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2007 The Wave Magazine

2007 San Jose Magazine “Readers Choice Award”
2006 The Wave Magazine “Readers Choice Award”
2006 Metro “Best of Silicon Valley”

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Fresh Spring Rolls Shrimp, pork, mint, rice vermicelli & peanut sauce. 9
Vegetarian Spring Rolls Tofu, mushroom, mint, rice vermicelli & peanut sauce. 9
Mekong Basa Spring Rolls with roasted peanuts, cucumber, mango, mint, rice vermicelli & spicy vinaigrette. 10
Duck Spring Rolls Roasted-style duck with cucumber, onion, mint, rice vermicelli & hoisin-chili sauce. 11
Crab & Avocado Spring Rolls Dungeness crab, fresh avocado, mango, mint, rice vermicelli & soy vinaigrette. 11
Imperial Rolls Crisp rolls with crab meat, shrimp, pork, taro root, carrots & spicy dipping sauce. 8
Vegetarian Imperial Rolls Crisp rolls with taro root, tofu, glass noodle & spicy dipping sauce. 8
Grilled Beef Onion Rolls Grilled sliced beef rolled with onion & spicy dipping sauce. 9
Chicken Satay Grilled boneless chicken breast seasoned with satay marinade. 9
Lamb Satay Grilled boneless lamb seasoned with five-spice marinade & curry sauce. 10
Shrimp Bruschetta Minced shrimp, Cheddar & Monterey Jack cheese & fresh herbs on crisp baguette. 8
Baby Clams sauté with garlic, herbs, chili peppers. Served with toasted black sesame seed rice paper. 8
Calamari Crunch Crisp calamari with fresh chili pepper & garlic. 9
Pulled Pork in Lettuce Wraps Slow-roasted spiced shredded pork served with cool lettuce cups. 10
Roasted Quail Grilled quails seasoned with lemongrass & honey. 10
Baby Back Ribs glazed with honey, spices & fresh herbs then slow-roasted to perfection. 9
Korean BBQ Short Ribs Beef short ribs marinated in sesame soysauce then grilled. 10
Salmon Cigars Crisp rolls of salmon & roasted dried seaweed with soy vinaigrette. 10
Salt & Pepper Soft-Shelled Crab with fresh chili pepper & garlic. 12
Crab Puffs Dungeness crab meat, minced shrimp, fresh herbs & cream cheese stuffed in a crisp wonton shell. 10
Baked Scallops wrapped with Bacon and curry dipping sauce. 10
Crab Cakes Fresh Dungeness crabmeat, minced shrimp, fresh herbs & curry sauce. 12
Popcorn Shrimp Crispy tender, bite size shrimp with a seasoned breadcrumbs & cucumber wasabi dipping. 9
Spicy Chicken Wings Seasoned crispy chicken wings with cucumber wasabi dipping. 9
Anchovy Crisp anchovies sauté with garlic, green onion, chili pepper & roasted peanut. 8

Green Papaya & Mango Salad with poached shrimp, basil, peanut, crispy shallot & sweet chili vinaigrette. 11
Vietnamese Chicken Salad with shredded chicken meat, green & red cabbage, carrot, basil, peanut, crispy shallot
& sweet chili vinaigrette. 11
Grilled Chicken Breast with mixed greens, dried cranberry, almond & house special dressing. 13
Flank Steak with Green Apples Steak with baby greens, dried cranberry, green apple & dijon vinaigrette. 15
Beef Noodle Soup Famously known as “pho”. A mini version of sliced beef, sliced tenderloin,
meatball and rice noodle in a savory beef broth. 7
Chicken Noodle Soup A mini version of sliced chicken breast meat and rice noodle in a savory chicken broth.
One of the most favorite comfort food. 7
Spicy Lemongrass Prawn Soup with prawns, pineapple, mushrooms, lemongrass, herbs & spices. 8
Asparagus Soup with dungeness crab meat and quail eggs. 9
Chicken Curry White chicken meat with potato & carrot in curry sauce. 12
Lemongrass Chicken Slices of chicken breast sauté with bell pepper, scallion & lemon grass. 12
Mango Chicken Slices of chicken breast sauté with ripe mango in a sweet & sour sauce. 14
Tamarind Pork Ribs wok tossed in a garlic, chili pepper & tamarind sauce. 12
Curry Prawns Tiger prawns with potato in curry sauce. 15
Pineapple Beef with Cashew Slices of beef tenderloin sauté with pineapple, bell pepper, cashews & onions. 16
Mango Beef Slices of beef tenderloin sauté with ripe mango in a sweet & sour sauce. 16
Terriyaki Duck w/ Steamed Bokchoy Grilled boneless duck breast roasted with a glaze of terriyaki sauce. 16
Saigon Steak & Fries Stir-fried slices of beef tenderloin with seasoned potatoes, garlic, shallot & onion. 16
Seared Mekong Basa with mango salsa, crispy shallots & spicy vinaigrette. 16
Steamed Fish with fresh ginger, lily buds, glass noodle and shiitake mushroom.
Choice of: Alaskan Cod 17 Chilean Seabass 20
Scallops in Black Bean Sauce Pan-seared scallops with Asian greens in garlic black bean sauce. 17
Grilled Salmon with Spicy Green Beans Fresh salmon filet grilled to perfection, served with spicy green beans. 17
Tamarind Prawns Jumbo prawns sauté with pineapple, fresh chili & tamarind sauce. 18
Shaking Beef “Bo Luc Lac” Cubed filet mignon wok tossed with onions, garlic & black pepper,
served on a bed of fresh watercress & cherry tomatoes. 18
Baked Chilean Seabass with sauté peasprout. 20
Chilean Seabass in Claypot Filet of Chilean seabass simmered with caramel sauce in clay pot. 20

HaLong Bay Seafood Fried Rice Tiger prawns, pineapple, Chinese sausage, mushroom, egg & bell peppers. 14
Grilled Lemongrass Lamb Chops Served with choice of seasoned potatoes or garlic noodle
& soy-reduction syrup. 20
Tiger Prawns Grilled jumbo prawns seasoned with herbs & spices. Served with garlic noodle. 22

Peasprout with Mushroom sauté in garlic oyster sauce. 8
Mango Tofu Crisp tofu sauté with ripe mango in a sweet & sour sauce. 9
Lemongrass Tofu Crisp tofu sauté with bell pepper, scallion & lemon grass. 8
Crispy Tofu Cake with shredded scallions, crispy shallots in a fish & chili lime sauce. 8
Spicy Green Beans with Mushroom Green beans stir-fried with mushroom & fresh garlic. 9
Eggplant & Tofu in Curry Sauce Eggplant sauté with mushroom, tofu & curry sauce. 9
Steamed Young Bokchoy with garlic-oyster sauce. 7
Garlic Noodles Egg noodles sauté with fresh garlic & fried shallot. 8
Steamed Jasmine Rice 1 per serving Steamed Jasmine Brown Rice 2 per serving
Pickles’ Platter 3

Domestic Beers 4
Bud, Bud Light
Imported Beers 5
Heineken, Heineken Light, Corona, Amstel Light, Tsingtao, Singha, Sapporo, Guinness, Widmer, Vietnamese Beer 33,
Saigon Export
Draft Beers 5
Sierra Nevada, Kirin
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