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A Lotus is Delicious

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A Lotus is Delicious

A collection of work by students in the Connected by 25 program working with Second Story at Service Center in Lafayette Square, Indianapolis, Ind. July 20th, 2011.

Surrealist Games
1. What color is your dreams? A piece of apple pie. School smells really good. If I was in Chi, then Id build a ship And a baby cradle for Rumpelstiltskin The dirty elephant sliding through a rough pear.

2. Whats your favorite scary movie? Purple is my favorite color. Separation anxiety is A set of symbols representing a sign. If the son was shining Then the potato will explode in the microwave. The blue candy bar eat ball.

3. How old are you? The sky reflects the water. The food is The number of beetles in the garden. If all the postmen went on strike Then Id be swimming. An orange flower takes a hard jump.

4. Are you going to come to flint? Pink. A lotus is Delicious. If your grandfather snores at night, Then a major paper jam would occur. A blue cement runs a fuzzy phone. 5. How many baseballs can you fit in a station wagon? Yes, 3 dogs. My strength is Dingy. If I bought a burrito Then I will be happy. The smooth car is pretty and blue. The car floats a smooth sea captain. 6. What is Second Story about? Yes. Your hair is. Blue. If I were a carpenter Then I would be really hot. The frustrated carpet drives a prickly book. 7. Why is the sky blue? I walked out of the house into the dark field of corn. Geometry is Blue. If I ate a burrito Then I got water poured on me. The sharp charger should ride a bike a hard granite.

8. Do you have any pets? Yes. A tomato is Kinda OK. If I went to the mall I would be trying out for MTV and IMC. A marooned zebra destroys the gnarled dog. 9. What is the moons middle name? Yes, my car started this morning. A paper towel is Trash left on the street. If you came to flint Then I would read a book and be happy. The stuff ship plays a slippery doorway. 10. Who cut down the tree? Yea, I guess so. The sky is A flower. If the sun comes out Then the new year will bring you luck. A sharp house swimming a smooth table bomb. 11. Whos your hero? Shes a maiden but she has no middle. The sky is Tall, green, and blooming. What if I went to sleep, Then the ice would melt. The grass (the tree outside is pretty) runs the polished rainbow.


Weather sunny Color white, yellow, black, red, blue-dingy green. Forms lines, swirl circle, unknown shapes Feeling colorful happy Sounds loud-noisy When I had Spiderman bed sheets, I hated them. Last summer my mom made steamed broccoli and it was mushy. In fifth grade I got honor roll. It was my first time.


By the Time By the time Im 30, I want to travel to Hawaiithe biggest Island there is. I want to bring back their famous coconut drinks. I want to learn how to speak their language. By the time Im 45, I want to be driving the newest Expedition. I want it to be midnight blue with tinted windows. I want my Expedition to be one of a kind. By the time Im 50, I want to live in Brooklyn, New York and drive my Expedition. I also want to be a doctor that delivers babies.

Perfume My mom only wears perfume on special occasions. Her favorite is called I Got a Secret. It leaves a long-lasting smell in the house. She has a collection of perfume.

1. Who is the person in this piece of work. Her name is Malayna and she is at this place to free her self from the rest of the world. To free herself from the rest of the world. She went here on December 16th, 1987 at 2:00 in the afternoon. Where-> the name is Malarian Palace. She was stressed out with the world and needed peace. She walked and fell into a hole, into this totally new place called to Malarian Palace. Peaceful except for when the train comes. Trains, green skies to big building, a clock and a fountain in the middle, the lady. Clean air. Very hot, very mellow.


Fire When I think of fire I think of when I lived in Cloverdale and we had a huge fire pit. My mom always wanted to burn everything just to see what the flames would look like. She would burn chairs, couches, mattresses, vacuum cleaners, basically everything she needed to get rid of.

Cinnamon When I think of cinnamon I think of great grandpa and great grandma. When I was little and stayed at their house all the time, theyd always have breakfast made by the time I got up. No matter what they made they would also have toast with it and we always put cinnamon on it. I would do anything to have just one breakfast with them and have cinnamon toast. Thats what I think of when I think of cinnamon.

When Im 15, When Im 16, When Im 17, When Im 18, When Im 19, When Im 24, When Im 26, When Im 27, When Im 28, When Im 29, When Im 30, Im a famous When Im 40, I want a Pug. I want a sketch book. Ill get an application to Harvard Ill get accepted. Ill get trained to be a teacher. Ill be a kindergarten teacher. Ill get married. Ill get a light blue Chrysler 300 Ill make it a convertible. Ill have twins. Ill have billions because singer. Ill still be singing.

Bed sheets When I went to a foster home where my other sisters and brothers lived, the first day I had to pee but I was scared to go to the bathroom by myself so I peed on myself in the morning and I did not tell anyone! I was only six. :)

First Kiss My first kiss was by named Camron. I went so for my first kiss will remember it for an oak tree with a boy out with him for two years is very unforgettable. I the rest of my life.

Bed Sheets The movement of the sheets when Im under them, sleeping. They are soft and pink with the smell of cotton candy. The bed is not that soft, but the sheets make it feel softer. Gasoline The smell of the car getting full of gas and the arrow going off of E and onto F. The sound of liquid getting in the car and drops hitting the ground. The price of the gasoline and you wonder if its worth it. Thunder Its raining and thundering too. I look outside and I see lightning. The thunder scares meit sounds like a lion calling for help and people shouting get out of


By the time I am 30: I wanna be a super model for Victorias Secret model/Macys A 5 bedroom house A zoo backyard 500 pairs of heels Travel to all of the fashion capitals Married to legacy or Chris Brown Star in 5 movies A bedroom-size closet Pink Play Boy covered car 1 bedroom House on a beach 30 heels so far Yearly mud bath Wedding in Paris I had a dream I was a super hero Gone to Europe naked beach with Crissy.