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No More, “I’m Done!” by Jennifer Jacobson 6 + 1 Traits of Writing (Primary) by Ruth Culham Trait-Based Mini Lessons for Teaching Writing (2-4) by Megan Sloan
i-ideas, v-voice, o-organization, f-sentence fluency, wc-word choice, p-presentation **conventions are incorporated into our grammar lessons and all writing mini lessons i Model drawing a picture story Introduce writing folder and date stamps and 6 traits terminology Tour writing center Pg. 52 NMID Pg. 52 nmid Pg. 52 nmid Pg. 52 nmid Pg. 52 nmid Pg. 52 Nmid, Pg. 85-88 6/1 i i i Fun with funnels Writing sentences beneath a picture Things we know about/experts What to do if you finish a piece i Topic grid Pg. 88 6/1 Pg. 52 nmid Pg. 52 nmid Pg. 53 nmid Pg. 53 Chart paper to create anchor chart Chart paper Topic grids Writing sample 1 Overhead projector Folders, date stamp

Thesauruses, dictionaries, pens, crayons, markers, paper, etc.

i v i

Everyday experience story What did we learn about this writer? writing from memories

Basket of items Homework form (sent night before) Chart paper Funnel, rice, jar, list of general topics

Wilfrid Gordon Mcdonald Partridge

nmid i Unlocking the ideas puzzle Pg. 93-94 6/1 Pg. 53 Nmid Tbml pg. 20-24 Pg. 89 6/1 Tbml pg. 1315 Pg. 53 nmid 100 piece puzzles for groups of 3-4 students Overhead projector Writer’s notebooks


adding details Show, don’t tell

A House for Hermit Crab
ML pg. 63 White board Chart paper Chart paper


Narrow it down Write a lot about a little

The Important Thing



Write a story as a class. revise it as you go using carets, arrows, crossing off. Ml pg. 46 Chart story from yesterday Ml pg 47 Writing sample 2--that is unclear. Encourage students to ask questions and revise Ml pg 61-62 Binoculars or fancy glasses



spider legs



Revision: asterisks



Using binoculars to focus a topic

Pg. 53 nmid

o o

what did the author choose to focus on? Focus web

Pg. 53 nmid Pg. 53 nmid

No, David!
Ml pg. 66

Goldilocks and the 3 Bears
Focus web graphic organizers


Introducing organization

Pg. 74-75

Overhead projector

nmid o How did the author organize the work? Pg. 75-76 nmid Pg. 76-77 nmid Pg. 77 nmid Pg. 78 nmid Pg. 78-79 nmid Tbml pg. 8182 Pg. 79-80 Nmid Pg. 119-129 6/1 Pg. 81 nmid pg. 124 6/1 Pg. 126127 6/1 Pg. 127 6/1 o Endings that work pg. 128 Overhead projector Overhead transparency of Two strands of beads (one with a knot in the end, one without) Ring of endings (index cards, rings) Overhead Writing sample 3 for overhead, chart paper “things we know about” anchor chart whiteboard Introduce editing marks Display editing chart Chart paper Other books from list on pg 76

Carmine: A Little More Red


Interactive writing/organization Making organizational choices Model the use of an organizational structure Focus and organization

Cookie’s Week


o o


Editing marks


Great leads/ring of leads

Start leads and techniques chart paper Index cards and rings Overhead transparency of examples leads Any books from the list on pg. 81

Charlotte’s Web

o o

Categorizing leads Mighty middles: back atcha


Excellent endings

Charlie Anderson


Knot just an ending

6/1 v Listening for voice Pg. 84-85 nmid Tbml Pg. 47-48 Pg. 85 nmid Pg. 85-86 nmid Pg. 86-87 nmid

transparency listing endings that work Handout of different types of voice 4 unique pairs of shoes Writing sample Writing prompts

I stink!


From the shoes’ point of view Feelings included Voice in informational texts

v v

Brave Charlotte Chameleon, Chameleon
Sticky notes


Recognizing voice

Overhead projector— writing sample 4 (personal story written in two ways with and without voice) Copies of emotion faces, magnifying glass, and sentences, scissors, tape Chart paper


Magnify your voice

Pg. 161-164 6/1 Pg. 159 6/1 Pg. 88 nmid Pg. 89 nmid Pg. 89-90 nmid Pg. 91 nmid Pg. 92 nmid


Send me a letter

v v

What did you learn about the writer? Voice t-chart

Overhead projector writing sample 5 Begin voice t-chart

Rain Romp


Second person point of view Modeling word choice Striking words and phrases

A Time of Wonder

wc wc

Construction paper and markers

“fancy words” bulletin board wc Funonyms Tbml Writing sample

And Here’s to You Fancy Nancy

Pg. 60-61 wc Collecting words Pg. 92 nmid Pg. 193194 6/1 Pg. 93 nmid Pg. 93-94 nmid Pg. 195 6/1 Pg. 94 nmid Pg. 94-95

Chart paper

Word collector booklet for each student Suitcase with various items

Max’s Words


Suitcase mystery

wc wc

Sound words More fun with onomatopoeia Delightful descriptions

Model using a caret Another book featuring onomatopoeia 5 senses graphic organizer

Mmmm Cookies



Vigorous verbs

To Root, To Toot, to Parachute Water Hole Waiting


Sun cartwheels slowly up the sky

Chart paper Writing sample 6 with blah verbs Two writing sample 7 for overhead


A sweet sounding train

Pg. 96-97 nmid Pg. 97-98 nmid Pg. 226 6/1 Pg. 98-99 nmid Tbml pg. 73 Pg.


Admiring fluent writing

The Night is Singing


Find a new way to begin

Large six-sided die Overhead projector Chart paper Clipboards for each student Writing sample 8


Sentence stretching

F f

Revising for sentence fluency Finding sentences that work

The War with Grandpa

231 6/1 f Writing with refrains Pg. 100-101 nmid Pg. 101-102 nmid Pg. 102 nmid Pg. 102103 nmid Pg. 103 nmid Pg. 105-106 nmid

Typed passages on overhead transparency

Begin t-chart for stories with refrains A copy of a reader’s theater script for every student

The Boy who Cried Wolf


Reader’s theater


Poetry slam

Barnyard Slam


Focusing on the details

A wordless picture book


Another look at sensory details Imagine that

The Dirty Cowboy


Sample sentences for students to practice showing how a character feels

Love the Baby


Tiny stitches

Pg. 106 nmid Pg. 106-107 nmid Pg. 107-108 nmid PG. 112-113 nmid Pg. 114-115

I Could do That: Esther Morris Gets Women the Vote
Overhead projector


Quality detail in expository writing Staying on track

Ice Bear: In the Steps of the Polar Bear
Writing sample 9 with irrelevant details



Pattern of three

Moon Sandwich Mom, Bootsie Barker Bites, Wemberly Worried
An underdeveloped story writing sample for


Cutting up the bones

nmid o Reflective endings Pg. 115-116 nmid Pg. 117 nmid

overhead (writing sample 10)

Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge Diary of a Worm The Relatives Came
Books with lots of types of endings Chart paper to begin tchart Whiteboard, marker, and copies of brainstorming graphic organizer


Book bag endings


Words, words, words

Pg. 127128 nmid Pg. 128129 nmid Pg. 129130 nmid


Pirate talk

How I Became a Pirate


Substituting better words

Whiteboard, marker, and chart paper

f wc

Tightening sentences Shades of meaning

Pg. 131 nmid Pg. 131-132 nmid Pg. 132133 nmid

Whiteboard and marker Whiteboard and marker



Chart paper Copy of riddles Mystery objects in brown bags

Writing sample 1

I like to draw pictures. I like panthers. Panthers are purple. Panthers are soft. My sister has a panther. My sister is in first grade. We play at lunch. I eat a sandwich. I like peanut butter and my sister likes to swing and I go to my grandma’s house to watch T.V. The big pool is cold and we eat hot dogs. Then we go to sleep and then I wake up and then I do hard work. My teacher is nice and my best friend is nice and friend has a sister she has a cat. I like to pet her cat.

writing sample 2

My Fish I dropped the net into the water. He swam into it. When the man pulled the net up the fish was hop, hop, hoping because the fish was inside. Then I brought it home.

writing sample 3 (list) Ten Chores I hate to do: 1. Clean Toilets 2. Mop 3. Vacuum 4. Wash car 5. Clean bathtub 6. Buy groceries 7. Pay bills 8. Clean up desk 9. Wash clothes 10. Put up clean clothes

(time order) Every morning, I wake up around 6:00 a.m. First I have to take a shower. Then I dry my hair, put on my makeup, and get dressed. Next I wake Morgan up and get her dressed. Finally, we grab some breakfast and head to school. My favorite part of the morning is when school starts and all the students arrive. After school, I go home and cook dinner, play with Morgan, and give her a bath. It’s time to go to bed and get ready for a new day!

Examples of leads

Single word- The writer sets off an important word by itself and follows it with more information. Example: Gum. Gum was everywhere. It was in my hair. It was in the carpet. It was on my pillow. Fascinating fact- The writer presents an intriguing piece of information. Example: I blew a bubble bigger than my brother’s head. Imagine this- The writer captures a moment in words or pictures. Example: The gum made my bangs stick straight out from my head. It’s just my opinion-

The writer states a belief.

Example: Kids should be able to chew gum any time they want. Listen up-

The writer describes a sound.

Example: Smack, snap, slurp. I wonder- The writer asks a question or a series of questions. Example: Have you ever wondered how many pieces of gum will fit into the human mouth? Five? Ten? More?

Endings that work

A wise thought- Getting into your sister’s stuff can turn into big trouble. A surpriseA quoteA tie-up-

When I opened the box, the frog was gone.

“Don’t come in here. I mean it,” yelled my sister.

None of us will ever forget that day.

A question- “What on earth happened here?” my sister cried. A challenge- “Jeremy, you clean this up, or I’m telling Dad,” cried my sister. A sign of what is to come- I knew my sister would get even one day. A laugh-

My brother will never forget that day!

Writing sample 4

There was mold growing in a container in my refrigerator. The food was spoiled, so I threw it out.

I knew it was in there somewhere. I had purchased a carton of my favorite banana vanilla yogurt, and if I wasn’t mistaken, I still had some left. Yes! I thought as I spotted it in the back. I opened the lid, eager to dive in, and spotted one of my worst enemies: refrigerator mold. Not only was it quicker at gobbling up my favorite foods than I was, but it clung to the sides of each container, refusing to be washed down the sink without a fight. I prepared myself for a battle—and to gag.

writing sample 5

Tomorrow is my birthday. I am turning seven. I am having a carnival party.

Writing sample 6

Yesterday I went to the park. I went on the swings. Then my brother and I went on the seesaw. My brother got off too quickly, and I went down. I hurt my ankle. I was sad. Then we went home.

writing sample 7

I have two little dogs. They’re named Kenzie and Hattie. Kenzie is black. Hattie is brown and white. They are fun to walk. They like to eat treats. They like to play games. They are good dogs.

I have two little dogs named Kenzie and Hattie. Kenzie is as black as coal, and Hattie is brown and white like a speckled egg. They always enjoy going for walks in the park. They even like playing games like catching the ball or chasing squirrels After they’ve zipped around, saying hello to all the other dogs at the park, they bounce back to me for a treat. Kenzie and Hattie are amazing pets.

writing sample 8

My Kitten I have a kitten. Her name is Snowball. She is white. She has one black paw. She is furry. She likes to play with yarn. She likes to pull yarn across the room. She makes a mess. Snowball likes to climb trees. Once she got stuck. She couldn’t get down. Then she did. Snowball cuddles with me. Snowball got sick once. I took care of her. She got better. I love my kitten.

writing sample 9

Yesterday my friend came over to play. We played with matchbox cars on the sidewalk. My friend had the sport cars and the convertibles, but I don’t mind because I had the camper and it is my favorite. I like it because it has the most doors that open and a tent that pops up. I had my new sneakers on, even though they are too big for me still.

writing sample 10

Mandy wanted a dog, but she didn’t have the money. First she tried a lemonade stand, but that didn’t work. Then she tried doing chores, but that didn’t work. Then she decided to work at a pet store. That worked. She got a dog.

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