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Kevin King - February 2009 Hi! Thanks for reading my fonts Info file.

My currently available fonts and those in development are, in some sort of 'orde r': 01. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07. 08. 09. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. Kingthings Kingthings Kingthings Kingthings Kingthings Kingthings Kingthings Kingthings Kingthings Kingthings Kingthings Kingthings Kingthings Kingthings Kingthings Kingthings Kingthings Kingthings Kingthings Kingthings Kingthings Kingthings Kingthings Kingthings Kingthings Kingthings Kingthings Kingthings Kingthings Kingthings Kingthings Kingthings Kingthings Kingthings Kingthings Kingthings Kingthings Kingthings Kingthings Kingthings Kingthings Kingthings Kingthings Kingthings Kingthings Kingthings Kingthings Kingthings Kingthings Kingthings Kingthings Kingthings Kingthings Calligraphica Calligraphica Italic Calligraphica Light Xander Xander Outline Gothique Petrock Petrock Light Organica Hand Hand Light Kelltika Italique Chimaera Sans Whizzbang Flashbang Flourishes Linear K Printingkit Spike Spikeless Wrote Xstitch Annex Poppalok Embroidery Wrote Facetype Extortion Versalis Lupine Lupineless Christmas Willow Willowless Piquenmeex Trypewriter Exeter Inkydinky Clarity Eggypeg Spirogyra Knobson Conundrum Serifique Serifique Light Serifique Ultralight Gutenberg - not yet available Foundation Tendrylle Stirrup Bloone!

54. Kingthings Sheepishly 55. Kingthings Wrecktangle ----------------------------------------Below, you will find some thoughts and information on my fonts. In some sort of 'order', they are:----------------------------------------01. Kingthings Calligraphica is based on calligraphic lettering hands which I learned at school - a bit of a confusion of different forms that I liked. I now use this letterform for most of the hand calligraphy that I still produce - just works for me - never can remem ber the uppercase 'N' though... ----------------------------------------02. Kingthings Calligraphica Italic This is based on Kingthings Calligraphica, I don't like the way that some fonts turn out when 'italicised' by word et al, so I thought that I would make a 'rea l' italic - it took more doing than I thought it would. ----------------------------------------03. Kingthings Calligraphica Light. It is based on Kingthings Calligraphica. I made it because people feeding back f rom my website and from using my fonts asked for a lighter version - in much the same way as Petrock Light came about in fact! Also I have noticed that my 'norm al' weight fonts tend to be on the heavy side - so Light! ----------------------------------------04. and 05. Kingthings Xander and Xander Outline. Both are based on a pen built form that I doodled when watching Telly - must say something about my telly choices! These doodles turned into Kingthings Xander a nd then Anne suggested an outline form because she can't find one she likes - so here it is. It has undergone several changes since then mainly due to email fee dback. ----------------------------------------06. Kingthings Gothique. Is based on Kingthings Xander, again it was Anne's prompting that led to this fo nt, she said "You know, I can't find any fonts that are really different" to use for my Oxfam posters (although a little of this font goes a long way!) Finally I was very pl eased with this font, one of my favourites. ----------------------------------------07. and 08. Kingthings Petrock and Petrock Light.

These are based on a labelling face I found used in a tiny city church in centra l Exeter - it was in a display case regarding bell ringing. The light font was designed to make Kingthings Petrock more useable, and may end up as an Italic to o. It has had some modification to make it suitable as a Windows font but retain s most of the flavour of the original. ----------------------------------------09. Kingthings Organica. Was originally developed at Art College in 1981 - at the time it was called Roxa nne and was hand drawn at an X height of about 4 inches - took weeks and weeks! Fun though. Finally made into a proper font - sorry to all those who downloaded it before I had tidied it up - but then I do change all of them at the merest wh im... ----------------------------------------10. and 11. Kingthings Hand and Hand Light This is based, arrogantly on my own hand writing, when writing up course notes, I thought - hmm, could use voice recognition and a handwriting font... sad real ly. Then it got sadder 'cos I was asked for something not so bold - although the light version may end up as the normal weight - later! ----------------------------------------12. Kingthings Kelltika. This is based on characters from the Book of Kells and other calligraphic works. I wanted to make a font based on these letter forms for a long time - it has ta ken me a while to get it right and I'm afraid that it is subject to change at a whim - as are all my fonts! There are no real capital letters in the documents that I have been working from, so I have, as there, enlarged the lower case, dro pped the base line and decorated them. The decorations really need to be larger than 36pt to show up. ----------------------------------------13. Kingthings Italique. Again this is based on a calligraphic hand that I evolved from those I learned a t school. I wanted to do this one just for me as I like the spiky look of it wh en set as solid text. ----------------------------------------14. Kingthings Chimaera This font is based on Kingthings Hand - I wanted to play with a font to see what i could add in the way of decoration and what it would do to the way the font ' set' and the file size... Then I decided to release it as I liked what happened. ----------------------------------------15. Kingthings Sans

I made this font because I fancied designing a font that was definitely Sans Ser if but had fiddly bits and was more decorative. It is based on Kingthings Hand. Yes, I agree, it is peculiar... I like peculiar! If you like peculiar too, ta ke a look at Kingthings Chimaera, it's based on this font. ----------------------------------------16. Kingthings Whizzbang Kingthings Whizzbang Started as an experiment and then folks wanted it completed ... I have got there in the end. Unfortunately, it has spawned and now we have Flashbang... and Poppalock... ----------------------------------------17. Kingthings Flashbang. This font is based on Kingthings Whizzbang - I enjoyed making it so much that I only occasionally had time to wonder why The Font Creator Program was struggling - it's about ten times the size of a 'normal' font. This is because fonts are made up of individual bits called glyphs - there are just rather a lot of them.. . ----------------------------------------18. Kingthings Flourishes This is not a font, it was made to go with my fonts Petrock and Calligraphica you will need to use a graphics program like Serif Page/Draw Plus or Paint Shop Pro (etc) to use it - oh, and character map - to see which flourish is which - a s they are mapped to random letters - no I don't know which ones! ----------------------------------------19. Kingthings Linear K. I wanted to make a font with the simplest possible forms that I could use over a nd over again in font creator - like stick drawings - just lines, hence linear. I may come back to it - haven't really worked out where I want it to go - and it hasn't expressed a preference... Looks nasty though which is always a start! ----------------------------------------20. Kingthings Printing Kit I had one as a child - Red rubber letters, and ink that was extremely unforgivin g - Oooo she did get cross! Anyway, it was called 'The John Bull Printing Set' and I spent hours losing the letters, cutting fingers on sharp tweezers and tryi ng, surreptitiously, to get the ink off the priceless antique lace tablecloth sometimes I think I even printed things with it! - This is a small homage. Oh and I like deconstruction too... ----------------------------------------21. and 22. Kingthings Spike and Spikeless Are the most intractable faces that I have worked with (until I started Wrote!) I made them originally because Buffy has her own font - (find it on the web call ed 'Buffied') - I made one for Xander - Spike is another small tribute to a fabu lous show. Spikeless makes Spike more useable because if you want to actually ne

ed to be able to read the lettering, Spike can be a little over the top. ----------------------------------------23. Kingthings Wrote After making Kingthings Hand - which was supposed to be informal and flowing - a nd turned out completely different - they do that, fonts, like wayward children; I wanted to make a font of my handwriting that I could use for notes - I tried once before and came up with Kingthings hand which was far too stiff - I had con siderable problems getting this one to work - as ever the more free and flowing a font needs to be, the more formal work it takes to make it useable. I'm still learning. ----------------------------------------24. Kingthings Xstitch. I just made this font because I wanted one for a project I was working on and co uldn't find one - of course, since then, kind souls have found several for me... Well this one is mine and did what I wanted it for - I do like the Ray Larabie one though... ----------------------------------------25. Kingthings Annex Obviously based on Kingthings Organica. Annex Lives in the Annex and signs ever ything Annex, She is a real Earth Mother type - bless her, and constantly plants , fails to water and swears at, and then paints and draws flowers. I love her d eeply - so this font is for her. ----------------------------------------26. Kingthings Poppalok. This is based on Kingthings Whizzbang - it is actually Anthea's fault - if you w ant someone to blame, (and it never hurts), she said, when I showed her whizzban g, -Oh yes, reminds me of those beads you used to get, years ago- - Poppalok bea ds, I played with them for hours when I was a child - Mum had them in all colour s, and some very strange combinations when I had finished! ----------------------------------------27. Kingthings Embroidery. I made this font after finding an old embroidery transfer book where I work - at Oxfam in Exeter - my fonts are often sparked from finding something that has be en 'thrown out' - there is often charm that has been, gone, and come back again - this font has a lovely feeling of the initialled handkerchiefs that my dad had kept since the thirties and forties. ----------------------------------------28. Kingthings Wrote This font has taken the longest time to make - there have been so many versions none of which i was happy with. Finally i had to release it just to get it out of my hair - so here you go. It may not be the final version - and on the other

hand, as things stand right now, if i never saw this font again it would be to o soon - however, never say never... ----------------------------------------29. Kingthings Facetype I made this font having thought of the name - maybe not the usual way to go abou t font design. It is based upon Kingthings Exeter and can be used to embellish t hat font or just as decorated capitals. I enjoyed making this font and it was on e of the quickest to do - i just got completely absorbed by the project. I hope you enjoy this daft font! ----------------------------------------30. Kingthings Extortion This font has taken a while to get right - I felt that a supposed ransom note should at least try to l ook a little random - as if torn out and pasted down - hence no upper or lower c ase as such, just letters to interchange. I think it works OK. ----------------------------------------31. Kingthings Versalis Kingthings Versalis - Both contained in the same font file, this font only conta ins capitals as they are supposed to be Versals - i.e. they were used in illumin ated manuscripts for the capital letters starting verses. They work well with m y calligraphic fonts. I made both a solid and an outline form because I can use one to 'fill' the other when overlaid. ----------------------------------------32. and 33. Kingthings Lupine and Lupineless I love fantasy writing and my favourite author is Terry Pratchett. In Reaper man , my favourite book, there is a werewolf character called Lupine, I wanted to ma ke a font for him and for Ludmilla... It's a long story, it's a hairy font. ----------------------------------------34. Kingthings Christmas Kingthings Christmas - Based on Kingthings Petrock - this is a display font and needs to be used at least an inch high to see any detail. Happy Christmas! (Yes , I know it's July, sheesh!) ----------------------------------------35. and 36. Kingthings Willow and Willowless I made a font for Xander and one for Spike, Buffy has her own (available on the web and called Buffied), So I thought it was time I made one for the Character Willow. If all this means nothing to you, I am a Buffy the vampire slayer fan.. . 'Nuff said I think. These fonts are both the same - with embellishments in Willow, making it possibl e to use both the fonts without complete madness setting in. They were original

ly designed to look like a sheaf of willow wands - it was all a bit too much so I formalised them to these simpler forms ----------------------------------------37. Kingthings Piquenmeex Kingthings weaking of ve minutes of course Pique'n'meex - A change is as good as a rest - fed up with detailed t foundation (coming soon) (probably days more like!) I had a funny fi and came up with this. I loathe Arial and Times for their ubiquity... the main problem is designer laziness - i can do that!

----------------------------------------38. Kingthings Trypewriter Is taken from my old typewriter that now sits dusty unrepentant and snarling und er the bed whilst various forms of word processor come and go - yes it is gettin g on for 90 years old, yes the sticky ribbons give me black fingers and spludgy letters. I love it - now you can share... You don't get the grumbling, swearing or bruised fingers though. ----------------------------------------39. Kingthings Exeter I wanted to make a really simple pen built font with no serifs, as usual, the si mpler the font, the more work it took to get it right. It's named for where I li ve, it was about time. ----------------------------------------40. Kingthings Inkydinky I am making a font called Kingthings Serifique (well, that's what it's called th is morning) - I got side tracked - again! I was filling and testing fountain pe ns for the Charity Shop in which I work... Mother always said I'm a filthy Herbe rt. Doesn't a little Ink go a long way? ----------------------------------------41. Kingthings Clarity Many moons ago, I had an email asking me if I had thought of making a Dyslexia f ont - one where letters aren't easily confused, I hadn't - now I have. I apolog ise if there are still confuse-ables - email me and let me know. ----------------------------------------42. Kingthings Eggypeg Gary asked me if there was an easter font to go with Kingthings Christmas - I ha dn't even thought of it so I had a go and enjoyed making this font enormously. If you need plainer letters to go with it, it is based on Kinghtihgs Willowless, so you can mix it with that... NOTE: You will need to use Character Map (Or th e much better Character Map Pro - available free on the web), to access the imag e characters - although they should all be available on standard keyboards. For example, the pile of eggs is accessed with the \ key, The Easter egg in the gras

s is the shifted < key. ----------------------------------------43. Kingthings Spirogyra I doodle you know...I remember with wonder, Biology lessons at 'big' school, wit h Microscopes, and a filamentous pond weed called Spirogyra. There were spirals in it! and a nucleus like a star! and then 35 years later (or so), I doodled Ki ngthings Spirogyra idly watching TV. ----------------------------------------44. Kingthings Knobson Having made Spirogyra, a decorative font, I found I liked the way the lower case set as text, so I made separate capitals to go with them, and Voila!, we have K ingthings Knobson... (if we're not very careful, Oh, too late - fonts spontaneou sly generate you know, like Elephants. ----------------------------------------45. Kingthings Conundrum I have said before you know - I can if I want to (Stamp! Scowl!) Cod Chinese of the worst kind, I wanted a 'Chinese' font for a project and could n't find what I wanted. I painted this font with a Chinese brush and imported th e resultant mess - it's been a while since I did any Chinese calligraphy - add t hat to the fact that I don't read or speak Chinese... ----------------------------------------46. Kingthings Serifique I suppose that eventually all font designers think something like "I really hate Times NEW Roman", - and have a go at a standard serif face themselves... Well i t's taking a while ----------------------------------------47. Kingthings Serifique Light ----------------------------------------48. Kingthings Serifique Ultralight Having started Serifique, I realised that I actually needed a serif face - right now - and immediately started this face to meet my needs. At some point I will create the 'father' font of this typeface - but it's bloody typical that I did t his arse about face, as it were... (I did, it's two lines up). ----------------------------------------49. Kingthings Gutenberg - Not yet available When I wanted one, I couldn't find the Gutenberg font I wanted - one that will ' set' like the original type. There are others available, mine will take a while yet...

----------------------------------------50. Kingthings Foundation Having made so many calligraphic fonts, I realised that I had a 'hole' and could n't quite put my finger on it... Eventualy I realised that I hadn't finished on e of the first fonts I started, a version of the first Alphabet I learned to let ter. It's useful for simple lettering like quotes or instructions in boxes writt en small - it stays quite legible at small sizes... It has taken quite a while but I think I like it. ----------------------------------------51. Kingthings Tendrylle I seem to be making more organic fonts at the moment - I seem to be surrounded b y green things which is a little odd as I live in the middle of a (small) city. I also grow plants on my kitchen windowsill - whatever comes my way - at present , my favourites are insectivorous plants... There are also all the beads and nec klaces that are donated to Oxfam - the charity for which I work... One thing lea ds to another - and I end up with yet another decorated font. I Am Unrepentant!! ! HaHaHaHa!.. (Oh dear, oh dear). ----------------------------------------52. Kingthings Stirrup Detailed work on Tendrylle meant that I needed a break; and as I am mad, the bre ak took the form of another font. Stirrup is built of pre-made shapes, more or less, so it was quite quick to do - oddly, not much work and I really like it! I f only it happened more often... ----------------------------------------53. Kingthings Bloone! Exactly what is says on the tin - no more no less - I still hate that letters ar e the same as each other in display faces (?) so no upper and lower case, just a lternates to be mixed up. ----------------------------------------54. Kingthings Sheepishly I like sheep... ZzZzZzZzZzZz... ----------------------------------------55. Kingthings Wrecktangle I bought a book about cutting edge audio from the 70's - after I stopped laughin g, I made this font. It's a bit like the one used on the book cover. It makes me smile as no-one can read it and my college tutors would shudder... it''s odd how things stick. ----------------------------------------I am constantly working on all my fonts so these may well not be the last versio

ns, please check my web site at: for updates and new fonts. I hope you enjoy using my fonts and I would appreciate any feedback from you reg arding missing characters, things that would be useful, bits that don't work and so on. Also, please let me know if you have downloaded it for use on a Mac - I have had some reports of Mac versions not working... Please email me at: ----------------------------------------Thank you Regards Kevin King Exeter, England - February 2009