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Objective of the Program The objective of the Master of Architecture program is to provide opportunities for innovative advancement in the field of architecture through professional and scholarly endeavors. The program is oriented towards collaborative action for a broader involvement in the countrys cultural development as well as in nation-building. Course work and research activities are designed for a deeper understanding of the design process in a man-environment setting. FOUNDATION COURSES Foundating Courses code ARCH 201 ARCH 202 title Introduction to Architectural Research Dynamics of Architectural Space Experiments on the functional meaning of space with emphasis on kinetic, climatic, structural, visual and sonic parameters and their interaction. ARCH 203 Architectural Mensuration The measure of man, his perception and movements in relation to the modular coordination of space. ARCH 204 Evolution of Space in Architecture History, theory and processes in the development of architectural concepts. ARCH 205 ARCH 206 Tropical Architecture Management for Architectural Practice Quantity surveying, building and land economics for architects, cost evaluation, specifications and building systems analysis. ARCH 207 ARCH 208 Computer-Aided Design Use of computers in facilitating design process. Designing with Nature Relationship of the eco-system to the design for human functions. ARCH 209 Decision-Making for Architects Framework for a general theory in decisionmaking and decision situations. ARCH 211 Fire Safety in Buildings (Prerequisite : Arch 36 or consent of instructor) Occupancy evaluation; materials specifications and equipment for fire protection in buildings. ARCH 212 Energy Conservation in Buildings (Prerequisites : Arch 36 and Arch 55) Occupancy evaluation, energy audit and energyefficient design procedures for buildings in the tropics. ARCH 213 Quantitative Methods for Architectural Analysis (Prerequisite : Math 103) Geometry of the environment; graphing, behavioral structures and circuits in architectural space; the clustering and linkages of architectural functions 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 unit 3

FIELDS OF SPECIALIZATION Architectural Design Courses code ARCH 221 ARCH 222 ARCH 223 Architectural Design I Architectural Design II (Prerequisite : Arch 221) Architectural Design III (Prerequisite : Arch 222) Community Architecture Courses code ARCH 231 title Elements of Community Architecture Design concepts and principles in relation to development processes. ARCH 232 Community Architecture I Studies and design approaches for selected built forms functional to human activities. ARCH 233 Community Architecture II (Prerequisite : Arch 232) Studies and design approaches for selected complex problems having inter-spatial characteristics. ARCH 234 Community Architecture III (Prerequisite : Arch 233) Studies and design approaches for regionallyoriented problems affecting the eco-system. ARCH 235 Service and Utility Systems Conceptual development of service and utility systems for various human funcitons; advanced theories and design standards for site selection and articulation. ARCH 236 Movement Systems: Needs and Facilities Design criteria; methods for filling gaps, providing options and the efficient operations of systems fitted to the human scale. 3 3 3 or 6 3 or 6 3 or 6 3 unit title unit 3 or 6 3 or 6 3 or 6

Architectural Science Courses code ARCH 251 Structural Concepts Non-mathematical discussion of structural concepts and principles in relation to the architectural design process. ARCH 252 Structural Systems in Architecture I (Prerequisite : Arch 251) Non-mathematical analysis of structural systems used in building and/or shelters. ARCH 253 ARCH 254 Structural Systems in Architecture II Environmental Technology I (Prerequisite : Arch 47) An investigation of the design elements of lighting in relation to the needs of man. ARCH 255 Environmental Technology II (Prerequisite : Arch 49) 3 or 6 3 or 6 3 3 3 title unit

An investigation of sound in relation to the architectural sensivity of man. ARCH 256 Building Technology I (Prerequisite : Arch 251) Analysis of materials and methods of construction as they influence architectural forms and functions. ARCH 257 Building Technology II

Continuation of Arch 256. More advanced analysis of materials and methods of 3 or 6 construction as they influence architectural forms and functions. ARCH 258 Frame Analysis of Architectural Structures (Prerequisite : Arch 72) Graphical & computer methods for the analysis of 3-dimensional structures; their practical relevance to architectural design & the architect ARCH 259 Complex Architectural Structures (Prerequisite : Arch 72) Design concepts utilizing space frames, tensile members, geodesics, thin shells and other 3dimensional structures. ARCH 260 Fallout shelters (Prerequisite : Arch 55) Radiation shielding; environmental shelter factors; design criteria and shelter analysis 3 3 3

Housing Courses code ARCH 261 title Fundamentals of Housing Housing need, supply and demand; influences in national development. ARCH 262 Structural Systems in Architecture I (Prerequisite : Arch 251) Research Methods for Housing Design ARCH 264 Analytical Methods for Housing Design Theory and methods of housing market analysis, housing finance and their organization with emphasis on design constraints. ARCH 265 ARCH 267 ARCH 268 Current Issues in Housing Special Studies in Housing Housing Design (Prerequisite : Arch 261) Guided studies and design approaches for selected problems in housing. Seminar Courses code ARCH 299 Seminar Directed collaborative studies relevant to interdisciplinary systems-action. Thesis Course code title unit 3 title unit 3 or 6 3 3 3 3 3 unit

ARCH 300