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Appetizers Seafood

Suong Nuong Bo La Lot Tom Rang Muoi Ca Chien
Five-Spice rubbed Niman Ranch pork Grilled lemongrass filet mignon Salt and pepper crusted Hawaiian Tapioca crusted red snapper
ribs with honey ginger glaze served with wrapped in la lot leaf, peanuts with blue spot prawns with garlic butter with soy braised organic
water chestnut tatsoi salad 13. micro Asian mix salad 11. served over pan fried egg noodles bok choy miu and a spicy
and chilies 29. tamarind reduction 27.
Banh Hap So Diep Banh Cuon
Seared pot stickers filled with scallops, Steamed rice noodle wrapped with Ca Hap La Chuoi Ca Bam
ginger and herbs served with a chicken and woodear mushrooms, Steamed Chilean sea bass wrapped Pan seared sturgeon marinated in
sesame-soy sauce 13. bean sprouts, chilies and nuoc cham 9. in banana leaves, tomatoes, shiitake, lemongrass, shallots and turmeric
ginger, in a black bean with sweet soy sauce served over
coconut sauce 34.
Thit Kho Chien Muc Chien cold rice noodle salad 27.
Braised Niman Ranch pork belly roulade Calamari lightly coated in a spicy crispy
with a savory caramel sauce, white truffle batter served with lime wedges and a
Ca Chien Tom Hum Ca Ri Tom So Diep
oil, hosui pear, pickled bok choy sweet chili dipping sauce 12. Pan roasted striped bass filet ragout Laughing bird shrimp and day boat
and quail egg 14. of lobster, organic English peas scallops in a coconut curry sauce
with potato, mango, Chinese
Bong Bi Chao Tom and straw mushrooms in a
eggplant and Thai basil 28.
Cuc Nuong Crispy battered squash blossoms
lobster broth 28.
Grilled five spice quail in a chili with shrimp mousse and crab claw
apricot glaze over organic
mache salad 15.
with a citrus soy sauce and
avocado quenelle 14.
Ga Roti Xao Xa Cuu Nuong
Rolls Lemongrass free range chicken two Grilled Colorado lamb chops
ways with coconut creamed with fingerling potato, watercress
Cha Gio Tom Cua Bo Bia Chay Brentwood corn, young coconut
chicken au jus 25.
salad and lime pepper
dipping sauce 40.
Crispy rolls with shrimp, Dungeness Fresh vegetarian rolls with chayote,
crab, pork, woodear mushrooms
served with lettuce wraps,
portobello, tofu, cucumber, crushed
peanuts, basil, peanut sauce 10. Heo Nuong Bo Luc Lac
nuoc cham 11. Grilled pork chop marinated in Wok seared cubes of filet
Goi Cuon ginger coconut juice served with mignon tossed in a garlic soy
Cha Gio Chay Fresh spring rolls with poached prawns, broken rice and pickled sauce over hydroponic
watercress and crispy Yukon
Crispy vegetarian “Buddha Rolls” with bean sprouts, mint, rice vermicelli bok choy hearts 32.
baby potatoes 34.
taro, tofu, shiitake, jicama served with noodles, peanut sauce 11.
lettuce wraps, sweet ponzu sauce 11.
Goi Cuon Ca Thu Suong Ham Thit Bo Nuong
Cha Gio Vit Seared Ahi tuna summer rolls with rice
Braised Niman Ranch beef short
ribs with leeks, shiitake mushrooms
Dry aged Creekstone ribeye steak,
hoisin sauce, mache and
Crispy duck rolls with taro, jicama, noodles, English cucumber, cilantro, and wild rice served with a cherry tomato salad with
served with lettuce wraps, basil, red leaf lettuce served with star anise broth 31. cilantro frites 45.
ginger dipping sauce 11. ponzu sauce 14.

Vegetables & Side Dishes
Dau Hu Chay Tau Hu Xao Thap Cam
Pho Bo Canh Tom Hum Bap Pan roasted tofu rolls with shiitake, Tofu cubes stir fried with cauliflower,
Rice noodles and rare beef tenderloin Lobster, coconut and sweet corn soup nori and bean curd skin over kale and carrot and bell pepper in a
blanched in beef broth flavored with flavored with lemongrass 9. mushroom with sweet soy sauce 23. seasoned chili soy sauce 8.
star anise, cinnamon and basil 9.
Bi Xao Toi Bap Xao
Salads Summer toybox squash sauteed
with garlic and oyster sauce 9.
Sauteed sweet white corn with
shiitake mushroom, green onion
and chili garlic butter 9.
Goi Ca Ngo Goi Du Du Tom Banh Canh Xao Cua
Hamachi “crudo” with cilantro and Shredded green papaya, prawns, carrots, Thick cut rice noodles stir fried
green chili vinaigrette, pickled fennel rau ram, basil and peanuts tossed in with Dungeness crab, shrimp, eggs, Dau Dua Xao
and citrus salad 15. nuoc cham vinaigrette 12. bean sprouts, green onions Wok tossed blue lake green beans
and carrots 12. with a garlic soy sauce 8.
Goi Bo Goi Chuoi
Grilled Niman Ranch skirt steak sliced
and tossed with bean sprouts, fresh basil
Banana blossom salad with cabbage, pear,
poached chicken, pistachios, rau ram Rice
and mint served with lime vinaigrette 13. and lime nuoc cham 12.

Xa Lach Buoi Ca Chua Dua Hau Com Nep La Chuoi Com Trang
Steamed sticky rice with fried Jasmine white rice topped with
Baby field greens with orange, Organic heirloom tomatoes, shrimp, mung beans, shallot frites, scallion-ginger oil 4.
mint and cashews, tossed with a rice watermelon and peppercress tossed in
shiitake, coconut curry sauce 9.
wine vinaigrette 9. Banyuls vinaigrette 11. Com Luc
Com Chien Brown Rice 4.
Jasmine curry rice with pork,
Com Nuoc Dua
Tasting Platter shrimp, egg and green onions 11.
(vegetarian 10.) Coconut jasmine rice 5.
Chef’s selection of Vietnamese specialties (for two) 28.
14.00 for each additional person
Le Colonial is dedicated to the evolving process of operating
a green business environment with the recommendation of
A suggested 18% gratuity will be added to parties of 6 or more. products that are organic, natural and sustainable.