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Team members : Saiful Aidill Bin Saiful Bahri Mohd Amar Zakwan Bin Mohd Nazri 11620 11531

Advisors : Encik Firdaus bin Zakaria

Problem statement

People nowadays having trouble getting into a natural disaster such as flood. They need to save themself from the disaster. This disaster will lead their live in danger and distruction of many thing. Heavy flood always happen lately. This is because the nature is unstable today. To solve this problem we attempt to create a flood detector that can lift up bridge when it detect flood. Rescue people from the heavy flood is the job of the flood detecter. Can the bridge be lift up by the flood detector?


The investigations about the idea which was carried out as the best solving of the problems that difficult people when they are attack by natural disaster. The purpose of this project is to rescue people from flood by lifting the bridge up. Even though we cant fight mothernature, it can be improve by a precaution step and the bridge will be a safe place for the people to stay before the rescue team arrived. The project was carried by trial and error where the project tested few times to make it funtion as we want. The success project then transfered to a river modal where flood always happen to save the people. The project was successfully function as needed. Eventhough the project have few weakness it still can be improve by further investigations.

Idea Development
1. People nowadays facing problem with natural disaster such as flood. 2. The idea of creating a flood detector that can lift up the bridge when the flood detector detect flood water at critical rate was found as the best project to solve the problem. 3. Further study about the ideas with reading and searching in web sites for more understanding and started the making process of the project. 4. The designs of the project was began to identify the equipment used in this project. The main equipment used are motors, nxt system, touch sensor and ultrasonic sensor. 5. The design was build with legos and connected to nxt . 6. Progamming started. 7. Ideas was developed to impove the project. 8. The equipment used was changed to increase the ab ility of motor to lift up the bridge. 9. New design was build with the use of nxt. The design was differ with the first design. 10. The design transferred to new look with road lifter. 11. Both of the projects were combined together in the design bridge. 12. Display was added to ease people for programmed the flood detector and as a sensor that detect flood water at critical rate. Then, the bridge will be lift up. 13. To test the project, town replica was built and the project was place at the river replica. 14. The bridge successfully lift up when the touch sensor sense the flood water rise.

Design Principle

Parts of item used



Used to lift up the bridge.

Touch sensor

. Used to detect water flood. Used as a sensor that will send warning message to nxt to alarm up warning alarm when detect water level at critical rate.

Ultrasonic sensor

Used as road lifter.

Used as warning light sign.

The design of the project