Spinning Process

Spinning is the process (or the processes) used in the production of yarns or filaments. Following are different steps/stages of the spinning process.

Mixing is the department in which cotton bales are brought from godown and blending is performed in different ratios as per requirement. It is also called mixing and blending department. A mixing of cotton blend is usually prepared keeping in view the required parameters of yarn being manufactured on the basis of important cotton characteristics.


There is also another system in which partially opened and cleaned cotton is directly fed to the carding section directly from blow room. It is the most important stage of cleaning wherein the minutest impurities foreign to the material and all fibers. it is the carding engine. motes and neps. frees it of most of the remaining dirt. The end product of blow room is lap.Another important job performed in this department is to condition the lay down before opening and cleaning process. air current. Cotton carding is the operation of treating cotton fibers. hoppers etc. Blow Room The main function of this department is to open and clean the cotton by mechanical means usually i. Combing Before combing the material.e. removes some short fibers and condenses the fibers to a sliver. leaf and broken seed ought to be removed. a number of slivers are doubled and drafted in a parallel position to form a ribbon lap as a feeding material on the combing machine. without lap formation. 2 . it may be said that the process of cotton spinning begins at the carding and all the previous departments of the process are merely preparatory to this. This system is called chute feed system. It is roll of uniform sheet of cleaned cotton wrapped after calendaring with sufficient pressure. which thoroughly opens the cotton. conveyor belts. condensers. It is made on Scutcher. Carding If any machine in the whole process of cotton spinning be of more use and importance than another. The ribbon lap is then processed on the comber for the removal of short fibers (noil). and infact. through (beaters.) The impurities dropped under blow room machinery at different spots are called droppings and it varies in quantity or %age depending upon the cleaning efficiency and cotton density processed at that spot.

In the past most mills had several roving operations. The number of operations depends upon the count and quality of yarn being spun. slightly twisted strand of cotton fibers. twisting as needed and winds the products accurately in a special form of bobbin for further use in auto cone. and winds the product accurately in a special form of bobbin. which has received its final shape. which has not received its final reduction. the action is obtained by using several pairs of rolls running at different speed. The straightening is important because it arranges the fibers more nearly parallel to each other and to the direction of the strand when the fibers are well straightened. It may be finer (wt/yard is less) or coarser (wt/yard is more) as per requirement of customer. The machine which produces yarn takes roving and reduces it by roller drawing. The machine which produces roving takes sliver or other roving and reduces them by roller drawing twisting them slightly as needed. which is not the final shape to 3 . Roving The name roving is applied to both a process and its product. Auto Cone The completion of package from yarn to cone is done in this department. Purpose of all roller drawing is to straighten the fibers being treated and to reduce the size of the strand. However it is many times lighter in wt/yard as compared to that of roving from which it is produced.Drawing Drawing is the process of progressively passing or sliding fibers by each other. The yarn produced at the ring frame is obtained on a ring bobbin. the arrangement helps in producing uniform. which they compose. one following the other. but not breaking its continuity. The purpose of the roving operation is to reduce the sliver to a suitable size for spinning Ring The end-product of ring department is yarn. The long draft equipment presently available for roving frames has made it possible for most mills to use one operation. In processing cotton. the product of roving frame. strong and smooth yarn. causing a reduction in the size of the strand. A roving. may be defined as a continuous. Yarn is the continuous strand of fibers.

This cone contains the yarn in weight usually ranging from 2 lbs to 6 lbs.present the yarn to the customer. 4 . Yarn bag is commonly understood of weight of 100 lbs. Therefore it is essential to present the yarn to the customer in a reasonable package which is usually a cone produced on a winding machine.

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