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(Free) Chapter 8

Drugs are Triggers

I have to write about what has been such an important part of my musical endeavors. To talk about drugs and alcohol, or even other addictions like gambling, eating, obsessive thinking, sexual obsessions is to understand what is really happening. I am a Recovering Crack Cocaine Addict. Ive experienced the most extreme and bizarre emotions of paranoia any Spiritual Being would want to take. My FEAR meter was batting .1000. I mean Cops were hiding in toilets. Somebody is going to jump me, accost me physically and yes I actually believed these experiences were happening at that time. What a relief to have that over with. Whenever I took a hit of crack, I instantly heard high pitched ringing in my ears, sometimes my legs shook and I fell to the floor, slowly regaining consciousness. And the lights, there were alien spaceships in miniature sizes occupying deep space somewhere in my messy bedroom. The Walls were pure energy, flowing in an expressive pattern of predesigned geometry. These triggers have been used for thousands of years, even tens of thousands by civilizations as a method to melt with your Higher Self, Soul, and Dream state. They are the keys to maintaining an evolution of immense sensations. Drugs when used in a balanced way can lead the student on his path to Knowledge. Carlos Castaneda experimented with Peyote and other such plants that trigger the codes in all 9 of your major charkas, making you able to consciously experience your connect to the God that you are. If you use these substances in an unbalanced fashion only you and you alone can realize there is a problem here Like monitoring the amount you ingest or smoke. Thats all youll hear about me on passing judgment with this topic. Improper use of drugs/alcohol/other addictions are not a good thing and therefore avoided if at all possible. It takes an experienced drug abuser to express impeccability when conquering this venture in your friends and familys lives. Marijuana will soon be legal as it is a powerful herb with some very healing qualities in it. Your good friend who is suffering with Cancer will speak boldly in its favor because weed carries with it a calming, peaceful feeling that you can actually feel in all your power centers, or chakras. It works wonderfully reducing Nausea stemming from Chemo-Therapy

treatments. And yes, now there is one child prodigy who manifests abilities to feel people out and by visualizing them sending powerful Geometric angles, squares, circles, rectangles, spiral hoses moving energy with such power. You will become more aware of many different things at once.anyway, you get the picture. That is quite some healing methodology. In guiding Energy of Light and Love, todays child psychic does this everyday and during special moments. Children are special because of the innocence of their nature. They naturally feel that everything is ok, because we are empowering them so much too just be themselves.. Children express gifted spiritual children are in closer connection to the Soul of their being, the immortal and infinite Soul. That is who or what we are. The Soul is all powerful and all knowing. Our essences are spread all through the atmosphere of O2, CO2 and Nitrogen; these are vibrations that we breathe. Every thing has a vibration frequency. Our light essences get heavy as they eventually all will fall off of the Soul. When GOD creates LIVING SOULS, for they are perfect, ie made in the image of GOD, Higher Power or my fave, Prime Creator. Its not as imperative as it is for us to prepare. The more the Soul releases its frequency it impacts all of us to be faced with certain challenges in each persons environment. GOD took your entire, immortal being. You are truly made from Divine stock. Your future is stored in a vastly given implosion which (the future) was first assigned as your destiny and we live our God given days living in free will world making choices that also guide and alter the outcome. If nothing further comes out of this conversation, know that your Divine Purpose was and is still occurring was and you are feeling, really feeling, with your Divine nature as characterized perfectly in your human voice and the Sound it presents, proudly.

Be also aware that the drugs dont produce whatever high you are trying to get. Remember that the drugs are merely triggers that release codes for the body to release hormones found near the base of the brain. Also in the lymphatic system we have a Pineal Gland located in the Crown Chakra at the deeper of reptilian portals that deals with our people being formed by Alchemy techniques and hybrid children born into a genesis of high DNA decoding as our SOUL semds signals out of a frequency link to the brain.

This gland will become activated mentally and it provides the 3rd Eye Chakra with abilities to relate to future events with a forewarning provided by the gift of Intuition. This system, once activated will rearrange your mixed up DNA structure. Some humans have developed 3rd and 4th strand DNA completion. Each of 12 possible outcomes relates to the main 12 Chakra centers. It is how we connect with the other Dimensions. These codes in turn, affect your body by having it release its own chemical to affect the high. Some will say that you can produce your own natural high through prayer, meditation, sweat lodge, visualization techniques etc. This would produce a cleaner high. Thats Drug Lingo..for better withdrawal symptoms as it is less intrusive on a persons chemical makeup for equilibrium. In the song Free there are at one point three different melody lead vocals happening together. The melodies are chants that add to the whole collectiveness of the song. This song when played without any distraction and will transmute any energy to one that attracts LOVE. 4th Dimensional beings, ghosts, disembodied Spirits, entities from other dimensions are what you see, hear and feel when you are vibrating in concert to their frequency. Just like a radio has to be set to a station by dialing in the correct frequency, i.e. 103.1 FM. Addicts use the drug to alter their consciousness so they might tune in these entities. Thats why its so hard for late stage addicts to get off of this madness. Not only are they getting high, but so are the 4th Dimensional beings. They like the high too and thats why their Astral (Light Body) still hangs out with other using druggies from the real world who get paranoid. These archetypal disembodied types have manipulated our entire species since day Eve ate the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden and sin was born. From day one women were looked down on and treated with NO RESPECT. Ladies, youve come a long way throughout our history and youre finally getting the rights and freedoms, guaranteed by the US Constitution. Just ahead is a copy of a comment sent to a friend of mine on Face Book regarding her stand on standing up for Medical Marijuana as a beacon of light for lives to follow. Weed mellows you out. It rises one to higher aspirations and the joy of creating something of value that helps for people than destroys. I personally use it to calm my cravings for Crack Cocaine. Balance is the key here. Its easy to overdo the pot smoking sometimes. As long as you are getting the best possible

creations, ones that are kindled by the fire of love and spread all over and about the planet to help raise our human mass consciousness and make our transition into 4th Dimensional reality one of (and this is from the Constitution of our great country) life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Just keep in mind that you are loved, special and important. Your path is of a divine Nature and when you become more aware of this and really feel it with your emotional self as chemicals and their particular reaction causing feelings of euphoria, confidence, and joy. Tears of passion and Spiritual release come from your connection to the Soul that you are. Fear not, for you are of Immortal stock, made in Gods image with his/her power to use for Good (God) (Prime Creator). Jesus along with other prophets, Saints, Astrologers, Healers, Jesus especially is coded into your blood. Thats right. Right into your DNA structure of who and whom you are. Hes us Jesus. His DNA is mingled right in with yours. You were meant to have 12 strands coinciding with the twelve dimensions that it connects you to. Hes Us Jesus is a song I wrote to be included with this song Free. For following the teachings of Jesus can greatly invigorate strengthen and enhance your life and your wildest dreams. Just get this straight from the get go. Jesus is not to only way to the Kingdom. Heaven is not a place but instead its a state of being. Jesus said that I AM the way and the will and the life. He that believeth me shall not perish but have everlasting life. He talks about the I AM, the Soul. This is your key. Its your personalized invitation to immortal life by creating an awareness of it. If you cant see it or feel it, its hard to get it, I know. But keep trying. And yes, I know trying is a bad word in creating and setting goals for you. When you want to create something, act as if its already happened. Well, it has already happened as we discussed about the present going hand in hand with the future. Thats why there are so many time travelers or jumpers as I like to call them at this crucial point in the future of our evolving as a planet and a species. They know they screwed up and are hard pressed to alter the procession of events. We can all take part in making the world a better place simply by playing and devouring the sweet tones of musical vibration. The song Free can heal and will if you only believe in it like you believe and have the faith that the Sun will rise in the morning. There are about 3 basic messages embedded within this song. Structured with a rhythmic condition that heals like taking a walk in the park. It gets you out of your self. You know the part that beats up on you with simple mind talk based on FEAR, not believing

you are Divine. Yes, you can start that today. It takes a while to create experiences to negate this nasty mind talk. Im not good enough; Ive never done this before! People wont like me, I just know. (now theres a big one!).Stop creating FEAR and choose LOVE. Stop thinking that Sex is bad! Its the cause of 78% of peoples difficulties as our Society is metamorphisizing into a greater understanding just like the Caterpillar changes into the Butterfly one fine day. Sex when used properly to help uplift a friend or companion is the strongest healing power that envelopes the human body with waves of passion. These waves like ripples on the Ocean engulf a person with orgasms.(And this should never be a bad word) and the feeling humans make to each other is getting us closer and more endowed with God and his/her abilities. You give love in order to have love. The more love carried as frequencies of energy, vibrations of individualism the better our chances of overcoming these coming planetary changes as less friction is created, smoother sailing as Mankind/womankind moves forward in her evolution and our evolution as a country and nation, people, animals, plants, insects, Angels, Divas, fairies, aliens (all Prime Creators actors in a life initially designed for the Gods, the Immortals. The more we touch a spark in our Soul presence, the more sparks will come. As you give so shall you receive? Simple scientific principles applied to your life by you, for others to create LOVE which is evolved spelled within such words. Just by changing the way you perceive words as they compliment or have hidden treasures buried within each passage. When spoken, Words become Real and with meaning and possessing a power to change our Evolution as a species. Now heres that comment I wrote on Michelle Rene Gothams Wall at Face book. Check out my Video. I hope you like it. Its about people like you. Smoking weed is healing. it expands the tiny blood vessels helping blood cells to do their play. It's not work when you enjoy it. It also regulates metabolism to mature as a benevolent human being. Wisdom comes to those who partake in this Spiritual gift that came from primitive tribesmen, women and children of the forests, deserts plains, mountains and waterways.. For me it connects me to a greater awareness of my Soul. This soul is the immortal creator that is made in the image (I AM) from Prime Creator. The I AM sets intention in what circumstances we create when we increase the relationship with the Master. Marijuana sets the stage for our taking charge and envisions gaining

whatever we wish as long as we believe in it. . Weed provides a feeling that yes, there is a higher part or self that we can garner strength by thinking "high" thoughts thus starting the creative process to build a more loving, kinder person, thus attracting mental pictures and effects more deserving of our powerful nature. You are becoming a legend in this cause and I just want you to know that you are appreciated, envisioned and loved. Keep it up Michelle. You shine like the beautiful Soul presence that you are. Blessings and PEACE Hes Us Jesus is a true story about my girlfriend and I packing up all our worldly treasures to move to LA California, Long Beach to be exact. We had a little money, not much. We couldnt find an apartment to live in because neither of us had a job. So even though we could pay 1st and last months rent we still needed a job to qualify on the application. And more importantly we couldnt get a job because we had no residence. We lived with friends for a while, moving place to place, buying food, still looking for an apartment. We put total trust and care into my Higher Power, Jesus Christ. Hes Us, Hes Us Jesus, Hes Us Jesus.Hes the Lord. The song has a blues-swing beat to it with accurate vocals, some tasty keyboard riffs molded with a hook of all Hooks, one about Jesus.. The Master teacher (so he was) set sail into influencing our lives and we found a place, a great place. One with a job as Apartment Residence Management for a fine gentleman named George who just through coincidence, originally raised in good old Spokane, so we had lots in common to one another. Now there I go again, saying the wrong thing. There are no accidents only reasons. Everything happens for a Reason and as you mature in your thinking you will see that it is in actuality Divine. Once you reach a point of crossover and you just barely get over it the experience you feel, You have to feel Divine to really totally acknowledge it. The Soul expresses these feeling through you. It is very, very, very powerful and once youre on the leeward side everything moves very auspiciously and is immaculate. Its too bad we dont teach our children this for it is how we were designed to achieve goals and Dreams. How do you obtain this feeling of Divinity you might ask? Simply believe you are one. Communicate for guidance from it, just you might ask for God or Jesus, or Mohammed, or Buddha or even the Dali Lama. Your Soul is the same matter that Prime Creator is. It knows itself because before something can evolve, it must first be involved. This means that you have a Destiny all designed and coded and covered up with lots of stuff. As you grow and learn about

yourself you uncover some things while others seem very hard to release (Drugs & Addictions of all kinds). As your Soul becomes less dense, or finer like a fine sandy beach as opposed to a gravel playground. As the Soul lets go of hindrances to your Divine Purpose. You know, the plan, the setting, the experiences all lead up to one thing. Youve done this all before, its your Destiny, but what makes it uniquely you is that you have choices to make to help guide your life, your path on such a wonderful Journey. Jesus is walking right there with you if you just ask. For he said, Ask and Ye shall receive You have free will as given to us by Prime Creator. All is allowed and I mean all! You have the choice. When you can feel youre on mission with your Soul things go smoother, seem easier. You feel like its meant to be this way, which it is. Can you believe this? God helps you or hinders you, its your choice,, either believe it or not, but dont stand there wallowing in your sorrow when you must take responsibility for the things and events you create. For you create just like God, just on a smaller scale or so it seems, but really its not. Jesus said For these things and more will you do once you are diligently aware of your Soul and its mission. Love one another as you love yourself, for some people its backwards, Love yourself as you love one another. Some people have much insecurity due to lack of self love. I wrote a song about it. Its Chapter 9, Higher Call., actually its the next song on your list of self-help music, mantra, tone, pitch, beat, chord structure, key and most important, Resonance. Check it out whenever you can. Sound has nuclear impact. Remember your Bible study about Joshua at the battle of Jericho. He blew his mighty trumpet and the walls come a tumbling down. In the book of Genesis God created the world with his/her Voice and Sound. The vibration of harmony and sound as it maintains its relationship to the planet Earth and all its bounty along with beauty and diversity. Now is the time of extreme creation. Time is accelerated and waves upon waves reflect and attract one another at a heightened or quickened pace. Its never to late to make a change. I remember my 1st day of what came to be 10 treatment centers visits. I have never been so manipulated and controlled as I was from Crack Cocaine. I did manage to have 8 years of clean time, no booze, no weed, no nothing except coffee at AA & NA & CA meetings. As you pulled onto the property of what appears to be a ranch style congregation of buildings for classrooms and living quarters were eleven signs aptly stating, and containing only one word on each sign. Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life. It so true, this is easy to believe. Remember the important thing is that you need to Be- lieve (Live). Be, thats easy.and

LIVE (thats the hard part). You can do anything if you only can believe it. If my writing does not seem to gel with you and your ego, personality or whatever. Or you simply do not believe it. Well waste time no further! Send me the book back and Ill refund your cash. Believe it and miracles occur daily. Youll start receiving what I call little gifts from God. Just little things but they have so much meaning. Remember your feelings will become more subtle. They might feel less powerful or impacting, but by the grace of God, these energies are the dominant key for what is intended into your Future. When you make these kinds of connections its almost like an aphrodisiac along with euphoria and you wont have to do drugs to get the high and the feeling of ONENESS, because we are all one with and even of the same material (Soul) with the Prime Creator, GOD. Heres a link to the Music Video FREE