Fanfiction based on Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Series Rated MA for Mature Adult.

By Ooohlalaaa

Summary: After being sent to private school, Bella observes a series of strange events and gets involved in a classmate's supernatural world, discovering a secret that changes her life for good. AU, OOC, B/E

~*~ Prologue – First Day
“You can’t wear those shoes.” It was a simple statement that had a complicated effect on my mindset. I stared down at my vintage ballerina flats and grimaced. I didn’t want to be here. I didn’t want to be around these people. I didn’t belong here. It was the first sentence any of the other students had said to me, and I was only two steps inside the front courtyard. To say that I was different than everyone around me would be an exaggerated understatement. I was the polar opposite of these people. I didn’t fit in here, walking around the opulent hallways of this academy, brimming with the city’s elitists’ progeny. I wasn’t the child of a CEO, or a neurosurgeon, or a celebrity. I wasn’t carrying around a $3,000 purse. I wasn’t drop dead gorgeous. I didn’t pull up in a lavish Mercedes or a limo. I wasn’t like them, at all. It was still a mystery how my parents managed to bribe my way into this school, or how they afforded the bribe. We weren’t rich. We weren’t powerful. We were pitifully normal, middle class. I found it all too convenient how my mother’s new husband suddenly up and sold my childhood home

so that he and my mother, Renee, could travel around the country. Renee claimed I needed more stability, and that stability was going to somehow come in the form of me moving to New York with my police officer father, Charlie, who I’d seen a mere three times in the past four years. It all seemed slightly devious to me, but I knew better than to fuss and fight. It would’ve done no good. They had a reason for me being here, and they were going to do whatever was in their power in order to get me here. My survival strategy was to go to school and endure the six hours, keep to myself, try to go unnoticed, and then come home and try to forget how torturous my day was. But two steps inside, and this too tall, too beautiful, too perfect bitch had already ruined my plans. So there I stood, head tilted down at my feet, just hoping to spontaneously combust or dissipate into thin air, or something. I looked up at the girl and her friend that was standing next to her who was also too beautiful, too perfect, and too rich. Just smaller, and she had black hair instead of the ridiculously expensive blonde dye job the other one had. Either way, both of them were breathtakingly beautiful and fucking intimidating. “I don’t care,” I said with a shrug. It was all I could think to say because really, I didn’t care. What, was administration going to send me home because my ballerina flats weren’t up to par? Please, please do. I adjusted my bag on my shoulder, loosened my stifling tie, and headed for my first class without looking back at my first arch-nemesis. I’d gotten a tour of the school the week before, and I tried with all my might to memorize the floor plan as best I could, because nothing draws more attention to someone than a map. The hallways were loud and boisterous, but that didn’t stop the inevitable stares and whispers. I made a pit stop in the nearest bathroom to compose myself and check my schedule to make sure I was headed toward the right room. 301. Biology. Suddenly, a gaggle of girls walked in, gave me a judgmental glare, and ignored my presence altogether. “…But did you see her? She was pretty before, but not that pretty.” “Well, she and Emmett are together so Dr. Cullen must have…” “But what about Jasper? Has anyone seen him? Because if Rosalie is like that, it only makes sense that he’d…” “… Why does Edward still look the same, then?” Eight A.M. was far too early for gossip for me, especially gossip about people I didn’t know. I tried to escape from the bathroom without making much noise. It only made sense that a room starting with three would be on the third floor, so I made a beeline to the empty, dimly lit mahogany stairs at the end of the hallway and finally let out a breath that I felt like I’d been holding in since I'd walked into the building. I took my time, but the warning bell started going off when I was on the second story landing, so I flew the rest of the way up the stairs because lateness and getting reprimanded was another surefire way to get noticed and embarrassed.

When I reached Biology, I dropped into an empty seat near the back of the classroom. I was pulling out my books and preparing myself for class when I heard the chair next to me scratching against the wood floor. A tall, extraordinarily handsome boy sat down next to me and dropped his stack of books loudly on the desk. He sprawled out in his seat, loosened his tie and undid the top button of his shirt, and slid out of his blazer, throwing it on top of the table. He crossed his arms over his chest and raised an eyebrow at me when he caught me staring- which I hadn’t realized I’d been doing. “You’re new,” he said, seemingly uninterested. He looked down and started fiddling with his cufflinks, yanking them off and slipping them in his breast pocket before he rolled his sleeves up. I instantly tensed up and forced out a nod before I turned my head toward the front of the room. It was my body’s natural reaction to these people, but he at least seemed like he was slightly more laid-back than some of the other students I’d observed. He didn’t seem like he was concerned with my inadequacies at all, and for that I was appreciative. “Not talkative?” he asked me, sliding his chair forward and resting his forearms on the edge of the desk. With my peripheral vision, I saw him tilt his head to the side so that he was looking at me. “Nothing to say,” I answered, tapping my fingers nervously on the cover of my notebook. “Well, where are you from? What’s your story?” He nonchalantly played with his cell phone as he waited for me to answer. “I don’t really have a story,” I told him, honestly. There was no impressive reason as to why I was there. “It must be something if you’re enrolling somewhere new right in the middle of high school. And here of all places.” “My mother’s husband is a baseball player and they’re traveling around the country. I got sent to live here with my father. Why I’m here at this school… your guess is as good as mine.” I shrugged at him and blinked a couple of times to stop from staring at his deep, green eyes. He glanced at me through his thick eyelashes and one corner of his mouth turned up. “Well, I’m Edward Cullen. Nice to meet you, Bella Swan.” My head instantly snapped up and I gulped. “Um… how do you know my name?” He slid his hand across the desk and tapped his index finger on my notebook twice. Bella Swan was written in the top right corner. Obviously. I let out a laugh and he gave me an odd look. Thankfully, the teacher started his lecture so Edward was forced to stop trying to communicate with me. I thought about his name for a minute and my thoughts started swirling. Something was said in the bathroom about a “Dr. Cullen,” someone looking pretty, and an “Edward,” looking the same. I cursed myself in my head for not paying more attention to the gossipers, because the whole thing was somewhat intriguing. Right before class ended, Edward slid a small piece of paper across the desk and slipped it under my hand.

Out of place. It was his phone number. but almost shouted when he spoke to her. In fact. so I pried. use it. Maybe you should.” I looked at the scrap of paper and nodded slightly. My brother’s girlfriend . but I don’t think that was the case at all.just ignore her. her small friend standing quietly by her side. Nothing at all. “After you. It wasn’t until we were almost there. He didn’t say anything about what had just happened. “Who was the smaller girl?” “That’s my sister.” I stammered. the small girl. Suddenly he stopped and spun around. warm hand around my elbow and pulled me away from them.” Alice.“You seem slightly uncomfortable here. He stood up and shrugged back into his blazer. following me out of the room. “Who is she?” “Rosalie. his eyes narrowed.” It didn’t look like he’d just ignored her to me. and he stopped short and turned to the blonde girl. and held his hand out in front of him. Alice hadn’t said anything. He put his mouth right up to her ear. nodded and forced a smile at him. Alice. she had some sort of a problem with me. tension filled walk to class with Edward. “Rosalie.” He wrapped his big. that I heard the shrill voice of the girl from the courtyard. “Don’t fuck with me. really? What the fuck are you doing?” Clearly. Something had just happened that was very bizarre. or maybe I was just too concerned with gawking at Edward. Maybe I was taken aback by the confrontation. I was almost certain of it. if you will.” . grabbed his books from the desk. Not today.” he said. I pushed the observation to the back of my mind and continued the awkward. That’s what I do. “Uh… thank you.” He took a step toward her and roughly shoved her shoulder so she slammed against the locker with a loud crash. I noticed that the stares only got more intense as Edward silently walked beside me to my next class. Alice. “Edward. “Yes. Edward’s nostrils flared. So if you need anything. where she was leaning up against a locker. please. before sliding the paper into the pocket of my bag.

the same brown. Edward and Emmett were beyond friendly to me. walked me to class. “Take care of her. opting instead to just stand there in silence. almost golden eyes. he didn’t look related to them whatsoever. burly guy walking toward us. It seemed slightly strange to me. she didn’t take part in her friend’s animosity toward me. He seemed amicable. there was a huge. I walked the few blocks to my father’s small. Besides for some frightening glares from Rosalie.“What did she say to you?” Edward frowned and stopped in front of my second period classroom. I wasn’t in tears and I wasn’t tempted to dive head first into traffic. I was eager to know anything I could about Edward.something I wasn’t expecting anyone to do. and initially his size was shocking. I had the feeling there was more to the whole thing. My father questioned me about my day over dinner. and I didn’t hear her say anything. Although I hadn’t spoken to Alice. His hair was a brownish. Emmett. I planned on going into school the next day with a more optimistic outlook.” Edward patted his back for emphasis. My first day was over with. this is my brother. He wiped his mouth with his napkin and cleared his throat before answering. the rest of my day passed without incidence. before walking away. copper tone and his eyes were green and his skin was much more… peach toned then the other two. ‘Yes Alice. “Bella. “Uh… nothing? What do you mean?” “You said. Apart from their size. the hatred and the kindness. the same ivory skin tone.” he said. feeling like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me. When I turned my head to look. . Knowing his contacts and knowledge of people in the city. Especially not Emmett. but I figured I’d remain quiet and neutral and wait for some kind of an explanation. They talked to me. Emmett and Alice’s appearances made it impossible to deny they were related. but at second glance he had deep dimples and his face appeared to be… sort of friendly.’ or something like that. who’s girlfriend was evil incarnate. Although Edward was equally as stunning to me. and made me feel comfortable. and must have been equally as intriguing to the other students if they were already being gossiped about on the first day of school. It wasn’t until we were seated that I realized Edward had completely avoided my question. but I’m almost sure that I saw Edward furtively nod to Emmett before he walked away. I’d even made a few acquaintances. They had the same dark hair color. He towered over Edward. “Dad? Have you ever heard of a family called the Cullens?” Charlie’s eyes widened and he dropped his fork. you should. My interest in the Cullen family was growing by the second. especially not on my first day. The three children were the epitome of beauty. I decided to bring up the Cullens. two bedroom apartment.” Edward smirked a little bit and suddenly his eyes widened at someone who was approaching behind me.

Whatever they were. At first I thought it was mere coincidence that I’d been introduced to the Cullens. completely perplexed. The truth was life changing. why would you ask that?” “Because. Edward is his name. Charlie was never very expressive. there was more to it…far more. I thought that maybe people were jealous of them. Looking back on that first day. His reaction was far from normal.” Charlie muttered. “I met a boy in my first period class. but that was the furthest thing from the truth. “A plastic surgeon?” I watched as Charlie choked on his water and shook his head at me. The fact that he got so defensive when I talked about the Cullens only piqued my curiosity. his mouth full. He took another drink of water. Earth shattering. I have.” He walked away. for him. Mind blowing. And while jealousy may have been a factor. ~*~~*~~*~ .“Yes. Cullen has done a good job raising his children.” Charlie answered. “No. because the truth was frightening.” Charlie took a sip from his glass and nodded. “Dr. There was an entire world that I was about to be exposed to. My naivety was absolutely necessary at the time. and that’s why they were often the topic of discussion around school. that I hadn’t known existed. I don’t know what kind of conclusions I drew about Edward and his family. I heard some girls talking in the bathroom. He coughed a couple of times and threw his napkin over his plate. “Don’t listen to what the other students say. He was really nice to me. and they said-” “Don’t. standing up from his seat. You know better than that. A world that soon. leaving me seated at the table alone. I was completely wrong. I would be a part of.” “What kind of a doctor is he?” “He’s a surgeon. Why?” I shrugged and twirled some spaghetti around my fork.

“Your name. I was eager to see Edward and this woman was keeping me from him.” Edward scratched his head and smiled. Edward was already sitting at our desk. so I started questioning Edward. “Oh yeah?” “Yeah. In fact. please?” “Isabella Swan.” The teacher still wasn’t in the classroom. there were girls talking about you and your family.” “Was it her?” He pointed at a girl near the front of the classroom with curly black hair. I don’t really care. she was the one who'd given me the spiteful look. A hall monitor. Miss?” I sighed and stopped walking when I heard someone addressing me. and sure enough. “Um. and I was far away from the classroom.Chapter 1 ~ Reading Minds & Telling Futures The next day at school. “They need to be brown.” The woman scribbled something down on a pad in her hand. Plus. The warning bell for first period had just rung. Jessica!” The girl spun around in her chair. then ripped the top sheet off and handed it to me. things kept getting stranger. “Yes?” I turned around and took a step towards her. “Those shoes are against dress code.” “Yeah. His sleeves were already rolled up and his tie loosened. “Uh. yesterday when I was in the bathroom. I dropped down into my chair and slapped the demerits on top of my notebook.” Edward looked under the desk and nodded. Miss Swan. He was probably one of the only people I’ve ever met that could make a sweater vest look sexy. . I sighed and clenched the paper in my fist as I flew to first period. I can’t tell from here-” “Hey.” I looked down at the piece of paper in my hand. she was one of the people who I’d crossed paths with in the bathroom. “What’d you do?” He pointed at the piece of paper and cocked an eyebrow. “Apparently my shoes are breaking the dress code. today wearing a sweater vest instead of a blazer. Two demerits. When I was done staring. “Excuse me.

“I didn’t know. Take them. We approached her and without her turning around.” My insides clenched up when I saw who he was pulling me towards. It isn’t true. “When you get five you get detention. On the way to my second period class. Except Rosalie. I got reprimanded again by a different hall monitor about my choice of footwear. How’d you…” “I’ve heard it all before. Alice tapped my shoulder and smiled. When she turned back around.” he said. I didn’t introduce myself yesterday-” . “Hi. she had a pair of brown leather flats in her hand.” he said. or Edward saying anything. He suddenly dropped his eyes to the table and cleared his throat. I saw Rosalie’s head cock to the side and heard her sigh. “My father is some kind of a back alley plastic surgeon who does work on his children and their significant others. He rolled his eyes as I got handed another two demerits and he grabbed my arm. Am I right?” I thought about what they had said the day before. Bella. her back turned toward us. Come on. yanking me down the hallway. in case you were wondering. “Yeah.” “Yeah. I felt a chill go down my spine. and I nodded. but she didn’t turn away. That was the second time in two days I’d observed something odd happen with Edward. and little Alice was standing next to her. she was there. Jessica turned back around in her seat without saying a word. She shoved them into Edward’s chest and huffed before walking away. That bitch Rosalie was standing at her locker. We’re all just genetically blessed. handing them to me.” He laughed. I watched her face go from a look of shock to straight fear. “Here. “Let me guess?” He put his elbow on the table and leaned his head against his hand. “I’m not wearing her shoes-” “They’re for you. and right then the teacher conveniently started the lesson.” I squinted and put my hands on my hips. Edward was glaring right at her. I wore them yesterday and no one said anything.” The girl’s eyes widened when she saw that it was Edward who’d summoned her. while walking next to him.“Yeah. well you were lucky yesterday.

It’s undeniable.” Alice smiled at me. I’d only ever seen them talking to each other. I felt odd being callous to Edward’s sister when he was standing right there. Nice to meet you. He never takes the bait. spun around and glanced at Alice. “So.” I didn’t believe her. “How do you like it here so far?” “How do you guys do that?” I asked. “It’s nice to see. I didn’t want to be rude. “I’m gonna go to class. And they were comfortable as hell. And they got talked about behind their backs. Suddenly he stopped. I’d only been at that school for not even two days. so I played along.” Edward stuck his hands in his pockets and winked at me. so I gave in. but to me their family seemed like social pariahs. “I’m sorry.” Alice said without hesitating. you were too busy letting your friend intimidate me. The whole thing was just strange and irritating. she’s just… I’m sorry. and watched him walk away. “It’s alright.” I snapped at her. though. okay?” I nodded. though. What do you use. interrupting my observations. “He’s really handsome. “So he’s never had a girlfriend?” “Never. I’m not blind.” .” Alice said. and shook his head before turning back around.” I frowned at her statement. Edward doesn’t really distract himself with women ever. They made other students visibly uncomfortable. hand signals or something?” Alice frowned and shook her head. They fit perfectly.” Alice continued. and it was bothering me. “I think he likes you. so…” “What do you mean?” “He has girls throwing themselves at him all the time. I’ll see you later.“Yeah. He can read my emotions really well. I don’t think he knows me well enough to like me. The two of them had some kind of secret language or something that they used. not playing stupid anymore. pulling off my shoes and slipping the new ones on. “No… just twin intuition. kind of mesmerized. though. “Do what?” “You communicate with each other. Without talking.

Go ahead. maybe it’s because I’m new. . and it looked as though they were arguing. “Can you and Alice talk to each other the way she and Edward do?” Emmett tensed up. I laughed and sat down in my chair. or maybe you’re some kind of a cult or something and you’re trying to gain a new member. But.” I could’ve walked away. not tense. And I don’t know why you’re all talking to me. I’d love to see him with a girl for once. and I don’t know anything about you like all the other students seem to. I liked them. “Yes… thank you. He threw his huge arm over the back of my chair and tapped his hand on my back. If he didn’t know what I was talking about. and Emmett smiled. or maybe you’re trying to set up your brother who apparently never dates any girls. I don’t expect you to tell me anything. I figured I might as well ask Emmett too.” Since I’d already confronted both Edward and Alice about their secret code or whatever it was. Whatever it is. Her tone was still rude. Emmett was already standing outside with Rosalie. I’m gonna go with her.” She shrugged as we walked around the corner to my classroom. It’s obvious that your family is different. “A cult? You’re funny. I’m not that obtuse. I could’ve gone and tried to stay away from these people. try and make friends here.and you can tell everyone else. We don’t have to be nice to you if you don’t want. I didn’t. Feel free. before turning toward Rosalie. he would’ve just immediately looked confused. and then frowned.” Emmett held his hand over his mouth and stifled a laugh. but I forced a smile.that I’m not stupid. and lived a normal existence. Bella. “Alice is a piece of work. They immediately stopped when they spotted us.” Rosalie nodded and started walking away. “What? What do you mean?” “It’s really weird. because for some reason. isn’t she?” Emmett asked as we walked into class. that’s for sure. “They fit?” She pointed at my shoes.” “Hi.” I said back to Emmett. and you wanted some kind of an ally. I’ll see you later. “She isn’t shy. “Hey. too. Bella. Bella.” Alice said. waving as she scurried after her.“He’s a very good judge of character. but I just want you to know. “Um. It was then that I knew there was something up. I know it’s something.

I was dreading the weekend. There was a huge. He was constantly pleasant toward me. until now. Besides for the fact that he was one of the most magnificent looking men I’d ever laid eyes on in my life. I figured they were some uppity socialites that would be rude and barely even acknowledge my presence. On my first step inside. completely and utterly compelling. I sat down on his bed and pulled out my Biology book. though. considering how friendly their children had been to me. there was something about him that drew me to him. The room was immaculately clean and organized. letting in a gentle breeze that made the curtains billow slightly. So although Biology homework wasn’t my idea of a typical Friday night. as far as the colors and the style of furniture. and modern. And I don’t know what would’ve happened to me if I had. It would be normal that one of the parents and the children would have the same color. but both of the parents? Were they related or something? Because that would be strange. bright. He was smart. Or at least it looked that way. When we walked up to the third floor. in fact. There was clear evidence right in front of me. from the trophies and awards that lined the shelves. It was the same as Alice and Emmett’s. where Edward’s bedroom was. because that meant I wouldn’t be able to see him. Barely anyone even spoke to him unless he addressed them first. to walking. to the rows of novels in the bookcases. black baby grand piano to the left side of the room.Especially Edward. and he seemed to have some kind of a power over people. The Cullens lived in a breathtaking townhouse on the Upper West Side. A giant sleigh bed was up against the far wall. I stared in amazement as we walked into Edward’s giant room. Dr. but Edward quickly walked over and took it from my lap. at all. but I was wrong. He had this inexplicable air about him that made everything he did. . It wasn’t exactly common. Cullen and Esme’s eye color. Everything was white or tan and the entire place was professionally decorated. yellowish brown color. All of the children had been beautiful their entire lives. From when they were babies. to laughing with his friends and family. I felt ignorant for even thinking it in the first place. There was a huge swirling staircase as soon as you walked in. Or maybe I was just looking too far into it. The pictures cleared up any doubt that I’d had about Edward and Alice lying about being twins. * Edward had invited me over at the end of the week so that we could work on our Biology homework together. Everything was neutral toned and wood. but it was fascinating to me. it was blatantly obvious they weren’t a cult. I could’ve walked away. I was more than happy to oblige. and distinguished. It was elegant. And I should’ve known better. I was carelessly observing the family pictures that lined the walls. The décor matched the rest of the house. It fit their family to a tee. There were windows open. I’d never seen anyone with the same color before. Almost a golden. and the rooms were all sprawling and had huge ceilings. plus I’d be spending the two days alone because Charlie would be working. I felt at ease in their home. but I didn’t. There was something that caught my eye. It wasn’t normal. from holding a pencil. and not at all like I thought I would. Doctor Cullen and his wife Esme were beyond polite and accommodating.

grabbing the back of his neck and tilting his head to the side. I haven’t. and then ran my hand down the line of buttons in the front of his shirt. “You play the piano?” “Yeah. “I never wanted one. shrugging. “Do I ask you about your romantic past?” “You’ve forced me to talk to you about stuff I didn’t want to this entire week.” “I noticed. in case you didn’t notice. I reached my hand up and loosened his tie for him.” “So have you ever kissed another girl. I gently nudged his chin with my finger so that he was looking up. He walked over to the piano and sat down on the bench. patting the space next to him so I’d join.” He shrugged and blinked a few times. and I smiled at him. I hadn’t realized I was standing so close to him until I felt the wind of his breath on my forehead. I gulped and took a step back. holding out his hand to help me off the bed. And tell Alice to stop gossiping. Just touching Edward over his clothes made my body tingle.” he said. “No. “Can I ask you something?” “Sure. making me jump.” I answered. “You could’ve just asked me. or anything?” Edward laughed and dropped his hands from the piano. His bashfulness was endearing. and then spun my head around to try and break the apparent sexual tension. “What do you mean?” “I just wanted you to come over. “Don’t you think that’s kind of personal?” “No. “Alice said you’ve never had a girlfriend. Are you hungry?” . still clearly a little uncomfortable.” “Um… why?” His index and his middle finger kept hitting two adjacent keys anxiously.” he said as he looked down at the keys.” His fingers slammed down on a group of keys. I still would’ve come.” Edward answered. I didn’t know how to ask…” He nervously stuck his hands in his pockets and looked down at the floor. I’m kind of a reserved person. pressing his fingers against them randomly.“We don’t have to do homework.

” she said. All of a sudden. I can walk. Alice just worries. everyone was gone from the room. I walk everywhere. After dinner. * .I didn’t realize I was until Edward had brought it up. Alice. “Drop her off at her door. and her boyfriend Jasper. smirking at me. it’s fine.” Edward answered.” Edward said.” I shook my head and stopped him from putting his shoes on. “I left my wallet home… really. I couldn't help but notice the look of extreme worry on his face. “What time is it?” I lifted my head from his shoulder and rubbed my eyes. before her eyes darted to Edward. “There was a murder right down the block. “Let me walk you home. but it wasn’t in there. Why?” “Take a taxi. “Almost 11. where Esme happily cooked dinner for the two of us.” He dashed out of the door and down the front stoop to hail a taxi for me. and suddenly I heard someone yell my name and footsteps scampering down the hallway on the floor above us. Rosalie. “I’ll be fine. When I got inside.” “Me too. I frowned and searched through my bag for my wallet. placing a twenty in my hand. because I woke up to Edward shaking me when it was finished. we watched a movie with Emmett. “Goodnight.” “Here. When I looked around. “Bella! You’re walking home?” “Um… yes. Alice was at the bottom of the spiral stairs. “Goodnight. near the park a couple of weeks ago. What happened next was one of the strangest things that’d happened thus far. I stood up and Edward walked me to the door.” he said. I must have drifted off during it. Not on the corner. She claimed everyone else had eaten something small while we were up in Edward’s room.” She ran back up the stairs and disappeared out of view. We went downstairs.” He waved goodbye to me and the cab took off.” “No. Edward. not giving me another option. I had fun tonight. where I picked up my book bag and slipped my shoes back on.” Edward pulled the door open. but I didn’t realize it at the time. he crouched down in front of the window to talk to the driver.

“What time did you get home last night?” Charlie was sitting in front of the TV with a cup of coffee when I walked into the living room. I sat down next to him and yawned. “A little after 11.” “Where were you?” “I was at Edward’s. You were right about his parents. They’re very nice people.” Charlie turned his gaze from the TV to me and then down at his cup. He took a gulp and continued watching the news. “Turn this up,” I said, tapping him when I saw a shot of the park. Charlie’s apartment was only ten blocks from Edward’s house, and I had to walk by the park to get home, so apparently that was why Alice had been nervous. I watched the news segment in silence. A woman in her early 20s had been mugged and shot near the park, at around 11:00 the night before. My heart sped up when I realized how close I could’ve been to getting killed. “Another murder near the park?” I looked at Charlie and shook my head. “Maybe we should move.” “Bella, what are you talking about? There hasn’t been a homicide in this part of town for almost two years.” I squinted at him and shook my head. Edward clearly said last night that there’d been a murder a couple of weeks earlier. It seemed like too much of a coincidence that he’d made it up and then it actually happened that night. Except that when it came to Edward and the rest of the Cullens, nothing was ever just coincidence.

Chapter 2 ~ A Fight, A Slip and Telepathic Powers
I soon realized that I was developing an unhealthy obsession with all things Edward. Biology had quickly gone from being my least favorite subject to my favorite, due to the fact that I was in ecstasy whenever I was around him. In fact, I looked forward to school altogether, which my father immediately noticed was out of character for me. I spent all of my free time thinking about Edward and what he was doing. And I sat by the phone and waited for his call constantly when he wasn’t around. I pried into Edward's family and friends for any information about him they would offer me. What I got wasn't anything notable. In a way, he seemed somewhat average. And then at times, just a glance from him gave me that unshakable feeling that he wasn't average at all. It was all very confusing and emotionally draining.

What I had learned about Edward was that he and Alice were born in June, and they'd recently turned 17. He was a piano virtuoso, and he had been since a very young age. He was extremely intelligent and excelled at anything academic. He was athletic, and had always participated in school sports, particularly soccer and baseball, but he decided against playing this year; the exact reason why had never been discussed. He’d always been the introverted, withdrawn child of the three. Alice mentioned that since he'd met me, he'd talked more than he ever had in his life. My initial impression was that Edward seemed naturally outgoing, so that was peculiar. Yet, in a way, it was also slightly flattering. It was during second period one day, when we had gotten sent to the library to do a research project that my suspicions started rising again. Emmett and I had been partnered up for the assignment, which I'd considered to be pretty complex. Emmett finished it for us in maybe... ten minutes. After looking everything over, I was shocked with the quality of his work. It made me realize something. "Emmett, how old are you?" "I just turned 18," he answered as he flipped through Sports Illustrated nonchalantly. "Why?" "You're smart." "Uh... thanks?" He raised an eyebrow, spinning the magazine vertically so he could get a better look at the centerfold. "Why are you a junior? You didn't get left back, I assume." Emmett looked at me curiously and shook his head. "No, I didn't." "So then what?" Without saying a word, he stood up from the table and I followed him to the far corner of the dark, quiet library, away from the rest of the students. He leaned against one of the old mahogany shelves and smirked. "My parents purposely kept me back so I'd be in the same grade as Edward and Alice. They were a little bit socially awkward when we were younger. They didn't really talk to anyone, except each other, and they kind of got bullied around. I was like their bodyguard. But don't ever tell them I told you that." It seemed true, simply because they still only really socialized with each other. There was something about the way Emmett said it though, that drew me in. "Why were the other kids mean to them?" "Just because they were different, I guess," Emmett muttered, shrugging as he blew dust off the top of a book that clearly hadn't been touched in ages. "Different how?"

"You know, curiosity killed the cat, Bella." That was the end of that conversation. A few days later, before first period, I stopped in the bathroom. It had become a sick routine for me. A few times a week, I'd hide in a stall if someone walked in and I'd wait to hear if anything was said about the Cullens again. Pathetic, yes, but I was suspicious and nosy and wanted answers. So, I heard the door open and I flew into a stall. I noticed the first voice as being the girl Jessica, who Edward had assaulted with his eyes... Or whatever you’d call the creepy thing he'd done. I didn't recognize any of the other voices. "...I believe it. Lauren swears that they would make out in the balcony of the auditorium all the time, but whenever she'd try to go further, Edward would stop her and leave," Jessica gossiped. "Yeah, because he's gay," a different voice added. "He isn't gay, just picky. He should be, he's fucking hot," a third voice said. "Hot? Who cares. He's creepy and he's a fucking freak, just like the rest of his mutant family." Jessica. That spiteful bitch. Before I knew what I was doing, I slammed the door to the stall open, making a deafening bang echo throughout the bathroom. The four girls jumped and turned, staring in my direction. Jessica's eyes bugged out of her head when she realized it was me, and that she'd been caught talking about the Cullens again. "Edward's not gay. He's just not interested," I spat at her, crossing my arms over my chest and sneering. "You're making a mistake, Isabella. If I were you, I'd get to class and mind my own business." Something about the way Jessica purposely used my whole name just rubbed me the wrong way. "Fuck you. If you're telling lies about my friends, it's my business." She took a step toward me and smiled. "Oh yeah? They’re your friends, huh?" She let out an earsplitting cackle. "Yeah!" The next couple of minutes were a bit of a blur for me. I got pushed. I hit someone in the face. Someone grabbed my hair. At the same time two other girls pushed me to the ground, making my head bang against the marble floor. And then, when I was sure I was about to get my head stepped on, I heard a shriek and a loud slam.

they were the only thing I could comprehend at that moment. His green eyes were blazing into mine. "How'd you know I was in here?" "I was walking by and heard yelling. The three girls were nowhere in sight. My mouth fell open in shock as my eyes adjusted to who it was. and headed straight for me. How convenient was it that the two of them just happened to show up and swoop in and save me? I was appreciative." I looked at Rosalie. When I walked in. glancing around the bathroom. I had Biology to get to. . The mirror. The back of my head hurt.I was trying to catch my breath and look around. "Bella. I didn't know it was you until they had already run out of here. without even humoring either of them and pretending like I believed their bullshit. still holding the back of my aching head. I tried to compose myself and stand up. It was all lies. "I just saw Jessica and her friends outside crying and looking all disheveled. "Yeah. I held my hand up to it and winced. "You just did it. and I heard them say your name so I came in here. I'm. I picked my stuff up from the floor and exited the bathroom. "Am I bleeding?" "No. “They were talking about Edward. When I looked back at Rosalie. I was dizzy.slam. I realized she didn't have a hair out of place. Blatant lies. Edward's eyes widened and I saw him tense in his seat. right there in the doorway. again. He stared at me. and I felt dizzy and almost incoherent. and sure enough the mirror was shattered." I said. pointing toward the door. late of course." she said. Why were you-" "Bella! Are you okay?!" Alice came running into the bathroom full speed.. how'd you guys know I was in here?" They both exchanged looks. but then there was another scream and the two girls that were holding me down were suddenly gone and. wait.” I justified. It was like my body was frozen. trying to take on four girls?" It was Rosalie. are you alright? What the hell were you thinking.. but instantly someone was there lifting me to my feet. I think it was the mirror. but I heard glass shattering and falling to the ground. but the lying all the time was fucking irritating. and Alice answered first.

.. I nodded and grabbed Edward's stack of books from our table before retreating into the hallway. "What happened?" he whispered through clenched teeth. saying.. "Please gather Edward's books for me and bring them down to Headmaster Aro’s office. He was pressing against his temples with his fingertips as I quietly dropped into my seat next to him.The whole thing felt like it had been minutes. I'm sure. how'd you. So you got into a. he isn't feeling well. "Jessica... About five minutes before the bell rang Mr. "I've heard it all before. it doesn't really matter-" "That I'm gay. The dizziness subsided." he said. Suddenly Edward clenched his eyes shut and I heard his jaw snap. I spent the entire hour replaying the morning’s events in my head. I heard Edward's voice down the .. Just as I was about to round the corner before the headmaster's office. "Isabella? Is Edward okay?" Mr.. scuffle?" I nodded. Are you alright?" "I'm fine. touching skin I hadn't realized was tender." Without asking any questions. Banner called me to the front of the room. I was completely convinced that there was something going on. It was completely silent except for the light echo of my footsteps. but really it couldn't have been more than three seconds that he was looking at me. How in the hell? "Yeah." Edward said." Class continued and Edward never returned. "Um. "You're getting a bruise..." "I told you. shrugging his shoulders while still rubbing his left temple. Something that involved me. and Edward’s bizarre reaction. Between the “opportune” appearance of Rosalie and Alice during the altercation.. Banner looked at me. "Uh. his face full of concern." he trailed off and patted the top of my head. she was talking bad about you again." He didn't seem fine. and as I walked to my desk I saw Edward's face twist with what looked like. I glanced up to the front of the room and observed Jessica's empty seat. That and your hair is all. Well. Anguish.. answer me.. trying to smooth the erratic strands that were sticking up in every direction. "How-" He pressed his right thumb against my cheek bone. He pushed his chair back and flew out of the classroom without looking back. rolling his eyes.

Plus. They're going to kill me." Kill him? That couldn’t be what he said. if worst comes to worst. “If you have any other questions.there's always… the guard. There isn’t anything for you to tell. but I want answers. on the complete opposite side of campus. How did she know where I was? She’s never in that part of the building.” “I don’t have any idea what you’re talking about. “Rosalie knew where I was. you know where to find me. You're safe here. Edward. And Alice knew. before giving me a nod. How-” . “What are you talking about?” “Edward. Both of them stopped talking and when I turned the corner. No one knows why it happens when it does-" "You have to understand why I'm nervous. Clearly. they were standing in the middle of the hallway. "…I told you. too. “Good day. When it happens. when I was fighting. “I heard what you said.” He yanked his arm from my grasp and continued walking. I stealthily leaned against the wall and tried eavesdropping on him and the headmaster. I walked down the hallway and met them.” “Obviously. “Something very… mystical is happening. holding Edward’s books out in front of him. with all of us living so close to each other.hallway.” I accused.. I see her in the courtyard every morning.” I looked at Edward and squinted as the headmaster walked out of view.” Edward said casually before turning and heading down the hallway.” He grabbed the stack out of my arms and turned toward the headmaster. I can't give you a specific time. It should all work out accordingly. “I… um…” “Thanks. “And I don’t know what it is. I want nothing to do with that." “No.” “We’ll know in time. I followed close behind him and whispered. One of you needs to tell me what’s going on. I’m not going to tell anyone. but they were so far away.which it most likely won't. he was going to be stubborn about the whole thing and play stupid with me.” the headmaster said to Edward.. Absolutely not. "We'd never let that happen. That was the whole reason we-” And then I gave myself away by sneezing. I wasn’t sure if what I heard was right. “You can talk to me. if what we believe is true. staring directly at me. They're going to find me.” I grabbed his arm and planted my feet. Someone’s trying to kill you?” Edward laughed and shook his head at me.

I hadn’t told him details about what happened. And so did Edward. “Where’s your family?” The house. What I’m about to say is absolutely confidential. His bronze hair was messier than usual. “It’s for your own safety. Do you understand?” I nodded. “Alice camps?” I asked only because she didn’t seem like the camping type.” We entered his room and Edward headed straight for his piano. “You said you’d tell me. climbing up the winding stairs to his room.” “Okay. You can never repeat this to another person. He waved to Charlie and followed me into the silent townhouse. It was the most casual I’d every seen him look before. “Yes. cocking my head to the side. If anyone is to find out.” I told him. There was a light dusting of stubble across his jaw and underneath his cheekbones. . there’ll be drastic consequences. Edward was standing on his front steps in jeans and a polo.” he mumbled. His head dropped to the floor and he sighed. Still.” * Charlie pulled up in front of Edward’s house on Saturday morning a little before 11. “They’re all camping upstate for the weekend. took a deep breath and said. he was absolutely striking. Like he hadn’t slept. “I know. I clasped my hands around the edge of the bench to keep them from shaking. Tomorrow… come by my house when you wake up. and then pressed his lips against mine softly.” “Why didn’t you go?” “I’m not big on camping. I’ll try to explain it to you. barefoot. That scared me even more. “Before I tell you anything… I should warn you. raising my eyebrows. He knew he’d slipped. I straddled the bench and looked at him. and his eyes were bloodshot.“Why don’t you stop being so skeptical about people and just appreciate the fact that Rosalie saved you from getting hurt?” I stopped dead in my tracks. and somehow he knew. brimming with anticipation. suddenly feeling very afraid.” He tapped a black key on the piano twice. I climbed out of the passenger seat of his cop car. “Fine. which had been bustling with excitement the last time I’d been there was quiet and dark.” Edward leaned toward me and kissed my forehead.

It couldn’t be possible. Things like… telepathy didn’t exist in real life. You brushed your teeth and took a shower.” “So you’ve been reading my mind? This whole time-” “No!” He stood up from the bench and stared out the window. The look that Jessica had on her face when Edward stared at her. Right when you woke up. “Well. It all depends on your mood. Your room is in the middle of the hallway. Obviously. I asked him to drop me off at Edward’s before work. Your bedspread is white. “Tell me… tell me everything. “Emmett. I think. Then you made Charlie pancakes. When you woke up.” he said looking down at the floor. for some reason… your mind is hard for me to read. Edward went to put his hand on my arm. We don’t know why. “Don’t tell me. The secret way that I’d caught Edward communicating with Alice and Emmett. Most of the time I can’t see anything. .” Edward interrupted. and he blinked a few times and scooted over on the bench so we weren’t as close to each other. about witches and psychics and superheroes. so to speak. I was pretty sure Edward was none of those. He put his head in his hands and sighed.” Things started falling into place. I felt a wave of nausea go through my stomach.” I spit out. Sometimes I try but I can’t do it at all. Only in movies. “Think about this morning. What did you do?” I thought it over in my head.“That was just in case you run out of here and never speak to me again. I closed my eyes to stop the room from spinning. you understand now?” My heart was beating out of my chest. I made breakfast for Charlie. “No. That was basically it. I spend every fucking day of my life trying to block it out. it was the same way that I felt when he was inside of my head. but I held my palm up and he backed away. your mind will kind of… push it out. “First I-” “No. I got out of bed and took a shower. you know.” I started. directly across from the bathroom. I still can’t get through. mine is mind reading. Alice.” He stared at me the same way he had the day before. And even sometimes when I do push. and I was hyperventilating. Then it’s easier for me. So. I woke up to my alarm clock at eight. The way he often knew what was going on before I’d informed him. “The walls in your room are purple. Each of ours are different. But there was no other explanation. and I were born with… powers. though and I have to look really hard and it’s draining. and I suddenly felt dizzy again.” “What… what do you mean?” “If it’s something you want me to know. and when I opened them again everything was back to normal.

“I trust you. “Yes. because although I should’ve been scared and running for the door.” I did as he said and waited for his instructions. my voice shaking. sitting on the piano bench. “What’s the thing you can do that you aren’t supposed to?” The smiled faded from his face and he shook his head. “What do Alice and Emmett do?” . “Well… close your eyes.” I accepted what he said because I was starting to believe it. I wanted to know as much as I could. I see black. I didn’t want to touch upon it further. I gasped and my eyes shot open. or I was in such a state of shock that I was numb. “So.” He nodded. Maybe another time. so I changed the subject. but they strictly enforce I don’t use certain… aspects of my powers on others. It was me. my eyes closed and my hands still gripping the edge of the bench. There are people who know about this. “I can’t talk about that right now. But there are strict rules. The draw that I felt to him suddenly was stronger.” “Why are you telling me all this?” Edward smiled at me and shrugged. Bella. Either that. you would’ve found out sooner or later. that’s it? Can you do anything else?” He smirked and crossed his arms over his chest.“I can feel it. I prefer not to do it ever. and I won’t get into it.” I told him. “When you’re in my head. as if that weren’t a surprise to him. I can feel it. There’s a reason for everything. making Edward laugh.” “What else can you do?” I was starting to calm. “What do you see?” “Um… nothing.” “Okay. It scares people.” The mention of his dark power seemed to fill him with fear. Ready?” Suddenly. Anyway. Edward’s admission had made him almost more enticing. “You did that?!” “Yeah. I can mentally project things into people’s heads. an image appeared in front of my eyes. though. Regardless.

and I saw him squint at it.“You’ll see. trying to make sense of what my life had become.” I took a deep breath and stood up from the bench. So. I walked up and down the quiet. yeah. I had no idea where to start. kind of. and go on living my life as normal as was possible. The first was to go home. There was no justifiable reason for going back. The little dog started barking at Edward. but I suddenly felt woozy. Maybe take a walk. and just think. it was more like I floated out the door without a word. Or option two. get out of my head. “Sorry. “Edward. I knew that no good could come of it.” I stuck my hand out and leaned against the railing while he chuckled.. “What do you want to know?” “You’ve always been able to do this?” . “You can… animals?” “No. tree lined street. I just hate that dog. I’ll have them show you when they get back. leaning backward. “No. I want to know everything I can about this. Instantly the dog retreated and let out a whine before getting dragged away. and I cared about him. But he’d trusted me.” He cleared his throat and put his elbows on the step behind him. Tell me. abolish all my ties with Edward and his family. We were connected. Actually.. In the end. I mean. but I’m not going anywhere. So I went back. ~*~~*~~*~ Chapter 3 ~ Power Trip When I walked back to Edward’s townhouse. I stood in front of him and took a deep breath to talk.” Edward rolled his eyes and me and waved at a guy who was passing by with a dog.” He walked me downstairs and I left without a word. I decided there were two paths I could take. and the fact that he was different than I was wasn’t a good enough reason to turn away from him. and let me into his world. what? You think I’m a freak and you don’t want to be around me anymore?” I sat down next to him on the step and shook my head. now that I knew that the supernatural actually existed. and I didn’t feel like I had a choice. he was sitting on the front steps looking a little distraught. I think you’re a freak. I could go back to Edward. There were so many things I wanted to ask. “Edward… I need to go outside and breathe. So many questions were spinning around in my head.

Why not?” “Well. Does that sound stupid?” “No. “When I sat next to you that first day. To say that he was talented would be putting it very. and you don’t really have friends outside of your circle. I mean. The problem is that everyone is different. it’s all I can hear in my head. “So. but he told me he’d have to discuss it with them first before he told me anything. and he told me all about his life. If my parents hadn’t known that we were… different from the beginning. Usually when someone’s sitting next to me. Afterwards.” Edward and I spent the rest of the day together. and my gifts seem to be one of a kind. basically. and I was curious to know what it was he was holding back. “But you aren’t. and I don’t know exactly what. There are… others. there’s a link between us or something.“Uh… I think so? I’m not sure. and I’ve had practice controlling it. No one else’s are as strong or advanced as mine. not mentioning anything that had to do with his powers. I moved closer to him and leaned my head on his shoulder as he spoke. he made us dinner. “Why’d you talk to me that first day? Alice said you never talk to anyone. You are different.” I answered honestly. For the first time. it was… quiet. like I told you. and-” . I’m not gay. “I feel the same way. can I ask you something personal?” I slid closer to him on the white leather couch as he cocked an eyebrow in my direction. I didn’t have to work on blocking someone out. Not even Alice or Emmett. very lightly.” “Well. It was like he had forced them to the back of his mind. Stop listening to what you hear. School was hell. My first memory of it was when I was… maybe four or five. and then we sat in his living room and continued talking. “What?” “You’re not gay?” He laughed and draped his arm around me. I asked him again about Alice and Emmett. I would’ve been in an institution by now. But you… you were different.” His voice trailed off at the end and he tilted his head back to look at the gray sky. and you’ve never had girlfriends… so why me?” He shrugged and smiled at me. We took a walk in the park.blocking it out. but I just feel like. he actually played something for me on the piano. if I’m not blocking them. And there are people who are experienced when it comes to this. Something drew me to you.” Telepathy and mental projection didn’t seem to be extremely powerful skills to me. “No. I realized there was much more than what he’d told me. We went back to his house and for the first time. You can imagine what that’s like for a child. we’re not the only people like this. you’re 17 and your siblings claim you show no interest in girls even though they throw themselves at you.

” I told her honestly. I was intrigued. are you? We’re not bad. It took a lot of strength for me not to make a move on him. we’d taken Emmett’s car. posh designer bag on the table.” I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Edward found me and asked me if I wanted to go to his house. and folded her hands on her lap. And I’m glad… one less person that we have to hide from is a little bit of a relief. I know. Just because my business isn’t spread around the academy like wildfire doesn’t mean anything. which she and Rosalie had been raving about all day. and more importantly. The last time I’d gone home with them. Bella. extremely jealous but trying not to let it show. “Yeah. filling my lungs with the Edward’s delectable scent. “Why are you so concerned? Do you like me?” I nodded timidly and shrugged. I do. I was beyond attracted to him. I climbed into the back with Alice. “Yeah.a huge. but some things don’t always need to be said. Don’t be nervous. “Edward said he told you about us. where we walked to a silver Volvo C70. I’m a 17 year old guy. I keep my personal business personal for a reason. but at that point I was more interested in talking then making out. but the reason why I knew you were in the bathroom that day was because I saw it. smirking at me. my main power is precognition. Or that you figured it out. I figured out that he’d also told his parents that I knew. And that meant a lot. * After class on Monday.” .” I said. pretentious Hummer. Edward’s car. “So.“Alice is the one who said that. I’m not nervous. Edward sat on my other side. When we got to their house. kind of. “Good. Esme.” “Good.” he stuttered. Both of their cars fit them to a tee. and Carlisle. but. Don’t even ask it again. She dropped her new. I promise. I can’t really show it to you. and Emmett stood at the table and watched. You aren’t scared. I’ve kissed other girls. I’ve… I’m not gay. Not exactly an admission that he liked me back. where she wasted no time telling me what this little gathering was going to entail. I knew him well. We met Alice and Emmett in the front entrance of the building. but you made a snap decision and it changed the course of what I saw for you. in a way.” he murmured. “So then you have been with… other girls?” “You’re nosy. Alice sat me in a chair in their dining room and sat next to me.” I barely knew him. laughing a little bit.” “No. I would’ve been there earlier.

chuckling. don’t go. “You got this when you were with your mother… you wanted a blue one. Well.” I muttered.” I picked my bag up from the floor and set it on the table. who was nervously raking his fingers through his hair. grinning.” I took a deep breath and nodded. I think.” . “What do you do?” “I’m very strong. “So… do you have more than one power? Like Edward?” Alice nodded and held her palm out to me. “How… what…” “Psychometrics. “Alice and I have internal powers… Emmett’s are more… external. except for Edward. He’s just nosy. “Yes… um.” she said. hand me your book bag. squinting in Emmett’s direction. shaking his head. her eyes closed.” Carlisle said. Emmett. There was no proof that what she was saying was fact. “I want to see. You don’t have to be afraid.” Emmett said. standing up. Alice was giggling in her seat next to me. we’re not bad. remembering the events of that day. Just… no. don’t demonstrate on him. “What?” I looked at Edward. Bella. the day the girl got murdered in the park. but she insisted gray was the smarter choice. “That’s a power?” Edward stood up from his chair and turned toward the other room. “You… saw me?” “Yes. “Edward.“So. it’s only for your own good. You got it at a store in… a mall. while Emmett laughed hysterically. “Obviously. Anytime we involve you in our powers. “No. And your mother paid for it with her Visa. I can touch anything… inanimate and see anything about it. blocking Emmett from my view. where Alice proceeded to touch it. I blinked a few times and turned my head toward Emmett.93.” “No!” Edward stepped in front of me. I told you.” he said.” I said. who shrugged.” I said. It came out to $47. but I found no other way of explaining some of the things she’d done. and then her eyes shot open and she smiled. since it matched better. She was silent for a couple of seconds. or to protect you.” My mouth dropped open and I looked at Edward. “You can demonstrate on me.

don’t push him. “Fuck you. stoic.” Edward explained. but dropped his hand. let’s go-” Edward started dragging me out of the room. turning his head toward me. that’s all you can do?” “Bella. as a defense mechanism. rubbing his eyes. wincing. not finding any humor in what had just happened. “See what I mean about him being a pussy?” Emmett said. “Okay. when suddenly I heard a painful grunt escape from his mouth and he crouched down to the ground. “What did you do?” I asked. Emmett had started pointing at Edward. I… I can convert my physical strength and mentally blast people with it. if you’re a pussy. look at the wall!” Esme put her hand on her forehead and shook her head.I stood on my tiptoes and peeked over Edward’s shoulder at Emmett. holding his head. . You know. And why they’d let Emmett demonstrate on her and not Edward was a mystery to me.” Edward said. frowning. but seemingly held up against the wall. Do it to me. “Okay. “Yeah.” she reprimanded. “I think you’ve seen enough for today.” “Yeah. grabbing my hand. Her body was pushed into the wall and there was a crack going from the floor near her feet. stop!” Esme ran over to Edward and helped him off the ground. “Emmett. by far. getting a shove from Esme.” Edward muttered through his clenched teeth. “You did that?” I managed to choke out. Edward’s face was all red. I stared in shock as Emmett released her and started cracking up. and a second later.” Carlisle cut him off and gave him a look. Emmett nodded and held his hand up to his chest as he laughed. “So. except for-” “Emmett. I heard a deafening slam and Alice was pinned up against the wall.” Alice clenched her eyes shut. stop! Let me go!” Alice was squirming. “Emmett. But not hard. “His only do damage. “Emmett. looking at me. Well. My power is the coolest. and his eyes were teary. completely flabbergasted. The speed that she’d gotten forced into the wall should’ve done her serious damage. No one had moved from where they were positioned before.” Emmett quipped.” “Emmett isn’t supposed to use his powers at all. Alice was tiny. up to the ceiling. Alice stood up from her chair and sighed. don’t call him that. “Just show me. His fists were clenched and he was gasping for air. Edward still stood there.

it was a hassle for them to have to hide what they could do. but I almost felt jealous I didn’t have my own creepy power. “Oh… thanks for sharing.“It’s kind of the same thing I did to Alice.” Edward said.” I told him. so I attempted to talk to him about it again. pulling me away from them. There are people out there who’d like to use them to their advantage. This has to be really strange for you. I was sure. it’ll find its way to you. This is one nightmare you’re not gonna wake up from. it was also really awesome. .” “It’s strange. leaning against the handrail at the bottom of the stairs. though. because Edward. That meant there was an entire other world that I had no idea existed. letting me walk ahead of him before he followed me outside.” Emmett answered. and I wasn’t sure why.” Edward seemed like he was trying to downplay it. I feel like I’m kind of… dreaming. Who know what else was really out there? Ghosts. He’d brushed it off when I’d asked him about it originally. There’s no need to go looking for trouble. “It would do you good to stop being so inquisitive now. He laughed and opened the door. “I think I need another walk. what do you want to do?” Edward asked. werewolves. Plus. “Edward? What did you mean. not giving up. so I’m constantly being watched. Edward brought me down the street to get dinner and to keep me away from his family for a little while. he said there were other people that were like him. “So. Everyone except Edward laughed. and Emmett’s gifts were supernatural. But please don’t ever do that to me. The possibilities of what actually existed in this world were endless.” I retorted. witches. Just in his head. but… I’m okay. That meant the line between my reality and my imagination was now blurred. I just get paranoid sometimes. because even though it was kind of scary. making me quiver. vampires? They could all be real. It made me feel immediately scared for him.” Nightmare? It didn’t seem all that bad to me.” I begged. There was one thing that still concerned me: the conversation that Edward had with the headmaster. He seemed slightly embarrassed. shrugging.” “Yeah. That’s all. but the nervousness in his voice was apparent. Alice. “I told you already… my powers are really advanced for some reason.” “Good to know. “Are you okay?” “I’m fine. That doesn’t answer my question. you’re not. No big deal. If something’s of any concern to you. actually. “I understand if you want to leave. but now things were totally different. goblins. well. my face full of anxiety. Sure. in the hallway… when you said they were going to find you and kill you? Who were you talking about?” Edward sighed and put his hand on the small of my back.

Edward? I was thinking about something. “You said that depending what kind of a mood I’m in I can… block you out. copper pigeons. admiring everything about him. Your hair is copper and… there was a pigeon outside. I don’t fucking know! But it worked. Edward and I went up to his room to work on our homework.” he asked. You know? Like. His copper hair. “Hey. I had visions of me talking to him in my head when we were sitting next to each other like he and Alice did. Copper pigeons. “What?” I asked him. not looking up from his book.” “Huh. “It… was just a random thought. perplexed.” Edward said.When we got back to the house. There was a pigeon sitting on his windowsill. I crawled up the bed and sat Indian style facing him. So I combined those two and repeated it over and over in my head. And I didn’t even feel it that time. I found his ability to read my mind appealing. I think it had something to do with the fact that if we did that together. can we practice?” He sighed and smirked at me before placing his book on his nightstand and clearing the spot next to him for me. I don’t really know why I was interested in trying to control his powers at all. copper pigeons… I stared into Edward’s eyes and tried to push my thoughts toward him. shrugging. I was thinking. I lay on my stomach across his bed and he sat against his headboard. because I think it’s subconsciously controlled… I’m not really sure.” I looked around the room for something random I could think about. concentrating hard on his work. or a bond that the two of us had. For some reason. Or let you in. The way he squinted through his thick eyelashes when he read from his textbooks. breaking my concentration. seemingly interested and nodded.” . well… just try and listen. I got distracted and stared every few minutes. How. The way he’d bite down and hold his pen between his perfect teeth every time he turned a page… Studying was useless with him around. it was a secret. “So… I don’t know if this is going to work. “So. but within a couple of seconds he started hysterically laughing. Right?” He looked up at me. The way he pursed his lips slightly when he was thinking about something. And the light above his bed was reflecting right off of his hair. “What the hell are copper pigeons? Why were you thinking that?” He shook his head at me and kept laughing for a little while. “Okay. I had no idea how to explain it. maybe I can control it.

“Yeah, I told you,” Edward said, catching his breath. “It’s only when your mind is closed and I’m forcing my way in that you can feel it.” I got onto my knees and slapped my hands against my legs. “Okay. Now let me try blocking you out.” I took a deep breath and closed my eyes and thought about the first thing that came to mind that I wouldn’t want Edward to know about. Him in the balcony. Making out with that blonde girl Lauren, that was friends with Jessica. Her putting her hands on him. His tongue and his lips moving along hers. His“Bella?” “Huh.” I opened my eyes and Edward was blushing. “Uh, it’s not working… I can… hear it.” Fuck. I slapped my hand to my forehead and winced. “And just so you know, that never happened.” I was beyond mortified, but that was good because it gave me more motivation to try harder. I closed my eyes again, and stepped it up a bit, this time picturing myself instead of that Lauren girl. It seemed like it worked because I felt an ache in my temple, but I blocked it out. And then I kept thinking of Edward kissing me, and his hands on me. And I thought of his tongue and his lips and his“Yeah, I still hear it,” he interrupted, chuckling a little bit. “But if you want to do that instead, we can-” “Hmm… okay. Wait, no, I want to get this. Why can’t I do it?” “I don’t know. I told you, maybe you can’t control it. You can open your mind but not close it all the way.” I clenched my eyes shut and covered my ears with my palms to try and focus harder. I felt the pain in my head, and the wooziness, but I kept pulling my thoughts in, trying to block out the pain and the dizziness. Because I didn’t want Edward to see what I was thinking at all. The only thing that could possibly be more humiliating than Edward catching me thinking about making out with him was Edward catching me thinking about sleeping with him. And that’s what I was thinking of. He didn’t say anything to me, and the pain kept getting deeper, and then the spinning started going faster, and I kept trying harder and harder to block him out, and suddenly I couldn’t open my eyes because I was too weak, and all I saw were stars and then the pain was gone and everything went black. “Bella!”

I opened my eyes and Edward was nervously shaking me. My head was drooped down in front of me and there was a ringing noise in my ears. I rubbed my eyes and then shielded them from the bright light above us. “What just happened?” “I don’t know. I think you passed out. We’re not doing that anymore,” Edward said, scooting back a few inches. His face was white and his breathing was erratic. “But, did you hear-” “No. I didn’t hear anything.” He grabbed his textbook and placed it back in his lap. “I’m fine, Edward. Let’s just try the other thing again. Tell me what I’m thinking,” I said, closing my eyes and smiling. “No.” His voice was cold. “Just listen.” “Stop, I don’t want to do it anymore.” “Edward, just-” “No, Bella!” He put his hand on my arm as I tried pushing my thoughts forward, and instantly I froze. She doesn’t know. You’re going to hurt her. “Did you… say something?” I was staring right at him, and I hadn’t seen his mouth move. Edward’s face grew full of panic and he shook his head. “No, why-” “Edward, I heard you. You said, ‘She doesn’t know. You’re going to hurt her.’” I stood up from the bed, completely freaking out, and Edward followed. “How did you… how do you know…” “When you touched me. I heard you!” If I thought Edward’s face was pale before, now it was even worse. He started putting my books in my bag and shoved it into my chest when he was finished. “You have to go home,” he said. “You have to leave here.” His voice was shaky and his hands were trembling. “Edward, are you okay?” I reached my hand out to touch his face but he jumped backward.

“I’m fine!” His chin was quivering and he started shoving me toward the door. “Just go.” I had no idea what had just happened, but Edward didn’t seem to be okay. I felt afraid leaving him there alone, having a nervous breakdown, but he didn’t want me to stay. And it seemed like he was getting angry. As soon as I left the room I heard the door slam behind me and a loud bang come from his room. I ran down the stairs and out the door before anyone could stop me.

Chapter 4 ~ La Tua Cantante
I was only a few steps from Edward’s house when I heard Alice’s panicked voice. I stopped dead in my tracks and sighed. “Bella, wait! What happened?” I spun around to her and frowned. “Didn’t you… see?” “No!” She held her hand up to her chest and shook her head. “I wasn’t watching. The two of you were alone and I didn’t want to… intrude.” I rolled my eyes and shrugged. “I don’t know what happened. We were just messing around with his powers, or whatever the hell you call them, and he flipped out. Is he alright? I heard a bang-” “He’s fine. Jasper’s with him, calming him down. Come back upstairs, we have to figure out what happened.” I shook my head, but Alice grabbed my hand and started pulling me back toward the house. Her hands were freezing, and I instantly felt bad for making her come outside to run after me in the cold. When we got back to Edward’s room, she pushed the door open and I stood in the hallway, not wanting to impose. “It’s alright, Bella. Come in,” Jasper said from inside. Timidly, I took a few steps into Edward’s room and gulped. He was sitting at the foot of his bed, his head in his hands, breathing heavily. The expression on his face was still panic-stricken. Jasper was sitting next to him, and Alice had kneeled down in front of him and wasn’t saying anything, but every few seconds Edward would nod or shake his head. “Don’t do that in front of me. Just talk. If you’re saying something about me, I want to know,” I muttered, gaining odd looks from the three of them. Alice stood up and blinked a few times. “I’m going to go get Carlisle,” she said before taking off into the hallway. Jasper stood up from the bed and offered me his spot. “Sit, Bella. It’s okay.”

” Alice added. spinning my head toward Jasper. “You know about their powers. “I don’t know. He raked his fingers through his hair nervously for a minute before he took a deep breath and turned his head toward me.” Carlisle interrupted.I debated it for a minute. leaning toward Edward.” “Okay.” Edward mumbled. go downstairs.” I said. I didn’t know I could even do that.” “No way. and he was staring right at me and I didn’t feel dizzy or anything. “Come on. Volterra.” Carlisle said. Jasper and Emmett stood on our other side. “And what’s true? What-” . Emmett bounded into the room. “Hold on. “I’m sorry. "I want to see this. “Emmett. cutting him off. He whispered something in his ear and then took a step back. I had no idea what he was referring to.” he muttered. I glanced at Carlisle and frowned.” Suddenly. “What’s…Volterra?” His mouth dropped and he turned to Edward." Emmett said.” Jasper answered.” I said. but after a few seconds I gave in and positioned myself next to him. “We’ll talk about that later.” “Wait. and Edward stood up from the bed. I’m not mad at you. joining Alice. seemingly intrigued. because in all honesty Edward didn’t seem like he wanted me around. glaring at Carlisle. I just-” “What happened?” I asked. followed by Carlisle. too? Does Rosalie know?” “Yes. walking up to Edward. You’ll distract him. He winced a little bit before he grabbed my hand and I heard his voice again. I tried pushing my thoughts toward Edward. “I mean. “What is it?” I asked again. Do you think-” “Show me what happened exactly.” He dropped onto Edward’s bed and almost made me bounce off the mattress. “Just… go ahead. “It’s true. I didn’t mean to. “I’ll do the same thing I was doing when it happened. “Why aren’t I ever around when you use it?” Emmett asked. completely stunned. his eyes wide. “I didn’t use it. I sighed and walked up to Edward.” I took a deep breath and did the same thing I’d done earlier. Say it out loud if you hear me.

I was beginning to understand more and more what he meant about the connection we had. Whatever had happened had something to do with me. squinting her eyes at me. I saw her frown. shrugging. Edward. “Edward.” I think she found pleasure in intimidating people. * “So I heard some freaky stuff went down the other day. It was all too much for me to handle.” I was tired and confused. Edward. and somehow everyone seemed surprised. if that even made sense. I decided to sleep on it and think things through. but no one else could.” “Just try. Goodnight. Bella.” I answered. when I opened my mind and he touched me. did you know before you and Emmett started dating. . but I was sick of prodding and being so curious. “Okay. “I wasn’t doing anything. Everyone in the room turned their heads toward me and said nothing. “Yeah. I have work to do in my office.” Rosalie said to me as we walked through the hallway. I was disappointed to see Edward wasn’t there. I could read his mind. and I’d talk to them all when the weekend was over.” she said. if you want to talk later. I knew it had something to do with his powers. “I told you. I had so many questions.” he said." Rosalie said.” “How did you find out about everything? I mean. where Carlisle grew up. or did you figure it out on your own like I did. but Alice. and Emmett hadn’t gotten to school yet. They only tell people they know they can trust.” Alice answered. and Edward put his hand around her wrist.” Carlisle scolded. For some reason. I really was hoping we’d get to see Edward do something crazy-” “Emmett. enough. Or maybe just me. and Edward raised an eyebrow. but in a way… not surprised. but I didn’t know how it involved me.“Volterra is a city in Italy. try and do it to me. “I don’t think anyone does. so we kind of didn’t have a choice. We rarely spoke to each other. and I was hoping he’d calmed down a little and was ready to tell me what he thought had happened. He never showed up. I have no idea what’s going on.” Emmett said quietly. When I got to Biology. I felt extremely nervous.” Alice stood in front of him and he shook his head. They stood there in silence for a few seconds. “What? Why are you looking at me?” “It’s true. come down. or-” “Emmett told me. "After we were together already. “Fuck.

so I did. I realized why. but I didn’t ask him about Edward. and instead of water. “Bella!” I spun around to see Edward standing at the bottom of the staircase. “Hold on. listen. and then the fourth. my voice echoing up the empty stairwell.” I said bashfully. revealing a pitch black room. I hadn’t ever been to the top floor of the academy. except a dusty door that looked like it hadn’t been opened in years. “Bella.” Edward told me.Emmett showed up to second period. and we kept going. When he pulled out his hand. his little half smile made me heart beat faster. “Come in. looking down at my feet. “Not anymore. spinning around to me and smirking. He always seemed to be amused by me for some reason. He seemed to be acting the same as usual. “Where were you this morning?” I asked. I was on my way to meet Alice and Rosalie for lunch when I heard my name being called. I walked to the doorway hesitantly and looked around. I’m sorry for how I acted the other day. Still. My stomach did a flip and I forced a smile at him before I started walking over. the pool was full of old chairs and desks. He stuck one into the doorknob and pushed. empty pool. Even after what had happened the other day. “I want to talk to you. disappearing through the door." he said. leaning against the banister.” . He reached into his pocket and I heard a jingling noise.” He gestured for me to follow him up the stairs. as long as I was with Edward.” he answered.” Edward said.” he said. there were keys in it.” I stepped inside the room and pulled the door shut behind me. It was weird how his demeanor toward me had changed so much since the last time I’d seen him. and I realized what was on the fifth floor. “Are we allowed-” “Shhh. “Hey. interrupting me. A few seconds later.” I joked. “Come on. “I’m guessing we don’t have a swim team. It was being used as some sort of a storage room. pointing at the huge. tilting his head up at the ceiling. waving with his arm. “I slept in. We reached the third floor. "I want to show you something. not even caring about where we were going. and when Edward finally stopped. I wasn’t concerned with anything else. I was still a little shaken and felt slightly ill at ease. but that wasn’t out of the ordinary for Emmett. but my attraction to Edward overpowered any other feelings I had.” he answered. a dim light flickered on. There was nothing up there.

gripping firmly. disarrayed hair. That I wanted him. Gently. My body’s first reaction was to take a step away from him. I wanted him to know that I wanted it. but before I could even open my eyes again. I laughed.“Don’t apologize. placing my hand softly on the side of his face. his sweet. and then his lips brushed against mine. He lifted his arm and pressed his palm against the wall near my head and leaned forward slightly.” “What exactly is this dark power of yours? I don't understand anything that's going on…” “You’ll figure it out in time. and I sighed a little bit. shrugging it off. But that wasn’t it at all. I knew it was coming. I slid my fingers up his neck and into his soft. With another breath.” I shakily lifted my arm and broke the space between us. And without giving him any other option. but still. and then his hand was at my waist. “I’m not scared. closing his eyes for a second and pressing his cheek harder into my hand. I felt his fingers graze across my thigh. he got so close to me that when I breathed. my body pinned between him and the wall. . Edward smiled and sighed a little bit. I managed to calm down enough to regain my composure. He let out a faint moan and he starting moving his mouth with mine. So I let my eyes flutter shut and I started pushing my thoughts out to him. taking a few steps toward me. I could smell him. slanting his head downward. warm breath hitting my face. I’m so confused about what happened. I sensed Edward’s head moving toward mine slowly. Edward rolled his eyes and took another step forward. “Just… explain things to me. under his ear. near the hem of my skirt. With his next step forward. My back hit the wall and I let out a nervous shudder. I pushed on the back of his head and forced his lips against mine. Stop forcing your thoughts out.” I lied. and around to the back of his neck. Edward moved his body forward and continued kissing me. I pressed my fingers into the back of his neck. It was the first time we’d been alone together since the whole debacle. my chest grazed against his. We don’t really know what happened. He was so close right then.” Edward said. “So now you’re scared of me or something?” He cocked an eyebrow and took another step in my direction.” “I thought… that I’d used my power I wasn’t supposed to use. I don’t want you hearing me right now. so softly I barely felt it. urgent and passionate. I tilted my head backward a little and Edward smiled again as I slid my hand from around his face. or even spoken to each other for that matter. He hesitated for a second. hoping that he was listening. “Why are you so nervous?” “I’m not.” I said. just wanting him to keep going.

“Me neither. and he thrusted forward. I moved my hand from where it was tangled in his hair.” I was shocked. where he started undoing my buttons.Slowly. “So what? I’ve been waiting for someone that I wanted to do it with. Without even realizing it. his mouth parted and I felt the tip of his tongue skim across my bottom lip. He moaned into my mouth.” He chuckled and shook his head. his eyes concerned. I lifted my leg up and wrapped it around him and he pushed forward again. “Don’t tell anyone that. Again. “Bella… have you ever even… done that before?” I pushed back the initial embarrassment that I felt when I grasped the fact that Edward had heard me fantasizing about sleeping with him. making my entire body quiver. I motioned for him to move forward again by pressing my heel into the back of his leg. “You? You’re a… why?” “Why is this surprising? You’ve never done it.” “You seem like you know what you’re doing.” He smirked and moved his head to the side.” I mumbled. and onto his back. He undid the buttons on my shirt down to my stomach and slid his hand inside the opening. “Not now. “I don’t.” He laughed as I un-tucked his shirt from his pants and reached for his button. and I sighed again as I felt the arousal building up inside of me. but before I could open it he weaved his fingers through mine with his free hand and held my arm against the wall. pressing his lips against my neck. and I let out an uncontrolled groan against his lips. With my free hand. down past his neck. I’d been pushing all my thoughts forward.” “Well… I like it. I pulled away from kissing him and bit on my bottom lip to stop myself from moaning with pleasure. He pushed his hips forward into me while he worked on them.” I nodded and looked down at his hand that was still moving against my chest. I didn’t notice it until I saw Edward smile at me. though. his taste making me temporarily loose my breath. I want more. and I shook my head. harder this time. “No. “Are you denying me?” . not… here. I grabbed Edward’s wrist and led his hand to the middle of my shirt. I tilted my head to the side and pressed my tongue against his. Gradually. where I pushed him forward so that he was forcing me up against the wall.” I pouted and squinted at him.” “Yeah. but you’re a boy. sticking it underneath my bra in one motion and tenderly squeezing.

More importantly. I decided instead to just type in “Cullen” to see what came up. I started Googling stuff about mind reading and the Cullens’ other powers. Despite the lack of experience I’d had with other men. or something to prove to myself that I wasn’t completely crazy or delusional and just imagining the whole thing. I searched everywhere for some kind of article. Vampires? How stupid.” “Fine. I started Googling “vampires.“No!” He kissed me again and shook his head. Everything just seemed so natural. he sat down on my bed. because legend had it that the largest. Edward and I snuck up to the pool at lunch every day and made out for the hour. “It’s no Taj Mahal like your house or anything. That was pointless also. “You know.” I murmured. without even speaking about it to each other. I knew that the feelings Edward and I shared were pure and genuine. Alice and Rosalie never mentioned my lack of attendance at lunch. I’m sure they knew where I was.” but nothing even came close to matching up with Edward’s family. sighing. "Especially a cop’s. Then. * The next week. All I could find were mythological websites about superheroes and witches and demons and other creatures. There were pages upon pages about vampires. Our feelings weren’t forced or insincere like they had been with other guys I’d dated. I heard the fire escape outside my window rattle and I jumped. Edward and I had crossed a physical line with each other.” Edward told me. so I did the most logical thing I could think of. There was a light rapping on the glass and my chest swelled with excitement when I saw that it was only Edward. but basically I found nothing. “Keep kissing me. We both should. “Of course not. his eyes wandering around my room. I remembered the name of the city that I’d heard in Edward’s head. it’s illegal to climb someone’s fire escape. Volterra. We became closer then we had been before. “I know. that became our new routine. For the rest of the week. though. Supposedly Volterra was a popular tourist area. Vampires.” He smirked and cupped my face in his hands roughly before planting a kiss on my lips. I was grasping at straws. .” I said. but I typed it up anyway and waited. My mouth dropped open when I saw the results.” So. shrugging. You… should think about this. because millions or pages popped up and I’ll be damned if I was going to look through all of those. There was nothing remotely close to truth or fact. Then. Suddenly. most powerful coven of vampires in the world lived there. I slammed my laptop shut and laughed at myself. I felt ridiculous for even looking into it. Apparently it’s a pretty popular name. I was in my bedroom late one night when my curiosity and boredom got the better of me. Naturally." I said to Edward as he climbed into my room.” “I like it.

Well. My father grew up in Italy.” “Oh. pulling it toward my face and kissing his palm.” he said into my neck. too. his ears turning a little red. So what are you doing here?” Edward was still in his uniform. into the skin near my shoulder. but my god. “So… that’s me? I’m your singer?” Edward nodded and kissed my wrist. I swore that I could’ve just stared at him for hours on end without getting bored. A singer is something you feel an instant attraction to.” he repeated.” I muttered. “I just want you to be completely sure.” I sat down on the bed next to him and grabbed his hand. smirking. good. even though we’d already discussed it more than once.” I felt him take a deep breath through his nose. I was thinking about you too. Well. his voice vibrating against my skin. Edward chuckled and shook his head. “Huh. Like an unexplainable pull toward them that you can’t control. I’d never smelled anything like him before in my life.” He rolled his eyes and laughed again before pressing his lips against the side of my neck. as if they’re singing only to you. more then that. I just… feel it.“Um… thanks. "And I wanted to see you. “I don’t need to think about it. “Bella." he said sheepishly. I loved the way he smelled and I did the same thing often. . Or. Today his variation was a grey cardigan instead of the blazer. “Can we try today?” I begged him. If I thought he’d made the sweater vest look sexy. Don’t you?” “Yes. there weren’t words for how he’d looked right then. Like he was smelling me. “I’m completely sure about you.” he said. leaving a trail of warmth wherever he touched. we already talked about this. though! It’s almost been two weeks and… I know what I want.” I agreed. “What does that mean?” “Singer… in Italian. What did I say?” “Think about it for two weeks. “What’d you say?” “La tua cantante. Edward sighed a little bit and ran his thumb up my cheek. “I was taking a walk. I heard him murmur something in another language. I lifted my hand and pressed it flat against his heart and waited until I felt the steady thumping under my palm. I didn’t mind. you’re mine.

Despite how strange it may sound. Edward had come over after school and stayed for dinner. we’d go to either his house or mine. do you want to come stay over?" Edward asked. I felt like I needed to. I’d come to realize that Edward was often left alone on the weekends while his family went away and took part in activities he didn’t enjoy. that everyone recognized and was more powerful than us. But then again. Edward waited outside of every classroom for me and spent as much time with me as he could during the day. Directly translates to “your singer” because the human’s blood “sings” to the vampire. And there weren’t any notable. Surprisingly. I respected the fact that he wasn’t trying to pressure me into anything. but he knew what I was doing and he kept breaking the physical contact with me so I couldn’t hear. my father adored him and hadn't intimidated him at all. We had started to make a habit of talking to each other through our minds when other people were around. but I figured that was what happened when you went looking for trouble. . As soon as Edward left.” I told him. ~*~~*~~*~ Chapter 5 ~ Dependence If I’d thought that I was obsessive before when it came to Edward. I kept trying to listen to his thoughts to see what he was feeling. In a way. so I slammed my laptop closed and jumped into bed. I’d taken a shower and was already in bed when my cell phone started ringing. like I’d expected. I had enough of Google and Italy and vampires and singers for one day. It was a strange coincidence between what I’d discovered earlier. After school. Something undeniable. chuckling. strange occurrences since the day Edward had freaked out.” to see what came up. I was mistaken. It found you. After looking around for a few minutes. was far from conventional. despite how much I begged. but slowly I was growing neurotically dependant on him. our relationship. since they were going hiking for the weekend. a human who’s blood smells stronger to a particular vampire than any other human. “Hello?” “Hey. It was a Friday night when it finally happened. but he left soon after to say goodbye to his family. I found something that caught my interest. There was something between us." “Charlie will hear me leaving. only kissing me and not letting us move further like I wanted.In vampire mythology. That was why I had no qualms about sleeping with him and felt completely ready. or whatever it was. I got back on my computer and typed in “La Tua Cantante. It had only been two weeks since that first day I’d kissed him at school. beyond our control. "No one’s at my house and I’m lonely. La Tua Cantante .Edward stayed for a little while longer.

” I told him. which cast a dim.” Edward said.” We were silent for a few minutes. but Edward caught me. I had to jump an uncomfortable distance to get down from the fire escape. “Edward?” “Huh?” “Do you think it’s strange? This… relationship we have with each other? I mean.” I crawled out of bed and walked over to the window to see if I’d be able to do it. I took off my jacket and my shoes and climbed into his bed. I threw my jacket and my shoes on and tried to climb outside as quietly as I could so that I wouldn’t wake Charlie.” I smiled and nodded. because the prospect of being in Edward’s bed all night in his empty house had me bursting with anticipation.” I answered. “How was the rest of your night?” “Fine. He joined me a little while later and laid on his side.“Just climb down the fire escape. When I looked down.” His smile faded and he moved his body toward mine. dark staircase to his room. until we were only a few inches apart. I don’t care. the distinct. the delicate freckles that lined the bridge of his nose. I studied every little detail of Edward’s face.” he answered hesitantly. As we drove back to his house. “Do you think it’s strange?” “Yes. I just wanted to be with you. he noticed me yawning. “I don’t think it’s normal. except for the steady sound of our breathing and the quiet whooshing of the breeze outside. When we got to his house. shivering. Edward was standing on the sidewalk under me. the shadows that his eyelashes cast onto his cheeks.” I answered honestly. I can’t. I followed Edward up the quiet. I turned onto my back and he leaned up on his elbow so that he was balanced above me. “We can go to sleep. smirking at me. Was it this way for them?” “I don’t know. “I’m cold.” He smiled and shrugged. glowing sphere onto the ceiling.” “Hold on. Alice and Emmett are in relationships. Just tired. “I know that. The only light on was a lamp next to his bed. “What’s wrong?” “Nothing. But. underneath the blankets. “Well. . laughing. I’m not going anywhere.

making him pull back and return to his original position. and then to my bottom lip. the strands of hair that had fallen into my face moving with every breath. moving forward so my mouth was near his ear. “I’ve never had feelings like this before… for anyone. his eyes blazing into mine. I pinched a lock of his silky. hoping he’d catch the double implication in my words. Beyond my control. Edward removed his hand from my torso and peeled his shirt off his back before tossing it onto the floor. I didn’t think I’d be able to speak. I knew he could hear my thoughts. out of apprehension. and the straps slid down my shoulders.” he whispered. pushing my body harder into his touch to reiterate my point. they probably sounded like screams to him. rubbing and grasping and exploring everything under my shirt. I sat there. until his palm was flat against my stomach. it couldn’t have been more perfect if someone had carved him out of stone. “Don’t be nervous. his hand shifted upward. In a way I wanted to. I let out a shiver as he stuck the tips of his fingers underneath the hem of my shirt and slowly. I heard a click. . and I let out a yearning whimper.” I knew what was coming. making them separate before pressing his lips to mine and repeating the action with his mouth. and Edward’s warm breath hit my suddenly exposed chest. my voice cracking. it was just natural. “Are you okay?” he asked. I felt the tip of his tongue graze against mine." I told him honestly. panting. Edward’s other hand skimmed along the waistband of my pajamas and I felt the warm tingle of his touch on the slither of my skin that was exposed. “Neither have I. My breathing started to pick up and he slid his hand over to my ribs and squeezed gently. bronze hair that hung over his forehead between my fingertips before smoothing it back and running my hand across the top of his head. He rested his thumb in the middle of my top lip and gradually skimmed downward. It was as if he left a trail of sparks everywhere his skin touched mine. my hips lifted and met his. and rested them at the clasp of my bra in the middle of my chest. his voice gritty but full of concern. It was beyond what I’d fantasized about it looking like. “Aren’t you?” I asked.” he responded. "It’s all new to me. so I pushed his shoulders and sat up before Edward practically ripped the shirt off me. making me quiver. I let his hands roam all over my body. and I didn’t know how experienced Edward was so my mind was brimming with anxiety. absentmindedly running his fingers up and down my arm. from my wrist to my elbow.square angle of his jaw. and I’d never had any man touch me before. down the back of his neck. but in a way I was anxious about what I would learn. and he closed his eyes and took a deep breath before leaning forward and pressing his lips against my neck. so I nodded twice and shifted a little bit. Edward slid his fingers down my neck. so I couldn’t hear him. I was momentarily stunned by his beautiful body. over my sternum. over the part in my mouth. I wanted to feel his mouth all over my body. but I wasn’t intentionally trying to force them out.

“Your thoughts are really loud and… it’s overwhelming. Edward’s body had some kind of an effect on me that wasn’t ordinary at all. but it seemed like this moment was too right. For some reason. I pressed the back of my head into the pillow and stared at the dim circle of light on the ceiling. I couldn’t wait any longer. Moving to New York. shaking my head. I moaned lightly and moved my hands to his broad.” “I can’t help it. Like we needed it. but that was all.” I interrupted. My body was practically burning with eagerness. taking things into my own hands and lowering my pants to my thighs.“Not really.” I begged. I wanted to know what he was thinking. I want this… I want you. because I’d never seen a man naked before.” I would say that what we were about to do was justified because I was in love with Edward. He recoiled a little and an awkward look overtook his face as I stared at him. we don’t have to-” “No. Why are you looking at me like that? . “Try and calm down a little. hooking his fingers around the elastic of my underwear and pulling. Edward smirked at me and undid the button on his fly.” he said. Frustrated. “Please. muscular back. Almost… beyond love. except for my gut instincts. to have not been premeditated by the gods. Edward. I had no reasons to back it up. He smirked at me and shook his head before he moved my hand and finished undressing himself. But I’m not sure that what I was feeling was love. where I could feel him. and then they glided down the planes of his chest. because I felt like I was about to burst into flames. removing them and my pants and adding them to the small heap of clothing on the floor. putting pressure on his shoulder blades so he’d move closer and I could feel his skin against mine. "You calm me. “Please. and then pulled the zipper down. and I’m sure if I had they wouldn’t have even come close to comparing with Edward. If you’re not ready. meeting Edward and his family. Edward’s melodic laugh broke me from my thoughts. planting a kiss on my forehead. He leaned into my neck again and took a deep breath in through his nose. I grabbed a handful of the fabric on Edward’s boxers and yanked hard. My hands found their way to Edward’s shoulders again. eager and waiting for me." he said. It was bizarre. so I started pushing my thoughts and I put my hand on his cheek. He pressed his fingers against his temple and frowned. down to his stomach. trying to distract myself momentarily. The blood instantly rushed to my cheeks as I laid back down on his pillow. yearning for him. All I could do was lay there and stare at him. I felt like taking this step was absolutely necessary. and he had barely even touched me. and I felt him sigh.” I groaned. stopping over the fly of his jeans. too perfect. my eyes wide and curious. I was writhing. I felt like everything that had ever happened to me somehow led up to this point in my life. It was different. going to the academy.

and I felt a light sting. I felt him smile and chuckle lightly.” he said. He withdrew his hand. Edward. He pushed with more force. but all of a sudden I felt Edward’s hand on the inside of my thigh and my laugh turned into a gasp.” “Don’t. My muscles involuntarily clenched with every movement. “Now. Now. but nothing even close to painful enough to ask him to stop. don’t listen to me. in and out of me. but Edward continued moving his hand upward and slipped a finger inside me. and Edward lifted his head. and Edward groaned and furrowed his brow in concentration.” “I’ll try. I gripped the sheets. “You’ll tell me if you want me to stop. Every single cell in my body was ablaze. I closed my eyes and waited for him to return to my side. I suddenly felt self conscious and my muscles all tensed up. gulping nervously. I have to concentrate.” I growled. But I’ll be able to tell if I’m hurting you. feeling embarrassed as soon as the words left my mouth. “Relax…” I closed my eyes for a second and exhaled loudly as he moved his finger back and forth. planting kisses down my stomach and across my hip. aching for him.” I pleaded. the tip of him pressing against me. “Please. and his lips pouted slightly as he shifted his body between my legs. his eyes full of desire. putting his other hand on my stomach and pushing it against the bed. He leaned his forehead against mine and pressed himself further into me. “Yes. hovering over me. “Just do it.” I whispered into his mouth.” He shrugged and disappeared from on top of me. making my back arch.” I moaned between my shallow breaths. “Please. the stinging becoming slightly more intense. “Are you sure you’re okay?” . I felt his hips shift forward. right?” I craned my neck forward and kissed him. I started to giggle. “Bella.“You’re so amazing… it’s breathtaking. but I grabbed his wrist and replaced his fingers to where they’d just been. he was back in his original position.” he said. forcing back the fretfulness that had taken over me. He cocked an eyebrow at me. I heard a quiet rip. digging my nails into the mattress. He lifted one corner of his mouth and his cheeks flushed. He raised his head and stared between my legs. “No.” “I don’t want to hurt you-” “I don’t care.” I told him out loud. an empty pain feeling suddenly filling my chest. you won’t. biting his bottom lip. Stop pushing you thoughts. and within a few seconds.

” “I don’t think-” “Edward.“I’m fine. He ran his thumb up the side of my cheek and gulped again. my shoulder.” I told him through my clenched teeth. from the tips of my toes. and then I heard him groan and suddenly flashes started filling my head. I felt Edward start to speed up. All at once something happened. making me take a sharp breath in. the iris and the pupil blended . and he just stayed there. His body tensed.” “Shut up. of images that made no sense to me. pulling himself back a tiny bit and pushing forward again. stationary. It happened so quickly that I only remembered a few of the things I saw. and I felt the yearning once again taking over my entire body.” he said. grabbed the top of his headboard and thrust his hips forward. Are you almost… all the way?” I asked shyly. until it matched mine.I asked you not to listen. a glass full of some red liquid. “Bella. I felt a pulsing in my ears. Within a minute. his face focusing. “Don’t ask me again. “It hurt. His breathing quickened considerably. frantically forcing my body against his with every thrust. he was moving steadily and he started kissing my neck. Then. Quickly.I’m sorry. I felt his fingers rubbing and making circles against me.” I choked out. Just tell her. showing him how much I could take. all the way up my spine. “How can you tell I’m doing it?” “Can we talk about this later?” He pulled back further the next time and shoved into me with more force. his hand palming my chest soothingly. Edward tilted his head so his chin touched his chest. and then he was on my other shoulder. trying to distract me. glaring down. pushing me over the edge.” “Just do it. Then his tongue was circling my mouth. in sync with his rhythm. his lips nipping and sucking at my skin. The pain was slowly subsiding. and I saw white. and I lifted my back from the mattress. I took a few breaths in and out as he waited. A deer running through the woods. a set of eyes that were so dark.” He stared blankly at me for a second. my collarbone. my inquisitiveness got the better of me and I pushed my thoughts out quickly so I could catch him off guard and hear what he was thinking. “No. I wrapped my one leg around him and pushed him forward with my heel.

” I said. He told me that there are people out there that can block out our powers. except for the fact that it was nearly impossible to keep secrets from him. And other things. gripping his hand tighter. shaking his head. and he grabbed my hand and squeezed it. “Hold on. How do you know when I can hear you?” He sat up and kissed my shoulder before sighing and leaning his head against the headboard. as if it was locked and someone was trying to get through. “A… deer and a cup of something and a door.into one.” Obviously. Tell me what?” There were so many questions running through my mind about what had just happened. I leaned my head on his shoulder and he kissed the top of my head before he cleared his throat. Mine skipped that and went straight to bizarre. Edward collapsed on top of me and took a few deep breaths before he rolled over. so I had no idea it was true. Why’d that happen?” “I have no idea.” I frowned and looked up at him.” he said exasperatedly. “What just happened?” I wouldn’t have even mentioned it. Most people’s first time having sex is awkward. As soon as his eyes met mine. waving a hand in my direction. his body shaking. trying to hide a shiver.” he muttered through his hands. a wooden door that was shaking. “So… after that day that you first heard me. “Edward. What did you see?” “A bunch of things. “I don’t know what that was.” I said. “Edward…” I said his name nervously and he covered his face with his hands. “You said before… just tell her. do. I always only thought it was a rumor. I don’t know. . I’ve never met anyone who could do it before. “Okay… I haven’t been completely honest with you. and he turned his head to me. willing him to continue. I think I just… I don’t know.” he said. He moved his one hand to rake his fingers through his hair. ever. his expression changed to downright panic. pulling the blanket up to my chest and sitting up. “Please. I went and talked to my father. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. But I guess that was what happened when the supernatural was involved.

I haven’t been feeling well. so he could sneak me back into my room. He laughed again and shook his head. I think I have a fever. We got up early. still chuckling. but when your mind is open. it’s just like a natural instinct. I told him to go home and rest. “Please don’t ask your father about this. “Edward?” “Huh?” “Was I bad?” He laughed and kissed me. It’s like… your mind has a door. yawning.” I put the back of my hand on his forehead. or guards. Because you can defend yourself from the powers.“My dad says people like you are called shields. Edward had gotten progressively worse. I’m just confused.” he said. but he didn’t feel warm. my power reflects off of you. shivering and sweating. That day. Sorry I ruined it at the end there. before the sun even came up. so let me see if I understand this. It isn’t a power or anything. And you were holding it closed. So you know how you say you’re “pushing your thoughts” or whatever? You’re not pushing your thoughts. I mean. just… clammy. And you can open or close it. I felt dizzy too. and that I would see him at school. It’s not anything you do specifically. Oddly enough.” Overnight. “Isabella Swan. You’re just lowering the shield. that you’re born with. it’s not a big deal. and my powers were fighting against it. you were amazing. Let’s go to sleep. cringing.” I let everything that he said sink in. “I won’t.” “You didn’t ruin anything. My heart . He was restless all night.” I said.” “Me too. for the first time. “Okay. I don’t know why. I felt like some of my questions were actually being answered. it’s me. “Are you okay?” I asked. “Yeah. tossing and turning.” Edward’s body shivered and he pulled me closer to him.” “So… I’m one of those people?” “Yeah. and I guess our strength was equal or something. but I stopped trying before I passed out like you did. when I blacked out or whatever-” “It was because… your door was closed.

but it turned out to be Edward. It was easy. and suddenly. so I reached over to his neck to try and fix it but he swatted my hands away.” I suggested. I realized something was very wrong with him. I scurried behind him. . Edward shot up from his chair and stormed out of the room without waiting for me. I told you. and my body suddenly overflowed with the all too familiar separation anxiety. so I rested my hand on top of his and opened my mind up. He clenched his jaw and nodded. It looked as though he was heading to the headmaster’s office. but Alice answered his phone and said that he was still sleeping. and that he still had a fever. shivering violently in the seat next to me. He shook his head. something he’d never done before. so I lifted my hand off of his and placed it on my side of the table. Those two days away from Edward had been absolute torture. His tie was uneven. As soon as Edward walked into class on Monday. his knuckles went white. “Stop. so I called him the next morning because I was becoming frantic. “Edward. It almost seemed as if was in extreme pain. There was a sheen of sweat on his forehead. but I saw his mouth moving every once in awhile. “Go to class. what’s wrong? Are you still sick?” I glared at him as he plopped down next to me. For some reason. just leave me alone. she was tall and beautiful. I suddenly grasped that he wasn’t going to talk to me. I felt the floor vibrating. I saw a girl with strawberry blonde hair grab his arm and pull him to the side of the hallway. leave me the fuck alone. “You should go home. I have a headache. his teeth grinding together. but keeping a safe distance behind him so he didn’t know I was following him.” His eyes were red and there were dark circles under them. she caught me staring. and she squinted at me and said something to him. As soon as the bell rang. Throughout the rest of class.” he said. Edward turned to look at me. sounding irritated.” he growled. but that he was okay. At one point. I watched as she felt Edward’s forehead and looked at him. but I kept quiet. her eyes worried. and his cheeks were void of any color. but unsurprisingly. not wanting to seem like I was creepily obsessed with him. and his shirt was un-tucked and wrinkled. He got there late. then stalked in my direction. since the hallways were so crowded. I’d never seen her before. I felt jealous and angry and completely bewildered. and he spoke to her. I didn’t hear from him at all for the rest of the day. She knew about him. “I don’t feel good. Before he reached it. I felt a pulsing fear run through my body. His body tensed and I heard his voice in my head. wanting to make sure he was alright. I’d never seen him with so much as a hair out of place when we were at school. he went in a different direction than the one we usually took. She said nothing to him. I watched in horror as he clenched the edge of the table so tightly.dropped. Edward kept getting increasingly worse. His hair was more disheveled then usual.

I made up my mind. feeling stupid. Edward’s phone wasn’t even on anymore. Something that would change the rest of my life. I realized that Edward. Or the day after that.” “But. there was a knock on the door. ~*~~*~~*~ . I discovered that afternoon that something with utmost significance had happened to Edward. I needed to know everything was alright. I called everyone’s phones. I need to see you in my office. but didn’t seem surprised in the least. Cullen. and asked him to stop at the Cullen’s house to make sure everything was okay. Alice. That afternoon. and Jasper had all left school.” he said. My heart dropped. alone. Something was going on. And then he went back to the girl and left me standing there in the hallway. I was going to go over there and force them to give me answers. and I was worrying myself sick. and I was in physical pain because of how much I missed Edward. because I knew it had something to do with Edward. I figured I would wait until I got out of school to get answers. I needed to be there with him. that he would’ve heard if something serious was wrong with Edward. but he refused and said he was sure everything was fine. I walked to class and barely made it there in time. Rosalie. I was angry. About ten minutes into class. I called Charlie and told him about what had happened. nodding and kissing me quickly. If it wasn’t. Bring your stuff.” Emmett raised an eyebrow at me. Headmaster Aro stuck his head through the door and frowned at Emmett. I slid into my seat next to Emmett and the teacher started immediately. “Mr. not allowing me to ask him any questions. After class. Edward… I…” “I know. but no one answered.“Who is she? Why won’t you tell me what’s going on-” “Later. It was the first day in weeks that I left school and went straight home. Just go. Emmett. No one was in school the next day.

what are you doing here?” Her eyes were full of worry. I clenched my fists in aggravation and I felt my ears burning. “No. do you need me to call someone?” Alice shook her head and stepped back inside the house. concerned. “Where is he?” The rude tone that escaped with my words caught me off guard. As the driver pulled up. At that point it just seemed eerie. I looked inside over Alice’s head. I needed to know that he was okay. and a few seconds later Jasper and Rosalie descended. I was tired of being left in the dark and not told the entire truth. I stormed inside and looked around the dark foyer. their faces distorted with worry. “Is everything alright here?” he asked. “Bella. I walked up the short staircase and prepared to ring the bell.” I shouted. and her face alarmed. stop-” “Let me in!” The man took a few steps toward us and frowned. “Bella. “Miss. but you need to leave. where is he? Tell me what’s going on! Is he alright?” My chest swelled with panic and adrenaline pumped through my veins. I paid him and smoothed my skirt before opening the door. All of the windows were closed. . “He’s sick. You can’t be here right now.” “I’m not going anywhere. which had always seemed welcoming in the past. My heart thumped violently as I looked up at the dark townhouse. “Let me inside! Is he in there?” A middle aged man walking by with a child cleared his throat and I spun around. “Alice. Bella. He’ll be fine. but it didn’t budge. “Jasper!” She shouted his name up the stairs. but I didn’t apologize. the curtains down. opening the door a little bit more to let me in.Chapter 6 ~ Changed My hands were shaking the entire cab ride to the Cullen’s house. “You shouldn’t be here-” I stuck my hand out and tried to push the door open. but it was pitch dark behind her. kicking the door. but before I could the door creaked open and Alice’s head shot out. it’s not fucking alright!” I kicked the door again and Alice cringed. and there weren’t any visible lights on.

was that?” I asked.” My eyes widened and I shook my head. A deafening bang came from the floor above us. and then Rosalie ran up without a word. but I knew it was something that had to do with Edward. If you don’t leave right now. The three of them looked up at the ceiling as I gasped. I promise you that. Right now. “Someone tell me what the hell is going on. or I swear to God. I had no idea what was going on inside the house..” Alice said. “Why is she here?” Rosalie asked Alice. in a daze. sitting down on the bottom stair. “What. my anger slowly fading away.” Alice spun me around so I was facing her and she spoke sternly. I leapt toward the stairs but Alice grabbed me around my waist and started dragging me toward the front door. and the calm feeling that was keeping me together inside the house was gone. look at me. deep throated. you need to leave. but somehow he understood me and within minutes he picked me up down the block.” Jasper opened the door and I stepped outside. There was more commotion upstairs. I want to see him. and that was when I heard the noise. I’ll call the police right now!” “Bella. I heard Esme and Carlisle’s voices. you’re going to die today. you’re going to die. and then the distinct sound of footsteps running down the hallway.they won’t let me see him…” I tried to form complete sentences but I was gasping for air. “We have to get her out of here.Edward… he’s sick… I. I couldn’t tell Charlie everything because there was no way he would've understood without thinking I was completely mental. quivering. If you don’t. and I stopped it. “You’ll find out everything soon. followed by another bang that made the picture frames on the wall next to me shake. Jasper walked by her and stood next to me. “What happened?” he asked calmly. “Remember what happened that day at the park? I saw you dying. “Why am I here? Why the hell.“Bella. and my heart hurt. “He.” Jasper said to Rosalie and Alice. . I walked down to the sidewalk. are you here? He doesn’t even like you!” They all cringed as I screamed. I promise you. you need to calm down.. I could barely speak I was crying so hard. I pulled my phone out of my bag and dialed Charlie to come and pick me up. animalistic growl echoed down the stairs. causing me to start sobbing uncontrollably. A little bit too calmly. as if I hadn’t been standing right there. “I don’t care. and then the growling noise could be heard again.” I argued. An unusual. and suddenly an unnatural wave of relaxation washed over me.

I was being lied to and having information withheld from me left and right. It was right then that I had a small epiphany: Charlie knew something that he wasn’t telling me. and Charlie knew about it. and he just sat there and waited for me. including Jasper and Rosalie. and… I think something’s really wrong.” I said. because I felt like there was no one on my side. Cullen later and see if Edward is alright. or any of the Cullens for that matter. I’ll call Dr. twisted arrangement. they weren’t people I needed in my life. We rode the rest of the way in silence. And his reaction to what had just happened made it blatantly obvious that they were cooperating with each other for some unknown reason. pointing at the house. except for Edward. He came into school really sick on Monday… and he left. and it was completely ridiculous. he’d had an odd reaction to the Cullen’s. the more suspicious I became.“Bella… try and relax for a minute and then tell me what happened. Then. Can’t you go there. you can’t just show up to people’s houses uninvited. I would’ve rather been alone and had no friends then be some pawn in their skeptical.” Charlie said. and-” “Rosalie and Jasper are not family. If they couldn’t be honest with me. I was hurt and angry and completely turned off by everyone. Charlie still hadn’t started driving yet. I’d thought that I had some kind of connection with Edward. “Really? That’s all you have to say? You’re a police officer.” I wiped my face and took a few deep breaths. I was clearly needed in order to help their family with something. he was excessively friendly and welcoming to Edward. “Why don’t you just go there right now and talk to him?” Charlie shook his head and started driving. Why is it okay for them to be there and not me?” “I can’t answer that. and the more it happened. so I went there to see if he was alright. . “Edward wasn’t feeling well over the weekend. he'd reprimanded me for assuming negative things about them. although none of them really went out of their way to try and talk to me. but Friday everyone attended. and none of them have been back yet. regardless of how much I liked them.” “We’re right here. shrugging. “Clearly this is a family matter. On more then one occasion. I wanted nothing to do with Edward anymore. I wasn’t entirely sure that he had fabricated the whole thing and taken advantage of me being so naïve and trusting to get what he needed out of me. “Bella. First. and-” “No. but at that point.” Charlie rubbed his chin and sighed.” I stared at him expressionlessly. I gave them all the silent treatment. No one returned to school on Thursday. and Emmett and Alice and Rosalie and Jasper all left too.

He changed out of the class because of me. I tried to make a run for it to catch him. tapping my pen against my notebook frantically. “Get off me. I tried to remember if I’d done something to offend him. so I got to Biology early and sat at our table. his books in the other.” “Not now.” he whispered. Cullen last night. but the last time I’d seen him he kissed me goodbye.” I spent the rest of the class pretending to pay attention to the lab. I stood there. but over the weekend I heard Charlie speaking to Carlisle in the other room when he thought I was asleep.” “From what?” I asked. in tears. Edward is fine. so I was perplexed as to what had changed between then and now. Dad I had a mouthful for Edward. His blazer was tucked under his one arm. He’ll be back at school tomorrow. I spotted his noticeable. there’s an odd number of students. bronze hair. arms crossed. and squinted at him. “But. But.I didn’t attempt to contact Edward. Banner walked over to me and smiled. infuriated. Mr. The students on either side of the corridor had their heads all turned toward him. he never showed up. His schedule was changed. “I need to talk to him. There was no other explanation. . pointing to the two boys sitting at the table behind me. and… the hallway was jarringly quiet. there was a note taped to my door which read: BellaI spoke with Dr. but you can work with Mike and Tyler from now on. some of them whispering to each other. When I woke in the morning.” Emmett muttered as he sat in his seat. Bella. when really I was just trying to straighten out the course of events that had led me to that moment. His back was turned to me and he was at the end of the hall. As I approached my second period classroom.” he said. “To keep you safe. sloppy. When we started working on the lab. walking away. and Emmett grabbed my elbow as everyone scattered. “What did I do? Why’d he switch out of my class last period?” “It’s for your own good. “Isabella. pulling my arm out of his grasp.” I spat at him as he dragged me into the room. but the bell suddenly rang. I spent the break between first and second hour in the bathroom. Edward’s my partner-” “Edward isn’t in this class anymore.

To my right. I was still able to move my fingers. cutting Alice off. “Bella. The rain streamed down my face. My eyes met the driver’s frantic gaze. “Edward feels horrible about what’s happening-” “What is happening?!” I asked. “Bella!” I heard a distinct voice in my ear.“Himself. The two of them stared at me vacantly. which I assumed was the car on the opposite side of the street hitting something nearby. clueless as to what my next move was going to be. but I tried with all of my strength to move a little bit. Just leave me alone. and I didn’t have an umbrella. which was only a few feet away from me. There was no way he was going to be able to stop. making my vision go black for a minute. talk to us. My entire life was made of lies and I’d reached my breaking point. but I didn’t care. I took a different route to my next class. there was an impending bus.” The way Emmett said the words sent a chill through my body. “I have nothing to say to you. I don’t want to see any of you ever again. but my body was frozen. I knew I was going to die.” I had no desire to stay at school anymore. and I heard the sound of crunching metal as I was knocked to the ground. in hopes of running into Edward. My head hit the pavement. blending in with my tears. there was another loud crash. I closed my eyes so I wouldn’t see the source of my imminent death. I pushed a strand of my sopping wet hair behind my ear and carelessly stepped off the curb into the street. please. “I’m cold-” . so distracted that I didn’t hear the horns until it was too late to do anything. I sat down in my seat and put my head in my hands. and cars were coming from both directions. Everything was hazy. It had started pouring when I was inside. I assumed it was what happened right before you died. to let someone around know I wasn’t dead yet.” Alice begged. I’m switching out of this academy. To any of you. but instead I was cornered by Alice and Rosalie. I was in the middle of the crosswalk. “Exactly. so I exited through the courtyard and started walking down the sidewalk. and suddenly my brain seemed to break through the haze. and my body felt like there was an ice cold sheath wrapped around it. I was going to go home and call my mother. and the sound of shattering glass. and tell her I wanted out of this whole thing. Immediately after the first smash. but it was like there was a weight on my chest. as my vision cleared and I saw Edward hovering above me. “Can you hear me?” I nodded and my body started shaking violently.” I tried to shove through them. so I tried to lift my head and sit up. but Rosalie blocked me.

” he said. I should’ve been dead. “Don’t worry Edward. but the sky was still black and chilling. knowing him. “You hit your head. and I knew for a fact that before either of the cars had collided with it.” My eyes shot from side to side. I hadn’t seen Edward since I’d gotten into the ambulance. and to check on the people in the other cars. it had hit something else first. telling them to call an ambulance. I was slightly out of it and my mind was lacking clarity. “Can I speak to Edward alone for a minute?” Carlisle turned toward Edward. the bus had stopped before it hit us. The rain had dwindled off to a light drizzle. I jumped off the bed and Charlie picked my bag up for me. “I’m fine. and there was nothing anyone was going to say that was going to make me question what I was absolutely sure of.” he ordered me.“Don’t try and move. I spotted Charlie’s car on the corner. slinging it over his shoulder. whispering frantically to each other. Half my body was underneath the front of the bus. Yes. Cullen.” he said as we walked toward the exit. He took a few steps inside. but I realized I was in the middle of the bus and two other cars. so I headed toward it. Charlie appeared from the opposite side of the curtain and he put his hand on my shoulder. was most likely parked right outside the door. then stopped and nodded again without looking back. Suddenly. As I approached slowly. who nodded at him after a few seconds. and that we were okay. I knew for a fact what I had heard and felt before that. Edward spoke calmly to the people trying to help. “You feel alright?” “Yes. but stopped in my tracks when I saw Carlisle and Edward standing under the awning of the employee entrance.” I answered. .” I said timidly. It had hit Edward first. but that was only after I’d hit my head. I sat on the hospital bed as Charlie spoke to Carlisle quietly on the other side of the curtain. “I have to fill out some paperwork. but I honestly felt nothing except for a slight throbbing in the back of my head. “You want to wait in the cruiser?” I nodded and he handed me the keys to his car which. Can we go?” Carlisle said I had a mild concussion. There was screaming and commotion coming from every direction and people trying to talk to us. and then walked out of view. which angered me. “Dr. they both stopped talking and turned their heads in my direction.

” He scowled and shoved his hands in the pockets of his khakis. It was so strange. but then again. almost like a lime.” He pulled his tie loose and nervously fiddled with the hem of his shirt. you mean like I trusted you last weekend? You slept with me. That’s all. it seemed to match Emmett and Alice’s now. realizing why everyone at school had been looking at him. The strong. I don’t know if it was because it had been so long since I stared at him for that long. I want to know what’s going on. and if you don’t tell me what this is-” I said. his natural fragrance was stronger. His skin was pale. The way that I said I felt… you should know that was real.except it was… sweeter than I’d remembered. And his eyes. I know you need me for something. which I’d remembered as being a deep. “You look different. and tell him how much I missed him and how I never wanted to leave his side again. melodic. I’ll run away. but he seemed so much more beautiful then I’d remembered. his jaw even more defined.” he said.I didn’t plan on what happened. looking down at the floor. raging inside of me. He was… different. That’ll do you more harm than good. or what. but the fact that he was withholding so many things from me was causing me an internal battle. One of them was from your body. pointing at his face. which I’d assumed was from being sick. “How’d you know where I was?” “Alice. reaching up to touch the side of his face. The same. shaking his head. I was going to stand my ground. “It was bad timing. undeniable feelings that I felt for him were still there. Trust me.” He laughed and shook his head. I meant everything I ever said to you. “The dents in the front weren’t only from the car. So strong. “Trust you? Oh. But I wasn’t going to be defeated. But it was him. I could smell him even with the distance between us. and then-” “Bella. almost. My memory did him no justice. jade color seemed lighter.” I noted. I wanted to believe him. and you won’t be able to find me. His cheekbones seemed higher and more distinct. And if it was possible. but changed somehow. “I’m leaving. I wanted to hug him. swallowing heavily.” he murmured.I stood in front of Edward and looked at his face clearly for the first time since before he’d gotten sick. His nostrils flared and he took a step back out of my reach.” . which had come untucked in the shuffle of the accident. I didn’t know. you took advantage of me and you disappeared! You made me feel like a fool! Why the hell would I ever trust you again?!” “That was a mistake.” I stated. “I want to know everything. “The bus hit you. “She saw it… I was following you.” Even his voice seemed different. “I pushed you down on the ground so you’d be underneath it. and stay distant until he was willing to give me the answers I wanted. hazel color.

There was a mixture of emotions going through my body. and kill me because I know your secrets. completely flabbergasted. Since I was becoming desperate and bored. the librarian giving me a strange glance. I started reading about all the legends and folklore. And I trusted you. the book under my arm. I have no one.I don’t care. Just as I was about to give up. There were tons and tons of books about vampire mythology. You won’t come close to me. the stars still not visible because of the storm earlier. But. Even my own parents are lying to me. I seriously contemplated checking myself into some kind of psychiatric facility when I thought about what I was doing. Today. so I headed to the library before it closed. I guess I was mistaken. It was unusually dark. my hands shaking uncontrollably. the heavy book under my arm. I tried calming myself enough to form cohesive thoughts. because I wasn’t sure how I fit into their lives. and looked up at the sky. because of what I was now sure the Cullens were. “I’m leaving. so I started going through them to see if anything made sense. Edward.” “I don’t want you to get sick-” “You were never sick!” I threw my hands in the air with exasperation. In what we had. * When I got home. I decided to try my hand at researching Edward’s “condition. so… goodbye. or let me touch you.” I made the realization that Google was completely useless when I found nothing for two hours. When I was absolutely positive about what I’d read. And then I ran outside and got in a cab. I knew that my best bet would be to keep researching Volterra. Edward. giving the driver the Cullen’s address. fear. I don’t care what happens to me. . if these supernatural people you know come and find me. I opened up the only book I hadn’t gone through and I gasped at the first page. I slammed the book shut and walked up to the counter to check it out. because I was finally starting to get the answers I’d been craving. You look completely different. and a little bit of relief. I flipped through it. fuming.“I’m not an idiot. You’re changed. but all that kept showing up were things leading back to vampires. and slowly… the pieces of the puzzle started falling into place. I had confidence in what I felt for you.” I stormed past him and headed toward the cruiser. ~*~~*~~*~ Chapter 7 ~ A Surprise Visit I knocked on the Cullens’ front door. confusion.

” Esme pulled the door open and I stepped inside.” I answered. “We’ll be near. I pulled at the ends of my hair nervously and waited for him to answer me. Edward. I closed the door and wasted no time opening the book and spinning it around to him. gravely growl and ripped the book from my hand.they’re all supposed to be dead. He looked at Esme. pointing at the first page. who nodded. “It’s a book on vampire mythology. not entirely. Just say if you need us. “I know… it’s what you are. The children would be born and seem as though they were entirely human. “This is your father.Esme answered the door.” . What the hell is this?” Edward flipped through the book. vampirehumans. Edward was standing in the foyer. Well.” He dashed up the stairs and I followed behind him as quickly as I could. and-” “Edward… this drawing of these men is supposed to be from the 1800s. You’re a vampire.” he corrected. “It says 1796. causing the chilly night air to gust through the room. When I walked through the door. and. he was opening all the windows. “Bella. or whatever the hell you want to call it. looking somewhat apprehensive. That he was part of this… ‘vampire government’ in Italy. “Okay. actually. furrowing her brow. I’m glad you’re alright… how’s your head? Did you need something?” “Edward. and shrugged. “Whatever. “I need to see him. they’d physically change-” Edward let out a low.” I crossed my arms over my chest and snatched the book off the bed. highly developed powers. Just tell me. “It says his name is Stregone Benefice. When their bodies reached adulthood. “Can I speak to you alone?” I asked. It’s about these hybrid. except for the fact that a majority of them were being born with these superior. I heard what happened earlier.” I dropped the book down on his bed and he pressed his finger firmly against the page. or whatever the proper term is. his eyes dark and his lips pursed. “It’s not a book on vampire mythology. a crooked smile on his face.” He stared at me fiercely. turning each page until I found the one I was looking for. That for some reason interests you because it has a picture in it of someone who looks like my father from over 200 years ago.” Edward cocked an eyebrow and nodded. “It says here that it’s rumored these vampires in Europe were capable of reproducing with humans.” I stated.

Stop. I jumped a little bit at the noise. “Say something. “And just… come sit by me. “Edward. or the fact that I actually believed that this 17 year old boy standing in front of me was a vampire. I’m not human anymore. I’m sure.” I put my hands over my ears and shut my eyes as the room started spinning.I could drink from any other human without killing them. “Don’t be afraid-” “I’m not afraid. but before I could even process it. I broke through the door. “You… you want to kill me? You want to eat me?” He nodded. just watching me.” I begged.” The fact that I was so close to death should’ve been what scared me. I mean. I planted my feet and stood there in shock. I would’ve never have believed it could be possible. I don’t have to. when you came here… I smelled you from upstairs. Everything hit me at once and my mind and my body were so overwhelmed. He’d managed to carry me over to the bed and step a few feet away from me before I could even blink. I felt something cold wrap around my stomach and then I was sitting at the foot of the bed.” he explained. I took a step closer to him and tried to put my hand on his arm. the only thing I was afraid of was that I’d never be able to be close to Edward again. About you being my singer.” He took another step back and held his hands up in front of him. “Last week. All I could think of was killing you. his fists clenched at his sides. I… you shouldn’t come that close to me. I’m stronger then all of them.I couldn’t believe the words that had come out of my mouth. spinning around and slamming his hands against his dresser. Emmett was even using his powers. and Emmett and both of my parents couldn’t control me. my heart pounding. . It wasn’t possible. putting one hand around his throat to emphasize his point. My knees started buckling. When I looked up. You won’t hurt me. so I put my head between my knees until I felt I’d recovered enough to keep trying to force information out of him.” “No. he was standing near the door. but Edward ducked his head down and his shoulders slumped. If I hadn’t seen the powers that Edward and his siblings had in front of my own eyes.” I lied. I… your smell. but all it did was slow me down for a second. and all I could do in that moment was feel… sympathy for him. his eyes full of fear. “How’d you…” The bright room was still spinning. I know you won’t. trying to hold me back. Edward still a safe distance from me. The fact that my life had turned upside down in the past couple of months made an impact on everything I’d ever thought to be true. “Why not?” “Because… I was right. but unexplainably. and my mind… I was like an animal. but you-” “Stop. It burns. “I don’t want to kill you. but he backed away. For some reason that I was unaware of.” “Do you even know what you’re saying?” He suddenly shouted. Edward gulped and nodded his head once. it was like I was going into shock.

Anyway. “My family eats animals only.“But. Carlisle has ways to get it. so I know I’m not completely mental. “I’ll let him tell you the whole story. patting the blanket next to me. I need to know. Or at least where his heart used to be. “They… Rosalie and Jasper?” Edward kept the crooked smile on his face. “So… your father was a part of this whole royal vampire coven in Italy?” Edward nodded and ran his fingers through his hair. Just like you. bending over slightly. “My father… he’s been one for almost 300 years. right over his heart. “I’m just supposed to believe that you’re a vampire? I mean… this is insane. Tell me everything. My mother was changed by him after she gave birth to me and Alice.” he answered. “But it is possible to drink from a human and not kill them?” He cracked a smile. “Your parents.” He closed his eyes and I heard a breath shoot through his nose as he slowly walked toward the bed. eager for clarification. it’s only because I’m newborn.” I looked at him.are they… vampires?” “Yes. He doesn’t remember his life as a human. “Do you still want to eat me?” I asked. just sit here and talk to me.” I said softly. Not a single thump.” he informed me.” “Just… come here Edward. “No. but said nothing. “We don’t kill humans.” My eyes widened and scooted away from him. and heard nothing. trying to break the tension. his body rigid. I want proof. you’re around me now. I listened intently for what felt like minutes. I looked to my left and he put his ice cold hand on the back of my head and pushed it forward gently. are they vampires too now?” .” “Was it true? They killed all the vampires that were… like you?” He nodded again.” he instructed. so my ear was flush against his chest.” I sighed and spun my body toward his. my eyes narrowed slightly. just to ease me into my regular diet. “Yes. no… they haven’t killed anyone. I could sense his discomfort and fear from being so close to me.” He got up from the bed and stood in front of me. but I looked into his eyes and waited. I don’t know everything.” I winced and shook my head. “Please. “Ask Emmett and Alice.” I said. “Turn your head. “So. He dropped his hand from my head and let out a nervous laugh. “You can live off animal blood?” He nodded at me. “That’s because my parents have been practically drowning me in human blood-” He noticed the startled look on my face and shook his head. He sat down next to me.

trying to figure out my next steps. Like a needle. They were changed… for their own safety. My heart. always and… if they come get you. with powers that were born human.” Edward clarified. standing up. Edward was a vampire. and… he wanted to kill me. I don’t know that I can do that. squeezing it as tightly as I could.” . “No. “I don’t want to do it. Children.” Edward laughed and looked down at our linked hands. But the best thing for you right now is to stay away from me. “So. told me to stay with Edward. “You’re safe. It was more than I could take in. There was too much information going through my mind that I couldn’t process.” “So… how do humans get changed? I mean. it has to be more then biting. I’m not going anywhere.” he interrupted. human-vampire relationships are a big faux pas in the vampire world. you push the venom in. “I need a minute. There’s a reason the Volturi wanted everyone like us dead. and-” “Bella. “So where does that leave me? Are we supposed to stay away from each other from now on? Because. they can take me. you know? When you drink you’re sucking the blood out… when you change someone. if you can drink them. My brain and any semblance of logic I had left told me to run.” I felt my heart sink and I sighed. His eyes followed me as I stomped from one wall to the other. unsurprinsingly.” I told him. I’m staying with you. They’re coming again. too. For their safety? If it wasn’t safe for them to be around Edward’s family… what did that mean for me? “What about me?” I asked out loud.“Yeah. I stepped forward and grabbed his hand. He was dead. “Why?” “There’s a lot of us around here. All of his family were vampires. Believe me. don’t worry. have you absolutely lost your mind? Let me show you something.” My heart filled with fear at the fact that Edward was unsafe. we just don’t know when. as I stood up and started pacing back and forth across the room.” he said through clenched teeth. right?” “It’s the venom. I stopped halfway across the room and tapped my chin. Just for the time being.” I took a deep breath and rubbed my eyes. “Bella. Correct?” “Yes.

my arm shot down and I clenched my eyes shut and heard a sharp sound." he answered. You came here during one of those days.” I knew our time was coming to a close soon." “I don’t see how all this is funny. once you get through that and you keep drinking. Stick it through my arm. violent. “Two days of the most horrific. Hard. “Open your eyes. where he opened the top drawer and pulled out a little. burning pain you’ve ever felt in your life. But the pain is indescribable at first.” ." I shivered at the memory of that day. “Yeah.“How long does it take to change?” “Two days. still laughing. with the powers and me shielding them and everything. something special. But. my point was… it isn’t easy to kill us. and now… you’re telling me we have to be apart? That you don't want to be around me?” “Bella. I’m not even completely sure that I won’t kill you the next time I’m around you. “No! No way.” “So… silver doesn’t kill you. I’m guessing garlic won’t either. “Bella. with as much force as I could muster up. I let my eyes flutter open and my mouth dropped when I saw the knife in my hand. Edward placed his forearm flat against the dresser and cocked his head in my direction. don’t stand a chance.” I put my hands on my hips and pouted as I waited for him to let it all out. retractable knife. And then. “Fine.” "Do you sleep in a coffin?" "No. “Yes. the burning starts to subside and you start to get used to how you feel. I flipped the blade up and held it out in front of me. and there wasn’t a dot on Edward’s arm. "I don't sleep period. “I… we… I thought we had something between us. I just drank before you got here. on the other hand.” he answered.” he ordered. I told you. fiery feeling in your throat that can’t be satisfied. kind of shell shocked. I’d feel horrible forever if they hurt you. your safety is my first priority.” I sighed. so I tried to get any other information out of him that I could. You. “Okay.” Hesitantly. handing it to me. like a metal clang.” I gasped and took a step back. The blade was completely bent in half. Do it or… I’ll bite you. “Or crosses… can you go out in sunlight?” He tilted his head back and laughed.” Edward managed to choke out through his laughter. I don’t want to do this. Followed by two more days of the most awful. If they come. and Alice is watching to make sure… nothing happens. None of that bullshit is true. his body stiffening. “Open it. "And then.” “Just do it. I threw it onto the floor and stepped away.” He laughed at his own joke as I stood there with a scowl. lifting the knife so it was behind my ear. always. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.He broke out of my grasp and walked back over to his dresser. As hard as you can.” I pointed at the small gold crucifix around his neck and frowned.

” I told him. They can’t get to me. because his face and his hands were absolutely freezing. holding up the book.bring me home!” I tried opening the door. “Bella. I can’t ever let anything bad happen to you.” Edward laughed nervously and cupped my face in his cold hands." he murmured. For now. Isabella. I looked down at the floor and gulped before Edward released his hands and I headed for the door. you said that I was a guard. I reached forward and grabbed his cold hand and kissed the tips of his fingers gently. going through everything in my mind. and your family can teach me what to do. I went on and on like that for a good ten minutes. but his body thirsted for my blood. Absolutely not. Everything will be fine. and I tapped on the Plexiglas to get the driver’s attention. I’ll stay here with you.” he whispered. being able to help. The driver spun around and at once I noticed his golden eyes.” ~*~~*~~*~ . I can’t let that happen. Suddenly. “No. “You’re so warm. but I fought the urge.All I wanted was to jump into Edward’s arms. “Edward… you said before that people were after you. knowing forcing myself on him and pushing him would probably be the end of my life. Instead. I realized I’d been in the cab far too long. Just listen to what I tell you to do. It was possible I could help him. I just… I want to be with you. you’re going the wrong way. about something. and hug him and kiss him and feel him holding me. “We have business to attend to first. grabbing my hand and pressing it into his face. All of his family were vampires. He didn't sleep. but he refused to take the risk. Like if I wake up.I said Park. Are these people after you?” I asked. His skin was freezing cold and rock solid.I’ll protect you. they… they can kill you. His family didn't feed off humans. okay? You’ll see. I shivered involuntarily. but it seemed to have some kind of safety lock on it. running his thumb up my cheek. I feel like I’m dreaming right now. “Don’t worry about me. Everything’s going to work out. and Edward was a fucking vampire. My body suddenly filled with fear as we turned into a dark alleyway and he stopped the car. I gave the driver my address and slumped in my seat. It isn’t worth the risk. Vampires actually existed. He was in danger. “The Volturi?” He nodded and swallowed heavily. you won’t be there. He closed his eyes and hummed quietly.” “It is to me. just listen to me. You’re a human. you’re the most important thing in my life right now. And then. “Um. Easily.” I stared into his unfamiliar eyes and nodded slightly.” “You were talking to the headmaster. Always. The guard. so… can’t I help?” Edward’s nostrils flared and he shook his head. pointing behind me. “What are you doing? My father is a cop. He walked me downstairs and waited for me to get into a taxi before he closed the front door. Like you aren’t real…” "I'm not going anywhere. “Okay.

"Edward is in danger. trying to hide my unease. tapping his temple.Chapter 8 ~ Ulterior Motives "Headmaster Aro. It was the only way. in case the time comes and we need your assistance. I followed hesitantly. rusted door. If being trained was going to give me the ability to help Edward.. I knew I wasn't in danger. ignoring my question. "Vaguely.. He motioned for me to take a seat on one of the plush. I wasn't afraid. Miss Swan." "I know about everything that happened today. At the end of the hall was a thick. but Edward keeps saying that because I'm a human they can hurt me. So. "I can help?" "Yes. I'm going to train you. "Edward. Clearly." Aro said. Tanya!" He raised his voice slightly and within seconds a tall." "This is going against Edward's wishes. Edward is being overprotective. correct?" He sat on the edge of the coffee table in front of me as I shrugged." he answered. "Good. "I'm sorry if I frightened you. which he stuck a key in and held open for me. "Yes. He doesn't want to put your life in danger." "Fine. if you will. I assume you're aware of how much value a shield is to our kind. I took a few steps into the pitch black room and waited. Aro turned a light on. . "A very powerful one. I didn't know this man." He got out of the cab and pulled my door open. otherwise Alice would've intervened. at that. He was right there.. He pushed open a heavy door and we walked down a dim hallway covered in graffiti. We need as much help as we can get.” I answered. so it'll be in your best interest not to speak of anything to the Cullens. I knew Edward trusted him. “I know it's important. Unless." I had no idea what was going on.. I didn't know if he was good or bad or if I was safe with him. blonde girl appeared in the room.. I'm also a shield. maroon sofas and I obliged. The only reason I followed was because for some reason. heading down the dark alley.?" I froze in my seat and my mouth dropped open when I realized it was him. this place was some kind of hideout. Although I was slightly panicked." I agreed. offering me an ice cold hand to help me out. revealing a surprisingly beautiful sitting room. I'd recognized her from school.. "Isabella." he said." "They're coming. I was willing to do whatever I had to. she was the one comforting Edward in the hallway the day he’d started to change. or what he was talking about. Do you understand?" I sighed heavily. "How did they not see you?" I asked.we're all in danger.

After a couple seconds I raised an eyebrow and stood up. I was screaming in pain and I'd fallen back onto the sofa. though. I spoke about the first thing I observed.” They both watched intently as I sat there. nodding her head at me. “It may. I wasn't sure how she knew my name. excruciating heat running from my fingertips up to my shoulders. replaced by a chilling sensation. Does it make a difference?" . pointing at Aro. and before I knew what'd happened. trying to will my arms to feel normal again. Tanya dropped her hands and instantly the hurt subsided. fanning my face. "Ready?" “I don’t know? Is this going to hurt me?” I rested my palms on my shaking knees and gulped heavily. Aro muttered something to her too fast and quiet for me to make out." she said. wincing. “I’ll start out light. The room was silent. "Your eyes are gold.. If you don't mind?" Aro stood up and waited for my response." I saw both her hands shoot forward. Bella. "Just yell if this hurts." I choked out." "Gold is only if you eat animals?" They both nodded in succession. "Just like Edward. "Tonight. "I was being gentle. "Um.. Well." Tanya said to me. I just want to see what you're capable of." don't feel anything?" "No." Tanya answered. Her face dropped a little and she nodded.” she said." she said. "Is that better?" I nodded and clenched and unclenched my fists a few times. It's kind of hot in here. "My arms. Sure. and the awkwardness I felt from being so weak in their eyes was making me feel uncomfortable." Tanya smirked at me and pointed a finger in my direction. "Yeah." I stated. waiting for Tanya to use her power on me. I'm still feeding on human blood. so I can plan accordingly. "Stop!" There was a blazing. "And yours are light blue.. In order to break the tension. Ready?” "Okay… go." I said. but I smiled and gave her a weak wave.. "Are you doing it?" I asked. giving me a look of sympathy. "Sorry. Why?" "I just changed not too long ago. "Oh.

"About powerful human guards resurfacing." Tanya said. And then I felt it. All in all. Amazing. "To all of us. she scared the shit out of me. You have no idea how important what you're doing is. You need to be completely dedicated to this. After awhile. fed up. "I just discovered what little I do know tonight. When I opened my eyes they were both staring at me. It's one of our biggest concerns. we were starting to believe they didn‘t exist anymore. I tried blocking harder. You do know about all that. "I want you to try again. after feeling her power." I said. hesitating. her hands held out in front of her again. seemingly in shock. and the tingling returned... I concentrated as hard as I could. and then a light. A sharp twinge in my temple. like I had the day I'd fainted when I was practicing with Edward. "More?" Tanya asked." Aro agreed. Okay?" "That was great. "Okay." I muttered. She looked at Aro. To be quite honest. "Yes. "Edward is very important to me. But they can't continue it for long." "What?" I asked. only lifting a finger to let her know I was ready. and then turned back to me. they'd crave it and we'd be unable to coexist with humans. Edward said he'd rather Carlisle explain it to me than him." I looked at Tanya and swallowed heavily. "We start newborns on human blood. to ease them out of the initial thirst they feel." Aro responded. It's why we chose to separate from them in the first place. and behave like animals. who nodded. but I didn't pry any further. "Tell me when you're ready. I nodded and clenched my teeth together as the aching in my head eventually became almost intolerable. stop!" I was starting to feel lightheaded. They’re so scarce. "Was that.” . "It's true." Tanya said. a slight look of resentment on her face. "As would I. frustration clear in his face. don't you?" I shook my head. the only reason the Volturi and their army even stand a chance is because they feed on humans. Bella. actually. trying not to break my concentration.Aro gazed at me and let his eyes flutter shut for a moment. taking a deep breath. Their strength dominates ours. and the feeling faded. warm prickle on my arms. He was already giving me more answers than any of the Cullens ever had. "What is true? Why the hell does everyone keep saying that?" "There were rumors." I didn't believe him. The pain in my head increased. But they have no compassion. Our fight with the Volturi is based on our humanity." he explained." I closed my eyes and tried using the same concept as when I blocked Edward from reading my mind. But it seems to be true. grabbing Aro's arm. if you’re serious about helping. "Keep going.

"Why is he so important?" Aro furrowed his brow and moved closer to me. Bella. I didn’t want to go to school at all. Edward… a leader? Of the vampires? He was only seventeen.” . “I miss him. I need to talk to him about something important. and that was the only thing that kept me going back day after day. “How much longer?” “I don’t know."Tanya. “You’re a human. and nearly being burned alive… I’m ready for bed. Please talk to him for me." The statement sent a chill down my spine. * Edward stuck to his word. right? Do you know what hers is?” “Yes. I’d started to miss Edward so much that I was almost in hysterics.” I whispered. making it a point to avoid me for the rest of the week. The closest connection I had to him were our friends and his family. it’s… against the rules to use it freely. pity radiating from his expression. “Um. nodding. At the end of that first week. finding out my theoretical soulmate is a vampire. cracking a smile for the first time that night.” “Wow. He doesn’t want you being in danger… it’s only because he cares so much about you.” Aro said. For helping me. She can erase anyone’s memories. Emmett.” He looked at me. Which can be dangerous to others. If their species was going to depend on him… I could only imagine things were going to end up very. so it’s erratic and uncontrolled right now. “Emmett. He was born to be a leader. They’d just overloaded me with far too much information and I’d had enough for the time being.” “Okay.” I made a mental note of everything Aro had said and indicated my understanding by nodding once. His gift is considered to be a dark power. causing her to take an immediate step back. “What is it? The power?” “I’m not at liberty to speak of it. It was the last thing I saw as the heavy door slammed shut. Isabella.” Tanya said. are we done here? I’ve kind of had a long day. “Memory manipulation. putting my head in my hands. and he seemed far from confident in his new form. enough. "Edward has a gift that we believe makes him more power than any vampire in the world right now." Aro glared at her.” he said.” “Yes. I was terrified for him. waiting for the teacher to begin.please. We’ll meet again tomorrow. shaking his head.” I followed Tanya to the door and turned back to him before I left.” “You’re welcome. to help Edward. very badly. Between almost getting hit by a bus. “Um… thank you. “Alice… she has a dark power too. knowing he was there and I couldn’t be with him. For all of them.” I said to him as we sat in class.” “You don’t understand how stubborn Edward is. I do know he’s always been forced to suppress it. “Tanya will take you home. and in our world.” Emmett whispered.

Her older sister. cutting me off. “I need sleep. I only went for an hour or so every night. I approached her before lunch.” I adjusted my bag on my shoulder. For once.” I answered. because it wasn’t like his power had different levels.” he said. I’m sorry. My head hurts. “I can’t do that… you’ve never told him before. holding up my hand to the vampire that was assisting us. Rosalie and Jasper…” “Bella. “I knew you were coming.I tapped the end of my pencil on my desk frantically. You have no idea what you’re talking about.” she said. And that… I love him. shaking her head. His name was Garrett. had graduated two years before. slamming her locker shut. trying to ease my frustration. One of you-” “No. squeezing her hand as hard as I could. But he’s so scared… he doesn’t want you to get hurt. “Don’t worry about it. it was the right idea. “I know that he wants to see you.” she said. .” I said.” I begged. “Tell him I need to see him. and after I kept failing over and over my frustration grew so much I just gave up.” She must’ve seen the pained look on my face because she tried recovering quickly. because I was far too exhausted to stay any longer than that. so there was less of a chance of her running into Edward.” “No. I worked with her for the next three days. It was beyond tiring for me.” “Alice. so on the fifth day I asked Aro for a break. but Aro was worried that if she spoke with Edward. Kate. I’d worked with Tanya the first day. “What’s wrong?” Aro asked as I rubbed my eyes. “Just tell him that I know he won’t hurt me. trying to think of something to say that she could relate back to Edward. Please. this conversation is over. I just want to go home. he might read it in her mind that she’d been helping me. I’ll try and talk to him. I couldn’t block it out. or you didn’t. when she was waiting for Rosalie near her locker. “I don’t see anything right now. I wasn’t really paying attention since my mood was so foul. I decided to go to Alice. His voice was cold and his eyes seemed to darken suddenly. He doesn’t want to hurt you himself. and there hadn‘t been any noticeable change in what I was able to do. The training was starting to cause me physical pain. and he had the ability to make people go blind.” I grabbed her hand and gulped.” I’d returned to Aro’s secret training room every night that week so we could try stretching my ability as far as we could. “But. the colors all starting to reappear slowly. He’s been either saw black. mostly so that I could beg her into telling me if she saw Edward with me sometime in the future. “Then change me. “Stop. I hated it. She smirked when she saw me and sighed.” Since I was getting nowhere with Emmett.

like Emmett. Aro took a few steps closer to us curiously. All of a sudden I heard a gasp. “You need rest. Let me know when you’re ready to start again. still not blinking. Um. startled. I need to discuss some things with Garrett. “What did she do?” “She… reflected. weren’t supposed to use their powers. then at Garrett. “It’s true. Sorry if I scared you. but he held up his hand and growled a little before I could get too close. It made things that much more painful. Kate’s husband. Before I left. I agreed.” * It was only around seven when I got home. and when I opened them again my vision was gone.” Aro said. so I climbed into bed to take a quick nap before I made dinner for Charlie. Aro had talked to me about my ability to push my shield out. Instead of making someone feel like they were on fire.” Garrett said. My body was in desperate need of rest. Charlie was working until later that night. “Edward!” I jumped out of bed and headed toward him eagerly. Garrett was staring at me. I closed my eyes for a second. Which it was. I hit the wall and banged my head. Both of them. his mouth hung open in shock.” I told him.” he murmured. only because I thought it would be less painful on my body. absolutely still. so I attempted to try it on Garrett. I discovered it with Edward.” “Yeah. so they didn’t have much control over them. so Garrett. go ahead and use your power. Bella.” Aro looked at me and pointed toward the door. so I pulled my hand back and my eyesight retuned again. so the apartment was absolutely silent. and saw Edward standing up against the wall. confused by their reaction to me. I was still in my dreadful uniform.” “Thank you.Kate’s power was similar to Tanya’s. Kate made people feel like they were being electrocuted. so there wasn’t any purpose of us trying anymore that day. his voice disappointed. if you don’t mind. . collecting my belongings from the sofa. I’ll be in touch. “Absolutely not.” I instructed. The inconsistency ended up not working out in my favor. Goodnight. “Okay. standing uncomfortably close to him. an idea popped into my head. but… I guess not. “Go. offered to head just wasn’t in it. I turned and looked at Aro. I thought maybe it was just him that I could do it with. I refused to work with Kate again after she electrocuted me so hard. which was what I’d been doing with Edward whenever I read his mind. wide eyed. sticking my hand out and grabbing what I think was his forearm. I was just drifting off to sleep when I felt the chill on the back of my neck from the breeze blowing through my damp hair. “What?” Aro grabbed his shoulders and shook him frantically. “Don’t stop doing it. I sat up. “Okay. “Can I see something really quickly?” “Sure. Tanya was hunting for the weekend.” I said. therefore making my first priority taking a shower and changing into my pajamas.” “Did I do something wrong?” I asked timidly.

. and the fact that he was right there. and took one long stride forward. It had been almost a week since I’d even caught a glimpse of him. I saw him turn his head to the open window and take a deep breath before he nodded.” “I’ll call her later.” I believed what I was telling him. I wanted Edward drinking my blood so he’d be stronger. If what Aro was saying about him was true. “No! Bella. It was then that I realized his nose was right near my wrist.” he whispered. “She probably wants to talk to you. Obviously she’d seen what I’d planned. but still not gold like the rest of his family. I figured it was worth a shot. my phone started ringing on my nightstand. grabbing the other side of his face. I’ll kill you!” “No. “Drink from me. I waited for him to make the next move. his voice gritty. breaking the rest of the space between us. Standing there. “Can I ask you something?” Before Edward could answer.” “Does it hurt?” I asked him as he pressed his lips against my wrist. than that meant if Edward was drinking from me he’d be just as strong as they were. for both of us. You won’t want it as much. As soon I was close enough to him that I could smell him. his eyes frantic.” I took each agonizing. turning his head to the side and breathing in. putting my hand on his shoulder. right?” “Yes.” he said. and that the only thing they had against him was the fact that they were stronger because of their diet. that he was more powerful than any of the other vampires. “Edward. was almost overwhelming.” I said. “I’m too selfish. “Come.” He closed his eyes and pressed his cheek into my hand. you won’t. I knew what I was planning was selfish. Your body is craving my blood… maybe after you drink some of it. I’ll drain you. “It’s just Alice. “Okay… you said it is possible to drink from humans and not kill them. my insides bursting with impatience. But being without you hurts more. in my room. but-” I heard a buzzing noise and Edward pulled his phone from his pocket. He let out the breath he’d been holding in the whole time. knowing he could smell me too.” I said. slow step toward him. and that he was smelling me.” It was that exact moment when a tactical plan started churning in my head. I recognized the ringer as Alice.” he said. This is important. “To be around me?” “Yes. “Alice. I licked my lips and looked into his eyes. but I felt it was something we needed to do. opening his eyes again. I stopped. I want you to. my hands clenched at my sides.” He took a step back and shook his head. waving my hand.“Give me a minute. it’ll be easier for you to be around me. but my motives were ulterior. “Please stay with me. I reached my hand up hesitantly and pressed my palm against his cheek. They were even lighter this time. “I can’t stay away from you.” I said.

He grabbed my left hand and kissed my wrist again. and sweeter.” I said. For me. grazing them against mine before pressing forward gently. I kissed the top of his head as his nose grazed the skin near my heart.” He pushed his lips against my sternum and my body was instantly covered in goosebumps. “Do it. Edward. just colder. He broke out of his daze and let go. sliding his hands all the way up my arms before cupping my face in his hands. Aren’t you willing to do anything for me?” He stopped walking and looked down at the floor. “I can’t. and then a slight sting as his teeth broke through the skin. smirking lazily at me. “I’m not. The taste that I loved so much was stronger. over his shoulders. then my collarbone.” he assured me. chuckling lightly and pulling away. I slid forward and clenched his body between my knees.Edward started backing toward the window. I know you won’t kill me.” he whispered. and hear it. “You taste so sweet. “Edward. “Being this close to you. his face full of worry. I let the tip of my tongue glide against the crease between Edward’s lips before moaning against his mouth and sighing. His kiss felt the same.” Suddenly.” “It’s the venom. we’re both in love with each other. “It’s not. I felt his tongue slide across my neck.” “I’m willing to do anything for you. I know you’d never harm me either. Edward.” he stuttered. kissing him again.” “Then just try this. I felt the vibration of his groan against my skin. kissing the hollow behind my ear. his face was nuzzled in my neck. then the side of my neck. wrapping his cold hands around my bare waist. I knew he could feel it. “It burns.” “You can’t go.” I whispered. absolutely still. Edward sighed and walked over to me.” he said. “You’re right. My hands slid up his arms. “This is wrong. before staring down at it as if he was contemplating what to do. He slid them over my jaw and stopped right near the side of my mouth. but obviously my body’s natural reaction was to be scared.” His eyes flickered and he involuntarily squeezed my hand. squeezing gently. his lips flush against my skin. my heart pounding quickly. “I’m not supposed to. and rested behind his neck. I’d never do anything to harm you. He moved his lips slowly. sounding embarrassed. I am in love with you.” I sat at the foot of my bed and pulled off my long-sleeved shirt before throwing my hair up and nodding at him.” he murmured. Where do you want to do it?” “Somewhere no one will see the mark. I trust you. “I’m sorry. hard. The venom must’ve numbed it significantly. kneeling between my legs. staring down at our intertwined hands. “So sweet. He could kill me at any second if he wanted to. “Yes.” I ran my thumb underneath the dark circles forming under his eyes and I kissed his forehead.” he said.” I said. and then his lips were moving up. It burns so much. My breaths became quick and . but it wasn’t anything unbearable. “Oww.

leaving the irony taste of my own blood in my mouth. pushing my neck closer to him. stop.” My phone rang again. Alice?” “You should’ve answered earlier when I called.” he murmured into my ear.” I felt my breathing starting to slow. It keeps changing. “Of course I’m not leaving you.” I asked Alice. and then I saw him drinking from you. Everything was clear.” she said. his green eyes already changing color. You were right. and my body weakening. her voice flat. Edward.” I said. I put the phone on speaker and rested it on my pillow. “Edward. “I’m so sorry. It was so good… I couldn’t stop. You’re not leaving me. even though I wasn’t sure how much more I could take. I could hear him moaning in delight as his hands rose up to the back of my head. “Just tired. licking the wound again and pressing his finger against it. shimmying up the bed to get under the covers. “Thank you for that. turning my head back to glance at Edward. “You both just made a terrible mistake. and he removed his lips.” ~*~~*~~*~ Chapter 9 ~ Aggression “What do you mean. I need more.” I nodded. but I realized I was feeling lightheaded. He laid me down and balanced above me. “I feel better. “He can’t drink from you again. her impassive voice echoing throughout my room. going limp in his hands. yawning. and held it to my ear.” “I’m fine. Bella.” I smiled and shivered.shallow as I felt Edward’s lips suction against and start swallowing my blood. It had only been about a minute. “I can’t see what’s happening with either of you.” He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and slid in behind me. pulling my back against his chest.” . “It’s so good. I heard a deep growl echo from his chest. and his swallowing frenzied. so I swallowed heavily and forced myself to say something. flipped it open. and all of a sudden everything was flashing.” Alice answered. hard. How do you feel now?” He kissed me. I reached over and grabbed it. causing me to groan. “Come on. His grip became uncomfortably tight. “What.

“Show me your other power. He enjoyed drinking from me so much.” I felt his arm wrap around my stomach and he pulled my back into his chest.” “You can’t. her mouth so close to the phone that the speaker was crackling.” he said against my skin. and nothing is changed. almost made me completely disregard the sinking feeling I had in my stomach. it was clouding his logic. “Everything’s flashing because I came over here. anyway. I’d never seen Alice in anything but a positive mood. “I know how you feel right now. pressing his lips against my shoulder. you’d see it. Our paths are just changing.” I heard Alice growl lightly into the phone and I jumped. It was the strangest thing that’d happened to me yet. “Fine.” I rolled over so that I was facing him and I put my hand on his cheek.” “No. “Good.” Her voice was bordering on irritated. you’d see black. For me.“How do you even know it’s from that?” Edward didn’t seem concerned.” “Just do it.” I realized at that moment why he’d been so terse with Alice. One second we were together on my bed. Alice. But you should be reasonable about this!” Edward looked at me and smiled. shutting his eyes. “If anything bad was going to happen.” The last thing I remembered was Edward’s eyes gazing into mine and the familiar ache in my temple. . “I feel fine. The fact that he was there.” he said. at all. and the fact that Edward was taking it all so lightly seemed ominous. “No one can. It’s hurting my head trying to watch you both. “Edward. on a whim.” “Edward!” Alice was shouting now. “Why do you want to see it so much?” “I want to see if I can block it. “Do you feel okay?” I nodded and lay back down on my pillow. kissing a little path up to my neck every few seconds.” he said. If we were going to die. Just calm down. laughing nervously. and Edward raised an eyebrow. and it worried me a little. “Your blood… it was indescribable. and both our paths changed because of it. When I regained consciousness I was standing on the other side of my room. Please don’t question me. “Edward. right then. It’s over now. unaffected by Alice’s apprehension. Edward sitting at the edge of my mattress.” With that the line went dead. He turned his head slightly and kissed my palm. It isn’t anything crucial. happy and satisfied and able to be around me without issue.

and in an instant. and I watched the rain cascade down the windows. I sat at my usual desk in Biology.” he whispered.” Edward said. “Come on. How was that possible? If that was right. I was out of breath by the time we got to the top. breaking me out of my daze. too in denial to face what went on.” Edward cupped my face in his hands and his lips met mine for a second. What the hell had we done. into the dark night. it meant 15 minutes of my life had just gone by. but I had no memory of getting up and walking across the room. I missed you. Edward had picked me up and pinned me against the wall. but Edward didn’t seem to notice. and the distraction was welcome. He unlocked the door to the pool and pulled me inside without even turning the light on. trying to comprehend what’d just happened. I’d strategized the entire weekend so that I could “run” into him.” I confessed. climbing the stairs too quickly for me. I’d moved from my bed. The last thing I remembered before I’d asked Edward to use his power was talking to Alice. I have to go. I felt his icy lips on my neck. “Bella. He shut the door behind me. He let his hands fall and grabbed my hand. I was only a couple steps down the hallway when I felt an ice cold hand wrap around my arm. I shivered and turned my head to the side so I could kiss his cheek. his voice deep and gravelly. I ran over to my phone to check the time and I stared at it. “Why aren’t you going to class?” “I was looking for you. and I threw a sweatshirt on and left my room. behind my ear.” Without another word. pulling me toward the stairs. * Monday morning was dull and dreary. he hopped out of my window. since I knew he’d still be avoiding me. traveled through time or something? It was bizarre. I fiddled with the sleeves of my cardigan with my fingertips and waited anxiously for class to finish. my collarbone. because Edward wasn’t returning to the class. confused. “Me too. still alone.” he said. I heard my father walking around in the other room. He took a step closer to me and tilted his head down. He shrugged before standing up and walking over to my window.“What just happened?” I asked him quietly. . touching the dark circles that were forming under his eyes. I threw my bag over my shoulder and bolted out the door. I shut my phone off. my head feeling cloudy. Nothing made any sense.” he said. and I had no recollection of it. When the bell finally rang. Unexplainable. pulling me into a deserted stairwell. I couldn’t see anything. Thirsty. my feet were off the floor. it said that I’d talked to her 15 minutes earlier. pressing his lips against my neck. But when I looked at the time on the phone. “What did you do?” “Your father’s home. “I had a long weekend. I could only hear the hoarse groans and uneven breaths coming from his chest. “What’s the matter? Why do you look so tired?” “Not tired. heading straight to where I knew Edward would be. the erratic patterns making me sleepy. leaning into my ear. I stood there.

After a couple minutes. and his overall demeanor more tranquil. this was something more.” he mumbled. He was thirsty. . So. pressing his lips against my temple. and overwhelmed by the gifts he held. “Why didn’t you go this weekend? With your family?” “I did.” I whispered.” he murmured. “Just wait here with me for a minute. stop. He wanted me. which I didn’t see as a weakness. where I needed to hold onto the wall for support. he was noticeably calmer. This was desperate and impatient.” A chill went through my body at his words. kissing my forehead. right above my heart. I felt a woozy feeling rush through my head. feeling weak. “Just drink. holding my head against his chest.” I told him. running his tongue along the skin underneath my collarbone. I worshiped Edward. and although I didn’t doubt his physical attraction to me. instead of heading Alice’s warning. “I can’t eat animals. Instantly.” He wrapped his arms around my shoulders and pulled me close to him. My willpower was diminished whenever I was around him. “Thank you. and within seconds. Not after I’ve tasted you. I knew that he was adjusting. to that pitch dark place. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back against the wall. I felt his fingertips glide up my torso and fiddle with the buttons on my shirt anxiously. his grip on my body more relaxed. I gulped and tried to stay calm.” he answered quietly. making him happy. and keeping him healthy and safe. and confused. to the point where I was willing to give my own life to him. but instead of taking action against what he said. and I linked my legs together behind his back to hold myself up. “I’m not going anywhere. As stupid as it seemed. “Is that… a bad thing?” “I don’t know. I heard one pop off and bounce against the cement floor as Edward pushed his mouth against mine eagerly. so I cleared my throat and tapped his shoulder.” I said nervously. so that Alice couldn’t see what we were doing or where we were. listening to his enthusiastic suckling and waiting as long as I could. my main purpose had somehow become him. He unlinked my legs and set me down on the floor. gently taking my bottom lip between his teeth. He’d brought me there. Edward’s tongue grazed over the wound and I felt his chilly hand pushing against my chest to stop the bleeding. I gave in. I took a deep breath as his teeth sunk into my skin. and suddenly I realized his agenda behind this little meeting.His hands were wrapped around my waist. I shivered at the feeling. pulling open my shirt the rest of the way. This wasn’t about us making out. “Okay.” he said. like we used to during lunch when he was still… human. “Where do you want to?” “Here.

which he usually did when he left school.” Edward said. and I leaned my head back into his palm.I felt his cold fingers run up the back of my neck and into my hair. leaving a trail of goose bumps in their wake. He had loosened his tie. can I ask you something?” I nodded. and I let my fingers inattentively glide across his cheek. “Bella. At all. near the hem of my skirt.” “Sorry.” he said finally. Bella?” “If we were to… do it right now. I heard the bench slide against the floor and within a second he was standing by the bed. then can a half-vampire and a human have a baby. Suddenly. all the practice I’d had with Aro had strengthened my shield considerably. Do you know why that is?” I swallowed heavily and hesitated before answering. the icy feeling cooling my body down immensely. It’s strange. “Edward?” My voice shook as his fingers crept up slowly. chuckling a little bit. “Yes. tapping his hands anxiously on the edge of the bed. Would there be a chance I could have a vampire baby?” Edward stared at me for a few seconds blankly before a smile broke out across his face. I felt his ice cold fingers grazing up my thigh. staring down at me. “Maybe later on.” he muttered. I went back to Edward’s house after school. listening to him absentmindedly play the piano. and I gasped. “Edward?” “Hmm?” “Do Rose and Jasper’s parents know that they’ve changed?” Edward sighed and continued pressing down erratically on the keys without answering me. revealing a little bit of his chest that I was aching to touch. too?” . “If a vampire and a human can have a baby.” “Where is he?” “Working.” I turned my head back to the ceiling and left my fingertips on Edward’s face. “I don’t know. Clearly. “I can’t hear you. It had started to get noticeably colder outside. and the top three buttons of his shirt were open. “It freaks me out when you move that fast. “What. It was a lie. and his hand flitted down my neck. “You should speak to my father soon. * That afternoon. I turned my head to the side so that I could look at him.” he said.” I murmured. so I was still wearing Edward’s blazer which he’d taken off and given me when we walked out of school. I was lying on his bed. and it had advanced enough that I was completely blocking Edward out without even trying. staring up at the ceiling. “I have no idea. kneeling down on the floor.

because I’m hoping that you’ll change your mind about that. laughing at me.” he said. near the inside of my thigh.” He pulled back.” I ignored him.” “What about us? What are we?” He rolled over so quickly all I saw was a blur. and when I looked up he was hovered above me. “Edward. “Yeah. kissing my lips gently. and if I hurt you. “We should calm down.” His fingertips traced the edge of my underwear. I grabbed the back of his head and forced his face harder into mine. “I can’t… sleep with you.” “So. forever. and I quivered a little bit.” .” he said. then… why was it okay for your family to change Rosalie and Jasper. I let Edward listen to all of the inappropriate. “Don’t ignore me.” he mumbled. “It’s dangerous. Hurt me. swallowing hard. I don’t think you really understand. I want to be with you. instead opting to undo the rest of his buttons. I don’t care. are Rosalie and Emmett like… together forever now? And Alice and Jasper?” Edward nodded and climbed onto the bed. “I’m only thinking of you. where he swatted my hand away. until I got to the waistband of his pants. “You’re letting your hormones rule your thinking.” He frowned and stared at me for a couple seconds. Without warning. But until then. as I groaned. “So. lowering my shield like I’d been practicing. “And I’m yours.” “I don’t care.” he said. but you won’t change me?” I felt Edward’s cool breath hitting my face as he sighed exasperatedly. kissing my forehead and smiling. “What?” “Cold. you are not going to deprive me of your body.” I whispered. my thumb pressing against his bottom lip. revealing his flawless.I can’t hurt you. I placed my palm flat against where his heart used to be and let it skim downward across his skin. I’m keeping my mouth shut about the fact that you’re refusing to change me. There’s a lot running through my mind. pushing Edward’s shoulders with my hands so he’d move with me. fair chest. so I squinted at him and closed my eyes. he hooked his fingers around the elastic of my underwear and pulled them down my leg.” he said into my lips.” I sat up. and I pouted to show my displeasure. I don’t know that I’ll be able to control myself. When I was done. “Your mine. his strength no match for mine. sliding his tongue across the crease of my mouth. so I stopped. “It’s not necessary right now.” “I know. “You just said a lot. perverse thoughts about him that were running through my mind. his mouth turned up slightly on the right side. his lips pursed slightly. I would rather die than be away from you again.” “I wouldn’t know. “You block me out all the time now.” he said. “There are other things more important than sex. overwhelmed with my passion for him.” His face looked slightly offended. I pulled his tie over his head without undoing it and let his shirt slide off his shoulders. and suddenly his lips were on mine.“I don’t know.

“I don’t understand why you don’t listen to me. near the pool. This is what I was afraid of. “No. She closed her eyes and slammed the door to his room. her expression unchanged. revealing the two purple scabs from where Edward had bitten me earlier in the day.“I agree. in a split second. there was a frantic knocking. I didn’t mean to scare you. “Our physicality only makes our bond stronger. She thinks she knows everything… it’s irritating.” He looked down at the ground and I stepped forward. . “I’m sorry. her eyes shooting from Edward’s to mine. so I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him. Bella. Edward. arms crossed over her chest.” He licked his lips quickly and nodded once. try and keep your head rational.” I put my hands on either side of his neck and narrowed my eyes on him. But you need to stop this-” A gritty snarl escaped from Edward’s chest. The way I feel about you. scowling. Does it do the same thing for you?” He nodded again. she walked over and grabbed my collar and yanked it to the side. kissing underneath his chin and then stepping on my tiptoes so that I could kiss his lips.” Then.” she said. But… it’s important to me. and visibly softened.” Alice looked at me and shook her head. but she was across the room. as he sat there shirtless. He lifted me up with ease and sat back down on his bed. as I looked down and realized my position straddling Edward. I’m fine. The door opened and Alice stormed in. and I sat there on the bed. “It’s none of your business. unphased. “I know how you feel. taken aback by how he’d acted. The pull… don’t you think it means something?” “Yes. I grabbed his hand and kissed the center of his palm before he rolled his eyes and turned his head toward the door. If Alice is this worried… maybe we should listen to her. before roughly lifting me off him and standing up confrontationally. clearly reading her mind. As if right on cue. I‘ve done it before.” he said to her.” He started toward me. stop-” I reached out to touch his arm but he recoiled. making me jump. Edward. was far from appropriate. “Edward. “What are you doing? Why are you being so hostile?” “She’s a hypocrite. realizing how uncomfortable I was feeling. “Edward.” Edward growled again and leapt at her. to when we slept together. “Stop pushing him. keeping his eyes on Alice. to when you drank from me… it all makes the draw I feel toward you significantly stronger. “Look at how aggressive he’s becoming. but he answered again. His body relaxed considerably. sneering at him. don’t do it. I hoped it wasn’t Esme. Don’t you think? From that day at school. Alice just stood there. He squinted and growled a little. She said nothing.

In my room. who was squinting at her. and looked up the stairs. “Yes. my hand on my chest. “I forgot to ask you. Almost complete control. and I was becoming sleepy. Emmett was standing behind me. she’s scared. on the other side of my room. trying to let my measly human brain catch up with Edward’s vampiric reflexes. For some reason. shaking his head.” “It’s odd. Edward! Stop it!” I heard Emmett’s loud guffawing behind me. Within seconds. he just lifted me by the waist with one arm and flew up to the next level.” He nodded again and said nothing. a thought suddenly popped into my head that I’d nearly forgotten about. You used your power on me?” He nodded and pulled me.” He flew to the next staircase and back so fast I barely comprehended it. I was just there. I stood there. her eyes blank and still fixated on Edward. and dropped me in front of her door. seeing Edward smile made me inexplicably giddy. “The other day.” ~*~~*~~*~ Chapter 10 ~ Leader Usually. He raised an eyebrow at me and waited.” “I don’t remember what you did. Now I understand why they don’t want me using it. “Edward.” Edward said. She was backing toward the wall. When it started to get late and Carlisle still hadn’t returned home from work. Why is she so scared?” I walked over to Alice and put my hand on her shoulder. so instead of dragging me up the stairs. “What are you going to do? I can’t see anything. They’re scared. my anxiety suddenly dominated.where he continued kissing me the way he had before Alice had come in. . I knew Charlie would be calling soon.” he said. “Emmett will want to see this. and 15 minutes had gone by. “I haven’t intentionally used it for a long time. It was all just a little overwhelming. and I grabbed Edward’s hand. Edward shoved open the door to Alice’s room. where Alice’s room was. it gave me a chill. stopping dead in my tracks.” I said. I asked Edward to bring me home. “So what was it? I don’t understand.” I sighed and squeezed his hand. this time. frozen. But now that I’ve changed… I have more control over it. He’d started to grow impatient with my lack of speed. because as much as I desired him. “What did you do?” He smiled wide. When we walked downstairs. I let him.the Volturi. “I’ll show you. and didn’t push further. smirking. and my eyes shot from Alice’s frantic face to Edward. forcing me to continue walking. where she was standing there. “Hold on. her eyes fixed on him.

I glanced at Alice. since Edward was doing absolutely nothing and I found no entertainment in staring at his stiff. designer bag that she and Rosalie had been in awe of for days when Alice had finally received it from the waiting list she’d put herself on months before.” I jumped back and Emmett and Alice both laughed. running across the room to hide behind Edward. it was Alice’s favorite possession besides her car. Well. to seem human. her voice almost… detached. I knew it wasn’t necessary for them to do either. “He’s going to do something funny. in cahoots with someone else. and she wasn’t breathing or blinking. The look on Edward’s face was frightening. making Emmett laugh again. but I’d come to notice that they did it out of habit. cutting me off. He growled.” My mouth dropped open and I felt my face flush. He was already frustrated with Alice and aggressive from the thought of not being able to drink from me. his eyes were closed tightly and his hands were flat over his ears.“Bella. usually I did. Her purse.” “What do you mean he’s going to do something funny?” “Edward. I wondered how long she'd known and why she hadn't told anyone yet. “What is she talking about?” Edward asked me before looking intently at her. I mean. otherwise I would’ve had no part in lying to him. but it was strictly for his benefit. which was how I justified it with my conscience.” she spat. which made me extremely uncomfortable. unmoving form. And she had a lot of belongings. She knew what he was doing. Alice looked around the room a couple times. I looked at her and noticed her face was completely vacant of any emotion. probably trying to pick the image out of Alice’s head. Bella. block him or something! I know that you’ve been practicing. You ask too many questions.” Emmett said excitedly. luxurious. “Just watch. . but at the moment it wasn’t my priority. Which I sort of was. As far as I knew. her eyes shooting from wall to wall. She smiled and blinked once before responding.” Emmett said to me. “What the hell is going on?” I asked. All of a sudden. I felt Alice’s shoulder go lax. It’s always funny. he thought I’d betrayed him and was going behind his back. “Move away from her. his fists balled up at his sides. Or omitting information. “It’s okay. and she flew across the room in a split second to it. Scared. Something in the tone of her voice revealed that she’d seen what I’d been doing with Aro. Just shut up and watch. “I won’t hurt you. just observing Alice. she spotted something. Suddenly.” she said softly. who’s head turned toward me slowly. The amazing. Emmett grabbed my arm and pulled me so that I couldn’t touch him. When I looked at Edward. not at all phased by the fact that Alice had suddenly turned into a zombie or something. and thought of something else. Edward still frozen in the same position. or whatever it was that she did when she didn’t want Edward to read her mind. As if that wasn't enough. “How… how do you-” “Let’s just say your trainer slipped and dropped his shield.” I took a deep breath and stood there. I was interested in seeing his power in action.

Just stop.” “Get out of her head.” I said to Emmett. and Alice started blinking again. brushing her off. It was right then that I realized what Edward’s power was.” “No!” Alice exclaimed. smirking. “Hold on.” he said. “Mind your business next time.” I said. “That’s disgusting. Edward spun around to me. She screamed and sprinted at Edward. “This is too much. waving her hand in my direction casually. bending over and holding his stomach. my God! Edward. I’m going to the hospital to talk to Carlisle. this is what you did to me?! What did I do for 15 minutes while you were in my head?” My brain was going a mile a minute. “Then everything that they’ve worked so hard on will have been for nothing! I hope to God that it isn’t true. “This is so fucking weird. already knowing what I was going to say. and then kept walking to the staircase.” Alice said. Edward was in her head. ripped in half. holding her palms up in front of her. “How would that even work? I’m so confused right now. “You’re going to get us all killed! Every single one of us! Her too. she grabbed both sides of her bag and ripped it into two pieces. then we’re all dead! All of us! You’re no leader!” He stopped in his tracks. Edward. “Edward?” I asked quietly.” “I don’t care. “Oh. cocked his head to the side. before she spotted her purse on the ground. “Don’t pay attention to him. Dad’s going to get angry.” After a brief moment. Alice would’ve never ripped her bag in half.” . Emmett started laughing hysterically. before grabbing my hand and dragging me down the hall.” he said to her. Alice tilted her head back and started giggling loudly.” “I didn’t do anything like that. simultaneously trying not to step on any of Alice’s things that were sprinkled across her floor. I put my hand on my forehead and started taking deep breaths. “Oh. he would’ve been at that moment. stomping toward the door. tackling him onto the ground.” Emmett said between his chuckling. and I swear if they were physically able to cry. Emmett watched in amusement for a few seconds before pulling her off of him and holding her long enough for Edward to get off the floor and run to the door.I heard a chuckle escape from her throat and in one motion. but that didn't stop Alice from hitting him in the face repeatedly with her tiny fists. “Don’t listen to her.” Alice answered. “She’s just angry. my voice shaking. He was laughing and not really fighting back. and I started feeling dizzy.” he said. Controlling her. God. “I bet I know what he did. the contents of it scattering all over the ground.” Alice screamed after him. a loud thump and vibration coming from every blow. Edward! If all of us are depending on you to keep us safe.

” I called Charlie to let him know I was at the Cullen’s and I wouldn't be home for a while. You’re all that matters to me anymore. obviously still bothered by what Alice had said earlier. both of us just taking in all that had happened between us lately. but for some reason I don’t think she wants to speak to me right now. if something happened to you. hard cheek and gulped. “You’ve been training. Typically.” “It’s late. I would die. leaning his head in to kiss the side of my neck. Call your father.” He blinked a few times.” Edward laughed and ran his hand through his hair anxiously. “I’ll wait. not finding the comedy in everything. This all has something to do with me! I need to know.We stopped in the foyer and I spun toward him.” he stated. “For you.” He smirked again and let out a quiet chuckle. “So you shouldn’t question what I’m doing. I want to talk to him now. He set the book down on his lap when I walked in and patted the spot on the sofa next to him. Because I know you’d do the same for me if you could. Nothing is going to happen. He laughed and grazed his fingers across my thigh.” “I beg to differ. “Bella. I have the right to know. I don’t know what would happen to me. my eyes pleading. I don’t know when he’s going to be home. Afterward. Right?” He looked away from me and nodded.” “Tomorrow?” “Bella. I felt like the two of us were on the same page. “Yes. I met Edward in the living room. sneaking in the subject change. I had a hard time reading Edward's emotions. “So… are we ever going to be able to… you know?” I tried to break the slence by being funny. How important we were to each other was undeniable. but his eyes softened and the corner of his mouth turned up slightly on one side. I’ve had a long day. “I want to talk to Carlisle. “I feel the same way. "I don’t care. My main priority is keeping you safe. I want to be able to protect you. I refuse to leave this house night after night. you know how I feel about this.” I ran my thumb up the side of his cold. “Okay.” I answered timidly. but I was still curious.” I said. Really.” I stated strongly to him. We sat together in silence for a couple minutes. Bella. “Right?” . Be quiet.” “You can control people’s minds. Don’t worry about me right now. “Please.” I told him. “Soon. but right then. confused and worried for both of our lives.” “I know. Edward!" Edward sighed and shrugged. I could ask Alice.” he reprimanded. which he unsurprisingly had no problem with. where he was sitting on the sofa reading a biography on Frédéric Chopin. “Edward.” “Soon like… now?” “No. I hope.

“He blatantly disobeyed their rules. wasn't your father a part of their group at one time? Why would they hurt his family? Did he do something wrong to them?” “Yes. but it was almost like… I don’t know how to explain it to you. I saw Edward nod slightly.” “Why is your family so threatened by these other vampires? I mean.” Edward said. and I shoved him in the shoulder. He met my mother there. or move fast.” I said to him. I realized the connection. He and my mother had separated when I was very young. He wasn’t often a topic of discussion between my mother and I. They went to high school together-” “No. I mean. All I really knew about him were things that were mentioned in passing. cutting me off. “Oh… hello Bella. I tried to think about anything I knew about my father. So it would be strange. “Absolutely not!” .He nodded and pressed on his left temple with his fingertips. “No. Carlisle walked into the room. and I saw everything blurry.” he exclaimed. I can do anything I want. It was like I was underwater. She needs to know. before pointing at the doorway. I see why they didn’t want me using it. I had absolutely no control over it. now that I’ve changed everything is so much clearer. he exhaled loudly and stood up from the sofa. No one ever stands up to them. “Just tell her. That scares them. “Talk out loud. the expression on his face one of surprise.” Edward said. confused. That was why Emmett enjoyed watching it so much. “When he graduated from high school.” “Well… I know he grew up in Arizona. I tried. I turned my head and within a few seconds. sighing. but the knowledge I had of his life was bleak. and when I would do it. he went… backpacking through Europe.” Carlisle stared at Edward. and that was when he moved to New York. looking down at the ground. deep in thought. “Your parents! Did he meet them there? Is that how he knows them?” Edward smiled and raised an eyebrow.” I cleared my throat and sat there in silence. “Yes. I didn’t expect to see you here.” Edward said. after that.” He dropped his jacket over the back of a chair and smiled. Edward suddenly shifted and grabbed both of my hands before taking a deep breath. but after a couple moments of Edward reading his mind. I couldn’t hear well. “Stop it. please. But. “It’s strange.” They both ignored me. “What do you know… about your father? Before you were born?” “My father?” I asked. No one has any chance of defending themselves against me. I saw him pretty infrequently throughout my life. tapping my finger against my chin. Very strange. “Tell her everything.wait!” As soon as the sentence escaped from my mouth. Before I changed I would do it on accident.

a huge desk with a computer on it and two large. holding up my hand. And relationships like ours were strictly forbidden. but it also mitigates our aggressive nature and makes it easier to resist the scent of human blood. and I gulped. “I met Esme while she was studying in Italy.” “I was part of the Volturi. But. “We don’t know exactly why hybrids are born with such strong powers.” Edward and I followed Carlisle into his office. “Come on. Years before I was changed. “I think I can answer some questions for you. Leaders of all vampires in the world. I don’t really know where you’d like me to start?” I shrugged and said the first thing that came to mind.” He looked at me and sighed. We’ll go talk in my office. realizing that my grand idea of making Edward stronger was only backfiring in our faces and obscuring his judgment. It’s a lot of information so I’ll make it as simple as possible. They have these sets of laws and rules that all are supposed to abide by. for example.” “Why?” I asked. just as long as it is for their benefit. all of us. I was changed by another vampire. the fact that I migrated here. “The problem is that they are power hungry. Not just because of the risk of exposure. It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. I kept quiet.” Carlisle said out loud. It doesn’t have to be separate. They see no problem in murdering innocent people. But. “Well. there were pictures of his family around. as they prefer it to be. not wanting to interrupt Carlisle’s lecture. “I’ve always been empathetic. “You were born human?” “Yes.” “Because… of their powers? The children?” Carlisle nodded at me. . which Edward has explained to me you know something about.” “Wait. didn’t fare well with them.” “Okay. So. in order to avoid exposure to the outside world. I have this belief that we can co-exist peacefully. Not only is it possible for us to survive on animal blood.” I said. And they consider me the person to blame for it. I scooted my chair as close to Edward’s as I could and laced my fingers with his. vicious. or any of the other things he often did when reading people’s minds. but because of the fear of reproducing. though. “We can live normal lives. “Why did you come here?” “I wanted to have a life with Esme. diplomas dotting the mahogany walls. with some allies of mine that held the same beliefs as I did. “What did you do?” Carlisle gave Edward a glance. their strengths are an undeniable threat to the Volturi. Edward and I each took a seat in one as Carlisle sat across from us at his desk. or shake his head. and uncompassionate.” Edward tensed a little bit. but I didn’t see him nod. Bella. Their entire existence has suddenly turned into a fight to keep the corrupt power they’ve always possessed.“It was just an idea. smiling at the mention of her name.” he explained. “Go ahead. Edward squeezed my hand.” I said. There’s no reason why we couldn’t. there was a raging physical desire growing inside my body to be as close to him as I could at all times. She was human. Bella. regardless. bookshelves circling the edge of the room. They are basically vampire royalty. of vampires and humans alike. leather armchairs across from it. Inexplicably.

“About him being this… leader. our whole plan was exposed. It was all extremely well thought out. though.” Carlisle raised both of his eyebrows and sighed. A mistake was made. some were humans that believed we were equals and should’ve been treated as such. “This is personal. before any of the Volturi became aware of what we were doing. My father had a relationship with a vampire. “I want to hear about Edward.” I made a quick attempt at trying to add up dates to try and make sense of things in my head. “When I first started seeing Esme.” “We’ve talked about this before. To teach us a lesson. It wasn’t a revolution. He gave up at that point. and intricately planned. things didn’t work out as smoothly as we’d hoped. or whatever. and… they killed her. We had bonded immediately. We just wanted to start our own coven. Unfortunately. we didn’t want their power. Edward. I didn’t understand what reason he had for looking at me that way.” I said softly. returned home. to do anything but sit there and listen. Charlie would rather not discuss it. the Volturi found your father and Sasha. She was part of the Volturi before me. I had to keep my relationship with Esme a secret. one night. my mouth open. “But. and she was my closest friend. and all of the hybrids were killed. and be left alone in peace. It was extremely taboo for anyone to communicate with humans after that. learning about my father. and within a few years. We gathered a unit of almost 100 vampires and humans that were willing to go along with us. I stumbled upon something that changed our lives.” Edward blurted out. somewhere else. Some of them wanted to live together. and that was when he reconnected with your mother. we learned that the main reasoning behind the killings was that an invincible hybrid existed that they believed to be a major . waiting for someone to spill. “I had a friend… her same was Sasha.there was a genocide. I considered her to be my sister.” I dropped into my chair.” “I don’t think we should tell her. before he’d reconnected with my mother and had me. The migration was rushed. Edward was watching me. “We needed to leave Italy. very late. “While doing research. He should tell her. and warn us against trying to compete with their rule. and I caught Sasha socializing with a human… your father. It pains him. ripping his hand from my grasp. So the two of us started planning. I had snuck out one night to visit her. his face almost sympathetic. trying to comprehend what exactly it was that Carlisle was telling me. along with their makers. I was walking back home. they would kill the both of us. So.” When I turned my head. but my attempts were in vein. and regrettably. and I was far too emotional at that moment to be logical. a majority of people stayed behind to complete to work we had yet to finish in Europe. “My father? What happened?” “Sasha revealed to me that she knew of multiple vampires that were sneaking around with humans. I was completely blown away. I knew that if we were to get caught. I was too overcome with emotion. I’d been given too much information to wrap my head around. and some information was revealed.” “Charlie would rather not discuss what?! What are you talking about?” I shot up out of the chair and looked back and forth between them. but I didn’t ask.

“Anyway. We were almost certain as soon as he was born that it was Edward. It was almost as if he was destined to protect his kind. that was their solution. the last thing I wanted was to put you in danger. Edward is uncomfortable with his position right now. “You brought me here? I thought you said you wanted me having no part-” “Yeah. “Yes. or shrugging every few seconds. and they had a silent conversation. briefly recalling one of many revealing conversations we’d had in the short time we’d known each other. the same thing would happen. But. feeling slightly relieved. he has something that the other leader never had. He has you.threat to them. nodding. There would be one vampire that would have an unparalleled. “What?” I asked. There was no one whose power even came close to competing with his. More importantly. I watched them for a moment. Their authority was slipping day by day. “Me? How…” Carlisle’s eyes suddenly shot to Edward’s. who was clearly feeding what to say into Edward’s head. . “I’m sure you know by now.” ~*~~*~~*~ Chapter 11 ~ Passion And Hunger I stared blankly at Carlisle. about there being guards that were human?” I gulped and nodded once. the moral of this is. confused. “Bella. it wasn’t me exactly. though. even after the contact broke. Edward just shaking his head.” I held my hand up to my chest and glared at him. We brought you here. but he is strong and this is all new to him. Everywhere he touched me tingled. to fend off predators and protect his kind. running his finger up and down my forearm. if you weren’t here with us… they would’ve found you. too overwhelmed to yell at Edward for dishonoring my request to speak to people out loud when I was around.” I looked across the desk at Carlisle. but… it wasn’t an accident that you’re here. He was a danger to the Volturi because he was levelheaded and fair.” he finally said. well. I didn’t know of everyone’s plans until right before you arrived here. my heart suddenly thumping inexplicably loud. pulling him as close to me as I could.” “Really?” I asked. Carlisle nodded. offensive power. Carlisle laughed at my nervous gesture and shook his head. “Why aren’t you saying anything?” I asked. so of course. and he had a legion of followers.” I swallowed heavily and wrapped my arm around Edward’s. “Remember what I said. Bella. the thing is. that it was rumored that if hybrids started existing again. “Don’t be afraid. And when I got to know you. Kill everyone.

still-” "No. setting me in his lap and wrapping his arms around my stomach. "Can't I just sleep here. letting my fingers glide along his cold. feeble little human. in your room?" I asked Edward quietly. where a purple mark was clearly forming." he said exasperatedly.” I spun my body around and straddled his lap so that I was facing him." His voice was steady and unwavering.” He tucked a piece of hair behind my ear and let out a low. looking down into my lap. standing up from his chair. “What does it feel like? When you’re thirsty?” “It hurts. Just like you don’t want anything happening to me… I told you." "Okay.” he muttered. "And you need to start eating like the rest of your family. Your father thinks you're going home. "I‘ll start the next time we make a trip. "Are you still hungry?" I asked. Why would I be scared of you?” “Because I’m destined to be some big vampire king and protect all of my kind and I have these ridiculous powers I can barely control. Edward grabbed my hand and pulled." "I'm not frail. His muscles tightened. “No. feeling responsible. Edward.” “I’m fine right now." I pulled the shirttails out of his pants and slid my hand underneath it." he said with a chuckle.” he assured me.” “I don’t want you to hurt.” Edward said. It discouraged me a little. "I'm fine. They're still not gold. You're already getting mean. "Your eyes look dark.” he answered quietly. I think we should discuss this further at another time.” When Carlisle was gone. I ran my thumb across the hollow beneath his eye. “It’s getting late. "My only source is a frail. smiling slightly. “I have things I want to know about all this. “Are you scared of me now?” He whispered in my ear. gently scratching his throat.” “Edward. quiet breath. Edward. not to mention. it may have been the fact that suddenly it seemed Edward was only interested in my nutritional significance and nothing else. Don't think I didn't hear what your father said about the aggression. I promise. but it’s uncomfortable. causing my body to shiver. “If anything. probably because of the contrasting temperatures. He slanted his head and breathed into my neck." Edward whispered. my food supply is limited. Bella. “It’s bearable. chuckling a little bit. He grabbed my hand and moved in from his face. made me question my sexual prowess. I’ll be upstairs if you need me." "Fine. Or. . I’d die if anything happened to you.“I just feel like it might be more comfortable for you to hear these things from Edward." I choked out." "Yeah. pressing my lips against his ear as I spoke. setting it down on my leg. hard skin. “I should take you home. this makes me want to be with you more. And he's going to notice your eyes.

” he offered. I’ll go home before he wakes up. and grabbed both of my wrists with his other. “Stay.” I told him. need you. “You have more control than that. “Don’t do that. No.” he said finally. Remember?” I smirked and craned my neck up to kiss him again. Edward seemed to be frozen. I crawled up the bed and kneeled next to him. I didn’t even hear him approach behind me.” I begged. which vibrated against my mouth. gently. and I pressed my lips against the tip of his tongue.” he sighed. but he threw me over his shoulder with one arm and within two seconds he’d dropped me onto his bed with a chuckle.” “Fine. and I was temporarily hypnotized by the sight of him sliding his tongue along his bottom lip. smiling face. Before he could say anything. “Or at least warn me. “Edward?” “Yes?” “I need something to sleep in.” I muttered. and he let out an exasperated grunt. “It really isn’t funny. Hope it doesn’t hurt when you ambush my mouth without warning one day and I drain you. I followed him into the foyer. We shouldn’t be joking about it. but he wasn’t amused. One second I was on top of him. I can kill you.” Edward rubbed his face with his one hand. I don’t want to leave you right now.” Edward noticed the desperation in my voice. “Stop being so paranoid. squeezing his hand.” I grinned and started flying up the stairs toward his room. and he won’t even know. I need you. where my shoes were. rubbing my eyes to try and stop the dizziness that had filled my head. His lips parted. “Fine.” “Go ask Alice. placing my palms on either side of his chest.” he said. rolling my eyes.” I said. “This isn’t comfortable. not believing him. “You need to be more careful. If you’re worried about Charlie. rejecting my advances. grabbing my waist and flipping me over.” “It’s funnier my way. giving up.” I laughed at him and starting pulling at little tuffs of his hair.” I grabbed a handful of the fabric of my skirt and scrunched my nose. I’m sorry. “I want to stay here. the next I had blinked and was looking up at his faultless. “Come on. again. “I didn’t drink that much from you before. But… I just want you. Edward. Edward. the only noticeable reaction being a muffled snarl. but he recoiled.” he said with a nod. . my body instinctually pounced on top of him. closing my eyes for a second. “I know how hard this is for you. let’s go.” He lifted me of his lap effortlessly and placed me on my feet before exiting Carlisle’s office.” he said with a sigh. “Please.” “Okay.“Then why are your eyes turning purple?” I asked. “You can’t just do that. and I looked down at them with contempt. lying down on his back and putting his hands behind his head. “Okay. Please just kiss me.

Edward let go of my wrists and instantly I felt his icy hands sliding up my thighs. and wrapped my arms around his neck.” “Edward. “No. “Look. I whimpered and tried to push my mouth against his. I could feel the coldness. “Bella. he tilted his head down and ran his tongue along the crease of my lips. and it sent a shiver through me. “You’re not going to change from swallowing it. “If I could tell you right now how obsessively in love with you I am. and he let his lips brush against mine .He leaned over. his palm had a pile of black dust in it. to his headboard. I would.” he answered. Teasingly. And I’m starting to think it’s an aphrodisiac to you. “I can’t control the way I feel when I’m around you. whispering into his ear. So just know it’s only because my feelings are so overpowering that I crave you the way I do. if that’s what you’re thinking. squeezing gently along the way. and he did. and when he got to the middle. smirking mischievously. but the word love doesn’t justify my feelings at all.” “Stop.” I giggled against Edward’s skin as I started planting kisses up the line of his jaw. “Is it going to hurt me?” “No. “Because of me?” “Because I’m so close to you. He reached over me. “It’s so easy for me to hurt you. Try and understand. so slowly it felt like it took forever. “Like… honey. despairingly. I could feel his self control slipping away with each second that passed. try to control yourself. I hummed into his mouth before biting down gently on his bottom lip and moaning. “I understand. Why do you taste so strong right now?” “It’s the venom. and snapped a decorative ball off the top of one of the iron bed posts. The taste and the scent is just… to seduce prey. but he put his hand on my shoulder and pulled away. pulling away from me.” I whispered. I don’t do it on purpose. stopping near his ear and moving down his neck. it’s like… syrup.” “Well. When he opened it again.” he answered.” I exhaled through my teeth.” he begged. I wrapped my legs around his torso and felt my skirt ride up.” I nodded and pursed my lips so he’d kiss me again. “Why are you doing this to me?” he asked. pulling his body close to mine.” I watched in awe as he clenched his fist closed with ease. even with the layers of clothes between us. which he threw over his shoulder onto the floor. I opened my mouth and let the tip of my tongue graze against his.” . “You taste so good.” I assured him.” He laughed once and slipped his tongue further into my mouth. pressing it against mine more fervently. just barely.” he said. grumbling into my shoulder.

licking. until his chest was visible. so I started undressing.” He didn’t look up from whatever he was doing. I’d be lying if I said that I hadn't noticed the effects that drinking my blood was having on Edward. and that was when he lost all control. When he was satisfied. and instantly I hear a stifled grunt .” he mumbled. I watched him reach down and undo his fly. so roughly that I actually felt a pain shoot up my back. He gulped and glanced up at me. I was mesmerized by the way his fingers moved. rolling my eyes. and then I realized that he’d tossed me back onto the bed. quickly and nimbly down the front of it. stopping to hold the collar up to my nose before I got it the whole way on because it smelled so good. filled me with fear. he tossed it onto my lap and squinted. My raging desire was emotionally.” He stepped toward me slowly. I felt his ice cold lips above my bellybutton. looking down at the floor. his aggression toward everyone else was growing dramatically. When I’d been with Edward in his room earlier. he knew there was a chance he would be more physically aggressive with me. because I knew exactly what would happen. please. rummaging through his dresser. though. and then they were on my mouth again. he was already across the room. The first thing I registered was his taste in my mouth. due to the exposure. seemingly unsettled. assuming I’d lost the battle for the night. and mentally draining. sucking. Edward was staring at me. physically. I need to sleep. And although I had good intentions. “Whatever. he seemed to be in far greater control of his emotions. As the night went on. “Just… put that on. the circles under his eyes darkened rapidly. “Give me something to wear. satisfied or not.” I stood up and stuck my arms into the sleeves of his shirt. pulling my shirt over my head. while removing his shirt. Breaking out of my daze. because I felt as if I didn’t have the physical contact with him that I was yearning for. biting. He and the rest of his family would be violently killed by the Volturi. because of all that had gone on in the past couple of hours. never faltering. But. unblinking. I didn’t care. His one hand roamed up into my hair. it takes too much effort for me to move as slowly as you do. I unbuttoned my skirt and let it fall to my feet before sitting on the edge of the bed and removing my knee socks. I reached out to touch him. well. “It’s kind of rude.” “Yeah.” I said snidely. but before I could blink. He got hungrier more quickly. I was going to combust. because he was craving human blood. but all he did was slide his pants down a little bit. Edward rolled off of me and started undoing the buttons on his shirt. in the back of my mind I knew I was making things worse. I was taking full advantage of his moment of weakness. leaving his boxers on. the more he desired my blood and the harder it was for him to control himself. The hungrier he became.” I sighed. “I wish you wouldn’t do that when I was around.“I feel the same way.” he said. It seemed like it that afternoon had actually been days earlier. standing up from the bed. his mouth slightly open. I assumed that utilizing his stronger power caused him to waste a lot of energy. he managed to remain calm and rational while he was around me. Edward. The thought of him losing control while we were in school. Therefore. “What?” I asked. I stared. When he was still a few feet away. When I looked up. “You can look at me.

so instead I pushed down with my fingertips and let out a groan at the sensation. letting my head slump against his hand. Each time he’d bitten me. where Edward’s mouth had moved to. the icy temperature of his body was complementary to the warm heat that was radiating off of me. He finished on his own. a feeling unlike anything I’d ever experienced before. it had been sensual and passionate. but his skin was impenetrable. His eyes widened and he lifted me into his arms before flying down the stairs.he was everywhere. on my skin. For the first time. rubbing urgently and desperately. “I’m okay. My breathing became shallow as the feeling took over. Inexplicably. “Are you okay?” He managed to choke out a gritty “Yeah. my only concern was the way my entire body was tingling from the feeling of Edward grinding himself against me. I felt a cool. I grabbed his wrist and swatted him away with my other hand.” I said softly.near my ear. He forced my legs apart and thrust himself against me.” I assured him taking a gulp from the glass. “I liked it.” but he didn’t let himself get distracted. wrapping my lips around his earlobe. “Tired. From past experiences. “Edward. Edward crushed himself into me. tilting it into my mouth. I didn’t ask him to stop. spreading from between my legs. wet rush on the inside of my leg.” I moaned. The animalistic sounds coming from his chest should’ve been a warning to me that we needed to slow down. I used all my willpower to communicate with him. I tried gripping the back of his shoulders with my nails. I should’ve been scared at how much he was letting go. knowing that he could do bodily harm to me with the tiniest slip. knowing by the ferocity of his grip on my hips that he was close.the only thing I could wrap my fingers around. and so weak that my head started to sag. cupping my face with both of his hands. and within a second.and he hissed into my ear as his movements became more forceful and dominating. where I jumped onto his lap and continued pushing myself against him. from the tips of my toes to the back of my neck. I nodded weakly and fought to keep my eyes open.” . in the throes of my orgasm. and he pressed his two fingers against my neck as he covered my face in soft. but selfishly. which didn’t help as far as suppressing my dizziness was concerned. Instead. and I felt the cold through his boxers. and even when I felt dizzy. and his body went lax as he sucked and swallowed desperately. I enjoyed it. I let him drink for longer than I had before. I felt him flowing through my veins. and forced Edward onto his knees. He pushed his hips into me repeatedly. Without warning. I tugged at his hair. Edward’s teeth sank deep into the side of my neck. and with a final push and a comforted sigh. rolling my eyes. it hurt. “Are you okay?” he asked. Somehow. to let him know I was okay and that he could keep going. Edward brought me into the kitchen and placed me on the counter. across every single cell of my body. feathery kisses. but my longing and need to satisfy him overpowered any ill feelings. I shoved his body as hard as I could. he was holding a glass of orange juice up to my lips. I should’ve known that Edward drinking from me was somehow tied to sex in his mind. if you could even call it that. and that was part of the reason why I encouraged it. but the pain was welcome.

” He started buttoning up my shirt as I sipped at the glass. resentful? Protective. it wasn’t really what she said. “What’d you say?” I asked.” “You have to change me into a vampire. blah blah. She said something about me not knowing how important you are. “I felt the same way you do. “I said I’m going to kill you one day.” “You know I don’t like talking about things that are personal-” . obviously.” “I don’t know. He made frustrated little grunts and groans as I took my time ascending to the third floor. “I should’ve warned you.” I said to him as I climbed into bed. “My good friend Tanya made this comment that kind of stuck with me.” Edward laughed and dropped me onto the first step. and when he returned. it was how she said it. “What?” “You avoided my question. “I’m sorry. setting the empty glass down on the counter. “I don’t think we’ll ever have any kind of normal sexual experiences unless you do. I guess?” “Oh. “I don’t know. “Stop! Put me down. I have another question.” He tried lifting me up. when you were human?” He frowned at me and lifted me off the counter. but eventually we made it back to his room. muttering stuff under his breath too fast and too quiet for me to hear.” “Which was?” Edward asked.” “It was weird when we were both human too.” I joked. I heard water running for a minute.“Jesus Christ. against his will. I’m gonna go clean up…” His voice trailed off and he strategically grabbed something out of his dresser before hurrying off to the bathroom. tapping my finger on his chin. but it almost seemed like she was a little… I don’t know.” He pinched the bridge of his nose and started fiddling with the crucifix around his neck with his other hand.” he reminded me. but I started kicked my legs and whining. besides for your powers. slightly uninterested. maybe?” Edward stared at me blankly for a minute before pointing over his shoulder and frowning. “What the hell was that?” I asked as he climbed into bed next to me. I can walk. all he had on was a pair of black pajama pants. because you’re a hybrid did you feel different than a normal human would? Well. And it’s going to be because you encouraged me to do it.” he said.” Edward said with a shrug. “Okay. “What… sex?” “No! Just being human. to run with me back up the stairs. I’m not a lap dog you can just carry everywhere. “Well. “What did it feel like. I mean.

Don’t worry about that. I was. The attraction wasn’t strong enough. but since it was my fault for starting it. It’s not like it’s a rule that everyone has to end up with someone who’s their opposite.” “So… say you ended up with Tanya. “You made me think you were so innocent. but we both knew it wasn’t going to work. but me… I have to.” he said unenthusiastically. Look it up in your library book or something. Can two half breed vampires have babies?” “I think you’ve asked me this before. Today was a long day.” I yawned into his chest and closed my eyes. Well.” Edward side. “I’m not a vampire.” I closed my eyes and pretended to concentrate on lowering my shield. it was nothing. my days weren’t going to be getting any easier. The real story is. The thought made me sick.” Edward said. “You have!” I gasped a little and shoved him in the chest. “Obviously it’s something you don’t want me knowing. ~*~~*~~*~ . wrapping his arm around my body and pulling me close to him. If you don’t tell me… I can just get it out of you myself.” “No. “And I have no idea. “Why not?” “Because. I never had a girlfriend before you.” “Did you date her?” “I told you. You’re both half breeds.” he grumbled.” I hated the turn the conversation had taken.“No. Trust me. “Anything else?” “Have you kissed her?” He nodded apprehensively and squeezed me tighter. shaking his head. I kind of liked her back for awhile. kissing my temple.” I cut him off and slid underneath the blankets. “Go to sleep. Anyway. she has an offensive power.” “I am innocent. Little did I know. That’s something you’d have to ask my father. “Or a hybrid. she liked me.” I took a deep breath and nodded. We grew up together. That rules me out completely. That’s all. “Have you done… other stuff with her?” “I don’t see how that’s relevant. drifting off in a matter of minutes. stuff… happened. “Our parents are close. And I’m yours. I planned on sticking through to the end.” I said quietly. “You’re mine. refusing to answer.” He laughed at his own joke and started rubbing my head. Ugh. before you came along. not wanting to even think about the prospect of Edward being with someone who wasn’t me. but Edward yanked his arm away when I grabbed it.

making him jump. grabbing the phone off the wall and hiding it behind my back. I already had breakfast and his typical. so I knew I’d distracted him for the time being.” “So when is a good time for you? Because I’m tired of being left in the dark. and no one is ready yet! You two are going to ruin everything that everyone’s worked so hard for!” Charlie’s reaction to my bite mark only reinforced the fact that what I was doing was completely wrong. I swear. No one can see that.” . I know everything. Then. This is insane!” I slapped my hands against the table. When he finally got himself dressed and came into the kitchen. calm yourself. I was sitting at the table chewing on a piece of toast. I mean. I don’t hear anything. I’ll be back in a little while. “Bella. and he shook his head at me.” I sighed and waited for him to sit down before I continued my speech. “Charlie. and Italy. and the Volturi.” he whispered into my ear as we stood outside the door. It won’t happen again. and started toward the phone. “You need to cover that up before you go to school. There’s reasoning beyond everything I’ve been doing. black morning coffee laid out for him. I’ve known about them for awhile. and they’ll know.” “There’s nothing to explain! Do you know what this is going to do to him? The Volturi. “Well. he stood up. to avoid any issues with Charlie. Someone will see it. my blood seemed to have more power over him than he cared to admit. “He’s still asleep. furious.” Charlie squinted at me. “Let me explain. “It’s okay. because I needed as much time as I could to talk to Charlie. “What are you doing up so early?” he asked. swallowing heavily. Just. “I refuse to talk about this right now. because even though he said he would stop. yawning and furrowing his brow. especially considering what I’m supposed to be doing for their family.what is that?” He reached across the table quickly and poked the side of my neck with his fingers.they’re going to come here. But I know about you. I need to know things like this. I already knew it. I took a shower and got ready for school. and Sasha. “It was a mistake. What else are you keeping from me? Why wouldn’t you just tell me all of this yourself?” Charlie’s eyes widened and he looked down at his plate. I had an eventful day yesterday.Chapter 12 ~ A Love Lost Edward brought me home the next morning before the sun was even up. I know all about the Cullen’s. The last time Edward had bitten me. he hadn’t even asked. okay?” Once I snuck inside. but I was starting to lose control of everything. It worried me. “Stop!” I ran forward and jumped in front of him. but he started backing toward his chair. Please don’t tell Carlisle.well.

You belong with him.” “Because I was able to do it. with the shield and the reflecting? I don’t understand. And then all of a sudden. I felt an ache in my stomach when I thought about what my life would be like if something happened to him. Our relationship was so intense. scooting forward in my chair. so I’m willing to help him out with whatever I can.“I know.” “Really?” He nodded and tilted his head back to look up at the ceiling as he yawned. “Of course. I leaned across the table slightly and smiled at Charlie. and avoiding the world that had taken her from him. actually. I was young. I thought you’d be safe elsewhere. alone. though. I would’ve done anything in my power for her. she’s picking up and moving and sending me to be with you? I knew something was strange. unwilling to love anyone else.” I whispered. unprotected.” . and made me prioritize and see the bigger picture. “Sasha is dead because of me. holding my palm up to the bite mark to shield his eyes from it. I’m a weak human. jagged breath and shook his head. It was exactly the way that I felt about Edward. Everything about it was eerily similar to me and Edward. no offense. but it was only a matter of time before they found you.” “Then why the hell aren’t you helping?! Why am I left with all this on my shoulders?” Charlie let out a tired. but she was so smart. “She was beautiful. I don’t think I’ll ever stop missing her. I think about her every day. “I want to know what she looks like. You remind me of her often. so I wouldn’t be able to protect anyone else. You’re better off with Edward. I couldn’t leave you there alone. away from all of this. and I had no attachments. defeated. and so compassionate. “What was she like?” His eyes filled with wistfulness as he chuckled lightly to himself. “I wish you had pictures of her. For awhile.” I took in what Charlie had said.” I said quietly. “Why would they have come looking for me? How did they know that I could do all of this. “I’ll cover it. She was only 19 when she was turned. and we sat there in silence for a few seconds before I started my next round of questions. “I’d never experienced feelings before like I had when I was around her. I just wanted to be with her. but that’s as far as it will go.” I agreed. Tell me about this other woman… does Renee know about her?” Charlie nodded and took a gulp of his coffee. I want no part in this world. but she never even talked about you.” “So she knew exactly why I was brought here? That was why she had no qualms about me leaving? I mean. I pictured myself being exactly like Charlie. “I can’t keep you safe all on my own. and he’s done a lot for me. He helped me get my life back on track. “Renee knows everything.” He took a bite of his toast and looked down into his lap. all I cared about was avenging her death.” Hearing Charlie talk about her almost made me cry. so I was naïve and unprepared for the pain when… they found her. Carlisle was our friend. It was indescribable. I couldn’t protect her. Carlisle helped me though.” “I know. so they're assuming my traits were passed down to you. I’m not fighting in any more battles with the Volturi. the pull I had to her. but-” “We wanted to make sure that you were safe.

I understood why Charlie said I reminded him of her. Rosalie. The only thing I saw was a picture of me and Renee when I was much younger. They just happen randomly. I stood up from my chair and swallowed heavily before walking around to Charlie and hugging him. She looked like all the other vampires I’d come in contact with. . future leader. There was a girl in Emmett. Her hair was the same color as mine. can I try it on you?" I asked. who wasn't directly related.” I told him. light eyes. crushed me. Quickly. my god. He slid it toward me and cleared his throat as I picked it up. There were also two siblings. because of the same people that were after Edward. Even thought I knew the criticism from others was more out of jealousy and curiosity than malice. pale skin. I was the only person at the table who ever ate. referring to the newest skill I'd learned from Aro. “I have to go cover this and get to school. but even if I could. "Alice.” I whispered. And no offense. but lived with Tanya's family. who wanted him dead. and Jasper's grade named Irina. against Edward's wishes. he just feared it because he was in denial about me ever having to utilize my skills. I didn’t know her back story. It was understandable. That was where the resemblance stopped for me. though.” In a way. whom I'd detected myself because of their eye color. it still made me uncomfortable. referring to my bite mark. He was looking over his shoulder constantly. But she was laughing in the picture. “I’ll see you later tonight. Even though he was some all powerful. in the backyard of our house in Arizona. “She’s beautiful. She looked at me sympathetically and shook her head.Charlie smirked and reached into his pocket before he flipped open his wallet and set it down on the table. knowing that there were others after him. so Renee must have sent it to him. though. Not to mention. Peter and Charlotte. but I sensed that the Cullens and the randoms I knew about weren't the only ones walking around. I wasn't sure how many others there were.” he offered. Edward had informed me that there were other vampires like his family that attended the academy. The fact that she was dead. “Oh. Charlie was already gone by then. "I can't control my visions. covering my mouth. and she seemed so relaxed and… cheerful. I went back to training with Aro. he was still just a scared 17 year old boy inside. I wouldn't let you practice on me. breathtakingly gorgeous. I'd come to learn that he was petrified of his power and his future responsibilities. He'd explained to me that it wasn't that he didn't want me learning as much as I could. and it flowed down past her shoulders. I shoved the picture of myself and Renee back into Charlie’s wallet and handed it back to him. “It’s behind that. okay?” * Lunch was always the most awkward time of day for me." I rolled my eyes and turned toward Edward with a smirk. That made things exceedingly awkward. The constant stares and whispers from other students didn't go unnoticed by any of us. She seemed like the kind of person that exuded happiness constantly. All your reflecting stuff creeps me out. I slid the faded picture of myself out of his wallet and my eyes widened at the picture of Sasha.

” I closed my eyes and lowered my shield as I grabbed Edward's hand." I said to Jasper. Rosalie huffed and punched Emmett in the arm." Alice whispered. I need to focus. Aro had been trying to teach me how to reflect without having to touch the person I was doing it to. you guys." Edward sighed and tapped my arm to get my attention." Edward told him nonchalantly. "I hate listening to all of you. "It's quicker if I just do it to everyone around at once."Edward?" "No. "Why not?" "I don't want you reading my mind all the time. he turned back around to Emmett and laughed. "Yeah. and for a couple of seconds each time. I released my grasp from his hand. Edward flung a piece of bread into her hair." He picked a piece of bread apart on my tray and shook his head." I said quietly. He shrugged his shoulders and chuckled. then at Edward. imagine how annoying that would be. "They're fake. but I'd managed to do it twice. Lunch is almost over. Eat your apple. He was reciting the Declaration of Independence. "I wasn't even doing anything." I clapped my hands together excitedly and took a deep breath. And then I heard it. calm them down. Jasper. causing her to growl. Hurry up. "I'm bored. Slowly. stop fucking with my head. "You heard that?" ." Instantly. Instantly. causing everyone else at the table to laugh." he answered. probably to keep me from hearing whatever he was really thinking about." He laughed a little. "Stop. Then. his voice filled my head. he thought. I tried blocking out the jumbled blur of voices around the cafeteria to see if I could hear him. It was nearly impossible for me. "Okay. I felt a wave of relaxation wash over me. and once the contact was broken I heard complete silence. but the words stopped suddenly. "Stop. I gasped and looked down at the uneaten apple on my tray. but there was still nothing. "People are watching us. trying not to break my concentration. "You're cheating." Rosalie mumbled. making the entire table vibrate. Jasper. It's annoying. I try not to-" He stopped talking and looked over his shoulder at a girl who was walking by. "Go ahead." he muttered. who's eyes were wide.

"This is so cool. "Good job." "I'm scared. "Who cares what they think?" Edward said. I couldn't tell who." . I swear." Rosalie added. Sort of creepy.I nodded and drummed my hands against the edge of the table repeatedly." Edward's voice was steady and indifferent. no thanks. You should practice on Emmett later. we can just read each others minds and-" "Okay. Edward! I can keep practicing. I can wait. Alice slid across from Edward and glared at him.." Edward recoiled and looked down into his lap. causing me to jump. reaching her hand across the table. so he can see how much his power hurts. And I heard the screaming.. though. getting suspicious glances from students at every table. "I'm okay. "No." "You're hungry. I understood why they stared us.. "I'm fine. She shrugged and waved to me as we headed out of the cafeteria quickly. enough. and when his back was turned I spun around to Alice and frowned. "What happened?" I asked. I don't want to have to hurt her again." she stated.. It was a girl. I'll walk you to class. Biting someone. Here. They'll come. But I saw a clock that said 12:41. "I'm leaving before the guard gets any ideas." The tone in Alice's voice caught my attention. if you want to hunt. he'd chosen to be with me. I'm impressed. "If you bite someone. Edward shot Alice a look. Nothing is going to happen. Edward was shockingly handsome. to Alice's. Either that or he was trying to act like he didn't care." Emmett stood up from his seat and eyed me suspiciously. "Besides. "I'm fine. "Stop listening to me.." Edward shook his head and smiled." "Uh. as if he didn't even care about Alice's visions. won't they? Isn't that the entire reason they were against you blending in and living with humans? They'll kill you-" "No. Edward. and then Jasper's as my chest filled with panic." After the two of them left. "I had a vision this morning. and once I'm better at it we don't even have to talk to each other." He sighed again loudly and started spinning the top of my water bottle on the table." He laughed and draped his arm around my shoulder before kissing my temple quickly. but she ignored him and answered me anyway. causing me to frown. and you expose yourselves. I might snap her neck this time. or where exactly. It probably didn't make sense to them that out of all the genetically blessed." My eyes shot from Edward's. too.. "We can skip school tomorrow and leave tonight." Edward pulled me away from the table." I said quietly. of Edward. Jessica keeps looking over here. "I'm scared. "Let's go." "Me too. and mysterious and. rich girls at school.

"Stop letting me. "How do you manage to come up with so many different ways to wear your uniform?" I asked quietly. The only thing that got me through them was the anticipation of the ten minutes I got with him during the break before my next class. "Please. letting out a quiet whine." He cut me off and slammed my locker shut." We approached my locker and I looked around. Bella." Edward's mouth dropped open and he laughed. causing me to pout. causing him to chuckle lightly. "You grinded yourself all over me and didn't break my spine." Edward kept laughing as pulled his cardigan off and flung it over his shoulder." he said. but I got so distracted looking at him that I almost forgot what I was doing. please." Edward answered. sliding it slowly upward as he stood up. The uniform I can't do anything about." he mumbled. "I think I subconsciously let my shield down when I'm with you." "I'm bordering on desperation. He grabbed the book with one hand and the back of my leg with the other. get your hand out of my skirt. Stop talking about this... relieved to find the hallway was empty. I don't even realize I do it. "Good. You're always touching me and giving me looks and wearing your uniform all cute and-" "Sorry." Edward stuck his hand out and pinched my index finger quickly. I just mix them up. Bella. barely paying any attention to me. "I'll get it. . "That's really mature. I like that. Frustrated. One of my textbooks fell to the ground with a loud thump." I huffed exasperatedly and crossed my arms over my chest." "I'm telling your father you keep drinking from me unless we do it." "Interesting." The bell suddenly rang and students flooded the hallway. standing up on my tiptoes and giggling into his ear. "I don't get why we can't just. "I won't look at you or touch you. He noticed my somber expression and intertwined his fingers with mine. How do I tease you?" He raised an eyebrow and waited for my response as I felt my cheeks flush." "Whatever. letting out a sigh of defeat. My mom buys us every option in the catalog. "I don't know. Edward leaned on the locker next to mine. rolling his eyes at me. I grabbed Edward's tie and tugged on it gently. his voice flat. I hated having to be away from Edward. Do it again. "That's different and you know it. Now. even if it was only for a 40 minute class." "Because I don't want to snap your spine into five pieces. I'm tired of you teasing me. squatting down. I let out a shiver as his hand slid under my skirt and ghosted over the back of my thigh.

“Yes. Edward shook my shoulder nervously and put his finger under my chin. drumming his hands gently against the edges of the textbook in his lap as he read. Edward put his hands around my waist to balance me and released them slowly. “Stop it! Whatever you’re doing… it hurts!” I clenched my eyes shut as the pain traveled through my brain and down my spine until it reached my tailbone. It’s so weird. “Hey. who was leaning against his headboard. As I opened my eyes again." I assured him. “I wasn’t doing anything. . let’s go home. obviously."Let me think about things.” I told him. He pressed his lips against my forehead and almost instantly. I’d panic. Edward." "Stop comparing us to other people. "It's been done before. because I’d never felt anything so painful before in my life and I was still dizzy. let me think about it.” ~*~~*~~*~ Chapter 13 ~ With Contentment Comes Change I turned my head to look at Edward. making sure my voice sounded confident even though I wasn't sure of what I was saying.” I took a few deep breaths and moved my hand from the wall to see if I could stand up on my own.” he said quietly. and every time he moved his hands his forearms flexed and made my heart thump harder. "It's different for us. I think all this shield practice is stressing you out. I told you. Plus. where it finally subsided. “Are you okay?” he asked. “Let’s go. stabbing pain shoot through my head. his face twisting with uneasiness. I was afraid if it happened again and Edward wasn’t there to calm me down. Let’s just skip the rest of the day… it’s just two classes and a study hall. He’d unbuttoned his sleeves and they were rolled up to his elbows.” I nodded. We can talk about this later. okay?" "You're not going to kill me. or you wouldn't be here. I mean. I felt a deep. “Yeah… what the hell was that?” “What happened?” “My head… it hurt so badly." I nodded and smoothed my hands along the front of Edward's striped Oxford as I reveled in the feeling of his chest under my fingers. tilting my head up. That’s never happened before. It went all the way down my back. wrapping my arm around his elbow as he started walking down the hallway." He yanked my arm toward the doorway of my classroom and I followed grudgingly. "Oww!" I took a step away from him and frowned as I held my hand against the wall to steady myself.

" "I agree. Esme shut the door behind her and I started sipping on the soup as Edward watched me curiously. referring to Edward's "diet. "Maybe you feel sick due to lack of iron. rolling his eyes as Esme walked in. But. looking down at my tray." "I don't want to. though. I started mixing the soup inattentively before looking back up at her. "I hate always being the only one who eats." Edward pointed at the door and Esme shook her head as she walked toward it.” “Well. "It's weird. I sat up and took the warm washcloth off my forehead before tossing it onto his nightstand with a sigh." "I'm just trying to be helpful. "Eat it. I think." I offered." "Are you serious?" He shrugged and started sniffing the steam coming up from the bowl. "I'm not bored. could you eat food if you wanted to?" Edward nodded. and who knows if you're really getting sick or-" He held up his finger and stopped talking immediately. I know how long it takes you to do it. Edward." he said." "I mean. picking up a spoon. right?" "Right." I said to the both of them. "Thank you. but they need to stop. Esme had offered it to me when Edward and I walked inside their house three hours before school was over and he told her I wasn't feeling well. "I don't know where these ill manners are coming from. so I shoved a piece of bread in his direction." I apologized. and within seconds there was a tapping on his door. but he cringed and moved his nose away from it quickly. "Food is what I'd miss most about being a human. ignoring Edward's discourteous glances. I got on my knees and smiled as Esme placed the tray down at the foot of the bed and walked over to touch my forehead." "You're doing my homework." I pushed her comment to the back of my mind as Edward pursed his lips and tapped his pencil against his chin. This smells really good." he mumbled.” I answered." "Mom. his nose crinkling every few seconds." I answered honestly. you probably have no desire to drink blood when you're thirsty. "How are you feeling?" she asked. "I'm fine right now. carrying a tray. giving him a sympathetic look. she just got a migraine. she's fine. You can go. ." Alice had said to me snidely before we left school. looking at me through his eyelashes." he said sheepishly. I don't. I have no desire to eat it at all."I'm sorry you're so bored. "I thought I'd really miss human food. "Come in. “I guess it works both ways.

giggling. "I just don't like seeing you sick. and that I wanted to take a shower and beg Edward to sleep with me again. before looking over his shoulder at his bathroom door. I remembered thinking that I was cold. I gasped and lowered myself to the shower floor. though." After I finished my food. "You're so beautiful when you're thinking hard. wrapping my arms around his neck." He rolled his eyes again and pulled the bread from my fingers before taking a bite and tossing it back onto my tray. Quickly. I can hear you." I laughed against his lips as he kissed me again." "Oh. so I pouted as I glanced at him. his expression seemingly desperate. that I got another round of pain in my back. "But I don't want to hurt you. in the closet. "I want to kiss you. "What?" I asked. He pulled my chest against his and held me against his body for a little while. so I got the feeling something was amiss." I stated. He let out a frustrated sigh.” It was when I was in the shower. Call me if you need anything." I told him. that Esme was a good cook. "Gross. “Shower if you want to. There’s towels in there. You have to throw it up?" Edward nodded and laughed a little. When he came back up. I raised it and tried remembering what I'd been thinking of the last couple minutes."I want to see what happens. sweet breath swathed my face and made me tremble. “Why do you want to shower?” “I don’t know." I groaned at the fact that I'd been lazily dropping my shield around Edward without even realizing it. His melodic laughter broke me from my thoughts. Maybe I’m just getting sick. as the pain spread from the back of my ." I stroked his lips with the tip of my finger once before climbing onto his lap and doing the same thing with my mouth. "Edward? Is something wrong?" He shook his head but his eyes avoided mine." "Nothing happens. rinsing the shampoo from my hair. Mostly. “I still feel a little weird. Edward grabbed my empty tray and flew downstairs.” I scratched my head and looked down into his lap. "Are you sure you're okay? You're shaking. You're not shaking because of me. My head feels kind of… heavy. and his cold." he said quietly. I noticed his uneasy breathing and I pulled my head back to look at his face. he closed and locked his door before walking toward me slowly and loosening his tie." "I don't think it was you that did that to me. "Happy?" "That wasn't as fun as I thought it was going to be. "You can watch me go throw it up if you want to.” Edward shrugged and lifted me off his lap. his eyebrow raised." "Because you're cold.

“You’re doing it wrong. “I’ll call him if you’d like. “Now try it. He moved one leg to the other side of the bench so he was straddling it and scooted toward me. I’m sorry about last time. down my spine.” I begged him. but it didn’t disrupt the fluid melody. I presumed that it was coming from how hard I’d been working with Aro. and I weaved my fingers into his hair. but lost my focus when I felt his icy lips brush against my neck and a subdued grumble escape from his chest. Quickly. I felt Edward’s fingers wrap around my wrists as he pressed his body into my back delicately. Edward took a step forward and pushed his body into mine as I slid my hands up his chest. “Not really. and when I got to the bottom one I was so anxious I just pulled both sides of his shirt and let it fall to the ground. I started clawing at the buttons on his shirt. afraid that the next round of pain was going to be worse. and there was more noise. and I walked back out into his room with a white. “I’m not going to. erratic notes filled the room. Edward was sitting at his piano. his voice shaking slightly. It was more intense than the first time I’d felt it. and the music entranced me. He cupped my face in his hands and shook his head.” he whispered into my ear. Do you think we can talk to your dad later?” Edward’s face filled with apprehension. I spun around quickly to face him and I laughed as my lower back hit the keys and the loud. tucking a waft of damp hair behind my ear. I sat next to him on the bench with a shiver and watched intently as he played with little effort. but neither of us laughed or paid any attention to it. “Please don’t bite me. fluffy towel wrapped around me. Suddenly. I pressed down on a few of them randomly before going into my amateurish rendition of Fur Elise. the only thing I remembered how to play from the piano lessons Renee forced me to take when I was in elementary school. I’m so sorry.” I stood up from the bench in fear that I was unnecessarily worrying Edward and placed my hands on the keys of this piano. looking up at me and smirking every few seconds.” . playing some intricate. When he was done. and to my ankles. I got out of the shower quickly.” he said. he wrapped his arm around my shoulders and pulled my body flush against his. I brushed my teeth using a toothbrush Edward had gotten me. His fingers moved gracefully over the keys.” “Don’t. He looked up and smiled at me when he saw me. He’s probably busy at the hospital. “Feeling better?” he inquired. “It happened again when I was in the shower. The desire that was brimming inside of me was overpowering and clouding my head. almost making me forget everything that had happened that day. but I just assumed that was because it spread across a bigger area. and that my body was tired from everything I’d been forcing it to do. classical piece that I didn’t recognize. kissing the top of my head softly. He shoved his hips into mine with fervor. around the back of his neck. I can wait until he gets home. sliding my hands over to the right.neck.” I gulped and started over from the beginning.” I shook my head and reached my arm behind my back to press my fingers against my sore muscles. It was making me nervous. “Sure. since I was there so often.

and the both of us stood there. “I don’t think she saw anything. She didn’t see me killing you.” he said. “Are you only doing this for me?” “Doing what?” I pointed over his shoulder and narrowed my eyes. “I thought about it. his hand crept down. “She saw us? I can never look at her again.” My mouth fell to the floor and I wrapped the towel tighter around my body. “What?” “Who cares? They assumed we were doing it anyway. “Edward?” “Bella?” He tilted his head down toward the floor and looked up at me bashfully. yes.” I told him. “Listen to me. I just feel like this is one sided.” .” “Just like I said you wouldn’t. neither of us sure what to do next. until it reached the edge of my towel. expecting for him to stop me. No. I spend every single second of my day thinking about you. Alice told me…” “Oh. But. Please tell her not to watch me anymore. I let his pants fall to a heap at his ankles.” He kissed my forehead and one corner of his mouth turned up nervously as he looked into my eyes. Slowly. “You locked the door. I let you do it. deep breath. hey.” He kissed me tenderly to keep me from talking. Don’t ever doubt the way I feel about you.” he pleaded. “I’m sorry I’ve been so demanding about this. and I was temporarily distracted. after I decided I wanted to try again. “I want you to hear me.” I felt my cheeks flush as he laughed. and… don’t get mad. breathing heavily.” “I know. If I give into the desire that I feel when I’m with you… you know what would happen. kind of. suddenly feeling embarrassed. But. where he let his fingers flit across it quickly. and Charlie and Alice are making me nervous and-” “Shhh. “Bella.look on the bright side. If you feel uncomfortable. my god.” Edward kept laughing as he stepped out of his pants and kicked them to the side with his feet. “No… well. I hate her gift. we don’t have to-” “What? Are you nervous now?” I shook my head as he stepped toward me again.and took a slow.” He grabbed my hand and placed it over his heart.“Don’t say sorry. but he gazed down and watched my hands without removing his own from my waist. but I talked to my father. I asked you to do it. I crave you. I attempted to undo his fly. He smiled and slid his one hand upward. shrugging. I just don’t feel well right now. so much it hurts me sometimes and you don’t seem to feel it as much as I do. I’d rather die. This is ridiculous. Plus. breaking the space between us and crushing himself against me.or where his heart used to be. the awkward tension completely dissipating. until he reached my collarbone.

causing the piano to shake and scratch against the wood floor. My eyes focused on the delicate crucifix that rested on his chest. even though I knew I had no control of anything. Urgently. his quiet voice deep and raspy. I wrapped my legs around him and squeezed his body as tightly as I could. I gasped and my body tightened at the strange sensation.” I breathed. and my breathing was shallow. Just tell me if I hurt you. My mind was racing. He stayed stationary and placed his palms flat against the piano as I leaned back so I could see him. in fact.” he moaned. but I pushed my mortification to the side for the time being. and he became slightly rougher and more forceful. “Okay. the Edward that I adored was there. After a few minutes. that I had to drop my hand and open my eyes. the anticipation of the moment radiating through my body. I knew he had the power to harm me. “Are you ready?” he asked. but strangely enough. relentless thrusts. It was hard to take in. I placed my free hand on the small of his back and pushed him closer to me. he lowered the fall and lifted me up so I was sitting on top of it. so I nodded and pushed my mouth against his shoulder as I felt his hips shift. I felt like my chest was going to explode. it was almost as if I could feel the way he felt about me. and he was completely dominating. and almost instantly.” He stared at me for a second before wrapping his arms around my waist and forcing me against his deep. which were so passionate and intense. “You’re so warm. he filled me. Instantly. “Edward… I don’t know what to say. since I was so wrapped up in him that nothing else could penetrate my thoughts. In the back of my mind. I wasn’t afraid. because I feared that if I looked at his face. tilting his head back and clenching his jaw shut. where I wrapped my finger around him and took him in my hand. placing his body between them. Quicker than I could comprehend. knowing he was holding himself back. but even still. . willing him to come nearer. When I felt the tip of him press against me. “Don’t say anything. but still so smooth and supple under my grasp. My body was fulfilled and my heart was brimming with so much emotion. The noise could undoubtedly be heard from anywhere in the house. and Edward chuckled.I closed my eyes and dropped my shield. though. I felt his fingers skim the top of my legs and slip underneath the bottom of my towel.” He tilted his head down and brushed his lips across mine slowly. planting gentle kisses against my skin every so often and whispering endearing things to me. my mind was filled with images of myself through Edward’s eyes. It was his thoughts that when along with them. I’d never seen him be as animalistic as he was in that moment. So hard. I was absolutely content and inexplicably blissful. and the sensation was so shocking I had to pull on a fistful of his hair to get his attention. I tried catching my breath and composing myself as quickly as I could. He was freezing. he placed his hands on my knees and spread my legs apart. causing me to quiver. because his feelings were so powerful they were exhausting. “I’m okay. I heard an urgent growl fly through Edward’s lips. the lust that was dominating me was going to swell out of control. My body was in his hands.” I swallowed heavily and nodded once before sliding my hand down his stomach and letting it slip below the elastic of his boxers. I couldn’t speak. It wasn’t just the images.

” I groaned. ivory flesh. so-” “No. I gasped at the pain that overtook my head. Before I could say anything to him. “Sure. returning a few seconds later and slipping my underwear on and nothing else. and one on the back of my neck. not knowing what to do. I didn’t care.Then. Why am I shaking?” Edward’s face was filled with anguish. “Something is wrong.” I choked out. If you want. but as soon as the pain had come. Edward put his hand on my forehead and kissed my lips softly. “What if I’m dying? This has something to do with you all. It was perfect. he stopped and I watched him release himself into me. and I was left there on the bed. gasping for air and crying. . trying to envelope me in them.” I cut him off and smiled so he knew I was being sincere. suddenly. I patted my cheeks with the sleeve of his shirt and tried talking to him between my sniveling. “You’re okay. I felt a rush in my head and my vision became blurry. pointing at the ground. “My head. which had fallen off it the process.” he whispered into my ear before kissing the corner of my mouth. so maybe I’m biased. The cold soothed me momentarily.” he said. He pinched the bridge of his nose and pulled the blankets higher up my body.” I screeched. “I don’t know what to do.” “I’m fine. and apparently he was too shaken to care either. “Well… I don’t know what I’m doing either. it stopped. He joined hesitantly and held my head against his chest as I cried some more. trying to calm me.” As soon as he released me and I laid down against his pillow. running my thumb along the line of his jaw. He sighed resignedly when he was done and a look of relief washed over him. the muscles flexing beneath his hard. Edward. lying down next to me. Edward got off the bed and grabbed his shirt from the ground. lifting me off the piano and carrying me over to the bed. “There’s clothes…” He nodded and flew from the bed. I was still dizzy and my vision wasn’t back to normal yet. and my fear was making me quiver. he lifted me enough to pull the blankets down so he could cover me with them. causing me to clench my eyes shut and yank at my hair.” He shook his head and laughed a little bit as he grabbed my towel. I know it does.” “My poor piano. The episode had caused me to sweat. “I’m just going to make you colder if I touch you-” “I don’t care. “You’re okay.” I cut him off and lifted the blanket so he could come underneath with me. his stomach tightening with each spasm. the aftermath of it was resonating throughout my body. Even though the initial pain in my head was gone. “Was that… okay? I don’t know what I’m doing. I felt one of his hands on the side of my face.” he said. causing his shoulders to slump. right? Say something. his voice distressed. and wrapped me back up in it. In one movement. The aching was so unbearable. “I love you. I felt tears running down my cheeks. and completely confused at what I was supposed to do. He started dressing me without a word. buttoning a couple of the buttons at the top and leaving the rest undone. “I told you it would be fine.” I cried. “My bag. I was afraid at what was happening. I don’t know? Can we do it all the time now?” He laughed and nodded.

but I knew she didn’t mean’s what happens before you change. You’re one of us-” She gasped again and let out a sob. “I hate this. “You’re not sick. so you’re all willing to do whatever you have to in order to do that! You’re just using me. You’re changing. Bella. don’t cry. It’s okay. I’ll take care of you. “Edward! What the hell is going on? Tell me!” He tugged at his hair nervously as his eyes shot around the room. She was understandably confused and her mind and her body were in pain. “What are you talking about. I felt the same way when it was happening to me. closing his eyes and pressing his fingertips against his temple. “What… what did you say?” She was gasping.” I explained.I hate all of you! How could you lie to me?” Her words were strong. trying to clear things up.“Please.” he finally grumbled. seemingly terrified. She clenched her eyes shut and breathed in and out a few times before shooting up out of my bed and looking around my room frantically.” I said calmly. You’re the one who needs me! This is all about you. “Okay. Edward?” “The pain. “Stop trying to protect me! I don’t need you. and all I wanted to do was apologize profusely for keeping it a secret from her and explain to her why it was necessary that we did what we did.” she accused.” “How am I like you?! It doesn’t make any sense! My parents are human!” I shook my head and tried to calm her by placing my hand on her face. I’m here. Her jaw snapped shut as she let out a heavy breath and tried to hide a shiver.” ~*~~*~~*~ Chapter 14 ~ Stronger -EdwardThe look on Bella’s face was absolutely indescribable. I’d even snapped on her once unintentionally. “Renee isn’t your mother. clearly trying to figure out what to say to me. isn’t it? Keeping you alive is everyone’s first priority.” I looked up at him through the blur of tears that filled my eyes and I’ve always just been using me!” . so sorry. It was everything I’d been dreading for months. I hate you. and clutching at her chest. “It was to protect you. “You’re lying. I promise. but she growled and slapped me away. “Do you know what this is?” He winced and looked away to avoid my glance. “I’m sorry… I’m so.

” I offered. watching her break down. it was only a rumor. because what she said was everything I’d been terrified of. that meant that you were the only hybrid they knew of who wasn’t living here. and conniving and willing to hurt people-” “We’re not hurting you! You don’t understand what’s going on. She grabbed the doorknob. staying a respectable distance from her. or I can force you against your will with no explanation. My chest was aching. . and little do they know. because they didn’t have proof. scared. They never knew for sure that you existed. You’re shameful.” She was steadfast in her decision as she stomped across my room toward the door. I’ll go in your head and force you to stay. with another coven. and let me explain.” I knew she didn’t mean what she was saying. “Bella. “Stop saying that! It isn’t true!” She collapsed into a heap on the floor and I stayed sitting on my bed for a few seconds. if I needed to do it. All that matters to you is that I’m here to protect you.” She spun around quickly. you’re only so angry right now because you’re changing and-” “Stop it!” Her piercing scream echoed through my room. I didn’t know what I was supposed to do. and that was when I spoke again. It isn’t just about me. trying to compromise. though. Please. “No. because even though you’re supposed to be a leader. You’re a liar.” She sniffled and shook her head at me. you’re weak. clearly livid. and vulnerable. “Bella. “I don’t have a choice either way. She couldn’t leave. her nostrils flaring as she thought about it. they’re all going to die.” “No. Everyone’s depending on are you any better? You’re all selfish. You claim that the Volturi are inhumane. The only reason my father knew was because he delivered you. just listen to me. She was silent for a second. But if what they knew really was true. her face disgusted. I would’ve forced her to stay by using my power. Your parents were very secretive about everything. just watching her cry hysterically and pound her fists against the floor. you’re all just liars!” “Stay and I’ll explain everything I know. now do I?” I blinked repeatedly and shook my head. and took a few steps toward me. I flew over to her and crouched down on the ground. It pained me to have to do that. Still. fear rippled through my body. Let me explain to you what’s happening. You can stay on your own. “I don’t believe you. I don’t believe a single god damn word that you say. “If you try and leave. please don’t make me do that.” “Then do whatever the hell you have to do to me. I want nothing to do with you or your kind. “Not many people knew you existed. They’ve been looking for you your entire life.She started crying hysterically as she attempted to collect her belongings. “No. I don’t care about your explanation.

but luckily my parents and others of our kind intervened. “He stayed for a little while. He didn’t want anyone knowing you were one of us… not even you. and once Charlie found that out. Her tears had stopped. and I reached forward to brush a strand of hair off her cheek. Besides.” “If they’re watching you. he was afraid that once the Volturi knew he was back. I’ll be by your side the whole time. Not until you changed and were stronger. I know that for a fact. the first thing Charlie did was run to Arizona and contact Renee. We always have. and her anger seemed to have dissipated. for example. like me. Edward. other things took precedence. they got knowledge of Renee.” She took in what I was saying.” “I swear.” I wiped a tear off her chin with my thumb and sighed before I continued. at least. this is just what I’ve been told by my father. And they did.” I shook my head and tugged agitatedly at my hair. It would’ve made it easier to find you. I mean. Charlie ran off and came back here. “So… Renee always knew?” “Yes.” She looked up at me curiously. “Eventually. he contacted my father and brought you back here so that we could watch you. tears streaming down her cheeks. I don’t know the entire story. and they knew if you were alive. It was a huge threat to them. though.When your mother was killed. and left you with Renee because he thought it would be best to keep you as far away as possible. and it’s painful.” Bella whispered. wrapping her arms around my neck and putting her lips near my ear. I drummed my fingers against the ground repeatedly as I tried to come up with a way to explain to her why we’d been so secretive about everything. “I’m scared.” Bella shook her head and laughed derisively. and searching for someone they weren’t even sure existed wasn’t a priority anymore. But once you got older. if something happened to you… I wouldn’t want to be alive anymore. despising the fact that I was forced to provide an explanation for everyone else’s wrongdoings. her eyes beet red.and they didn’t kill Charlie since they thought he was the only one who knew the truth. She got up onto her knees and threw her body into mine.that you could’ve been out living amongst humans alone. Plus. you’d be changing… they started searching for you again. Edward. “So. He loved her… but he couldn’t get over what’d happened to your mother and it was breaking him down.” Bella took a deep breath. Rosalie and Jasper were around all the time when they were human… it isn’t unlikely for us to be around others our age. they were going to come after him. “Why did he leave?” “He tried making things work with Renee.” She whimpered a little bit as she sat up. nodding every few seconds or covering her mouth with her hand when something shocked her. then they’ve had to have seen me with your family all of the time. They don’t know about you yet. I can sympathize. Somehow. and he trusted her. She was the closest person to him. “Sure. but you’ll be okay. They had to have known it was me. and he didn’t want that.” . trying to calm herself. What’s going to happen to me?” “It’s long. “We interact with many humans.

She warned them to stay away until I asked for assistance. for his own safety. “But he won’t be here. pressing her fingertips against the hollow underneath my right eye. I heard voices downstairs.” she mumbled. yes. but once Alice had told me of her vision of Bella changing.” “I’m fine. Some things took priority. against my will. too. until you don’t remember anything about it.” I shook my head and lifted her into my arms before running her over to the bed and dropping her gently.” I covered her with the blankets when I heard her teeth chattering. “Why is this all happening so fast? Was it like this for you?” “No. but it was too late. It had been so long since I fed. “Charlie will know everything. won’t I?” I nodded and forced a smile at her.” “And then I’ll forget?” “As time goes on. “I know you’re hungry.She let go of me and slid backward.” . and her lips were almost blue. I refused to be apart from her for long. The fire overtook my throat and I felt the venom pooling in my mouth. Things would be different once Bella was changed.” I assured her. can I tell you things? Just in case I forget about them later?” “Sure. I could hear in her thoughts that she was frightened by my demeanor lately. It made me anxious that my own mother felt uncomfortable around me. Don’t worry about me. I tried breathing through my mouth.” The room went silent besides for Bella’s tense breaths and her teeth clicking together. So. “For awhile. At least without having to worry about her. “Will I remember everything from when I was human?” she asked me suddenly. “Okay. Her face twisted at my words. “I don’t feel well. “Where’s Charlie? Can you call him? Will he know…” She trailed off and I nodded as I knelt down next to the bed and clutched her hand. and I refused to let her go through it without being there with her. the other four had gotten home from school and were discussing what was happening with Esme. “Your eyes are dark. causing her scent to waft up my nose. you’ll start to forget more and more. The color had drained from her face.” she observed. and feeding wasn’t one of them at the moment. I’ll remember everything from then on.” Her shoulders slouched and I saw her shiver again as she winced and put her hand on her forehead. I could be slightly more rested. It seemed impossible to become settled in my new form with all the chaos that surrounded me constantly. Do you remember what happened when you came here while I was changing? I nearly killed you. but I wasn’t concerned. her head against the pillow.” “But… when I change. “At least that’s what I’ve heard.” I said regretfully. her voice shaky. For Alice it all happened suddenly. I remembered the agony and torture I’d gone through when I was changing. “It’s different for everyone.

Alice. but she was too weak to even attempt to wrap her arms around me. She was at the point where she was almost hallucinating because of the pain. and Esme. I love you. I heard her voice in her mind and I shut my eyes. I had no idea what to expect while watching. “Edward. I admitted. but they rolled back in her head and she coughed once before trying to take a deep breath. I called Carlisle into my room and he looked down at the bed. looking more and more like a corpse with every passing moment. Yes. When Alice and Emmett had changed. preparing everything for the next couple of days. so I was completely terrified. My powers had always been a burden and caused me to be an outcast. but every story I told seemed depressing to me. Don’t be afraid.She went on to tell me little bits and pieces about her life that we’d never discussed before. until she got too tired. She described her old bedroom to me in detail. sitting next to Bella. I’d been too distracted to remember to dress her. It’s always different. Carlisle thought. watching her die and knowing there was nothing I could do. Carlisle was shooting back and forth across the room. Let’s bring her into the other room. It was dark outside when Bella finally fell into an uneasy sleep. where Bella was sprawled out and murmuring restlessly in her sleep. I’m going to die. She talked to me for hours. some of them I could understand her sentiment. A day or two. She was sweating profusely and we had to get her strapped down as quickly as possible. unsuccessfully. She mentioned the sun setting over the mountains in Arizona more than once. When am I going to wake up again? I’m not sure. I’d never seen anyone change before. but it didn’t really matter at that point. all that she had on was my shirt. and he shook his head at her attire. but her hand pushed harder into my cheek. But there I was. held shut by two buttons. reaching her arm out for me. and it was one of the things that she missed most about home. so I dropped her wrist and sat down in the chair Carlisle had pushed to the side of the cot for me. She mentioned the fact that she’d cook breakfast with her mother every Sunday morning. and Emmett watched quietly from the doorway as I placed Bella on the vinyl cot in the middle of the room. petrified. Everything went silent. knowing she was already worried enough as it was. I had stayed with Tanya’s family. I moved forward and grabbed her wrist. I’ll be here the entire time.” she groaned with her eyes closed. A frightened sob escaped from her lips. and her underwear. hoping that she could hear me back. and then she requested I talk to her. to distract her from the pain. I’d tried not to let it show in front of Bella. pressing her hand into my cheek so she knew I was there. It wasn’t until I’d met her that I actually started to feel some semblance of contentment.. I started telling her stories of when I was younger. but in reality. I nodded and pulled the blanket down. Her eyes opened for a second as I flew down the hallway to the exam room. I lifted her as gently as I could.. Some of the things seemed trivial. .

As time went on. You should put them on now. and the room went silent. which still retained some of her warmth. and she didn’t push me any further.Carlisle put his hand on my shoulder and pointed at the merciless restraints attached to the cot. Edward. It was unbearable. which I’d rested on the edge of the cot.” I said again.” Jasper informed me. “We’re all here.” “No.” Emmett said timidly. “No. and I could hear him concentrating hard. but I was appreciative. “You need to drink. I can’t. I couldn’t look at her. shaking my head. She was paralyzed still.” I spat out loud. the earsplitting noise paining me inexplicably. but said nothing to me each time.” she whispered. I can sit here with her. At some point in the middle of the night. where he remained for the rest of the time.” I said again. Edward. Jasper appeared in the room. everyone exited the room. She stopped shrieking after a few moments. violent sensation I’d ever experienced. while she isn’t fighting back. I shook my head without looking up. unable to find the courage to look at her corpse. knowing it was something I’d never witness again. taking a few steps into the room.” “You don’t know what you’re talking about. she doesn’t need them. After the sound of the first scream. I can control her. He took a seat on the other side of the bed without a word. and I kept the image of her sleeping serenely filed in my mind. and looked down at my feet. Despairingly. she walked out and left me alone again. It’s going to be days. the screaming began. it was the most evil. She was peaceful for a few hours. “I’m not tying her down. I placed my head on my forearms. I heard her heart beat erratically a couple of times before there was one last loud thump. Faster than you. “It isn’t my business. but…” “No. We didn’t speak to each other again. the heat faded almost completely. I gripped her hand. and I held her hand up to my lips to feel her warm skin one last time. I sat up and covered my ears with my palms for a second. but the burning she must’ve felt running through her was vicious. “I’ve seen it before. growing wearisome of everyone’s unsolicited advice. I don’t know how long I sat there like that with her.” Eventually. It was draining for him. “If you decide you can’t wait any longer. and I knew he’d be exhausted soon. I was too numb to even attempt to listen to his thoughts. It may seem cruel. Carlisle came in a couple of times to check up. . refusing to discuss it.she’s going to be stronger than you. but maybe you should listen to Carlisle and use the restraints. She doesn’t need them. instead only groaning and sobbing every once in awhile. trying to soothe her. waiting for something to happen. Alice walked in once at some point the next day and rubbed the back of my head sympathetically. “She’s in much more pain than you were.” With that. When it had happened to me. leaving me alone with her. even though she was slowly turning gray. much worse than anything I could’ve anticipated.

“I need more. laughing again. To my relief. but she snatched it out of my hand with a sneer and chugged it recklessly. “I need more. Bella threw her head back and cackled loudly before glaring at Emmett. Rosalie. moving faster than any vampire I’d ever seen so far. who already had a glass filled with blood at his disposal. “It’ll only hurt her for a second. Her color changed from the dead.long enough for them to tie her down. her eyes narrowed. referring to the humans that were outside. but no one moved from where they were seated. Alice. and the results would be devastating. his voice full of shame. instead attempting to go for the door again. just staring in shock. taking in her surroundings. “I can smell everything. and onto my white shirt she was wearing. Early morning the third day.” Alice ordered.” She refused to get back onto the bed. Not right now. she’d be gone. Bella’s eyes shot open and flickered back and forth around the room.” he muttered. . My throat… it’s on fire. “You-” She shook her head and stared at me with contempt before lying back down on the cot. “Don’t touch me. even in their thoughts. This time. but she shoved him to the side effortlessly and attempted to open it by slamming her body against it.” Bella said. She’s too strong right now and she‘s delirious.” Bella stood stationary. her black eyes hollow and void of any emotion. Just give her a minute. as Emmett struggled to blast her. Jasper was fatigued from trying to keep her as calm as possible. her features altering gradually. pinning them behind her back so that she couldn’t move. In the corner of my eye I saw Esme jump slightly. but if she managed to get by us. I want to leave here.” She continued growling. Emmett.Word of Bella coming to spread around the house. pointing at me. lifeless grayish-blue to a more rousing alabaster. because I didn’t want to see her hurt. I only knew because I’d felt the exact same way. I held it up to her lips. I shoved her toward the bed.” she ordered.” She laughed maliciously and shot up off the cot. gripping the edges. And I was still numb and unresponsive. I flew forward and grabbed both of her arms. “Help me. and slowly everyone crept into the room. they remained quiet. a stream of blood leaking down one side of her lips. Help me!” I didn’t need to look at Carlisle again to hear his thoughts. where Carlisle and Jasper were standing.” she complained. over her chin. Angrily. Esme. Carlisle was full of concern. and Alice pushed Emmett forward.” she said. Emmett jumped in front of the door. her fist clenched at her sides. and Emmett were mostly bored. She threw the glass to the ground when it was empty. “Use your power. “It burns. “You’re weak. feeling her skin slowly harden. “I can’t… it isn’t working on her. “I can smell them. and Rosalie all stood in front of the door. just sitting and watching her transformation. She sat up quickly and stared at me while snarling viciously. with each breath she let out as I spun around to Carlisle. Alice. causing it to shatter all over the place. I was torn. attempting to dig her nails into the impenetrable skin near her jugular.

I climbed on top of her and held her wrists down against the vinyl. So. So. “Otherwise it won’t be good for her. and although it didn’t do much. and when he returned he had another cup of blood in his hands. you stay. Don’t fucking touch me. “Stop fighting me. Except that I’d actually escaped and almost killed Bella. Her mind went quiet and I sat back down with a sigh. None of you can. “She has to slow down.” I nodded and grabbed the glass from him before standing up and staring down at Bella. opening her mouth slightly to allow me to pour the contents of the cup into it.” he said out loud. Edward. causing the metal to make a screeching noise. I shook my head without looking at my father and continued to stare at the ground. “You can?” I asked out loud. I can hear you fine. I lost my patience and struggled as she fought me. I climbed off of her and waited until she calmed down a little bit before spinning my head around the room and pointing at the door. But I don’t want you to run out of here and get yourself killed. carrying her back to the cot and throwing her down roughly. animalistic growl and snapped at me. “Fine!” she exclaimed. and refused to speak. Let me out of these things. trying to drown out Bella’s cries and furious screaming. you’re going to get killed. I know this is hard. but she shifted and shrieked again so I wouldn’t touch her.” I yelled. and I’ll let you out.” I sat back down and put my elbows on my knees and yanked at my hair as I cursed under my breath.” I ordered. You have me chained up like a fucking dog. Bella screamed as he clicked the metal restraint closed and ran to the other side of the bed to work on the other one. She nodded. “Do you want this?” She squinted at me. “We’ll be fine now. Even her thoughts were malicious and impolite.” I said sternly. The thought filled me with shame.” She ran for the door again.” She let out a loud. but you’re stronger than this. I hate you. I shook my head and tried to grab her arm so that she could hear me. She gulped the glass down desperately. turning my head to Jasper. lying back down when she was done. stop. suddenly feeling extremely guilty knowing that I’d done the same thing to my family when I had changed. .“You can’t hurt me. “Everyone just leave. and it was damaging me emotionally. “If you keep trying to fight us. and I saw her eyeing the glass in my head. I don’t want you tied up. “I know you’re in pain. Drink this and calm yourself. calm down. either. Dad. but Esme went for her wrist. I heard him go into the refrigerator in the corner of the room again. but Carlisle had locked her ankles in the chains and there was nothing she could do. I’d heard her tell me she hated me more times than I ever wanted to hear in the past couple of days. moving my face close to hers as she thrashed and struggled to get out of my grasp. it was enough of a diversion to allow me to grab her. her nostrils flared.

It was hours before I heard anything from her again. “Edward?” She choked my name out, her voice indicating that she was still in excruciating pain. “What?” I asked jadedly, too drained to put any enthusiasm into my voice. I don’t hate you. I’m sorry. “It’s okay,” I answered out loud. “I know you didn’t mean it.” Lay next to me. Please. It hurts. Carlisle looked at us, most likely trying to fill in the gaps of our private conversation. Without a word, I undid the restraints on one side of her body and climbed onto the cot, embracing her comfortingly. She grabbed my hand and placed it on the side of her face before closing her eyes and exhaling with relief. You’re not cold anymore. I laughed tiredly and shrugged, finally feeling calmed for the first time in three long days. Yes, I am. I told her. But now, you are too.

Chapter 15 ~ They’re Coming
-BellaMy eyes were shut but I couldn't sleep. I couldn't think. I couldn't move. All I could do was feel. The pain in my blood and my throat was so powerful, so severe, that I wanted to die. I was praying to die. It was like the feeling you get when you touch something hot and you realize you're burning yourself- your reflexes tell you to jerk away. Once you aren't touching whatever it is that was burning you anymore, you start to feel relief. This was as if something ablaze was touching every single square inch of my body, but I couldn't pull away. I longed for the cool feeling of Edward's skin on mine- but he was there, lying next to me, and he wasn't cold anymore. He wasn't warm, either. He just was. The fire in my throat was the worst. I longed for something to satiate the thirst. I could smell everything; the weak scents that were coming outside pulled me to their hosts, and they were everywhere. I didn't care who or what it was, I just needed it, so much so that I was going out of my mind. Kill, kill, kill. Drink, drink, drink.

Those were the only thoughts running through my head. I couldn't comprehend how all the vampires I knew lived among humans they way they did, acting civil and decent and normal. They were animals with one tracked minds. “It fades,” I heard Edward say in his mind. The fact that I was able to hear his thoughts so easily was startling to me. I kept forgetting that he could hear my thoughts as well. “It'll get easier very soon,” he continued. “I know it doesn't feel like it ever will, but… trust me.” I wondered if it was easier for him to hear me too, now. “Yes,” he answered. “But I think you can control that. We'll see soon enough.” I reached up and clasped my hand around my throat, uninterested in continuing our silent conversation. I was thirsty, and that was all I was. His voice in my head was just adding to the madness. “I'm sorry,” he said. “I can't just turn it off… now you know how I feel every day.” “Stop it!” I exclaimed out loud. I opened my eyes and saw Carlisle jump up from his seat. “Just shut up. Just stop… thinking.” I couldn't get used to the way things were when my eyes were open. I could see everything. Every tiny little grain, every particle of dust… I saw all of it. I saw details on Edward's face that I'd never noticed before. A tiny, pinpoint of a freckle in the middle of his left cheek. The rainbow of colors that existed in the hair of his sideburns. A dark hunter spec in the iris of his light, light green eyes. I let my eyes roll back in my head and I closed them again. “You can sit down, Carlisle. I'm not going to try and run.” The feeble amounts of blood they were giving me did absolutely nothing. It made the thirst slightly manageable for a couple of minutes, and then it was back, and I would crave the scent outside and try to stand, and Edward and Carlisle would hold me down again. I could've fought them if I wanted to, and I probably would've won, but I couldn't do that to them. “She doesn't like hearing me,” Edward explained quietly. “Well, it takes some getting used to, Edward,” Carlisle said, his voice full of understanding. “Don't take it personally.” “At least she only has to hear me and not every single person-” “Okay, talking out loud isn't working either,” I interrupted. “I'm in pain and my head is about to explode. Please, just be quiet.” “Do you want more to drink?” Edward asked- in his mind, of course. I was beginning to think he found pleasure in the fact that I could hear his every thought. I nodded, my eyes still closed, and I reached for his arm, his hand, anything of his that I could grab onto. I heard him groan a little and I felt the weight of his arm on my stomach, and I wrapped myself around it. “She needs more,” he said to Carlisle.

It was at that point that I realized that along with being able to smell every human's blood that was in the vicinity, I could smell everything inside a million times better- including Edward. I turned my head and rolled to my side and I buried my nose in his neck. For the first time in days, a wave of relaxation surged through me. I tilted my chin up and kissed the skin at the base of his neck, and the smell was almost overwhelming. It was sweet and cool and fresh and… mouthwatering. I stuck the tip of my tongue out, to see if he tasted the same way he smelled, and he did. He moaned lightly and rolled me onto my back. “My dad,” he thought. “I can hear your thoughts and… my dad is right there. You can't do that to me.” I whined a little bit and hooked my finger around the waistband of his khakis that he'd been wearing for… three days, I think, because he hadn't left my side for a second. Somehow they were still pressed and unwrinkled and perfect. It was the only thing that was strong enough to distract me from the thirst. Him. Passion. I was elated that my ridiculously strong attraction to him hadn't faded in the transition. At that point, more than ever, I was completely convinced that we were meant to be together by some higher power. I slid my hand lower down his pants and pressed my fingertips against his flesh. He wasn't cold or hard anymore. He felt like he had to me in the beginning. Like we were the same again. “Bella, come on,” he grumbled, and he laughed lightly and moved my hand. Carlisle cleared his throat uncomfortably, clearly not blind to what I was trying to do to his son. He was at the bed instantly with the cup full of blood, which he gave to Edward instead of handing to me. “I think everything's okay in here,” Carlisle noted. “I'm going to be in my office. Bella, how do you feel?” “Terrible,” I answered. “Edward, I think she should get up and walk around. Maybe… take a shower? You can move her to your room if you'd like.” “I can hold my own cup,” I said snidely. I tried snatching it out of Edward's hand, shocked at how fast I was able to move, but he was faster and moved it out of my reach. “No you can't,” he said to me, his voice tired. “I'll be fine, Dad. I'll let you know if I need anything. Thank you for everything.” Carlisle looked at him for a second, and Edward's expression changed, so I could tell he was saying something to him that he didn't want me hearing. I tried listening to Edward's mind, but it was silent. It was only his voice I was able to hear in my head. No one else's. “No,” Edward said out loud, shaking his head. “Absolutely not. I don't need to.” “Edward, it's been awhile.”

drink. There's blood on my shirt. and it didn't seem so fast. I chugged it without a word. “I know. before anyone gets suspicious. and it's going to be hard for you-” “I'm fine!” Edward shouted. except this time it wasn't scary and it didn't make me dizzy because I could see everything.” “Why can I hear in your head so easily now?” I asked him.” he said softly. not interested in whatever it was they were discussing. He dropped it in his lap and leaned into my neck. “Open your mouth. and my mouth dropped open in shock at my reflection. “It's so strange. shimmering hair and huge eyes with irises that were so brown they were almost black. I hate this bed. excruciating ache slowly returning.a sixth sense. so pungent. “Take me to your room.” “Because all of your senses are stronger. The scent of the blood was right there. with flawless. That's all your gift is. He tipped the cup against my lips and it filled my mouth and spilled down my throat. and it was all that was going through my mind. Kill. so fast that some of it spilled from the corner of my lips. and trickled down my neck. numbing. watching me. satisfying. “I'm thirsty again. kill. I had to raise my hand and touch my cheek to be completely sure it was me. This person was gorgeous. his tongue trailing up the side of it to lap up the excess blood that had spilled. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he stood up and lifted me up by holding the back of my legs and he ran to his room.” I swallowed again and felt the scalding. faster than I intended to. I spun around to him. and I could taste the sweetness and irony tang in his kiss. He dropped me on my feet and spun me around by my shoulders.” Edward chuckled. until the cup was dry. and empty. “I hate this room. kill. Drink. patiently. soothing. It takes some getting used to.” I told him. but it wasn't me. “Can I have a new shirt?” . “I don't even have to touch you.” I ordered.” I begged. I put my fingertips on the bottom of the glass to tilt it higher up. thick. gulp after gulp. over my chin. and I heard the door click shut behind him. and then licked my bottom lip. Carlisle shook his head and fled from the room. He moved up to my chin.“I'm not leaving her.does my voice sound different to you? Or is it just my ears?” “There's lots of things that are different. Edward laughed and only then did I remember that he was standing there. “Give me the glass.” “She's going to need to go back to school. It was me.” I whispered. and it took a second for my eyes to catch up and process my movement. drink. and Edward pulled it away. ivory skin and big. and the blood flowed faster for a few seconds.

My skin felt alien beneath my fingers. “Where else would I go? You're where I belong. kissing my forehead. but I knew I'd get used to it.” he muttered. I smelled something outside. You can see him soon. I think you should just lay down.” “We've talked to him. but I shook my head and refused to move my arms.” I said suddenly. the urge was manageable when I drank.” I made a disgusted face and he laughed quietly. I looked down at my feet. and when I looked back up. Edward was right. the burning subsided slowly. The day before I had to go back to school.” I grabbed his hand and weaved his fingers through mine. They were mine. I was scared. wrinkled and torn fabric in a heap at my feet. “Get dressed. my arms crossed over my bare chest. It was smoother and silkier and more… firm. but they assured me everything would be fine. I pulled his shirt over my head and stood there. but I had enough willpower to control myself.” * I had to go back to school. the bloody. and keeping myself isolated in Edward's bedroom was only going to do more harm than good. and within a couple of days. “You probably don't want to eat that. My head cocked to the side and Edward stepped forward and grabbed my arm for good measure. and then a pair of pajama shorts. he uncrossed my arms and helped me put my shirt on. he took me for a walk outside. “You're fine. to see if I could handle myself around humans. “What animal is that?” I asked him. He knows you're okay. “Stay with me. and I could. He released my arm and let out a sigh. so I assumed Alice had gone to Charlie's apartment and gotten them for me. I begged and pleaded for more time before I had to be left alone. I wanted them.” Alice said.” Against my will. because I was confused and lost and uncomfortable and in pain. “Uh… here. every single one. For right now. I see nothing wrong happening. Bella. “Of course. don't worry. a pile of clothes tucked under his arm. “Have you spoken to him? Does he know I'm okay? When can I see him? I need to ask him… about my real mother. Edward was standing in front of me. It was a constant discomfort that plagued me. and he was the only thing I was sure of right then.” He held the clothes out to me. “My dad. the overpowering aroma almost making me heave. I could smell them.” I begged.” he informed me.” . Charlie.He nodded and fled to the corner of his room.and I heard a strange noise. “It's… horse. It wasn't mine. “I can see you.

I would've asked that he left my side and go hunting instead of taking the risk. and he never showed. I looked across the hallway to a clock hanging high on the wall. I worried for him. it seemed like he was struggling to be around people himself. he would've been fine. “They don't want to worry you. and he wasn't there. her face frantic. but regardless. That's all. and I went through the motions of the day. and I hoped and prayed that we would get through the it all in one piece. without question. the circles under his eyes darkening day by day. and I remembered her talking about a vision she'd been fearing before I'd changed. and the dreadful feeling in my gut refused to go away. It was eerie. something just felt off. 12:40 PM. I knew he had less energy than usual. but there was no way I could think to get away with it. Emmett. of Edward…” Alice's voice filled my mind. Even when he'd taken me out walking the night before. The longer you stay out of school. "…I had a vision this morning. So. I was on edge because of the stares that people were giving me. He was knotting his tie in the mirror.” Even his thoughts were tired and dreary. and it was getting harder for him to hide his vulnerability. His jaw tightened and his nostrils flared on more than one occasion. I would've saved it and given it to Edward. We always met by my locker before going up to the pool. that was that. He'd already said to Alice. He would drink from me when I would meet him during lunch. “We have reason to believe there's someone keeping a close eye on us. I waited until the bell rang. and if I didn't think it would've angered him and just made him less confident than he already was. I saw Alice turn the corner and stalk toward me. I got a bad feeling as soon as I walked into the building.I was wary as to why they were all pushing me to return to society so soon after. I knew that Edward had been out of school longer than I had. She said she'd brought it just to be safe. . I'm not sure if it was my own nervousness. After third period. without any colossal mishaps. And then. Alice met me in the bathroom and gave me a thermos of blood. About Edward. He hadn't drank from me or gone hunting in… a long time. or if I was nervous because of Edward. It's all going to be my responsibility soon. I felt guilty and blameworthy. and I froze.” Edward said in his mind that morning before we left. and Carlisle that there was no way he was leaving me alone in school without being somewhere close. no. and I didn't understand why it was different with me. quick and precise and only half paying attention. and she watched me drink the entire thing.” “Why don't you share these things with me?” I asked him out loud. because if it wasn't for me. or if it was just some instinct that I'd acquired with my change. He was used to drinking at that time. Just let me do what I think is right. His face was sallow. I was supposed to meet Edward at my locker before lunch. But. the more suspicious it gets. “I have to learn to deal with problems on my own. more than myself. It's not a reason to panic. So I stayed quiet. No one would give me a straight answer.

regret clear in her voice.” Alice said quietly between her sobs. and she screamed again. I would've. or where exactly…” “Oh. as everything whizzed by me. “Talk to me. and she was crying. Alice started running toward me. The piercing shriek echoed down the stairwell. and she knew. and I covered my hand with my mouth.” I stood up and traded places with her. her arms stretched out in front of her.“…Biting someone. “I have to do it. . “What do we do?!” I asked frantically. Come over here and calm him down. She was in shock. and Alice pulled me toward the sound. It was a girl. There was a puddle on the floor and it was all over her clothes. He'd exposed himself. That didn't change the fact that he'd just done irrevocable damage. I wanted to be angry at him. “Edward!” I screamed. just a blur. We reached the top platform and I gasped when I saw the scene in front of me. up the four flights of stairs. and Edward's mouth andShe was alive. I knew it was going to happen. Everything was moving in slow motion. I took my sweater off and wrapped it around the girl's wrist. my God. Alice clutched at her hair. Alice and I pulled him away. I felt it in my bones.” I said. If I could've been sick at that moment. and I knew we had to do something before someone found us. and I sat her up. Someone else was sure to have heard the screaming. “…But I saw a clock that said 12:41. and she held him against the wall. her wrist pouring out blood. We were all in trouble. Here. We were all dead. Are you alright? What happened?” “I didn't… I… I don't know what happened…” He was clearly in shock and famished and lacking common sense. Her eyes were open. 12:41. and I saw nothing. and I looked at the clock again. but I couldn't. and I wiped the blood from Edward's face with my sleeve. “Hey. and she took a deep breath. placing my hand on his cheek.” I said out loud. I couldn't tell who. My legs moved on their own. She knew everything. Edward was kneeling over a girl who was on the ground. “I know what to do. It was my fault it'd happened. but there were no tears. and she was staring right at him. And I heard the screaming…" “Bella! We have to find him!” She slammed into me.

They're coming for us. and scared. and I held onto Edward as if he could save me.” Alice whispered. I felt hopeless. “They're going to come now. We have to hurry and get her down to the nurse so they can take her to the hospital. “What are you doing?!” I asked. “They're coming." "Okay. even though he was the one who'd gotten us into the whole mess in the first place. And that she fainted from all of the blood.I turned around and pressed my back into Edward's chest so that I could watch Alice. She grabbed both sides of the girl's face. "Edward? Did you hear me?" "Yes. “Her memory… I'm just taking her memory away of the last couple minutes. "That she'd cut herself on the glass-" She pointed at the window. her eyes closed and her body went lax. his voice gravely." he said to Alice." I agreed. . "I'll break it. Edward. She was using it.” Alice's dark power. Because there was someone watching them. and she didn't want to because if she did… they were going to come. her tone ominous." Alice continued. and suddenly.” ~*~~*~~*~ Story Incomplete At Time Of Removal By Author All available chapters. "We'll say that we heard her screaming and we ran up here to see what happened. and waiting for them to make a mistake.

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