Herbal Teas

These caffeine-free infusions are excellent with honey and lemon.

~Mountain Berry~
Saskatoon berries (native to Canada), currants, raisins, and blue berries give this tea a ripe and fruity flavor with a strong, wine-like finish.

~Lemon Verbena~
This herbal infusion of Lemon Verbena, Lemongrass and Lemon Balm. The palate of this tea is light and sweet with a citrus finish.

~Organic Peppermint~
Invigorating mint oils give this infusion wonderful rich aromas and a cool, soothing finish.

White Teas
White teas are highly prized because they consist of buds. Ancient tea connoisseurs discovered that tea leaves picked before the buds open have the most delicate flavor.

~White Blossom~
This natural leaf white tea is delicately scented by the addition of rose buds and lavender buds. The rose lends a subtle sweetness, while the lavender infuses the cup with a slight spiciness.

Green Teas
Green tea is grown in China, Taiwan and Japan. Green tea is unfermented. It has a delicate flavor, and less caffeine than fermented tea. Green teas should be enjoyed without milk or sugar.

~Organic Green~
This green tea is harvested after the Spring rains on steep slopes high in China’ Wuyi Mouns tains. This organic green tea, rich in antioxidants, is renowned for its flat green leaves, sweet cup and delicate aroma.

~Wild Strawberry Green Tea~
This ripe and fruity green tea tastes of fresh wild strawberries.

Our Selection of Teas
Oolong Teas
Oolong teas are semi-fermented teas. It undergoes the same treatment as black tea, only fermented for less time than black. They are especially good for digestion, so it is naturally a great tea to drink after a large meal. It is typically never drunk with milk, sugar, or lemon.

~Pear Oolong~
The fullness of this oolong gently enfolds the delicate pear flavor, creating a sweet and luscious cup.

~Imperial Oolong~
This blend of Formosa (Taiwan) and China oolongs yields a cup which is sweet yet dry, the epitome of a well-rounded oolong.

~Darjeeling Oolong~
An epicurean blend of Indian champagne Darjeeling, and a floral China Oolong, that yields a complex body and lingering orchid aroma.

Black Teas
Black tea is fully fermented, gaining its color and character from the processing of the leaves. The bright copper liquor has a full, round aroma, and a flavor ranging from malty to flowery. These teas are often taken with milk and sugar.

~English Breakfast~
The original English Breakfast tea was an unblended China Keemun. This Keemun has just a hint of Ceylon to sweeten the blend and give an elegant, refined smoothness.

~Lavender Earl Grey~
This well-balanced black tea scented with oil of bergamot and perfumed with the finest lavender buds produces a lovely floral and aromatic infusion that is both soothing and uplifting at the same time.

Pine smoked China black tea adds a hint of intrigue to a fresh bergamot Earl Grey, yielding a cup that’ full-flavored with a rich palate and smoky aroma. s

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