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5A, 5th Floor, Bakhtawar

Mumbai 400 021, India
(A 3 year closed-ended equity scheme) 022-6638 4400
New Fund Offer: Units at Rs. 10 each
New Fund Offer Opens On: November 27, 2007 Closes On: December 22, 2007

This Key Information Memorandum (KIM) sets forth the information, which a prospective investor ought to know before investing. For further details of the Scheme /
Mutual Fund, Due Diligence Certificate by the AMC, Key Personnel, Investors’ rights & services, Risk Factors, Penalties & Pending Litigations, Associate Transactions, etc.
investors should, before investment, refer to the Offer Document available free of cost at any of the Official Acceptance Points or distributors or from the website
This Scheme particulars have been prepared in accordance with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Mutual Funds) Regulations, 1996, as amended till date and filed
with Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). The Units being offered for public subscription have neither been approved nor disapproved by SEBI, nor has SEBI certified
the accuracy or adequacy of this KIM.
The date of this Key Information Memorandum is November 16, 2007


(A 3 year closed-ended equity scheme)

Investment Objective The investment objective of the scheme is to generate long-term capital appreciation from a portfolio of equity, equity related securities or units of
overseas mutual funds, which are likely to directly or indirectly contribute to or benefit from the growth in infrastructure in India/across the world.
Maturity of the Scheme Three years after the date of allotment.
Liquidity Liquidity will be available during a Liquidity Window, which will allow Redemptions during the last Business day of every month from the date of
allotment of units, at prices related to Applicable NAV. The first such liquidity window shall be on the last business day of the third month from the
date of allotment.
Asset allocation Pattern of The asset allocation under the Scheme, under normal circumstances, is as follows:
the Sheme (Indicative Investments Indicative Allocation Risk Profile
Allocation) A) Equity and Equity related Securities in India related to infrastructure 65% to 90% High
B1) Overseas Equity and equity related Securities or class of share /units of
Overseas mutual fund related to Infrastructure** 10% to 35% High
B2) Debt* & Money Market Instruments 0% to 35% Medium to Low
*Debt instruments shall be deemed to include securitised debts which may or may not be related to infrastructure sector and investment in
securitised debts shall not exceed 50% of Debt and Money Market instruments. The scheme shall not invest in foreign securitised debt.
The scheme may hold cash from to time on defensive consideration, and to meet redemption/scheme expenses requirements.
** This includes units of overseas mutual funds which invest predominantly in foreign equity/foreign equity related instruments of companies
engaged in infrastructure sectors and infrastructure related sectors and foreign securities issued by companies engaged in infrastructure and
infrastructure related sectors. The maximum amount which the scheme can invest in foreign securities as may be permitted by applicable regulations
from time to time. As per SEBI circular No. SEBI/IMD/CIR No.7/104753/07 dated September 26, 2007, a Mutual Fund can invest in ADRs/GDRs/
Foreign Securities upto a maximum of US$ 300 mn. per Mutual Fund, or the maximum limit that SEBI sets from time to time.
The scheme may use derivative products for hedging and rebalancing purposes from time to time in to reduce the risk of the portfolio.
The asset allocation shown above is indicative and may vary according to circumstances at the sole discretion of the Fund Manager, on defensive
consideration. Review and rebalancing will be conducted when the asset allocation falls outside the range indicated above. If the exposure falls
outside the above range, it will be restored within thirty Working Days.
Pending deployment of funds, the scheme may invest in fixed deposits of scheduled commercial banks as per the guidelines given in SEBI Circular
no. SEBI/IMD/CIR No. 1/91171/07 dated April 16, 2007. Till the investments are made in accordance with the investment objective, the scheme
may invest in Liquid / Floater schemes of Kotak Mutual Fund, not exceeding the limits specified in Clause 4 of Schedule VII of the Regulations.
Option Growth, Dividend Reinvestment and Dividend Payout
Risk Profile of the Scheme Mutual Fund Investment are subject to market risk. Please read the offer Doccument carefully for details on risk factors before Investment
Applicable NAV Redemption / Switch out (only during liquidity window):
For Valid Applications accepted
 Upto 3 p.m. on a Business Day, the NAV of such Business Day
 After 3 p.m. on a Business Day, the NAV of the following Business Day
Further, where the AMC or the Registrar has provided a facility to the investors to redeem /switch-out of the Scheme through the medium of
Internet by logging onto specific web-sites or telephone and where investors have signed up for using these facilities, the Applicable NAVs will be
as provided above.
Minimum Purchase For both Growth and Dividend Options each Rs. 5,000/- and in multiples of Re. 1
Application during
Amount/Number New Fund In case of investors opting to switch into the Scheme from existing Schemes/Plan/Options of the Fund during the NFO period, the minimum
of units Offer amount is Rs. 5000 and in multiples of Re. 0.01 thereof.
Redemption For both Growth and Dividend Options each Rs. 1,000 or 100 Units.
Existing Unit If the holding is less than Rs. 1000 or 100 Units, the entire balance will be redeemed as and when redemption request is received from the
Accounts investor.
Despatch of Redemption Within ten Business Days of the receipt of redemption request at any Official Acceptance Point
Benchmark Index S&P CNX Nifty to the extent of 65% of the portfolio and MSCI World Index to the extent of 35% of the portfolio.
Dividend Policy Frequency Under the Dividend option, the Trustee may at any time decide to distribute by way of dividend, the surplus by way of realised profit and interest,
net of losses, expenses and taxes, if any, to Unitholders if, in the opinion of the Trustee, such surplus is available and adequate for distribution. The
Trustee’s decision with regard to such availability and adequacy of surplus, rate, timing and frequency of distribution shall be final. The Trustee may
or may not distribute surplus, even if available, by way of dividend.
The dividend will be paid to only those Unitholders whose names appear on the register of Unitholders of the Scheme / Option at the close of the
business hours on the record date, which will be announced in advance. The Fund is required to dispatch dividend warrants within 30 days of the
date of declaration of the dividend. The Unitholder in the Dividend Option will have the choice of receiving the dividend or having it reinvested.
Under the reinvestment option, dividend amounts will be reinvested in the Dividend Reinvestment Option at the Applicable NAV announced
immediately following the record date.


Fund Managers Mr. Krishna Sanghvi will be the fund manager for the domestic equity investments; Mr. Abhijeet Dey will be the dedicated fund manager for
overseas investments and Mr. Ritesh Jain will be the fund manager for debt investments.
Name of the Trustee Co Kotak Mahindra Trustee Company Limited.
Performance of Similar As the scheme is new and no similar scheme has been launched by the fund in the past, the performance of similar scheme can not be given.
Expenses of the Scheme
i) Load Structure Exit Load (during liquidity window) – NIL
Unamortised expenses: As per SEBI circular dated April 4, 2006, balance proportionate unamortised issue expenses shall be recovered from exiting
However, where an investor wants to switch his investments from one option to other option under the same scheme, initial issue expenses would
not be recovered for such switch.
ii) Initial issue expense Not exceeding 6%. The Initial issue expense would be amortised over the tenure of the scheme.
iii) Recurring Expenses 2.50%
(% per annum of daily
average net assets)
Daily Net Asset Value (NAV) The NAVs will be delclare on all Business Days and will be published in at last two daily newpapers. NAVs can also been viewed on
Publication and

For Investor Grievance Name & Address Of Registar Mr R. Chandrasekaran has been appointed as the investor relation officer
please Contact for the Fund. All related queries should be addressed to:
Computer Age Management Services Pvt. Ltd.
158, Rayala Towers, 4th Floor, Mr. R. Chandrasekaran
Anna Salai, Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Company Limited
Chennai- 600 002 91/92, 9th Floor, Sakhar Bhavan,
044-2852 1596 230, Nariman Point, Mumbai-400 021 66384400 66384455 e-mail:
Unitholders Information Account Statement (for each transaction) & Annual Financial Results shall be provided to the investors by post/courier or by email. Half-yearly
Scheme portfolio will either be mailed to unitholders or published in the newspaper as permitted under SEBI (Mutual Fund) Regulations, 1996.


The information set out below outlines the tax implications with respect to the Unitholders of the Scheme and with respect to the Mutual Fund and is based on relevant
provisions of the Indian Income Tax Act, 1961 and Wealth Tax Act, 1957 prevailing as on November 08, 2007. Since the Information below is based on the relevant provisions
as on November 08, 2007 any subsequent changes in the relevant provisions could affect the tax implications. Further, except for the above procedure, Price Waterhouse has
not performed any other services in connection with any other data or information included in the Offer Document.
A. For the Unitholders
1. Income from the Mutual Fund received by Unitholders would be tax free in the hands of the Unitholders as per the provisions of section 10(35) of the Income-tax Act, 1961
2. Under Section 2(29A) of the Act, read with section 2(42A) of the Act, a unit of a Mutual Fund is treated as a long term capital asset if the same is held for more than 12
months. If the unit is held for 12 months or less, the same is treated as a short term capital asset.
3. As per section 10(38) of the Act, long term capital gain arising from the sale of a unit of an equity oriented fund is exempt from tax. However, at time of redemption, the
unitholder will have to pay Securities Transaction Tax (STT) of 0.25% on the value of redemption.
4. For this purpose an equity oriented fund is a fund where the investible funds are invested in equity shares of domestic companies to the extent of more than 65% of the
total proceeds of such fund.
5. As per section 111A of the Act, short term capital gain arising from the sale of a unit of an equity-oriented fund is taxable at the rate of 10%. However, at time of
redemption, the unitholder will have to pay Securities Transaction Tax (STT) of 0.25% on the value of redemption.
6. In case of an individual or HUF, being a resident, where the total income as reduced by the long term capital gains is below the maximum amount not chargeable to tax
(Rs.110,000 in case of all individuals, Rs. 145,000 in case of women and Rs.195,000 in case of senior citizens), the short term capital gains shall be reduced to the extent
of the shortfall and only the balance short term capital gains will be subject to the flat rate of taxation.
7. In addition to the aforesaid tax, in the case of individuals, HUFs or Association of Persons (AOP), where the income exceeds Rs. 10,00,000 a surcharge of 10%, in the case
of companies and artificial juridical persons a surcharge of 10%, and in case of foreign companies, where the income exceeds Rs. 1,00,00,000 a surcharge of 2.5% of such
tax liability is also payable. A 3% education cess on total income tax (including surcharge) is payable by all categories of taxpayers.
8. The capital loss resulting from sale of units would be available for setting off against other capital gains made by the investor and would reduce the tax liability of the
investor to that extent. However, losses on transfer of long term capital assets would be allowed to be set-off only against gains from transfer of long-term capital assets
and the balance long-term capital loss shall be carried forward separately for a period of eight assessment years to be set off only against long-term capital gains. However,
as the long-term capital gains on sale of units of equity oriented fund are exempt from tax, the losses from such units may not be allowed to be set off against other gains.
9. Where the units are treated as stock in trade and the profits arising from the sale of units are taxed under the head "Profits & Gains of business or profession", an amount
equal to the STT paid by the unitholder can be claimed as a rebate from the tax payable on the income from such sale of units by virtue of the provisions of section 88E of
the Act. No deduction would be allowed for STT while calculating capital gains.
10. Where a person buys any units within a period of three months before the record date, sells such units within nine months after such date and the dividend income on such
units being exempt from tax, the capital loss on such sale to the extent of the dividend income cannot be set off against other gains.
11. Where a person buys units (original units) within a period of three months before the record date, receives bonus units on such original units, and then sells the original units
within a period of nine months from the record date and continues to hold the bonus units, then the loss incurred on the original units shall not be allowed to be set off
against other profits but shall be deemed to be the cost of the bonus units.
12. As per the provisions of Section 194K and 196A of the Act, no deduction of tax at source shall be made from income credited or paid by a mutual fund to a Unitholder.
13. As per circular no. 715 dated August 8, 1995 issued by the CBDT in case of resident Unitholders, no tax is required to be deducted at source from capital gains arising at
the time of repurchase or redemption of the units.
14. The Mutual Fund is not required to deduct tax at source on long-term capital gains arising from units of equity oriented fund in the case of non-resident Unitholder. In
respect of short term capital gain, in terms of Section 195, the Mutual Fund is required to deduct tax at source at the rate of 30% if the payee Unitholder is a non resident
non-corporate and at the rate of 40% if the payee Unitholder is a foreign company.
In addition to the aforesaid tax, in the case of individuals, HUFs or AOPs, where the income exceeds Rs. 10,00,000 a surcharge of 10%, in the case of non resident non-
corporate and in case of foreign companies, where the income exceeds Rs. 1,00,00,000 a surcharge of 2.5% of such tax liability is also payable. A 3% education cess on
total income tax (including surcharge) is payable by all categories of taxpayers.
15 As per circular no. 728 dated October 30, 1995 issued by the CBDT, in the case of a remittance to a country with which a Double Tax Avoidance Agreement (DTAA) is in
force, the tax should be deducted at the rate provided in the Finance Act of the relevant year or at the rate provided in the DTAA, whichever is more beneficial to the
assessee. In order for the Unitholder to obtain the benefit of a lower rate available under a DTAA, the Unitholder will be required to provide the Mutual Fund with a
certificate obtained from his Assessing Officer stating his eligibility for the lower rate.
16. Mutual Fund units are exempt from wealth tax
B. For the Mutual Fund
1 Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund is a Mutual Fund registered with SEBI and as such is eligible for benefits under Section 10(23D) of the Act. Accordingly, its entire income is
exempt from tax.
2 Dividend Distribution tax is not payable on distribution of income by an equity oriented fund.

5A, 5th Floor, Bakhtawar
(A 3 year closed-ended equity scheme) Mumbai 400 021, India
022-6638 4400
New Fund Offer: Units at Rs. 10 each
Key Information Memorandum and Application Form
New Fund Offer Opens On: November 27, 2007 Closes On: December 22, 2007
Investment Advisor’s Name & ARN Sub-Broker’s Name & ARN Official Acceptance Point LG Code Bank Sr. No. Appl.
Bajaj Capital/ARN-0010 ARN- 88924 Stamp & Sign Date : DD / MM / YYYY


If you have, at any time, invested in any Scheme of Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund please furnish your Name, Account Number and PAN details below and proceed
to Section 4.

Name of Sole / First Holder: Account No.: /



First Name Middle Name Last Name DD / MM / YYYY

Status (Please ✔)
GUARDIAN NAME (in case Sole / First Applicant is a minor) Mr Ms Mrs Dr Resident Individual
NRI on Repatriation Basis
First Name Middle Name Last Name NRI on Non-Repatriation Basis
CONTACT PERSON (in case of Non-individual applicants) Mr Ms Mrs Dr Partnership Firm
Private Limited Company
Public Limited Company
First Name Middle Name Last Name Mutual Fund
Mutual Fund FOF Scheme
Body Corporate
SECOND APPLICANT (Joint Holder 1) Mr Ms Mrs Dr Registered Society
Superannuation Fund
First Name Middle Name Last Name Trust
Foreign Institutional Investor
THIRD APPLICANT (Joint Holder 2) Mr Ms Mrs Dr Others
(Please specify
First Name Middle Name Last Name Occupation (Please ✔) (Mandatory)
Manufacturing Trading
MODE OF OPERATION (where there is more than one applicant) Service
Government Non-Government
First Holder only Anyone or Survivor Joint Professional
Medicine Finance
PAN* Engineering Legal
Enclosed Sole / First Applicant Second Applicant Third Applicant Retired
(please ✔) PAN Proof Form 60/61 Form 60/61 PAN Proof Form 60/61 Form 60/61 PAN Proof Form 60/61 Form 60/61 Housewife
* Mandatory for all Investors (Indian & NRI) irrespective of the investment Amount Agriculture
(Please specify)

City Pin Code

State Tel. (Cell)
(Fax) E-mail


City Pin Code

State Tel. (Cell)
(Fax) E-mail

OVERSEAS ADDRESS (Mandatory for Non-Resident applicants) Address for Correspondence (Please ✔) Indian Overseas

City Zip Code State

Country Nationaltiy


(To be filled by Applicant)
Date : DD / MM / YYYY
Scheme Options (Please ) Growth Dividend
Kotak Indo World Infrastructure Fund Payout Re-investment
Amount Instrument No. Dated
Rs. (Minimum Rs.5000) DD / MM / YYYY

Drawn on Bank Branch CitY Official Collection Centre /

Acceptance Point Stamp & Sign
Please retain this silp, duly acknowledged by the Official Collection Center till you receive your Account Statement
Name of Bank
We offer a Direct Credit Facility currently with the following banks for paying out Dividend
Branch and Redemption Proceeds to you faster.
• ABN AMRO Bank • Deutsche Bank • IndusInd Bank
City (Clearing Circle)
• Axis Bank • HDFC Bank • Kotak Mahindra Bank
Account No. • Centurion Bank of Punjab • HSBC • Standard Chartered Bank
• Citibank • ICICI Bank
• Corporation Bank • IDBI Bank
This is the 9 digit No. next to your Cheque No. If your bank account is with any of these banks, or any other banks which may be added in future
we will directly credit your dividend / redemption proceeds into the same.
Account Type : Current Savings NRO NRE FCNR Others
If, however, you wish to receive a cheque payout, please tick the box alongside.

4. INVESTMENT DETAILS [Refer Guideline 4]

Scheme Kotak Indo World Infrastructure Fund Investment Option (Please ✔) Growth Dividend : Payout Re-investment

Investment Amount DD Charges (if applicable) Net Amount (if applicable)

Rs. A Rs. B Rs. A - B

Mode of Payment Cheque / Demand Draft / Fund Transfer Instrument No. Dated DD / MM / YYYY
(Strike off whichever is not applicable)

Drawn on Bank Branch City

Cheque / DD to be drawn in favour of “Kotak Indo World Infrastructure”
If you are an NRI Investor, please indicate source of funds for your investment (Please ✔)
NRE NRO FCNR Others (Please specify)

5. NOMINATION DETAILS (to be filled in by Individual(s) applying Singly or Jointly) [Refer Guideline 5]
I/We ____________________________________________________________________________ and _________________________________________________ do hereby nominate
the undermentioned Nominee to receive the Units to my/our credit in Account No./Application No. _________________ in the event of my/our death. I/we also understand that
all payments and settlements made to such Nominee and signature of the Nominee acknowledging receipt thereof, shall be a valid discharge by the AMC/ Mutual Fund / Trustee.
DETAILS OF NOMINEE DETAILS OF GUARDIAN (to be furnished in case Nominee is a Minor)
Date of Birth (Delete if this section is not applicable to you)


City/Town Pin City/Town Pin

Tel.: Tel.:
Signature of Nominee Signature of Guardian

6. E-MAIL COMMUNICATION [Refer Guideline 6]

I / We would like to receive the following communication by E-Mail: [Please ✔]
Account Statement Monthly Update ECS of Dividends Transaction Confirmation Annual Report
Please furnish you Email ID : Your E-mail ID here


I /We have read and understood the contents of the Offer Document addendum issued of Kotak Indo World Infrastructure Fund. I /We hereby apply for allotment / purchase of Units in the Scheme(s) indicated
in Section 4 above and agree to abide by the terms and conditions applicable thereto. I /We hereby declare that I /We are authorised to make this investment in the abovementioned Scheme(s) and that
the amount invested in the Scheme(s) is through legitimate sources only and does not involve and is not designed for the purpose of any contravention or evasion of any Act, Rules, Regulations, Notifications
or Directions of the provisions of Income Tax Act, Anti Money Laundering Act, Anti Corruption Act or any other applicable laws enacted by the Government of India from time to time. I / We hereby authorise
Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund, its Investment Manager and its agents to disclose details of my investment to my / our Investment Advisor and / or my bank(s) / Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund’s bank(s).
I /We have neither received nor been induced by any rebate or gifts, directly or indirectly, in making this investment.
Applicable to NRIs seeking repatriation of redemption proceeds: I/We confirm that I am/ we are Non-Resident(s) of Indian Nationality / Origin and that I /We have remitted funds from abroad through
approved banking channels or from funds in my/our NRE / FCNR Account.

Sole / First Applicant Second Applicant Third Applicant

(To be signed by All Applicants)

5A, 5th Floor, Bakhtawar 158, Rayala Towers,
229, Nariman Point 1st Floor, Anna Salai,
Mumbai 400 021, India Chennai 600 002
022-6638 4400 044 2852 1596

We are at your service on 1800-222-626 from 9.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. (Monday to Friday)
a) Please fill up the Application Form legibly in English in CAPITAL LETTERS.
b) Please read this Memorandum and the Offer Document before investing. Your application for allotment of units in the Scheme is construed to have been made with a full
understanding of the terms and conditions applicable to it and the same is binding on you in respect of your investment in the Scheme.
c) Application Form incomplete in any respect or not accompanied by a Cheque / Demand Draft are liable to be rejected. In case your investment application gets rejected on
account of the same being incomplete in any respect, your investment amount would be refunded without interest within 30 days.
d) if you wish to switch your existing investments from any Kotak Mutual Scheme to Kotak Indo World Infrastructure Fund, please fill in a Transaction Slip (available at all Official
Acceptance Points). You can submit your switch request form along with Kotak Indo World Infrastructure Fund application form to your nearest Official Acceptance Points*.
Please note that collection bank branches are not authorised to accept switch request.
a) if you are already a Unitholder in any scheme of the Fund and wish to make your investment in Kotak Indo World Infrastructure Fund. Please fill in the Name of Sole/First Holder
& Account No. In Section 1, PAN details in Section 2 of the Application From, and then proceed to Section 4.
b) if you are applying for units in Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund for the first time, please furnish your complete postal address with the Pin Code (P.O. Box No. Not enough) and
your Contact Nos. This would help us reach you faster.
c) Permanent Account Number (PAN) is Mandatory for all investors With effect from July 2, 2007, it is mandatory for all existing and prospective investors (including joint holders,
guardians of minors/POA and NRIs) to enclose a copy of PAN card or a copy of the evidence of having applied for PAN Card to the application for investing in mutual fund
schemes. All new investors shall furnish a Copy of PAN card for investing in Kotak Mutual Fund Schemes. Such of those investors who have not obtained PAN, may furnish a
copy of the evidence of having applied for PAN until December 31, 2007. If the investment is Rs 50,000 or more and the investor is not in a position to furnish PAN, such
investor shall furnish Form 60 along with proof of address in addition to the evidence of having applied for PAN.
d) If you have not indicated your Tax Status in the Application Form, the same would be assumed to be “Others”
a) Please furnish the Name of your Bank, Branch and City (i.e. Clearing circle in which the branch participates). Account Type and Account Number. This is mandatorily Required
as per SEBI. Applications without this information will be deemed to be incomplete and would be rejected.
b) If your bank details, furnished in the Application Form is of any of the banks through which we offer a Direct Credit Facility (listed in the Application Form), Dividend /
Redemption Proceeds will be directly credited to your Bank Account. An Account Statement confirming the transaction will be sent to you.
a) Please specify your Investment Option in the Application Form. If you have chosen the Dividend Option, please indicate whether you would like a payout or re-investment of
Your dividend
b) Cheques should be crossed “A/c Payee Only” and drawn in favour of “Kotak Indo World Infrastructure”. Please mention the application number on the face of the cheque.
In case of existing investor write folio number.
c) During the New Fund Offer, Application Form along with the Cheque/Demand Draft may be lodged with Official Collection Centres.
d) If you are residing / located in a city / town where we do not have an Official Collection Centre, please draw a demand Draft Payable at your nearest city where we have such
E) Payment by Cash, Stock invests, Outstation Cheques and Non-MICR Cheques will not be accepted. Post dated cheques will not be accepted.
a) Nomination can be made only by individuals on their on behalf, singly or jointly. If the Units are held jointly, all joint Unit Holders will sign the nomination form. Other than an
individual, no person including but not limited to a Company, Body Corporate, PSU, AOP, BOI, Society, Trust, Partnership Firm, Karta of HUF, Bank, FII and a holder of POA can
b) If the nominee is a minor, then the name and address of the guardian of such nominee shall be provided. An NRI can be a nominee subject to the Exchange Control Regulations
from time to time. Other than an individual, no person including but not limited to Company, Body Corporate, PSU, AOP, BOI, Society, Trust (other than religious or charitable
trust), Partnership Firm, Karta of HUF, Bank, FII, and a holder of POA can be a nominee
c) Nomination in respect of the Units stands rescinded upon the redemption of Units. Cancellation of nomination can be made only by those individuals who hold Units on their
own behalf singly or jointly and who made the original nomination. On cancellation of the nomination the nomination shall stand rescinded and the AMC/Fund shall not be
under any obligation to Transfer the Units in favour of the nominee.
d) Transfer of units in favour of a Nominee shall valid discharge by Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Company Limited against the legal heir.
a) If you have an E-Mail address, you can choose to receive E-Mail communication form us in lieu of printed communication Please furnish your E-Mail ID and indicate the nature
of communication you wish to receive over E-Mail.
b) If you wish to view your investments or transact over the Internet / Telephone, Please indicate your preference for the same and we would send you the relevant forms to initiate
the facility.
a) Signature can be in English or in any other Indian language. Thumb impressions must be attested by a Magistrate or a Notary Public or a Special Executive Magistrate under
his/her official seal.
b) Applications by minors must be signed on their behalf by their guardians.
c) If you are investing through your constituted attorney, please ensure that the POA document is signed by you and your constituted Attorney. The signature in the Application
Form, then needs to clearly indicate that the signature is on your behalf by the Constituted Attorney.
(Applications not complying with any of the above instruction/guidelines would be rejected.)

Please ensure that:
 Your Application Form is complete in all respects & signed by all applicants :
 Name, Address and Contact Details are mentioned in full.
 Bank Account Details are entered completely and correctly. 9 digit MICR Code of your Bank is mentioned in the Application Form.
 Permanent Account Number (PAN) of all Applicants is mentioned and attested copy of the PAN card is enclosed.
 Appropriate Investment Options is selected.
 If units are Jointly, Mode of Operation of account is indicated.
 Your Investment Cheque / DD is drawn in favour of “Kotak Indo World Infrastructure” dated and signed.
 Application Number is mentioned on the reverse of the cheque.
 A cancelled Cheque leaf of your Bank is enclosed in case your investment cheque is not from the bank account that you have furnished in the Application Form.
 Documents as listed below are submitted along with the Application from (as applicable to your specific case.)

Documents Companies Trusts Societies Partnership NRIs/ FII Investment through

Firms PIOs Constituted Attorney
1. Resolution / Authorisation to invest     
2. List of Authorised Signatories with Specimen Signature(s)      
3. Memorandum & Articles of Association 
4. Trust Deed 
5. Bye-Laws 
6. Partnership Deed 
7. Notarised Power of Attorney 
8. Account Debit / Foreigin Inward Remittance Certificate from remitting Bank  
(All documents in above 1 to 8 should be in originals / true copies certified by the Director / Trustee / Company Secretary / Authorised Signatory / Notary Public.)

*Please refer our website, (i.e. Locate us page)


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Floor, Elite Arcade, Chakorathkulam, Kannur Road, Calicut - 673011.  Chandigarh: SCO 2475-2476,Ist Floor, Sector 22 C, Chandigarh -160022.  Chennai: 1st Floor, Eldorado Building, 112 Nungambakkam High Road, Chennai - 600034.  Cochin: 4th Floor, Thadikkaran
Centre, Palarivattom Cochin - 682 025.  Coimbatore: S. S. Complex, 554B/1, 2nd Floor, D.B. Road, R S Puram, Coimbatore - 641 002.  Cuttak: Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Co Ltd.  Dehradun: 9A & B, 1st Floor, India Trade Centre, 97, Rajpur Road, Dehradun -
248001.  Dhanbad : Room No-418 , Sriram Plaza, Bank More, Dhanbad, 826001, Jharkhand  Durgapur: 5th floor, Suhatta, City Centre, Durgapur, Burdwan (WB)  Goa: 3rd Floor, Mathias Plaza, 18th June Road, Panaji, Goa  Gorakpur: Kotak Mahindra Asset Management
Co Ltd Office no 4,2nd floor cross road, a.d. chowk, bank Road, Gorakhpur,273001  Guntur: 2nd Floor, Platini Plaza, Opp: Post Office, Guntur (A.P.)  Gurgaon: 2nd Floor, SCO-14, Sector-14, Gurgaon Chandigarh Guwahati: 5th Floor, Amaze Shopping Mall (Above Vishal
Mega Mart) A.T. Road Guwahati-781001  Hubli : Gr. Flr V A Kalburagi Square Desai Cross, Hubli - 580029.  Hyderabad: 2nd Floor, Jewel Pavani (EB), 2nd Floor, 6-3-1109/1, Somaji Guda, Hyderabad - 500 082  Indore: M-5, Mezzanine Floor, Starlit Tower, 29/1, Y N Road,
Indore - 452001  Jaipur: 202, Mall-21, Opp. Raj Mandir Cinema, Bhagwandas Road, Jaipur 302001  Jallandhar: 207-A, 2nd Floor, Grand Mall Building, G T Road, Jalandhar 144001  Jamshedpur: Aastha Trade Centre, 3rd Floor, ‘Q’ Road, Biustupur Jamshedpur - 831001.
 Jodhpur: 2nd Floor, Dhan Laxmi Tower, 1, Chopasni Road, Jodhpur 342001. (Rajasthan)  Kanpur : Room No. 107,1st floor, Ratan Squire, 14/144 Chunni ganj, Kanpur 208001  Kolhapur : Office no 59, Upper Ground Floor, Raobahadur Dajirao Vichare Complex,
GEMSTONE, 517 A/2, New Shahupuri, Near Central Bus Stand, Kolhapur 416 002  Kolkata : 7th Floor, Block ‘C’, Apeejay House, 15, Park Street, Kolkata - 700 016  Kota: 2nd floor, 202 Sajjna Appartment Jhalawar Road, Kota (Rajasthan)  Kottam: Kotak Mahindra Asset
Management Co Ltd 3rd Floor, CKG Towers Kanjikuzhy Kottayam  Lucknow: Room No.9, 3rd Floor, Saran Chambers II, 5 Park Road, Lucknow - 226 001.  Ludhiana: Ground Floor, S.C.O. 120, Feroze Gandhi Market, Ferozepur Road, Ludhiana - 141001.  Madurai : A R
Plaza,No. 16 and 17, North Veli Street, Madurai - 625001.  Mangalore : Sequeira Jewels, Opp. Infosys Technologies Ltd., Kottara, Mangalore - 575006.  Meerut: S N 09, 2nd Floor, Star Plaza, 6 Bachha Park, Meerut - 250001  Murdabad: Nr. Gurudwara Hotel Road,
Tarikhanna, Muradabad - 244007.  Mumbai: Sakhar Bhavan 9th Floor 91-92 Nariman Point, Mumbai - 400 021.  Nagpur: Block No. 101/102, Usha Complex, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Road, Kingsway, Nagpur - 440002.  Nasik: Shop no.6,Ground Floor Krishnaratna,Opp.
Hotel Potoba, New Pandit Colony, Nasik-422001  New Delhi : 12-14, Upper Ground Floor, Ambadeep Building, 14, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi - 110 001.  Panipat: Royal 1Bldg, Besment, Adjoining Gurdwara, Opp Naval Cinema, G T Road,Panipat 132103  Patiala
: B-17/423 Opp. Polo Ground, Near Modi College, Lower Mall, Patiala-147001  Patna: 5th Floor, Sahi Building, Exhibition Road. Patna - 1  Pune: Office No. 31, 3rd Floor, “Yeshwant”, Plot No. 37/10B Opp. Lane No. 9, Prabhat Road, Erandwana, Pune - 411004  Raipur:
GF-04, Millennium Plaza, Banstal Road,Near Indian Coffee House, Raipur - 492001.  Rajkot: 1st Floor, 124 Star Plaza, Phulchhab Chowk, Rajkot - 360001.  Ranchi: Shop No. 24 & 25, 2nd Floor, G L Church Complex, Main Road, Ranchi - 834001.  Rourekla: A-1, 96 Koel
Nagar, Rourkela - 14.  Surat: 2nd Floor, Megh Mayur Plaza, Surat Dumas Road, Parle Point, Surat - 395 007.  Silliguri : Lower Ground Floor, Nanak Complex, Sevoke Road, Siliguri 734001 (WB)  Trivandrum : S.1. White Heaven, Vellayambalam, Trivandrum-10  Trichy
: PLA Towers NoC-56, 1-24 2nd floor, 4th Cross, Thillai Nagar Trichy - 6000018  Udaipur:7, 2nd Floor, Madhuvan Business Centre, Udaipur - 313001.  Vadoodara: 1st Floor, 108 Avanti Chambers, Anand Society, B/H Express Hotel, R C Dutt Road, Vadodara - 390005.  VAPI:
Office No.10, 1st Floor, Sahara Market, Vapi-Silvassa Road,Vapi - 396191.  Varanasi: D 58/53-54, 1st Floor, Shiva Complex, Rathyatra Varanasi - 221010  Vijayawada: 29-26-51, Jadagamvari Street, Surya Rao Pet, Vijayawada - 520002.  Vishakhapatnam: isakha
Executive Centre, 47-11-1/5, 1st Floor, Eswar Arcade, 1st Lane, Dwaraka Nagar, Visakhapatnam - 530016.
 Agra : Shriram Hospital, M.G.Road, Agra, Uttar Pradesh -282 003  Ahmedabad : 503, Sakar II, Ellis Bridge Corner, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat-380 006  Allahabad : 2, Sardar Patel Marg, Civil Lines, Allahabad - 211 001  Amritsar : 10, Kennedy Avenue, The
Main Mall Road, Amritsar, Punjab - 143 001 Anand (Vallabvidya Nagar) : P.M.Chambers, Mota Bazar, Vallab Vidya Nagar, Anand, Gujarat - 388 120  Ankleshwar : Shop # 11,12, 12 A, Narmada Arcade, Old Naitonal Highway No. 8, Ankleshwar - 393 002  Bangalore
: 10/7, Umiya Land Mark, Next to Chancery Hotel, Lavelle Road, Bangalore - 560 001  Bardoli : Pitru Chaya, Station Road, Bardoli, Gujarat - 394 601  Baroda : Panorama Building, R.C.Dutta Road, Alkapuri, Vadodara-300 097  Bharuch : Shop No. G-10, Ground Floor, Shop
No 6,7,8,9,11, Yash Kamal Complex, Linking Road Crossing, Nandalev-Bharuch -392 001  Bhavnagar : Bhavna Construction Company, Plot No 2108 /A, G.R.Sterling Centre, Waghwadi Road, Bhavnagar, Gujarat - 364 001  Bhopal : 214, Bhagwan Complex, Zone 1, M P
Nagar, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh - 462 016  Bodeli : First Floor, Shop No. 9,10,11, Gajanand Plaza, Opp S T Depot, Halol Rd, Alipura, Bodeli 39 115  Chandigarh : SCO 153- 154-155, Madhya Marg, Sector 9-C, Chandigarh - 160 009  Chennai: LCC Dept, 5th Floor, Ceebros
Centre, 39, Montieth Road, Chennai - 600008  Cochin: Ground Floor, Kumarapillai Estate, M G Road, Cochin  Coimbatore : 727, Avinashi Road, Skanda Square, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu - 641 018  Deesa: Shop no 63-66, Aditya Complex, Near Jalaram Mandir, Deesa -
385573  Gandhidham : Office No -1, Ground Floor, Sindhu - 1, SRC Plot No 309, Gandhidham, Gujarat -370 201 Guwahati : 4th Floor, Ganapati Enclave, G S Road, Uluvari, Opp. Bura Service Station, Guwahati - 781 007  Himmatnagar : Gr Floor, Dodiya House, Opp.
Govt Godown, Nr.Civil Circle, Himmatnagar - 383 001  Hyderabad : Pavani Jewel Tower, Ground Floor, Somajiguda, Hyderabad - 500 089  Indore : 580, M.G.Road, Indore - 452 001  Jaipur : 57, Krishna Tower, Sardar Patel Marg, C-Scheme, Jaipur - 302 001  Jalandhar
: Midas Corporate Park, G T Road, Jalandhar, Punjab - 144 001  Jodhpur : Bombay Motor Building, Bombay Motor Circle, 87/B-2, Chopasani Road, Jodhpur, Rajasthan - 342 003  Jorhat : Dr K C Dey Building, Gar Ali Road, Junction of Ruphali and Gar Ali Road, Jorhat - 785
001  Kadi : 2, Kunal Complex, Opp. J.K Petrol Pump, Kadi, Gujarat - 382 715 Kanpur : 17/03, The Mall, Meghdoot HoteL Building, Kanpur, UP - 208 001  Kapurthala : Ground Floor, Simi Plaza, Plot No 51, Mall Road, Kapurthala, Punjab - 144 601  Kolkata : LCC Kolkata,
Apeejay House, 15, Parkstreet, Kolkata - 700 016  Kottayam : Cherukara Towers, Opp to Collectorate, Kottayam - 686 001  Lucknow : 3GF, Speed Building, Shahanazaf Road, Lucknow - 226 001  Ludhiana : SCO 120, Ground Floor, Feroze Gandhi Market, Ludhiana -
141 001  Madurai : 1-A, West Perumal Maistry Street, Madurai - 625001  Margao : Shop no 4-8, Jyoti Plaza Building, Isidiro Baptista Road, Margao - 403 601  Mehsana : Rajendra Estate, Opp Gayatri Temple, State Highway, Mehsana, Gujarat - 384 002  Morbi : Shop
No 5-8, Ground Floor, Silver Plaza, Ram Chowk, Savsar Plot, Morbi, Gujarat - 363 641  Moradabad: Sri Ganapati Complex, Near Ekta Dwar, Opp Mission School, Civil Lines, Moradabad - 244001  Mumbai : Mittal court, C wing, Nariman Point, Mumbai - 400 021  Mysore
: Plot no 2912/1, Kantharaj Urs Road, Saraswatipuram, Mysore - 570 009  Nagpur : Ground Floor, 345, Shree Mohini Complex, Kingsway, Nagpur - 440 001  Nasik : Shop No. 6, Ground Floor, Krshnaratna opp. Hotel Potoba, New Pandit colony, Nasik - 422 001. Nakodar:
Ground Floor, Amrik Chambers, Nurmahal Road, Nakodar -144 040  Namakkal : SKK Complex,9-1 A & B, Mohanur Road, Namakkal 637 001  Navsari : UGF, Paradise Towers, Opp. Civil Hospital, Station Road, Navsari, Gujarat - 396 445  New Delhi : 7th Floor, Ambadeep,
14, K.G. Marg, New Delhi-110 001  Panjim : Ground Floor, Hotel Park Plaza, Opp Azad Maidan, Panjim, Goa - 403 001  Patna : Shop No 3,4,5, Ahmad Husain Complex, Exhibition Road, Gandhi Maidan, Patna - 800 001  Patiala: Ground Floor, SCO 116-119, New Leela
Bhavan, Patiala - 147 001  Phagwara : UGF Milap Tower, G T Road, Phagwara, Punjab - 144 401  Pune: Bakre Avenue, FP NO 226/3, Bhandarkar Road, Pune - 411004  Rajkot : Nath Complex, Ground Floor, Near Race Course, Dr. Yagnik Road, Rajkot - 360 007  Rajpura
: D9,D10, Caliber Market, Patiala Road, Rajpura, Punjab - 140 401  Raipur : Civil Lines, Opp Raj Bhavan, Raipur, Chattisgarh-492 002  Salem: Plot No 12 , S no 98, Bharathi Street, Alagapuram, Salem - 636001  Sangrur: SCF 9-10, Kaula Park, Sangrur - 148 001  Sankari
: 17-New Edappadi Road, Sankari, Salem District, Tamilnadu - 637 301  Silvassa:Shop no 1-5, Rohan Avenue, Silvassa- Vapi Main Road, Silvassa - 396230  Surat : 29-39, Megh Mayur Plaza, Surat Dumas Road, Athwa Lines, Surat 395 007  Surendranagar : 1st Floor, Pranav
Complex, Nr. old Vijay Transport, Bus Stand Road, Surendranagar, Gujarat - 363 002  Trivandrum : S I Properties, Ground Floor, White Haven, Vellayambalam, Trivandrum - 695 010  Tirupur: Park Avenue, Avinashi Road, Tirupur - 641603  Trichy : B-17,Aishwaryam
Building, Sasthiri Road, Thillai Nagar, Trichy, Tamilnadu - 620 017  Udaipur: Trimurti Heights , 8-C Bank Street, Madhuban, Udaipur - 313 004  Unjha : 2nd Floor, Above Bhojanalay, Opp AMC Building, Gunj Bazar, Unjha, Gujarat - 384 170  Valsad : Shop Nos 3-6, Sai Keval,
Jalaram Road, Valsad, Gujarat - 396 001  Vapi : Plot No 5 and 6, Mahalaxmi Society, Vapi-Daman Road, Chala, Vapi, Gujarat - 396 191  Varanasi : D-37/37, Spice KCM Cineplex Complex, Godowlia Chowk, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh - 221 001  Visnagar : 1st Floor, Rajkamal
Complex, Near Railway Station, Visnagar, Dist Mehsana - 384 315  Vijayawada: 40-1-48/1, M.G.Road, Labbipet, Vijayawada - 520010  Viramgam: Shop 19-22, Akshar Complex, Mandal Road, Viramgam - 382 150
 Aligarh : 3-316 Ramghat Road, Near Devi Tray Hospital, Aligarh - 202 001  Agra : Shop No. F3, F3-A, 1st Floor, Friend’s Plaza, Sanjay Place , Agra - 282 002  Ahmedabad : HDFC Bank House, Near Mithakali Six Roads, Navrangpura - 380 009  Ahmednagar : Amber
Plaza, Station Road, Opp ADCC Bank Sahakar Gruh, Ahmednagar - 414 001  Ajmer : AMC No - 13/10 & 14/10, Near Suchma Kendra, Adajcent to Swami Complex, Ajmer - 305 001  Akola : Sethi Heights, Opp to Collector Office, Z P Road, Akola - 444 001  Allahabad
: 54/1 S. P. Marg Civil Lines, Allahabad - 211 003  Alwar : Bhagat Singh Circle, Road No 2, Alwar - 301 001  Ambala : Shingar Palace Complex, Nicholson Road, Ambala Cantt - 133 001  Amravati : C/o Rasik Plaza , Jaistambh Chowk, Morshi Road, Amravati - 444 601
 Amritsar : 1st Floor, R. S Towers, Hall Bazar, Amritsar - 143 001  Anand : 1st Floor, Sanket Towers, Opp Anand Arts College, Grid Road, Anand - 388 001  Ankleshwar : S. A. Motors Building, S A Motors Building, Ankleshwar - 395 002  Asansol : CMS Dept, P C
Chatterjee Market, G. T. Road, Rambhandu Tala, Asansol - 713 303  Aurangabad : Shivani Chambers, Manjeet Nagar, Jalna Road , Opp Akashwani, Aurangabad - 431 001  Balasore : C/o Bharat Motors, F. M Circle, Balasore - 756 001  Bangalore : No 8 / 24 Salco Centre,
Richmond Road, Bangalore - 560 025  Bardoli : Shree Ambika Niketan Temple, Shree Ambika Niketan Temple, Bardoli - 394 601  Barielly : 154, Krishna Palace, Civil Lines, Bareilly - 243 001  Baroda : 5th Floor, Midway Heights, Next to Panchmukhi Hanuman Temple,
Lokmanya Tilak Road, Kirti Mandir, Near Kala Ghoda, Raopura, Baroda - 390 001  Belgaum : 4830 / 28 A Opp District Hospital, Dr Ambedkar Road , Belgaum - 590 002  Bharuch : Near Octroi Naka Link Road, Near Octroi Naka, Link Road, Bharuch - 392 001  Bhatinda
: 3027 - B Guru Kanshi Marg, , Bhatinda - 151 001  Bhavnagar : Gopi Arcade, Opp Takhteshwar Post Office, Bhavnagar  Bhilwara : 2-3-4 , S. K Plaza Complex, Pur Road, Bhilwara  Bhiwadi : SP 54 Ashiana Arcade, Riico Industrial Area, Bhiwadi - 301 019  Bhopal :
E - 1/57, Arera Colony, Bhopal - 462 016  Bhubaneshwar : Junction of Janpath & Gandhi Marg, Hotal Jajati Complex, Kharvelanagar, Unit - III , Master Canteen Square, Bhubaneshwar - 751 001  Bhuj : 101 & 102 Sunrise Tower, 11 - Vijaynagar Society, Hospital Road,
Bhuj - 370 001  Bokaro : B-9 City Centre , Sector IV, B - 9, City Center, Sector IV, Bokaro Steel City, Bokaro - 827 004  Burdwan : 45 G. T. Road, Birhata , Burdwan - 713 001  Calicut : Malabar Palace, G. H. Road , Calicut - 673 001  Chalakudy : Police Station Road,
Chalakudy - 680 307  Chandigarh : SCO 371/372, Sector 35 - B, Chandigarh - 160 034  Changanacherry : CMS Dept, Golden Tower, Golden Tower, M C Road , Vezhakattiuchira, Changanacherry - 686 101  Chengannur : Govt Hospital Junction, Chengannur - 689 121
 Chennai : 751 - B Anna Salai, Mariam Centre, Chennai - 600 002  Cochin : 2nd Floor, Elmar Square,M.G Road, Ravipuram, Cochin - 682 016  Coimbatore : 1635 Classic Tower, Trichy Road, Coimbatore - 641 018  Curchorem : CMS Dept, Mopkar Chamunda, Ground
Floor, Near Post Office, Curchorem - Sanguem Road, Curchorem - 403 706  Cuttack : Bajrakbati Road, Cuttack - 753 001  Dahanu : Matruashish Building, Irani Road, Dahanu Road, Dahanu  Daman : Arc Shopping Mall, Dilip Nagar, Teen Batti, Daman - 396 210 
Davangere : No 621, BHM Enclave, Binny Co. Road, Mandipet, Davangere  Dehradun : 56, Rajpur Road, Uttaranchal, Dehradun - 248 001  Dhanbad : Sri Ram Plaza, 1st Floor, Bank More Dhanbad, Jharkhand - 826 001  Durgapur : A102 & 103, City Centre, Bengal Shristi
Complex, City Center, Durgapur Road, Durgapur - 713 216  Erode : 456 Brough Road, , Erode - 638 001  Faridabad: 5 R/2, Badshah Khan Chowk, NIIT, Faridabad - 121001  Ferozepur : CMS Dept, Building 307 / 7, The Mall, Ferozpur City, Haryana - 152 002  Gandhidham
: Plot No 1, Sector 8, Rabindranath Tagore Road, Near GPO, Gandhidham - 370 201  Gaya : Near Ganta Ghar, K. P. Road, Gaya - 823 001  Gorakhpur : CMS Dept, Prahlad Rai Trade Centre, Ayodhya Crossing, Bank Road, Gorakhpur - 273 001  Guntur : 87-90, Main Road,
Lakshmipuram, Guntur - 522 007  Gurdaspur : CMS Dept, SCF-1& 2 Shopping Complex,, Improvement Trust Market, Hanuman Chowk, Gurdaspur - 143 521  Gurgaon: A/12, Shopping Mall, DLF Qutub Enclave, Phase I, Gurgaon - 122002  Guwahati : House No 126, Opp
Times of India, Bhangagarh, Guwahati - 781 005  Gwalior : Block G1, Plot No . 43, Anand Deep Building, City Centre, Gwalior - 474 011  Hajipur : Vimal Complex, Dak Banglow Complex, Opp T V S Showroom, Hajipur - 844 101  Himmatnagar : G. F. Shop No 5-8 &
First Floor 4 - 9, Kumar House, Durga Oil Mill Compound, Himmatnagar - 383 001  Hissar : SCO 170 A Commercial Building , Red Square Market, Station Road, Hissar - 125 001  Hoshiarpur : SCO 1-2-3, Scheme No 11, Improvement Trust Market Chandigarh Road,
Hoshiarpur - 146 001  Hosur : No. 24 & 25, Maruthi Nagar, Near Dharga, Sipcot P.O., Hosur - 635 126  Hubli : T B Revankar Complex, Vivekanand Hospital Road, Hubli - 580 029 Hyderabad : 6-1-73 3rd Floor Saeed Plaza, Lakadikapaul, Hyderabad - 500 004  Indore
: 3rd Floor, 9/1A, U. V. House, South Tukonj, Indore - 452 001  Irinjalakuda : Ushus Complex, Main Road West Tana Po, Irinjalakuda - 680 121  Jabalpur : 1702, Naiper Town , Model Road, Jabalpur - 482 002  Jagraon : 368 B, Kapoor Building, Tehsil Road, Jagraon
- 142 026  Jaipur : 1st Floor, O - 10, Ashok Marg, Ahimsa Circle, C Scheme, Jaipur - 302 001  Jalandhar : 911, Near Narinder Cinema, G T Road, Jalandhar - 144 001  Jalgaon : Plot No 134 / 135, DSP Chowk , Facing Mahal Road, Jalgaoan - 425 001  Jammu : CB 13,
Railhead Complex, Gandhi Nagar, Jammu Tawi, Jammu - 180 001  Jamnagar : Plot No 6, Park Colony, St Ann’s School, Bedi Bunder Road, Jamnagar - 361 008  Jamshedpur : C/o Mithila Motors Ltd, Near Ram Mandir, Bistupur, Jamshedpur - 831 001  Jodhpur : Plot No
57 / B , 9th Chopasani Road, Jodhpur - 342 003  Junagadh : Moti Palace, Ground Floor, Opp Raijinagar, Junagadh - 362 001  Haldwani : 8/6, Nainital Road, Bhotia Prao, Haldwani - 263 141  Kadi : Radhaswami Complex, R. S. No 242, Nr N. C. Desai Petrol Pump, Highway
Char Rastha, Kadi - 382 715  Kalyani : B-7/40 & 41(s), Central Avenue West, Central Park, Kalyani - 741 325  Kannur : CMS Dept, K V R Towers, South Bazar Road, Kannur - 670 002  Kanpur : Navin Market Branch, 15/46 Civil Lines , Kanpur - 280 001  Kapurthala
: MGN School, Mall Road, Kapurthala  Karad : Near Hotel Sangam, Pune Bangalore Highway, Karad - 415 110  Karnal : SCO 778-779, Opp Mahabir Dal Hospital, Kanjpura Road, Karnal  Khanna : Opp Bus Stand, G. T. Road, Khanna - 141 401 Kolhapur : Gem Stone,
Raosaheb Vichare Complex, 517, E Ward, New Shahupuri, Near Central Bus Stand and Parikh Pool, Kolhapur - 416 001  Kolkata : Abhilasha II, 6, 1st Floor, 6 Royd Street, Kolkata - 700 016  Kollam: VGP Buildings, Door No XVI / 1539 (1320A), Vadakumbhagom Ward,
Irumpupalam, Kollam - 691 001  Kota : Show Room No 13 - 14, Main Jhalawar Road, Kota - 324 007  Kottayam : Unity Building, Opp MIDC Centre, K K Road, Kottayam - 686 002  Kurukshetra : CMS Dept, Shop No 1 To 5, Kalawati Market, Railway Road, Kurukshetra
- 136 118  Latur : Shri Prabha Arcade, Shop No 3-6, M. G. Road, Near Nagar Parishad, Opp Town Hall, Latur - 413 512  Lucknow : Pranay Tower, Darbari Lal Sharma Marg, Beside Pratibha Cinema, Lucknow - 226 001  Ludhiana : CMS Dept, 5th Floor, Mall Road, Ludhiana
- 141 001  Madurai : 7 - A, West Veli Street, Opp Railway Station, Madurai - 625 001  Mandi Gobindgarh : Hukum Chand Bansal Building, Main Post Office Roda, Mandi Gobindgarh - 147 301  Mangalore : M. N. Towers, Kadri, Mangalore - 575 002  Manjeri : CMS
Dept, Kurikal Plaza, Bldg #20/1245 Kacheripady, Malappuram Road, Manjeri - 676 121  Margoa : Ranghavi Building, Opp Municipality Garden, Dr George Barette Road, Margoa - 403 601  Mathura : CMS Dept, Opp. BSA College, Gaushala Raod, Mathura - 281 001 
Meerut : 381 Western Kachery Road, Meerut - 250 001  Mehsana : Prabhu Complex, Near Raj Kamal Petrol Pump, Abhu Highway, Mehsana - 384 002  Moga : G. T. Road, Opp D. C. Office, Moga - 141 001  Moradabad : Chaddha Shopping Complex, GMD Road,
Moradabad - 244 001  Morvi : Om Shopping Center, Revapur Main Road, Morvi - 363 641  Mpauca : S 1 / 2 Ground Floor, Cosmos Towers, Near Govt Bldg Complex, Mapusa - 403 507  Mumbai : Maneckjiwadia Building, Nanik Motwani Marg, Mumbai - 400 023 
Muzzafarnagar : 53/4-A Bhag Kambal Wala, Jansat Road, New Mandi, Muzaffarnagar - 251 001  Muzzafarpur : Above Maruti Showroom, Choti Saria Ganj, Muzzafarpur - 842 001  Mysore : Mythiri Arcade 1st Main, Saraswathipuram Mysore- 570 009  Nabha : SCO
14-15, Patiala Gate, Nabha - 147 201  Nadiad : Shoot Out Building, Nadiad Ice Factory Compound, College Road, Nadiad - 387 001  Nagpur : 303 & 304 3rd Floor, Wardh Road, 12, Milestone, Near Lokmat Square, Nagpur - 440 010  Nasik : Archit Centre, 3rd Floor,
Chandak Circle Link Road, Opp Sandeep Hotel, Near Mahamarg Bus Stand, Nasik - 422 002  Navsari : Nandini Complex, Ground Floor, Station Road, Sandh Kuva, Navsari - 396 445  Nawanshahar : B 1 / 48, Banga Road, Nawanshahar - 144 514  Nellore : G. T. Road,
Nellore - 524 001  New Delhi : Figops, Ist Floor, Kailash Building, 26 K G Marg, New Delhi - 110 001  Palakkad : 8 / 246, Chandra Nagar, Palakkad - 678 007  Palanpur : Parth Complex, Near Cozy Tower, Opp Joravar Palace, Palanpur - 385 001  Panipat : 801 / 4, G.
T. Road, Panipat - 132 103  Panjim : Swami Vivekanand Road, 301, Milroc Lar Menezes, Opp Gomantak Maratha Samaz, Panjim - 403 001  Pathanamthitta : CMS Dept, Aban Arcade Ward # 9/1128, Pathanamthitta-Kumbazha Road, Pathanamthitta - 689 645  Patiala
: SCO 70 - 73, Leela Bhawan Market, Patiala - 147 001  Patna : Rajendra Ram Plaza, Exhibition Road, Patna - 800 001  Perinthalmanna : Calicut Road, Perinthalmanna, Malappuram Dist, Perinthalmanna - 679 322  Phagwara : Kalra Road, Opp Hanuman Garhi Mandir,
G. T. Road, Phagwara - 144 401  Ponda : Royal Chambers, GD1-GD4, Tisk, Ponda - 403 401  Pondicherry : TS No 6, 100 Feet Road, Ellaipillaichavady, Pondhicherry - 605 005  Porbandar : Om Shiv Sakthi, R. D. Chamber, Porbander - 360 575  Pune : 5th Floor Millennium
Tower, Bhandarkar Road, Shivaji Nagar, Pune - 411 004  Raipur : Chawla Complex, Near Vanijya Bhawan, Sai Nagar, Devendra Nagar Road, Raipur - 492 009  Rajahmundry : H. No. 46-17-20, Main Road, Danavaipet, Rajahmundry - 533 103  Rajkot : Opp Alfred High
School, 2nd Floor, Panchratna Bldg, Jawahar Road, Rajkot - 360 001  Rajpura : 11 - 12 Block B, Chandigarh Patiala Road, Rajpura - 140 401  Ranchi : Shop No 3 & 4, Ranchi Club Shopping Complex, Main Road, Ranchi - 834 001  Rewari : L-203 Old Court Road, Model
Town, Rewari - 123 401  Rohatak : 401 -402, D Park, Model Town, Main Delhi Road, Rohtak - 124 001  Ropar : Sohana Chandigarh Rd, College Road, Ropar - 141 001  Rourkela : Bisra Road, Dwivedi Bhawan, Dwivedi Square, Rourkela - 769 001  Rudrapur : Plot No1&2,
Nanital Road, Plot No1&2, Nanital Road, Rudrapur - 263 153  Saharanpur : Mission Compound, Court Road, Adjoining Top Shop, Saharanpur - 247 001  Salem : 5 / 241 - F, Rathna Arcade, Omalur Main Road, Salem - 636 004  Sambalpur : Nayapara, Golbazar Chowk,
Sambalpur - 768 001  Sangli : 640, Venkatesh Senate, Miraj Road, Sangli - 414 416  Sangrur : Shop No. 1-2-3 Kaula Park Market, Sangrur  Shimla : Jankidas Building, 3, The Mall, Shimla - 171 001  Siliguri : 3 No , Ramkrishna Samity Building, Sevoke Road, Pani Tanki
More, Siliguri - 734 401  Silvassa : 1-16 Jaypee House, Opp Patel Petrol Pump, Vapi Silvassa Road, Silvassa - 396 230  Solan : Anand Bhavan, Near DC Office, Rajgarh Road, Solan - 173 212  Srinagar : M. S. Shopping Mall, Residency Road, Srinagar - 190 001  Surat
: 7th Floor,Kashi Plaza, Next To Dr Bipin Desai Children Hospital , Majura Gate, Surat - 395 002  Thalassery : Avk Nair Road, , Thalassery - 670 001  Tirupur : 160, Chidambaram Complex, Kumaran Road, Tiruppur - 641 604  Thiruvalla : Illampallil Buildings, 26/149(1&2),
M C Road, Tiruvalla - 689 101  Tirupati : H. No 10 - 14 - 575 / A3, Mosque Road, V.V. Mahal Road, Tirupati - 517 501  Trichur : Kalliyath Royal Square, Palace Road, Trichur - 680 020  Trichy : A - 10, Lakshmi Arcade, 11th Cross Main Road, Thillainagar, Trichy - 620 018
 Trivandrum : Kenton Towers, Vazhuthacaud, Trivandrum - 695 014  Udaipur : 358 Post Office Road, Chetak Circle, Adjacent to Chetak Cinema, Udaipur - 313 001  Udupi : Panduran Towers, Court Road, Diana Circle, Udupi - 576 101  Unjha : Suvidhi Complex, 1st
Floor, Nr. Radha Krishna Temple, Station Road, Unjha - 382 170  Valsad : 1st Floor, Ekta Appt, Near R J J High School, Thithal Road, Valsad - 396 001  Vapi : Lower Ground, Emperor Arcade, Chala Road, Vapi - 396 191  Varanasi : D 58 / 2 Kuber Complex, Rathyatra
Crossing, Varanasi - 221 010  Vasco : Ground Floor, Damodar Building, Swatantra Path, Vasco Da Gama - 403 802  Veraval : Amrutdeep, Opp Public Garden, Rajamahal Road, Veraval - 362 265  Vijayawada : 40 - 1 -48 / 2 , M. G. Road, Labbipet, Vijayawada - 520 010
 Visakhapatnam : 1st Floor , Poduri Castle, Above Raymond Showroom, Dwarka Nagar, Visakhapatnam - 530 016  Warangal : No 1-8-605 / 1 Nakkalgutta, Hanamkonda, Warangal - 506 002  Yamunanagar : 103, Model Town, Nehru Park Road, Yamunanagar - 135 003