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AssociatedConsultingEngineers(ACE)wasestablishedin1995inIndiatoprovidespecialized engineeringservicesfocusingonenvironmentalmanagement,industrialsafetyandhealthand i i i f i i l i d i l f dh l h d laterexpandeditsactivitiestoincludeGeospatialServicesnotonlytoworkonitsinhouse projectsbutalsotocatertogrowingdemandofGISandRemoteSensingservicesfrommany differentsectorsandfrommanyofourinternationalclients.

Intherapidlychangingworld,creativeandinnovativesolutionsareoftenrequiredtoresolve I th idl h i ld ti di ti l ti ft i dt l complexproblems,ACEprideitselfinstayingabreastwithtechnologicaladvancementsothatwe canofferthebesttoourclients. Ourhighlyskilledmanpowerusesthelatestsoftwaretoprovidestateoftheartsolutionsto complextechnicalproblemstothefullestsatisfactionofourclients.Wehaveaproventrack recordofdeliveringqualityserviceswithinthestipulatedtimeframeandallourworkhavealways beenfoundacceptancewiththeclient. Ourpartnershipapproachisfocusedoncreatingalongtermrelationshiptoallowourclientto growandimproveprofitability.Wefocusonunderstandingtheclient'sobjective,identifying specialneeds,presentingalternatives,andrecommendingasolutionthatgivesattentionto quality,costandservice.Theworkflowprocessescreatedwitheveryclientengagementallowsus tointegrateourteamwiththeclientorganization.

Safety,Riskand GeoSpatial EmergencyManagement

HazardIdentification(HAZID) PreliminaryHazardAnalysis (PHA/HAZAN) HazardandOperabilityStudies (HAZOP) QuantitativeRiskAssessment Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) SafetyAudits EmergencyPlanning&Risk Minimization(onsite/offsite) ( / ) OHSAS18001 Geospatialdatacollectionand analysis Digitization ThematicMapping Emergencyplanning&Response Emergency planning & Response Databasedevelopment ApplicationDevelopment Satellitedatainterpretationand analysis

Environmental Management
EIA/EMP InitialEnvironmental Review StatutoryApprovalsand Compliance SiteAssessment&Due Site Assessment & Due Diligence WasteWaterManagement HazardousWaste Management g EnvironmentalRisk Assessment


p y ( ) Hazard and Operability Studies (HAZOP) : Natural Gas Sector : Conducted 48 HAZOP studies for clients such as Cairn Energy India Ltd.(CEIL), Gujarat State Petronet Ltd. (GSPL), Hazira LNG Pvt. Ltd., GSPC Gas Company Ltd., Focus Energy Ltd., Reliance Gas Transportation Infrastructure Ltd., and GAIL India Ltd. Crude Oil and Petroleum Products Sector : Chaired 7 HAZOP studies for clients such as Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) Dubai Niko Resources Ltd Canada Oil & Natural (ENOC), Dubai, Ltd., Canada, Gas Corporation (ONGC), India, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. (BPCL), India and Agip KCO, Kazakhstan Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Others : Chaired 8 HAZOP studies for clients such as Marafiq, Saudi Arabia, DCM Shriram Ltd., Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd., DSM Pharmaceuticals Ltd., High Polymer Labs Ltd. Quantitative Risk Assessment and Disaster Management Plan Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) for 11 Cross-country Natural Gas Pipelines, 3 nos petroleum product storage terminals, 7 nos Natural Gas supply terminals at user installations/City Gate Stations, PNG Stations, CNG Stations, etc for clients such as Cairn Energy India Ltd., GAIL India Ltd., Focus Energy Ltd., Indraprastha Gas Ltd., Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd., etc. Hazard Analysis (Hazan), Rapid Safety Audit (RSA) and Preparation of District (Offsite) Disaster Management Plans (DDMP) covering over 400 Major Accident Hazard (MAH) units in 19 districts in different states of the country. These studies typically involve safety audit and Hazard Analysis (Hazid, Effects Modelling, Consequence Analysis based on MCA scenarios and suggesting risk reduction measures) of facilities having inventory of hazardous chemicals in excess of threshold quantities specified under the MSIHC Rules notified by the Government of India. HAZAN and RSA are followed by preparation of DDMP for the district covering the hazards in the facility and the area. In addition to plan preparation, the projects included imparting training to representatives of district and local level authorities, representatives of MAH units and local community. Conducting mock drills involving authorities, response agencies and local community is also an integral part of this exercise. Vulnerability & Risk Assessment of Transportation of Hazardous Chemicals on 6 select National Highway stretches of Gujarat & West Bengal for MoEF. The assignment involved collection of primary and secondary data on movement of hazardous chemicals through road tankers, calculation of vulnerability and risk on the population en-route and formulation of risk minimization plan during transportation and for the community. Preparation of Emergency Management Plan of 15 industries in line with the requirements specified under the MSIHC Rules 1989 and the Factories Act 1948


Development De elopment of a Geographical Information S stem (GIS) based emergenc planning System emergency and response software package for cluster of MAH units in 16 districts covering 6 states, for Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India, in association with National Informatics Centre, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Government of India. The package comprises of a backend database of industries, modeling results, first responders, vulnerable areas and their spatial coordinates. All these have been organized in layers in addition to geo-referenced maps of the areas. The front end menu-driven software has been specifically tailored to suit the use by decision makers at the district and local level. Development of a GIS Based Hazardous Waste Information System covering over 23000 industries spread across 15 state of India for Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India, in association with National Informatics Centre, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Government of India. Development of a GIS based information system under National River Conservation Plan for Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India, in association with National Informatics Centre, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Government of India. Select stretches of River Ganga and Yamuna have been covered for assessing the status of pollution and implementation of different schemes under the Ganga Action Plan (II & II). Land Parcel Maps for Haryana Forest Department for 27 villages in Bhiwani District involving identification of plantation area and illegal mining areas based on satellite data interpretation. Land use/Land cover Maps based on digital Remote Sensing Data for selected areas from Gujarat, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh for Ecosmart under MoEF funded Environmental Information Center (EIC) project Project involved development of Landuse project. maps by using the standard hybrid classification procedures on digital raw satellite data of LISS III sensor using different band ratioing, NDVI or Transformed NDVI techniques to facilitate differentiating various features especially vegetation analysis followed by a comprehensive ground truthing. Assessment of Health Infrastructure of Rajasthan for Establishing Trauma Care Centers for Project Development Corporation of Rajasthan (PDCOR) The project involved (PDCOR). GIS based mapping of the National and State Highways, all the District Hospitals, SubDivisional Hospitals and Community Health Centers. A buffer zone of 5 Km was prepared on either side of the highways and all the DH, SDH and CHCs within the buffer zone were identified. A detailed physical survey was conducted for all the identified locations with respect to the infrastructure facilities available for treatment of road trauma victims. Gap analysis was conducted for identification of additional facilities required and based on an internally d i t ll developed l i 141 l l d logic locations were short-listed f establishing T ti h t li t d for t bli hi Trauma C Care Centers so that a center becomes available within 30 Km from any point on the highway across entire Rajasthan.


Environmental Impact Assessment & preparation of Environmental management Plan for 29 developments projects covering thermal power plants, gas pipelines, railway lines, LNG terminals, automobiles, chemicals & petrochemicals, fertilizers, mining, glass & ceramics, ports, etc. Waste Water Management design, installation and commissioning for 8 industries covering meat processing, automotive glass manufacturing, Dyes & Chemicals, Printing press, engineering, etc.. i i Design of oily waste collection and treatment facility for Chittagong Port Authority, Bangladesh in association with Maunsell - AECOM of New Zealand for Asian Development Bank Capability Assessment of Custom Laboratories on Analysis of Imported Hazardous Wastes for Environment Canada, Government of Canada Hazardous Waste Management system design for 7 industries and Development of a GIS Based Hazardous Waste Information System covering over 23000 industries spread across 15 state of India for Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India, in association with National Informatics Centre, Ministry of Communications and Information gy, Technology, Government of India National level Technology Evaluation and Norms Study for Industrial (lead, zinc, chrome and distillery waste) and Municipal Waste Recycling under Technology Absorption and Adaptation Scheme (TAAS) of the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India. Pre feasibility study for water supply and storm water drainage system for Jammu and Srinagar cities under the Asian Development Bank funded project - Multi Sector Strengthening of Infrastructure Facilities in Jammu and Kashmir Preparation of a Status Report on ODS Phase Out in R&AC Sector in India, for World Wide Fund for Nature - India. Techno-economic Techno economic feasibility study on Common Effluent Treatment Plants (CETP) for UPSIDC in three industrial areas viz. Mathura, Unnao and Gajraula in UP under a World Bank credit scheme. Health Risk Assessment : Assessment of health impacts of the exposure of Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) on the workers of ship breaking yards at Alang (worlds largest ship breaking yard) for the World Health Organization on behalf of Techno-safe Consultants, New D lhi C lt t N Delhi

Over the last 15 years the organization has grown from a 2 member start up to having 8 start-up highly efficient and motivated team members contributing to an annual turnover of 12 million INR

Hardware : ACE has excellent infrastructure facilities required to execute the highly technical projects in the above areas at its Head Office located in Gurgaon and Project Office also located at Gurgaon (NCR). Infrastructure facilities include latest state of the art spatial data production infrastructure comprising computer hardware (laptops and desk tops), networking facilities for sharing in-house database by various professionals; scanners, printers, CD/DVD writers, etc. In addition, ACE has its own GARMIN GPS handsets (5 nos.) which are very useful in spatial data collection. Chemical Databases : Databases of chemicals are critical for such assignments where simulation modeling needs to be done. ACE has been referring to various chemical databases used world-wide for similar work as part of its assignment on regular basis. We have access to several relevant databases comprising details of a large number of hazardous chemicals with their properties, behavior, emergency action, antidotes, MSDS, etc. Software : ACE has in-house resources of all the required computer models for assessing and executing various chemical safety projects, emergency planning, HAZAN, HAZID, HAZOP, MCLS assessment, vulnerable zone delineation, graphical representation of area affected by chemical accidents on map, etc.

Ravinder P S Bhatia : Founder Director, Graduate from IIT Delhi with 21 years of professional experience. Specialization includes EIA, EMP, ETPs, Hazardous Waste Management, audits and risk assessment. He is an expert in dispersion modeling of air pollutants using various EPA models such as ISC3, PTMTP, PAL, etc. He is a Certified Lead Auditor (EARA, UK approved) for advanced EMS auditing from Marsden Environmental International, UK. In addition, he has been involved in several national level industrial surveys and status review studies such as on air pollution control instrumentation, waste recycling, CETPs. Harsh Pandya : Director is a graduate in Chemical Engineering and has 20 years experience in the field of Safety, Hazard Analysis and Emergency Planning. With his chemical engineering background, he has specialized in carrying out HAZAN, HAZOP and Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) of chemical and allied industries and is an expert in ( ) p handling related computer models viz. ARCHIE, EFECTS, ALOHA, MARPLOT, CIRRUS, etc.

Mr. V. Kumar, Graduated from IIT Delhi with over 18 years of professional experience in the area of environmental management with specialization in Risk Assessment and Environmental Impact Assessment Studies of Hydel projects including Dam Break Analysis and application of GIS and remote sensing to different types of environmental projects projects. Dr. Sharwan Kumar is a Ph.D. in physics and has over 40 years of professional experience. He is a Certified Quality Engineer (RWTUV, Germany) and Laboratory Development Trainer (British Standard Institute, UK). He will work as an adviser and provide his expert inputs at various stages during execution of this job. He has substantial experience in laboratory setups, calibration and accreditation. Lalit Mohan, a Post Graduate in Remote Sensing from Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi has over 5 years of sound experience in the application of GIS in environment, health and safety sectors. His areas of specialization include digital image processing and GIS. With his GIS and Remote sensing skills he has developed expertise in handling various related software such as ERDAS Imagine 8.6, Arc GIS 9.2, Geomedia professional 6.0, MapInfo professional 8.5, AutoCAD 2004, AutoCAD map. Mohit Bhawsar, a Post Graduate in Chemical Engineering (Environmental Management) from Ujjain Engineering College, Ujjain(M.P.) has over 4 years experience in the field of Safety, Hazard Analysis and Emergency Planning, has excellent exposure in analysis of various accidental release models for hazardous chemicals and spread in atmosphere. He is an expert in handling related computer models viz. CIRUS, EFECTS, ALOHA, CAMEO, etc. Deepak Dubey, a Chemical Engineer with 2 years of experience in the field of Safety, Hazard Analysis and Emergency Planning, has exposure in analysis of various accidental release of hazardous chemicals and spread in atmosphere. He has experience in preparing Offsite emergency plans and making modeling templates for Vulnerability & Risk Assessment of Hazardous Chemical Transportation. With his chemical engineering background, he has experience in carrying out risk/hazard analysis of chemical and allied industries and is conversant with the use of related computer models models. Deepak Sahu, a Chemical Engineer with one year experience in the field of Safety audits, Hazard Analysis and preparation of disaster management plans

1504 Galleria, DLF City Phase IV, Gurgaon 122 002, Haryana, India Ph. : +91 124 4148058;