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House Wines Sauvignon Blanc

Lorval Villa Maria $6.25
$5.25  $19.00 
Chardonnay Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon
Honig $7.00 $29.00
Beringer White Zinfandel $5.75 $21.00 Charles Krug $7.75 $34.00
Firestone Sauvignon Blanc $6.25 $24.00 Louis Jadot Pouilly Fuisse $9.25 $41.00
Grgich Hills Fume Blanc $68.00

Brazilian Wines
Reserva Miolo Red Wines
$6.25  $26.00 
Chardonnay Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon 

Pinot Noir
White Wines
  Castle Rock $6.25 $28.00
Haymen Hill $7.50 $32.00
Fat Bastard $6.25 $26.00
J. Lohr Estate $7.00 $33.00
Louis Jadot $8.50 $38.00 Merlot
Artesa $46.00  
Grgich Hills $68.00  
J. Lohr $6.25 $27.00
Far Niente $123.00
Canoe Ridge $7.50 $32.00
Critchton hall $48.00
Duckhorn $77.00
Bonny Doon Pacific Rim
Dry Riesling $7.25 $29.00
Wolf Blass Gold $8.25 $34.00 Cabernet sauvignon

Pinot Grigio
Hayman & Hill $6.25 $29.00
Twin Fin $6.25 $23.00
J. Lohr $7.75 $32.00
Kris $6.75 $28.00
Beringer Knights Valley $52.00
Rombauer $70.00 Freixenet
Nickel & Nickel “Vought” cordon Negro Brut $6.25 $32.00

Roderer Estate Brut $48.00

Moet White Star $94.00
Red Zinafandel

Renwood Sierra Series $6.50 $28.00 Dessert Wines
Wild Horse $7.75 $36.00
Rombauer Bonnie Doon
Framboise (375 ml)

Other Reds
Gray Monk
Gewurztraminer $38.00

Casillero Diablo Carmenere $28.00
Odfjell Armardor Cabernet $29.00
Odfjell Aramador Carminere $32.00
Candoni Chianti Docg Madeira $5.25
Boonaroo Shiraz-Cab $32.00
Sol Alto Malbec $38.00
Ramon Bilboa Tempranillo Osborne 10 yr $72.00
$42.00 Tawny Port

Fonseca 20 yr $86.00
Tawny Port
Champagne and Sparkling
Matador Gold Corazon
E & J Brandy Blanco
Courvoisier Cazadores Corazon
Hennessey Jose Cuervo White 1800
Liqueurs Jose Cuervo Gold 1800
Grand Marnier Carvella
Carolan Irish Cream Cointreau Scotch
Godiva Chocolate Hipnotic J&B Glenlivet
Amaretto DiSarrona Kahlua Dewars Glenfiddich
Chateau Monet Jagermeister Chivas
Starbucks Coffee Midori
Seagrams 7 Crown
Sprits Royal
Wellers Makers Mark
Vodka Jack Daniels Knob
Sky Absolut Creek
Grey Goose Absolut Jim Beam Southern
Vanilla Comfort
Ketel One Absolut Wild Turkey Yukon
Mandarin Jack
Ketel One Citroen Absolut Bushmill’s Irish Whiskey
Blavod Absolut Peach

Bacardi Silver Malibu Brazilian Specialty Drinks
Bacardi Gold Myers
Parrot Bay Captain Cachaca
Morgan A Fiery Clear Flavor Distilled From Brazil’s
Finest Pure Sugar Cane
Beefeater Bombay Caipirinha
Tanquerray Bombay A refreshing drink made with Cachaca,
Sapphire freshly squeezed limes and sugar. Well
shaken with ice cubes.
A Brazilian Favorite Michelob Ultra $2.25

Caiprimissima Sam Adams $4.00
Make with Dark Rum, fresh squeezed lime
and sugar
Pyramid Apricot Weizen
Anazon $5.00
As Dangerous as the Amazon
A Brazilian Margarita with two additional Anchor Porter $5.25
Full Sail Pale Ale $5.25
Paulista Royal
A perfect combination of Crown Royal and Red Strip e
An exotic combination of Cachaca, coconut Shiner Bock $4.00
rum, passion fruit juice and Chambord

Beleza-Tini Import Beers
A sexy and sensual combination of tropical
juices with Cachaca and Chambord
Cristal (Mexico) $4.00
A refreshing and delicious soft drink make Tecate (Mexcio) $4.00
with Guarana Berries a fruit found only in the
Amazon Corona (Mexico) $4.00

Dos Equis Amber (Mexico) $4.00

Pacifico (Mexico) $4.00
Domestic Beers
Negro Modelo (Mexico) $4.50
Budweiser $2.25
Fosters (Australia) $4.00
Bud Light $2.25
Amstel Light (Holland) $4.50
Bud Select $2.25
Pilsner Urquell (Czech) $5.00
Singha (Thai)

Sapporo (Japan) 12 oz $4.00
22 oz $6.00