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When the servomotor drive drive unit and the 2-1 unit is installed. the servomotor of thrust drive in .50 Hz. Make sure the composed the approved Make wirings equipment and adjustment procedure and quantity according the to drawing. 1. . confirm they t "j'. adjust clearance between the unit and the mounting base with a spacer so that there is no distortion in the servomotor drive unit. Make sure installation of the servomotor hydraulic control valve.PR-BOOO-DB Autopilot Installation & Adjustment Procedure TOKIMEC INC This manual describes the installation for the a~topilot PR-8000-DB. 2-2 Make sure there is no gap in the direction the mechanism the hydraulic 2-3 which connects control valve.1ii~ I . Make sure the input of the transformer the output 2. the servomotor drive unit. box is AC 380 V . the transformer box etc. . is AC 100 V. unit to Adjust the neutral position of the servomotor drive unit and the center position of the hydraulic control valve with the turnbuckle. Tighten the locknut after the adjustment.±:o. are correct. When the wirings have already been 'made. control box. among units such as the pilot stand.

system. When readjustment is made. -2- . then a fine adjustment can be made by the angle with which the mechanical stopper is tightened. The screw pitch of the mechanical stopper is 1 mm. of the steering gear and the repeat 3-1 Make sure the steering gear angle is 0°. the repeat back unit lever to the steering gear and adjust the arm length and angle. voltage is correct by measuring terminals of the transformer supply switch of DB control box 4. then adjust the mechanical stopper loosened previo~sly. gear. When the steer is drifting readjust according to the instruction of the steering gear manufacturer and above clause 2-3. Operate the steering gear and confirm it stops at the ~ center position of the hydraulic control valve. so that the link mechanism becomes 3-3 a correct parallelogram.2-4 Loosen the mechanical stopper of the servomotor drive unit and move it to the mechanical stop position of the hydraulic control valve by operating the manual handle. Then turn the power to "ON". Connect 3-2 of the repeat back unit. adjust it at 0° by operating the steering Make sure installation When necessary. because some difference generates in the stroke of the hydraulic control valve. 4-1 Operate DB control Make sure the power supply it at the input and output box. Make sure installation back unit. 3. Ask to the steering gear manufacturer how long in mm the mechanical mechanical stopper should be adjusted before the stop position of the hydraulic control valve. Tighten the locknut after the adjustment. readjust the mechanical stopper too.

4-2 Adjust the followings operating condition. 1) Operate DB control system in the test mode and adjust with using a dummy the electric limiter Voltage signal. controllable several The delay time is for the start up of the steering gear and according to the instruction of the steering gear manufacturer (0 . circuit Adjust the electric limiter circuit in both CW and CCW directions so that the revolution of the servomotor drive unit stops within the mechanical stopper. Note: For DB control with DB control system in the system to be operating condition wiien the motor starter switch of the steering gear is OFF. 1) 2) 3) system is activated according to the following The control power supply becomes ON when the servomotor drive unit is at the neutral position. - 3- . 10 seconds). the system becomes later. When the pilot system switch becomes ON.The control conditions. it is necessary to short the contact point signal of the motor starter. DB control system can be operated 4) in the test mode.. The main power supply becomes circuits has become condition ON when the control to be correctly operated.. In this condition. the servomotor drive unit controls the hydraulic control valve with following to the control signal from the pilot. When the motor starter switch of the steering gear becomes ON to send the contact point signal to the control seconds box.

gear and control the rudder with DB 4-3 Operate control 1) the steering system. be fully careful 6. gear according to the instruction manufacturer. Move the rudder rightward and leftward with the dummy signal in the test mode. Especially. 5. tests at the quay mooring and at the -4- . confirm the relation between 2) the rudder motion and the limit switches with making ON-OFF of the limit switches in the repeat back unit by hand. Move the rudder to the maximum rudder angle. and confirm the rudder moves smoothly.5 HAND Mode in the service 6. Adjust the autopilot PR-8557-DB according to the section in the service 6. and Adjustment procedure" to check manual. U. and decide the rudder angle with which the hydraulic control valve becomes the full stroke. Perform the following sea trial. and confirm operation back unit. 6 "Installation manual. While moving the rudder.4 N. do not move the rudder to the maximum angle. Adjust the ratio of order rudder angle/full stroke.2) Generate the order rudder angle with the dummy signal in the test mode. F. of the limit switches in the repeat Adjust the limit switch setting according to the instruction of the steering gear manufacturer. At this stage. Mode. 3) of the steering Adjust the time to move to the full stroke by generating the order rudder angle with the dummy signal in the test mode.

6-2 Autopilot Test is no problem in the steering in the auto is within Make sure there mode.5° at 0°.1" (or No. Make sure the maximum rudder speed meet the regulation.1" (or "No. Make sure the difference between the order scale of "HAND" and the actual rudder angle scale +0.2"). and the limit switch operates at the maximum rudder angle. system. Confirm the rudder operation and direction in "HAND" steering. 1) Confirm the ship settles at the set course when the 2) 3) course changing of PORT 15° (or STBD 15°) in the auto steering. 3) "HAND" control Turn the mode switch angle and the rudder to the maximum rudder.2). After that. to "HAND". and confirm the rudder operation and'~he direction. Make sure the arm. length and angle of the repeat back unit. Confirm the rudder operation and direction in "NFU" . Turn the system switch to "No. steering. confirm the course keeping capability with going straight for longer than 10 minutes. Perform 1) and 2) with another -5- .35°. Turn the system switch to "No. Do not move the rudder manually 2) ~NFU" control Turn\ the autopilot mode switch to "NFU". and within +1° in 0 .6-1 Steering 1) gear control test contro~ Steering gear manual Operate the manual lever of the servomotor drive unit in PORT or STBD direction.

. Nameofship Shipowner Nationalit. Make sure the metal armed or equivalent wirings. (2) Make sure the unit.PR-8000 AUTOPILOT INSTALLATION CHECK SHEET Equipment..... they do not touch other parts in the cases. etc....ion • Pilot. back unit Make sure the unit is placed on the mounting base Iree Irom the ship's vibrations.. of the hydraulic control valve. or repair Result . (4) Make sure the nuts in both ends of the t... (2) Make sure there is sufficient space needed Cordoor open and close. (2) Make sure there is sufficient service space needed for check. to the center point. is so mounted that. ofinstallntion Good. (6) Make sure there is sufficient service space needed Corcheck... to the hydraulic control valve.. name Equipment.. (4) Make sure the wire ends are properly treated. distortion using proper bolts..ion of the drive unit is adjusted with the turnbuckle to connect that. (6) Make sure each terminal lug is securely mounted.sland (1) Check point Make sure the stand is securely mounted with tightening proper bolts.. (5) Make sure all wires are properly connected..ten Type of ship Tonnage Main course Installation dote Name ofservice mnn District of service man Port.. etc.. checked 0.y ohhip Name of shipyard Hull number Marks to be writ.. Make sure the connecting bar arm is mounted so that the connection between the rudder stock and the lever becomes a parallelogram. proper bolts..urnbuckle are tightened. X Problems are remedied Defect. • Transformer box (1) (1) Make sure the box is mounted with tightening proper bolts. wall or equivalent with tightening proper bolts. 1/2 ... cables are used lor all (2) Make sure the unit is mounted with tightening (3) • Wiring (1) (2) Make sure the wires connected into the cases are securely held and (3) Make s~e the cases are securely grcunded. No. • Repeat.......... 6 . Item • Installed condit.. (5) Make sure the mecbanical stopper is adjusted and the lock nuts are tightened after adjustment.. need replacement. • Servomotor drive unit (1) Make sure the unit is mounted on the mounting surface without. there is no idle in connection (3) Make sure the neutral posit... • Control box (1) Make sure the box is securely mounted on the flat.

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When the wirings have already been made. element Especially Measure approx. 5. taps match to the materials and the lock and clea~ rotor. are correct. Confirm Confirm repeater to "SLEW". and SLEW lamp comes 6. (B-M it. the master compass reading coincides compass reading. SLEW motion with SLEW switch. condition of the master compass and Make sure installation the transmission box. the connectors of the sensitive Mount the sensitive element with using the guide screw. When there is no guide screw. the cable fixings and the case ground Make sure the po~er supply transformer ship I s power supply. - . make sure the cable kinds. Turn the power supply on after 4 minutes. units. 3¢) . the sensitive cleah resistance 4S\l) out of the pac~age with benzene. Check equipment according and quantity to TG-5000 according to Gyro Compass Sheet. Installation Make sure the composed the approved ~Fawing. 4. Remove tie. Take the master compass element packing the end treatments. (AC 3BO V. Make sure the followings Installation 2. fix it while confirming the four mounting screws are inserted switch smoothly. with the - . Make wirings between 3.TG-5000 Gyro Compass Procedure TOKIMEC INC.

10. Make sure switching to the battery power supply and vice versa to confirm and the master compass condition. - 2- . Check Check the settling condition and the level position. Turn the power supply switch of the gyro compass sound to ~RUN" to confirm the rotor output voltage. revolution and the inverter after. should be normal. the gyro error with an astronomical observation from AC p~wer supply etc. and measure and check the gyro error with the astronomical observation etc. the gyro becomes the follow up Then check the gain and the hunting. 9. Two minutes operation.7. The gyro damping 8. Make sure the repeater W/H front are installed line. Gyro compass test stands the alarm operation and holders with in the wing and in parallel the fore-and-aft Make sure there is no problem in the gyro operation at sea trial. 11.

• Operation • (SLEW) (1) Make sure that SLEW lump turns on and SLEW operations (CW. V (2) (3) (5) • Before operation (1) (4) Make sure that the wire ends are properly treated.... • (Master compass) • Installed conditions (1) Master compass installed location... 45n) (3) (4) (5) (6) Make sure that the resistor R99 on the repeater compass step amplifier matches the repeater compass power supply (check jumper wire)... nut and washer. .. oo .. Good.. horizontal ring.. 70V •. Visually make sure that oil does not leak from sensitive element. Make sure that the metal armored or equivalent cables are used for all wirings.. Make sure that the gear mechanisms oC the vertical servo. Make sure that the wires connected into casing are securely held and they do not touch other parts in the casing.. Name of ship Shipowner Nationality ofship Name of shipyard Hull number GYROCOMPASS INSTALLATION Type of ship Tonnage Main course Installation date Name of service man CHECK SHEET District of service man Port of installation Marks to be wrillen 0 t:..i Check point '! .6K33W 2. equivalent... and they do not touch sensitive part. Gyrocompass power supply voltage Repeater compass power supply voltage AC DC V3f... (2) (3) (4) (5) " I '! • (Transmission box) (1) (2) Make sure that the transmission is securely mounted on the flat wall or (3) (4) • Wiring (1) Make sure that there is sufficient space needed for door open and closed..... Make sure that all wires are securely connected. Checking casing exterior for any damage..... second servo and horizontal servo work properly....•. Make sure that the casing is securely ground.. .M (sensitive element plug part) (approx..... Make sure that the proper power transformer taps are connected according to the ship's power supply and repeater compass power supply. CCW) are correctly performed about 4 min. Check cashing exterior for any damage. X .. 35V .. Make sure that there Is sufficient space needed for maintenance and checks. Make sure that the master compass is installed in such a way that the master compass is parallel to the keel line. aCter the sensitive element is installed.. need replacement or repair Result ...... phantom yoke etc. Make sure that the flexible leads have sufficient length to be free.2K IW min. aCter the power switch is set to SLEW... (2) Measure resistance across 8 ...TG-5000 Equipment name Equipment No... checked Problems are remedied Defect. 5.... 1/2 ..... Transmission installed location. Make sure that the mounting bolts are securely clamped with bolt.

i . lO° ISO· lS1.5° :to.5° :to.l 270° 040KT. Make sure that each servo follow-up function works correctly.T 040KT.5· to.J (1) TG- Sensitive element .l 040KT._-- Check point (2) (l) Make sure that the compass azimuth matches master card azimuth (speed error correction OKT). TG-5000 gyrocompass system (2) Repeater compass o PORT oSTARDD oW/H oOthers ( ) (l) Repeater mounting bracket oBH stand (P) oBH stand (5) o BB mounting bracket (4) Transmission box (excl.5° :to.l 90· o40KT."7--_. Correction Compass azimuth Master card 352. lO° 90· to. (4) (5) (6) Check gyrocompass error (7) Make sure that the power supply is correctly switched to battery and the operations are correctly performed by battery (alarm operation and master compass condition). Gylot type) (5) In case ofGylot type Power supply Terminal board Switch panel • Nota IOptlonolequipment.S· to. Make sure that the conditions are correctly set. (gain and hunting) Each foUow-up function starts working about 2 min.l o20KT. after the power switch is set to RUN. Make sure that the inverter output voltage (11 OV AC.7 o40KT. 400Hz) is correctly output.l 020KT. O· l5S. min.50 :to. 70· O· ISO· IS2. N-S E-W level level Result V V (4) • (RUN) (1) (2) (l) V min. Make sure that the repeater compass azimuth and operations are correctly performed.! 1 1nverter unit Collecter panel Step amplifier Compass unit rapaater compass circuit and remedv) 1 I I ·i • Installing hour o Net installing hour or-working o Sea trial time! hr hr he 2/2 . l57. 70· Make sure that the motor rotates without abnonnal noise when the power switch Is set to RUN. 700 00 O· 040KT. Make sure that the gyrocompass damping operation Is correctly performed. Make sure whether the gyrocompass is affected by ship's vibration or not during navigation . min.i 1 I I . 70· 270· to. Repeater compass voltage Repeater compass residual voltage Make sure that the speed error correction is correctly performed.l 00 ISO· IS7. Make sure that the gyrocompass works correctly during navigation . Bubble position of level.. • Navigation teS1 (at sea trial) (1) (2) • Serial No.

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