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Speisekammer Restaurant - Beer Menu


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Beer Menu
directions F l as c henbi er (Bottl ed Beer)
16oz btls - $7: Allgäuer Büble Lager, Aktien St. Blasius Weizenbock, Erdinger Kristal Klar,
To make your reservations online,
visit or call
Erdinger Weiss Bier
510-522-1300. 16oz btls - $7.5 : Aventinus Weizenbock, Schneider Weisse, Weltenburger Pils,
Weltenburger Helles
Have a Bier in our Biergarten! 500ml btls - $8: Reissdorf Kolsch
Music Every Weekend and we are
Wheel Chair Accessible
12oz btls - $5: Spaten Optimator
12oz btls - $7.5: Berliner Weisse with Raspberry Syrup (red) or Woodruff Syrup (green),
We specialize in Private Event Chimay Red, Augustiner München Münchener Bier, Verige Sticke Ale, Affligem Belgian
Catering. Contact Cindy or Kate for
details - call 510-522-1300 or e-mail 12oz btls - $8: Duvel Belgian Golden Ale, Floris Apple (Belgian beer brewed with apples
and spices), Piraat Belgian Ale 10.5%alc, Maredsous 10 (triple) Belgian Abbey Ale
We are open:
Lunch Friday, Saturday and Sunday
from 12-3. Happy Hour Friday and
Saturday 2-5, Sunday from 2-4.
Dinner is served Tuesday through
Bi er v om F a s s (D raft Beer )
St. Louis Lambic Belgian Ale - Raspberry (framboise) .3 ltr $7
Owners: Peter and Cindy Kahl Franziskaner Hefeweisen .5 ltr $5
Executive Chef: Peter Kahl Bitbuger Pils .4 ltr $5
Since June 2002
Trumer Pils .5 ltr $5
Spaten Lager .5 ltr $5
2424 Lincoln Avenue @Park Street Scrimshaw Pilsner .5 ltr $5
Alameda, California 510-522-1300 Spaten Oktoberfest .5 ltr $5.50
Gratuity of 18% May Be Added to
Kostritzer Black Lager .5 ltr $6
Party's of 6 or More. Weltenburger Kloster Dunkel .5 ltr $6
Weltenburger Kloster Asam-Bock .5 ltr $6
Maredsous 8 (Double) Belgian Abbey Ale .3 ltr $7
Raddler (lager topped with Lemon Lime soda) .5 ltr $5
Add Framboise Beer at a topper to any other draft beer for $1

Al kohol freies Bi er (al c ohol free)
Bitburger Drive $4.5 / 12oz
Thomas Brau (made by Paulaner) $4.5 / 12oz
Erdinger NA Wheat $5 / 12oz

N on Al c ohol ic Bev era ges
Hot Stuff (heiß)
Coffee/Tea/Espresso/Americano - we serve Mr. Espresso coffee $2.
Espresso / Cappuccino, Hot Chocolate $3
Latte, Cafe Mocha or White Chocolate Mocha (also available iced) $3.5
Extra shot of espresso $1
Cold Drinks (kalt)
Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Lemon lime, Orange soda, Lipton Iced Tea, Dr Pepper $2.5
Milk, Chocolate Milk, Hank's Root Beer, Hank's Vanilla Cream Soda $3
Apfel Schorle (Fresh Apple Juice with Soda Water) $3
Fresh Lemonade, Fresh Apple Juice $3.5
Fresh Orange Juice small $3.5 large $4.5
Elderflower Soda (made with Austrian Elderflower Syrup) $4
Raspberry Lemonade (made with German Raspberry Syrup and fresh lemonade) $4
Virgin Mary $4
Sparkling Mineral Water 300 ml $3/ 1ltr btl $6

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