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How to Organize an Essay

Capitalize the
Introductory paragraph: important words
Start with a story, question, or Title
in your title. No
interesting fact. Interesting underlining, no
Background quotation
Your opinion belongs in the marks, no
thesis and drives your whole Thesis
essay. The thesis statement
and topic sentences should
make sense when they’re Your thesis
Transition and
read together. Topic sentence states your
topic and
BODY paragraphs: your point
Start each one with a of view
Best example
topic sentence that about it.
supports your thesis and
predicts what’s in the Transition and
paragraph. Use stories, Topic sentence
facts and details as Development
development. Save the
best story, fact, or detail Best example
for last. It will become
your climax.
Your last BODY
Climax transition paragraph is the
Write as many and Topic Sentence climax—your biggest
BODY paragraphs Development and best supporting
as you need. paragraph. Use a
(Most college Best example strong transition:
essays will have Most of all, most
three.) important. Never use
finally, last, or last but
Your conclusion Conclusion: not least.
A story,
repeats and summary, or
reinforces your thesis. prediction.
Restate your
Don’t start anything thesis. Wrap up
new here. your essay.

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