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Islam is the latest religion with a sky book quran on this earth. As Islam developed by
defeating all falsehood adopted by the people of previous religions by corrupting their
own religions due to satanic powers, it is quite natural that such people always try to
oppose the trueness of Islam by one or the other way. For this, they adopted to
misinterpret the holy verses. They new the real truth of Islam but due to their revengeful
nature, they raised unnecessary misconceptions for Islam so that to hinder the fast
advancement of Islam, the only religion on the earth which is spreading fast. But Islam is
the only religion near the God as stated in quran and its Prophet is the final Prophet on
the earth and a seal of the Prophets on the earth so that no other prophet will arrive on the
earth after prophet Mohammed (Pbuh). Prophet Jesus(as) will reappear as a Muslim as
he has been taken into skies with his body. As he was sent before Prophet Mohammed
(pbuh), he is not termed as final Prophet on the earth. God admired the holy Prophet
Mohammed (Pbuh) and the virtues to be given to the followers of Islam hereafter the
death that Prophet Jesus (as) wished that it would be better if he was born as a follower of
Islam. God fulfilled his wish and hence he will be reappeared again on this world as a

From the beginning of Human creation, the envious Satan has vowed to misguide the
humans but he was clever enough to agree that he would not be able to misguide the
righteous people upon whom Allah showered mercy. From this, the entire two different
groups have taken the forms. One group of believing in Allah and his Prophets while the
other group of believing in Satan and opposing Allah and Prophets. So, two separate
ideologies developed. So, my intention is to throw light on the truth and thus giving
genuine effort for those souls who have been entrapped in the trap of satan as though
their souls belong to paradise.

It must be noted that for learning mathematics, science, languages, history, geography,
etc. the students go to their teacher. They go to universities! And to learn religion,
mystery of God, miracles, history of religion and history of Prophets, laws of the religion
the students; mostly the disbelievers do not go to the teachers and try to learn themselves!
Without teacher and a guide, the religion cannot be learnt. Islam is the latest religion. So,
everybody, whose souls are the dwellers of the paradise will definitely learn Islam
through teacher and spiritual guide. Half knowledge is dangerous as half knowledge of
surgeon can cause one to death bed, the half knowledge of Islam can be dangerous and
may cause one to misguide! So, beware about this. If one want to study Islam sincerely,
approach to Islamic scholar with a clean heart.

The verses of Quran those are misinterpreted by disbelievers to spread poison against
Islam and the true replies.

(1)The verses related to hazarat Zaid bin Haris(RA) who was an adopted son of holy
Prophet Mohammed (Pbuh):
Reply: The reason for revealation of verses for Zaid’s wife was to guide the followers
towards new law that the Muslim father can marry to a divorced wife of an adopted son.
The history was like this. Hazarat Zaid (RA) who was an adopted son had a wife and both
had frequent quarrels each other. The holy Prophet was able to make them silent every
time. But after short time, God revealed verses which ordered the Zaid (R.A.) to divorce
her wife and holy Prophet to marry with her. In the same verses in continuation the God
showed the reason that this action was made a law for the followers. Even the holy
Prophet hesitated as he knew that the opposition would get an opportunity to raise an
issue against Islam. But it was the order of God. So it must be carried out to make a law
for the followers. The analysts say that these verses increase the credibility of Islam. God
never fear of his creation to make any law. God is supreme power and need not bother
what the public will be speaking. If these verses were not divine, it could have been
concealed from making public. The verses says that Prophet hesitated clearly implies that
Prophet worried that a new issue would be raised by disbelievers.
Now look at the incident of Adam (AS) and Bibi Hawwa who are called as Shiv and
Parvati in Hindu scripture and Adam and Eve in Christian scripture. They had about
hundred children. They married each other with their real brothers and real sisters! So, it
was valid at that time.
This is to say, there were 124000 Prophets arrived on this earth. Some of them were
given scriptures. The new Prophet arrived when the corruption in previous religion laws
was created beyond the limit. Sometimes new Prophet was descended on the earth when
sins of the people extend beyond the limit. The new Prophet may reform some laws given
by previous Prophet or may change some laws by replacing new laws. The laws of last
Prophet are binding to be followed by all the citizens of this world. This is exactly like
the system of laws of a country where new laws are made replacing or reforming the old
ones, the new laws are to be followed canceling the old ones. In this way, Islam’s Prophet
is the final Prophet of the world and hence every citizen of the world is ordered to follow
Islamic law by embracing Islam. This is absolutely a logical statement.

(2) The verses of Quran which states “Kill the qafirs (disbelievers) wherever you see
Reply: The reason for revelation of these verses was to guide the Muslims at the time of
holy war and directed them to kill the disbelievers as they were used to plot innocent
killings by seek and hide manner. As for example, during communal riots or during civil
war, the situation may arise that the enemy can come right in front of the house. At such
time, God directs and orders the Muslims to kill the disbelievers. Such incident happened
during the communal riots of Gujarat in 2002 where Government machineries itself
played the role of villain against Muslims. The police who is the public protector, became
devour. What a true sky book Quran is! It guides the Muslims “Kill the disbeliever
wherever you see” Similarly is the case of Kosovo. So, the God knows the all things of
past, present and future. The disbelievers are exposed. Whenever civil war type situation
will occur, God gives permission to kill disbelievers. The Muslims will be rewarded as a
martyr by God. During Gujarat riots of 2002, eight Muslims were martyred by the Hindu
in Lunavada town near Godhara in Gujarat state of India. Their bodies were found after
eight months when some labourers were digging out soil for a contractor. The bodies
were intact without any sign of decomposition! They were easily recognized by their
relatives. The bodies were handed over by police of Lunavada to the relatives. It is
recorded in police station of Lunavada! The muslim martyrs were from Karanta village
which is about 15 kilometers away from Lunavada. The bodies of Muslim saints never
get rotten. The people of past time had witnessed such thing and the people of present
time have been witnessing these things as the bodies found intact without any
decomposition at the time of reopening of the grave of a Muslim saints as per tradition of
some sufi-chain of Islam. Such incidents are the proofs of the truthfulness of Islam.

(3) Misconception by disbelievers about Kaaba in Mecca:
The Hindu equates the circular movement about Kaaba by the Muslims as like Idol
Reply: This is totally wrong. In fact, the holy Kaaba is a stone work square cubical room
made by two great Prophets namely Ibrahim(AS) and Ismail (AS). They made this house
by the order of God. The stones were touched by the holy hands of the Prophets and
hence very sacred. To respect this house, God ordered to walk circle around this house.
God ordered to respect his friends in such a way that the Muslims have to respect the
things which get a touch of the hand of a Prophet, then the holy bodies of such pious
saints or Prophets whether live or dead (taken veil from this material world) must be
respected and the resting places must also be respected. When we are told to respect the
12 grade pass student, we must respect the University graduate student without any
further advice. It must be noted that respect and worship are two different things. Idol
worshiping is totally forbidden in Islam. Idol can be broken. God cannot be broken.

(4)Misconception of disbelievers regarding one wife of the Prophet Of Islam, Ayesha
(may God please with her) (Umma of Mo’meneen) that she was married under age:
Reply: The leaders of opposition of Islam spread poison by misrepresenting the marriage
of Hazarata Ayesha siddiqa (May God please with her). She was at the age of 16 years at
the time of marriage. It was legal then. She was a daughter of friend of Prophet
Mohammed (Pbuh) and his name was Abu Bakar (RA). If it was illegal at that time, her
father would not continue as Prophet’s friend. But in fact he was the first Khalipha of
Islam after taking veil of Prophet Mohammed (Pbuh) from this material world. Hazarat
Abu Bakar was among the most loved friends of the Prophet. So, the misconception
created by disbelievers is illogical in its thinking. It should be noted that before
declaration of Prophethood, in his very young age, Prophet Mohammed (Pbuh) managed
with one wife bibi Khadijah(RA) who was a widower. The Age of Prophet Mohammed
was 25 years and his first wife age was 40 years at the time of marriage. His financial
position before prophethood was good enough. After prophethood, he married twelve
more women and the financial position was poor! How could he manage to keep wives
in a financial poor position! So, this thing is not possible without divine instruction and

(5) Misconception of disbelievers regarding quranic verse “Do not ask the Prophet the
questions which may destroy your faith”:
Reply: The disbelivers make much noise that by releasing this verse the people are tried
to make dumb! But in fact this verse was descended in connection with one incident. A
man came to the prophet who used to speak ill words about Prophet behind him asked to
test the Prophet’s divine knowledge that who his father was. The Prophet gave the name
of his true father who was different from his so called father. So, he went to his mother
and inquired about his real father with a threat to kill if not spoken true. His mother told
the truth that he was conceived from a slave of his so called father due to his inability.
So, the truth made that man hurt a lot. So, if the believer man asked such question and
the true reply may be something unpleasing like this may result in decay of his faith. So,
God warned the believing persons from refraining from asking such mystery. The God
declares only the truth without any fear of the result.

(6)Misconception of disbelievers regarding Prophet Ibrahim (AS) (Abraham) who was
forefathers of Prophet Mohammed (Pbuh), the Christians and the Jews about his marriage
with Bibi Hazara AS (Hega). The Disbelievers spread poison that Bibi Hazara (AS) was
a keep/ slave of Prophet Ibrahim (AS):
Reply: What a shameful thinking of disbelievers is! Prophets are most pious. They
cannot even think to do any illegal, harmful and shameful work. The disbelievers wanted
to do harm to the dignity of Prophet Mohammed (Pbuh) and in doing so, they insulted
their own Prophet Ibrahim(AS) and exposed their malice intentions. God mentioned in
holy book about Prophets Piety. The son of bibi Hazara (AS), Prophet Ismail(AS) rubbed
his pious legs in a baby childhood on desert ground of Mecca for want of water and water
sprung up there from heaven and flowing from heaven till today in Zam Zam well in
Mecca. This water is called as a holy water and all hajj pilgrims bring this water with
them. What a true religion Islam is that this Zam Zam water well in Mecca is as old as
5025 years and still delivering water uninterrupted! This water is sweet and easily
digestible. It cures so many illnesses. The geography of Mecca area is such that no well
can exist with sweet water in surrounding area. If one digs out a little, salty water comes
out due to Mecca location is near the sea shore. But, Zam Zam well is there delievering
water 24 hours a day since 5025 years! This is a miracle of son of Hazarabibi (AS) and
the name was Prophet Ismail (AS) from whose blood, Prophet Mohammed came into this
material world.

(7) Some disbelievers argue that Quran says that earth is flat:
Reply: In quran, there is a verse to give the common human the understanding of Allah’s
greatness by giving example that he is so great that he made the earth like a carpet on
which people walk. The intention of the verse is to show greatness of the Allah and not
to show the shape or geography of the earth. The disbelievers talk like a child by such a
mean argue. Even a child can question that on the earth high mountains are resting and so
the earth cannot be said as flat like carpet. The quran gives the example of big plain
grounds like sands, agricultural flat farms by calling them as a carpet to show the
greatness of Allah by giving examples of his created things which are so big and wide.
Otherwise, quran gives the example of the Moon, the Sun and the Stars that all these are
moving in a directed path by the order of Allah. Now, one can understand that the Moon
and the Sun are looked round by naked eye so why not earth! The science has found out
in twentieth century that the Sun is also moving as milky way is moving and the Sun is
contained in the milky way. The quran’s teaching is such that the common human like
uneducated agriculturist even can understand its arguments regarding natural things.
Moreover, the quran explains the movements of the Sun and Moon by relativity. The
Earth has been made as a reference and in relation to the earth, the movement of the
Moon and the Sun has been said so that ordinary simple people can understand. While
traveling in a train, we are used to describe the stations passing as “Bilimora has passed,
Bharuch has passed, Navsari has passed” In fact, all the railway stations are stationary,
but the passengers sitting in a train speak in relation to their reference train that the
stations passed. The quran advise Prophet Mohammed (Pbuh) to reply to disbeliever like
this “I am a simple man as you” While the same quran tells about Prophet Mohammed
“And we made you as a mercy for whole creations” and at other place it tells for the
Prophet “We have sent you as a witness, giving good news of paradise, giving fear of hell
fire and calling towards Allah by order of Allah and as a shining lamp” So, the quran is
itself a miracle of the Prophet and a gift of Allah given to mankind. The people can get
knowledge from it according to individual grasping capacity. The dirty heart people
cannot get knowledge as mentioned in quran like this “they are deaf, dumb and
speechless so you call them towards Allah or not, they will never obey and we have made
a seal on their hearts” With the help of quran and prophet’s teachings, so many saints
have been produced who have performed miracles and blessed the people and yet so
many disbelievers are found on the earth. Allah has prepared a Hell fire. So, there must
be Hell dwellers. Not to surprise for such people if one finds them.

(8) The disbelievers uselessly tried to say that Prophet Mohammed is a last Prophet and
not a last messenger by mis-matching this verse with Quran verse (3-81) which states
“Remember, Allâh had taken a covenant from Prophets and said, "I have blessed you with
the Book and Wisdom and understanding, and afterward if any other Rasool (messenger)
comes to you confirming the same teachings which you already possess, then you will
have to bring Faith in him and will have to help him” After saying this Allâh asked: "Do
you acknowledge it and take the important responsibility of this covenant from ME?"
They responded: "Yes we acknowledge." Allâh said: "Well then bear witness and I AM
also witness with you,
Quran verse(33-7) it is written “And O Prophet (Muhammad, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa
sallam) remember that covenant which WE have taken from all the Prophets, from you
(Muhammad, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) as well as from Nûh and Ibrâhim and Mûsa,
and from 'Iesa, son of Maryam. WE have taken firm promise from all of them”

The disbelievers forget that the reply of verse (33-7) is given by holy Quran in verse (33-
8) by saying “So that (their Râbb) may question from the truthful people about their
truthfulness, and HE has prepared painful torment for the infidels (Kafir)”

In this way, it is clear that both the covenants are different and their purpose is also
different. Also, one must see the important thing that every messenger is a Prophet but
not necessary that every Prophet must be messenger. So, Verse (3-81) clearly states about
Prophet Mohammed (Pbuh)’s arrival as a last messenger. Hence Prophet Mohammed
(Pbuh) is a last messenger too. The messengers bring new book and laws whereas the
Prophets (nabi) guides the people on the laws of existing messenger and support and
strengthen the laws of existing messenger.
NOTE: Quranic verses have been descended sometimes for specific events but same can
be taken as guidance for future reference.