand Marnier and served with
whipped cream and toasted walnuts
Flan de Coco con Coco Rallado $ 6.50
Coconut flan topped with mango sauce and candied coconut
Caribbean Candy Bar $ 7.50
Coconut flan topped with rum fudge sauce, candied coconut and toasted almonds
Pastel de Tres Leches $ 6.50
A Latin layer cake soaked in a rich blend of milk and filled with pineapple and Mandarin oranges
Frutas Frescas $ 5.95
A medley of seasonal fresh fruits
Mango, Mango, Mango $ 7.50
Häagen Dazs Mango Sorbet surrounded by Mango slices, topped with
Mango Sauce and Whipped Cream
Pastelitos de Guava $ 5.50
Flaky pastry filled with guava fruit and cream cheese. Baked to order - allow 35 minutes.
Dessert Sampler $ 10.95
Chocolate Bread Pudding with rum fudge sauce, Coconut Flan with mango sauce and
candied coconut, Brazo Gitano, and Lime Tart…Perfect for sharing