Single parents meaning men and women go through so much just to provide their children with a good life

. Most of them struggle because the government doesn t support them as much as they need, so even have to become unemployed because they can t afford the high cost of child care. Single parents should have the same right as coupled parents. Why is it that the government makes society much harder for single parented families? Shouldn t they be allowed the same rights, just as others are! Why do they struggle more, why are they taking away money from their public assistance, they only income they have to feed and house their children. Being a single parent at a young or old age has many struggles, such as being on public assistance, unemployed and sometimes even debt. Public Assistance for single parents is the biggest problem now and days. In some cases you could benefit from governments assistance. For example the government is trying to find a way to reduce the cost of country s welfare system. In London, the British government a few months ago decided to introduce legislation which meant to simplify and reduce the cost of the country s welfare system. It stated that it wanted to change a culture in which welfare recipients risked losing income if they found jobs. This bill is not as bad as it may seem because It could also bring tax changes to let welfare recipients keep more of their income when they found jobs; lower caps on housing benefits; make it harder for workers to qualify for disability allowance; and remove benefits for up to three years from those refusing to work. Recession is really hitting, in Britain unemployed rates are already high, and with this bill the cuts may leave thousands of people out of a job. Child care is another dilemma you face when being a single parent. Most of them cannot afford to work, due to the excessive of amount of child care; to some this may be a motivation to work harder just to provide; but to others it s disappointment and failure. No help, so much stress and kids are unhappy. Parents just want to keep their kids to be happy so they go to extreme measures just to get money and put food on the table! Some of these activities they doare dangerous environments for the children, which leads to children being taken away from their families and put into foster care. In the New York Times articleA Network of Support states that In 2005, Youth Villages was enlisted by the state of Tennessee to devise placement plans for a randomized sample of 108 cases from the child welfare system. They determined that, for about 62 percent of the cases, it was in the child s best interests to provide intensive in-home services and place the child with the family or other relatives, with supports. -David Borstein. As you can see single parented families, don t just affect the parents, it affects the children extremely more, because they are the one stuck in the welfare system for many years. Some are placed into good homes, others are their until their eighteen because the states don t do the work necessary to find, vet or prepare suitable families for the youths in their care. Yes, it may be difficult to find a suitable family as they get older but it is your job to do so. Children coming into foster care often get terrible treatment by the state, explains Marcia Lowry, executive director of Children s Rights. Why should the children suffer because the lack of care from their parents and the government. In my opinion, it s not the single parents setting the children up for failure, it s the government because all the burden and stress they put on the

utilities. There are many different advantages and disadvantages with being in TANF. I ve noticed race plays a huge role in being a single parent. The importance of single parents becomes more evident when the link between poverty and unemployment is considered. The major issue facing single mothers and their children in the United States is poverty. because they are so uncommon. Being a single father. employed single white mothers income in 1980 was 11. it does not get them very far. In becoming a single father you would change many things such as the supervision and protection of children. 19% of mothers who work part time end up in poverty and for the women who work full time 7% end up in poverty.900. they receive many more obstacles than any parent does in the parenthood. When being a single father you start to have a lack of masculinity. it is way more difficult because you have to modify the aspects of preforming your parental role. the government assists them in finding employment. Disadvantages are. Mothers who don t work 51% of them end up in poverty. temporary assistance for needy families. is another alternative replacing welfare. and they will revoke your benefits. 000 single fathers in the U. In the last few years the economic status of a woman has largely decreased over the years due to the tremendous increase in female headed families.S. Unfortunately there is no actual documented evidence of the struggle of single fathers. Then they get into the system and undergo the same problems as they did before. because he has to preform many motherly functions. money in the bank etc. When becoming a single father. Mothers are not the only ones who would be considered a single parent but they are the most common. Around the 1970 s there were about 600.900 and for African-Americans mothers income was 8. In different countries benefits are very different . advantages are. First they have to fight just to get custody of their children. The government has made it hard for a single father to raise their children in society. which is already hard since 90% of the time the mothers receive custody just because they can meet all the children needs. gives them training in different fields and lastly allows them to attend school. Why such a huge difference? TANF. Employment does tend to raise single mothers out of poverty. To be considered for how much you are to get for this program. this program is for low income single parents wit with limited resources. Some parents get different benefits and more opportunities. they receive this plan for six months before the have to renew their status. In the last few years the number of single fathers has greatly increased. this is another way the federal government supports single parents. but they were difficult to locate because this was so uncommon.Mom s or Dad s which leads to neglect or abuse. In addition fathers don t get nearly as much government support as mothers. Here are some statistics of single mothers. TANF. is by how much you pay for rent. homemaking and the emotional needs of children. if you re unable to reach requirements. is way more challenging than most people think.

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