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Victoria Wells Wulsin, MD, DrPH

8875 Spooky Ridge Lane
Cincinnati, Ohio 45242-7350
(513) 984-9257

CURRENT Founder and President, SOTENI International, a 501(c)3 organization empowering
POSITIONS: those most affected by AIDS – women and children - to lead the fight against AIDS.
Fellow, Institute for Health Policy and Health Services Research, U. of Cincinnati.

PAST Director, ENABLE Project (>$30,000,000 5-year USAID centrally-funded project, Centre for
POSITION: Development and Population Activities) committed to ensuring women’s reproductive health.
• Strategy Development, Prioritization, Budgeting, Management
• Direct supervision of five senior technical advisors, two mid-level technical advisors, two
program associates, and one country director/office (Senegal), among others
• Leadership of programs in four additional country offices (Ghana, Nigeria, India, Nepal)
• Supervisor of Monitoring and Evaluation team for all of CEDPA (including evaluations in Latin
America, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East) for one year

EDUCATION: 1971 Valedictorian, Shaw High School, East Cleveland, Ohio
1975 A.B. magna cum laude (History and Science), Harvard University,
Cambridge, Massachusetts
1976-77 Special student, University of Nairobi, Nairobi, Kenya
1980 M.D., Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio
1982 M.P.H., Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH), Boston, MA
1985 Dr.P.H., (Epidemiology), HSPH, Boston, MA

LICENSURE: 1981 Massachusetts #55188
1989 Ohio #35-05-8016-W

1985 Public Health and General Preventive Medicine
1990 Occupational Medicine

LANGUAGES: English (native), French (excellent), Spanish (good), Swahili (effective)

1971 Martin Luther King Award, East Cleveland, Ohio.
1971 Junior Phi Beta Kappa, Cleveland, Ohio.
1976-77 Rotary Foundation International Fellowship, U.S.A.-Kenya.
1980 Award for Excellence in Family Medicine from the Ohio State Association of Family
1981-83 National Research Service Award from the National Institute for Environmental
Health Science: 5 T02 ES07069.
1983-85 National Research Service Award from the National Institute of Mental Health: I T32
MH17119 01.

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AWARDS – Cont’d.

1992 YWCA Career Woman of Achievement, Cincinnati, Ohio.
1992 Nominee for 1992 Inspirational Award, City of Cincinnati, Ohio.
1999 Wells, V.E. Principal Investigator, “Assessment of Functional Health Literacy among
Patients Served in Primary Care Providers to the Poor Practice Settings,” Health
Foundation of Greater Cincinnati, $138,885.
2000 Wells, V.E. Co-Investigator, “A Randomized Trial to Reduce Exposure to
Environmental Tobacco Smoke in Children with Asthma,” 1 R01 HL65731-01,
National Heart, Lung, And Blood Institute, National Institutes of Health, $1,819,841
(year 1: $554,905).
2002 Riley Lecturer 2002, Alfred University, Alfred, NY.
2002 Appointment to the Steering Committee for the XIIIth International Conference on
AIDS and STDs in Africa


1980-81 Intern in Pediatrics (Flexible program), Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio.
1983-86 Physician Consultant, Burr Cooperative Nursery School, Auburndale, MA.
1985-86 General Practice, Beechwood Medical Center, Cohasset, Massachusetts.
1987-95 Volunteer Assistant Clinical Professor, Occupational Health Clinic, University of
Cincinnati (UC), Cincinnati, Ohio.
1989-95 Physician, Ambrose H. Clement Health Center, Regional Center for Sexually
Transmitted Diseases, Cincinnati, Ohio.
1992-95 Consulting Physician, United Steelworkers, Cincinnati, Ohio.
1995 Physician, General Practice, University Primary Care Associates, UC, Cincinnati.
1996-1997 Physician, Kibera Community Center (volunteer), Nairobi, Kenya.
1997-2001 Physician, Health Resource Center, Cincinnati, Ohio.
1999-2001 School Physician, Rockdale School Health Program
2000 Physician Director, Medical Mission, Orangewalk, Belize (short term).


1992 Supervisor, Urban Health Project, University of Cincinnati.
1992-93 Supervisor, Preventive Medicine Training Program, CDC
1998-2001 Supervisor, Research Team on Health Literacy, IHPHSR, UC
2000-01 Supervisor, Rockdale School Health Program
2001-03 Supervisor of senior technical advisors, advisors, senior program associates, program
associates, administrative assistants, and consultants for the ENABLE project.
2002-03 Supervisor, Bennington College’s Field Work Term.
2003 Supervisor, Hubert Humphrey International Fellows Program.

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1974 Researcher, National Health Service, United Kingdom.
1977 Consultant, Evaluation of Rural Health Care Resources, U. of Nairobi, Mwea, Kenya.
1977 Consultant, Evaluation of Measles Immunization Program, University of Dar es
Salaam, Arusha, Tanzania.
1984-85 Technical Consultant in STDs, Family Health Int’l, Research Triangle Park, NC.
1986-88 Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) Officer, Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention (CDC), Atlanta, Georgia, assigned to National Institute for Occupational
Safety & Health (NIOSH), Cincinnati, Ohio.
1988-89 Medical Officer, NIOSH, Cincinnati, Ohio.
1989-95 Director of Epidemiology, Cincinnati Health Department, Cincinnati, Ohio.
1989-95 Consultant for Division of Training & Manpower Development, NIOSH, Cincinnati.
1990-pres. Consultant in Epidemiology and Statistics for Department of Psychiatry, University of
Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio.
1991-95 Consultant for International Chemical Workers Union, Cincinnati, Ohio.
1991-95 Consultant in Epidemiology for Department of Neurology, U.C., OH.
1992-95 Consultant in Epidemiology for the Applied Statistics Training Institute, National
Center for Health Statistics, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Rockville,
1993 Consultant on HIV Epidemiology, Family Health International, El Salvador.
1994 Chief of Party, Evaluation of National Maternal & Child Health/Family Planning
Program, Development Associates, El Salvador.
1995-1997 Technical Advisor in AIDS and Child Survival, American Red Cross, seconded to
USAID, Nairobi, Kenya.
1995-1997 Regional HIV-AIDS Advisor for East and Southern Africa, USAID.
1997-2001 Technical Advisor in HIV/AIDS for Africa, United States Agency for International
1998-2001 Senior Epidemiologist, Institute for Health Policy and Health Services Research,
University of Cincinnati.
1998-2001 Associate Research Professor, Childrens’ Hospital Medical Center [CHMC],
University of Cincinnati.
2001-2003 Director, ENABLE Project, Centre for Development and Population Activities.
2003- Founder, President, SOTENI International.


1975-78 Health Teacher, Cleveland Health Education Museum, Cleveland, Ohio.
1976-77 Family Planning Instructor, Bushiangala Secondary School, Bushiangala, Kenya (in
1978 Sex Educator, Family Services, Cincinnati, Ohio.
1983-85 Teaching Fellow (and Seminar Leader) in Epidemiology, Harvard School of Public
Health, Boston, Massachusetts.
1986-95 Lecturer, Department of Environmental Science, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati.

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TEACHING – Cont’d.

1988-2001 Director and Instructor, Occupational Epidemiology Courses, NIOSH, Cincinnati, OH.
1990 Instructor, IX Curso de Salud Ocupacional, Universidad de Carabobo, Maracay,
Venezuela (in Spanish).
1990 Director and Instructor "Principles and Practice of Epidemiology: Focus on
Psychiatric Issues," American Psychiatric Association, New York, New York.
1991 Epidemiology for the Non-Epidemiologist, Cincinnati Health Department, Cincinnati.
1991 Health Effects of Exposure to Chemicals, International Chemical Workers Union,
Tampa, Florida.
1992 Principles of Toxicology, International Chemical Workers Union, Oak Ridge, TN.
1992-2001 Director and Instructor "Epidemiology for the Non-Epidemiologist" Applied Statistics
Training Institute, National Center for Health Statistics, Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention: Chicago, Illinois; Houston, Texas; Charlotte, North Carolina.
1992 Director and Instructor, "Introduction to Occupational Epidemiology," Panama Canal
Commission, Panama City, Panama.
1992 Supervisor, Urban Health Project, University of Cincinnati.
1992 Director and Instructor, "Occupational Epidemiology," American Industrial Hygiene
Association, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
1992-93 Supervisor, Preventive Medicine Training Program, Centers for Disease Control &
1993 Director and Instructor, "Epidemiology for the Administrator," American Hospital
Association, Chicago, Illinois.
1994 “Introduction to Occupational Epidemiology,” Annual Meeting of Occupational and
Environmental Health for the Uniformed Services, Norfolk, VA.
1994 “Introduction to Occupational Epidemiology,” Univ. of AK, Anchorage, AK.
1994 “The Socio-Economic Impact of HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa,” Xth International
Conference on AIDS & STDs in Africa (ICASA), Kampala, Uganda.
1994 “Introduction to Epidemiology,” XIth International Conference on AIDS,
Vancouver, BC.
1996 “Community Needs Assessment,” XIth International Conference on AIDS,
Vancouver, BC.
1997 “Using Epidemiology and Evaluation Techniques for the Consultant,” Nairobi, Kenya.
1996-1997 “Maternal to Child Transmission of HIV,” XIth International Conference on AIDS
& STDs in Africa,” Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire.
2001 “Women’s Rights and Reproductive Health,” Ghana National Association of
Teachers, Accra, Ghana.
2002 “Optimizing the Relationship Between USAID and its Cooperating Agencies,”
Training Course for Technical Advisors in AIDS and Child Survival, USAID,
Washington, DC.
2002 “Setting up ARV Treatment Programs in Low Resource Countries: Tools for
Estimating Annual Costs,” George Washington University.

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1974 United Kingdom: Research on National Health Service
1976 Kenya: Education, Research, and Clinical Services in a Rural Health Center
1977 Kenya: Consultant on Health Care Resources
1977 Tanzania: Consultant on Measles Program
1990 Venezuela (Spanish): Consultant in Occupational Health
1992 Panama: Training in Epidemiology
1992 Canada: Training in Epidemiology
1993 El Salvador (Spanish): Consultant on STDs/HIV/AIDS
1994 El Salvador (Spanish): Team leader for Maternal & Child Health Project Eval’n
1994 Kenya: Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS in East and Southern Africa and USAID's
HIV/AIDS Projects
1995 Zambia: Evaluation of HIV/AIDS Prevention Projects
1995 Tanzania: Evaluation of HIV/AIDS Prevention Projects
1995 Kenya: Surveillance of STDS; Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices (KAP) Survey
1995 Ethiopia: Evaluation of HIV/AIDS Prevention Projects
1995 Uganda: Invited member to "Workshop on the Status and Trends of the HIV/AIDS
Epidemics in Africa," Cosponsored by AIDSCAP and the HSPH
1996 Rwanda (French): Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS
1996 Madagascar (French): Design of HIV/AIDS Prevention Project
1996 Kenya, Uganda: Cost of Integrating STD/HIV/AIDS with Family Planning and
Primary Care Programs
1997 Malawi: Evaluation of Efficacy of Training in STD Syndromic Management
1997 Tanzania: Review of Tanzania AIDS Project
1997 Zimbabwe: Review of Zimbabwe AIDS Prevention and Control Project
1997 Kenya: AIDS Impact Modeling and Modeling Method Mix
2000 Belize: Community Health Services
2001 Senegal (French): Women’s Reproductive Health and Empowerment
2001 Senegal (French): HIV/AIDS and Youth
2001 Ghana: Integrating Education in Reproductive Health and Youth Empowerment
through the Ghana National Association of Teachers
2002 India: Expanding Program of Community Based Distributors to include HIV
2002 Nepal: Expanding Communication Action Groups to include Adolescents
2002 Senegal (French): Integrating Programs in Women’s Empowerment, Youth,
HIV/AIDS, and Expansion to New Target Groups
2003 Child Survival Activities in Ghana


1980 "Conception and Contraception," Baldwin Wallace College, Berea, Ohio
1981 "Toxic Shock Syndrome," Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio
1984 "The Nature and Occurrence of Depression in Adolescence," Clinical
Pharmacology Symposium, Human Resource Institute, Boston, MA

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1985 "The Epidemiology of Depression in Adolescents," Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland
1987 "The Predictive Value of Screening for Illicit Drugs in the Workplace," Plenary
Speech, Society for Epidemiologic Research, Amherst, Massachusetts
1987 "Reproductive Hazards in the Workplace," Annual Conference of the American
Academy of Physician Assistants, Cincinnati, Ohio
1988 "Methylene Chloride and Male Reproductive Health," EIS Regional Conference,
Boston University School of Public Health, Boston, Massachusetts
1988 "The Predictive Value of Screening for Illicit Drugs in the Workplace," American
Occupational Medicine Association, New Orleans, Louisiana; American Psychiatric
Association, Montreal, Canada
1988 "NIOSH Selection of Chemicals and Study Populations," Symposium on
Reproductive Hazards in the Workplace (NIEHS/NIOSH), Cincinnati, Ohio
1989 "Biomarkers in Reproductive Epidemiology," University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati
1990 "The Epidemiology of Sexual Transmitted Diseases Which Affect the Perinatal
Period," Good Samaritan Hospital, Cincinnati
1990 "The Epidemiology of STDs in Cincinnati," Bethesda Hospital, Cincinnati
1990 "HIV and Health Care Workers," Cincinnati Health Department, Cincinnati
1991 "Hepatitis Update," Cincinnati Health Department, Cincinnati
1991 "The Epidemiology of HIV, AIDS and Other Sexually Transmitted Diseases,"
Bethesda Hospital Infectious Disease Update, Cincinnati
1991 "Occupational Health Education in Latin America; Translating Information: A Three-
Step Process," APHA, Atlanta, Georgia
1991 "A National Health Program: The Role of the Epidemiologist" APHA, Atlanta
1991 "The Public Health Cost of the War in the Persian Gulf," APHA, Atlanta, GA
1991 "Making Real the Year 2000 Objectives," APHA Conference, Atlanta, GA
1991 "The CES-D as a Screen for Depression in Adolescents," APHA, Atlanta, GA
1991 "Closing the Gap: Does all our Work Help the Worker?" APHA, Atlanta, GA
1992 "Toxic Effects of Chemical Exposures," International Chemical Workers Union,
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
1992 "Epidemiology in Cincinnati," Grand Rounds, Good Samaritan Hospital, Cincinnati
1992-4 "STDs in Cincinnati," Bethesda Hospital Continuing Education Seminar
1993 'Immunizations in Childhood and Adulthood," Leadership Cincinnati Seminar, Cin.
1994 "Syphilis in Cincinnati," USAID, Nairobi, Kenya
1995 "The Advantages and Disadvantages of Integration," Regional Workshop on Setting
the Africa Agenda: Integration of STDs/HIV into MCH/FP Programs, Nairobi.
1995 "Gender Issues in HIV/AIDS Epidemiology in Africa," Gender and AIDS Workshop,
Mombasa, Kenya
1995 "Youth and HIV," International Students against AIDS Conference, Nairobi
1996 "HIV/AIDS Epidemiology in Eastern and Southern Africa," USAID, Nairobi
1996 "HIV in Teenagers," Hillcrest School, Nairobi
1996 "Gender and AIDS in East and Southern Africa," Xlth International Conference on
AIDS, Vancouver, BC, Canada
1996 "Epidemiology of HIV in East and Southern Africa," APHA, New York

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1996 "Mental Health in Rwanda: Where the Population is the Patient," APHA, NY
1996 "HIV/AIDS in East and Southern Africa: Are Prevention Programs Working?" APHA, NY
1996 "The Prevention of HIV and Safer Sex Promotion," APHA, New York
1996 "Sex, Sexuality, and Sexually Transmitted Diseases," World AIDS Day, U. Nairobi
1997 “Evaluating the Effectiveness of HIV/AIDS Prevention Programs,” ICASA, Abidjan,
Cote d’Ivoire
1998 “The Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa,” Univ. of Cincinnati
1999 “Environmental Tobacco Smoke and its Relationship to Asthma,” Children’s
Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati
1999 “Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Other Mental Disorders Following the US
Embassy Bombing in Nairobi,” University of Cincinnati
2000 “Stress among Kenyans Exposed to the 1998 Bombing of the US Embassy in
Nairobi,” American Psychiatric Association annual meeting, Chicago
2000 “Depression among Kenyans Exposed to the 1998 Bombing of the US Embassy in
Nairobi,” American Psychiatric Association annual meeting, Chicago
2000 “Global Epidemiology of HIV,” University of Cincinnati
2000 “Public Health Surveillance and Response to Reportable Diseases,” CHMC
2001 “International HIV/AIDS Prevalence and Prevention,” Centre for Development and
Population Activities, Washington, DC
2001 “Women’s Empowerment in Africa,” USAID, Washington, DC
2001 “The Relationship between the Stage of the HIV/AIDS Epidemic and Prevention
Programs in Africa, XIIth International Conference on AIDS and STDs in Africa,
Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
2001 “The Relationship between Women’s Empowerment and Reproductive Health,”
Ghana National Association of Teachers, Accra, Ghana
2002 “Mobilizing Communities: Community-Based Care through Non-Traditional
Providers,” GHC/PAHO/USAID/World Bank Technical Seminar, Washington
2002 “Population, Power and Progress: How Women in Developing Countries are
Champions for Change,” Riley Lecture, Alfred University, Alfred, New York
2002 “Development and Implementation of HIV Programming with Faith Based
Organizations in Nigeria,” XIVth International AIDS Conference, Barcelona
2002 “Leveraging Resources for a Community-Based Vulnerable Children’s Project in
Nigeria,” XIVth International AIDS Conference, Barcelona, Spain
2002 “Social Mobilization, Sustainability, and Sex: CEDPA’s Experience in
Marshaling Local Resources to Support Health Programs,” GHC/PAHO/USAID/
World Bank Technical Seminar, Washington, DC
2002 “Power Dynamics in Partner Communication: Gender and Dual Protection,”
APHA Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA [presented by L. Goparaju, PhD]
2003 “The Road to the Optimal Enabling Environment,” Accra, Ghana
2003 “Social Mobilization: Improved Safe Motherhood,” Accra
2003 “Enhancing Community Support for AIDS Orphans: A Case Study from Benue State, Nigeria,”
CCHMC, Cincinnati, OH
2003 “International HIV/AIDS Epidemiology,” Closing the Health Gap Conference, Covington, KY

Page 7

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As Director of ENABLE Project, I ensured the production of the following (an illustrative list):

Training Manuals:

Integrating Reproductive Health & HIV/AIDS for NGOs, Faith-based Organizations
and Community-based Organizations
Volume I: Family Planning Plus: HIV/AIDS Basics for NGOs and FP Program
Volume II: Faith Community Responses to HIV/AIDS
Volume III: Home Care for People Living with HIV/AIDS: The Power of a Community
Volume IV: Social Mobilization for HIV/AIDS: A Training Manual
Volume V: Strengthening Organizations to Meet the HIV/AIDS Challenge

Sustaining the Benefits: A Field Guide for Sustaining Reproductive and Child Health Services

Reproductive Health Awareness: A Wellness, Self-Care Approach

Reports (illustrative list):

Title Country

Case Study: The Impact of Queen Mothers on HIV/AIDS Education Ghana

Working with Teachers to Improve Adolescent Reproductive Health Ghana

Providing Reproductive Health Services through Peer Educators Ghana

Designing of Programs to Eradicate Female Genital Cutting Ghana

Gender, Power and Multi-partner Sex: Implications for Dual Method Use in Ghana Ghana

Impact Study: Choose a Future! Project India

Community Based Distributors: Best Practices India

Case Study: Community Aid Sponsorship Program India

Adolescent Girls Literacy Initiative for Reproductive Health Nepal

A GIFT for Reproductive Health Project Nepal

Communication Action Groups: Promoting Discussion of Reproductive Health Nepal

Page 9
The Female Condom: A Feasibility and Acceptability Study Nepal

Adarsha Byakti: Women Acting Together for Choices in Health Nepal

Evaluation Study of the Effectiveness of Communication Action Groups to Nepal
Communicate on Reproductive Health Issues

Exploring the Role of the Community-Based Volunteer in Family Planning Access Nepal
and Choice

Community Volunteers as Providers of Reproductive Health Services Nepal

Enabling Women for Reproductive Health: The REWARD Project of the Nepal Red Nepal
Cross Society

Giving Women a Voice: The 100 Women Groups Nigeria

Reproductive Health and Democracy and Governance Linkages in Plateau State Nigeria

The Vulnerable Children Project in Benue State Nigeria

The Impact of Market-based Distributors in the Onitsha Markets, Anambra State Nigeria

Adolescent Sexuality and Reproductive Health in Benue State Nigeria

Youth and HIV/AIDS: Prevention Actions and Strategies (English) Senegal

Jeunes du Secteur Informel et VIH/SIDA, Quelles Pratiques et Stratégies de Senegal
Prévention? (En Français)

Wells, V.E., Chenier, T., Ludke, R.L., Downing, K., Shaw, T., “An Assessment of Functional Health
Literacy Among Patients Served in Primary Care Providers to the Poor Practice Settings,” Institute
for Health Policy and Health Services Research, U. Cincinnati Medical Center, Cincinnati, OH, 2001.

Wells, V.E. and LaRosa, J.E., "Gender and AIDS in East and Southern Africa," presented at Xlth
International Conference on AIDS, Vancouver, BC, 1996.

Ainsworth, M., ... Wells, V., "Final Report: Workshop on the Status and Trends of the HIV/AIDS
Epidemics in Africa," Family Health International, 1996.

Thun, M.J., Schober, S.E., Stayner, L.T., Wells, V.E., "Urinary Tract Disorders in Nuclear Fuel
Production Workers," HETA 86-381, NIOSH, 1988.

Thun, M.J., McCammon, C., Wells, V.E., "Health Hazard Evaluation Report" Wilbanks International
Inc., HETA 87-435-1896, NIOSH, May 1988.

Page 10

Wells, V.E., "Depression in Adolescence," Doctoral Dissertation, Harvard School of Public Health,
Department of Epidemiology, 1985.

Wells, V.E., "Rural Health Care of Great Britain Before and After the Enactment of the National
Health Service in 1948" (Undergraduate Honors Thesis Manuscript), 1975.


"Visima,"1 The Arusha Times, Arusha, Tanzania, 1996-1998.


Salud de los Trabajadores, 1989-1995.


Wells, V.E., Epidemiology for Non-Epidemiologists, Applied Statistics Training Institute,
National Center for Health Statistics, Rockville, MD, 1992.

Wells, V.E., Introduction to Occupational Epidemiology, National Institute for Occupational
Safety and Health, Cincinnati, OH, 1992.


2004-pres. Founder and Board Member, Africa Foundation USA
2004-pres Chair, Board of Health Resource Center, Cincinnati, OH
2003-pres. Member, Nigeria Association of Greater Cincinnati Area
2003-pres. Board of Health Resource Center, Cincinnati, OH
1987-pres. Founder and member of a women’s spirituality group, Cincinnati, OH
1998-2001 Choir member, St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Terrace Park, OH
1995-97 Volunteer clinician, Kibera Community Center, Nairobi, Kenya
1994-95 Volunteer member of committee to create curriculum for sex education, Indian Hill
High School, Cincinnati, OH
1989-95 Board of Drake Center, Cincinnati, OH
1987-95 Adult Education Leader, St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Terrace Park, OH
1981-86 Founder, and Board member, Burr Cooperative Nursery School, Auburndale, MA
1981-86 Teacher: Music for Children, Newton Community Schools, Newton, MA
1981-86 Choir Member, Parish of the Good Shepherd, Waban, MA

Visima is the Swahili word for "wells," and each column discusses a well of hope, knowledge,
innovation, etc., regarding HIV/AIDS and related topics.

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2004-pres. International Association of Physicians in AIDS Care [IAPAC]
2003-pres. Global Health Council
2002-2003 Steering Committee for XIIIth International Conference on AIDS and STDs in Africa
1981-pres. Physicians for Social Responsibility
1985-pres. American Public Health Association
1989-pres. Association of Teachers of Preventive Medicine
1989-95 Academy of Medicine of Cincinnati
1989-95 Ohio Medical Association
1989-95 Academy AIDS Education Program Planning Subcommittee
1989-95 Doctors Ought to Care


Available upon request.

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