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Martine Restaurant in Salt Lake City


22 East 100 South
Salt Lake City, Utah. 84111

Lunch Menu

Sandwich Combinations

Served with choice of house pasta salad, green salad, or fresh fruit.
For an additional $1.50 you can "upgrade" (by substituting) to
french onion soup, 1/2 pasta salad of the day or soup of the day

Half Sandwiches - served on sourdough, rye, or wheat....6.50

Turkey, Avocado and Tomato
Rare Roast Beef & Swiss with sweet hot mustard
Pub Club - turkey, bacon, lettuce and tomato
Hot Pastrami & Swiss
Hot Roast Beef & Swiss

Grilled Sandwiches - served on sourdough or wheat bun with lettuce & tomato

Santa Fe - poblano chile, pepper jack cheese, chipotle mayonnaise
Italian - prosciutto, provolone, roasted red bell pepper, caper mayonnaise

Pepper, garlic &basil rubbed fresh albacore with fennel & onion slaw, field greens

Asian - pickled ginger-cucumber slaw, black bean relish, field greens

Bacon with swiss, cheddar or smoked provolone, chipotle mayonnaise

Grilled portabello, roasted red bell, mozzarella, carmelized onion, tomato, caper mayonnaise

Green - choice of vinaigrette, three cheese Italian, sundried tomato or herbed vinaigrette
Smoked Turkey - cheese tortellini, bacon, broccoli, tomato, cucumber relish....7.50
Portobello & White Bean Salad - artichoke hearts, shaved parmesan, romas,
kalamatas, pine nuts....7.95

Grilled Chicken....7.95
Southwestern - jicama, avocado, corn & black bean salsa, ranchero cheese,
pepitas, ancho chile vinaigrette
Asian - baby corn, wontons, red bell peppers, snowpeas, pickled ginger-cucumber slaw,
peanut-plum vinaigrette

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Martine Restaurant in Salt Lake City

Caesar - romaine, broccoli, grilled roma, polenta, parmesan, roasted potatoes, kalamatas

Pasta Salad Of The Day....7.50
Monday - Six vegetable with parmesan cheese
Tuesday - Szechwan chicken with asian vegetables, peanuts and spicy dressing
Wednesday - Bay shrimp and marinated artichoke hearts (add 1.00)
Thursday - Nicoise with herbed chicken, tomato, cukes, green peppers & beans, red onion,
egg, vegetables, capers, olives
Friday - Prosciutto ham, mozzarella cheese, peas, olives, tomatoes, basil vinaigrette

Quiche - bacon, swiss, zucchini, and mushroom with salad or fresh fruit....7.25

French Onion Soup or Soup of the Day....3.75
with House Pasta, Green Salad or Fresh Fruit....5.75
with Half Pasta of the Day....7.25

ala mode....1.75 add'l
Oatmeal or Chocolate Chip Cookie.....85
Chocolate Decadence Cake....3.50
European Style Cheesecake....3.50


Dinner Menu


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