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From: joanpolainas@xxxxxxxxx Date: Sat, 4 Oct 2008 16:44:55 0700 (PDT) Please go to userid=106857 Share and download your ebooks and journal free ebooks share ebook share. megaupload OxyShare sendspace UploadReady turboupload bigfileupload rapidupload Depositfiles eMule bittorrent ,journal password , clave , ezproxy share forum Title Author ISBN Fields of the Lord : Animism, Christian Minorities and State Development in Indonesia Aragon, Lorraine V. 0824821718 Destiny's Landfall : A History of Guam Rogers, Robert F. 0824816161 SOUTHEAST ASIA: THE LONG ROAD AHEAD Yah, Lim Chong 9810246080 Imagining Vietnam and America : The Making of Postcolonial Vietnam, 19191950 Bradley, Mark Philip 0807825492 Doctors Within Borders : Profession, Ethnicity, and Modernity in Colonial Taiwan Lo, MingCheng Miriam 0520229460 Colonial Bastille : A History of Prisons and Imprisonment in Vietnam, 18621940 Zinoman, Peter 0520224124 Is Taiwan Chinese? : The Impact of Culture, Power, and Migration on Changing Identities Brown, Melissa J. 0520231813 Voices from S21 : Terror and History in Pol Pot's Secret Prison Chandler, David 0520220056 American Visions of the Netherlands East Indies/indonesia : US Foreign Policy and Indonesian Nationalism 19201949 Gouda, Frances 9053564799 Malaysian Politics under Mahathir Milne, R. S. 0203006224 The Star Entangled Banner: One Hundred Years of America in the Philippines Delmendo, Sharon 0813534100 History of Modern Indonesia Since C.1200 Ricklefs, M.C. 0333801008 See the Road Well Sugget, Neil 1740761316 Perspectives of Mutual Encounters in South Asian History, 17501860 Malik, Jamal 9004118020 Malay Peninsula : Crossroads of the Maritime Silk Road (100 BC1300 AD) JacqHergoualc'h, Michel 9004119736 Islam and State in Sumatra : A Study of Seventeenth Century Aceh Hadi, Amirul 9004129820 Protest and Possibilities : Civil Society and Coalitions for Political Ebooks Forum 1

Ebooks Forum Change in Malaysia Weiss, Meredith Leigh 080475294X Modern Afghanistan : A History of Struggle and Survival Saikal, Amin 1850434379 East Timor Question, The : The Struggle for Independence from Indonesia Hainsworth, Paul 1860644082 Taliban : Islam, Oil and the New Great Game in Central Asia Rashid, Ahmed 1860648304 Passage to Nuristan : Exploring the Mysterious Afghan Hinterland Barrington, Nicholas 1845111753 New Terrains in Southeast Asian History Ahmad, Abu Talib 0896804267 In the Lena Delta Melville, George 1582183791 Nation, Culture, Text : Australian Cultural and Media Studies Turner, Graeme 0203131991 Dig Tree Murgatroyd, Sarah 9780767908283 Australia, the Recreational Society Mosler, David 0275972321 Creating an American Lake : United States Imperialism & Strategic Security in the Pacific Basin, 19451947 Friedman, Hal M. 0313313016 Mapping the Godzone : A Primer on New Zealand Literature and Culture Schafer, William J. 0824820169 Remaking Micronesia : Discourses over Development in a Pacific Territory, 19441982 Hanlon, David L. 0824818946 Imperial Benevolence : Making British Authority in the Pacific Islands Samson, Jane 0824819276 Neglected War : The German South Pacific and the Influence of World War I Hiery, Hermann J. 0824816684 American Anthropology in Micronesia : An Assessment Kiste, Robert C. 0824820177 Strangers in Their Own Land : A Century of Colonial Rule in the Caroline and Marshall Islands Hezel, Francis X. 0824816420 Typhoon of War : Micronesian Experiences of the Pacific War Poyer, Lin 0824821688 Caging the Rainbow : Places, Politics and Aborigines in a North Australian Town Merlan, Francesca 0824820010 Nature, Culture and History : The "Knowing" of Oceania Howe, K. R. 0824822862 Voyages and Beaches : Pacific Encounters, 17691840 Calder, Alex 0824820398 AussieData: A concise, userfriendly reference to people, places, events and dates in Australian life from prehistory to the present Womersley, Judith 1862545456 The Wakefield Companion to South Australian History Prest, Wilfrid 1862545588 Barossa Food Heuzenroeder, Angela 1862544611 Reefscape : Reflections on the Great Barrier Reef Love, Rosaleen 0309072603 History of Australia Clarke, Frank G. 0313314985 Fatal Collisions: The South Australian frontier and the violence of memory Foster, Robert 1862545332 Unearthed : The Aboriginal Tasmanians of Kangaroo Island Taylor, Rebe 1862545529 A Kind of Mending: Restorative Justice in the Pacific Islands Dinnen, Ebooks Forum 2

Ebooks Forum Sinclair 1740760158 Taim Bilong Misis Bilong Armi: Memories of Wives of Australian Servicemen in Papua New Guinea 1951975 Lloyd, Stephanie 174076000X ....and then the Engines Stopped: Flying in Papua New Guinea. Ward, R. Gerard 1740760050 Across the Magic Line: Growing Up in Fiji Page, Patricia 1740760484 Double Vision: Asian Accounts of Australia Broinowski, Alison 1740760492 Innocence to Independence: Life in the Papua New Guinea Highlands 1956 1980 Hollinshed, Judith 1740760476 As Mothers of the Land: The Birth of the Bougainville Women for Peace and Freedom Sirivi, Josephine Tankunani 1740760433 Luthers Pine : An Autobiography Molony, John N. 174076126X An Uneasy Relationship: Norfolk Island and the Commonwealth of Australia OCollins, Maev 1740760212 Someone Elses Country: Living in Suhartos Indonesia FentonHuie, Shirley 1740760379 Political Chronology of SouthEast Asia and Oceania Unspecified 020340307X Hawaiki, Ancestral Polynesia : An Essay in Historical Anthropology Kirch, Patrick Vinton 0521783097 Great Barrier Reef : History, Science, Heritage Bowen, James 0521824303 From White Australia to Woomera : The Story of Australian Immigration Jupp, James 0521824249 How Australia Compares Tiffen, Rodney 052183578X English in Australia Jupp, James 0521542952 A Trading Nation Hart, Michael 0774850248 Avoiding Armageddon Richter, Andrew 0774850361 The Indian Association of Alberta Meijer Drees, Laurie 0774850213 Another Kind of Justice Madsen, Chris 0774850620 Against the Grain Sandberg, Anders 0774850612 Frontier World of Edgar Dewdney, The Titley, Brian 077485071X Undelivered Letters to Hudson's Bay Company Men on the Northwest Coast of America, 183057 Beattie, Judith Hudson 0774850469 Restoration of the Great Lakes SprouleJones, Mark 0774850167 Game in the Garden Colpitts, George 0774850388 Good Government? Good Citizens? : Courts, Politics, and Markets in a Changing Canada Bogart, W. A. 0774811641 Dominion and the Rising Sun : Canada Encounters Japan, 192941 Meehan, John D. 077481120X CCF Colonialism in Northern Saskatchewan : Battling Parish Priests, Bootleggers, and Fur Sharks Quiring, David M. 0774809388 Canada and the End of Empire Buckner, Philip 0774809159 Middle Power Project : Canada and the Founding of the United Nations Chapnick, Adam 0774812478 Frigates and Foremasts : The North American Squadron in Nova Scotia Waters 17451815 Gwyn, Julian 0774809108 When Coal Was King : Ladysmith and the CoalMining Industry on Ebooks Forum 3

Ebooks Forum Vancouver Island Hinde, John R. 0774809353 Vancouver Achievement : Urban Planning and Design Punter, John 077480971X Telling Tales : Essays in Western Women's History Cavanaugh, Catherine A. 0774807946 Oriental Question : Consolidating a White Man's Province, 191441 Roy, Patricia 0774810106 Negotiating Identities in 19th and 20thCentury Montreal Bradbury, Bettina 0774811978 Cycling into Saigon : The Conservative Transition in Ontario Cameron, David R. 0774808136 Netherlandic Presence in Ontario : Pillars, Class and Dutch Ethnicity Schryer, Frans J. 0889202621 Living Rhythms : Lessons in Aboriginal Resilience and Vision Wuttunee, W. 0773527532 History for the Future : Rewriting Memory and Identity in Quebec Ltourneau, J. 0773527249 Making Public Pasts : The Contested Terrain of Montreal's Public Memories, 18911930 Gordon, Alan 0773522549 Canada and the Idea of North Grace, Sherrill E. 0773522476 Quebec Identity : The Challenge of Pluralism MaClure, Jocelyn 077352553X Canadian Federalist Experiment : From Defiant Monarchy to Reluctant Republic Vaughan, Frederick 0773525335 Myth of the Sacred : The Charter, the Courts and the Politics of the Constitution in Canada Abelson, Donald E. 0773524347 History of Stikeman Elliott Pound, Richard W. 0773524118 Arctic Migrants/Arctic Villagers : The Transformation of Inuit Settlement in the Central Arctic Damas, David 0773524045 Colonization and Community : The Vancouver Island Coalfield and the Making of the British Columbian Working Class Belshaw, John Douglas 0773524029 Charter Conflicts : What Is Parliament's Role? Hiebert, Janet L. 0773523995 Short History of Quebec Dickinson, John Alexander 0773523936 Nationalism from the Margins : Italians in Alberta and British Columbia Wood, Patricia Katharine 0773523693 Arctic Justice : On Trial for Murder, Pond Inlet 1923 Grant, Shelagh D. 0773523375 Canada Among Nations, 2004 : Setting Priorities Straight Carment, David 0773528369 Strange Things Done : Murder in Yukon History Coates, Kenneth 0773527052 White Man's Gonna Getcha : The Colonial Challenge to the Crees in Quebec Morantz, Toby 0773522700 Canada's Greatest Wartime Muddle : National Selective Service and the Mobilization of Human Resources During World War II Stevenson, Michael D. 0773522638 Jessie Luther at the Grenfell Mission Luther, Jessie 0773521763 Men at Play : A Working Understanding of Professional Hockey in Canada Robidoux, Michael A. 0773521690 Ebooks Forum 4

Ebooks Forum Marshall Decision and Native Rights : The Marshall Decision and Mi'kmaq Rights in the Maritimes Coates, Ken S. 0773521046 Great Duty : Canadian Responses to Modern Life and Mass Culture in Canada, 19391967 Kuffert, L. B. 0773526005 Labrador Odyssey : The Journal and Photographs of Eliot Curwen on the Second Voyage of Wilfred Grenfell, 1893 Rompkey, Ronald 0773513663 Haida Gwaii : Human History and Environment from the Time of Loon to the Time of the Iron People Fedje, Daryl W. 0774809221 Family Life and Sociability in Upper and Lower Canada, 17801870 : A View from Diaries and Family Correspondence Noel, Francoise 0773524452 Sense of Their Duty : MiddleClass Formation in Victorian Ontario Towns Holman, Andrew C. 0773518991 Canada's Changing North Wonders, William C. 0773525904 Island Doctor : John Mackieson and Medicine in NineteenthCentury Prince Edward Island Shephard, David 0773525246 Canadian Policy Toward Khrushchev's Soviet Union Glazov, Jamie 0773522751 Sir John George Bourinot, Victorian Canadian : His Life, Times, and Legacy Banks, Margaret A. 0773521917 Bullets on the Water : Refugee Stories Grouev, Ivaylo 0773520945 So Obstinately Loyal : James Moody, 17441809 Burgess, Susan 0886293553 EighteenthCentury Naturalists of Hudson Bay Houston, C. Stuart 0773522859 Canada's National System of Innovation Niosi, Jorge 0773520120 Sods, Soil, and Spades : The Acadians at Grand Pr and Their Dykeland Legacy Bleakney, J. Sherman 0773528164 Ephemeral Territories : Representing Nation, Home, and Identity in Canada Manning, Erin 9780816639243 Champlain : The Birth Of French America Litalien, Raymonde 0773528504 This Blessed Wilderness Cole, Jean M. 0774850000 A War of Patrols Johnston, William 077485054X No Place to Run Cook, Tim 0774850744 Selling British Columbia : Tourism and Consumer Culture, 18901970 Dawson, Michael 0774810548 From Bourassa to Bourassa : Wilderness to Restoration MacDonald, L. Ian 077352391X Queen of Peace Room Dominic, Magie 0889204179 Journals of Yaakov Zipper, 1950982 : The Struggle for Yiddishkeit Ziper, Yankev 0773526277 William R. McIntyre : Paladin of the Common Law McConnell, W. H. 0886293413 Secret Trial : Brian Mulroney, Stevie Cameron and the Public Trust Kaplan, William 0773528466 United States Expansionism and British North America, 17751871 Stuart, Reginald C. 0807864099 Contact Zones : Aboriginal and Settler Women in Canada's Colonial Past Pickles, Katie 0774811358 Great Peace of Montreal of 1701 : FrenchNative Diplomacy in the Ebooks Forum 5

Ebooks Forum Seventeenth Century Havard, Gilles 0773522093 Love 'Strong as Death' : Lucy Peel's Canadian Journal, 18331836 Little, J. I. 0889203733 North of Athabasca : Slave Lake and Mackenzie River Documents of the North West Company, 18001821 Keith, Lloyd 0773520988 Popular Politics and Political Culture in Upper Canada, 1800850 Wilton, Carol 0773520538 From Barrow to Boothia : The Arctic Journal of Chief Factor Peter Warren Dease, 18361839 Dease, Peter Warren 0773522530 Benedict Arnold : A Traitor in Our Midst Wilson, Barry K. 077352150X Measures of Equality : Social Science, Citizenship, and Race in Cuba, 19021940 Bronfman, Alejandra 0807876240 Music and Revolution : Cultural Change in Socialist Cuba Moore, Robin 0520247116 History of Cuba Staten, Clifford L. 1403979464 No More, No More : Slavery and Cultural Resistance in Havana and New Orleans Walker, Daniel E. 9780816643264 Political Languages of Emancipation in the British Caribbean and the U.S. South Eudell, Demetrius L. 0807826804 Winds of Change Prez Jr., Louis A. 0807875651 War of 1898 : The United States & Cuba in History & Historiography Perez, Louis A., Jr. 0807824372 Culture & Customs of the Dominican Republic Brown, Isabel Zakrzewski 0313303142 Tropics of History : Cuba Imagined West, Alan 0897893387 History of Mary Prince Prince, Mary 0140437495 Sugar Island Slavery in the Age of Enlightenment : The Political Economy of the Caribbean World Stinchcombe, Arthur L. 0691029954 Cultural Politics of Sugar : Caribbean Slavery & Narratives of Colonialism Sandiford, Keith Albert 0521642337 Slaves & Slaveholders in Bermuda, 16161782 Bernhard, Virginia 0826212271 Back from the Future : Cuba under Castro Eckstein, Susan E. 0691029873 Virgin, the King, and the Royal Slaves of el Cobre : Negotiating Freedom in Colonial Cuba, 16701780 Diaz, Maria Elena 0804737185 Company They Kept : Migrants and the Politics of Gender in Caribbean Costa Rica, 18701960 Putnam, Lara 0807827320 Trances, Dances and Vociferations : Agency and Resistance in Africana Women's Narratives Elia, Nada 0203906845 Operation Pedro Pan : The Untold Exodus of 14,000 Cuban Children Conde, Yvonne M. 0203905148 Peasants and Religion : A Socioeconomic Study of Dios Olivorio and the Palma Sola Movement in the Dominican Republic Lundius, Jan 0203016963 Lucha for Cuba : Religion and Politics on the Streets of Miami De La Torre, Miguel A. 0520235266 Igniting the Caribbean's Past : Fire in British West Indian History Richardson, Bonham C. 0807864080 Cuban Revolution : Past, Present and Future Perspectives Lievesley, Geraldine 0333968530 Ebooks Forum 6

Ebooks Forum History of Jamaica : From Its Discovery by Christopher Columbus to the Year 1872 Gardner, William J. 020398823X HaitianDominican Counterpoint Matibag, Eugenio 1403973806 Caribbean Postcolonial : Social Equality, PostNationalism, and Cultural Hybridity Puri, Shalini 1403973717 Paradise Lost : Haiti's Tumultuous Journey from Pearl of the Caribbean to Third World Girard, Philippe 1403980314 Undoing Empire : Race and Nation in the Mulatto Caribbean Buscaglia Salgado, Jose F. 9780816635733 Suburban Discipline Lang, Peter 1568981066 Culture Jenks, Chris 0203129849 Archaeologies of the Contemporary Past Cox, Margaret 0203185102 Cultural Studies Reader During, Simon 0203132173 Transnational Connections : Culture, People, Places Hannerz, Ulf 0203131983 Seekers: The Story of Man's Continuing Quest to Understand His World Boorstin, Daniel J. 9780679434450 Cultural Contingencies : Behavior Analytic Perspectives on Cultural Practices Lamal, P. A. 0275957764 Modern Postmodern : Off the Beaten Path of Antimodernism Kramer, Eric M. 0275957586 Age of Insanity : Modernity and Mental Health Schumaker, John F. 0275970523 Paths of Fire : An Anthropologist's Inquiry into Technology in the Making of the Modern West Adams, Robert M. 0691026343 Modernism & Time : The Logic of Abundance in Literature, Science & Culture, 18801930 Schleifer, Ronald 0521661242 Collected Works of Eric Voegelin, Volume 15: Order and History, Volume 2: World of the Polis Voegelin, Eric 0826212832 Orient Strikes Back : A Global View of Cultural Display Hendry, Joy 185973328X Ideographia : The Chinese Cipher in Early Modern Europe Porter, David 0804732035 Bound : Living in the Globalized World Sernau, Scott 1565491122 Postfeminisms : Feminism, Cultural Theory, and Cultural Forms Brooks, Ann 0203428897 Many Globalizations : Cultural Diversity in the Contemporary World Aoki, Tomatsu 0195151461 Comparative Civilizations and Multiple Modernities : A Collection of Essays Eisenstadt, S. N. 9004129936 Reflections on Multiple Modernities : European, Chinese and Other Interpretations Sachsenmaier, Dominic 9004127976 Eastern Origins of Western Civilisation Hobson, John M. 0521838355 Making of Modern Romanian Culture : Literacy and the Development of National Identity DraceFrancis, Alex 1845110668 Global Civilization : A BuddhistIslamic Dialogue Tehranian, Majid 186064810X Colonialism Postcolonialism Loomba, Ania 0203194918 Postcolonial Contraventions : Cultural Readings of Race, Imperalism and Transnationalism Chrisman, Laura 0719058279 Equal Subjects, Unequal Rights : Indigenous People in British Settler Ebooks Forum 7

Ebooks Forum Colonies, 18301910 Evans, Julie 0719060036 Other Empire : Metropolis, India, and Progress in the Colonial Imagination Marriott, John 0719060184 Trial Separation : Australia and the Decolonisation of Papua New Guinea Denoon, Donald 1740761715 English in Africa : After the Cold War Mazrui, Alamin M. 1853596906 Key Concepts in PostColonial Studies Ashcroft, Bill 0203005597 Distant Dominion : Britain and the Northwest Coast of North America, 15791809 Gough, Barry M. 0774801131 Colonial Memory and Postcolonial Europe : Maltese Settlers in Algeria and France Smith, Andrea L. 9780253347626 Colonial Subjects : Race and Gender in French West Africa Griffiths, Claire H. 9781846632181 Empire Divided : Religion, Republicanism, and the Making of French Colonialism, 18801914 Daughton, J. P. 9780195305302 Texts of Power : Emerging Disciplines in Colonial Bengal Chatterjee, Partha 9780816626878 Amerindian Images and the Legacy of Columbus Jara, Rene 9780816621675 Colonial Inscriptions : Race, Sex, and Class in Kenya Shaw, Carolyn M. 9780816625253 Casualty of Empire : Britains Unpaid Debt to an African Kingdom Pulford, Cedric 9780953643073 Knut Hamsun Remembers America : Essays and Stories, 18851949 Hamsun, Knut 0826214568 Wealth of Nature : Environmental History and the Ecological Imagination Worster, Donald 0195092643 Scots in Habsburg Service, 161848 Worthington, David 9004135758 Spring and No Flowers : Memories of an Austrian Childhood Gaur, Albertine 1841509434 TwentiethCentury Prophet : Oscar Jszi, 18751957 Litvn, Gyrgy 9637326421 Carrying a Secret in My Heart : Children of Political Victims of the Revolution in Post1956 Hungary : An Oral History Korosi, Zsuzanna 9639241555 Hungary in the Cold War : 19451956 Borhi, Laszlo 9639241806 Realm of St. Stephen : A History of Medieval Hungary, 8951526 Engel, Pal 1860640613 Austria, Hungary, and the Habsburgs : Central Europe, c. 16831867 Evans, R. J. W. 9780199281442 Resistance & Rebellion : Lessons from Eastern Europe Peterson, Roger D. 0521770009 War and Peace in the Baltic, 15601790 Oakley, Stewart P. 020398885X Communism and Its Collapse White, Stephen 0203134192 Polish Politics & Society Millard, F. 0203444671 Future of TurkishWestern Relations: Toward a Strategic Plan Khalilzad, Zalmay 0833028758 Macedonia: The Politics of Identity & Difference Cowan, Jane 0745315941 Caviar Saffron, Inga 9780767906234 Dueling Visions : U. S. Strategy Toward Eastern Europe under Eisenhower Krebs, Ronald R. 089096968X Ebooks Forum 8

Ebooks Forum Ethnic Times : Exploring Ethnonationalism in the Former Yugoslavia Kecmanovic, Dusan 0275974618 Europe's Nightmare : The Struggle for Kosovo Rezun, Miron 0275970728 Lessons & NonLessons of the Air & Missile Campaign in Kosovo Cordesman, Anthony H. 0275972305 Nation States as Schizophrenics : Germany & Japan as PostCold War Actors Haar, Roberta N. 0275968871 Social Justice & The Welfare State in Central & Eastern Europe : The Impact of Privatization Iatridis, Demetrius S. 0275967913 Deserts of Bohemia : Czech Fiction & Its Social Context Steiner, Peter 0801437172 Fantasies of Salvation : PostCommunist Political Mythologies Tismaneanu, Vladimir 0691048266 State Against Society : Political Crises andTheir Aftermath in East Central Europe Ekiert, Grzegorz 0691011141 What Was Socialism, and What Comes Next? Verdery, Katherine 069101132X Organizing Democracy in Eastern Germany : Interest Groups in Post Communist Society Padgett, Stephen 0521651700 Byzantium's Balkan Frontier : A Political Study of the Northern Balkans, 9001204 Stephenson, Paul 0521770173 Emergence of the Eastern Powers, 17561775 Scott, H. M. 052179269X Politics of Ethnicity in Central Europe Cordell, Karl 0333731719 Czechoslovakia : The Velvet Revolution & Beyond Shepherd, Robin H. E. 0333791886 International Law and the Resolution of Central and East European Transboundary Environmental Disputes Williams, Paul 0333764951 Together and Apart in Brzezany : Poles, Jews, and Ukrainians, 19191945 Redlich, Shimon 0253340748 Women Who Become Men : Albanian Sworn Virgins Young, Antonia 1859733352 Balkans : From Constantinople to Communism Hupchick, Dennis P. 0312299133 Beyond the Mountains of the Damned : The War Inside Kosovo McAllester, Matthew 0814756603 How Effective is Strategic Bombing? : Lessons Learned from World War II to Kosovo Gentile, Gian P. 081473135X Balkan Wars, 19121913 : Prelude to the First World War Hall, Richard 0203138058 Settling Accounts : Violence, Justice, & Accountability in Postsocialist Europe Borneman, John 0691016828 Yugoslavia and Its Historians : Understanding the Balkan Wars of the 1990s Naimark, Norman M. 0804745943 Poland in the Twentieth Century Stachura, Peter D. 033375266X PolishLithuanian Monarchy in European Context : C[a]. 15001795 Butterwick, Richard 0333773829 Religious Separation and Political Intolerance in Bosniaherzegovina Velikonja, Mitja 1585442267 Casualty of War : A Childhood Remembered Owen, Louisa Lang 1585442127 MuslimCroat Civil War in Bosnia : A Military History, 19921994 Shrader, Charles R. 1585442615 Prague Territories : National Conflict and Cultural Innovation in Ebooks Forum 9

Ebooks Forum Franz Kafka's Fin de Siecle Spector, Scott 0520219090 Eastern Europe in the Twentieth Century and After Crampton, R. J. 0203445465 History of the Literary Cultures of EastCentral Europe : Junctures and Disjunctures in the 19th and 20th Centuries CornisPope, Marcel 9781588114938 Challenge of Military Reform in Postcommunist Europe : Building Professional Armed Forces Forster, Anthony 0333946219 Jews in PolandLithuania in the Eighteenth Century : A Genealogy of Modernity Hundert, Gershon David 0520238443 Balkan Holocausts? : Serbian and Croatian Victim Centered Propaganda and the War in Yugoslavia Macdonald, David Bruce 071906466X Potentials of Disorder : Explaining Conflict and Stability in the Caucasus and in the Former Yugoslavia Zurcher, Christoph 0719062411 Developments in Central and East European Politics 3 White, Stephen 0333948777 Yugoslavia : A Concise History Benson, Leslie 1403915660 Electoral Systems and Political Transformation in PostCommunist Europe Birch, Sarah 0333987659 Small Nations and Great Powers : A Study of Ethnopolitical Conflict in the Caucasus Cornell, Svante E. 0203988876 Outcast Europe The Balkans 17891989 : From the Ottomans to Milosevic Gallagher, Tom 0203646541 Commemorations and the Shaping of Modern Poland Dabrowski, Patrice M. 0253344298 Environmental Transitions : Transformation and Ecological Defense in Central and Eastern Europe Pavlinek, Peter 0203444922 Romania : The Unfinished Revolution Roper, Steven D. 0203695070 Albania at War, 19391945 Fischer, Bernd 1557531412 Rethinking the Rule of Law after Communism Czarnota, Adam 9637326219 Roma in Romanian History Achim, Viorel 9639241849 Islam and Bosnia : Conflict Resolution and Foreign Policy in Multi Ethnic States Shatzmiller, Maya 0773523464 Milosevic and Markovic : The End of the Serbian Fairytale Djukic, Slavoljub 0773522166 Night Voices : Heard in the Shadow of Hitler and Stalin Laskey, Heather 0773526064 Six Month Kingdom : Albania 1914 HeatonArmstrong, Duncan 1850437610 Slovenia 1945 : Memories of Death and Survival after World War II Ferrar, Marcus 1850438404 Milosevic : The People's Tyrant Stevanovic, Vidosav 1860648428 Turkey : A Modern History Zurcher, Erik J. 1850433992 War and Peace in the Balkans : The Diplomacy of Conflict in the Former Yugoslavia Oliver, Ian 1850438897 Western Shores of Turkey : Discovering the Aegean and Mediterranean Coasts Freely, John 1850436185 Balkan Idols : Religion and Nationalism in Yugoslav States Perica, Vjekoslav 0195148568 Cultural Formations of Postcommunism : Emancipation, Transition, Nation, and War Kennedy, Michael D. 9780816638574 National Romanticism : Formation of National Movements Trencsnyi, Ebooks Forum 10

Ebooks Forum Balzs 9789637326608 Gender and War in TwentiethCentury Eastern Europe Wingfield, Nancy W. 9780253347312 SuperState : The New Europe and Its Challenge to America Haseler, Stephen 1860648436 National Minorities and Citizenship Rights in Lithuania, 19881993 Popovski, Vesna 0333794680 Armenia : Portraits of Survival and Hope Miller, Donald E. 0520234928 Uzbekistan : Transition to Authoritarianism on the Silk Road Melvin, Neil J. 0203645618 Czech Republic : A Nation of Velvet Fawn, Rick 0203643542 Yugoslavia : History of Its Demise Meier, Viktor 0203981863 America and the Armenian Genocide of 1915 Winter, J. M. 0521829585 Canada and the Ukrainian Question, 19391945 : A Study in Statecraft Kordan, Bohdan S. 0773522301 Armageddon Averted : The Soviet Collapse, 19702000 Kotkin, Stephen 0195168941 Vichy's Afterlife : History & Counterhistory in Postwar France Golsan, Richard J. 0803270941 France Restored: Cold War Diplomacy & the Quest for Leadership in Europe, 19441954 Gaddis, John L. 0807824283 French Wars, 17921815 Esdaile, Charles J. 0203209745 French Revolution Lefebvre, Georges 0203996046 Ecopolitics : The Environment in Poststructuralist Thought Conley, Verena A. 0203012275 French Revolution Hunt, Jocelyn 0203981162 From Louis XIV to Napoleon : The Fate of a Great Power Black, Jeremy 0203006380 Napoleon III and the French Second Empire Price, Roger D. 0203134249 Third Republic in France : Conflicts and Continuities Fortesque, William 0203133846 On JeanJacques Rousseau: Considered As One of the First Authors of the Revolution Swenson, James 0804735557 Piano Shop on the Left Bank Carhart, Thad 9780375503047 Naval War of 1812 Roosevelt, Theodore 9780679641858 Historical Dictionary of World War II France : The Occupation, Vichy, & the Resistance, 19381946 Gordon, Bertram M. 0313294216 Certain Ideas of France : Essays on French History and Civilization Wesseling, H. L. 0313323410 Conscription & Democracy : France, Great Britain & the United States Flynn, George Q. 031331912X Family Dynasty, Revolutionary Society : The Cochins of Paris, 17501922 Winnie, Laurence H. 031331361X History of France Haine, W. Scott 0313303282 Citizenship and Nationhood in France and Germany Brubaker, Rogers 0674131770 Rights of Man Paine, Thomas 0140390154 MontSaintMichel & Chartres Adams, Henry (Brooks) 0140390545

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Ebooks Forum From Jacobin to Liberal : MarcAntoine Jullien, 17751848 Palmer, Robert R. 0691032998 Observations on the Reflections of the Right Hon. Edmund Burke, on the Revolution in France, in a Letter to the Right Hon. the Earl of Stanhope Macauley, Catharine Reflections on The Revolution in France: and on the Proceedings in Certain Societies in London Relative to that Event in a Letter Intended to have been sent to a Gentleman in Paris Burke, Edmund Richelieu's Army : War, Government, and Society in France, 16241642 Parrott, David 0521792096 Schism and Solidarity in Social Movements : The Politics of Labor in the French Third Republic Ansell, Christopher K. 0521791138 Henry IV & the Towns : The Pursuit of Legitimacy in French Urban Society, 15891610 FinleyCroswhite, S. Annette 0521620171 French Revolution & the London Stage, 17891805 Taylor, George 0521630525 Reinterpreting the French Revolution : A GlobalHistorical Perspective Stone, Bailey 0521811473 Rousseau, Robespierre & English Romanticism Dart, Gregory 0521641004 Reading the French Enlightenment : System & Subversion Hayes, Julie C. 052165128X National Character and Public Spirit in Britain and France Romani, Roberto 0521810000 Brittany & the Angevins : Province & Empire, 11581203 Everard, J. A. 0521660718 Second French Empire Price, Roger 0521808308 Reflections on the Revolution in France Burke, Edmund 1843270838 Civil War in France Marx, Karl 184327101X 18th Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte Marx, Karl 1843271001 France, Nato & the Limits of Independence, 198197 : The Politics of Ambivalence Menon, Anand 0333773527 Hairstyles & Fashion : Emile Long's Reports from Paris, 19101920 Zdatny, Steven 1859732178 Football in France: A Cultural History Hare, Geoff 1859736572 Papermaking in EighteenthCentury France : Management, Labor, and Revolution at the Montgolfier Mill, 17611805 Rosenband, Leonard N. 0801876796 Strength in Numbers : Population, Reproduction, and Power in EighteenthCentury France Blum, Carol 0801874688 Furies : Violence & Terror in the French & Russian Revolutions Mayer, Arno J. 0691048975 Ceremonial City : Toulouse Observed, 17381780 Schneider, Robert A. 0691034648 Certain Idea of France : French Security Policy and the Gaullist Legacy Gordon, Philip H. 0691086478 Reflections on the Revolution in France Burke, Edmund 0804739234 Revolution in Language : The Problem of Signs in Late Eighteenth Century France Rosenfeld, Sophia A. 0804733147 British Periodical Press and the French Revolution, 17891799 Andrews, Stuart M. 0333738519 Ebooks Forum 12

Ebooks Forum French Experience from Republic to Monarchy, 17921824 : New Dawns in Politics, Knowledge and Culture Cross, Maire 0333772652 AngloFrench Relations, 18981998 : From Fashoda to Jospin Chassaigne, M. 0333912616 Promoting the Colonial Idea : Propaganda and Visions of Empire in France Chafer, Tony 0333791800 Politics and Theater : The Crisis of Legitimacy in Restoration France, 18151830 Kroen, Sheryl 0520222148 City of Darkness, City of Light: Emigr Filmmakers in Paris 19291939 Phillips, Alastair 9053566333 France and Women, 17891914 : Gender, Society and Politics McMillan, James F. 0203020154 French Revolution : Recent Debates and New Controversies Kates, Gary 0203004035 Aspects of Contemporary France Perry, Sheila 0203129210 Facing Postmodernity : Contemporary French Thought on Culture and Society Silverman, Maxim 0203003357 Fifth French Republic Thody, Philip M. 0203005023 Pulp Surrealism : Insolent Popular Culture in Early 20th Century France Walz, Robin 0520216199 France Between the Wars : Gender and Politics Reynolds, Sian 0203433661 Power and Politics in Old Regime France Campbell, Peter 0203413695 Baudrillard Live : Selected Interviews Gane, Mike 020341585X Course of French History Goubert, Pierre 0203414683 Family on Trial in Revolutionary France Desan, Suzanne 0520238591 Making of Revolutionary Paris Garrioch, David 0520232534 Nationhood and Nationalism in France : From Boulangism to the Great War Tombs, Robert 020316878X National Front and France : Ideology, Discourse, and Power Davies, Peter 0203006828 McLuhan and Baudrillard : Masters of Implosion Genosko, Gary 020300521X Liberty and Locality in Revolutionary France : Six Villages Compared, 17601820 Jones, Peter 0521821770 Dynastic State and the Army under Louis XIV : Royal Service and Private Interest 16611701 Rowlands, Guy 0521641241 Marketing Marianne: French Propaganda in America, 19001940 Young, Robert J. 0813533775 Social Movements in France : Towards a New Citizenship Waters, Sarah 0333770439 Government and Politics of France Stevens, Anne 0333994418 Reinventing France : State and Society in the 21st Century Milner, Susan 1403902151 Social History of France, 17891914 McPhee, Peter 0333997514 Forgotten French : Exiles in the British Isles, 194044 Atkin, Nicholas 0719064384 Louis XIV and the Parlements : The Assertion of Royal Authority Hurt, John Jeter 0719062357 Lawyers and Citizens : The Making of a Political Elite in Old Regime France Bell, David A. 0195076702 Ebooks Forum 13

Ebooks Forum Classical Heritage in France Sandy, Gerald N. 9004119167 Families, Friends and Allies : Boulogne and Politics in Northern France and England, 8791160 Tanner, Heather J. 9004132430 British and French Mandates in Comparative Perspectives (Les Mandats Francais et Anglais Dans une Perspective Comparative) Meouchy, Nadine 9004133135 Fathers, Pastors and Kings : Visions of Episcopacy in Seventeenth Century France Forrestal, Alison 0719069769 Vestiges of the Colonial Empire in France : Monuments, Museums and Colonial Memories Aldrich, Robert 1403933707 French Intellectuals and Politics from the Dreyfus Affair to the Occupation Drake, David 033377812X From Penitence to Charity : Pious Women and the Catholic Reformation in Paris Diefendorf, Barbara B. 0195095820 Empire of Love : Histories of France and the Pacific Matsuda, Matt K. 0195162943 Louis XIV Shennan, J. H. 0203977815 Surmounting the Barricades : Women in the Paris Commune Eichner, Carolyn Jeanne 0253344425 Barricades : The War of the Streets in Revolutionary Paris, 18301848 Harsin, Jill 140397005X Encyclopedia of Contemporary French Culture Hughes, Alex 0203003306 French Huguenots in EnglishSpeaking Lands Davies, Horton 0820445428 People and Politics in France, 18481870 Price, Roger 0521837065 Assassination, Politics, and Miracles : France and the Royalist Reaction of 1820 Skuy, David 0773524576 From Rogue to Everyman : A Foundling's Journey to the Bastille Bongie, Laurence L. 0773527931 Crime of Crimes : Demonology and Politics in France, 15601620 Pearl, Jonathan L. 0889202966 Creating the Welfare State in France, 1880940 Smith, Timothy B. 0773524096 Discourse & Discrimination : Rhetorics of Racism & Antisemitism Wodak, Ruth 0203993713 Spirituality and the Occult : From the Renaissance to the Modern Gibbons, Brian 0203134729 Themes in Modern European History, 18901945 Hayes, Paul 0203185137 Mediterranean World in Late Antiquity, AD 395600 Cameron, Averil 0203134206 Inclusions & Exclusions in European Societies Kohli, Martin 0203167368 Who's Who in Europe, 14501750 Kamen, Henry 0203402332 Warfare and Society in Europe, 17921914 Wawro, Geoffrey 0203007352 Uniting of Europe : From Discord to Concord Henig, Stanley 0203131509 Urban Politics in Early Modern Europe Friedrichs, Christopher R. 0203131347 A to Z of Modern Europe, 17891999 Polley, Martin 0203185919 Early Modern European Society Kamen, Henry A. 0203983599 Ebooks Forum 14

Ebooks Forum Fascist Ideology : Expansionism in Italy and Germany, 19221945 Kallis, Aristotle A. 0203130669 Dark Valley: A Panorama of the 1930s Brendon, Piers 9780375408816 Travels of Marco Polo Polo, Marco 9780375758188 Biographical Dictionary of European Labor Leaders Lane, A. Thomas 0313264562 Lust for Virtue : Louis XIV's Attack on Sin in SeventeenthCentury France Riley, Philip F. 0313317089 EastCentral European Region : From Cradle to Grave & Beyond Hodos, George Hermann 0275954978 One Europe, Many Nations : A Historical Dictionary of European National Groups Minahan, James 0313309841 War for the Public Mind : Political Censorship in 19thCentury Europe Goldstein, Robert J. 0275964612 Making Transition Work for Everyone Poverty and Inequality in Europe and Central Asia World Bank Staff 9780821347201 Great Famine : Nothern Europe in the Early Fourteenth Century Jordan, William C. 0691011346 Humour, History and Politics in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages Halsall, Guy 0521811163 Language & Solitude : Wittgenstein, Malinowski, & the Habsburg Dilemma Gellner, Ernest 0521630029 Rise of the Public in Enlightenment Europe Melton, James Van Horn 0521465737 Roman Law in European History Stein, Peter 0521643724 Performance of Nobility in Early Modern European Literature Posner, David M. 0521661811 Contagion & the State in Europe, 18301930 Baldwin, Peter 0521642884 European Warfare 1453815 BLACK, JEREMY 0333692233 EighteenthCentury Europe (2nd ed.) Black, Jeremy 0333773365 EuroAsian World Lynch, Dov 0333760689 Father/Land : A Personal Search for the New Germany Kempe, Frederick 0253215250 Erikson, Eskimos, and Columbus : Medieval European Knowledge of America Enterline, James Robert 0801875471 Mercenaries, Pirates and Sovereigns : StateBuilding and Extraterritorial Violence in Early Modern Europe Thomson, Janice E. 0691086583 Provincializing Europe : Postcolonial Thought & Historical Difference Chakrabarty, Dipesh 0691049084 Policing and War in Europe Knafla, Louis A. 0313310122 White Crow : The Life and Times of the Grand Duke Nicholas Mikhailovich Romanov, 18591919 Cockfield, Jamie H. 0275977781 Mirages of the Selfe : Patterns of Personhood in Ancient and Early Modern Europe Reiss, Timothy J. 080474565X European Warfare, 18152000 Black, Jeremy 0333786688 Revolutions : The Revolutionary Tradition in the West, 15601991 Parker, David 0203449304 States and Nationalism in Europe since 1945 Anderson, Malcolm 0203129776 British on the Costa del Sol O'Reilly, Karen 0203495403 Ebooks Forum 15

Ebooks Forum Trade and Empire in the Atlantic, 14001600 Birmingham, David 0203136969 Federalism and European Union : The Building of Europe, 19502000 Burgess, Michael 0203465326 Catholic Reformation Mullett, Michael A. 0203012453 War and Society in Early Modern Europe 14951715 Tallett, Frank 0203411242 Facing Fascism : The Conservative Party and the European Dictators 19351940 Crowson, Nick 0203442687 Health Care and Poor Relief in Protestant Europe 15001700 Grell, Peter 0203431340 Historical Introduction to the European Union WallerThody, Philip M. 0203448731 Struggle for Europe : The Turbulent History of a Divided Continent, 1945Present Hitchcock, William I. 9780385497992 Reinterpreting Revolution in TwentiethCentury Europe Donald, Moira 0333693531 Authoritarianism and Democracy in Europe, 191939 : Comparative Analyses BergSchlosser, Dirk 0333966066 Europe and England in the Sixteenth Century Morris, T. A. 0203014634 Atlas of Medieval Europe Mackay, Angus 0203431707 European Warfare, 16601815 Black, Jeremy 0203499425 Opposing Fascism : Community, Authority and Resistance in Europe Kirk, Tim 0521483093 Idea of Europe : From Antiquity to the European Union Pagden, Anthony 0521791715 Landownership and Power in Modern Europe Gibson 0203192400 War, Peace and World Orders in European History Heuser, Beatrice 0203471695 Immigrants and National Identity in Europe Triandafyllidou, Anna 020316749X Two Red Flags : European Social Democracy and Soviet Communism Since 1945 Childs, David 0203058259 European Union : Challenges and Promises of a New Enlargement Pusca, Anca 0972054154 Gender at Stake : Male Witches in Early Modern Europe Apps, Lara 0719057086 Developments in West European Politics 2 Heywood, Paul 0333928695 Napoleonic Empire Ellis, Geoffrey James 0333990056 The European Union, Turkey and Islam Hemerijck, A.C. 9053567127 Europa and the Bull, Europe, and European Studies : Visual images as historical source material Wintle, Michael 9056293427 European Union : A Polity of States and Peoples van Gerven, Walter 0804750637 Forging Democracy : The History of the Left in Europe, 18502000 Eley, Geoff 0195044797 Carolingians in Central Europe, Their History, Arts and Architecture : A Cultural History of Central Europe, 750900 Schutz, Herbert 9004131493 Making of Modern Europe, 16481780 Treasure, Geoffrey 0203409035 Meddling in Middle Europe : Britain and the 'Lands Between' 19191925 Ebooks Forum 16

Ebooks Forum Lojk, Mikls 9637326375 Reformation World Pettegree, Andrew 0203445279 Kings, Nobles and Commoners : States and Societies in Early Modern Europe Black, Jeremy 1860649866 Enlightenment and Reform in EighteenthCentury Europe Beales, Derek 1860649491 Reallexicon der Germanischen Alterumskunde : Band XXXII Hoops, Von Johannes 9783110183870 Primer of Italian Fascism Schnapp, Jeffrey T. 0803292686 GIs and Fruleins Hhn, Maria 0807827061 Dealing with the Devil Sarotte, M. E. 0807825999 Winning Women's Votes Sneeringer, Julia 080782674X Course of German History Taylor, A.J.P. 0203996135 Nietzsche and Jewish Culture Golomb, Jacob J. 0203028139 Imperial Germany, 18501918 Feuchtwanger, Edgar 0203021436 Oberammergau: The Troubling Story of the World's Most Famous Passion Play Shapiro, James 9780375409264 Nazi Rocketeers : Dreams of Space & Crimes of War Piszkiewicz, Dennis 0275952177 International Politics & German History : The Past Informs the Present Wetzel, David 0275957497 Nazi Refugee Turned Gestapo Spy : The Life of Hans Wesemann, 18951971 Barnes, James J. 0275971244 Hitler as Philosopher : Remnants of the Enlightenment in National Socialism Birken, Lawrence 0275950654 Historical Dictionary of Germany's Weimar Republic, 19181933 Vincent, C. Paul 0313273766 Hitler's Secret Pirate Fleet : The Deadliest Ships of World War II Duffy, James P. 0275966852 Children Surviving Persecution : An International Study of Trauma & Healing Kestenberg, Judith 027596261X German Incertitudes, 19141945 : The Stones & the Cathedral Von Klemperer, Klemens 0275970175 Retreat to the Reich : The German Defeat in France, 1944 Mitcham, Samuel W., Jr. 027596857X Unjust Seizure : Conflict, Interest & Authority in an Early Medieval Society Brown, Warren 0801437903 My Own Private Germany : Daniel Paul Schreber's Secret History of Modernity Santner, Eric L. 0691026289 Regulating the Social : The Welfare State and Local Politics in Imperial Germany Steinmetz, George 0691032408 German Unification & the Union of Europe : The Domestic Politics of Integration Policy Anderson, Jeffrey 0521643554 Henry IV of Germany Robinson, Ian S. 0521651131 State & Society in the Early Middle Ages : The Middle Rhine Valley, 4001000 Innes, Matthew 0521594553 Legacy of Nazi Occupation : Patriotic Memory & National Recovery in Western Europe, 19451965 Lagrou, Pieter 0521651808 Spirit of 1914 : Militarism, Myth & Mobilization in Germany Verhey, Jeffrey 0521771374 Hitler's Italian Allies : Royal Armed Forces, Fascist Regime & the War Ebooks Forum 17

Ebooks Forum of 194043 Knox, MacGregor 0521790476 Money and Security : Troops and Monetary Policy in Germany's Relations to the United States and the United Kingdom Zimmermann, Hubert 052178204X German Ideology Marx, Karl 1843271044 Bullying Bonn : AngloGerman Diplomacy on European Integration, 195561 Schaad, Martin P. C. 0333692314 Convents Confront the Reformation: Catholic & Protestant Nuns in Germany WiesnerHanks, Merry 0874627028 Paradigms of Political Change: Luther, Frederick II, and Bismarck. The GDR on Its Way to German Unity Brinks, Jan Herman 0874626803 Spaniards & Nazi Germany : Collaboration in the New Order Bowen, Wayne H. 0826213006 Collected Works of Eric Voegelin, Volume 31: Hitler & the Germans Voegelin, Eric 0826212166 That Time Cannot Be Forgotten : A Correspondence on the Holocaust Sold, Emil Georg 0253340926 Nazi Family Policy, 19331945 Pine, Lisa 1859739024 Creating A Democratic Civil Society in Eastern Germany : The Case of the Citizen Movements and Alliance 90 Olivo, Christiane 0312299591 Black Sun : Aryan Cults, Esoteric Nazism and the Politics of Identity GoodrickClarke, Nicholas 0814731244 Order of Terror : The Concentration Camp Templer, William 069104354X Imperfect Union : Constitutional Structures of German Unification Quint, Peter E. 0691086567 Russia & Germany Reborn : Unification, the Soviet Collapse, & the New Europe Stent, Angela E. 0691059659 Dissolution : The Crisis of Communism & the End of East Germany Maier, Charles 0691078793 NaziDeutsch/NaziGerman : An English Lexicon of the Language of the Third Reich Michael, Robert 031332106X Strategic Dilemmas and the Evolution of German Foreign Policy Since Unification Lantis, Jeffrey S. 027597751X Home Fires Burning : Food, Politics and Everyday Life in World War I Berlin Davis, Belinda J. 0807825263 Pain, Prosperity, and the Past Betts, Paul 0804739374 Objects of Culture Penny, H. Glenn 0807827541 Germany's Cold War : The Global Campaign to Isolate East Germany, 19491969 Gray, William Glenn 0807827584 Emancipation of Writing : German Civil Society in the Making, 1790s1820s McNeely, Ian F. 0520233301 God, Humanity and History : The Hebrew FirstCrusade Narratives Chazan, Robert 0520221273 Weimar : A Jurisprudence of Crisis Jacobson, Arthur J. 0520220595 War Stories : The Search for a Usable Past in the Federal Republic of Germany Moeller, Robert G. 0520223268 From Monuments to Traces : Artifacts of German Memory, 18701990 Koshar, Rudy 0520217683 Film Front Weimar: Representations of the First World War in German Ebooks Forum 18

Ebooks Forum Films from the Weimar Period (19191933) Kester, Bernadette 9053565981 Heidegger and the Political De Beistegui, Miguel 0203196511 Resistance and Conformity in the Third Reich Housden, Martyn 0203134656 Rereading German History : From Unification to Reunification 18001996 Evans, Richard 0203444655 Hitler's Germany : Origins, Interpretations, Legacies Stackelberg, Roderick 0203005414 German Armies : War and German Politics, 16481806 Wilson, Peter H. 020349914X Mothers of the Nation : RightWing Women in Weimar Germany Scheck, Raffael 1859737072 Germany and the European East in the Twentieth Century Muhle, Eduard 1859737102 Understanding Contemporary Germany Parkes, Stuart 0203438604 Under the Map of Germany : Nationalism and Propaganda, 19181945 Herb, G. Henrik 0203433726 Final Solution : Origins and Implementation Cesarani, David 0203206312 Beyond the Swastika : Liberalism and Nationalism in Post War Germany O'Brien, Peter 0203437659 Germany, 19451949 : A Sourcebook Malzahn, Manfred 020340209X War Come Home : Disabled Veterans in Britain and Germany, 19141939 Cohen, Deborah 0520220080 Republicanism and Liberalism in America and the German States, 17501850 Heideking, Jurgen 0521800668 Architecture of Oppression : SS Forced Labor and Nazi Monumental Building Economy Jaskot, Paul 0203007670 Division and Reunification of Germany Niven, J. K. A. 0203451627 Defiled Trades and Social Outcasts : Honor and Ritual Pollution in Early Modern Germany Stuart, Kathy 0521652391 Witchcraft Narratives in Germany : Rothenburg, 15611652 Rowlands, Alison 0719052599 Ludwig Erhard : A Biography Mierzejewski, Alfred C. 0807863688 Developments in German Politics 3 Padgett, Stephen 0333962028 Nazism and War Bessel, Richard 9780679640943 Enlightened Nationalism : The Transformation of Prussian Political Culture, 18061848 Levinger, Matthew 0195131851 In the Wake of War : The Reconstruction of German Cities after World War II Diefendorf, Jeffry M. 0195072197 German Professions, 18001950 Cocks, Geoffrey 0195055969 Wilhelm II and the Germans : A Study in Leadership Kohut, Thomas A. 0195061721 Berlin Electropolis: Shock, Nerves, and German Modernity Killen, Andreas 0520243625 Berlin Refuge, 16801780 : Learning and Science in European Context Pott, Sandra 9004125612 Kings, Politics, and the Right Order of the World in German Historiography C. 9501150 Bagge, Sverre 9004124683 Rise of BrandenburgPrussia, 16181740 Shennan, Margaret 0203450876 Imperial Germany, 18711918 Lee, Stephen J. 0203978846 Germany and the Use of Force : The Evolution of German Security Policy Ebooks Forum 19

Ebooks Forum 19902003 Longhurst, Kerry 0719067081 Jewish Daily Life in Germany, 16181945 Kaplan, Marion A. 0195171640 Modern Germany : Politics, Society and Culture James, Peter 0203976657 Third Reich : Politics and Propaganda Hildebrand, Klaus 0203359577 In Pursuit of German Memory : History, Television, and Politics after Auschwitz Kansteiner, Wulf 0821441590 Church Divided : German Protestants Confront the Nazi Past Hockenos, Matthew D. 9780253344489 Weimar Republic, 19191933 Henig, Ruth 0203046234 Ordinary Germans in Extraordinary Times : The Nazi Revolution in Hildesheim Bergerson, Andrew Stuart 0253344654 Role of the Writer and the Press in the Unification of Germany, 19891990 Oppen, Karoline von 082044488X Justice Delayed : The Restoration of Justice in Bavaria under American Occupation, 19451949 Gaab, Jeffrey S. 0820442836 Rebuilding Germany : The Creation of the Social Market Economy, 19451957 Van Hook, James C. 0521833620 Children of a New Fatherland : Germany's PostWar RightWing Politics Herman, Jan Brinks 1860644589 People's Stage in Imperial Germany : Social Democracy and Culture 18901914 Bonnell, Andrew 1850437955 Propaganda and the German Cinema, 19331945 Welch, David 1860645208 Martin Luther, German Saviour : German Evangelical Theological Factions and the Interpretation of Luther, 19171933 Stayer, James M. 0773520449 Nation in Barracks : Modern Germany, Military Conscription and Civil Society Frevert, Ute 1859738818 Bismarck's Shadow Frankel, Richard E. 1845200330 Knowledge, Power, and Discipline : German Studies and National Identity Bontempelli, Pier Carlo 9780816641116 New Berlin : Memory, Politics, Place Till, Karen E. 9780816640102 Nazi Psychoanalysis, Volume 3 Rickels, Laurence A. 9780816637003 Nazi Psychoanalysis, Volume 2 Rickels, Laurence A. 9780816636983 Nazi Psychoanalysis, Volume 1 Rickels, Laurence A. 9780816636969 German History from the Margins Gregor, Neil 9780253347435 Bistmer der Kirchenprovinz Mainz. Das Bistum Eichsttt 1 : Die Bischofsreihe bis 1535 Wendehorst, Alfred 9783110189711 Early Stuart Kings, 16031642 Smith, David L. 020399180X Understanding Scotland : The Sociology of a Nation McCrone, David 0203414926 Occult Philosophy in the Elizabethan Age Yates, Frances 0203167112 English Warfare 15111642 Fissel, Mark Charles 0415214815 Women and Fascism Durham, Martin 0203002253 Elizabethan and Jacobean Journals, Volume V : 15911610 Harrison, G. B. 0415221439 English University Life in the Middle Ages Cobban, Ala B. 0203006518 Civil Wars, 16371651 Gaunt, Peter 0203132963 Gender and Power in Britain, 16401990 Kent, Susan Kingsley 0203006674 Roman Officers and English Gentlemen : The Imperial Origins of Roman Archaeology Hingley, Richard 0203136500 Victorian Age : Anthology of Sources and Documents Guy, Josephine Ebooks Forum 20

Ebooks Forum 0203009045 Women, Religion and Education in Early Modern England Charlton, Kenneth 0203006968 Sir Robert Peel : Statesmanship, Power and Party Evans, Eric J. 0203131789 Ireland's Independence, 18801923 Walsh, Oonagh 020350223X William Pitt the Younger Evans, Eric J. 0203435729 Scotland & Nationalism: Scottish Society & Politics, 1707Present Harvie, Christopher T. 0203981081 Edward the Elder, 899924 Hill, David 0415214963 Town and Country Planning in the U. K. Cullingworth, J. Barry 0415217741 Studying British Cultures : Introduction Bassnett, Susan 0203130367 Elizabeth I and Religion MacCaffrey, Wallace T. 0203130065 Charles I Durston, Christopher 0203010256 Tudor Government Morris, T. A. 0203981677 Defenders of the Union : British and Irish Unionism, 18001999 O'Day, Alan 0203183266 Celtic Geographies : Old Culture, New Times Harvey, David 020399633X World We Have Lost Laslett, Peter 0203130073 Elizabeth I and Foreign Relations Doran, Susan 0203136632 British Think Tanks and the Climate of Opinion Denham, Andrew 0203981219 Gladstone and the Liberal Party Winstanley, Michael J. 0203129253 Social Conditions in Britain, 19181939 Constantine, Stephen 0203129660 Liquid Pleasures : Social History of Drinks in Modern Britain Burnett, John 0203019857 Rise of the Labour Party, 18931931 Phillips, Gordon 0203129652 Lloyd George Constantine, Stephen 0203129458 King Arthur : Truth Behind the Legend Castleden, Rodney 0203022165 Thatcher and Thatcherism Evans, Eric J. 0203129571 Whitewash : Racialised Politics and the Media Gabriel, John 0203015371 James I Durston, Christopher 0203129377 Henry VII : The Importance of his Reign in English History Grant, Alexander 0203129679 New Labour in Power Brivati, Brian 0203134044 Everyday Lives in the Global City : The Delinking of Locale and Mileiu Durrschmidt, Jorg 0203184270 Elations : The Poetics of Enthusiasm in Eighteenthcentury Britain Irlam, Shaun 0804735417 Congregational Missions & the Making of an Imperial Culture in NineteenthCentury England Thorne, Susan 0804730539 Origins of Scottish Nationhood Davidson, Neil 0745316093 Hidden Famine: Hunger, Poverty & Sectarianism in Belfast Kinealy, Christine 0745313760 Weapon in the Struggle: The Cultural History of the British Communist Party Croft, Andy 0745312098 Personal Accounts from Northern Ireland's Troubles: Public Conflict, Private Loss Fay, MarieTherese 0745316190 Reimagining the Nation State : The Contested Terrains of Nation Ebooks Forum 21

Ebooks Forum Building Mac Laughlin, Jim 0745313698 Eminent Victorians Strachey, Lytton 9780679640127 Crucible of War : The Seven Years' War and the Fate of Empire in British North America, 17541766 Anderson, Fred 9780375406423 Murder in Victorian Scotland : The Trial of Madeleine Smith MacGowan, Douglas 0275964310 Joseph Chamberlain, 18361914 : A Bibliography Newton, Scott 0313282900 Irish through British Eyes : Perceptions of Ireland in the Famine Era Lengel, Edward G. 0275976343 English Postcoloniality : Literatures from Around the World Mohanram, Radhika 0313288542 When Reason Fails : Portraits of Armies at War: America, Britain, Israel & the Future Goodspeed, Michael 0275973786 Tides in the Affairs of Men : The Social History of Elizabethan Seamen, 15801603 Fury, Cheryl A. 0313319480 Lockerbie : The Inside Story Wallis, Rodney 0275964930 Society & Sentiment : Genres of Historical Writing in Britain, 17401820 Phillips, Mark 0691031797 The Great Revolt of 1381 Oman, Charles Six Centuries of Work and Wages: The History of English Labour Thorold Rogers, James E. The English Constitution Bagehot, Walter The Influence And Development of English Gilds As Illustrated by The History of The Craft Gilds of Shrewsbury Hibbert, Francis Aidan 1552730514 The Enclosures in England an Economic Reconstruction Bradley, Harriett The Rise of the London Money Market 16401826 Bisschop, W. R. The English Craft Gilds and the Government: An Examination of the Accepted Theory Regarding the Decay of the Craft Gilds Kramer, Stella 1552730506 Politics of Religion in the Age of Mary Queen of Scots Dawson, Jane E. A. 0521809967 Making the English Canon : PrintCapitalism & the Cultural Past, 17001770 Kramnick, Jonathan B. 0521641276 Prelude to Restoration in Ireland : The End of the Commonwealth, 16591660 Clarke, Aidan 0521650615 Intellectual Foundations of the English Benedictine Reform Gretsch, Mechthild 0521581559 Family & Friends in EighteenthCentury England : Household, Kinship & Patronage Tadmor, Naomi 0521771471 Medieval Scotland Barrell, A. D. M. 0521584434 Aelfric's Letter to the Monks of Eynsham Jones, Christopher A. 0521630118 England's Troubles : SeventeenthCentury English Political Instability in European Context Scott, Jonathan 0521411920 Restoration & Reform, 11531165 : Recovery from Civil War in England White, Graeme J. 0521554594 British Society, 16801880 : Dynamism, Containment & Change Price, Richard 0521651727 Political Culture in the Reign of Elizabeth I : Queen & Commonwealth, Ebooks Forum 22

Ebooks Forum 15581585 McLaren, Anne 0521651441 Understanding Popular Violence in the English Revolution : The Colchester Plunderers Walter, John 0521651867 Theatre, Finance & Society in Early Modern England Leinwand, Theodore B. 0521640318 Politics of Social Order : The Peak Country, 15201770 Wood, Andy 0521561140 Cambridge StreetNames : Their Origins & Associations Gray, Ronald 0521789567 Testimony & Advocacy in Victorian Law, Literature & Theology Schramm, JanMelissa 0521771234 George Eliot and the British Empire Henry, Nancy 0521808456 Paradise, Death, and Doomsday in AngloSaxon Literature Kabir, Ananya Jahanara 0521806003 Lord Salisbury's World : Conservative Environments in Late Victorian Britain Bentley, Michael 052144506X Religion and Literary Culture in Seventeenth Century England Barbour, Reid 0521006643 Britain & Ireland, 9001300 : Insular Responses to Medieval European Change Smith, Brendan 052157319x Law, Crime & English Society : 16601840 Landau, Norma 0521642612 Limits of Eroticism in PostPetrarchan Narrative : Conditional Pleasure from Spenser to Marvell Stephens, Dorothy 0521630649 Heads of Religious Houses : England and Wales 9401216 Knowles, David 0521804523 British Identities Before Nationalism : Ethnicity & Nationhood in the Atlantic World, 1600 1800 Kidd, Colin 0521624037 Natural History of Selborne White, Gilbert 1843271354 Political History of Eighteenthcentury Scotland Shaw, John Stuart 0333595858 Major Premiership, 19901997 : Politics & Policies under John Major Dorey, Peter 0333736818 Medieval British Towns Swanson, Heather 0333633601 English Revolution 1642649 Kennedy, D. E. 0333631803 LLOYD GEORGE Packer, Ian 0333650581 Race Relations in Britain Since 1945 Goulbourne, Harry 0333621158 Politics of Nationhood : Sovereignty, Britishness, & Conservative Politics Lynch, Philip 0333656121 Literary Circles & Cultural Communities in Renaissance England Summers, Claude J. 0826213170 English Civil Wars in the Literary Imagination Summers, Claude J. 0826212204 Westcountry History: Somerset Searle, M. 184150839X Westcountry History: Dorset Whaley, P. 1841508403 Brunel's Three Ships Dumpleton 1841508586 Story of the Paddle Steamer Dumpleton 1841508632 Rule of Sympathy : Sentiment, Race, and Power 17501850 Rai, Amit S. 0312299176 Stuart England Stroud, Angus 0203067010 Desire in the Renaissance : Psychoanalysis and Literature Finucci, Valeria 0691034036 Ebooks Forum 23

Ebooks Forum Discourse and Dominion in the Fourteenth Century : Oral Contexts of Writing in Philosophy, Politics and Poetry Gellrich, Jesse M. 0691037493 Sexual Suspects : EighteenthCentury Players and Sexual Ideology Straub, Kristina 0691068984 Historical Dictionary of Late Medieval England, 12721485 Fritze, Ronald H. 0313291241 Exporting Fascism Baldoli, Claudia 1859737617 In Practice : Studies in the Language and Culture of Popular Politics in Modern Britain Epstein, James 0804746621 Britain and the German Question : Perceptions of Nationalism and Political Reform, 183063 Muller, Frank Lorenz 0333966155 Jane Austen and Religion : Salvation and Society in Georgian England Giffin, Michael 0333948084 Communist Party of Great Britain since 1920 Eaden, James 0333949684 AngloFrench Relations Before World War II : Appeasement and Crisis Davis, Richard 0333949269 Britain and the Spanish AntiFranco Opposition, 19401950 Dunthorn, David J. 0333917960 Britain and the Greek Economic Crisis, 19441947 : From Liberation to the Truman Doctrine Lykogiannis, Athanasios 0826214223 Norman Conquest of the North : The Region and Its Transformation, 10001135 Kapelle, William E. 0807863386 Presence of the Past : Memory, Heritage and Childhood in PostWar Britain Krips, Valerie 0203906764 Earliest English Kings Kirby, D. P. 0203130766 Encyclopedia of Contemporary British Culture Childs, Peter 0203027957 Dangerous Sexualities : Medicomoral Politics in England since 1830 Mort, Frank 0203447565 Royalist War Effort, 16421646 Hutton, Ronald 0203006127 England's Long Reformation, 15001800 Tyacke, Nicholas 0203214153 America or Europe? : British Foreign Policy, 173963 Black, Jeremy 0203499476 British Immigration Policy since 1939 : The Making of MultiRacial Britain Spencer, Ian R. 0203437039 British Political Party Manifestos, 19001997 Dale, Iain 0203023757 Familiar Past : Archaeologies of LateHistorical Britain Tarlow, Sarah 0203019091 English and the Discourses of Colonialism Pennycook, Alastair 0203006348 British Cabinet Government James, Simon 0203009703 From Roman Britain to Norman England Sawyer, P. H. 0203450469 Britain as a Military Power Black, Jeremy 0203007611 Paternalism and Politics: The Revival of Paternalism in Early NineteenthCentury Britain Lawes, Kim 0333744748 Defence under Thatcher Dorman, Andrew M. 0333947096 English Renaissance : Anthology of Sources and Documents Aughterson, Kate 0203027973 Suffrage Days : Stories from the Women's Suffrage Movement in Britain, Ebooks Forum 24

Ebooks Forum 18651918 Holton, Sandra S. 0203427564 Monarchy and Matrimony : The Courtships of Elizabeth I Doran, Susan 0203430735 English Historical Documents, 14851558 Williams, C. H. 0203195752 Questioning Slavery Walvin, James 0203442873 From Catholic to Protestant : Religion and the People in Tudor England Rosman, Doreen 0203214579 Regency England : The Age of Lord Liverpool Plowright, John 0203130227 Broken English Blank, Paula 0203437357 English Nobility in the Late Middle Ages GivenWilson, Chris 0203441265 Roman London Perring, Dominic 0203498526 Century of Revolution Hill, Christopher 0203409167 Rome Against Caratacus : The Roman Campaigns in Britain AD 4858 Webster, Graham 0203481100 Atlas of British Social and Economic History Since 1700 Pope, Rex 0203201035 Roman Invasion of Britain Webster, Graham 020346284X Dictionary of British Institutions : A Student's Guide Oakland, John 0203199618 Going to the Wars : The Experience of the British Civil Wars, 16381651 Carlton, Charles 0203425588 Kingship and Politics in the Reign of Edward VI Alford, Stephen 0521660556 Unquiet Western Front : Britain's Role in Literature and History Bond, Brian 0521809959 Women, Sexuality and War Goodman, Philomena 0333760867 Kings and Kingdoms of Early Anglo Saxon England Yorke, Barbara 0203447301 Ancient Britain Dyer, James 0203442164 Lord Salisbury : A Political Biography Steele, E. D. 0203500148 How the War Was Won : Command and Technology in the British Army Travers, Timothy 0203417410 Where Are You From? : Middle Class Migrants in the Modern World Raj, Dhooleka Sarhadi 0520233824 London, Metropolis of the Slave Trade Rawley, James A. 0826214835 Royal Air Force in Texas : Training British Pilots in Terrell During World War II Killebrew, Tom 1574411691 Science, Reform, and Politics in Victorian Britain : The Social Science Association, 18571886 Goldman, Lawrence 052133053X Social Unrest and Popular Protest in England, 17801840 Archer, John E. 0521572169 Britain and the Problem of International Disarmament, 19191934 Kitching, Carolyn 0203201744 British Industrial Decline Dormois, JeanPierre 0203449053 Religion in Late Roman Britain : Forces of Change Watts, Dorothy 020306173X Chartism Walton, John K. 0203005104 Citizenships, Contingency and the Countryside : Rights, Culture, Land Ebooks Forum 25

Ebooks Forum and the Environment Parker, Gavin 0203194748 Socialist Women : Britain, 1880s to 1920s Hannam, June 0203207300 Companion to Contemporary Black British Culture Donnell, Alison 0203194993 Treason and the State : Law, Politics and Ideology in the English Civil War Orr, D. Alan 0521771021 Duel in Early Modern England : Civility, Politeness and Honour Peltonen, Markku 0521820626 Popular Politics and the English Reformation Shagan, Ethan H. 0521808464 Lancashire Witches : Histories and Stories Poole, Robert 0719062039 English Common Law in the Age of Mansfield Oldham, James 0807864005 Republican Learning : John Toland and the Crisis of Christian Culture, 16961722 Champion, Justin 0719057140 King James Croft, J. Pauline 0333613961 Nationalism, Imperialism, and Identity in Late Victorian Culture : Civil and Military Worlds Attridge, Steve 0333802519 Politics and War in the Three Stuart Kingdoms, 163749 Scott, David 0333658744 Revolution by Degrees : James Tyrell and Whig Political Thought in the Late Seventeenth Century Rudolph, Julia 0333736591 Environmental History of TwentiethCentury Britain Sheail, John 0333949811 British Imperialism Johnson, Robert 0333947266 Developments in British Politics Dunleavy, Patrick 0333987055 British Devolution and European PolicyMaking : Transforming Britain into MultiLevel Governance Bulmer, Simon 1403900108 Cold War Britain, 19451964 : New Perspectives Hopkins, Michael F. 140390121X Devon House: The Story of Poltimore Hemming, Jocelyn 184150937X George III : King and Politicians, 17601770 Thomas, Peter D. G. 0719064287 West Indian Intellectuals in Britain Schwarz, Bill 0719064740 Poor in England, 17001900 : An Economy of Makeshifts Tomkins, Alannah 0719061598 Truest Form of Patriotism : Pacifist Feminism in Britain, 18701902 Brown, Heloise 0719065305 British Social Attitudes The 20th REPORT : Continuity and Change over Two Decades Thomson, Katarina 0761942777 British Social Attitudes The 21st REPORT : Continuity and Change Over Two Decades Thomson, Katarina 0761942785 Radical Expression : Political Language, Ritual, and Symbol in England, 17901850 Epstein, James A. 0195065506 Regulating Religion and Morality in the King's Armies, 16391646 Griffin, Margaret 9004131701 Military Governors and Imperial Frontiers C. 16001800 : A Study of Scotland and Empires Mackillop, Andrew 9004129707 Unofficial Alliance, Scotland and Sweden 15691654 Grosjean, Alexia 9004132414 Britain and Foreign Affairs, 18151885 : Europe and Overseas Lowe, John 0203984382 Ebooks Forum 26

Ebooks Forum History of Scotland SomersetFry, Peter 0203990056 Idolatrous Eye : Inconoclasm and Theater in EarlyModern England O'Connell, Michael 019513205X Mary Queen of Scots : Romance and Nation Lewis, Jayne E. 0203977688 Britain in Second World War Donnelly, Mark 0203980832 Civil Wars Experienced : Britain and Ireland, 16381661 Bennett, Martyn 0203981804 English Wars and Republic 16371660 Seel, Graham 0203976762 Aspects of British Political History, 19141995 Lee, Stephen J. 0203991419 Literature, Satire and the Early Stuart State McRae, Andrew 0521814952 Decline of Life : Old Age in EighteenthCentury England Ottaway, Susannah R. 0521815800 Parliament and Foreign Policy in the Eighteenth Century Black, Jeremy 0521833310 Machiavelli, Hobbes, and the Formation of a Liberal Republicanism in England Sullivan, Vickie B. 0521833612 Transforming English Rural Society : The Verneys and the Claydons, 16001820 Broad, John 052182933X Hutchinson Guide to Britain Helicon Publishing 1859860048 Blood and Religion : The Conscience of Henri IV, 15531593 Love, Ronald S. 0773521240 Great Land Rush and the Making of the Modern World, 16501900 Weaver, John 0773525270 Mr. Simson's Knotty Case : Divinity, Politics and Due Process in Early EighteenthCentury Scotland Skoczylas, Anne 077351029X Against the Cold War : The History and Political Traditions of Pro Sovietism in the British Labour Party, 19451989 Lilleker, Darren G. 1850434719 Mary Queen of Scots and the Casket Letters MacRobert, A. E. 1860648290 Marquess of Londonderry : Aristocracy, Power and Politics in Britain and Ireland Flemming, Neil 1850437262 Liberal Lion : Jo Grimond: A Political Life Barberis, Peter 1850436274 Kurds, Arabs and Britons : The Memoir of Col. W. A. Lyon in Kurdistan, 19181945 Fieldhouse, D. K. 1860646131 Global Clan : Scottish Migrant Networks and Identity since the Eighteenth Century McCarthy, Angela 1845110676 Feminine Fascism : Women in Britain's Fascist Movement, 19231945 Gottlieb, Julie V. 1860645445 Diana, the Making of a Media Saint Richards, Jeffrey 1860643884 Arts as a Weapon of War : Britain and the Shaping of National Morale in World War II Weingartner, Jorn 1845110366 Reaction and the AvantGarde : The Revolt Against Liberal Democracy in Early TwentiethCentury Brtiain Villis, Tom 1845110390 Pink Ice : Britain and the South Atlantic Empire Dodds, Klaus 1860647693 Public Health and Politics in the Age of Reform : Cholera, the State and the Royal Navy in Victorian Britain Mclean, David 1845110692 Out of Place : Englishness, Empire & the Locations of Identity Baucom, Ian 0691016666 Elizabeth I : The Competition for Representation Frye, Susan Ebooks Forum 27

Ebooks Forum 0195113837 Hutchinson Illustrated Encyclopedia of British History Helicon 1859860051 King Edward II : Edward of Caernarfon, His Life, His Reign, and Its Aftermath, 12841330 Haines, Roy Martin 0773524320 History of King Richard the Third (A Reading Edition) Logan, George M. 9780253346575 Increase and Multiply : Governing Cultural Reproduction in Early Modern England Glimp, David 9780816639908 Alexander the Great Stoneman, Richard 0203134923 Exploring the Greek Mosaic: A Guide to Intercultural Communication in Greece Broome, Benjamin J. 1877864390 Withered Vine : Logistics & the Communist Insurgency in Greece, 19451949 Shrader, Charles R. 0275965449 Ancient Greece Paine, Mike 1903047757 Silence in the Land of Logos Montiglio, Silvia 0691004722 Sparta and Lakonia : A Regional History, 1300362 BC Cartledge, Paul 0203472233 Greek World Powell, Anton 0203042166 Modern Greece : A Cultural Poetics Calotychos, Vangelis 1859737110 Human Sacrifice in Ancient Greece Hughes, Dennis D. 0203032837 Hoplites : Classical Greek Battle Experience Hanson, Victor Davis 0203423631 Arete : Greek Sports from Ancient Sources Miller, Stephen G. 0520241541 Antigonus II Gonatas : A Political Biography Gabbert, Janice J. 0203403444 Greek Identity in the Western Mediterranean : Papers in Honour of Brian Shefton Shefton, Brian B. 9004133003 Metaxas Myth : Dictatorship and Propaganda in Greece Petrakis, Marina 1845110374 Recent Social Trends in Greece, 19602000 Charalambis, Dimitris 0773522026 Cyclades : Discovering the Greek Islands of the Aegean Freely, John 1845111605 Post Nationalist Ireland : Politics, Literature, Philosophy Kearney, Richard 0203429001 History of Settlement in Ireland Barry, Terry 0203025199 Northern Ireland's Troubles: The Human Costs Morrissey, Mike 0745313795 Contemporary Northern Irish Society: An Introduction Coulter, Colin 0745312543 Allegories of Union in Irish & English Writing, 17901870 : Politics, History & the Family from Edgeworth to Arnold Corbett, Mary Jean 0521661323 Literature, Partition and the NationState : Culture and Conflict in Ireland, Israel and Palestine Cleary, Joe 0521651506 Resurrection of Ireland : The Sinn Fein Party, 19161923 Laffan, Michael 0521650739 Colonisation & Conquest in Medieval Ireland : The English in Louth, 11701330 Smith, Brendan 0521573203 Ebooks Forum 28

Ebooks Forum Identity in Northern Ireland : Communities, Politics & Change McCall, Cathal 0333740181 Ethnic Nationalism and State Power : The Rise of Irish Nationalism, Afrikaner Nationalism and Zionism Suzman, Mark 0333733738 Irish Willow Arthur, Chris 1888570466 Irish Nocturnes Arthur, Chris 1888570490 Complete Idiot's Guide to Irish History and Culture Massie, Sonja 0028627105 In Search of Ireland : A Cultural Geography Graham, Brian 0203441699 Fighting for Ireland? : The Military Strategy of the Irish Republican Movement Smith, M. L. 0203445147 Women Divided : Gender, Religion, and Politics in Northern Ireland Sales, Rosemary 0203437306 Archaeology of Medieval Ireland Barry, T. B. 0203402502 Irish Opinion and the American Revolution, 17601783 Morley, Vincent 0521813867 Modernism, Ireland and the Erotics of Memory Miller, Nicholas Andrew 0521815835 Theatre and The State in TwentiethCentury Ireland Cultivating the People Pilkington, Lionel 0203207629 Ireland in Proximity : History, Gender and Space Alderson, David 0203005619 Irish Nationalism and the Geography of Remembrance Johnson, Nuala 0521826160 At Play in Belfast: Children's Folklore and Identities in Northern Ireland Lanclos, Donna M. 081353321X Culture and Identity Politics in Northern Ireland Nic Craith, Mairead 0333793862 Britain's Long War : British Strategy in the Northern Ireland Conflict 196998 Neumann, Peter 1403917795 Dividing Ireland : World War One and Partition Hennessey, Thomas 0203979206 Ireland in Conflict 19221998 Fraser, T. G. 0203979427 Exiles and Islanders : The Irish Settlers of Prince Edward Island O'Grady, Brendan 0773527230 Dublin : A Cultural History Kilfeather, Siobhn Marie 0195182014 Early Modern Italy : A Social History Black, Christopher F. 0203134796 Roman Empire from Severus to Constantine Southern, Pat 0203451597 Renaissance Thought : A Reader Black, Robert 0415205921 Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy Burckhardt, Jacob Christoph 9780679641193 Napoleon's Italian Campaigns 18051815 Schneid, Frederick C. 0275968758 Italian Foreign Policy in the Interwar Period, 19181940 Burgwyn, H. James 0275948773 The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy Burckhardt, Jacob Creating the Florentine State : Peasants & Rebellion, 13481434 Cohn, Samuel K., Jr. 0521663377 Politics of Exile in Renaissance Italy Shaw, Christine 0521663253 English in Rome, 13621420 : Portrait of an Expatriate Community Harvey, Margaret 0521620570 Ebooks Forum 29

Ebooks Forum War, Diplomacy & the Rise of Savoy, 16901720 Storrs, Christopher 0521551463 Zecca : The Mint of Venice in the Middle Ages Stahl, Alan M. 080187694X Silk Industry of Renaissance Venice Mol, Luca 0801876559 Captain's Concubine : Love, Honor, and Violence in Renaissance Tuscany Weinstein, Donald 0801877113 Aspiring Saints : Pretense of Holiness, Inquisition, and Gender in the Republic of Venice, 16181750 Schutte, Anne Jacobson 0801876869 Venice Reconsidered : The History and Civilization of an Italian City State, 1297797 Martin, John Jeffries 0801876443 Democracy Besieged : The Radical Right in Italy after the War Ferraresi, Franco 0691044996 Paolo Giovio : The Historian and the Crisis of SixteenthCentury Italy Zimmermann, T. Price 0691043787 History of Italy Killinger, Charles L. 0313314837 Beyond Florence : The Contours of Medieval and Early Modern Italy Findlen, Paula 080473934X Fascist Modernities : Italy, 19221945 BenGhiat, Ruth 0520230574 Society and Individual in Renaissance Florence Connell, William J. 0520232542 Corporatism and Consensus in Florentine Electoral Politics, 12801400 Najemy, John M. 0807863475 United States and Italy, 19401950 : The Politics and Diplomacy of Stabilization Miller, James Edward 0807863459 View from Vesuvius : Representations of the South in Nineteenth Century Italy Moe, Nelson 0520226526 Italy and the Wider World, 18601960 Bosworth, R. J. 0203436261 Mussolini and Fascist Italy Blinkhorn, Martin 0203131215 Place in the Sun : Africa in Italian Colonial Culture from Post Unification to the Present Palumbo, Patrizia 0520232321 Apocalypse in Rome : Cola Di Rienzo and the Politics of the New Age Musto, Ronald G. 0520233964 Archaeology of Ancient Sicily Holloway, Ross 0203469623 Living on the Edge in Leonardo's Florence : Selected Essays Brucker, Gene A. 0520241347 Modern Italy Foot, John 0333669053 Marriage Wars in Late Renaissance Venice Ferraro, Joanne Marie 0195144961 Honoring God and the City : Music at the Venetian Confraternities, 12601806 Glixon, Jonathan Emmanuel 0195134893 Napoleonic Empire in Italy, 17961814 : Cultural Imperialism in a European Context? Broers, Michael 1403905657 Italian Risorgimento : State, Society and National Unification Riall, Lucy 0203412346 Mussolini's Rome : Rebuilding the Eternal City Painter, Borden 1403976910 Italia Romantica : English Romantics and Italian Freedom Cavaliero, Roderick 1850434263 In the Shadow of Vesuvius : A Cultural History of Naples Lancaster, Jordan 1850437645 Ebooks Forum 30

Ebooks Forum Memories of Revolution : Russian Women Remember Porter, Anna H. 0203130480 Stalin Era Boobyer, Philip 0203134036 Russia : A State of Uncertainty Robinson, Neil 020340288X Origins of the Russian Revolution Wood, Alan 0203131207 Superpowers : A Short History Dukes, Paul 0203130936 Dispatches from the Revolution: Russia, 191518 Rose, Tania 0745312101 From Nyet to Da: Understanding the Russians Richmond, Yale 1877864412 War in Chechnya Sedlickas, Romanas 089096856X On Ruins of Empire : Ethnicity and Nationalism in the Former Soviet Union Mirsky, Georgiy I. 0313300445 Dynamics of Russian Politics : A Short History Green, Barbara B. 0313288860 Yeltsin's Russia and the West Felkay, Andrew 0275965384 After the Breakup of a MultiEthnic Empire : Russia, Successor States & Eurasian Security Birgerson, Susanne Michele 0275969509 Ethnic Cleansing in the U. S. S. R., 19371949 Pohl, J. Otto 0313309213 Tsar's Colonels : Professionalism, Strategy, & Subversion in Late Imperial Russia Richard, David A. 0674911113 Reinventing Russia : Russian Nationalism & the Soviet State, 19531991 Brudny, Yitzhak M. 0674754085 Cultures in Flux : LowerClass Values, Practices, and Resistance in Late Imperial Russia Frank, Stephen P. 0691034354 Rise of Russia & the Fall of the Soviet Empire Dunlop, John B. 0691001731 Agony of the Russian Idea McDaniel, Tim 0691027862 Goldfinder Jessop, Keith 0471045462 Modern Custom and Ancient Law of Russia Kovalevsky, Maxime 1552730123 Lectures on Slavonic Law Sigel, Feodor Feodorvich Nationalist Mobilization and the Collapse of the Soviet State : A Tidal Approach to the Study of Nationalism Beissinger, Mark R. 0521806704 Soviet Workers and Late Stalinism : Labour and the Restoration of the Stalinist System After World War II Filtzer, Donald 0521815037 Modernisation of Russia, 16761825 Dixon, Simon 0521371007 Peter the Great : The Struggle for Power, 16711725 Bushkovitch, Paul 0521805856 Imperial Visions : Nationalism & Geographical Imagination in The Russian Far East, 18401865 Riasanovsky, Nicholas V. 0521391741 Slavophies & Commissars : Enemies of Democracy in Modern Russia Devlin, Judith 0333699335 Stalinist Science Krementosov, N. L. 069102877X Spies Without Cloaks : The KGB's Successors Knight, Amy 0691025770 Democracy from Scratch : Opposition and Regime in the New Russian Revolution Fish, Steven M. 0691037035 Regional Peacekeepers: The paradox of Russian peacekeeping Mackinlay, John 9280810790 Rewriting the Jew : Assimilation Narratives in the Russian Empire Ebooks Forum 31

Ebooks Forum Safran, Gabriella 0804738300 P. A. Stolypin : The Search for Stability in Late Imperial Russia Ascher, Abraham 0804739773 Einstein and Soviet Ideology Vucinich, Alexander S. 080474209X Socialism in Russia : Lenin and His Legacy, 18901991 Gooding, John 033397235X Nikolai Sukhanov : Chronicler of the Russian Revolution Getzler, Israel 0333970357 Russia and the Wider World in Historical Perspective Essays for Paul Dukes Brennan, Cathryn 0333683005 Russian Foreign Policy in the PostSoviet Era : Reality, Illusion and Mythmaking Lo, Bobo 0333775937 Drama of Russian Political History : System Against Individuality Obolonsky, Alexander V. 1585442240 Other Side of Russia : A Slice of Life in Siberia and the Russian Far East Hudgins, Sharon 1585442372 Rise and Fall of the Brezhnev Doctrine in Soviet Foreign Policy Ouimet, Matthew J. 0807827401 Stalin's Holy War : Religion, Nationalism, and Alliance Politics, 19411945 Miner, Steven Merritt 0807827363 Trade Unions in Russia and Ukraine, 198595 Davis, Sue 0333920740 Who's Who in Russia since 1900 McCauley, Martin 0203137825 Soviet Politics in Perspective Sakwa, Richard 0203058232 Chechnya : Life in a WarTorn Society Tishkov, Valery 0520238877 Chechen Wars : Will Russia Go the Way of the Soviet Union? Evangelista, Matthew 0815724977 Restructuring the Soviet Economy Dyker, David A. 0203054172 Imperial Russia : 18011905 Chapman, Tim 0203467051 Revolution of 1905 : A Short History Ascher, Abraham 0804747199 St. Petersburg, 17031825 Cross, Anthony Glenn 1403915709 Image of Peter the Great in Russian History and Thought Riasanovsky, Nicholas V. 0195074807 Intelligentsia and Revolution : Russian Views of Bolshevism, 19171922 Burbank, Jane 0195045734 Cold Peace : Stalin and the Soviet Ruling Circle, 19451953 Gorlizki, Yoram 0195165810 Alcoholic Empire : Vodka and Politics in Late Imperial Russia Herlihy, Patricia 0195134311 Grand Strategy of the Russian Empire, 16501831 LeDonne, John P. 0195161009 Liberal City, Conservative State : Moscow and Russia's Urban Crisis, 19061914 Thurston, Robert W. 0195043316 Revolutionary Dreams : Utopian Vision and Experimental Life in the Russian Revolution Stites, Richard 0195055365 Alternative Paths : Soviets and Americans, 19171920 McFadden, David W. 0195071875 Red Arctic : Polar Exploration and the Myth of the North in the Soviet Union, 19321939 McCannon, John 0195114361 Military and Society in Russia, 14501917 Lohr, Eric 9004122737 Russian Identities : A Historical Survey Riasanovsky, Nicholas V. 0195156501 Ebooks Forum 32

Ebooks Forum Memoirs of Catherine the Great Catherine the Great 9780679642992 Russian Peasants Go to Court : Legal Culture in the Countryside, 19051917 Burbank, Jane 0253344263 World of Andrei Sakharov : A Russian Physicist's Path to Freedom Gorelik, Gennady. E. 019515620X Stalinism : New Directions Fitzpatrick, Sheila 0203130014 Soviet Military Experience : A History of the Soviet Army, 19171991 Reese, Roger R. 0203011856 Soviets, the Munich Crisis, and the Coming of World War II Ragsdale, Hugh 0521830303 Life under Russian Serfdom : The Memoirs of Savva Dmitrievich Purlevskii, 18001868 Purlevskii, Savva Dmitrievich 9639241997 Partner in Crime : The Life and Times of Andrei Zhdanov, 18961948 Boterbloem, Kees 0773526668 Allah's Mountains : The Battle for Chechnya Smith, Sebastian 1860646514 Unknown Stalin Medvedev, Zhores A. 1860647685 Politics of the Black Sea : Dynamics of Cooperation and Conflict Aybak, Tunc 1860644546 Flying Tiger : Women Shamans and Storytellers of the Amur Van Deusen, Kira 0773521550 Siberian Village : Land and Life in the Sakha Republic Jordan, Bella Bychkova 9780816635696 Prehistory of Denmark Jensen, Jorgen 0203430670 Fagrskinna, a Catalogue of the Kings of Norway : A Translation with Introduction and Notes Finlay, Alison 9004131728 History of Portugal Anderson, James Maxwell 0313311064 Religious Authority in the Spanish Renaissance Homza, Lu Ann 0801875951 Silver, Trade, and War : Spain and America in the Making of Early Modern Europe Stein, Stanley J. 0801876958 Transatlantic Ties in the Spanish Empire : Brihuega, Spain, and Puebla, Mexico, 15601620 Altman, Ida 0804736634 Medieval Spain : Culture, Conflict, and Coexistence Collins, Roger 0333793870 Encyclopedia of Contemporary Spanish Culture Rodgers, Eamonn 0203014383 Early Modern Spain : A Social History Casey, James 0203026438 Revolution and War in Spain 19311939 Preston, Paul 0203222229 Apogee of Empire : Spain and New Spain in the Age of Charles III, 17591789 Stein, Stanley J. 0801881560 Explorers, Traders and Slavers : Forging the Old Spanish Trail, 16781850 Sanchez, Joseph P. 0874805260 Nationalism, Violence and Democracy : The Basque Clash of Identities Mees, Ludger 1403902658 Marrano Factory : The Portuguese Inquisition and Its New Christians 15361765 Saraiva, A. J. 9004120807 Franco and the Spanish Civil War De Meneses, Filipe Ribeiro 0203402480 Social History of Modern Spain Shubert, Adrian 0203421213 Coming of the Spanish Civil War : Reform, Reaction and Revolution in the Second Republic (2nd Edition) Preston, Paul 0203392892 Ebooks Forum 33

Ebooks Forum Victors and the Vanquished : Christians and Muslims of Catalonia and Aragon, 10501300 Catlos, Brian A. 0521822343 Isabel Rules : Constructing Queenship, Wielding Power Weissberger, Barbara F. 9780816641642 Spain's Long Shadow : The Black Legend, offWhiteness, and Anglo American Empire DeGuzman, Maria 9780816645275 Spain During World War II Bowen, Wayne H. 0826216587 Grand Designs and Visions of Unity Giauque, Jeffrey Glen 0807826790 Origins & Development of the Dutch Revolt Darby, Graham 0203423976 The Freedom of the Seas or the Right Which Belongs to the Dutch to Take Part in the East Indian Trade Grotius, Hugo 1552730484 MANAGEMENT IN WESTERN EUROPE Lawrence, Peter 0333733037 Henry IV of France and the Politics of Religion 15721596, Volumes I & II Sutherland, N.M. 1841508438 Britain, Spain and Gibraltar 19451990 : The Eternal Triangle Morris, D. S. 0203194632 Rise of Eurocentrism : Anatomy of Interpretation Lambropoulos, Vassilis 0691069492 Last Empire: Thirty Years of Portuguese Decolonization LloydJones, Stewart 1841508977 The Rise of Mental Health Nursing: A History of Psychiatric Care in Dutch Asylums, 18901920 Boschma, Geertje 9053565019 Purified by Blood: Honour Killings amongst Turks in the Netherlands Van Eck, Clementine 9053564918 Animals in Celtic Life and Myth Green, Miranda 0203023560 Celts and the Classical World Rankin, David 0203441982 Writing National Histories : Western Europe since 1800 Berger, Stefan 020305363X History and Memory in the Carolingian World McKitterick, Rosamond 0521827175 Curtain : Witness and Memory in Wartime Holland Schogt, Henry G. 0889203962 North Atlantic World in the Seventeenth Century Davies, K. G. 9780816607136 Longitude and Empire : How Captain Cook's Voyages Changed the World Richardson, Brian W. 0774811897 Gender on Ice : American Ideologies of Polar Expeditions Bloom, Lisa 9780816620937 On Heroes, Hero Worship and the Heroic in History Carlyle, Thomas 1843270846 Reasonable Use : The People, the Environment, and the State : New England 17901930 Cumbler, John T. 0195138139 Hetch Hetchy : San Francisco, Yosemite, and the Politics of Water and Power Righter, Robert W. 0195149475 Real History: Reflections on Historical Practice Bunzl, Martin 0203981715 Routledge Companion to Historical Studies Munslow, Alun 0203003551 Historical Controversies and Historians Lamont, William 0203980794 Deconstructing History Munslow, Alun 0203131584 McCormick of Rutgers : Scholar, Teacher, Public Historian Birkner, Michael J. 0313303568 Ebooks Forum 34

Ebooks Forum The Philosophy of History Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich An Essay on the Historical of Civil Society Ferfuson, Adaom Voices of Collective Remembering Wertsch, James V. 0521810507 Paths of History Diakonoff, Igor M. 0521643481 STUDYING HISTORY (2nd ed.) Black, Jeremy 0333801830 Narrow Path of Freedom and Other Essays Davidson, Eugene 0826214045 History of Everyday Life : Reconstructing Historical Experiences and Ways of Life Ludtke, Alf 0691056935 After Colonialism : Imperial Histories and Postcolonial Displacements Prakash, Gyan 0691037426 Present Pasts : Urban Palimpsests and the Politics of Memory Huyssen, Andreas 0804745609 The Muse of History and the Science of Culture Carneiro, Robert L. 0306462729 Truth of History McCullagh, C. Behan 0203448758 Oral History Reader Perks, Robert 0203435966 History in the Early Years Cooper, Hilary 0203137566 History, What and Why? : Ancient, Modern and Postmodern Perspectives Southgate, Beverly 0203437764 Ottoman Tragedy : History and Historiography at Play Piterberg, Gabriel 0520238362 Rethinking Home Amato, Joseph A. 0520227727 Cultures of Inquiry : From Epistemology to Discourse in Sociohistorical Research Hall, John R. 0521642205 Bringing the War Home : The Weather Underground, the Red Army Faction, and Revolutionary Violence in the Sixties and Seventies Varon, Jeremy 0520230329 Age of Elizabeth in the Age of Johnson Lynch, Jack 0521819075 Event and Its Terrors : Ireland, Famine, Modernity McLean, Stuart 0804744394 International Relations and the Philosophy of History : A Civilizational Approach Yurdusev, A. Nuri 033371363X Understanding Global Slavery : A Reader Bales, Kevin 0520245067 Seven Myths of the Spanish Conquest Restall, Matthew 0195176111 Mirrors of Destruction : War, Genocide, and Modern Identity Bartov, Omer 0195077237 Freud for Historians Gay, Peter 019504228X Josephus and the Politics of Historiography : Apologetic and Impression Management in the Bellum Judaicum Mader, Gottfried 9004114467 Studies in Historical Geography and Biblical Historiography : Presented to Zechariah Kallai Kalai, Zekharyah 9004116087 Clio and the Poets : Augustan Poetry and the Traditions of Ancient Historiography Levene, D. S. 9004117822 Ottomans and the Balkans : A Discussion of Historiography Adanir, Fikret 9004119027 Greek and Roman Historiography in Late Antiquity : Fourth to Sixth Century A. D. Marasco, Gabriele 9004112758 On "What Is History?" : From Carr and Elton to Rorty and White Jenkins, Keith 0203993810 Politics of Historical Vision : Marx, Foucalt, Habermas Best, Steven Ebooks Forum 35

Ebooks Forum 0203985389 Modern Historiography : An Introduction Bentley, Michael 0203981731 History after Lacan Brennan, Teresa 0203005090 Gottfried Semper and the Problem of Historicism Hvattum, Mari 0521821630 Our Knowledge of the Past : A Philosophy of Historiography Tucker, Avizier 0521834155 Subaltern Appeal to Experience : SelfIdentity, Late Modernity, and the Politics of Immediacy Ireland, Craig 0773527559 Remembering : Performance Oral History Pollock, Della 1403979588 Development of the Idea of History in Antiquity Press, Gerald A. 0773510028 From a World Apart : A Little Girl in the Concentration Camps Bracher, Nathan 080326402X Business of Genocide Allen, Michael Thad 0807826774 Explaining Hitler Rosenbaum, Ron 9780679431510 Christianity, Tragedy, and Holocaust Literature Steele, Michael R. 0313295123 Dictionary of the Holocaust : Biography, Geography, & Terminology Rosen, Philip E. 031330355X Primo Levi & the Politics of Survival Homer, Frederic D. 0826213383 Holocaust Representation : Art within the Limits of History and Ethics Lang, Berel 0801876362 House Next Door to Trauma Hassan, Judith 1853028673 God after Auschwitz : Tradition & Change in PostHolocaust Jewish Thought Braiterman, Zachary 0691059411 Justice at Dachau : The Trials of An American Prosecutor Greene, Joshua 9780767908795 Jean Moulin, 18991943 : The French Resistance and the Republic Clinton, Alan 0333764862 Plunder of Jewish Property during the Holocaust Beker, Avi 0333760646 Masters of Death : The SSEinsatzgruppen and the Invention of the Holocaust Rhodes, Richard 9780375708220 Beyond the Conceivable Diner, Dan 0520213459 Nazi Looting : The Plunder of Dutch Jewry During the Second World War Aalders, Gerard 1859737226 Life Between Memory and Hope : The Survivors of the Holocaust in Occupied Germany Mankowitz, Zeev W. 0521811058 Holocaust : Origins, Implementation and Aftermath Bartov, Omer 020301197X Contested Memories: Poles and Jews During the Holocaust and Its Aftermath Zimmerman, Joshua D. 0813531586 Deaf People in Hitler's Europe Ryan, Donna F. 1563681323 Justice Matters : Legacies of the Holocaust and World War II Weissmark, Mona Sue 0195157575 Understanding Genocide : The Social Psychology of the Holocaust Newman, Leonard S. 0195133625 Studying the Holocaust : Issues, Readings, and Documents Landau, Ronnie S. 0203056434 Ebooks Forum 36

Ebooks Forum Spaniards in the Holocaust : Mauthausen, Horror on the Danube Pike, David Wingeate 0203361237 Death Comes in Yellow : SkarzyskoKamienna Slave Labor Camp Karay, Felicja 0203986377 PostHolocaust : Interpretation, Misinterpretation, and the Claims of History Lang, Berel 0253345014 Between Memory and History : The Evolution of Israeli Historiography of the Holocaust, 19451961 Kenan, Orna 0820458058 Holocaust, Israel and Canadian Protestant Churches Genizi, Haim 0773524010 Hanna's Diary, 19381941 : Czechoslovakia to Canada Spencer, Hanna 077352231X Delayed Impact : The Holocaust and the Canadian Jewish Community Bialystok, Franklin 0773520651 Child of Our Time : A Young Girl's Flight from the Holocaust David, Ruth L. 1860647898 SelfFinancing Genocide : The Gold Train, the Becher Case and the Wealth of Hungarian Jews Kdr, Gbor 9789639241534 Inveterate Dreamer : Essays & Conversations on Jewish Culture Stavans, Ilan 0803292783 Calendars in the Dead Sea Scrolls : Measuring Time VanderKam, James C. 0203201884 Fifty Key Jewish Thinkers CohnSherbok, Dan 0203433025 Uneasy Asylum: France & the Jewish Refugee Crisis, 19331942 Caron, Vicki 0804733120 Cultures of the Jews : A New History Biale, David 9780805241310 Juderia Varon, Laura 0275963462 Exile & Destruction : The Fate of Austrian Jews, 19381945 Schneider, Gertrude 0275951391 We Built up Our Lives : Education & Community among Jewish Refugees Interned by Britain in World War II Seller, Maxine Schwartz 0313318158 Jews in Germany, 19451993 : The Building of a Minority Cohn, Michael 0275948781 Covenantal Rights : A Study in Jewish Political Theory Novak, David 0691026807 Christians and Jews in the Ottoman Arab World : The Roots of Sectarianism Masters, Bruce Alan 0521803330 Library of Congress Hebraic Collections : An Illustrated Guide Area Specialist 084441042X Jews of France : A History from Antiquity to the Present Benbassa, Esther 0691059845 Israel Imaginaire Attias, JeanChristophe 0804741123 Jewish Politics in Eastern Europe: The Bund at 100 Jacobs, Jack 033375462X Complete Idiot's Guide to Jewish History and Culture Alpha Development Group Staff 0028627113 Rosenzweig and Heidegger : Between Judaism and German Philosophy Gordon, Peter Eli 0520236114 Jews of Modern Britain, 16562000 Endelman, Todd M. 0520227190 Hidden Heritage : The Legacy of the CryptoJews Jacobs, Janet Liebman 0520233468 Ebooks Forum 37

Ebooks Forum Languages of Community Kieval, Hillel J. 0520214102 Ana Pauker : The Rise and Fall of a Jewish Communist Levy, Robert 0520223950 Beyond the Pale : The Jewish Encounter with Late Imperial Russia Nathans, Benjamin 0520208307 Sage in Jewish Society in Late Antiquity Kalmin, Richard L. 0203050622 Surviving Freedom : After the Gulag Bardach, Janusz 0520237358 Diasporas and Exiles : Varieties of Jewish Identity Wettstein, Howard 0520228642 Jews of the United States, 1654 to 2000 Diner, Hasia R. 0520227735 Historical Fictions and Hellenistic Jewish Identity : Third Maccabees in Its Cultural Context Johnson 0520232410 Turning Points in Jewish Intellectual History Aberbach, David 1403917663 Female, Jewish, and Educated : The Lives of Central European University Women Freidenreich, Harriet Pass 0253340993 Antisemitism in America Dinnerstein, Leonard 019510112X Unwelcome Strangers : East European Jews in Imperial Germany Wertheimer, Jack 0195065859 Reconstructing a National Identity : The Jews of Habsburg Austria During World War I Rozenblit, Marsha L. 0195134656 Studies in Contemporary Jewry : Coping with Life and Death: Jewish Families in the Twentieth Century Medding, Peter Y. 0195128206 Beyond Chutzpah : On the Misuse of AntiSemitism and the Abuse of History Finkelstein, Norman 0520245989 Studies in Contemporary Jewry Vol. X : Reshaping the Past: Jewish History and the Historians Frankel, Jonathan 0195093550 Studies in Contemporary Jewry : Jews and Violence: Images. Ideologies, Realities Medding, Peter Y. 0195160096 Historical Perspectives : From the Hasmoneans to Bar Kokhba in Light of the Dead Sea Scrolls 1999 Goodblatt, David 9004120076 Jewish Frontiers : Essays on Bodies, Histories, and Identities Gilman, Sander L. 1403973601 Studies in Contemporary Jewry, Volume XIX : Jews and the State: Dangerous Alliances and the Perils of Privilege Mendelsohn, Ezra 0195170873 Dark Times, Dire Decisions : Jews and Communism Frankel, Jonathan 0195182243 Trading in Lives? : Operations of the Jewish Relief and Rescue Committee in Budapest, 19441945 Szita, Szabolcs 9637326308 No Fixed Abode : A Jewish Odyssey to Africa Fraenkel, Peter 1850436266 Generation Exodus : The Fate of Young Jewish Refugees from Nazi Germany Laqueur, Walter 1860648851 Triumph of Military Zionism : Nationalism and the Origins of the Israeli Right Shindler, Colin 1845110307 New Jews : The End of the Jewish Diaspora Aviv, Caryn 0814740189 Social Discredit : The Canadian Jewish Response to Social Credit's AntiSemitism Stingel, Janine 0773520104 Powers of Diaspora : Two Essays on the Relevance of Jewish Culture Boyarin, Jonathan 9780816635962 Heidegger and "the Jews Lyotard, JeanFrancois 9780816618569 Ebooks Forum 38

Ebooks Forum Tell Your Life Story : Creating Dialogue among Jews and Germans, Israelis and Palestinians BarOn, Dan 9789637326707 Jews, Catholics, and the Burden of History Lederhendler, Eli 9780195304916 Soviet and Kosher : Jewish Popular Culture in the Soviet Union, 19231939 Shternshis, Anna 9780253347268 Guatemalan Journey Benz, Stephen C. 0292708394 Country under My Skin : A Memoir of Love and War Belli, Gioconda 9781400032167 Darkest Jungle : The True Story of the Darien Expedition and America's IllFated Race to Connect the Seas Balf, Todd 9780609609897 Nicaragua's Conservative Republic, 185893 Cruz, Arturo J. 0333971280 Feminism and the Legacy of Revolution : Nicaragua, el Salvador, Chiapas Kampwirth, Karen 0896804402 .

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