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November 24, 2010 Charmine De Leon KRIS LIBRARY My name is Judith Ann Pangan,a former grade V1 one pupil

l of Manicahan central school. I lived at Manicahan zamboanga city, My mothers name is JOsephine pangan. she was a good housewife. My fathers name is Jose Journal pangan. he was a teacher. I haved a oldest sister named joan claire pangan a former student of 111 Rizal. Someday i want to be a doctor or a teacher. If I were a doctor .I will cure the illness people. Maybe if teacher, i will teach them how to read letters count numbers and write letters. my favorite book is sweet valley kids, magic tree house and Philipine history. My favorite character in sweet valley kids was jessica and and elizabeth they are twin sister, They love each other that no one can bother them.Only the bracelet will show if who is jessica and elizabeth. In magic tree house my favorite character was annie and jack, In Phillipine history, i can know the what is the beauty of the phillipines and its direction. I thank that Kris library because it helps me in my education. If i want to know whats the meaning of something, i can find it in dictionary. if i want to know what is the meaning of science i search on the encarta kids. the library help me to improve my grades and know new words. it can help us ascend our education. once again thank you KRUS library for your help.

November 25, 2010 Charmine De Leon

By: Joan claire Pangan "keep moving forward" These words are already marked on my mind and i used these to serve as a perseverance in my life, to never give up as i journey to my quest of success. I am joan claire pangan a third year student of manicahan national high school. i lived at manicahan, zamboanga city. Im just simple but with a great ambition. i dream to be a doctor someday that who could save lives of people and help my family as well. my mother is josephine pangan a house wife. my father is jose

journal pangan a teacher. even if, my father has his work and earn his salary but we always undergo some financial problems. just like this november i was hospitalized because of Dengue hemorrhagic fever grade 2. we had spend too much in the hospital and for my medicines. but problems and trials of life can never be a hindrance to my success. I believed educatiyon is my key to success. i study much harder to come off with flying colors. the KRIS library was been a big help on my studies, i can gather much information from the books and i can also research for my assignments. It also help me in broadening my knowledge. But some books are entertaining too, i enjoyed reading stories from the pocket books such as detective stories and the sweet valley books. My faith in God with the love and support of my family, i believed these are enough for me to have the determination to achieve my goals in life.

November 25, 2010 Charmine De Leon

By: Vivien Fernandez "Library, as my companion in learning" The central idea of my essay is to acquaint that a library is not just a collection of books but to avail for a benefit to people in their part of education. Thus, education and library amalgamate for people. so show value towards library because it was constructed for us. be thankful for they're established. 'Education is the key to success'. education is what we are longing for. it is a training given to people to enable them to live usefully and happily. Education as system of formal teaching and learning as conducted through schools and other institutions. i need knowledge to have a good future, and it just not reading books but going to libraries. from our house at victoria zamboanga city i used to go to library in manicahan zamboanga city infont at manicahan central school, the KRIS library. the said library for me its unique where Christian and Muslim may go to that library. its unique for its just like saying the Kris library means "peace". when it was build there and i passed by, i said "this will help me in my everyday life as a student". i used library as my assistance, companion and a tool to be an effective learner. from library i can get information it is somewhat an institution it is a collection of books and other informational materials made available to people for reading, study or as a reference. many professionals and student are using library as a resources to assist them in their works. me as one of the user of library i do believe from library i can gain information about personal interest or to obtain recreational materials such as novels . i also use it to supplement and enhance my classroom experiences, to earn skills in locating sources of

information and to develop good reading and study habits. Central mission of the library is to collect, preserve and provide access to knowledge. in the KRIS library there were so much books to read but there is one book that i have noticed a History book. and i said it will be my favorite book because i have it too in our house i said, it was just as the same. they both colored yellow. Being a learner. a fourth year student has to think about ambition and dreams in life. my father is a farmer and my mother is a teacher. so i decided to follow the footsteps of my mother to be a teacher. i want to help children who cannot afford schooling and help them enhance their skills and talents because i know everyone of us has a talents, but are not showing it. And that was my ambition in life. And here ends my essay.

November 25, 2010 Charmine De Leon

BY: Vergeil enriquez Aid to my studies I am happy to join with you today in what will go down in history as i tell you about my life and the Kris library. My passion, simple but overwhelmingly strong, have governed my life: the search for knowledge. these passion of mine like great winds have blown me hither and thither, in a wayward course over a deep ocean of anguish, reaching to the very verge of despair. i have sought knowledge because i i have wished to understand the hearts of men. i have wished to know why the stars shine... A little of this but not much i already achieved. we may not seem to be rich for my mother is a housewife and my father works for his employer as a laborer to buy books and other reference of knowledge but we have the perseverance to pursue my studies and reach my goals. and so ive longed for a place which could me to reach my ambition to be a flight stewardess, as of now, or to have and own my personal business which can provide my daily needs and of my family. my search had ended when i found the KRIS library. it is the true home of knowledge. it became my companion in fulfiling my dreams. if i will go there to research something, i will not go home discontentedly but happy and very satisfied because i already got all the informations i need. even during weekends i can go go there because it is just a smile away from victoria zamboanga city where i lived. i really love the encyclopedia of the KRIS library because it gives me complete information. whatever my assignment is, when i consult to the encyclopedia, there i can find everything. Studying without the Kris library is not that easy for me. that is why i am very

thankful and grateful that i found it. KRIS library became my aid in studies.

November 25, 2010 Armand Dean Nocum

very good se charmine que ta man submit ya sila mga essay, man encourage pa tu mga otro que quere man join na essay contest para man submit tamen. pero necesita original todo que puwede yo sabe si ya kopya lang na libro. el quen best essay tiene price este christmas -- el top 5 best essay. man encourage tamen tu mga lower grade ase tamen essay si caya ya sila. mi fourth year anak si arizz amo el judge na december, gracias.

November 26, 2010 Charmine De Leon

Sitti Nurhanina Bahasuan My name is Sitti Nurhanina Bahasuan, my father is Abdul-ajid Bahasuan and my mother is Myrna Bahasuan is a crab supplier. As a child my ambition is to be a doctor to help the poor people indeed. The rights of the children like me is to have a nationality and name and my family has an ambition to me to enter to the school as a students. We are only a poor but not only the rich that can have a good life or also the like me can be a professional. I have learned in this library how important the books is, my favorite books are about presidency in the the Philippines and America. I want to learn the first and the last presidency in the Philippines and America, there are also president that is not right in the Philippines, He is Ferdinand Marcos who declared martial law but Corazon Aquino is the only one president who fight for our democracy, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo because of her why the prices of the rice and dairy products is high. There are books also that is my favorite like all about herbal plants and why are herbal plants important to us. Plants can be a herbal medication and plants is our future. And also all about the fishes is my favorite books, the natural habitat of fishes is sea and the fishes live in coral reefs, coral reefs are important to us is there are none coral reefs in the sea the marine animals will not have shelter, coral reefs make the sea beautiful because coral reefs is a colorful plant. And Tubbataha reefs is one of the famous that can be found in the Palawan.

November 26, 2010 Charmine De Leon

Marie joy Alvarez "A key for my Journey" In journeying life, there are so many circumstances to surpass, many trials to overcome. Thus, God is always with us guiding, protecting and giving means and ways for our survival. And i always put in my mind that poverty is never a hindrance for ones success. I am Marie joy Alvarez, a fourth year student from Manicahan national high school. My mother is Lagrimas Alvarez, a housewife. And my father is a carpenter named Martin Alvarez jr. Coincidently, his the one who made the bill of materials for the Kris library building. KRIS LIBRARY is not just catering the intellectual needs of the students but also rendering a selfless service. Its not just about the physical things but its more deeper...something within. It had already touched the life of many students who have a great dreams in life. It serves as an instruments of God to his children their goals. and i can say that i am of those individual who is very optimistic, who truly believes in dreams. since i was a little girl i am dreaming of becoming a lawyer someday. a lawyer who will truly fight for the fundamental rights of each individuals which is due to them. I really like those books that i've read in library which featured stories that had given me an inspiration to conquer life. I promise to myself that the things that i've learned from the books will put on to realization. And hoping someday that my story will also serve as an inspiration to others. I came from a poor family but never made it as a reason for me to be discourage instead i used it as a reason for me to show that a poverty is not a a hindrance for my success. im just a simple girl who has a great ambition in life and who is very bless enough to have a very sUPportive family and been a part of a great instrument of God the KRIS LIBRARY.

November 26, 2010 Charmine De Leon

Charmine de leon "KRIS library as a gift" I am Charmine de leon a fourth year student of Manicahaan National High school. My mother is Narcisa de leon a housewife, and my father is Ramir de leon a laborer. KRIS library is the first ever public library that had been build in our community. And i am so much thankful about it because i dont have to ask other people to beg them just to please them to let me borrow some books which I really need for my assignments. So KRIS library is really a gift that must be treasured. I am so thankful that i am have been part of the KRIS library, as one of the volunteer who help assist them in finding the answers needed in their assignments. And i am so much thankful that there is KRIS library who help me maintain my good grades with the help of the books and my favorite book which is the Encyclopedia that I can find all the answers in it. And in that way it really makes me more inspired to pursue all of my dream, my dream to be a teacher someday, and in that way i know i can help children to continue studying, to make them realize how beautiful is it studying. KRIS library is a gift for it is the answer in all my prayers and where ever I may go KRIS library will always be t my inspiration to achieve every drop of my dream.

November 26, 2010 Charmine De Leon

ok uncle thank you very much.. ase lang iyo seh todo uncle.. GOD bless..

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