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With Malice

D. Meckanic
Copyright © 2000-2006

All of the characters in this book are fictitious, and any

resemblance to actual persons, living or dead,
actual companies, active or inactive, is purely coincidental.

With Malice and Forethought

Printing History
Beta Draft Edition, March 2000
First Edition, June 2006

All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2000 by aka D. Meckanic
Cover art Copyright © 2000 by aka D. Meckanic
Original Photographic Art Copyright © 1987 by aka D. Meckanic

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Book Outline Only

Why did I write this book?

Back in 2000 I was in the middle of a huge court battle, I had lost about $32 million and that
wasn’t pocket change. I pondered on the reasons that my life could go so horribly wrong. All I could
imagine, was that it was some kind of embedded karmic nightmare, probably ‘in the cards’ because of
my past In South Africa. I was pretty paranoid at the time. Of course perfect paranoia is perfect
awareness. Anyway, I decided that since this could be the case, I was being made to pay for my actions,
or inactions as the case may be. Maybe I could make things right by coming clean about everything that
happened south of the equator. Maybe I’d have a shot at a clear and emotionally unencumbered future,
even with the huge financial loss.
So I wrote, almost frenetically for 30 days and churned out this book. Initially, I was never really
happy with the flow. I could never get the ending right as the ‘end’ had not happened yet. But with time
and changes in my life, I’ve added the final touches to the work in 2006. I’m fairly pleased with the book
and the ending now but it’s not perfect. I have increased the level of verbosity and detail to fill in the
gaps. I didn’t want it to read like a technical manual, of which I have written so many over the years.


How do you write out 15 years of a life as complex as mine in two or three paragraphs? I can’t
make this short, so bear with me, please....

I’m just a guy or I was anyway, before South Africa. I did the typical guy things and I probably had
far too many girlfriends. Eventually, I became weary of juggling the females and settled down with one
girl. We got married, eventually adopted a little girl and worked like everyone else trying to make a
comfortable life for ourselves. Twenty years ago, I was actually pretty normal by bell curve standards at
the time Beckman Instruments was absorbed by Smith-Kline, but everything changed, I was the
Regional Engineer for Canada and I had been so efficient, I worked myself out of my job. This situation
led to a series of events that eventually gave me no option but to leave Canada and go overseas.

I was involved in many situations in South Africa. Some were pretty funny, some were dangerous,
some were downright ugly. Then there were events, well, the stuff of which nightmares are made, the
kinds of inhumane monstrosities I never imagined I would see like necklacing’s or be involved in, like,
well that comes a little later, I am no stranger to killing. In most cases our targets deserved to die. We
killed terrorists, daily, sometimes on ‘the fence’, other times up close and personal.
Occasionally, a guard would presume that we had lied and the fence wouldn’t kill, always to their
detriment. Naw, they’d think, it couldn’t do that, could it? Well, both life and technology have a way of
thinning the gene pool of stupid people as well as terrorists.

I can imagine you, sitting there, reading this, imagining it will get worse. A shudder creeping up
your spine and over your head because of my callous or cynical attitude towards life and death, and
thinking if you were a publisher ‘Oh my God, do we want to represent this guy?’ Well, it does get worse,
but we’ll do the calm and normal detailing first, so you don’t get too worried, too soon.

Originally, I was just an engineer. I have designed everything from houses to particle beam
weapons and damn near everything in between. I even have my own personal adiabatic reactor and had
it three years before Eric Cornell built his at JILA labs in Colorado. Mine was partially funded by the NRC
and operational in 1991/92. I always loved the design and construction of new devices. Working for
sometimes three or four days without sleep just to get a job done, to see that which I initially created in
my mind, realized in form and matter. I’ve written hundreds of thousands of lines of assembly code,
Prolog, Lisp, C and enjoy programming almost as much as the hardware development. It’s an incredible
feeling to see something that was in your head, on your desk or used by others in the field. That didn’t
change when I went to South Africa, it got better or worse depending on which side of the fence you sat.
Armscor never asked me to make devices that immobilized. They only asked me for devices that
killed or made killing that much easier. So imagine an electronics engineer and hardware/software
designer in research and development that has years of experience in systems integration, analytical
chemistry and metallurgy suddenly in a military environment ‘with no budget cap’. My imagination ran
rampant and my conscience was forced bound and gaged to the back seat of my mind.
To make matters worse, they gave me security clearances that allowed me carte blanche access
to every military base and border installation I was in charge of, or for that matter, wanted to visit. They
quite literally gave me the ‘keys to the kingdom’. Now for the icing on the cake, they paid me well to do
what I did and I always delivered. The funny thing about all this was that I was a Canadian national
entrenched within a foreign military establishment. Hard to believe eh? Well, I even have photographs of
many of the bases, borders and installations I designed. I even have all of my original software and
I gave them everything they asked for, lethal fences, wiretaps that kill, warhead tipped bullets
filled with semtex, ceramic guns, laser scopes, lorenz guns, high energy inverters and of course a
plasma weapon design that kicked some serious ass.
There was only one problem. Eventually, I had to deal with my conscience spiting out its damned
ball-gag, wriggling its way out of its ropes and chains back to the surface, and that can get pretty tough
after a couple of years of doing this kind of work. I guess my real turning point was when they tried to kill
my CO. They blew up the Helderberg in 1987, a commercial airliner he was supposed to be traveling on,
over the Indian Ocean north east of Mauritius. Of course they never got him, one of his ops told him not
to get on the plane just before it left from Taiwan. When that happened, even though I kept doing the
work, I didn’t have the taste for it, at least not as I once had, in the beginning.
Then later, to find out everybody was corrupt. To find out that all the ministers and government
officials we were dealing with were on the take... More though, to find out that my work wasn’t about
social responsibility or protecting the innocent people in South Africa from terrorists, made everything
worse for me. Then as confirmation, there was the shipping of arms to Saddam from the US via South
Africa while under a UN arms embargo. You wouldn’t believe who the players were behind that sale. I
am surprised there weren’t more reports of ‘friendly fire’ during the first Gulf War, of course that wouldn’t
have played out well on CNN. All I know is in the end, it was all about the money and that soured me. It
turned on my conscience like a red light in Amsterdam and made me into a technology whore.
I still stayed in Africa and thought that maybe I could do something different, or maybe the same
but more humane if I distanced myself from Armscor. That didn’t work either, Armscor put a mole into my
operation to watch me, as soon as I started getting close to making my business work right. They used
him in an attempt to force me back into the fold, he screwed up my funding. They just didn’t want to let
me get away from the ‘business’ or their control. I had two choices left, stay or go.
If I stayed in SA and didn’t work for Armscor, I was a dead man. If I left, the chances were 50/50
that I’d make it out alive. The odds were better, so I decided to leave.
The Canadian Consul, Adrian Brazeau, in Pretoria was instrumental in almost getting my whole
family killed. He was no help at all, actually, once I had gone to the embassy the warning flags were up
at Armscor. The consul knew this, so not following through and getting us out was paramount to signing
our death warrants. The deal he eventually made with my wife was ‘if your husband is dead next week
and you and your children are still alive, I’ll send down a car and get you out’. With consuls like that, who
needs hitmen? He was also told about my CO’s plane, the accounts, the corruption, arms deals and the
killings. He told me he couldn’t hold onto that information, which I presented to him in a nine page letter,
else he’d be a dead man as well. Canadians are a spineless lot. We need a few more rams and a lot less
We did get out though, I bought my tickets under an assumed name through a trusted friend who
had the names changed just before boarding. It was pretty touch and go, especially through customs
with two hard drives full of the military software and documentation I had written, but we got out of SA.
We made it to Belgium and that night I called one of my partners in SA figuring the lines were
tapped. I told him, I would be back in two weeks after I got my family settled. He agreed it was a good
plan and to me, everything seemed ok. The next morning our plane was prevented from taking off for
two and a half hours while they removed two suitcases that didn’t have owners, go figure? Security
personnel with ‘sniffers’ in body armor put the suitcases in a bomb transport unit and it was carefully
wheeled away from the plane. You really need to see shit like that when you’re just about to fly across
the Atlantic. It reminded me of the situation with my CO’s plane, the Helderberg and I was not a happy
camper at the time. But they removed the airborne cancer, apparently they got all of it and we made it
back, otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to write this book.

I lived a dangerous life in South Africa but I learned a lot as well. I’ve seen men strung up by their
ankles that had been skinned alive, their torso’s hollowed and the organs laid out on the ground like a
grizzly offering to some daemonic god, except for their hearts, they were taken away to be devoured in
tribal ritual. I’ve seen the dead on our fences, bodies mutilated by high voltage and current, their flesh
converted to dust leaving gaping cavities. Fresh kills, they lay there with just a slight smile and the
reflection of the African sky in their still slightly moist but dead eyes. I’ve been in firefights and then
watched as my ‘associate’ summarily executed terrorists in cold blood, one after the other, like a
machine. The 3B’s, what’s a bit of bone, blood and brains on the rocks between friends? We used to
have 4 binders with 100 double sided picture holders in each, it was a sales tool. Each page had 4
different terrorists on each side. All 4 binders were almost full, you do the math.
I’ve done things for ‘king and country’ that I couldn’t talk about, let alone even think about without
causing myself emotional distress and lived that way for 10 years, at least until I wrote the book. But on
the upside, while in SA I found out what I was capable of doing and the depths too which I could descend
to solve a ‘problem’.

And then there’s Canada. Imagine what that was like, coming back here, man was I bored. But I
figured, make the best of it, you got your family out alive now run with it, and I did. I ran a little R&D
company developing computer based solutions for Ortech and NRC clients. Life wasn’t exciting, but I still
had my love of design and prototyping and that got me through. I tried to lay my past to rest by burying
myself in my work. After five years, I was almost starting to feel normal again, but I’ve never forgotten the
dead eyes of Africa, but at least it didn’t sting me the way it did when I had just come back.
In 1995 I was introduced to what I thought were honorable men, I was wrong. I had been working
in the realm of BEC’s to generate electricity and EPR solutions to produce a communications device
using spatial compression. It was pretty heady stuff. Then almost overnight, I was a major shareholder in
two additional companies. Universities were suddenly working on my projects. We were looking at ‘off
shores’, IBC’s and IPO’s. Brokers became involved and we took on some rather large investments. I was
also involved with a beautiful woman, Natalia, who wasn’t my wife. Ruh roh! But life looked pretty damn
good from where I was sitting.
Then everything started to collapse. I had found a problem in the way we cut the shares in the
companies. It gave us a deemed disposition of about $32 million each between our three shareholders. I
suggested legal ways to fix the problem, even if they did make us look stupid. A major accounting firm,
lawyers, brokers and a bank were involved at this point. But the change to our shareholdings wasn’t
going to happen legally, as I had suggested. After a great deal of resistance and infighting I was
oppressed as a shareholder and then my legal battles began. This was part of the first fraud of roughly
$100 million and involved Revenue Canada and the OSC as well. But it would be buried in the upcoming
settlement agreement.
Around four weeks later, they tried one last push. They brought Natalia into town and put her up
at a hotel on the airport strip. She called and I went to see her. When she came to town I always paid for
her room, so it was natural for me to walk up to the desk and pay the account. This time though, it was
already paid, which I thought unusual. Since we had been there before and I knew the manager, I told
him I’d just pay her back. He told me she hadn’t paid and supplied the name, one of my ex-partners had
paid the bill. There was a rage in my head that wasn’t going to go away. Natalia knew what they had
done to me and I felt like I was even more duped than I had originally imagined. It appeared that she was
just another one of their pawns in this evil little game. I began to seriously reflect on my past with her on
the way up in the elevator. I’d never hit a women, but this was going to stretch me to the limit. When I got
to the room she wasn’t dressed in much, but it did nothing for me. All I wanted was the truth and
eventually she admitted to her role. I left her and parked near the airport, feeling broken and just wanting
death to come quickly, hoping a plane would drop on me at the end of the runway where I waited, while
thinking about my past and all I had lost.
About a week later I settled with the company under duress and I signed their fraudulent
agreement. I had no choice, they waited until I was extended and then hit me. In the agreement was a
license for my work at the universities. But with signing, my life became calmer and nothing major really
happened for 10 months, until they breached the settlement agreement.
Breach of the agreement negated the licenses and two months after the breach, knowing they no
longer had the licenses, they had applied jointly with the university for government funding which was
approved. We contacted the government and had the grants placed on hold. During this time there was
a great deal of nefarious activity. Once they realized they were caught in a second fraud, they had to
settle again. But before they did, the government spin doctors had to come in and produce the right story
line for this mess.
In 2001, the courts ruled on the judgement concerning the breach and the company started
paying down the settlement debt. In order to pass the judgement however, both my wife and myself were
forced to sign permanent injunctions. Consequently, we cannot name names. There is however a
release built into the injunctions that states I can publish my entire book without real names in the
Canadian related chapters. As a secondary measure I have written under a pen name.
This coverup and the behavior of the courts and government, worries me and disgusts me. They
literally gave away a 150 million dollar tax revenue case to protect a few ministers and a university. That
tells me there is something really wrong with the system. I hope that in the near future, under this
Conservative government, they will unearth the Liberal past and if they do, it’s going to be wet and
messy. But I have my doubts, all political parties are controlled by the same source which also controls
the media and the legal system.

A lot of people when they talk to me about the past or careers say “Wow, Africa, that must of
been great!” They only know about the photographs I took of animals and scenery or the funny stories I
tell them. They don’t know about the real world and the “red ochre stain” that doesn’t wash off. I scared
the hell out of my mother and a few other friends when they proofread the book. I warned them all before
hand, but they insisted on knowing the truth and of course my mother cried. I’ve seen and done far too


It’s my life, my story and it’s understandable that I have an intimate relationship with my own life. I
mean considering I lived every moment. I don’t have any publishing credits but I have written hundreds of
technical manuals, not that it matters really. My writing style may seem a bit odd at times, but I am just a
person, imperfect and telling the story in my own way, in my own words.


There are literally millions who want to know what happened during the final death throws of
apartheid, especially concerning Armscor involvement. Anything related to Armscor is generally a well-
kept secret. But more than that, the Helderberg has been a mystery for roughly 19 years. How could a
plane carrying 159 people blow up the way it did and leave no workable clues, just a comedy of political
and judicial errors. Look it up on the Internet using “Helderberg” and “TRC”. You’ll find there is no
resolve, there are only questions and supposition. Ask David Klatzow the primary forensic investigator.
I have the puzzle pieces because I was in SA at the time and was in a position with Armscor and
other not so visible companies that provided me with quality information. In most cases my writing comes
directly from my own eyes and experiences, in other cases from the people involved.

Market and Competition

The primary audience for this book would be investigators, historians, a general and global adult
audience, and students that examine the history of apartheid. In addition, every family affected by many
of the events outlined in the book would read this work. Therefore we are probably looking at more than
a few million families and individuals. As well, the actual working of the military during apartheid has
been a well guarded secret since it’s collapse in the early 90's. This book tells the story of just one
person, myself, and contains a relevant first hand perspective of what happened in the mid to late 80's
and early 90's.
It will be bought and read because it provides thousands, maybe millions of people with the
‘jigsaw puzzle pieces’ that very well might expose additional brutal truths about the policies, practices
and activities of Armscor and the SA government as well as linkages to the US, UN, IMF/World Bank,
CFR and other organizations. Some people will say I am a horrible person for participating back then,
others may say I just did my job and others may say, he came right and we need more people to do this,
to tell the truth. But, I am not banking on living through this, there are far to many powerful people around
that will be highly concerned about their ‘secrets’ coming out.

I searched the Internet tonight again, there only appear to be semi-supported case studies of
single incidents involving Armscor and Apartheid. There are no books currently in print examining the
Helderberg, only TRC reports and news articles which have been examined by millions. But as I said,
they have no real answers. Much of the information found on the Helderberg states it is a mystery that
has not been solved and this comes as well from television programs and docu-dramas. I found one
document outlining the SA nuclear reactor program and only one instance of Koeberg as a reactor, on
the Internet but some very interest reports on Palindaba and Velindaba, which were the South African
nuclear research facilities.
In addition to the South African events, there was and is a corruption festering within the
Canadian government, stock markets and banking system, obviously, they are manipulated by only a few
people. In consideration of the present investigations, the book gives a baseline and clues to what was
actually happening in SA and Canada. This may in turn supply the present Canadian government with
additional information in the pursuit of the truth. Of course, they might end up in a position of charging
their friends and associates, so that does seem unlikely.
This appears to be a very unique book as it examines many parallels between Canada and
South Africa from a personal perspective. The focal point in both countries is greed, personal power,
protectionism and of course manipulation by external forces such as the UN, IMF and CFR.

Partial Character list for this Outline

Dave Meckanic - Me, a military contractor and a shareholder of Powermaster and Angstec.
Ericka - My wife.
Michael - Our Son, born in South Africa.
Tanya - Our adopted Daughter.
Daltronics - The company that produced all of the controls and systems for the Lethal Fence.
Teddy Dalhouse - Managing Director of Daltronics.
Frank Dalhouse - Director at Daltronics and Teddy’s Son.
Victoria Dalhouse - Teddy’s Daughter.
Donna - Teddy’s Party Girl, the one he passed around to clients.
Miguel - The main designer at Chronos.
Chronos - The invisible company that produced the generators for the Lethal fence.
Matt - Our pilot and salesman
Stephan - Special Forces and Recon. My bodyguard, executioner and R&D assistant.
Cameron - Young guy out of university, he becomes my protégée.
The Colonel - Chief of Counterintelligence, Armscor negotiator and project controller, my direct CO.
Magnus - Magnus Milan, Minister of Defense.
Pik Botha - Minister of Foreign Affairs.
Adrian Vlok, Minister of Justice.
Canadian Consul - name is in the book.
Ambassadors - names are in the book.
Oliphants - A Game reserve in Kruger National Park and a main river.
92AD - Witbank Ammunition Depot.
93AD - Jan Kempdorp Ammunition Depot.
Escom - A utility company in South Africa, much like Ontario Hydro
Kendall - A generating station
Standardton - A generating station.
Rand Water Board - The main water supplier for Johannesburg.
Alldays - A town on the northern border.
WITS or Wits - University of Witswatersrand
CSIR/WNNR - A research institution within South Africa.
Willow Tree Clinic - the hospital where Michael our son was born.
Armscor - The paramilitary and black ops arm of the government pretending to be legitimate.
Nkygomo - Southern Kruger Military Base, controls the fence from Komatipoort to the Satara River.
Messina - Messina SMG Military Base south of Beitbridge on the Zimbabwe border.
Harper Tower - Multiplexed data/voice RF relay station west of Messina SMG.
Koeberg - South African weapons grade fissile material production facility near Cape Town.
Emily - Our First Maid.
Beauty - Another Maid.
Norman - One of my business partners.
Donald - Another business partner and a thief.
Mark Borden - A con artist who was on Teddy’s and Armscor’s payroll.
Ron - A well placed Armscor mole and another business partner.
Gene - NRC Rep
Samantha Kelly - A fantastic little old lady and homeopathic doctor.
David - A very rich man and owner of a large conglomerate named Basaltic inc.
Christopher - A strange fellow with even stranger ideas of reality in relation to disease.
Powermaster - An R&D based think tank. Three shareholder, Littleman, Farmer and Meckanic.
Samuel Littleman - A chartered accountant, owner of Hal Woods, a manufacturing company
Bruce Farmer - allegedly a researcher and self proclaimed genius.
Lastman - A destroyer of companies, he bought them and then stripped and sold the assets.
Bob Carpessi - Offshore investment manager and broker.
Kathleen - A really strange woman from Michigan that befriended Ericka on the Internet.
Natalia - my girlfriend, love interest and in the end my betrayer.
Malcolm - A university professor in charge of our projects.
Bradley Weiss - An investment consultant, broker and accountant.
Jack Meoff - The attorney for the shareholders of Powermaster.
Donald - Investment writer and profiler.
Roy - Our original salesman, burned by Littleman.
Jillian - An alleged salesperson and seriously disturbed woman, burned by Littleman.
PDQ - An investment firm worth about 8 billion.
Angstec - R&D company. Five shareholders, Littleman, Farmer and Meckanic, PDQ, Weiss.
Sound Health - A medical and rehabilitation company.
ISi and Erosland - An internet based porn company.
Porn King Powell - The owner of ISi and Erosland.

Chapter Outline (Contents and Working Outline)

Please note: for the sake of clarity in showing a tim e line, I have added headings in bold. This m ethod is not used in
the actual book. This m ethod sim ply allowed m e to point form the contents with ease.

A bit about why I wrote this book and what it means to me. It’s my confession in a way to all of
the horrible things I have been party to. But it’s something else as well, there’s truth in here that
may help all of the families touched by the political mess of apartheid in the mid to late 80's. I
touch on some very nasty subjects and explain what I have become after my exposure to so
much human garbage. How it has brought out the worst in me, the cynic and how it made me
very callous at times. While I was with the military doing their bidding, I was almost untouchable
and I knew it. I used that to my advantage and I just didn’t give a shit. But it catches up with you
eventually and you never realize it until it’s too late. It doesn’t matter whether the bullet comes
from inside or outside your head, but it always comes in the end and you have to deal with the
consequences of your actions.

Part I South Africa

1 Just a Guy
This is just who I was, my past and all the events that lead up to my becoming thoroughly
disgusted with Canada and why I was pissed off enough that I decided to leave. It was however,
a time when I was normal, before my life was tainted and changed by my experiences in South
Africa. Chapter 1 familiarize the reader with my wife, adopted daughter and myself to let them
know that once upon a time... I was considerably more humane and compassionate. In this
chapter I also provide a little technical detail on my working past to give the reader some idea of
how I could be swept into the military overseas. I also touch on my first $800,000 loss involving
the Mulroney government that prompted me to move to South Africa. I go over why I took non-
exportable technology overseas and which friends helped us get there.

2 The Adventure Begins

November 1986, The trip to Africa - Stopping in Amsterdam, seeing the Nile, landing in Nairobi,
Kenya. All about the trip down.
November 28 1986, Landing in South Africa - A description of Joburg, what it was like being
there for the first time and driving on the other side of the road. A description of the buildings and
November 1986, Looking for a Job - Getting 4 offers in 4 days from 4 interviews, being
propositioned by personnel agents, missing appointments for other jobs. I actually missed the
interview with the Armscor company 5 times. When I finally showed up the 6th time, Frank
Dalhouse, Teddy Dalhouse’s son hired me on the spot. They knew exactly who I was. Teddy
owned Daltronics my new employer, a deeply entrenched military contracting firm.
December 8th, 1986, Starting As A Military Contractor - I find out in the first 2 weeks what I
am doing and why I am there. Give some information on Armscor the SADF and military bases
like Witbank, 92AD. My life begins under the military umbrella.
3 Dirty deeds done dirt cheap
December 1986, Meeting Emily - Our first maid, we didn’t need one but we figured it
would be a good gesture to pay someone something. We didn’t ask her for much.
December 1986, About Victoria and Donna - The office hotties. The bosses daughter and the
bosses ‘party girl’.
January 1987, About Donna - How I escaped those claws and fangs and lived to regret
not taking her to the hotel down the street. This was a close call at an affair with a seriously
intense and gorgeous female. I probably should have just taken her to the hotel and left a
permanent imprint of her ass in the mattress, but I just couldn’t do that to Ericka.
January 1987, About Chronos and Miguel - A sister company and military contractor also.
Miguel was in a parallel position as myself initially. Later he became a friend who I taught
programming and hardware design.
February 1987, Teddy’s Dish - Quid pro quo, I agreed to import the dish, he agreed to ship our
belongings from Canada. It worked out well I thought at the time.
February 1987, About Firing Paul and Randy - Teddy didn’t like firing people so he made me
the Chief of R&D and had me fire people. I had to get used to it, I’d be terminating people later in
a considerably different fashion.
March 1987, About Stephan - The son of the Colonel, Chief of Counter intelligence. Stephan
was special forces/recon., he was my working associate in the Assembly and R&D labs. He was
also my bodyguard, should anyone screw with me. He was my executioner if I spoke the wrong
words to the wrong people.
March 1987, About The Colonel - The Chief of Counter Intelligence and a progenitor of Armscor
‘Special Projects’. He was on the side of the Hawks when looking at the two warring factions
within Armscor. It was always best to give him the answer he wanted, and really mean it.
April 1987, Our Stuff and Teddy’s Dish Arrive from Canada - I set up Teddy’s Satellite Dish.
Stephan and I camo’d it in Teddy’s backyard in Bedfordview. Teddy brought our personal effects
in from Canada.
April 1987, Teddy Fixes the Theft of our Stuff - Of course, 80% of my wife’s and daughter’s
clothes were stolen, which Teddy graciously replaced. It was a stupid situation because Teddy
didn’t insure anything.
April 1987, We Get 93AD and Go Out With Magnus - This was my first huge job after all the
repairs I made at Witbank 92AD. I flew out with Magnus, Teddy and the main contractors in
Teddy’s company plane. This is the largest Ammunition depot in Africa. Can you say Tactical
Nuclear Weapons? Sure, knew ya’ could. I started building the lethal security system and writing
the software.
June 1987, About The Messina SMG Border Fence - We ended up getting Messina as well
and of course my systems would control the border by way of another lethal fence about 260kms
long in the end. I started looking at ways to construct a new system and develop an A.I. for the
border as fence expansion had to be simple and smooth.
June 1987, Talked with my Mother - I couldn’t lie to her so I worked out a story with Stephan
and his father that was acceptable. I only gave her a scenario, but funny enough I didn’t actually
answer any of her questions, except with other questions and let her fill in her own blanks.
June 1987, First Time at the Messina Border Fence - On the border, I encountered what our
product could do in real terms for the first time. I examined my first up close dead terrorist. I give
a pretty graphic description of what happened and the events surrounding the kill. Also info about
the family shredded by a mine on the Limpopo River, Zimbabwe side.

4 Military Intelligence
July 1987, Problems with our Permanent Residence - Apparently, there are two of me
according to C.I./M.I. and The Colonel. Some wanker has allegedly profiled my family and myself.
The Colonel explains what has happened and why there is a delay in my permanent residence
July 1987, Stephan Spills some Info - There are projects coming up, Stephan can’t say what
they are about just yet, but he tells me they are specifically Armscor projects. For me, black ops
and the dirty business is just beginning.
July 1987, The Colonels Laser Scope Was Finished, go to Pretoria - The Colonel wanted a
personal laser scope for his Barretta 7.65, so I agreed to make him one.
July 1987, Going to the Shooting Range with The Colonel - Now this was fun, you’d think the
range owner had never seen a smiley face cut in a target. He damn near shit himself. He started
bugging us to make more and sell them to him. Of course the Colonel was very territorial, that
wasn’t going to happen.
July 1987, The Colonel asks for a Laser Weapon - The Colonel fixes my permanent residence
problem and smooths my path. The price for his assistance, well, there always is one. He wanted
a weapon. The weapon. Armscor needed a method of taking the Angolan Migs down, I offered a
solution. At the same time, Armscor ran a parallel program just in case we couldn’t finish fast
enough. They were building better SAMS with faster acceleration providing greater targeting
accuracy. The specialized parts and materials would be brought in from overseas, fuck the arms
July 1987, At The Colonels House in Pretoria, Post Scope Testing - The colonel explains the
problems within Armscor. I refuse cash payment for an offensive weapon, I told the Colonel to
just give me the honorary he promised from Wits. Ericka tells me I should have taken the money,
but I couldn’t do it. It wasn’t in me to take money for offensive weapons.
July 1987, End, 93AD and the Technology - An explanation of the technology used on 93AD
and how it was different and considerably more aggressive than the previous Lethal systems.
August 1987, Lightning and 93AD - There’s a long stretch of diamond belt that runs from
Schweizer-Reneke down past Kimberly that attracts lighting like nothing I have ever seen or
heard of before. Jan Kempdorp, 93AD, was smack in the middle. What a clever place to put an
ammunition depot. Somebody was thinking!
August 1987, Changing to the i8096 Processor - I found a flaw in the border system that
allowed me to turn off the fences from the other side. I had to fix this, so I used micro-controllers
for the encryption systems. I told Teddy we would fix it during upgrades, sooner if Armscor
allowed us some financial latitude.
August 1987, Frank Dalhouse has his Fit over the i8096 - Frank, Teddy’s son who really didn’t
understand anything at the time, went ballistic when I proposed the technology change. He was
voted down by the board and the advisors.
August 1987, Frank gets Fired - Frank gave his father an ultimatum, to fire me or Frank would
quite. Teddy beat him to it, he fired his son and released him as a director.
August 1987, Teddy didn’t like Ultimatums - A bit on Teddy and the way he thought. He didn’t
like being backed into a corner and when that happened, he came out fighting.
August 1987, A Little Frank Dalhouse History - Frank’s rather limp history of conflict within the
office and why no one respected him. Actually, no one even liked him. He was just another one of
those little pompous ass rich boys that needed to be seriously bitch slapped. He did get that from
time to time.

5 To Build the Perfect Beast

August 1987, Laser Weapon Design is Finished - A bit about the technology involved in
creating a fissile sourced plasma tube laser. Everything is outlined here from the accelerator to
magnetics and the cryogenics as well as the generators and capacitor banks.
August 1987, The Colonel asks me to Mule Lasers - The Colonel approached me asking me if
I wanted a vacation. A working one, back to Canada. He wanted me to pick up the lasers near
Ottawa and deliver them to an SA courier for shipment in a diplomatic package. Survey says...
No! I ain’t no spy!
September 1987, End, Lasers have Landed - The Colonel manages to get the lasers anyway. I
don’t know how or where he got one thousand 1200 watt Class IV Military Grade lasers and I
really don’t want to know, but I have a good idea since I gave him a few names and addresses.
October 1987, Teddy and the Reserve Bank Flip - Teddy was running low on funds, too many
payoffs I guess and he was complaining about being ‘real estate’ poor. He asked me if I could
bring money in for him. Told him I could, but I had a better idea, it was called a Reserve Bank
loophole or how to turn a profit of 6m Rand by moving 16m Rand offshore over 2 months.
October 1987, My Military Training - It was nasty. I got a little first hand training on how we
treated people from the ‘other side’. Not as serious, but still... nasty.
October 1987, Too Many Speeding Tickets in One Day - Coming back from 93AD was a treat.
Three speeding tickets in one day, all over 200kph.
October 1987, End, Laser Weapon Testing, 100kw units, the date was set - The info came
down from Armscor through the Colonel that the ‘proofs’ were done. The testing date was set, the
location I would get later.
November 1987, Messina Border with Stephan, My First Encounter - I get de-
virginized on the Zimbabwe border with my first personal kill. The terr’ should never had tried to
cross the border and he should never have picked up the gun.
November 1987, Ericka Gets Hired by Teddy as my Technical Writer - Ericka was bored as
hell so she asked me to get her a job. I asked Teddy, there were 56 companies in the group,
surely he had a position for her. Just my luck, he gave her to me.
November 1987, 2nd Week, Laser Weapons Testing - The proof is the pudding eh? Now, it’s in
the way this beast cut steel at 200 yards, it was seriously nasty. I was beginning to wonder if I
should have designed the big one, the little ‘jobs’ were dangerous enough.
November 1987, End, The Colonel and the Helderberg - To kill a man and miss with 159
bodies in the way. I remember thinking why not just “do” him with one of my big scopes and a .50
cal sniper rifle? Why go to all the trouble of taking out a commercial airliner? It’s pretty simple, if
you miss him on the plane, you still slow the weapons program. If you don’t miss, you take out a
lead Colonel with Armscor and slow or kill the weapons program. The puppet master that set up
the hit, this horrific murder of 159 people, must have believed this looked like a win win situation. I
just thought ‘what kind of evil beast crawled up from hell and did this?’ The answer is in Europe.
December 1987, The Colonel brings my Honorary - I had designed their weapon, it tested
successfully so the Colonel delivered as promised.
December 1987, 93AD Just Before Christmas, My Photography - My last inspection of Jan
Kempdorp before going on vacation at Tshukudu. I did some crazy things. I took pictures on the
base with legitimate permission I thought. I refused to give up my weapons or my cigarettes again
at the gate, not smart. I took my wife and daughter on the base and they weren’t security cleared.
Oh well, shit happens. Then we went back to Joburg and started our trip to the game farm. In the
meantime, someone at the base was writing a report to Pretoria.
December 1987, Christmas Vacation - Vacation at Tshukudu - Innocently enough, I made my
way north to the Tshukudu game farm near the Hoedspruit Base and took a two week vacation. I
didn’t officially tell anyone where I was going, I am pretty spontaneous that way. While I was
there, things were happening to Teddy I’d be in trouble for later.

6 Man’s inhumanity to man

January 1988, I am in da Shit - I got back from Tshukudu ready to start into the new year. I
didn’t know that the Military Police had tried to arrest Teddy on Christmas Eve. Of course I found
out that very first morning I came back to work.
February 1987, Permanent Residence Papers Arrive - The Colonel had sorted out my
permanent residence status with home affairs. The dark green papers had arrived.
February 1988, Rand Water Board - A new job was starting. Rand Water Board supplied about
90% of the water to Johannesburg from the southern reservoir and pumping station. We secured
the installation with a modified A.I. version that I had designed for Messina with outboard gear I
had designed for Jan Kempdorp. I finally had an easily modifiable ‘cookie cutter’ template.
February 1988, Mid, The Rains Came for 3 weeks - When the floods came across the central
karoo, many animals died. Places I had stayed were almost washed away. People living near the
Vaal and Orange Rivers had a very hard time that year.
March 1988, Rand Water Board and Payoffs, Teddy’s Friends - Teddy explained why the
payoffs and the kickbacks. He told me they were his friends now, it wasn’t about business. It still
smelled dirty.
March 1988, Barbeques and a little on Stephan and Cameron - I used to have barbeques
almost every weekend and I would feed everyone, including the maids and their husbands. Our
employees were like family to me. I explain the personal linkages between Stephan, Cameron,
myself and all of our wives.
March 1988 - The Weapon - I was informed by the Colonel that the weapon was almost
completed. Four to six weeks and it could be deployed. It was the last possible chance to turn the
tide in Angola and South West Africa.
March 1988 - The Last Barbeque before Angola - Stephan and myself were going to Angola
on business. My protégée, Cameron, was staying back. We didn’t want to involve any more
people than the Colonel would allow.
March 1988 - Going To Angola - Leaving home again and going into hostile territory to look at
deployment sites for the weapon. It seems like the story of my life, jumping from fire to fire. We
drove to the base, past Upington and Windhoek, past the Etosha Pan and into the darkness. I
didn’t realize hell had a night time as well.
March 1988 - Tuesday Morning at the Base - The day started out at dawn so beautifully, but it
didn’t take long to turn into a nightmare. The grizzly torture and killings of our soldiers on our side
of the border was obscene. I still have trouble talking about this period in my life.
March 1988 - Encounter in Angola - The firefight was followed by the executions in cold blood.
It wasn’t pretty but was deserved. Stephan left a calling card in the form of a grenade, carefully
positioned under one of their right arms. We heard the explosion from a kilometer away while
approaching the invisible border and the reaction team.
March 1988 - The Drive to Messina - As soon as we got back to Joburg we were told we had to
go to Messina in two days. Stephan went first, I wanted to spend a day relaxing in an attempt to
forget what I saw near the Angolan border and what I did on the other side. Then I went north on
the N1, speeding again, passing everything. I just wanted to get the job done and get home.
That’s when I met a cop, a really stupid cop, but that’s a funny story in which he offered me three
days vacation in a jail cell so I could relax for a change and catch up on my reading.
March 1988 - Arriving at Messina SMG - I got to Messina, met Stephan and settled in for the
March 1988 - Messina SMG West at the Limpopo Valley past Harper Tower - We were
performing an inspection, Stephan spotted a Kudu at about 800 yards. Dropped it with one shot
from a rifle he had never fired. It was impressive, we’d have Kudu for dinner. In my excitement, I
was negligent, I walked straight to the Kudu, examined it without noticing the clearing to north. I
didn’t even hear the shot until I was on the ground.
March 1988 - Military Surveillance - After the shooting I became seriously paranoid and pissed
off. I don’t like being surveiled. So I went about stopping it passively, by using my camera.
March 1988 - In Kruger Park - Weapons for Saddam - A meeting to start a war. The company,
sanctioned by ministers, Armscor, ambassadors from two countries formalized a plan to send
weapons to Saddam.

7 Saddam Insane and Amerika?

April 1988 - I find the magical lipstick case - What’s this I thought after dropping my lighter in
the plane? A gold-plated lipstick case belonging to whom? Had our pilot been playing? I didn’t
think so and after quite a bit of chiding and ridicule our pilot came clean. I knew now who had
been in Kruger and what kind of deal had been done. I don’t work with psychopaths, apparently if
the money was good enough, they did.
April 1988 - Just Before Easter - My wife has figured that she’s going to get preggers. So we
started with the doctors and the clinics, again. What a job.
April 1988 - Easter Working Trip to Messina and Naikagomo - Originally I was to go to
Naikagomo first followed by Messina. I reversed the trip midway between Joburg and Pretoria. It
was a good thing I did as this would be when the first two attempts on my life as accidents would
occur at my destinations.
April 1988 - The Military Security Lecture at 93AD - My security lectures to plane loads of
officers while demonstrating the Jan Kempdorp system. This was pretty funny mainly because
there were as many hostesses as there were officers on the Dakota that flew them into the base.
April 1988 - Weapons for So Damn Insane - All the paperwork was there, bills of lading/waybills
going north to Iraq and of course, there were the G5's as well, it was an ugly business.
May 1988 - Kurt Called from the Nkygomo Site about the Elephants - First instance, a small
quarter ton pickup is crushed by a bull elephant. Of course the driver was drunk when he hit it.
Still, there were two guys inside the bakki which was flattened to the height of the tires laying
down. Not a pretty sight.
May 1988 - Kurt Called from the Nkygomo Site about the Peter - Second instance, another
driver loses control on the road out and gets thrown through the windshield. He crawled out to the
middle of the dirt and gravel road bleeding and was luckily picked up by our site manager, and
then is taken to the hospital in Nelspruit. The site manager came back for the bakki and go figure,
there’s a pride of lions looking for their dinner. Now that’s Africa.

8 No One Ever Listens

May 1988 - End - The Big Card Mixup at Nkygomo - A mistake was made in the Assembly lab
on the outgoing final shipment of the computers. I knew exactly what the problem was. Teddy, for
some reason didn’t believe me. Twelve of our best people, including 4 directors flew to
Naikagomo in the company plane. I fixed the problem in less than 10 minutes.
May 1988 - The Plane Ride Back from Nkygomo - On the way back from the base, Teddy
almost killed us all in the plane through his own stupidity and arrogance.
May 1988 - A Little More About Matt - Matt was our pilot but he was also a director and a
salesman for the company. He collected reports, documents and photographs of our work. His
main advertising tool was a set of binders containing pictures of the 2800+ confirmed kills on the
May 1988 - Going Back to 93AD, Terr’s on the Road to Christiana - I had made upgrades to
the Jan Kempdorp system. I went back down with a complete mirror image of the base
computers plus the development tools in a rented VW Westfalia. I completed the upgrade at the
base and headed out. On the way back towards Christiana, I encountered ANC terrorists and
turned their car into a flaming metal flower. Can you say ‘boom’, sure, knew ya could.
June 1988 - Going back to Messina Again - Terr’s At Alldays - Messina in the winter was quite
nice, much warmer than Joburg. Six terr’s crossed the border at Alldays while Cameron, Stephan
and myself were performing the final commissioning and upgrades at Messina SMG. Stephan
and the reaction team went out to greet them. None of the terr’s lived, it was apparently quite the
bloody little battle.

9 Were you Talkin’ to me?

June 1988 - Helmut, Managing Director of Chronos - I was pretty pissed off with Helmut at
Chronos. He used to call me ‘snow caffer’ which was a rather insulting and derogatory term. I
warned him on a number of occasions to stop. One day I cornered him, removed all my guns and
weapons except a WWII US Navy-issued knife. I explained how I was about to kill him using the
knife only. He pissed himself and never insulted me again.
June 1988 - The Colonel’s Wiretapping Device That Killed - Apparently, people hired by
Armscor were talking and that just had to stop. The Colonel asked me for a solution. They wanted
to be able to listen to conversations and if they went the wrong way, well, the person providing
sensitive information to outside listeners would have to be stopped, dead. I provided that
‘permanent’ solution.
July 1988 - Writing My Report on The Border and Military Security Systems - I finally wrote a
complete report, a ‘White Paper’ on the border fencing system. Money has a way of interfering in
progress, especially when it’s in the form of pools, house expansions or a new Mercedes. The
report was swept under the ‘rug’. At that point I knew the last two attempts were just appetizers or
August 1988 - My Favourite Military Related Dentist - I hate dentists, especially when they do
stupid things and make me do even nastier things like press a loaded .44 magnum to their
temple. You don’t stick a needle into an open nerve canal of a fully armed man in pain, it isn’t
smart! But things calmed down and stupidly I agreed to General Anaesthetic. That really was
dumb on my part, I died and was paddled out three times before my heart kicked back in. Of
course over the next ten days I lost over a quart of blood through my sinuses. What the fuck did
this wanker do I wondered? Well, my wife found out. He had used an experimental anaesthetic
that killed people with high blood pressure. The military only knew I had a blood pressure
problem, they didn’t know it was low blood pressure.
September 1988 - Time to Quit the Military - Now I had really had enough, the dentist was
recommended by Teddy, the Colonel and Orville. I figured my time was very limited so I had
better distance myself from these characters and just keep my mouth shut for the time being. So
I started making my plans to end my military association through Dalhouse.
September 1988 - National Party Reserve Bank Flip - Teddy’s ex-girlfriend tried to help her
new boyfriend with the National Party. She’d heard about Teddy’s offshore funding flip and
thought he could do the same. The National Party needed money for, er... campaigns, yeah that’s
it. Well, he tried it and got caught along with 3 of his other buddies. The loophole had been
September 1988 - Putting in my Notice - When I decided to leave and put in my notice
privately, somehow everyone found out, the employee exodus began.
October 1988 - Leaving Daltronics - Even more people started to leave, putting in their notices
at my exit party. I felt bad for Teddy, but I couldn’t stay any longer.

10 A fly in the ointment

November 1988 - Starting the business with Norman - I took on a working partner and started
developing new products.
December 1988 - Me and Speeding and Court, Always a Problem - This is a pretty funny little
story. I ended up in court again and quite literally had the judge laughing like hell.
December 1988 - Christmas - Just a trip to Durban on the Indian Ocean, it was beautiful down
there and the people were great.
January 1989 - About Donald and getting Ericka to the hospital - Ericka started bleeding out
and I had to get her to the hospital. I get bored easily, so I sat there in the hospital room cleaning
my gun. Of course a nurse walked in on us. Keith was pretty supportive and he knew people, so I
considered taking him on in the business.
January 30th 1989 - Willow Tree Clinic - Michael is Born - My son was born, it was amazing. I
even got to perform a little of the C-section and I clamped and cut the cord.
February 1989 - Donald, Our new Office and Mark Borden - Donald organized or new offices
in Alberton. We did few sales and then ran into a real character named Mark Borden, a con artist.
February 1989 - Buying our house in Dinwiddie - It’s amazing the ease with which we bought
our house in Dinwiddie. Of course I had a great bank manager.
March 1989 - The Speeding Tickets Come Due in Johannesburg - The return to a battle of
intellects or maybe just stupid persistence. The prosecutor doesn’t come through with the judges
orders. The case is remanded to a new date.
March 1989 - Another Court Date - 3rd One - The prosecutor does it again. Another day in
court wasted because of the prosecutors stupidity.
April 1989 - Another Court Day - 4th one - The prosecutor does it again. Another day in court
wasted because of the prosecutors stupidity.
April 1989 - Final Court Appearance, 5th Time - The prosecutor does it again. This time a
bench warrant was issued for the prosecutor’s witness. I tried to set a precedent, but they just
wouldn’t let me. The case was dismissed. There were reporters outside. I had to be shuttled
through the court building with all my guns to a separate exit to avoid the reporters.
May 1989 - Beauty our new employee - Ericka hired a new maid, Beauty. She was great, huge
and looked like Aunt Jemima. She took care of our son, Ericka and our house. We paid her well,
about twice a normal salary for a maid. She was a good woman, but a little naive when it came to
her choice in boyfriends.
May 1989 - Advertising Photography - I was approached to set up advertising photography for
local hair salons followed by a photography show in a few malls around Joburg. It was a lot of fun,
but it was also hard work treating models like meat.

11 A day on the farm

June 1989 - Trout Fishing with Matt - We went to Krugersdorp with Matt and did a little trout
fishing. I wanted to introduce our daughter to the sport and see if she liked it or not. She did. We
also went through the caves in the area.
July 1987 - Photography Again - Since I had done some very nice work on the hair salon
models I was approached by women for modelling portfolios. Of course I could provide them and
did, even when they asked me for nudes and semi-nudes. One nice little 20 year old English girl
did a very nice ‘spread’ of photo’s.
October 1987 - Black Widows and Baboon Spiders - Cleaning out around the house and
garage I encountered some very aggressive spiders. I was bitten by a black widow while hosing
down the garage. It wasn’t pretty, I bled the wound out myself before I passed out. I went to the
doctor the next day after the wound went septic and had it cut open. Bad move, I got blood
poisoning and the fever almost killed me.
December 1989 - Christmas - It was a trying time for me. Ericka was pissed off and nothing was
working right in the business.
January 1990 - Mark Borden - While trying to collect what he owed us, I stumbled across a
cheque from Teddy. It looked like Mark was one of my watchers. Maybe he was put in place to
screw up my business.
January 1990 - The gun incident with Ericka - Ericka was driving me crazy. She was worried,
but you don’t destroy the only person that can fix a problem. One night after a protracted
argument, I put my gun in her hand, cocked and loaded and held it to my chest. I just wanted it
fast and painless, not drawn out in emotional pain amplifier.
February 1990 - Time for Divorce - I went to my lawyer and told him to set up the divorce.
Cleverly, he served her on Valentines day. That didn’t go over well.
March 1990 - Finding Ron - Ron was allegedly a fixer. He came into the business to bring
investment for an AC/DC Power Line Modem I developed. Of course I would find out later what
he really was.
June 1990 - Miguel and his project - Miguel landed a contract with Sasol for their gas station
pumps. He wasn’t sure how he would design the necessary device, so I did it for him and he built
it. Then a few nights later, I wrote all the software in one night. He went to Sasol with a fully
working prototype. I never charged him, I help my friends when I can.
July 1990 - Losing Hope - My life was crashing around me. Ron was dragging his feet and Keith
was stealing from us. I didn’t want to do this anymore so I started looking for a job in Durban.
Away I thought, from Armscor, but I could never be away from them as long as I was in South
August 1990 - Very Worried - Armscor wasn’t about to let me live a normal life. They blocked
everything I tried. I found out Ron was my mole. He lived in a house in Sandton with no deed and
no record. The houses on either side were owned by Armscor and the government. It was
approaching the time to leave.
September 1990 - No Options, Canadian Embassy - I went with my family to the Canadian
Embassy in Pretoria thinking they would help. What a joke. Just because I went there it set off
warning bells in Armscor. It was becoming less and less probable we would make it out of SA
October 1990 - Preparation for Leaving South Africa - I sold everything, left the drapes up and
the car in the driveway. I put the house up for sale, quietly with no sign. I bought our tickets
through a friend Saturday after 6:30pm for an 8:30am flight Sunday morning under assumed
names that would be changed prior to boarding.
October 1990 - Airport Customs, Leaving Johannesburg - It was touch and go. The greatest
problem was getting through customs with my hard drives. They contained all of the military
software I had written along with all the correspondence. But we made through, I took one last
mournful look and we boarded the plane
October 1990 - Belgium - Bombs on our Commercial Flight - In Belgium I called Ron to tell
him I would be back in two weeks. Obviously that wasn’t good enough for Armscor. If it had of
been, Belgian security would not have had to remove two suitcases containing some form of
nitrates from the cargo hold. It was a white knuckle ride back to North America.
October 1990 - Arriving back in Canada - We arrived much later than expected after a stop in
Boston. Friends and family were waiting at the airport. We were shuttled back to my wife’s aunt’s
apartment. I started looking for gainful employment immediately. I couldn’t afford to sit around.

Part II Canada

12 Returning to a Mess
October 1990 - Back in Canada - It was horrible when we came back. Canada was In a
recession. Finding work was hard and I had a genetic disease that was giving me a lot of grief..
November 1990 - Ontario Research Foundation - I managed to get a contract with ORF that
put me back into a normal working environment.
December 1990 - Christmas at my Aunt’s - I had a small fight with one my relatives. A rather
narrow little bitch who really didn’t understand the world at all. What was funny about the
argument was she accused me of being a killer and doing it for all the wrong reasons. At the
same time, she was upper management at a company that made ‘Bouncing Betties’, which is an
extremely nasty land mine. Hypocrites, they’re everywhere.
January 1991 - Finding Work, make a Business when all else fails - Here I look at how
difficult it is to actually get everything in your life restarted after years overseas. I also examine
the problems with military references. Explanations of my meetings with CSIS and the wiretaps.
August 1991 - Ajax - Moving to Ajax and still trying to find a normal job rather than start a
October 1991 - Gene and the NRC magic acts - I meet Gene an NRC rep who instructed me in
the process of acquiring research grants.
January 1992 - David at Basaltic Inc - Demonstrating and then trying to sell the AC/DC PLM
technology to a local business. Also getting talked out of the sale by Gene, my local NRC rep.
March 1992 - Miguel in Portugal - Miguel contacted me to let me know he was out of SA as well
and ok. He explained everything that happened after I left.
April 1992 - Samantha Kelly - What a great lady she was. I was introduced to her in 1991, she
was a homeopath with an honorary from a local university and she worked in ‘fringe’ areas. At 82
she had more energy than a 30 year old. She was just an amazing person. She required a device
to alter matter states, to reprogram them at an atomic level. I got the grant, I designed and
constructed the device. It was the first rotating field adiabatic reactor that had been produced and
it was all my technology.
July 1992 - Samantha Kelly’s BEC Generator/Reactor completed - Since’s Samantha’s
project was finished and the device running a couple of times per week, Gene moved me onto
other projects. The next one examined cellular signatures and the reasons for organ
deterioration. I coupled Chaos theory and a small receiver/transmitter to produce a skin sensing
EMF shield.
September 1992 - Gene and the Crown Chakra Incident - Since I had been heavily involved in
magnetics through the adiabatic reactor research, I started moving in other directions. I came up
with a plan to create a pair of monopoles that might be able to emulate quantum functions at a
classical level. Doing this required some rather exotic materials, which I procured, and a device to
perform the magnetic imprinting. So I made a field generator that was so powerful it could erase
credit cards at 6 feet. Gene came in contact with this generator and it got pretty funny.
February 1993 - Christopher’s Project - We moved Christopher’s project over to a
manufacturer recommended by Gene and examined mass production. At the same time I
received another contract for devices used in the food and packaging industries.
January 1994 - Ericka Learns to Drive - Finally after 18 years of bugging her, Ericka learned to
drive. A bit about what happened, it wasn’t scary stuff, just funny at times.
April 1994 - Ericka’s Driving Test - What a mess, even when you do everything right the
government always has a reason to screw you around. Graduated driving was coming in and they
wanted people to be retested so they would fall into the new program. Not this time, I approached
people at Thornton and taped them. I called MOT and told them exactly what I was going to do.
Ericka got her retest in about a week and it was organized by the director at MOT. They really
shouldn’t piss off people like me, who can read past the paperwork.

13 The Beginning of the End

April 1995 - Peter Masterson and Sightline - An explanation of people and linkages that are
later explored in the story.
April 1995 - Winding Up Sightline - Lastman, one of Littleman’s partners is a financial shark.
How he tears apart companies and why.
April 1995 - Backstabbing and Deceit - More on the deconstruction and dissolution of
Crossbow and other companies. How Bruce moved over from Lastman to Littleman, screwing
Lastman and Gene along the way.
April 1985 - Powermaster info and Bug Repellant - A little contract to smooth things over with
me by Gene and his shark partner. This was when I first heard about Powermaster.
May 1995 - Powermaster introduction - Gene introduces me to Bruce, a self proclaimed
genius. I should have seen this guy coming, he was a legend in his own mind.
October 1995 - That nice Guy on Hopkins - I became involved in a project that Bruce was
working on in Whitby. They brought me in to develop a molecular excitation system based on the
precession frequency of natural gas and propane. I ended up ‘onboard’ because Bruce couldn’t
figure it out.
November 1995 - Martin with diabetes and the VFI’s - I was working on an additional project
involving high power inversion and AC/DC motor controls with Martin.
December 1995 - The Bitches from Hell - Littleman started pressurizing our working
arrangement. He wanted all my products and he wanted them for $50k. That wasn’t going to work
for me. So I simply told him, no, but he pursued me and the products.
January 1996 - Description of Hal Woods office space - Littleman rethinks his strategy and
asks me to become a partner in Powermaster along with Bruce. I agreed but I told him to ‘show
me’ he was serious, get me a company car and pay me well.
February 1996 - My Firebird Convertible Arrives, Could this be real? - Well, Littleman
ordered me a brand new Firebird LT1 Formula 6 speed convertible. He’s made his point. I went
onboard with Powermaster as a working shareholder and director, but maintained my existing 3rd
party contracts.
March 1996 - Unanimous Shareholders Agreement - The shareholders agreement was a bit
messy, it needed to be changed.
April 1996 - Unanimous Shareholders Agreement Signed - I signed off on the deliberately
unaltered agreement in April. Better a wrong agreement than no agreement, I thought.
May 1996 - Killing Contracts - Littleman and Bruce wanted me to end all of my 3rd party
contracts and work exclusively with Powermaster. I refused on the basis that I could not let down
my existing clients.
May 1996 - Malcolm - I finally went down to the university and met Malcolm, the professor in
charge of all of our university based research. I describe him in detail in this section.
May 1996 - Late May, Gene, the restaurant and the Reactor - Powermaster wanted my reactor
in their product lineup. I offered Gene one last chance to obtain outside investment for the device.
He failed. We had a meeting that did not go over very well.
June 1996 - New Hampshire - The search for investment capital lead us to New Hampshire,
State Directors and Senators in the US. This is about our trip down, the problems getting there,
the interrogations and of course the presentation.
June 1996 - Onstar - An investor showed up on our doorstep with an idea to manage vehicles by
satellite. It was the beginnings of Onstar.

14 We are Legion
July 1996 - The Offshore Affair with Bob Carpessi - We examine what happens when a few
criminals from offshore raise about $9.5 million US in our name. They then take the money and
run, but Littleman is involved and can’t run.
July 1996 - Farmer sends his wife to BC - Bruce needed to get rid of his wife and kids for a
while. He spotted some new meat at Kelsey’s and wanted a fresh taste. He started working on
her, but it would take a while before he got her.
August 1996 - The Valuation and Compuserve - Bruce finds chat rooms on the Internet and
goes totally weird. He makes a ton of trouble for everyone he comes across on the Internet.
August 1996 - Time for a Divorce - Ericka was giving me grief constantly, she was worried
about these Littleman and Farmer characters. I didn’t listen, I started working towards a divorce.
August 1996 - Natalia - I don’t know if I was set up by Bruce or if Natalia was just a coincidence.
A long distance and costly relationship however, was in the process of starting.
August 1996 - Ray Compton - Littleman brings in Ray off the golf course. He would be our new
‘Golden Haired Boy’ of a salesman that could bring in the investment we needed to complete all
the projects.
August 1996 - Ray meets Donald Teller - Donald was our business consultant and profile writer
in Atlanta. Smart guy but a little demanding at times. He didn’t like Ray. He figured brains were
better than ‘pretty’ with a good voice. We were developing leading edge technologies, so he had
a point, but Littleman had already cut the deal with Ray. When it came to making some business
decisions Littleman was prone to premature ejaculation.
August 1996 - Up at the Trailer - I couldn’t get enough while talking to Natalia and started
looking at ways to meet her. I did crazy things just to talk to her.
September 1996 - Farmer, Csex and Compuserve - Bruce’s internet adventures in cyberspace.
There are many!
September 1996 - Farmer and the Crippled Girl - Bruce deliberately led a crippled girl on, she
thought he would take her away, she was apparently in love with him and he told her the same.
When it came to actual action, Bruce went limp, he told her it was all a big joke. She attempted
suicide and ended up in the hospital for six weeks. The only thing that saved her life was that her
friends in chat rooms had her phone number and knew where she lived.

15 Coffee, Tea or Me at the Internet Café

September 1996 - Bruce Moving - Bruce needed a better place to live. A little closer but still
distant enough that he could ‘piss off his back porch’ as he said. It was really just another
opportunity to bang a different chick, the one from Kelsey’s finally came through.
October 1996 - Bruce’s Wife Comes Back - It was funny, the landlord at Bruce’s new place
thought the last squeeze was his wife. Wrong! Bruce managed to dodge the silver bullet and his
common law wife never found out.
October 1996 - Natalia and the Video Call - Even though I had pictures of Natalia, I figured I
had better get a real look at her before we eventually met. This is the story of the video call I
made from Brampton.
October 1996 - Donald’s Business Report - Donald finally delivers the Business Report that will
be used in obtaining investment. He wrote the words, I did the charts and graphics.
October 1996 - Natalia coming to town - Natalia informed me she was going to make a stop
over in Toronto to meet me on her way to Wisconsin. Lots of gooey tripe and human emotion.
October 1996 - Natalia comes to TIA - My first actual meeting with Natalia. Not wanting to let go
and how she delayed her flight and we ended up in a hotel. It was the beginning of an affair that
haunts me still. Ericka and I start an equitable living arrangement.
November 1996 - Jillian Blue Man Nutbar - Back to non-reality... Littleman drags another one
off the golf course, well the club room anyway. This one was right crazy. Her stories and
explanations of her alien abductions were really a high point for me.
December 1996 - Time to get rid of Ray - Littleman and Farmer were plotting again. They
decided that now we had our investment contact we could get rid of the guy who organized it in
the first place.
December 1996 - Ericka and Christmas - Ericka had been dropping weight and beginning to
look more like a girlfriend than a wife. Even though I wanted to be elsewhere, I tried to make it
good for her and my kids.
December 1996 - Natalia has a hissy fit - Natalia phoned me and accused me of fooling around
on her. Now this was seriously funny. The mistress calling the philanderer to complain about his
possible philandering. I needed to think about this one. Is this what I should expect in the future?
December 1996 - The Hal Woods Christmas Party - This is the story of the Christmas party
including all of the stupid and crazy events that took place. My co-workers thinking they might tell
Ericka about Natalia, but not knowing she already knew.
December 1996 - The Day After The Party - Investment was looking like it was coming. Bruce
was seriously hung over. It was time for a break because after the new year it was going to get
crazier still and I knew it.

16 A View from the Top

January 1997 - Getting Ready to Get Rid of Ray - All of the stories Littleman and Farmer used
to get rid of Ray were simply stupid. Especially in the light of signed agreements.
January 1997 - PDQ is Getting Closer - Brad Weiss had finished positioning PDQ for the $10m
investment. They had the reports. Now it was just a matter of approvals.
January 1997 - Getting Rid of Ray - Just after the New year, Littleman did it, he kicked Ray out.
I still wonder why Ray left without a fight but I do look at the possibilities.
January 1997 - Ericka and I Meet Kathleen - Just a nice little dinner at a restaurant in Long
Branch. The conversation was interesting since she liked to “share.”
February 1997 - Time To Incorporate Angstec - PDQ was coming onboard. We got the word
from the Brad that the deal would be inked. We got Angstec ready for investment.
February 20th 1997 - We Receive Our Cheque and Cut Shares - What a mess this was, we
accepted the cheque and gave PDQ their shares in the morning. Then we realized, oh shit, we
don’t have any shares, PDQ has majority control and owns everything. Then it got worse, around
6pm that evening we cut our shares. It was a gift of about $30 million each and we all know how
Revenue Canada looks at capitals gains related gifts. Now we were really in the shit and I didn’t
know how we could back peddle out of this one without breaking the law.
February 1997 - The Kathleen Incident - Kathleen comes from Michigan for the weekend. This
was a big mistake. She wasn’t Ericka’s friend, she wanted to be her competition. I wanted nothing
to do with her. Littleman ordered my new company car, a C5 corvette.
March 1997 - Littleman backs Out on His Agreements - Littleman got real pissy, we had just
paid off the company debt to him of over $850,000 and he decided he was going to start backing
out of the vehicle allowances.
March 1997 - Natalia and I get slowed down in our relationship - There was so much
pressure at the time and driving back and forth to the US every weekend was wearing on me. We
started slowing the relationship, or maybe it just slowed itself.
March 1997 - Jillian, Littleman trying to get rid of Her - Now that we had PDQ onboard, we
didn’t need Jillian, so Littleman started the ball rolling on getting her ‘gone’ as well. The lawyers
and accountants starting getting involved in our ‘deemed disposition’ problem with Revenue
March 1997 - Bruce and The University, the kiddy trip - Bruce takes a class load of kids to
the university. He had to get attention somehow and what better way than to impress the only
people he really could, kids.
March 1997 - Trying to get Natalia Up here - I didn’t want my relationship with Natalia to just die
out. I tried to talk her into moving up to Canada from the US. She couldn’t do it and it was a
heartbreaking situation. This was a second nail in the coffin that would house our affair.
March 1997 - Donald goes Bat Shit on Bruce’s Loan - Bruce had borrowed money from
Donald. Of course Bruce owed everybody for something. Bruce made some serious mistakes
with this loan from Donald that would eventually come back to bite him in the ass.
March 1997 - Weiss Says Get A New Office, Bruce Goes Buying - On the recommendation of
our fixer, Brad Weiss, we started looking for a new office. Littleman was resistant, it created a
number of problems.
March 1997 - Weiss Pushes for New Offices and a Receptionist - Receptionists, according to
Bruce, well, they had to be ‘hot!’ He’d say, it’s not just a job interviewing girls, it can be an
adventure. You get to try and find out just how far they are willing to go for gainful employment.
April 1997 - Bruce and Malcolm, An Endowed Chair at The University - Budget problems and
trying to organize the shifting of funds to give our company a name at the university. (A little
update here, the name has been changed in recent years to reflect the sociopathic benefactor. I
thought they couldn’t do that with an endowed char?).

17 Trouble in Paradise
April 1997 - Littleman gets rid of Jillian - What a mess that was, offering someone $5,000 after
they were instrumental in landing two and a half million with an option on another seven and a
half million. Littleman was always such an asshole.
April 1997 - Increasing Weiss’ Interest in Angstec - Littleman doesn’t want to part with any of
his shares for the benefit of Brad for his part in the PDQ investment. Bruce and I are perfectly
willing to dilute our shares. More corporate problems surface.
April 1997 - Centre For Advanced Technology plus The Accountants - PCAT is formed at the
university, Malcolm is getting his Endowed Chair and the accountants, Skinner and Crooke are
working on our ‘off shores’, IBC’s and our tax evasion plan. This was an interesting time in my
life. I had very little control, but the money still flowed like water.
April 1997 - Doing Budgets and The University - I was hard pressed to move around the
money to make university budgeting workable without the additional PDQ stock options in place.
But in this section is how I did it and made it work.
April 1997 - Littleman Breaches Agreements on Salaries - Littleman, in an additional fit of
back peddling decided to summarily reduce our salaries. Littleman was now the Pope,
pontificating from on high. He was dictating every facet of company operations. This had to stop,
we were partners, not employees.
May 1997 - Bought A New Car for Ericka - Although Ericka could annoying from time to time,
she was very reasonable under the circumstances. I thought I would be a nice guy and buy her a
new car. This extended me a little, but hey, I had millions in assets so who cares.
May 1987 - Malcolm and the Speeding Ticket - I asked Malcolm if he could help me out in
court. I wanted to set a precedent. He had stood as an expert witness before and he agreed. It
would also give us a chance to talk privately about the university projects.
May 1997 - The Web Process and Malcolm - We ran through what was required to build our
energy source using our new chemical process and web design.
May 1997 - My Day in Court with Malcolm - We went to Lindsay all the while discussing our
joint projects involving film processing and quantum communications.
May 1997 - In The Land Of The Stupids - Traffic Court - This bit pissed me off. The prosecutor
was simply a lying bitch. She forced a mistrial. It was still a productive trip though, we continued
the conversation from the drive up, on the drive back.
June 1997 - Littleman Confronts Me about Malcolm - Littleman didn’t like that fact that
Malcolm was my expert witness for traffic court. Tuff. We had it out and it got ugly.
June 1997 - The Middle Office Argument with Littleman - While offering a budget report to
Littleman, he went ballistic, created a huge and embarrassing scene in the front office. I called an
emergency meeting of the board of directors.
June 1997 - My Last One on One Meeting with Littleman - My last personal meeting with
Littleman was calm and I explained all of the technologies to him.

18 Can you pick up that bar of soap?

June 1997 - The Emergency Board Meeting - This is how they screwed me and how they were
going to steal all of my technology and the projects in the university.
June 1997 - Calling Malcolm After The Board meeting - I tried to find out what he knew about
what was being done to me and if he was part of their plan.
June 1997 - Return to the Office, Hand over keys - I had to get the hell out of there, to many
lies, too many broken agreements, too much back biting, too much deceit.
June 1997 - Trying to Turn Bruce to do the Right Thing One Last Time - Well that was a lost
cause, I found out Bruce owed littleman $30k and that he hadn’t paid his taxes for two years.
Littleman had a cannon pointed at Bruce’s head, I wasn’t going to get any help from him.
June 1997 - The First Call from Bradley Weiss - Now the games began, Brad had a vested
interest in the company, but he would be the arbitrator. Uh, ok, I knew where this was going. I
hired myself my own attorney whom Ericka found in Whitby.
June 1997 - Jack Meoffs and his Conflict of Interest - Jack, the attorney for the shareholders
was suddenly the attorney for only two of the shareholders. He was in a conflict of interest as well
as Brad. It was getting funnier and more depressing as time progressed.
June 1997 - Farmer calls - Bruce threatens my wife and kids. We tape all the conversations.
June 1997 - Called the Police about Bruce - What do the police do about Bruce, nada, tapes or
no tapes.
June 1997 - Bruce Calls Gene - Bruce gloats that he got rid of Gene and now he got rid of me,
and that now Bruce has all the control. He was so delusional, but what a conversation.

19 The Idiots Apprentice

June 1997 - My Conversation with Bradley Weiss - This is a complete transcript of the position
of Littleman and Powermaster. It includes why they restructured and all the information on the tax
fraud in Brad Weiss’ own words. This entire conversation was taped and rendered verbatim.

20 The End Justifies the Means

June 1997 - My Corvette - It was arriving at the dealer. Littleman called ahead and told them not
to allow me to pick it up. I wouldn’t have anyway, but it was funny there was so much concern. I
had after all hand picked the car, put in the order and fought for its delivery for 5 months. I always
wanted a Vette, I guess it just wasn’t in the cards.
June 1997 - Natalia and the Confrontation - This damn near killed me. I found out that Natalia
was working with Littleman. He had hoped that I would just run off with her and leave the country,
it’s what she seemed to hope for as well. I broke it off with her, I wasn’t about to be anyone’s
pawn or plaything. It was a very ugly day in my life and I wanted to die.
June 1997 - My Apology to Gene - I called Gene and told him he was 100% right about
Littleman and Farmer. They were simply human garbage. Of course hindsight is 20/20.
June 1997 - Going Up North to Get Away - I had to get away for the weekend to recharge and
think and then Ericka came up with an idea. Use the people Littleman had burned before against
hi, like Jillian or a director like Ray.
June 1997 - Calling Ray the First time - I called Ray and we all met at his cottage in Muskoka.
We discussed strategies. He contacted his attorneys to look at a joint action.
July 1997 - Meeting with Gene and the PDQ Investor - Gene brought a PDQ investor to me,
one who had an interest in the Powermaster situation. He might also buy my company and take
control of our shares. This was an interesting proposition but it was fraught with problems.
July 1997 - As the Treasurer and Selling My Shares - Ray was getting close to selling my
company so I could recoup my equity in Powermaster. The mechanics of the situation are
July 1997 - Looks like a Deal is coming - My attorney tells me a deal is coming and to hold off
on any further attempts at selling my company.
July 1997 - The Settlement - After five weeks of utter and absolute hell, I am emotionally burned
out and broken. Ericka has done all of their work on me, for them. But they settle, not at the par
value of the shares, but rather at around 2.5%. Bloody ridiculous, but they have waged a war of
attrition and quite honestly, I was spent. I took the deal under duress and signed the fraudulent
documents and license agreements. I felt like my life was over. I had lost $30 million using ink on
paper. I had lost my girlfriend. I felt like I had lost any sanity left in me. So now I was just another
broken thing in the wake of Powermaster’s malicious ship of fools.

21 Ten Months of Peace in the Dead Zone

July 1997 - Take A Trip, Get Away - We went to the US for 12 days on a driving trip to get away
for a bit. I used to enjoy driving and this was one way I might get to relax. To maybe try to forget.
August 1997 - Return From Trip, New Accusations - We get back and there’s more horseshit.
We know you’re talking to someone about something that may or may not have to do with
something we or others may or may not be doing. What the hell is that?
August 1997 - Pressure from Ray for Help - Ray came back to me and begged for help. I could
have given it but I was so tired and burned out from my ordeal, I just couldn’t help him anymore.
All I could say was Ericka them, put me on the stand as a witness. That would at least by me
some time to recover.
February 1998 - Valentines Day - My wife and I got back together. She surprises me and takes
me away to Niagara Falls. She has finally forgiven my indiscretions. I get a bit graphic in this
section, again, I don’t pull any punches. The main body of this chapter I think is about forgiveness
and our human capacity to make things right.
May 1998 - Going To Harrisburg - We go to an Internet Gathering in Harrisburg. Crazy people,
crazy times. All explained.

22 The Meek Open Pandora’s Box

June 1998 - The First letter from Powermaster - Conflict begins again with Powermaster. Their
letter stated, “we have unambiguous evidence that you may have said something, but we don’t
know what, to someone, but we don’t know who...”. What the hell is that all about? It was a
fraudulent reason to stop the payments they weren’t supposed to be able to stop. So.... we’re
going back to court again, someday?
August 1998 - My Accident, 1st Fiero - I was a bit frazzled by the possibility of going back to
court. Maybe I wasn’t observant enough or maybe the other driver was just stupid. She shouldn’t
have made a left turn across oncoming traffic. The little car a rebuilt from the ground up was now
toast and I was on the ground being helped up by police and firemen. It was a long day between
tow trucks, insurance and the hospital.
September 1998 - Taping at the Bank on Stopped Cheques - I approached their bank for
confirmation the cheques had been stopped. Of course I taped the entire conversation as well,
they disclosed a great deal. Their bank could be in a little hot water with this one....
October 1998 - Leaving Sound Health - I quit working for Sound Health when they starting
screwing with my paycheque. But what can one expect when working for the mob? I mean really,
the owner, 17 years in jail for murder, extortion and drugs. Man, can I pick ‘em or what?
November 1998 - Powermaster Default Judgement - We received a default judgement
because Powermaster did not submit a defense, they had none. So we froze their accounts. How
they got them unfrozen is a good story full of lies and new attorneys.
November 1998 - Sound Health, System Problems - Sound Health called me. The servers
were down and none of the client machines were working. I asked a few questions and figured
they had a virus. They thought they could manage a dozen computers themselves so I let them,
well they couldn’t. I asked if they registered the AV software, the hadn’t. Not my problem, I wasn’t
working for them anymore.
November 1998 - A Defective Defence - In a frenzy Powermaster submitted a defective
defense. The judge actually wanted a real one and even though you can make nice flowers using
bullshit, apparently you can’t make a story that doesn’t stink.
December 1998 - ISi and Erosland - This is about Bob Carpessi a failing broker trying to
recapture his past and using everyone around him to do it, regardless of the consequences.
March 1999 - Submarine/ROV Controller - I did a little contract to produce controllers for
submarines and ROV’s. It was interesting work.
April 1999 - The Boston Gathering - An Internet gathering well peppered with insanity. Another
interesting little side story.

23 Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves

April 1999 - ISi and Erosland Lan Security - I started working for Porn King Powell who had the
largest porn based ISP and portal in Canada, even if it did look like it was running out of Mexico. I
did their Internet security to keep roving eyes, hackers and government agencies at bay.
May 1999 - The Grant for the University - Ericka finds out about grant Powermaster and the
university have applied for, that uses my technology. So many people to talk to, web pages start
going out onto the Internet to try and take them down.
May 1999 - The Grant is put on Hold - The government sees there is a problem and starts an
investigation. The grant is placed on hold.
May 1999 - Our Emails End Up with Littleman and the Dean - Our correspondence with the
government someone ends up in the hands of Littleman and the university. It seems we have a
leak in the government offices. This situation is examined in detail.
July 1999 - ISi and Erosland Completed - I finished my work with ISi. The firewall system runs
perfectly and I am protecting 127 client machines and 350 servers. It was a good job and a
fantastic place to work, porn or no porn.
July 1999 - Littleman Called In For Discovery - Finally, Littleman will have to answer a few
questions. Or will he? We find out how he gets out of answering much of anything.
August 1999 - Powermaster Initial Settlement letter - The letter comes and it’s a joke, a
travesty. No, we’re going to court.
August 1999 - My Discovery Hearing - Now this was funny, Jack Meoffs (remember the conflict
of interest) is now the President of Powermaster. I wonder how that happened, too much dirt
methinks on Littleman. Anyway, instead of Powermaster’s new attorneys running the discovery
hearing, Jack Meoff is doing it. Talk about serious conflicts of interest. To make it funnier, he
brings in a bodyguard, like I would be stupid enough to do him right there ‘on the record’. Oh, this
was funny, stupid and sad all at the same time.
September 1999 - Revcan Audit and the Discovery - Revenue Canada audits my company
and finds I have a $600,000 loss on my books. I didn’t tell them, they found it.
September 1999 - Talk to the Ministry of Energy Again - The government, embroiled in the
mess between Powermaster and the universities, doesn’t want to talk about this anymore. It’s
going to be glossed over, a settlement is coming anyway.
October 1999 - Toronto Internet Gathering - Another Internet gathering, little crazy one this
time in Toronto. Again, funny stuff.
November 1999 - Ericka Sends Littleman a FAX - Ericka totally pissed off at the way things are
going with Powermaster, tears a page from my personal history and fires an ICBM at Littleman in
the form of a FAX. That night, the death threats begin again.
November 1999 - Ericka and I Fighting Again - Too many problems over too much time equals
too much fighting.
December 1999 - More RevCan - Ericka drops off all the documentation concerning
Powermaster to Revenue Canada in Scarborough. The primary investigation begins.
December 1999 - Newspaper Article - A reporter at the newspaper comes out and does a story
on us and the companies technology.
December 1999 - Just Before Christmas and Natalia - We go to Wisconsin and I confront
Natalia one last time. It’s definitely all over.
January 2000 - Meoff’s Closes His Practice - Jack closes his practice so he can spend more
time on Powermaster.
January 2000 - I Start Writing this Book - I started writing to vent my frustrations and come
right with my south African past.
March 2000 - Newspaper - The newspaper article was run in the paper, it was a whole page plus
a little on the front page.
March 2000 - Sound Health - I took them to court and won, of course I had to chase them down
for the money and that never did happen.
April 2000 - Hydroponics - I worked for about a year designing robotics and lighting systems for
the hydroponics industry. It was good and we had good people, it was a shame it failed all
because of a Revenue Canada SR&ED audit that should have been simple and clean.
Unfortunately, the company owner had no balls and wouldn’t stand up to them, he gave it all
February 2001 - What’s Going On? - We’re finally getting close to a settlement and having
problems in the Hydroponics company all at the same time.
April 2001 - Powermaster Re-Settles - Finally the bitches settle. They start paying back out and
Ericka and I are forced into court sanctioned injunctions to protect ministers in the government,
universities, brokers, lawyers, accountants, the law society and other thieves. I was pretty
disgusting after such a long battle to get no further ahead.
February 2006 - The End - I sit here looking back over my history. All I can see is a convoluted
mess full of death and corruption, and I wonder why I chose this life. Wondering if there’ll be
peace in this life for me, wishing I could see around the corners of time. After all there’s no free
will. It’s just a fairy tail made up to control people by organized religion. We are all just actors on
God’s stage, unable to change a thing.

February 2006 - Still Waiting for the Truth - I look at how things should have gone examining a
few of the events that shaped my life. I state why I had to write this book and why the truth has to
be told.

A conversation - The actual transcript of the death threats to Ericka on the internet made by
someone claiming to be Bruce Farmer from Powermaster.

Publishing Details

(1) The entire book is approximately 240,000 words or about 600 book pages
(2) Animal and scenery photography may be used as well as photographs of mimics only in
military bases and border installations. Some military personnel pictures are possible.
(3) Hardcover first release?
(4) Less than 2 weeks for delivery for entire draft. It’s ready now, we are just looking over it one
last time before I send the flaming arrow into the air, actually, I am a technological animal so
its more like an ICBM.

About the Author

I have been operating in the field of engineering for 35 years. My resume itself reads like a book, the
main body being about 18 pages plus the software lists, projects managed pages, products developed
pages and the teaching, public lecture and presentation pages.

In the beginning, I worked for the private sector primarily but this changed in 1986 when I was absorbed
into the military machine in South Africa. Once back in Canada I worked for government research
institutions and their clients as well as universities and private research ventures.

The book is NON-FICTION, I am changing the artwork and adding real names to the South Africa
half of the book. I originally labeled it fiction because I wanted a little extra legal protection, but
now I don’t care.

Related Interests