Chapter 1: Introduction

1.1 Introduction
With phone call voice recording system, its box can connect 1 telephone line. And an USB cable connects it with the computer, saving the call in & call out number in the Hard disc by call recording software, available to multiline recordings search. It is Qualified Under CE, FCC Certifications. Good at telephone call recording, can record Telephone call Conversation at any time, monitor call in and can call out on real time.

1.2 Why to choose this device
Excellent statistics, operation management functions.Nice telephone management system with good call voice recording software. This USB phone recorder also has the functions as a telephone voice logger, log telephone recordings and call recordings.COME-800 products cover caller ID client management system and digital recording system, which have been used in numerous fields fluently and successfully (restaurant, hotel, travel agency, customer service center, CTI call center, booking center, enterprise, hospital, public institution, army, police bureau, prison management, airport, institution, college and university, railway, transportation, electric power, water power, telecommunication and industrial & mining enterprise).Model Number is COME800-R01. Guangzhou Kemei Electron Co., LTD was established in March 2005, It takes "Advanced Technology, High Quality, Good Credit." as its creed. In the past years, we were working hard for COME-800 series products manufacturing & development (COME-800 customer resource management system, telephone recording system, caller identity delivery client management system, small or mini call center) by our hearts. Kemei had achieved a remarkable merit in this industry.


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USB VOICE CALL RECORDER page no2 . The box can connect 1 phone line. no need software dongle. available to multiline recordings search as shown in fig. its box can connects 1 telephone line.2. And an USB Cable connects it with the computer. 2) Monitor telephone conversation.1. saving the call in & call out number in the hard disc by call recording software. Fig.2 Device specification 1) Record voice call.1 USB voice call recorder COME800-R01 2. 3) Manage telephone call log.1 Description of the device This USB phone recording system. 4) Professional call recording functions for office.2. 1) This phone call recording box with USB interface.Chapter 2: Description of the device 2. 2) Audio file will automatically saving in hard disc to avoid losing the audio files when re-install the system.

and the LED of ring-off and hook-on will be OFF.1 Literature Survey Fig. By simply connecting the PC and PSTN landline telephone with the USB recorder box. 2. 5. (Note: When the telephone line was pulled out.Chapter 3: Literature Survey 3. Record a complete call logs with all calls numbers. there will be events showing as a pickup to line-off. balanced and clear. the LED of the pickup and ringing will be ON. and then extinguished. 3.) 1. Provide powerful software for telephony recording management. LED will show on for one seconds. the line-off LED will flash. thus to enable convenient communication recall and recording playback with high-fidelity sound recording. no need to install drivers.3.1. USB plugs and play. as shown in Fig. When the software stars to run. This is a normal display. Support menu Popup when calls are incoming or outgoing. USB VOICE CALL RECORDER page no3 . a powerful personal (or for specific working purpose) telephone recording system is set up. seeing from the LED display.1 Block of USB recorder The USB Recorder Box is connected to PC. 4. automatically recording the telephony communication. Provide automatic gain recording function to ensure that voice of communication in both sides are sound loud.3.

which connects it to a computer which is further connected to a telephone line.3.2 Kemei USB Telephone Call Logger The model no is COME800-DC1 as shown in fig. Installation is simple and can be used conveniently. back up for business management.3. supports caller ID display. Pretty and concise interface. Kemei Telephone call logger is a kind of smart telephone voice logger which will helps you record your telephone call conversation.Fig.2 It uses USB Interface. 2 telephone lines. this system adopt ACCESS database. 1 USB cable. 1 mini logger. USB VOICE CALL RECORDER page no4 . call recording management etc. Accessories are 1 software disc.

2. these buttons will "scroll" between the files in the list and will upload the selected file.1 Interconnections of the device Keys Press to initiate or end a recording of the room. USB Recorder device (Hardware).1 Description of the device 1. 3.4. Press to Initiate or stop the playback of a recording. USB cable.Chapter 4: Interconnections of the device 4. USB VOICE CALL RECORDER page no5 . Press to Fast Forward or Rewind during playback of a recording. to connect the Recorder to your phone. to connect the Recorder to your PC. Coiled Telephone Handset cable. In idle mode. Press to initiate or end a recording of the phone. Fig.

2) CPU: Celeron 2. 2) Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland). 4. voice can be compressed by 5 times. 7) Average Seek Time: 39MS. USB VOICE CALL RECORDER page no6 .3 Hardware parameters 1) Input: 1channel. 8) Category: Electronics & Electricity / Telecommunication & Broadcasting / Other. 5) Channel: 1.5Kbit / 1s each channel. 4) Frequency Response: 300Hz – 3400Hz. 10) Price: USD $ 158 / pc. 1024*768 Resolution will be better. 9) Communication Equipment.4 Hardware Configuration 1) Operation System: WIN98/ME/2000/XP/2003/VISTA. 10) Humidity: 5% . 4) Computer Memory: 512M or above. 5) Digital Format: GSM. 6) Interface: USB. 5) Monitor: VGA.0 at least. 80GB will be preferred. with sound card. 3) Color: Black. 7) Capacity: 1G hard disk saves 170hrs recordings. 4) Brand Name: KEMEI.85% 4. 9) Temperature: +5°C .+40°C. 8) Power Consumption: 200W MAX. runs normally. 6) Data Acquisition Rate: 12. 2) Impedance: High impedance >100K ohms. 3) Signal noise ratio: 50db.4. 3) Hard Disc: 40GB or above.2 Model Description 1) Model Number: COME800-R01.

The device connects to the phone line. The circuit can be placed anywhere on the phone line.Fig. Some countries or states require you to notify anyone you are talking to that the conversation is being recorded.4. Phone Plug. It senses the voltage in the phone line and begins recording when the line drops to 5 volts or less. This nifty little circuit lets you record your phone conversations automatically. even inside a phone. your tape recorder's microphone input. you may have to get permission from the phone company before you connect anything to their lines.5K 1/4 W Resistor R3168K 1/4 W Resistor R4133K 1/4 W Resistor C110. Plugs To Match Jacks On Recorder. Chapter 5: Installation USB VOICE CALL RECORDER page no7 .5 Description Circuit diagram of telephone call recorder R11270K 1/4 W Resistor R211.22uF 150 Volt Capacitor Q1. Also. Q222N4954 NPN Transistor D111N645 Diode MISC1Wire. Board.2 Circuit diagram of telephone call recorder 4. and the recorder's remote control jack. Most recoders do this with a beep-beep.

2) USB cable. It is recommended to chose the "Save" option and save the file on Desktop (easier to locate) but we can choose the "Run" option in the dialog box which will save the installation software in a temporary location on the PC. Depending on the Microsoft Windows version installed on the target PC. The USB Recorder installer will examine the target PC and will automatically start the Microsoft . The first component is the Player application (Software) and the second one is the USB device itself (Hardware). Allow the Wizard to automatically look for and install the necessary Device Drivers. In order for the system to work properly it is necessary to successfully complete the installation of both components. Select the area to be installed and review the installation and click on “Install”. 3) Coiled Telephone Handset cable. Insert the other end of the USB cable into the USB recorder device.COM. connect one end of the USB cable (Provided within the USB Recorder 3.USBRECORDER. 5.NET) software on the PC. When successfully completed you will receive a USB VOICE CALL RECORDER page no8 .NET installer. Microsoft Windows Hardware Installation Wizard will automatically start. browse to WWW. To start with the installation process double click on Set up 3_0. start the installation program and will remove the installer once the installation process ended. it might be necessary to install 3rd party (Microsoft . accept the agreement & click on again Next button to progress by filling up the name and the organization.exe icon because of which there appears a dialogue box and final click on the “run” option and then click on yes on the next two dialogue box.1 Installation process The USB Recorder System comprise of two components. After installing the software then you can continue with the hardware installation.5. to connect the Recorder to your PC.0 package) to an available USB port on your personal computer. Obtaining the Player Application (Software) Using browser. Internally it consists up of mainly three parts: 1) USB Recorder device (Hardware). Navigate to the "Download" page and download the Software.2 Hardware Installation After the software installation process has been completed and the target PC has been Re Booted. to connect the Recorder to your phone.

5. 3) Connect the coiled cord (provided with the USB Recorder Device package) into the jack on the Phone base where the handset cord has been disconnected.notification on your screen stating that the Device Drivers were installed and that the Device is ready to use. Chapter 6: Applications 1) 2) 3) USB VOICE CALL RECORDER CTI call center Customer Service and Complaint Center Travel Agent or Travel Website page no9 . The Green Power LED (on the left) is illuminated. Another indication that the USB Recorder is ready for use is LED lights status on the USB Recorder. 4) Connect the other end of the coiled cord to the base connector of the USB Recorder Device. The Rec Room. 2) Install the handset cord into the handset jack of the USB Recorder device.3 Connecting the USB Recorder Device to a Telephone 1) Disconnect The handset from your telephone base. Rec Phone and Play/Stop Status Red LEDs (on the right) will all be illuminated solid and the Rewind Fast Forward LED will blink.

Quality Assurance: Call handling can be monitored on a monthly or bi-monthly basis to see where improvements are needed. Quality Control: Call confirmation and "he said/she said" Increase security: security breaches or inappropriate calls can be detected. Security/Liability: A recording of a conversation can be priceless if your business were to ever end up in court. Such security breaches or inappropriate calls can be detected with the call recording software and then used to either address the problem with the employee or if necessary to act as evidence.html USB VOICE CALL RECORDER page no 10 .com/china/4/manufacturers/1290528/products-list. http://www.2 Advantages 1) It helps to record and playback conversations 2) Use as a tool for learning 6. The simple presence of a telephone recorder on company lines often acts as a deterrent to all types of security breaches or inappropriate employee calls. This will help them improve their call etiquette. 6.html http://www.1 CTI call center in brief Agent Training: It is often helpful to have the person answering your telephone calls hear their own voice and listen to how callers hear them.4) Telephone Booking Center/Hotline 6. Being accountable to your clients can help your business earn the respect of your customers.3 Disadvantages 1) It may compromise privacy 2) Need technical knowhow to operate properly 3) Not cheap.

com/product-gs/354820101/Usb_Phone_Call_Recording_Box_Come800.html http://www.tradevv.html USB VOICE CALL RECORDER page no 11 .html


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