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Unapologetically and fashionably old school,
yet very much on the cutting edge of mixology
trends and consumer tastes.



Inside 14

By Alan Forester, CPA, Attorney



Petar’s Restaurant
A Lafayette Landmark

Canadian Club was your father’s
drink…but there’s more to the
story than that!

Beverage Industry News

Business, Production and Editorial Office
There are a variety of ways to organize your business in order to limit your liability. This 160 W. Foothill Parkway, Suite 105-95
Corona, CA 92882
article will briefly discuss the advantages and disadvantages of five common business 951 272-4681 Fax 951 272-4816
entities: C Corporations (C-corps), S Corporations (S-corps), limited liability compa-
nies (LLCs), limited partnerships, and general partnerships. These entities all provide PRESIDENT
limited liability, but the extent to which liability is limited varies depending on whether Michael Chu
one is an officer, member, director, or shareholder of the company and the way corpo-
rate formalities are observed. EXECUTIVE EDITOR
However, though the shield of limited liability is attractive, just because a compa- Kim Brandi
626 377-2510
ny has been incorporated does not mean that the shield is always impenetrable. A E-Mail:
doctrine called “piercing the corporate veil” allows for the plaintiff, someone suing the
corporation, to personally hold a shareholder or director liable for the debts or liabili- CONTRIBUTING EDITORS
ties of a corporation. Depending on which state has jurisdiction over the corporation, Juan Alverez
there are different factors that courts will look at to determine whether piercing the veil Kristen Wolfe Bieler
is warranted. Generally, the plaintiff must prove that the corporation was a mere alter- Dale DeGroff
ego (i.e. using the corporation as a façade) and did not observe corporate formalities, Jeffery Lindenmuth
that funds were commingled, that corporate books are absent or kept in an inaccurate Ed McCarthy
manner, and that minutes of meetings held were not kept. Gregg Glaser
One factor in deciding which business entity to organize as is the tax treatment of Wilfred Wong
the entity. Since the tax treatments for each of the entities differs, it is important to EDITORIAL DIRECTOR
evaluate the advantages and disadvantages relative to your own situation. Victoria Vann
Corporations are separate legal entities and can do many things that a natural person ADVERTISING
John Muldoon
can do—enter a contract, own property, and incur debt. Thus, an owner of a corpo- 951-272-4681
ration can generally avoid having personal liability for the corporation’s debts or law-
suits filed against the corporation. A shareholder-employee of a corporation, unlike a Northern California Office
partner, does not have to pay self-employment tax, but will have to pay income tax on Industry Publications Inc.
dividends or distributions. 171 Mayhew Way, Suite 202
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
925 932-4999 Fax 925 932-4966
A traditional C-corp leaves its owners with little or no personal liability. The main differ-
David L. Page
ence between a C-corp and an S-corp are that C-corps are subject to double-taxation, E-Mail:
once at the corporate level (taxing corporate profits) and again at the personal level
(taxing income of shareholders). Therefore, dividends paid to shareholders are essen- EDITOR-AT-LARGE
Elyse Glickman
tially taxed twice. In the C-corp structure, shareholders have no direct control over the 310 497-7157
company’s actions. However, a group of shareholders can bring a lawsuit to control E-Mail:
the corporation or change its directors or officers by a derivative lawsuit. A C-corp can CIRCULATION / PRICE EDITOR
easily set up a reserve and defer reporting its profits until the corporation actually uses Manfred Schaffler
the reserve for the purpose the money was set aside for. Also, closely held corpora-
tion owners have more tools at their disposal to save for their own retirement. ACCOUNTING
Industry Publications
Debi Hull
An S-corp also benefits from the shield of limited liability. This organization is not sub- BIN Beverage Industry News USPS 053-880,
ISSN 1054-0423. Is published monthly by Industry Publications,
ject to corporate taxes rates, and is taxed only once, at the personal level, and pays
Inc., except combined in May/June and December/January.
an annual fee of $800 to the Franchise Tax Board. The company issues a K-1, a form
used to report to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) each owner's share of income and 171 Mayhew Way, Suite 202, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523.
certain expense items. Like the C-corp, an S-corp’s shareholders have no control.
The corporation does not pay employment tax for an owner’s income that flows Subscriptions are $48 per year (tax included),
single copies are $12.00 each. Periodicals postage paid at
through to the shareholder, though it would pay employment tax for a regular employ-
Pleasant Hill, California, and additional mailing offices.
ee (non-owner). To opt into an S-corp status, the company must conform to certain
requirements and must notify the IRS of their decision within a certain period of time. POSTMASTER:
Some of the requirements include: the corporation must be a domestic corporation, BIN Beverage Industry News
have no more than 100 shareholders, no non-resident alien shareholders, and have 171 Mayhew, Suite 202
only one class of stock. Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

2 BIN 2 0 0 8 • I S S U E 8


An LLC allows owners to have less limited liability. All members of the LLC have
control. Like a partnership, it also issues a K-1, making it a pass-through organ-
ization, and therefore is taxed only once at the individual level. Additionally,
owners of an LLC are responsible for paying a self-employment tax.

Partnerships, as organizations, do not pay taxes; instead, income and certain
expenses are “passed through” to the owners, who must report and pay tax on
the income. A partnership must issue a K-1 for the partners. In this pass-
through system of taxation, partnerships are taxed once at the individual level.
Partnerships are also liable for self-employment tax, which has to be paid by
each partner.

A limited partnership has some partners, called “limited partners,” who have
less of interest and liability in the company and thus are not allowed to partici-
pate in the management of the company. In a limited partnership, there must
be at least one general partner, who does not get the benefit of limited liability
but makes all management and investment decisions. This structure is popular
in the entertainment and professional fields. For example, group of profession-
als, such as accountants or lawyers, or a theatre group of actors or actresses.
Labor service organizations are often organized as limited partnerships.
A common type of limited partnership is the Family Limited Partnership
(FLP), which is controlled by members of a family. Again, the partnership itself
does not get taxed and instead, the income and expenses are passed-through
to the owners of the partnership, in proportion to their interests. In an FLP, the
senior family members contribute assets in exchange for a small general part-
ner interest, to be held by the senior partners for their lifetime, and a large lim-
ited partner interest. Then, they can give portions of the limited partner interest
to their children, their grandchildren, etc.
Go online and discover a
The FLP structure allows the family to protect the assets from claims of
wealth of resources at your future creditors and ex-spouses. Creditors cannot force cash distributions,
fingertips. vote, or own the interest of a limited partner without the approval of all general
partners. If spouses divorce and a limited partner ceases to be a family mem-
ber, the partnership documents can require that the asset be kept within the
• CURRENT ISSUE family structure. The FLP cannot be dissolved unless agreed to by the general
• NEW PRODUCTS partners, and plaintiffs filing suit against the FLP can only obtain a “charge”
• WILFRED WONG’S MONTHLY against the partnership, which is a disincentive to many potential plaintiffs.
A general partnership has two or more partners running the business, carrying
equal weight in responsibilities and liabilities. Movie production companies
often organize as general partnerships. There is no limited liability for the part-
BEVERAGE COMPANIES ners; however, there is somewhat of a limit to the liability though the existence
SUPPLIERS/IMPORTERS/ of the other partners, by spreading risk and liability amongst the partners.
• CLASSIFIEDS Alan Forester is an attorney, CPA and an expert witness in Alcoholic Beverage
• INDUSTRY JOB POSTINGS Control Law. For more information, please visit or call
877-LIQUOR-8 (877-547-8678). 
Disclaimer: This article is not to be construed as legal advice. Please check
with an attorney before taking action. 4 BIN 2 0 0 8 • I S S U E 8
GLENLIVET – THE GATHERING sador of tequila in the U.S. Julio is very well worker who contributes to the local economy
Glenlivet – The Gathering is an annual wel- known for Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant in while producing ‘America’s Native Spirit.’”
coming of Glenlivet enthusiasts to reward San Francisco, owned and operated by the
consumers with exclusive tastings, product Bermejo family since 1965.
knowledge and brand culture first-hand.

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear’s recognition of
September 2008 as “Bourbon Heritage Month”.

Guests in kilts and sashes at The Glenlivet distillery Pictured L-R: Julio Bermejo and Sammy Hagar
for an evening tour of the grounds followed by tra- hosted a tasting of Cabo Wabo Tequila at La
ditional Scottish fare and ceilidh (dancing). Esquina in New York. EARLY TERMINATION OF
SPONSORS CARSON WINE JOINS KENTUCKY IN Pernod Ricard is pleased to announce the
PALMER OPEN CELEBRATINING “BOURBON signing of an agreement with Fortune Brands
Aguirre Imports recently sponsored the 5th HERITAGE MONTH” for an early termination of the distribution by
Annual Carson Palmer Open. This year's Beam Global Spirits & Wine, Inc. applauds Future Brands of Vin & Sprit brands in the US,
event was a huge success with over 150 Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear’s recogni- and in particular Absolut.
golfers and athletes participating – raising tion of September 2008 as “Bourbon The initial contractual term of the distribu-
over $80,000 for Hillview Acres Children's Heritage Month”. This proclamation cele- tion agreement for V&S brands by Future
Home. For more information please contact brates Bourbon as “America’s Native Spirit” Brands, a joint venture company between V&S
Ernesto Aguirre at ernestoiv@aguirretequi- for the second year in a row by honoring the and Fortune Brands, was scheduled to end on family heritage and deep-rooted legacy of February 2012. The joint venture partners
the Bourbon industry in the Commonwealth. have agreed to an early termination of this
Last year’s U.S. Senate resolution agreement on October 1st 2008 with Pernod
declaring September as “National Bourbon Ricard paying to Fortune Brands a compensa-
Heritage Month,” continues to increase tion of $230 million. Together with the termi-
awareness of Bourbon and its birthplace. nation of the distribution, V&S will also stop
“Bourbon demand is growing and the cate- being a shareholder in Future Brands.
gory is expanding into emerging internation- Absolut and the rest of the V&S portfolio
al markets,” said Tom Flocco, president and will join Pernod Ricard USA's portfolio of lead-
CEO of Beam Global Spirits & Wine, Inc. ing spirits and wines brands on October 1st
“At a time when many are only forward-look- 2008. The savings generated by stopping the
Pictured on Left: Ernesto Aquirre of Aguirre Imports
at the 5th Annual Carson Palmer Open.
ing, we applaud Governor Beshear and the payments of commissions to Future Brands, the
Commonwealth for honoring the timeless quicker than anticipated implementation of
craftsmanship and heritage behind the pro- cost synergies on our North American struc-
duction of Bourbon. tures and the very positive impact of an imme-
CABO WABO TEQUILA As a key player in the Bourbon category, diate combination of our brand portfolios in
TASTING WITH Beam Global is proud of the economic the US will more than offset the costs of exiting
SAMMY HAGAR impact distilled spirits have had on the this distribution agreement.
Cabo Wabo Tequila hosted an intimate Commonwealth of Kentucky, including: more Separately, and as part of the
tequila tasting and reception at La Esquina in than $3 billion in gross state product, more announced disposal plan, Pernod Ricard will
NYC with Sammy Hagar and Julio Bermejo than 3,000 high-paying jobs, nearly $115 sell the Cruzan rum brand and related assets
on July 23rd. Sammy Hagar is not only a million in state and local taxes. to Fortune Brands for an amount of $100 mil-
rock n’ roll legend, but is a Tequila aficiona- Beam Global continues to lead the lion. Cruzan had been acquired in 2005 by
do which led him to create Cabo Wabo Bourbon category and invest in its growth. V&S and has been since then a fast growing
Tequila, one of the world’s finest tequilas. “We take pride in our Kentucky footprint,” brand, reaching more than 750 000 9L
Sammy’s great pal Julio Bermejo has helped said Flocco. “As a global company our oper- cases in 2007 and a close to break even
along the way as he is one of the top tequi- ations are a significant source of livelihood contribution after advertising and promotion
la experts in the world, and the chief ambas- for the Commonwealth and we honor every costs.

6 BIN 2 0 0 8 • I S S U E 8
WINE LOVERS UNITE TO Carlo Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. The ABL’s home on the web at
HELP THE ENVIRONMENT convention’s theme, “Leveraging Your for more details.
ONE CORK AT A TIME Strengths in Today’s Economy”, highlights the
TerraCycle, the maker of your favorite eco- challenges that many alcohol beverage
friendly products, is excited to announce their retailers face in light of the increased costs NEW ZEALAND BREAKING
partnership with VinVillage, the social organ- associated with running a business in today’s NEW RECORDS
ization for wine enthusiasts. TerraCycle is economic climate. The convention’s pro- New Zealand wine exporters are expected
working with restaurants, bars, tasting winer- gram will be tailored to that theme with the to hit the $1 billion market by 2010.
ies, and now VinVillage members, to collect goal of providing retailers with ideas and According to local reports, NZ Winegrowers
natural and synthetic corks to be upcycled tools to survive and grow when the price of have boosted their offshore earnings by 14%
into products that will be available at major everything seems to be going up. in the past year to a record $797.8 million.
retailers across the nation. This is the first cork “The 2009 ABL Convention will cele- Wine volumes have risen at a compound
collection program that upcycles the collect- brate the retail tier of the alcohol beverage annual growth rate of about 20% over the
ed corks into affordable, eco-friendly con- industry and present ways in which retail- past decade, with this year's vintage survey
sumer products ers can run more efficient and profitable showing the latest harvest was up more than
TerraCycle’s first cork-based product is a businesses without losing sight of the impor- 30% on the 2007 vintage, which experi-
16 inch square corkboard that is perfect for tant role they play when it comes best prac- enced considerable droughts.
use in the home or office. These corkboards tices and responsibility,” said ABL executive Challenges for New Zealanders include
will be available at OfficeMax by director Harry Wiles. the economy and a significantly larger vin-
November. Several other products made With the newly remodeled Monte Carlo tage in 2008.
exclusively from corks and other post-con- as the backdrop, ABL Convention guests will The largest export market is Australia by
sumer waste are in development – look out engage in informative presentations with value, up 37% to $247 million. Exports to
for them as they hit store shelves across the speakers & alcohol beverage industry exec- the UK, which used to be NZ's largest mar-
United States. utives from the beer, wine and spirits sectors. ket, grew only 8% on 2007.
Used corks are collected through the The convention will also include educational
TerraCycle Cork Brigade‘, a new, nation- seminars covering industry trends and ways
wide recycling program with over 360 to increase profits, as well as social events, SKYY SPIRITS WELCOMES
organizations participating, and new groups including admission to the Night Club & Bar JASON DANIEL
Trade Show exhibit hall floor on both March SKYY Spirits welcomes Jason Daniel to its
joining on a regular basis. Anyone can sign
3rd and 4th. marketing team as Senior Brand Manager for
up for free on TerraCycle’s website at
Back by popular demand for 2009 is Skyy Vodka. In this role, Daniel will direct
the Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Tournament, the national marketing programs supporting
Visit for more details on the Cork Brigade,
which, for the 5th consecutive year, will pit the flagship brand, as well as the new Skyy
and sign up today!
friends and colleagues against one another Infusions and SKYY90.
Using TerraCycle’s other Brigades as a
model, the Cork Brigade seeks a sponsor to in a match of poker skills. Once again,
facilitate cork collection. The Bottle Brigade there will be cash prizes for 1st, 2nd and PERNOD APPOINTS NEW
program, for example, has enabled TerraCycle 3rd place and an open bar. In addition to SENIOR VP OF SALES
to rescue and reuse over 2 million soda bottles. Texas Hold ‘Em, ABL plans to announce a Pernod has appointed Stephen Corrigan to
Thanks to generous sponsors (who donate 5 host of other events and speakers in the com- the role of senior vice president of sales for
cents per bottle collected) we have donated ing weeks. Pernod Ricard Americas Travel Retail with
almost $100,000 to non-profit organizations, The ABL Convention remains the best immediate effect. In his new role, he will be
and we aim to implement a similar program to and most affordable way for beverage retail- responsible for North America and Brazilian
reuse the millions of corks that are tossed into ers to take in everything that Las Vegas has duty-free, as well as Caribbean markets.
landfills each year, while simultaneously help- to offer. For the $250 registration fee, ABL
ing non-profit organizations. members will be able to enjoy a variety of
To learn more about the partnership or to hospitality events all in the company of their B-F NAMES NEW GROWER
request complimentary samples of the fin- industry colleagues and friends. Hotel RELATIONS REP/LUXURY
ished products, please contact George rooms at the Monte Carlo will also be dis- BRANDS
Chevalier at 609.393.4252 x249. counted for convention attendees. On- BROWN-FORMAN has named Shannon
premise retailers (bar, tavern, restaurant and Donnell to the new position of Grower
casino owners), off-premise retailers (liquor Relations Representative/Luxury Brands,
ABL ANNOUNCES 7TH and package stores owners) and alcohol focusing on ultra-premium brands Sanctuary,
ANNUAL CONVENTION beverage industry executives and associates Sonoma-Cutrer and Fetzer Coro Mendocino.
American Beverage Licensees (ABL) are encouraged to attend. Cindy Johnson has also been named to B-F's
announced its 7th Annual Convention, set to Fill out and mail in the 2009 ABL Grower Relations Team as Grower Relations
take place March 1-3, 2009 at the Monte Convention registration form to secure your Representative
Dean Phillips with other Aspenfor the attendees
Classic Central Coast and
room and registration today and please visit Northern Interior growing regions.
8 BIN 2 0 0 8 • I S S U E 8
10 BIN 2 0 0 8 • I S S U E 8
12 BIN 2 0 0 8 • I S S U E 8
14 BIN 2 0 0 8 • I S S U E 8

Thanks to this prolific line of flavored spirits, creating
wickedly good seasonal delights is a breeze.

hough Hiram Walker’s diverse line of premium liqueurs, triple sec, schnapps
and brandies have provided thousands of establishments with a “tool kit” for
building success and sales during the fall and winter holiday periods, the launch
of Hiram Walker Pumpkin Spice, the re-launch of limited edition seasonal liqueurs, and
the arrival newcomer Hiram Walker Gingerbread Liqueur breathes fresh new life into the
line’s natural appeal.
In keeping with Hiram Walker's long tradition of innovation, new Hiram Walker
Gingerbread is the first nationally available gingerbread liqueur. It has a gorgeous nut-
HOT PUMPKIN meg color countered with a distinctive sweet 'n' spicy mix of brown sugar, ginger, vanil-
1 part HW Pumpkin Spice Liqueur la and spice flavors. Hiram Walker Pumpkin Spice, meanwhile, returns after debuting to
1/2 part Kahlúa rave reviews and significant sales success in 2007. The rich pumpkin colored liqueur
4 parts hot coffee offers the delicious taste of vanilla, graham cracker and pumpkin pie. Both liqueurs pair
Pour all ingredients into a mug. Garnish with effortlessly with a wide range of spirits to create unique and festive holiday cocktails.
whipped cream and a sprinkle of pumpkin pie It is projected that the combination of these two unique, contemporary, seasonal fla-
spice. vors is expected to drive holiday sales for the overall Hiram Walker Brand. “Holiday
entertaining can be stressful,” said Cort Kinker, Marketing Director for Hiram Walker at
JACK-O-TINI Pernod Ricard USA.
1 part. Hiram Walker Pumpkin Spice “Our goal with these two exclusive, limited-edition seasonal liqueurs is to provide
1 part Jameson® Irish Whiskey
easy, great tasting cocktail solutions with a distinctive flair during the holiday selling sea-
1 part fresh sour mix
2 fresh ginger slices muddled (optional) son, when consumer spending is at its peak and time is at a premium,” Kinker says. “With
the success of Pumpkin Spice last year, the decision to bring it back this holiday season
Shake with ice and strain into a martini glass.
was easy, and adding Gingerbread to the mix just made sense.”
Garnish with an orange peel.
The launch of Gingerbread and the return of Pumpkin Spice capitalize on the soaring
GINGERBREAD COOKIE popularity of flavored cocktails, according to Kinker. “Americans love special holiday fla-
1 part HW Gingerbread Liqueur vors, as evidenced by the phenomenal success of Gingerbread and Pumpkin Spice
1 part Absolut® Vodka Lattes,” Kinker adds. “Both flavors are great for home entertaining, or for adding rele-
1/2 part Kahlúa vance and excitement to any drink menu.”
1 part half & half
Furthermore, the seasonal products will be supported with marketing initiatives includ-
Shake ingredient with ice and strain into a martini ing trade advertising, sampling (where legal), on- and off-premise point of sale materials
glass. Garnish with a crushed graham cracker rim
including recipe neckers, case talkers, and re-designed 4-bottle counter units, table tents
and a skewer of spiced gumdrops.
and a bartender recipe guide. Pumpkin Spice will return in its unique case shipper, while
GINGERBREAD-TINI Gingerbread will sport the new Hiram Walker shipper perfect for cross merchandising
1 1/2 parts HW Gingerbread liqueur with Absolut Vodka and Kahlúa Coffee Liqueur.
1 part Absolut® Mandrin Hiram Walker Gingerbread and Pumpkin Spice hit retail stores and on-premise estab-
1/2 part fresh sour mix lishments October 1, when the unique flavors of gingerbread, pumpkin and spice find
Shake ingredients with ice and strain into a marti- their place in foods, beverages and seasonal menu items from Seattle to Miami.
ni glass. Garnish with a cinnamon stick. Gingerbread and Pumpkin Spice will be available in both a 750ml and 1.0L size. The
suggested retail price will be $8.99-11.99 for the 750ml. 
More exclusive seasonal recipes can be found at
16 BIN 2 0 0 8 • I S S U E 8

Petar’s Restaurant
A Lafayette Landmark
Petar’s Restaurant & Pub, located in the heart of Lafayette has been
serving the area since 1959. Its Ivy covered walls enclose a casu-
al atmosphere and fine dining. The friendly staff and management
offer genteel service and attention to detail.
Petar’s is open for lunch Monday through Saturday and din-
ner nightly. They have a complete menu of fine meats, pastas and
seafood and offer daily specials as well. Some of the specials
include London Broil, served with soup or salad on Sunday and
Mondays. On Tuesdays try the Osso Bucco; Wednesdays it’s
Lamb Shank or a complete Prime Rib dinner (or Fresh fish) for two,
including a bottle of wine for $45.00. Thursdays have their
famous Roast Turkey, Friday its Short Ribs and a Joe’s special on
In the bar, they feature live music Tuesdays through Sunday.
Tuesday night Irish Songstress, Snead Healy performs modern
melodies and favorite Irish tunes. Dave Hosley rocks the
house at 9:00pm Wednesday-Saturday. Dave’s
Alex Ayala, Bar Manager

large repertoire includes everything from oldies,
jazz, pop, rock and hip-hop. And on Sunday
evening at 5:00 p.m. the Rhythm Doctors appear
singing the Blues. The music is so popular that
Petar’s is in the midst of a major renovation, adding
a brand new bar and music area in the main din-
ing room to accommodate the crowd.
At the Bar Petar’s mixes of choice are Finest Call
which feature a complete line of superior products
from Sweet & Sour, Grenadine, Coconut,
Pomegranate Syrup, two Bloody Mary mixes, the
Mango, Strawberry and Raspberry Purees to the
premium Cosmopolitan Martini, Sour Apple
Martini and Mojito mix.
As bar manager Alex Ayala says, “Finest Call
offers an incredible array of top quality products.
And the patented pour tops give a consistent pour-
whether it’s a puree or a regular Sweet & Sour
mix. The Finest Call products are the best in
the business”.
Petar’s is is located at 32 Lafayette
Circle, Lafayette, CA 94549. 

18 BIN 2 0 0 8 • I S S U E 8
Canadian Club was your father’s drink…but
there’s more to the story than that!
While many spirits within categories such as vodka and rum are placing their bets on sleekness, modernity and
trendiness, brown spirits are more likely to bill themselves as time-honored luxury experiences that tap into traditions
that are as old as the brands themselves—or even older. Canadian Club, however, wants it both ways…as a spirit
that is simultaneously, unapologetically and fashionably old school, yet very much on the cutting edge of mixology
trends and consumer tastes.
Nothing captures this unique marketing attitude better than the current ad campaign that taps into the trendiness
of an earlier, groovier era. “Damn right your dad drank it!” boldly proclaims the brand’s current ad campaign. The
message is punctuated with a collage of groovy photos depicting young 60s and 70s hipsters partaking in leisurely pur-
suits and swinging parties, with a Canadian Club in one hand and a best bud or a hot babe in the other. Most of the
photos are of actual Canadian Club employees in their youth enjoying their favorite drink, lending more fun and
authenticity to the brand’s bold message.
“The “Damn Right” campaign was designed to put whisky, and more specifically Canadian Club, back into cocktails
– classic cocktails – like Whisky Sours, Manhattans and Sidecars,” points out Brian Stockard, Brand Manager for

20 BIN 2 0 0 7 • I S S U E 8
Canadian Club. “CC is one of the
most approachable whiskies on the
market. Its smooth and sophisti-
cated taste makes it a popular
choice for both men and women,
and female consumers make up
about a third of all CC con-
The Stuff of Legend
The original six year-old is a light Throughout Canadian Club’s Dan Tullio
and versatile blended whisky, blend- enduring run, the 6 and 12-year Brand Ambassador
ed before aging in white oak bar- old whiskies have managed to Canadian Club

rels, has a light, smooth taste that keep a current vibe through some
makes it ideal for use in cocktails. very successful and eye-catching the oldest Canadian whisky ever
ad campaigns and packaging, to be made,” he says. “It was
CANADIAN CLUB® RESERVE 10 especially after surviving the designed to celebrate generations
The darker golden-amber hued ten
challenges posed by Prohibition. of CC drinkers and the 150th
year-old whisky provides a more
However, there is a new treas- anniversary of the brand. With
substantial body and sweet
smoothness. ure on the horizon. Canadian only a few hundred cases available
Club is preparing for the launch for the entire United States,
CANADIAN CLUB® CLASSIC 12 of its most worldly and luxurious whisky connoisseurs will want to
The full yet smooth character of issue yet…Canadian Club 30 Year buy this exceptional whisky while
Canadian Club Classic 12’s qual- Old. The rare and sophisticated they can. Additionally, we are
ity is distinguished by hints of spice spirit, retailing at $150-199, was utilizing the Canadian Club 30
and vanilla and a darker amber specially conceived to reflect the Year Old to help increase the pre-
color, which makes it ideal for a high standards and commitment mium-ness of Canadian Club in
sipping whiskey or a component of
to quality that was a part of the California market. Our local
classic, masculine cocktails. It is
Hiram Walker’s original vision. team will be working hard to find
easy to see and taste why it won a
double-gold medal at the presti- According to Stockard, the the best ways to get this product
gious 2003 San Francisco World Canadian Club 30 Year Old will into Californians’ hands during
Spirits Competition. hold a special appeal to true con- the special holiday season.”
noisseurs who regularly enjoy
CANADIAN CLUB® SHERRY CASK other whiskies in the Canadian Marking Time
The limited production Canadian Club family and want to experi- Though the actual Canadian
Club Sherry Cask, which has a ence Canadian Club in its most “club house” in Walkerville,
warm, reddish gold amber hue, is elegant and refined form.
aged for at least eight years in Ontario, presents itself as an ele-
“We’re excited to introduce gant hybrid of historical society,
white oak barrels and then double
our Canadian Club 30 Year Old, decorative arts museum and
matured in sherry casks imported
from Jerez, Spain, which imparts
distinct undertones of Spanish
Sherry, making it primarily an ideal
sipping whiskey.
1 part Harvey’s Bristol Cream In a cocktail shaker filled with ice add:
The deep red amber hue of the
2 parts Canadian Club® Classic 12 1 part Canadian Club®
Special Edition Canadian Club 30
year-old, along with its mellow, Fill a lowball glass
2 parts Ruby Red
earthy notes and hints of caramel with ice and add
Grapefruit juice
and spice, is meant to be enjoyed ingredients. Stir
and garnish with Top with tonic water and
the way one would appreciate and
maraschino cherry. a dash of grenadine.
sip a fine cognac. It is a complex, Shake and pour over ice
rich mix of aromas and flavors in a highball glass.
wrapped in a velvety body and con-
sistency. 22 BIN 2 0 0 8 • I S S U E 8
“CC is one of the most approachable whiskies on the market.
Its smooth and sophisticated taste makes it a popular choice
for both men and women, and female consumers make up
about a third of all CC consumers.”
Tish Harcus
Brand Ambassador
— Brian Stockard
Canadian Club Brand Manager for Canadian Club

country club—a visual representa- Walkers were pillars of the commu- ly married to others) tirelessly give
tion of its past and enduring suc- nity on both sides of the border, industry folk and consumers chap-
cess—there are strong reminders and counted Henry Ford and ter and verse about Canadian Club
Canadian Club has skillfully kept Thomas Edison among their closest through witty banter and smooth
up with the times, from the mixol- friends. Canadian Club traveled repartee that would even do
ogy area to the gift shop to the through history, as a favorite brand Hepburn and Tracy proud. The
activity swirling around the proper- of European royalty and Al show they put on at the house and
ty that was once the home of Capone, whose exploits revolved at conventions and trade shows
Hiram Walker, progeny that carried around what became his favorite around the globe almost makes one
the brand to the next level, and Canadian Whisky. It is—literal- forget key marketing messages are
later owners who strived to pre- ly—the stuff of legends. being repeated along with historical
serve Walker’s legacy. Brand Ambassadors Dan Tullio and production facts.
There are parts of Walkerville and Tish Harcus connect past to
where time stands still, even as the present, distributors to retailers and History in the “Making”
city of Windsor has since encom- retailers to consumers. Tullio, a 27- Whisky began with European roots
passed it, and the Detroit skyline is year industry veteran focused on and then took on a life of its own
just a mile away across a river and Canadian Club for the past 11 when efforts were made to repro-
a border. Hiram Walker and his years, in fact, is one of those hip- duce the spirit this side of the
sons and successors kept produc- sters appearing in the ads. Harcus, Atlantic. The Irish are credited for
tion flowing and morale high by who has been with “CC” for over creating whisky around 100 AD,
building a corporate culture long 20 years, takes pride in the fact that and then Scotch became popular
before it became a business buzz she has worked in every department in the 1400s as Scotland’s wine
term…and before Canada was on the 38-acre site. For the last vineyards were destroyed by a virus.
incorporated in 1867. The seven years, the duo (though happi- When Scottish and Irish settlers

campaign. These images along with other holiday-
DAMN RIGHT SUCCESSFUL themed point-of-sale material will feature Beam
Global and Future Brands employees, including
Canadian Club has run some of the most successful CC’s brand ambassador Tullio. They will also intro-
consumer campaigns and trade programs in the his- duce a 2009 Canadian Club “Damn Right” calendar.
tory of the spirits industry, from the Hide-A-Case The calendar will feature new imagery and a new
consumer campaign of the 1960s and '70s to the “Damn Right” headlines each month.
famed sales program, Canadian Club Society, which “People in their 30s and 40s connect with this
enters its 45th consecutive year in 2008 and contin- campaign because the imagery used in the ads
ues to be one of the most prestigious sales programs reminds us of the pictures of our own parents during
in the spirits industry. Not surprisingly, this tradition their younger adult lives, before we were even a
will carry on into the 2008 holiday season and 2009. thought in their minds,” concludes Stockard. “I think
For their holiday promotion last year, they reintro- this campaign and those images help us recall the
duced the iconic tuxedo holiday gift packaging that best qualities of our parents and their generation and
had been the focus of Canadian Club holiday promo- helps remind us of the fun they had when they were
tions for years. Because it was so successful, they younger. Through the “Damn Right” campaign, we
will be infusing the tuxedo packaging with holiday- are honoring generations of CC drinkers and cele-
themed images similar to those in the “Damn Right” brating their best qualities.”
came to America, they created Bourbon in the US 1.3 million barrels of aging distillate make their way
south. However as taxes increased and some political into 14 of 16 massive warehouses in nearby Pike Creek,
factors came into play, several distillers moved north. Ontario. While the two remaining warehouses are used
As a result, Canadian Whisky is one of the youngest for pre-distribution storage, the rest of the area (the
styles of whisky produced. While Vodka as a category equivalent of nearly 50 football fields) represents the
has surpassed Canadian Whisky, Harcus notes with largest concentration of aging spirit the world in one
bravado that Canadian Club still leads the whisky cate- location. However, Tullio notes successful aging is not a
gory in Canada and in many other countries. function of volume or type of barrels, but also the way
“When people ask us about what makes Canadian the space is used and the barrels are positioned.
Club different, we tell them—no matter what the audi- “The fundamental differences between our warehous-
ence—that it is light, smooth and mellow,” Harcus es and others is that all the barrels sit on their heads,
responds. “Why is it light? We remove the fusel oils and with six barrels per palate and are not moved unless they
other impurities through double distillation. Why is it are brought to inventory,” he explains. “In fact, even
smooth? Because Canadian Club has a proprietary blend when barrels are drained, they never come off the palate.
of grains, and we produce alcohol from the various grains It is totally an automated drain fill system. We are also
separately. We do not store, cook, ferment and mill the only Canadian distillery that heats our warehouses,
them together. When we produce a given distillate, we which encourages a consistent maturation rate.”
will only produce one kind of corn, or rye, or barley sepa- After aging, the “desired result” Harcus and Tullio
rately and then combine them later, just as Hiram describes takes many forms, including the 30 year-old
Walker did just before the turn of the 20th century.” Canadian Club hitting the market this fall commemo-
Tullio points out that one key point of differentiation rating the brand’s 150th Anniversary. In addition to
is that the master blender and his staff, using the result- that, there is the popular six year-old blend, as well as
ing corn juice, rye juice, juices from rye and barley malts, versions that are 10, 15 and 20 years old and Canadian
blend those four distillates together based on a given Club Black Label, an eight year-old developed exclu-
recipe for a certain variety before aging the distillate in sively for the Japanese market. Though some batches
barrels. During the set period of aging, distillates have a of Canadian Club are bottled in Kentucky, Harcus
chance to marry together, thanks to various chemical pointedly reminds her visitors that every drop of every
reactions that take place, resulting in the smooth tastes variety of Canadian Club is produced in Canada.
consumers associate with Canadian Club whiskies. “Canadian Club's longevity can be attributed to the
“Corn is the least expensive grain but it produces the quality of the product inside the bottle,” concludes
largest yield of alcohol,” adds Tullio. “However, our Stockard. “CC, unlike most competitors, is blended
goal here is to create a distillate that is colorless, odor- before aging, which allows the distillates to marry dur-
less and tasteless. With rye, rye malt and barley malt, ing the aging process--ultimately creating a smoother
what we want to do is produce blends to create flavor and more sophisticated flavor. It's this uniquely smooth
that is distinctively ours. We age it to 72% alcohol in taste profile which has allowed Canadian Club to
charred white oak American bourbon barrels, which endure through all of the different trends and fads over
imparts more of that mellow oak flavor profile, instead the years because consumers have always appreciated--
of an aggressive flavor most people associate with and continue to appreciate--the taste of a classic cock-
whiskies. Though the government requires it to be tail. This was true for those Prohibition rumrunners, but
aged three years to be considered whisky, our youngest is also for today's consumers who are looking for a classic,
six years told, and by tweaking the ratio of grains and great tasting drink. Fortunately, the CC recipe and pro-
the type of barrels and length of maturation we ulti- duction process have not changed during the brand's
mately produce the desired result.” 150 year history.” 

In a coffee mug pour: 1 part Canadian Club® Reserve In a cocktail shaker filled with ice add:
1 1/2 parts of Canadian Club® whisky 1/3 part Sweet Vermouth 2 parts Canadian Club® Classic 12
1 part Starbucks™ Coffee Liqueur Dash Angostura® bitters 1 part Cointreau
2 1/2 parts black coffee Maraschino Cherry 1 part Cranberry Juice
1 Twist of lime
Top with whip cream. Garnish with chocolate
shavings or powdered cinnamon. Serve in a Martini Glass

26 BIN 2 0 0 8 • I S S U E 8
Pacific Wine & Spirits of California SPIRITS EXCELLENCE AWARD – Smirnoff
From left to right: Brad Vassar, Mark Merrion, Jim Kaley, Mel Dick, Harvey Pacific Wine & Spirits of California
Chaplin, Sandra LeDrew, Patrick Daul, Wayne Chaplin, Don Galli, From left to right: Phil Gervasi, James Kaley, Aki Toumasis, Don Galli,
Aki Toumasis, Ray Chadwick Patrick Daul, Larry Schwartz

Atlantic Wine and Spirits Pacific Wine and Spirits of California
From left to right: Greg Baird, Joe Lehane, E. Lloyd Sobel, Tom Notaro, Joe From left to right: Phil Gervasi, James Kaley, Aki Toumasis, Don Galli,
Devin, Charlie Merinoff, John Magliocco, Joe Davolio, Larry Schwartz Patrick Daul, Larry Schwartz

28 BIN 2 0 0 8 • I S S U E 8

MIGHTYPINE “It performed
well; better
than we

SAVE OUR anticipated.
It’s one
very tough

WINE? shelving
– Jok Ang,
structural engineer

A real breakthrough product that fills a need in sometimes “shaky”
California (or any seismic area) is hitting the display industry.
Designed for wine departments and package stores, Newood Display
Fixture Mfg. Co. is launching its MightyPine Shelving line, which is
built to withstand an earthquake’s seismic forces. Its steel-like
strength is developed by gluing layers of pine used for both the
frames and shelves.
MightyPine Shelving has passed rigorous seismic testing at the
College of Forestry, Wood Science, and Engineering at Oregon State
University in Corvallis, Oregon. Jok Ang, a structural engineer,
commented: “It performed amazingly well; better than we anticipat-
ed. It’s one very tough shelving system.” The units were tested with
simulations of the 1984 Morgan Hill, magnitude 6.2, and 1965 manager, Mick Thaxton, states, “One thing that is not mighty about
Seattle, magnitude 7.1, earthquakes. According to Gerry Moshofsky, it is the price. As strong and attractive as MightyPine shelving is,
Newood’s CEO, “Four foot, it’s very affordable and rivals steel in both strength and price. And,
Newood, five level sections were tested unlike steel, Pine is renewable, it takes less energy to process, and
with weight equivalent to 30 it’s surprisingly lightweight.”
manufacturers of cases of wine, without perma- Started in 1979, Newood originally manufactured mostly oak
MightyPine Shelving, is nent deformation.” and maple retail store displays for wine/liquor stores, grocery stores,
Also, the units were sub- and a variety of other types of retail stores nationwide. In 1999,
confident their shelving jected to a standardized test Newood added higher end modular counters and cash wraps so cus-
line is the answer to developed by the Consortium tomers could choose pre-designed modular segments to fit their cash
of Universities for Research in wrap needs.
retailers’ need for wine Earthquake Engineering and an According to Thaxton, a Newood employee for 20 years,
fixtures in seismic ever increasing lateral force Newood’s product catalog is an industry standard for store owners,
until failure (monotonic test). designers, and architects as a resource for specifying high-end, but
conditions. During the monotonic test, the affordable wood display fixtures. The 200-plus page catalog is on
fully loaded units survived lat- their website at
eral forces up to approximately 1.2 times the force of gravity (1.2g). Newood recently expanded their manufacturing facility to
While the forces are site specific, a typical design force for an area 65,000 square feet to accommodate the added Pine production. “We
with strong seismic activity is approximately .7g. In addition to a seis- already had most of the necessary machinery in place but we did add
mic rating, Newood is also evaluating fire-rated finishes as an option. state-of-the-art gluing equipment, which is essential for the
MightyPine shelving has a clean, sturdy appearance (much like MightyPine and other lines of Pine production,” Moshofsky said.
Shaker-style furniture), which complements the variety and color of Newood Display Fixture Mfg. Co. is located in Eugene, Oregon and
wine bottles. The line is available unfinished, with clear lacquer fin- can be reached via e-mail at, on the web at
ish, or a stained finish and is shipped knock down. National sales, phone, 800.233.9663 or fax, 541.688.5868. 

30 BIN 2 0 0 8 • I S S U E 8
32 BIN 2 0 0 8 • I S S U E 8

As a retailer, restaurateur or mixologist, you probably have
been pitched on “the next great vodka.” Though other categories
such as brown spirits, rums, gins and tequilas are gaining momen-
tum, vodka is still the #1 consumed spirit worldwide. There is
good reason, even if some beverage industry professionals may be
fatigued with the sheer volume of vodka product hitting shelves
and some trend-setting mixologists may pooh-pooh vodka drinks
in favor of an all brown-spirits or all-gin-based cocktail menus.
Nevertheless, in an industry where the customer is always right,
much of the time he or she will request a vodka-based cocktail
even if a high-concept bar menu is painstakingly put together.

40 BIN 2 0 0 8 • I S S U E 8
(produced by Blue Spike Beverages) hosted
launch promotions at high profile food fes-
tivals such as the Taste of Calgary and
(according to the spokespeople conducting
the tastings) the company is already setting
its sites on U.S. distributors, especially in
In terms of what’s here, meanwhile,
consumers and industry people alike know
that when it comes to finding their favorite
vodka products, they will be navigating
through a complex global village of flavor,
function and versatility.
“The U.S. has been a tremendous
vodka market for generations,” reflects
Chester Brandes, President and CEO,
Imperial Brands, Inc. (which includes
Sobieski Vodka). “Premium vodkas have
always been part of the classic cocktail
repertoire. Since the beginning, vodka
cocktails like the Vodka Martini, Bloody
Mary, the Bull Shot, the Greyhound, the
Harvey Wallbanger and the Sea Breeze
have been cocktail cornerstones.”
Vodka’s continued relevance is such an Olson presents a good food analogy of
important issue in the industry that profes- this core bar belief. If one opened a steak- VODKA: CLEARLY
sional mixologists, even with their personal house and only served meat, he would be A CLASSIC
pet spirits, acknowledge that a good bar- doing himself a disservice. Most of the most Even if many brands in BIN’s listing have
tender, manager or owner needs several successful steakhouses, after all, include come to market within this decade, the
vodkas in his or her arsenal. Vodka is the seafood and vegetarian selections. Though a term “instant classic” could apply to many
key component to the cocktail culture that bar isn’t and shouldn’t be all things to all new brands either capitalizing on centuries-
is continuing to blossom and evolve around people, vodka is an essential part of the bar- old distillation techniques and selection
the world. It is therefore important for any- tender’s repertoire. However, what’s key is methods of ingredients, or selling trade and
body owning or connected with a bar to that you know what to do with it, how to consumers on the concept of merging the
distinguish one vodka from another, as talk about it and how to recommend differ- old and the new together in distillation to
every brand featured in our list has its own ent brands. create the ultimate product. More estab-
personality. Consequently, once palates Balance and texture are the keys to a lished brands in the Stoli family, mean-
detect the differences between potato, corn, recipe’s success, so instead of just looking while, are banking on the brand’s familiarity
rice or grape-based vodkas, it becomes clear for aromatic profiles, mixologists should and iconic status.
that when you change the vodka, you explore texture, body and proof. The bar- As one-in-three drinks consumed today
change the entire recipe. tenders’ job is ultimately to be service and are made with vodka, Gary Clayton,
“It is a pet peeve of mine, encountering entertainment providers for clients. Rather Director of the North American
the bartender who says, ‘everybody’s drink- than making what he or she may think is Stolichnaya Brand Organization, observes
ing vodka, therefore, I refuse to use it.’” the best cocktail, the real challenge is to sales for the category are growing at a high-
quips Steve Olson, a mixologist of national ensure customers will have the best experi- er rate than most other spirits, even during
recognition. “That’s the very reason why ence possible and will be happy and enjoy difficult economic times. “It is a spirit that
(bartenders) have to need to know how to themselves. created the cocktail culture and one that
make vodka cocktails… everybody is drink- Speaking of which, nothing verifies this continues to be an important component of
ing it. If you don’t put vodka on your bar fact better than a newly launched vodka- new drink development,” he muses. “From
because you want to make some kind of based and guarana-infused energy cooler, icons James Bond to Sex & the City, and
statement, the only statement you will be Mojo, aimed at young, trendy and female from ‘shaken not stirred’ to ‘Make mine a
making is that you are some kind of loser.” consumers. The Montreal-based product Cosmo,’ vodka will never go out of style.”

42 BIN 2 0 0 8 • I S S U E 8

Melkon Khosrovian, co-founder and Collection, “In contrast to other spirits
spirits maker at Tru Vodka, says there is no that maintain the ideals of the past, modern
substitute for vodka's purity and versatility, vodkas are aimed at the future…and it is
making it the ultimate canvas on which to approaching the status of being the world’s
create great cocktails. “Vodka is a perfect ideal of a spirit. Over the years, vodka has
flavor delivery vehicle for natural and fresh- played a prominent role in the success of
ingredient cocktails. Like in fresh, seasonal bars, night clubs, restaurants and parties as
cooking, the base supports the ingredients,” the alcohol of choice.”
he affirms. Perhaps the most to-the-point assess-
“There is no substitute for “The versatility of vodka is unparalleled ment comes from John Glover, Senior Vice
in the spirits world,” agrees David Mandell, President of Marketing at Castle Brands,
vodka's purity and versatility, President & CEO of The p.i.n.k. Spirits Inc. (Boru Vodka). “It will get a lot larger,”
making it the ultimate canvas Company. “Even as trends shift, vodka will
most likely remain a staple in the creative
he predicts. “There are still millions of
cases of old style whiskeys being sold but
on which to create great cocktailing culture. It is for this reason, that
we launched p.i.n.k. vodka as the first in
that will continue to decline. Vodka is the
most versatile category, and the category of
cocktails. Vodka is a perfect our portfolio of ultra-premium caffeine and choice for younger consumers.”
guarana infused spirits.”
flavor delivery vehicle for nat- While many of the niche brands are ALWAYS ROOM
coming into their own as modern classics, FOR ONE MORE
ural and fresh-ingredient SKYY is uniting its past history and current “While the number of brands may eventual-
trends to exemplify vodka’s continued impor- ly stabilize, there's no denying that cus-
cocktails. Like in fresh, sea- tance and dominance. Jason Daniel, Senior tomers all over the world like to drink
Brand Manager, SKYY Vodka, observes vodka,” states Khosrovian matter-of-factly,
sonal cooking, the base sup- vodka also serves as the perfect entry point “That's why the volume is as large as it is.”
into spirits for those arriving at legal drinking Certainly, the question on every bever-
ports the ingredients.” age, who might be turned off by the stronger age person’s mind these days seems to be,
flavor profile of brown spirits. “What? Another vodka?” That said,
“Vodka has solidified its place in the Brandes points out American consumers
– Melkon Khosrovian cocktail lexicon,” stresses Daniel. tend to welcome new arrivals with open
Co-Founder and Spirits Maker “Bartenders appreciate the versatility that arms, hearts and glasses. Moreover, because
Tru Vodka allows them to create truly original cocktails its flavors are subtle, it doesn’t wear out its
that go beyond convention. Vodka’s smooth, welcome.
clean profile gives them the opportunity to Clayton has observed that outside
concoct truly memorable cocktails that can today’s economic conditions, a key chal-
appeal to a very wide demographic.” lenge for any brand is creating a relevant
“Mixology may be leaning towards connection to its target audience. While
brown goods, but Vodka sales continue to consumers are presented with an ever-
grow faster,” adds Marguerite Provandie, increasing array of choices, the arrival of
Associate Marketing Director of White new brands and spirits introduced compli-
Rock Distilleries (maker of Pinnacle cates the market further. This past year
Vodka). “Europe is seeing large growth in alone, over 50 new vodka brands were
Vodka sales, even at the expense of Scotch introduced, according to Nielsen.
and Gin. It also helps that consumers have “It seems there’s a new vodka being
a natural curiosity about new and different announced almost daily in the US,” says
vodkas hitting the market.” Clayton. “A successful vodka’s marketing
“In Russia, vodka is traditionally con- plan must effectively reflect the desires,
sumed straight with national cuisine. In the motivations, values, and consumption
west there is another tradition-mixture of habits of these changing consumer dynam-
spirits, and the creation of cocktails. Now ics in a way that stands above the clutter.
these traditions are merging,” notes Arsine For many years, price was a driving force.
Nazaryan, General Manager of Imperial Though it continues to be important, values

44 BIN 2 0 0 8 • I S S U E 8
the SKYY brand, and more importantly, lift-
ed sales for SKYY Core, as well as the new
SKYY Infusions.”
“While some companies may be cutting
back on their marketing because of the
slowing economy, we aren’t doing that,”
adds Carroll. “We will continue to spend on
advertising and P.O.s to support Ultimat
through this economy.”
Rob Bailey, CEO of Lotus Vodka, says
the reason why they are competitive in a
crowded field is simple: Consumers love
vodka. “There is no other spirit that pro-
vides such as wide range of different cock-
tail menu options,” he explains.
“Additionally, I think health conscious
drinkers are gravitating towards vodka
such as authenticity, heritage, and origin are Infused consumer products like “Pepsi because there is the perception that the
playing a much more critical role in brand MAX” and “Snickers Extreme” become lower level of congeners gives rise to a
choice. This is something that Stolichnaya more popular, so will the consumer base for lower likelihood of a hangover. Vodka also
has recognized and one that we are capital- V2,” he concludes. “We are not trying to has fewer calories than some of the brown
izing on.” be all things to all consumers. There are spirits, which has made it very popular with
Matt Carroll, Chief Marketing Officer at enough Vodka–Redbull fans to satisfy our image conscious drinkers.”
The Patrón Spirits Company, says in the case consumer base.” “Vodka is a spirit category that is being
of the ultra-premium level (which includes “In the last few years we have seen a re-defined,” says Marcus Bender, CEO and
their newly-acquired brand Ultimat), there proliferation of new vodkas from all over founder of Kai Vodka, who has noticed it is
are not that many brands competing. He is the world, and it has become increasingly becoming as diverse as the wine category,
confident Ultimat will nicely fill this more more difficult to promote our brand,” says encouraging consumers to educate themselves
upscale niche with “endless cocktail possibil- Ronné Bonder, President & Owner of the about the differences in each vodka and to
ities.” While mixologists continue to amaze The Hamptons Spirit Company. “We stay find the one that best suits their palette.
Carroll with astonishing cocktail recipes, as competitive by maintaining and expanding “There is strong consumer demand for old
he sees it, the only place to start is with the a strong niche as the best and most decorat- things made new again. Because of Kai’s
best vodka available. James W. Todd, Vice- ed brand in the marketplace with a com- many paradoxes (potato vs. rice, tasteless vs.
President of Sales Marsalle Company, mean- bined 4 Medal Awards by the San Francisco tasty, European vs. Asian), we have encoun-
while, credits the resurgence of the Martini World Spirits Competition.” tered many questions as to why we are con-
and its many permutations as the reason why All told, the proliferation of vodkas is sidered vodka. Though 90% of vodkas are
the market is still open for ultra and super- still very much a marketing challenge for all distilled from grain, most consumers still
premium vodkas. brands. Currently, a retailer has access to believe that vodka is made primarily from
“Forty years ago, there wasn’t even 1% more than 160 vodka brands in the United potatoes. Introducing a rice vodka requires
of the number of mixed drinks available at States. To keep its place in the vodka that we not only educate them about our
your local bar that there are today,” states world, SKYY relies on the clear identity in brand, but the category in general.”
James Goldstein, CEO of Wingard the market established many years ago that As Andrew Pfeffer, Sr. V. P. Western
Importers, which introduced V2 Vodka. helps to lift them above the fray. “We were Division for Ice Cap Enterprises SRL, has
“Just ask any bartender what spirit s/he uses able to build upon that identity in the past noticed, every new entry to the category
the most for mixed drinks. In particular to year through innovative marketing cam- seems to have an angle necessary to set
V2, other suppliers have seen the light with paigns such as our partnership with New them apart from the others. It might be
the potential of a premium spirit infused Line Cinema for Sex and the City, for organic, ancient water source, or environ-
with caffeine, taurine or similar exciting which SKYY served as the official spirits mentally-appropriate. In the case of their
addition.” Goldstein adds, Wingard aims to sponsor,” says Daniel. “We were able to Siku Glacier Ice Vodka, it is the only vodka
keep the quality high, marketing fun and take that sponsorship all the way through that utilizes a unique process called Ice-
advertising responsible when carving a the line with compelling off-premise and Blending, in which glacier ice is combined
niche for V2. “As the category of Energy on-premise programs that drove interest in with five-times distilled, ultra-premium

46 BIN 2 0 0 8 • I S S U E 8
think it’s also important to remember that
at the end of the day, while mixology is an
art, it also needs to be a sustainable busi-
ness. We all need to learn how to make
sophisticated drinks that don’t put a bar or
restaurant out of business.”
Hamptons Vodkas are clearly tailor
made for mixology. While the American
vodka’s original formula (100% Corn) is
differentiated by the fact that it is the first
product from the distillation process and is
colorless and odorless, it is the perfect neu-
tral platform for purist mixologists. The
dessert-y flavors (Banana, ChocoRaspberry
and CherryVanilla), meanwhile, enable
truly adventurous to raise the bar, so to
speak. “Word of mouth has been our great-
est tool to get the word out,” says Bonder.
“Once the public tastes our products they
become instant fans, especially as they can
be transformed into a myriad of wonderful
The same can be said about Pearl Vodka,
according to director of marketing Todd
grain alcohol. CÎROC Vodka. “Consumers first began Nickodym, thanks to its own mixology-
“Distilled in The Netherlands, Siku mixing drinks as a result of the introduction friendly range of flavors. “From a line exten-
becomes liquid at -25°C, creating the only of Vodka into Western Society. Cocktail sion perspective, our strategy has been to not
vodka that transforms ice directly into culture ensued as vodka became more popu- simply introduce new flavors, but rather to
vodka without ever becoming water,” he lar, because it was the most versatile and introduce new flavors that are unique, on-
details. “This creates a superior product, mixable of the spirits. That hasn't changed trend, mixable and great-tasting,” he says.
and there is always room, even in a busy today, as vodka allows for unlimited creation “Pearl was first to market with a
market, for a superior product. Competing of exciting and delightful drinks, sure to Pomegranate flavored vodka, and we have
with the big corporate vodka companies please any palette. As time passes, mixolo- recently extended the Pearl family to include
and their deep advertising pockets will gists will always create alternatives to what a totally unique Plum flavored Vodka.”
always be a challenge for us. Also, the is popular, but at the end of the day, all Todd also notes without hesitation that
challenge of getting retailers/restaurants to everybody is looking for is a great tasting vodka can be enjoyed straight or mixed
add another item in an already saturated drink, and there is still no more versatile with practically anything, from juices to
market that presents its own set of hurdles. spirit as vodka, to deliver this experience.” water, appealing to young and old alike. He
Our response is working closely with retail- Consumers are not boxed into one- acknowledges that when Grey Goose burst
ers and restaurateurs to create custom pro- dimensional cocktails, but in fact exposed on the scene a few years ago, one would
gramming and marketing “Spy on Vegas” to an ever-increasing array of cocktails- hear the young adult crowd ordering every-
that works for them, all the while maintain- from the very dry to the very indulgent. thing from “Goose on the rocks,” to “Goose
ing our ultra-premium image.” Notes Clayton, “it has the ability to appeal and cranberry,” to a “Goose Martini up.”
to a broad audience unlike any other cate- However, for different reasons, his brands
THE KINGS OF gory in the industry.” (Snow Queen and Zubrowka Bison Grass
COCKTAIL CULTURE “It’s important to remember that while Vodka) are getting ready for their time in
The appeal of vodka is as clear as the spirit: sophisticated mixologists may not love the spotlight.
versatility, which enables it overall to be all vodka, drinkers still do,” Bailey says “Because Snow Queen (made with
things to all people. “Mixology is all about emphatically. “While it’s fun to make ever organic wheat, and Artesian spring water
creating great tasting drinks, and traces its more sophisticated cocktails using new craft from the Himalayas) mixes with anything,
routes back to the growth of vodka,” says gins and bourbons, it’s important that we this vodka is a great entry-level spirit,” says
Andrea Sengara, Senior Brand Manager of not forget what consumers actually want. I Todd. “Consumers of all ages can come up

48 BIN 2 0 0 8 • I S S U E 8

with a drink they like mixed with vodka. has its own niche, and events are selected
SKYY Vodka’s Daniel, however, adds his- based on what type of vodka the presumed
toric context to the vodka phenomenon, as audience will be open to. Snow Queen has
it has not always been the cocktail culture’s sponsored events and parties at the Super
foundation of choice. In different eras, the Bowl, Kentucky Derby, Mariah Carey’s New
honor probably went to gin, rum or whiskey. Year's Eve bash and the Latin Grammys—
“Vodka didn’t truly gain its huge popu- all events that reach large and diverse audi-
“Look at the menus in larity until the 1980s, when the first premi- ences. Zubrowka sponsors more sophisticat-
restaurants all over the U.S. um and super-premium vodkas started show-
ing up in the market,” he says. “From there,
ed events such as New York Fashion Week
receptions, a Washington, DC-based party
and what do your see? the category simply exploded. Today, vodka
is the foundation for cocktail culture, in
for the Polish Cultural Center and various
black tie benefits around the country.
Vodka, vodka and more vodka- terms of the sheer volume of cocktails made Zubrowka has enlisted the likes of The Pro
with it. Vodka has a universal appeal that is Concept Marketing Group to help them
based cocktails. Classic-style truly timeless. In addition, with the appear- secure sponsorships with the most appropri-
ance of premium vodka products, such as ate events matched to the vodka.
cocktails have been built SKYY Vodka, it is being enjoyed more and “With these two brands, it’s all about
more straight up or on the rocks. It is the being a force,” says Todd. “Although right
around vodka, and vodka has versatility that makes vodka so dominant on now we are happy to find our niches, we
a global level.” have found both brands have a tremendous
replaced gin in the classics. “Look at the menus in restaurants all budget. We are positioning Zubrowka
over the U.S. and what do your see? Vodka, around the country to help gain support and
The ‘new’ classics are all vodka and more vodka-based cocktails,” the cult following it has in other markets
affirms Kevin Egan, V.P. Director of Sales around the world. Snow Queen, meanwhile,
vodka-based." and Marketing for Blue Ice Vodka. “Classic- is taking markets by storm!”
style cocktails have been built around Prairie Organic Vodka, like Zubrowka,
vodka, and vodka has replaced gin in the has gotten word to its targeted audience by
– Kevin Egan classics. The ‘new’ classics are all vodka- aligning with organizations that support
V.P. Director of Sales and Marketing based. With that in mind, our strategy for some of our brand attributes such as certi-
Blue Ice Vodka. 2008 is to increase the number of markets, fied organic, eco-friendly and giving back to
maintain pricing, increase advertising and the community. Examples of this include
promotional spend, extend the line with an the Fresh Taste Festival in Minneapolis and
organic product and continue creative sea- Slow Food Nation in San Francisco. In
sonal and holiday programs like our order to survive and sustain our new
Halloween Pumpkin Pie Martini program. ground, they have deliberately looked
Many of the new arrivals in the market have beyond traditional advertising.
a story to tell and they seem to find a niche Pinnacle Vodka has adopted a similar
if they are supported by the brand owners.” tactic—blending aggressiveness, focus and
outreach. “You’ve got to do what you can
AN “ELECTION YEAR” to be noticed in a crowded market,” men-
FOR VODKA tions Provandie. “Being a dominant force
Just as this year’s presidential candidates in the spirits industry is what we are striving
have put much of their resources to finding for. White Rock Distilleries is the “Vodka
followings, various vodka companies are King” - so we are a force to be reckoned
putting as much thought into steering their with. Aside from traditional advertising in
products toward event-based campaigns that consumer and limited trade books, we are
will attract key “voters” to elect their brand. also engaging in sponsorship opportunities,
Todd details the many events Zubrowka on-premise promotional parties, and ‘Wild
and Snow Queen have been involved with Posting’ (grass root guerilla marketing) in
are often high-profile happenings involving select urban markets.”
celebrities and charities. However, he is While Pinnacle’s advertising efforts are
very specific about the fact that each brand prolific, with a national and very targeted

50 BIN 2 0 0 8 • I S S U E 8

campaign in leading publications such as ed their tour and as a result LDE travels the
"A successful vodka’s Sports Illustrated, Playboy, Time, Money, country in a Boru branded trailer and per-
Golf, Vibe, King and Rolling Stone, forms in front of a Boru-branded backdrop,”
marketing plan must Provandie says marketing and P.R. efforts affirms Glover. “We also coordinate on-
play upon “the affordable luxury vodka’s” premise promotions everywhere they play,
effectively reflect the desires, distinctions—that it is an imported French where legal. With over 200 gigs this year,
vodka, offers a variety of unusual signature that’s a lot of promotions. During this fall’s
motivations, values, and con- flavors (Kiwi Strawberry, Espresso XX, contest, we’ll hold 500 bar band on-premise
sumption habits of these Butterscotch, Root Beer, and the newly pop-
ular Grape and Cherry), incorporates beauti-
promotions across the country.”
In the case of Ultimat Vodka, Carroll
changing consumer dynamics ful packaging and affordable pricing, and on
the trade end, boasts a motivated team of
says that the company decided on a slow
build strategy, launching it in select markets
in a way that stands above the distributors and a distribution network (including California) and using many of
focused on the brand’s long term success. the same approaches that worked for Patron
clutter. For many years, price p.i.n.k. vodka, meanwhile, was chosen Tequila. The message is clear and entic-
by Donna Karan to be the official cocktail ing—“Live Ultimately”—and based on the
was a driving force. Though it of the launch of her new fragrance principle that in life, when one seeks out
“Delicious Night.” Mandel notes the recipe the ultimate experience, it changes his or
continues to be important, for the ‘Delicious Night Blackberry Martini’ her frame of reference, and no other experi-
featuring p.i.n.k., is being co-promoted on ence will compare. “We’re supporting the
values such as authenticity, a national basis both on-and off-premise. launch with on- and off- premise point of
SKYY Vodka, engaged in a campaign that sale materials beyond most new brand
heritage, and origin are play- tapped right into some of popular culture’s launches, and have allocated for each mar-
current embrace of the cocktail—the spon- ket a separate events budget to build brand
ing a much more critical role sorship of Sex and the City. The company awareness in the right places,” says Carroll.
created a 360-degree marketing campaign “We’re taking advantage of every opportu-
in brand choice...” that included custom co-branded advertis- nity to make this one of the most successful
ing, a national sweepstakes, premiere parties brand launches in the industry.
and on-premise promotions. In another, In the Stoli camp, meanwhile, they have
– Gary Clayton
they tapped into nostalgia and nature. stirred things up with a new advertising
Director of the North American
“One of the coolest aspects of the pro- campaign, “Choose Authenticity,” which
Stolichnaya Brand Organization
gram was our signature cocktails which were Clayton says is the foundation of their com-
themed after each of the characters in the munication strategy, with iconography and
movie,” describes Daniel. “These were sold typography inspired by Russian
into thousands of accounts across the coun- Constructivist art, a witty and engaging tone
try and let consumers experience the glam- and attitude that reinforces Stolichnaya’s
orous cocktail culture of the movie. For the authenticity and pioneering spirit.
launch of our new SKYY Infusions this past “In 2007, we launched Stoli Hotel,
spring, we rolled out our custom 25 foot which has traveled to such major metro
SKYY Infusions Airstream RV that toured markets as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles
the country, introducing people to the inno- and Miami,” affirms Clayton. It is a travel-
vative true-to-fruit taste of our newest prod- ing pop-up entertainment venue, which was
uct. Off-premise, where we couldn’t sample inspired by the historic Moskova Hotel in
the product, we utilized flavor strips that Moscow. With a combined attendance of
gave consumers a real taste of SKYY over 50,000 consumers, it has garnered
Infusions, which generated great sales in incredible press, major awards, but most
those accounts.” importantly delivered a unique brand expe-
Boru’s primary campaign, targeted to rience.”
men 21-30, meanwhile is Defend the Bar Then there are brands like Lotus, where
Band. This indie-music based, viral market- less can be more when getting the word out
ing program speaks directly to this target on a new product, according to Bailey. “We
audience. Last year’s winner, Lloyd Dobler don’t think about the future too much,” he
Effect, in turn, emerged a wonderful brand states. “We just want to make an amazing
ambassador. “Boru has financially support- product that consumers feel passionate
52 BIN 2 0 0 8 • I S S U E 8

about. Our goal is to grow the brand while through the support of local causes and
KELLY Y GONZALEZ being true to our ideals and what we are activities, and doing our part to make a dif-
BLOODY MARY MIX doing. If we just focus on doing good, ference. We have aligned with and champi-
Internationally kown for its outstanding everything else will take care of itself. on numerous charities across the country
Bloody Mary mix, Kelly y Gonzalez While not necessarily innovative, we also that our close to our hearts and reflect our
do extensive work with charities. They core values as a family company.”
begin providing a high quality line
have provided a great opportunity for us to “Consumers are looking for new experi-
of cocktail mixes to businesses in
reach a cool, tastemaker crowd while also ences, and many of the “mega” brands like
the Las Vegas and surrounding
giving back.” Grey Goose have…become rather main-
Rocky Mountain states in 1973. In Despite Bailey’s modesty, Lotus has stream,” observes Elwyn Gladstone, VP,
response to requests from several made serious headway via internet social Marketing for Proximo Spirits, whose port-
famous hotels and restaurants want- networks in reaching younger consumers. folio includes the Three Olives family of
ing a superior Bloody Mary mix They recently completed a campaign with a vodkas. “Our goal has been to innovate
that would be consistently excellent company called AdNectar, where we with advertising, promotions and new prod-
with each pour, our founder, Chuck enabled fans of Lotus to give “virtual” cock- ucts that make Three Olives the most inno-
Kelly, soon developed what is now tails to each other. In a few short weeks we vative, fun and exciting brand of super-pre-
the company’s signature mix, Kelly y had more than 250,000 people in more than mium vodka on the market. The opportuni-
Gonzalez Bloody Mary mix. Made from a 15 countries that gave each other virtual ties are endless, and I personally feel the
cocktails like the Lotus mojito. vodka category will come to an end only
very special recipe, they use only top quality
Sengara feels that CÎROC will land on when we run out of flavors in the world.”
herbs, spices, tomato paste and whole pep-
top of the category by focusing its excep- V2 importer Goldstein, likewise,
pers to produce their unique Bloody Mary
tional “liquid credentials” and continuing emphasizes innovation – this brand strives
mix. It is packaged “hot” off the bottling line their efforts with Sean “Diddy” Combs, to push the envelope with their marketing
in glass bottles to preserve the fresh taste of the whom the company feels “optimizes the art and focuses on content toward and audi-
ingredients. of celebration.” While the economic situa- ence that will embrace it.
In addition to delivering an unbeatable tion is a factor, the industry allows con- “If it’s shocking and memorable, it’s
Bloody Mary every time, many customers use sumers an “affordable” luxury. The dream worthwhile,” Goldstein states. “Once peo-
the Bloody Mary mix as the main ingredient in vacation and vehicle may be on hold, but ple are aware of V2’s attributes, we have
several of their menu items, including soups, consumers can still continue to celebrate devout consumers. We don’t want to do
chili’s and Italian dishes. “We have one cus- life with CÎROC. what all the other brands are doing. As
tomer in Milwaukee that goes through cases “By ensuring consumers a luxury experi- there are dozens of citrus vodkas on the
ence, both when they are out for the market, we launched the first Mint Vodka
of our mix, without ever serving a drink,”
evening or enjoying CÎROC at home, we this year, made with real fresh mint leaves.
remarks Mike Kelly, President and CEO of
will continue to add value to all of their If you haven’t tried our Naughty Girl Scout
Kelly y Gonzalez.
experiences,” Sengara says. “As we are re- with V2 mint and Godiva Chocolate
A family owned business now launching this brand, it is still important to liqueur, you’re in for a treat! The V2 signa-
well into their second genera- drive trial where and when possible.” ture custom ‘39 Zephyr is another tool for
tion, Kelly y Gonzalez’s market- raising awareness for the brand. We also
ing strategy has always been to LIQUID ASSETS embrace many of the marketing opportuni-
focus primarily on on-premise For some vodkas, less is more when it comes ties that other premium spirits avoid such as
accounts, as well as smaller off to building brand and image. Companies extreme sports. We would much rather lead
premise accounts serving cock- like Stockholm Krystal, for example, put than follow. ”
tails. This strategy has resulted in emphasis on their name and reputation as a According to Marsalle Imports’ Todd,
superior brand recognition. “We good company, even though selling cases is Zubrowka takes a grass roots approach, com-
as important a goal. bined with promotions that have fun with
have a strong following of cus-
“Stockholm Krystal is a family-owned the zu (zoo) theme. For example, they have
tomers whose clients will accept
and operated company,” stresses marketing done parties where each bar is themed
nothing but Kelly y Gonzalez, a fact
director Erika Ingbrightsen. “As such, we’re around different zoo animals with drinks
we are very proud of,” explains that coincide. Efforts like this, have enabled
more focused on demonstrating our com-
Mike Kelly. Zubrowka to emerge the #2 imported vodka
mitment to providing the highest quality
For more information, email handcrafted vodka in the market. As a in Japan, #3 in France and a must for many  family company, we further define ourselves of the best back-bars in London. While the

54 BIN 2 0 0 8 • I S S U E 8
brand has been marketed by Pernod-Ricard
in Europe, the re-positioning of Zubrowka
has opened the eyes of American drinkers
to the joys of Bison Grass Vodka. In con-
trast, Carroll says a brand can have it both
ways, with a marketing goal for Ultimat to
achieve high volumes in the ultra-premium
sub category and still enjoy the niche of
boutique brands.
No matter what the focus, Mandell
argues that the consumer, bartender, server
and retailers are key aspects of marketing Top selling vodkas at East L.A. Wholesale Beverages
p.i.n.k. “The customer must understand the
unique properties of the product that will
enable them to have their favorite cocktail what makes us special to the consumer, Premium Vodka in Poland,” and “The #1
while experiencing the benefits of caffeine which we simply won’t do,” he declares. Premium Vodka in Poland. Finally, an
and guarana,” he says. “We’ve developed For other vodkas, combining messages Endorsement that Matters.”
award-winning marketing and promotions of value and quality in just the right way to While image (or lack thereof, when
materials that enable us to convey the most opens door for new markets. Recently, appropriate) and versatility play leading roles
important aspects of the brand that res- Sobieski Vodka announced that it broke all in the showcases vodka producers and
onate with the consumer.” records for a newly-introduced spirit to importers put on to win fans, drawing atten-
Though SKYY Vodka is currently the attain its 200,000-case sales milestone. tion to what’s inside a bottle is just as critical.
fourth largest brand in the market, and the “Critics, spirits industry players and now Ingbrightsen notes Stockholm Krystal
number-one premium domestic vodka in the consumers are responding to Sobieski Vodka is produced by a family-owned opera-
U.S., Daniel explains that good marketing is Vodka’s proposition of excellent quality, tion, and is the result of old-world crafts-
a balancing act of expanding their volumes crisp clean taste and affordable price,” says manship enhanced by the refinements of
without sacrificing the core values of what Brandes. “Our message is “Truth in modern technology. “The original family
the brand was built around: quality, innova- Vodka.” We educate consumers that they recipe is over 100 years old,” she says. “It is
tion and style. “If we lose sight of any one don’t have to pay a king’s ransom for a pre- made in Sweden from the finest premium
of those key attributes, then we will lose mium vodka. We encourage them to focus wheat, and distilled three times through
on what’s in the bottle--namely authentici- high-rise column stills through our unique
ty, tradition, heritage and taste--rather than "center-cut" distilling process. We describe
be distracted by flashy marketing cam- the "spirit" in its purest form as "crystalline
paigns and pricey packaging. Our approach essence." The essence is then filtered
is distinctly anti-hype.” twice through charcoal, which "polishes"
the product and imbues it with the clarity
FROM THE FIELDS TO THE and sparkle seen in the bottle. Finally, the
BOTTLE TO TOP SHELF product is married with the pristine waters
Sobieski Vodka also plays with other mes- for which the region in Sweden is so
sages that convey that what’s inside the renowned.”
bottle is what matters most. Their trade While it is important for Gladstone
advertising and billboards targeting con- that Three Olives emerges as dominant
sumers are generating interest and excite- force in the market, he feels how they do it
ment with provocative taglines that exem- is even more important. They keep a pulse
plify the “Truth in Vodka” campaign. They on the constantly changing consumer and
include: “We Designed a Bottle to Suit the vodka market, and build the brand from the
Spirit Inside, “Notice the Lack of La-Di- inside out by listening and growing with our
Da.” “Sex May Sell, But It Has Nothing to loyal consumer while recruiting new ones
Do with the Making of Great Vodka,” on the way.
“Who Needs Superdelegates? We’ve Got a Says Gladstone, “We try not to think
Whole Country Behind Us. The #1 like other vodkas, because if you think like

56 BIN 2 0 0 8 • I S S U E 8

everybody else, you look like everybody the product’s uniqueness. Their primary
else, and consumers don’t need more of the objective is to allow consumers to “taste
same. We do flavors that no one would the pleasure” in Kai Vodka and Kai Lychee
think of (Root Beer, Tomato, Triple Vodka. They have been part of many food
Espresso), and focus on quality that no one and wine events and have sent representa-
can come close to. Consumers tell us that tives to participate in many on/off-premise
BLOODY WONDERFUL! we are the only flavored vodka whose fla- tasting events. For top echelon consumers,
Hathaway’s Mixers is not just a line of mix- vor tastes like it says on the bottle. Finally, they are collaborating with a travel compa-
ers, but a fully-rounded concept designed we have an upcoming promotional and ny to begin a travel package to Vietnam in
especially for the carefully selected advertising campaign that is going to set us order to allow connoisseurs to experience
accounts…and the accounts’ particularly apart from the competition as a truly the country of Kai’s origins.
selective customers. Though Appleton Lane unique, premium and differentiated brand.” Other brands single out proprietary ingre-
has created special gourmet Bloody Mary Among p.i.n.k’s many strategies, dients. Kai Vodka is handcrafted in small
mixes for more than a decade, the product Mandell says they are capitalizing on its batches with Yellow-Blossom Rice, which
line, with its flavor profiles and unique mar- unique ingredients with an exciting mar- imparts a distinct sweetness to the finish.
keting approaches have only been around keting tool called the “p.i.n.k. Energy Sonnema vodkaHERB offers their prod-
for a year. Growth is intended to be steady Cocktail Menu,” a separate cocktail menu uct up as one that gives vodka a modern
and carefully planned. or feature on an existing cocktail menu twist with a historic recipe of high quality
The Original, a superb base for the tra- that highlights the functional aspects of herbs and gin, imparting an aromatic hint
ditional Bloody Mary, is made with fresh p.i.n.k. vodka. “This innovative cocktail of rosemary, thyme, juniper, licorice and
grated Horseradish, while their Robust menu not only educates consumers on mul- wormwood. CÎROC Vodka capitalizes on
Bloody Mary mix features the distinctive kick tiple applications of p.i.n.k. vodka, but also the smooth, lightly sweet and supple body
of fresh pureed Jalapenos. According to generates additional revenue beyond the imparted by the natural character of grapes,
Bright, the brand leaders of competing traditional cocktail menu,” says Mandell. even though its flavor is citrus-y and crisp.
Bloody Mary mixes make their products “Because no other product can create cock- With Pearl, Nickodym says teams sup-
with aseptic methods, which in turn, makes tails infused with flavorless caffeine and porting the campaign determine its success
it very difficult for the full flavor of the toma- guarana, the account can sell each drink at or failure. “While we have enjoyed success
toes and other components of a Bloody a higher price.” with Pearl Vodka off-premise, we under-
Mary to come through in a way that’s true In the perspective of Gary Clayton, stand that super-premium brands are built
to the classic. Only a hands-on approach, consumers are increasingly looking towards on-premise,” he says. “We have expanded
the Hathaway way, can address this prob- brands with “heritage, authenticity and a our sales organization to include on-premise
lem satisfactorily. strong product story.” In this case, it’s the sales specialists focusing the majority of
Elevating the Bloody Mary mix catego- fact that Stolichnaya’s heritage goes back their efforts on promoting Pearl Vodka in
ry to a new level is Hathaway’s Energy- over 100 years and is truly the authentic the leading vodka bars, clubs and restau-
based Bloody Mary, incorporating B-12, Russian vodka. “We were the first premi- rants in major metro markets across the
Taurine, Inositel, Caffeine, Niacin and um-imported vodka in the U.S. and the first U.S. Our on-premise representatives are
Glucuronolactone. The impetus to reinvent to introduce flavored vodkas into the mar- focusing their efforts on gaining targeted
this continuously rolling wheel, according to ket, which launched the ‘flavored vodka new distribution, securing signature Pearl
Bright, came from a close examination of revolution.’ We continue to introduce new drink features/menus and hosting unique
what the energy drink market did over the flavors into the market with our most recent promotional nights.”
last five years, and noticing its annual introduction, Blakberi. Stolichnaya Elit was While everybody has different opinions
growth at double digit rates among the 21- the first ultra-premium vodka to hit the about vodka, one thing we all can agree
35 year-old market segment. However, as market in 2004. Stolichnaya is the only upon is that there are a spellbinding num-
Bright and his colleagues were keenly vodka that has the depth of history and lin- ber of products on the market, and just as
aware energy drinks had a very specific eage. The cornerstone of our strategy is to many ways to promote them. The fact that
taste, they approached their chemists and build upon our pioneering spirit and consumers worldwide are continuing to
asked them if they could create an energy authentic Russian heritage.” embrace the category’s new arrivals and old
“mix” that appealed to the youth demo- Kai Vodka, meanwhile, has the advan- standbys is testament to the fact vodka still
graphic but end up with a flavor profile free tage of offering consumers the “first Ultra matters…and matters to the extent that
from the strong medicinal flavors often iden- Premium Rice Vodka” and the first “Lychee retailers and restaurateurs alike need to
tified with energy drinks. Flavored Vodka.” Therefore, Bender says educate themselves so they can continue to
For more information, please visit hath- the Kai team shoots for accounts embracing meet the demand. 
58 BIN 2 0 0 8 • I S S U E 8

Country Australia Country Sweden
Base Ingredient Australian Grapes Base Ingredient Wheat
Tasting Notes This five times distilled Tasting Notes Clean and crisp with faint
award-winning vodka has mild cassis and lemon pie aromas; a faint taste of baked bread
spice aromas, with a dryish medium-bodied adds an extra dimension; character to be of
palate. martini quality; six parts to one part of dry
Flavors: Caramel|Lemon Myrtle Leaf vermouth.
Eucalyptus|Peppermint|Ginger Flavors: Apeach|Citron|Kurrant|Mandrin
Pertzovka|Plum Peppar|Raspberri|Ruby Red|Grapefruit|Vanila

Country USA Country Sweden
Base Ingredient American Grain Base Ingredient Wheat
Tasting Notes Ultra premium five times Tasting Notes Distilled from grain-grown
distilled American grain vodka infused with in the rich fields of S. Sweden. It has been
olives and pearl onions puts a touch of produced at the famous old distilleries by
sophistication on a classic. Ahus in accordance with more than 400 yrs
Flavors: Olive & Pearl Onion|Cranberry of Swedish tradition. Smooth beyond
Lemon|Orange compare.

Country Poland Country Sweden
Base Ingredient Soy Base Ingredient Wheat
Tasting Notes Carefully selected Tasting Notes The Acai, Acerola,
components of the soy plant. Soy isolates, are Pomegranate & Blueberry flavored vodka
combined to create this revolutionary vodka blends well with the trend-setting, forward-
unrivalled in texture, flavor and smoothness. thinking and evnironmentally consious spirit
GLUTEN FREE of Los Angeles.
Flavors: Black Raspberry
3 A.M. (caffeine, taurine, and guarana)

Country USA Country USA
Base Ingredient Corn Base Ingredient Wheat
Tasting Notes Soft, silky entry leads to a Tasting Notes Water sourced from 300 feet
round, delicate, dryish light-tomedium body below sea level. Slow charcoal filtration
with whipped cream and mineral flavors. process using a carbon block filter. Finest
Finishes in a smooth, sweet, and lightly grains harvested from the American heart-
warming powdered sugar, mild citrus zest, and land. Delicate, organically sprayed decoration
talc fade with nice length. A very smooth, process.
clean, gently style vodka for martinis or neat.

Country New Zealand Country Poland
Base Ingredient Wheat Base Ingredient Dankowskie Gold Rye
Tasting Notes Fresh grain with hints of Tasting Notes This Vodka has notes of vanilla
warm summer rain on the nose. Slightly oily and rye on the palate, the finish is crisp and
over the tongue with hints of wheat and a clean with lingering white pepper spice. It has a
light touch of aniseed on the palate. distinctive creamy mouth feel.
Flavors: Feijoa|Kiwifruit|Manuka Honey Flavors: Cytrus | Pomarancza

Country France Country France
Base Ingredient Wheat Base Ingredient Golden Wheat from
Tasting Notes Distilled from Soft European France's Bourgogne region
wheat from the world famous Cognac Tasting Notes This vodka embodies the
region. Delicate white grape, fruity flavor. purity of Sweden and the finesse of France.
Cape North is an exceedingly smooth vodka
with delicate flavors of vanilla and subtle
citrus notes.

Country USA Country USA
Base Ingredient Idaho Burbank Potatoes Base Ingredient Corn and Rye
Tasting Notes A full-bodied, icy clear Tasting Notes Subtle toasty, charcoal
vodka. Silky, slightly oily palate is clean and aromas, entry is off-dry to sweet and properly
earthy with the flavor of finely grown oily, sweet gaminess, after taste is long, bitter
potatoes and the lightest hints of citrus and sweet and delectably oily.
lavender. It finishes with a sprightly, short Flavors: Blood Orange|Meyer Lemon|Ruby
cleanness. Red Grapefruit|Raspberry|Green Tea

Country Holland Country Poland
Base Ingredient European Grain Base Ingredient Stobrawa Potatoes
Tasting Notes This vodka’s artisanal Tasting Notes Produced exclusively from
formula has been handed down through five Stobrawa potatoes for a distinctively clean,
generations of master distillers and produced yet bold tasting vodka with an oily mouth
through a 150 Year Old manual process, rich feel, is incredibly smooth, and begins earthy
with traditional standards and superior before shifting to a moderately sweet and
craftsmanship. metallic finish.

Country Australia Country France
Base Ingredient Chardonnay Grapes Base Ingredient Grapes
Tasting Notes This 100 percent grape Tasting Notes Refined citrus aromas,
vodka is five times distilled, charcoal filtered smooth, lightly sweet and enriched by the
and bottled close to its source in South natural character of grapes that arouses the
Australia. The resulting drop is smooth, well- palate, though is not grape flavored.
balanced and has a supple mouthfeel – Finish – Crisp, clean, with no alcohol burn.
perfect served neat or in a mixed vodka

Country Ireland Country USA
Base Ingredient Wheat Base Ingredient American Grown Grain
Tasting Notes This vodka has crystalline Tasting Notes Filtered 10 times through
clarity, a delicate, feather weight body and an charcoal and crushed volcanic rock and then
intriguing bouquet of floral and vanilla notes. aged slightly in oak. The lava rock filter
The vodka rolls over the palate without bite, imparts a soft , spring water mouth feel that
burn or harshness - finish is long and finishes without any burn. The oak filter
delectable. leaves hints of vanilla and butter on the finish.
Flavors: Citrus|Orange|Crazzberry Flavors: Hazelnut Espresso

Country Russia Country Finland
Base Ingredient Wheat Base Ingredient Finnish Six-Row Barley
Tasting Notes This vodka is double Tasting Notes A well-balanced and
distilled in a process that is five times slower blended vodka that is deeply flavored. It is
than ordinary vodkas and bottles only the semi-sweet with creamy, biscuity flavors, with
best vodka from the center of the distillation a hint of corn.
tank. With a nose of rose, dry cereal and Flavors: Cranberry|Lime|Mango|Wild Berries
cream, this is a superior vodka.

Country Russia Country USA
Base Ingredient Premium Russian Grain Base Ingredient Muscadine Grapes
Tasting Notes Czar's Gold was created in Tasting Notes The inspiration for a
2003 to commemorate the 300th anniversary muscadine wine flavored vodka came from
of St. Petersburg using the same recipe used the 11.5 acres of vineyard where the distillery
for Peter the Great more than 300 years ago is located. The muscadine infusion creates a
but improved upon using modern technology. smooth sippin' vodka that is easily imbibed.
Flavors: Muscadine Wine|Sweet Tea

Country USA Country France
Base Ingredient Wheat Base Ingredient Wheat
Tasting Notes This American wheat vodka Tasting Notes This smooth and luxurious
is made with red winter wheat sustainably vodka is very soft from the start, finishing
grown on Washington Island, Wisconsin. crisp and clean with tremendous balance.
It has a sweet, grassy nose, with faint The distinctively fresh nose with subtly sweet
vanilla and wheat tones. A sweetish overtones makes the perfect straight-up
medium body, silky mouth feel and long martini.
smooth finish of mineral and spice.

Country Poland Country Denmark
Base Ingredient Wheat Base Ingredient All-natural Whole Grain
Tasting Notes A mild nose and a pleasantly Tasting Notes Has an unusual fragrance -
soft hint of melon rind harmonize into beau a bit savory like ham, salty, and a bit flowery.
tifully crafted boutique style vodka that The taste starts out sweet and then finishes
finishes with a gentle burn and no discernible with the savory and salty profile. A creamy,
aftertaste. smooth mouth feel but with a salty kick in
the finish.
Flavors: Apple|Lime

Country France Country France
Base Ingredient Wheat Base Ingredient Winter Wheat
Tasting Notes This vodka is distinctively Tasting Notes Exceptionally soft and
clean. It is made with selected grain “Lux”. delicate with a long smooth finish. Smoky
The 100% pure wheat is grown in the North aroma, with hints of mint and grain. The
of France. Distilled six times. flavor is off-dry, has a moderate bite and has
notes of wheat and cocoa bean.
Flavors: La Poire|L'Orange|Le Citron

Base Ingredient Polish Rye Country Russia
Tasting Notes Lush, silky textures with Base Ingredient Premium Selected Grain
hints of vanilla and cream. Gvori is Tasting Notes Noted for its incomparable
superbly satisfying on its own, serve chilled. soft taste; with a light hinge and a pleasant
soft aroma of cedar nuts, which masks the
spirit in taste, and sharpness in aroma in a
most remarkable way.
Super Premium|Super Premium Soft
Super Premium Strong

Country USA Country Russia
Base Ingredient 100% Yellow Corn Base Ingredient Wheat
Tasting Notes Quadruple filtered Tasting Notes The palate entry shows
(4-column filtration). Clean, refreshing, and bittersweet notes of vanilla extract, unsalted
well-balanced; great served neat. butter and grain mash; at midpalate the
NO SUGAR ADDED. astringency of the graininess is pleasingly
Flavors: Banana|ChocoRaspberry refreshing. The finish is more semisweet than
CherryVanilla bittersweet.

Country Korea Country Barbados
Base Ingredient Barley and Rice Base Ingredient Sugar Cane Molasses
Tasting Notes The spirit is extremely Tasting Notes The vodka is distilled from
delicate with a welterweight body and a pure Caribbean sugar cane molasses, and the
hesitant, yet pleasing bouquet. Its initial purest and cleanest coral and limestone
attack is soft and plush, which then slowly filtered water. Distilled a minimum five times
ebbs in a wash of clean, crisp neutrality. under low temperature. Crisp, clean tasting

Country USA Country France
Base Ingredient Wheat and Voignier Grapes Base Ingredient Wheat
Tasting Notes Sweetish, thick,and slightly Tasting Notes Jean Marc vodka is
oily on the tongue, with a plump, round taste produced from four varietals of French wheat
to it. A wonderful, round mouthfeel to it; and then distilled nine times in traditional
almost creamy in texture. A near perfect French copper Cognac stills. An
blend of wheat and grape distilates that form extraordinary vodka possessing a floral
a wonderful balance of tastes from both. bouquet, complex & elegant wheat flavors,
Flavors: Citron “Buddha’s Hand|Kaffir Lane a silky texture and very long finish.
Mandarin Blossom

Country USA Country Vietnam
Base Ingredient Corn and Rye Base Ingredient Yellow Blossom Rice
Tasting Notes 100% grain vodka marries Tasting Notes Kai Vodka has a bright and
the finest selection of corn and rye from complex aroma with hints of sweet spice,
Idaho and Utah, with natural Rocky vanilla, and tropical fragrances. Kai's unique
Mountain spring water. Distilled through four character preserves the natural essence of
pristine stainless steel columns, Hendrix Yellow Blossom Rice.
Electric Vodka is filtered through carbon and
crystal, resulting in true vodka of unparalleled
flavor and purity.

Country Armenia ORIGINAL
Base Ingredient Wheat Country Lithuania
Tasting Notes Smooth and very soft, Base Ingredient Grain
finishing crisp and clean with tremendous Tasting Notes Instantly recognized for its
balance. A fresh nose with subtly sweet smooth, distinctive character and taste.
overtones makes the perfect straight-up It is best served cold alone or in a martini.
martini. Flavors: Blackcurrant|Cherry|Cranberry
Raspberry|Bilberry|Pepper & Honey
Also available: Gold

Country Holland Country USA
Base Ingredient Wheat Base Ingredient Grain
Tasting Notes Pleasing bouquet with hints Tasting Notes Silky with mellow vanilla
of charcoal and anise. Mildly spicy and and creamy texture; luscious and balanced
slightly sweet flavor. Rich texture. Long with great texture and clean, cohesive
citrusy finish. flavors.
Flavors: Citroen Lotus White: Ginseng
Lotus Blue: Guarana extract, Caffeine and

Country Japan Country Russia
Base Ingredient Rice Base Ingredient Wheat
Tasting Notes Kissui is made from the Tasting Notes A soft, delicate entry leads
finest rice and purest spring water in Japan. to a silky dryish light-to medium-bodied
Smooth and elegant, this well polished vodka palate with a mild taste. Very Clean.
pleases the palate from the first sip to the Flavors: Cranberry|Honey
silky finish.

Country Poland Country USA
Base Ingredient Rye Base Ingredient American Grain
Tasting Notes Krol is made from 100% Tasting Notes Domestic vodka produced by
Late Harvest Rye that is distilled four times McCormick Distilling Company which was
using pure Polish Mountain spring water. started by Doc Holiday and is now the oldest
Flavors: Lemon-Raspberry distillery west of the Mississippi. Made from
American grain and quadruple distilled. The
1.75 features a built-in handle for easy

Country Sweden Country USA
Base Ingredient Wheat Base Ingredient American Grain
Tasting Notes Crystal clear with a totally Tasting Notes Clean smooth vodka with
clean fragrance; refined aromas of sweet intense Orange Flavors. Almost cordial in
Meyer lemons. Rich intense flavors, elegant nature, this vodka is loaded with real natural
and smooth with a buttery, enticingly silky Florida Oranges. Specifically you can taste
and layered textured on the palate. Mandarin, Valencia and Tangerine in this
exquisite blend. Great on the rocks or in your
favorite cocktail.

Country Austria Country France
Base Ingredient Wheat Base Ingredient Wheat
Tasting Notes A stunningly great vodka, Tasting Notes A subtle sweetness balanced
extremely smooth, with a warm spicy finish, with a smooth, clean finish that can only
preferably consumed neat and at room come from the finest French wheat and the
temperature. purist spring water.

Country Canada Country USA
Base Ingredient Soft Winter Wheat Base Ingredient Organic #2 Yellow Corn
Tasting Notes Crystal clear and colorless. Tasting Notes Hints of melon and pear on
Very clean with neutral aromas, smooth and the nose, creamy on the palate, bright and
balanced with hints of citrus and spice on the smooth at the finish.
palate. The finish is very clean with a slight
vanilla note.
Flavors: Blueberry|Coconut|Plum

Country France Country Poland
Base Ingredient Wheat Base Ingredient Rye
Tasting Notes Perfect 1864 is an Tasting Notes Produced in the Carpathian
ultra-premium vodka distilled in France, Mountain District of southern Poland since
which uses a unique certification process for 1743. Made with the purest spring water and
each batch, as it strives for perfection. local late harvest rye for a softer, mellower
taste. Distilled 5 times for purity.

54 p.i.n.k. VODKA 59 PRIMO VODKA
Country Holland Country Argentina
Base Ingredient Dutch Winter Wheat Base Ingredient Malbec Grapes
Tasting Notes Plump grain body glides past Tasting Notes Varnishy nose; thick and
the tongue- nipping at it with the alcohol creamy with dry, rich fruit flavors with some
edge and nice lingering finish. Slight earthiness.
sweetness and a bread/grain taste to the
finish. Infused with caffeine and guarana.

Country Sweden Country Italy
Base Ingredient Wheat Base Ingredient Organic Italian Wheat
Tasting Notes Pale pink colour. Delicate Tasting Notes Light body and citrus,
rose petal, and violet scent with hint of jas velvety cereal sweetness.
mine. Soft delivery on the palate with lively
feel and texture. Firm through the mouth
with full aromatic of rose simply filling every
crevice. Lift of alcohol reinforces the rose
character. Lively, clean finish.

Country USA Country Netherlands
Base Ingredient Select Grains Base Ingredient Greenlandic Glacier Ice
Tasting Notes Distilled four times, very blended grain alcohol
clean and smooth. This vodka was created for Tasting Notes Clear and very clean with
those who want to have a little fun or bring neutral aromas. Thick, firm, and structured
home a gift as a token of their trip or on the palate with a hint of citrus; clean
vacation. Each bottle is labeled for the town finish.
or resort that the product is sold in.

Country Russia Country USA
Base Ingredient Grain Base Ingredient Grain
Tasting Notes Clear. Lightly spicy, cream, Tasting Notes The grain takes a backseat in
and mineral oil aromas. A supple, very the early sniffing stages as bittersweet
smooth, and supple texture with delicate bean- and kernel-like scents dominate; later
anise and cream flavors. Elegant, graceful, whiffs merely confirm the intense bean/cocoa
oily fade. Very smooth and classy. An quality. Palate entry mirrors the bouquet to a
exceptional vodka for the money! tee; at midpalate, the kernel-like intensity
turns smooth and viscous on the tongue.
Ends bittersweet and oily.

Country Russia Country USA
Base Ingredient Wheat Base Ingredient Grain
Tasting Notes Mellow, rounded and full of Tasting Notes Properly clear and
body, opening with light, creamy aniseed and impeccably pure. Entry has plenty of grainy,
supported by subtle sweetness and balancing spirity giddy-up and adds a a note of
dryness. Continues with underlying grain and sweetness; by the midpalate stage, the spirit
mellow spice. Luscious, fresh aniseed with a warmth fades, leaving behind a subtle
creaminess and hint of pepper, lingering biscuity, wheat cracker finish.

Country Estonia Country USA
Base Ingredient Winter Rye & Wheat Base Ingredient Grain & Fruit
Tasting Notes Clear. Neutral aromas with Tasting Notes A unique, all-natural infused
hints of buttered rye toast, vanilla and talc. experience made with premium SKYY Vodka
A very smooth and delicate entry leads to a and succulent real fruit.
silky light-to-medium body of very clean Flavors: Citrus|Cherry|Passion Fruit
whipped cream, toast, and wet stone flavors Raspberry|Grape
with a hint of mossy herbs. Finishes in a long,
sweet cream, mineral, white pepper, and pasty
dough fade. Nice purity of subtle flavors.

Country USA Country USA
Base Ingredient Wheat Base Ingredient Grain
Tasting Notes First whiffs detect smoky Tasting Notes Clear. Creamy powdered
notes of tobacco leaf, cigar ash and charcoal. sugar and talc aromas. Supple and delicate on
As advertised, it’s smooth on the tongue at the palate with a lightly glycerous texture and
palate entry, then it turns a bit prickly and dusty minerality with hints of sweet anise and
hot by midpalate, all the time featuring very citrus. Finishes soft and clean.
toasty-smoky notes. Finish is ashy, charcoal- Flavors: Blueberry|Green Apple|Citrus|
like and slightly oily. Watermelon|Raspberry|Vanilla|Lime
Orange|Black Cherry|Strawberry|Cranberry

Country Kazakhstan Country Russia
Base Ingredient Wheat Base Ingredient Winter Wheat
Tasting Notes Full, well-controlled palate Tasting Notes A clean white spirit with
offering a good balance of texture and pure, neutral, flavours and an enduring
softness, and a gentle sweetness. crispness on the palate reminiscent of a
Siberian glacier.
Flavors: Blakberi|Blueberi|Citros|Cranberi

Country Poland Country Russia
Base Ingredient Dankowski Rye Base Ingredient Winter Wheat
Tasting Notes Balanced, delicate and Tasting Notes Light, clean, fresh and
elegant, it has a nose of slightly acidic engaging. On the palate smooth, mellow,
fruitiness. On the palate, it is well structured. silky and velvety - rich and harmonious,
The fruit is still present, but so are the spicy with rounded vodka notes.
and slightly acid notes from the rye.

Country Holland Country Sweden
Base Ingredient Corn, Rye and Wheat Base Ingredient Wheat
Tasting Notes Aromatic hint of rosemary, Tasting Notes Distinctive for its mineral-
thyme, juniper, licorice and wormwood, citrus nose, which douses the palate with
Sonnema vodkaHERB gives cocktails a layer weight and a demure aftertaste. The finish is
of smooth herbaciousness and complexity – a gratifying balance of aromas and flavor.
and is delicious alone.

Country USA Country Russia
Base Ingredient Organic American Rye Base Ingredient Grain
Tasting Notes Clean taste and texture – Tasting Notes Cream, vanilla, and star
luscious in a straight vodka martini and an anise aromas. A round supple entry lead to a
exquisite partner in more complex culinary- dryish, silky medium body of sweet cream,
style cocktails. mineral, vanilla, and delicate peppery spice
flavors. Finishes with a long, sweet cream and
mineral fade. Excellent balance, smoothness
and length.

Country Kyrgyzstan Country Sweden
Base Ingredient Wheat Base Ingredient Wheat
Tasting Notes Made from the finest Tasting Notes Clear. Medium-bodied.
Russian wheat and pure artesian spring water, Custard and vanilla flavors. Unusual aromas
Stiletto is seductively smooth. are attractive and show a measure of
Flavors: Chocolate|Vanilla|Mint complexity.
Flavors: Clementine|Raspberry|Vanilla

Country USA Country Holland
Base Ingredient Corn Base Ingredient Wheat
Tasting Notes Light, clean bouquet, a Tasting Notes Clear appearance; superb
medium body, a marvelously crisp flavor and clarity. Dry earthy scents of grain and
an impressively long finish. paraffin. The bouquet offers tantalizing
nuances of leather and jasmine.
Flavors: Orange|Citron|Grape| Raspberry

Country Poland Country Poland
Base Ingredient Polish Wheat Base Ingredient Wheat, Rye and Potato
Tasting Notes Seven distillations for Tasting Notes Masterly crafted from three
extreme clarification...this vodka has a crisp distinct blends, Ultimat Vodka is an epitome
yet smooth finish...the ideal, classic vodka for of pureness accented by clean and refined
connoisseurs. taste that captures the essence of
sophistication and style.

Country England Country Poland
Base Ingredient Grain Base Ingredient Rye, Wheat and Barley
Tasting Notes Shows gin like aromas of Tasting Notes It is fresh, clean and elegant
juniper and light citrus moderately rich on the nose. Creamy and lightly buttery in
texture very clean rush of zesty citrus notes. character, with impressive sweet, savoury and
Flavors: Passionfruit|Mango|Pomegranate spicy flavours, aniseed freshness and a long
Cherry|Berry|Grape|Watermelon vibrant grain finish.
Chocolate|Orange|Vanilla|Green Apple
Raspberry|Citrus|Triple Shot Espresso
Root Beer|Tomato

Country USA Country USA
Base Ingredient Grain Base Ingredient Corn
Tasting Notes Touch Vodka Original is Tasting Notes A light vodka that shows a
infused with fermented wild honey from the distinct citrus note. A little thin of body but
Florida Everglades giving this award winning incredibly easy to sip.
vodka a full bodied taste. Flavors: Apple|Blue|Cherry|Citruv|Grape
Flavors: Valencia Orange|Key Lime Lemonade|Orange|Vanilla

Country USA Country Italy
Base Ingredient Organic Wheat Base Ingredient Italian Grapes
Tasting Notes Clean, smooth and Tasting Notes Light floral aromas and
well-rounded with a neutral finish. flavors with hints of orange, tangerine and
Flavors: Lemon|Vanilla grape must that cost the palate and linger
through the finish.

Country Holland Country France
Base Ingredient Long Grain Wheat Base Ingredient Wheat & Roseberry Grain
Tasting Notes Clasic vodka smell with Tasting Notes The spirit has a silky
mineral and floral notes. V2 is smooth but smooth texture, which causes a band of
still carries a pleasant bite that reminds you warmth to trend down from mouth to
that you're drinking vodka. stomach. There is a slight hint of vanilla to
Caffeine and Taurine infused. the flavor. 100% organic and GE free.
Flavors: Mint

Country Holland Country Holland
Base Ingredient Wheat, Corn & Barley Base Ingredient Wheat
Tasting Notes Very clean and pure with a Tasting Notes Smooth vanilla nose; fresh
beautifully fragrant nose. A classic neutral dry and silky, with spice and a long, elegant
vodka with a pleasing oily texture. finish; from the Netherlands.
Flavors: Espresso|Double Espresso
Melon|Mango|Black Cherry|Mojito Mint

Country USA Country Poland
Base Ingredient Pure Milk Sugar Base Ingredient Potato
Tasting Notes Crystal clear, smooth and Tasting Notes Hand-crafted and distilled in
with a delicate nose, this vodka is excellent Idaho. Zodiac is ultra smooth with hints of
straight and chilled. vanilla.

Zodiac produces twelve unique bottle
designs, one for each sign and each with its
own horoscope

Country Netherlands Country Poland
Base Ingredient Wheat Base Ingredient Rye
Tasting Notes Muted nose of light hay, Tasting Notes An amazing tasting
charcoal/ash, and licorice. Soft, smooth vodka, with a grassy, herby palate with lovely
palate. Medium-bodied, yet with weight. hints of citrus, vanilla, and lavender. These
Very clean and elegant, showing a refined tastes are all tempered with subtle chocolate
profile. Somewhat guarded as deeper, smoky, & vanilla flavors.
earthy elements come forth. A very seductive
Flavors: Green Apple| Raspberry

Country Switzerland Country Russia
Base Ingredient Swiss Rye Base Ingredient Winter Wheat & Rye
Tasting Notes The initial whiffs find herbal Tasting Notes The entry is superiorly
aromas with faint hints of jasmine and moss: smooth and leads to a very clean, fresh palate
additional scents of tea leaves, minerals and in which the grain background is continued.
wet stone appear in the later passes. The It finishes short and clean with a ever-so-
palate entry is semisweet and biscuity; slight sweetness.
midpalate is nutty, concentrated and
remarkably mineral-like.