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: : +91 9490785735


Having 1.1 years of experience in developing Software Applications by using Dot

Net Technologies

Proficient at developing .NET applications using Web Forms and Windows Forms. Worked extensively on HTML Controls, Server Controls & Login Controls. Experienced in working with User Controls and Custom Controls. Experienced in ADO.NET components such as Datasets, Data Adapters, and Data Readers, Data Grid View etc. Worked with Microsoft SQL Server databases to retrieve and manage data. Good team player, self-starter and ability to learn new technologies quickly.




:, C, C++

Web Technologies :, ADO.Net, HTML, AJAX Development Tools: Visual Studio.NET 2010 : SQL Server 2005, MS Access Operating Systems : Windows, Ms-Dos, UNIX. Packages : MS Office, Open Office.

B.S.C Computers Science from Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur.


Currently working as Associate Software Engineer for RESC (I) Pvt, Ltd, Hyderabad from June 2010 to Till Date.

Worked as GIS Specialist for Google Maps, Hyderabad from Jan 09 to May 10.

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Project #1 Client Role


:, CA, USA : Jr. Software Programmer

(Nov 10- Till Date)

Environment: ASP.Net3.5, C#.Net, SQLServer2005, Visual Studio 2008, ADO.Net. Description. League is a particular Sport event. League will be for the particular season. Basically League will be registering their sub domains with the site. Each League will have the option for designing their own Page. League internally Consists of Divisions, Teams. For the total League there will be the Web Master or League Admin. Each Division will be handled by the Division Manager and Team by the Team Admin. Other user that are there for the Leagues are the Coaches, Volunteers, Umpires, Player Agent and Treasurer. League consists of the sections like: Schedules (where matches will be scheduled and displayed between teams), Stats (where statistical information inputted and displayed), Scores (scores of the teams), Rosters (list of the players and Coaches in that league), User management (where Volunteers who have registered for the Leagues will be assigning different positions), Player Login (Player provided with the Community site feature), Volunteer Login, Fundraising (For raising funds for the particular League), Chat (where members can internally chat within the League). Camps are multi sport events. The Sports that are played are Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Golf, Skating, and Wilderness etc. Camps are held within the specified start and end dates. Camps consist of Premium registration, Free Registration, Custom Logos, Bulletin Board, Find Sports Camps, and Upgrade to Premium. Custom Logos is the place where users can order for their logos to be designed according to their specifications. Find Sports Camps is the Camps directory where all the camps for the particular sport are listed. Upgrade to Premium is the section where the Basic members will become Premium members. Responsibilities:

Analysis of the specifications provided by the clients. As a team member, was responsible for developing web forms using ASP.NET. Worked with the validation controls such as Require Field Validator, Range Validator, Regular Expression Validator, Validation Summary Control.

Different kinds of project related queries.

Development of new requirements and enhancements. Done Url Rewriting for find camps.
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Have used the ADO.NET for handling the database activities.

Handling Technical Issues faced by team members.

Project#2: Client Role


:, CA, USA : Programmer/Trainee

(Jul 10 Nov 10)

Environment: ASP.NET, C#.Net, ADO.NET, SqlServer2005

Description This is internal application for With the SEO Tracker Tool you get every advanced features required to pictures, visitors of your website. Conveniently arranged, numbers, percentages, stats, totals and averages. All the way up from simple counting your visitors until tracking the keywords they use to find you. Features:

Basic Tracking: In this we retrieve the data of unique visitors who

are visiting the site with days, weeks, month wise searching. Geo Tracking: In this we retrieve the Domains, Countries, and

Continents of the Particular Visitor visiting the Site. System Tracking: In this we retrieve the System Configuration of the

visitor. In this we retrieve the info about the Current OS, which Browser he is using, whether JavaScript is enabled or not in the client system.

Referrer Tracking: In this we retrieve the Search Engine, Referrer

websites, which keyword he has used for searching. Roles and Responsibilities:

Coding in ASP3.0, HTML, CSS, Sql Server As a team member, was responsible for developing web forms using

ASP.NET Involved in the development of the GUI (extensive C#) and

incorporate the functionalities for two major retrieval functionalities Worked with the validation controls such as Require Field Validator, Range Validator, etc... Preparing unit testing.

As a team member, responsible for Fixing Existing Bugs.

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Handling Technical Issues faced by team members.



: Kartheek. Chakrala : Associate Software Engineer : Male : 25-08-1987 : Numismatics, Chess, and Blogging. : English, Hindi, Telugu. : Kartheek Sharma Chakrala S/O Siva Sankar, C/O Seshu Madhav. Chaturvedula Maitrinagr, Madinaguda Hig Phase 57, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.

Designation Gender Date of Birth Hobbies& Interests Languages known Permanent Address


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: Hyderabad. :


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