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20112012 Laptop Program Guide for the American School of Milan

Dear Students and Parents, Welcome to The American School of Milan and ASMs 1:1 (1-to1) Laptop Learning Program. ASM has an exciting and well respected laptop program seen by many as an example of effective integration of modern learning techniques with proven pedagogy. We firmly believe your children will enjoy and benefit from their participation in our 1:1 Laptop Learning environment and you, as their parents, will see the rewards. The pages that follow are a guide to assist you in the purchase of your childs laptop through the ASM Laptop Purchase Program. If you have any questions about the content of this document or would like clarification of the Laptop Program, please feel free to contact our Technology Department at +39 (02) 53000029, where we will be happy to answer any questions. In reading the following document, please understand that when you see a computer at a local technology store for what appears to be a much better price, this is not always the case. Look closely at the following pages, it outlines the extras, the software and the service support that you get by purchasing through the ASM Laptop Purchase Program. ASM does not profit from the purchase of these laptops. Every Spring, the Technology Department reviews the laptop models that are available and determines the best possible options for our students, balancing cost with needs. Criteria used to select the best possible package include processor speed, memory, storage space, battery life, weight, and warranty packages. We feel strongly that the laptop package we offer is the best possible one for your child over the next 3 years, the typical life span of any computer device. Included in the ASM model laptop are the following:

The cost of the laptop The cost of the proper installation of all software The cost of access to all software used while attending ASM The cost of the proper configuration of all hardware The cost of an unbeatable manufacturers warrantee The cost of Complete Care warranty for accidental damage The cost of on-site support from authorized Dell technicians And very importantly, FULL support from our Help Desk staff

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact ASMs Technology Department. We look forward to working as a community to prepare our children for the future. Sincerely,

Alberto Minera
Helpdesk Manager

Stephen Reiach
Director of Technology

American School of Milan Laptop Purchase Program Guide

the impact IT has had on the world, and education in particular, is that many universities now test, in addition to writing, reading and math skills, and the IT skills of entering students. Students scoring be-

1:1 Learning & ASM

One-to-One learning, often seen written as 1:1 is a learning environment where participating students use laptop computers on a direct and continuous basis throughout the school day and beyond. (What is a One-to-One Learning Environment, Montgomery, Bruce 2005) Students are empowered to learn anytime, anywhere, utilizing the power Information Technology unleashes to supplement their learning. Students advance their learning to levels not possible with traditional pen and paper mediums. They gain the ability to collaborate with classmates in more integrated and advantageous ways, to interact with their learning, gaining a deeper understanding of the subject.

low certain levels are required to take mandatory IT classes.

ASMs Laptop Program

In March 2000, ASM launched the pilot of its laptop program with the installation of its first few access points and the acquisition of 10 wireless laptops. Now, ASMs wireless network covers the entire campus and 400+ laptops are used daily in the school. The program continues to grow and the school is regularly visited from other schools all over Europe, to see and learn from our success. ASMs laptop program extends from 6th to 12th grade. As per ASM Board Policy, all these students are required to be present with a fully func-

Information Age...

tioning laptop computer during the school year.

ASM & Dell Computers

ASM has forged a successful relationship with Dell to provide our students with the best possible laptop, balancing power, cost and support so that your child is focused on their learning, not on problems with their laptop.

1972 saw the start of the Information Age with the arrival of low cost, powerful computers. 1992 saw the advent of the Knowledge Economy where a businesss success was measured by how well they managed information and knowledge. 2002 saw the arrival of the Intangible Era, where among other factors, success is measured by what people know and put into use. (Wikipedia: Information Age, Mar 2007) 1:1 Learning familiarizes students with tools of the times, providing them with advantages necessary to succeed in our modern world. An indication of 2

ASM Help Desk

Located in our newly renovated Library is ASMs Help Desk. At the Help Desk, students receive a full range of support for their laptop, from problems with hardware, software or general questions; our staff are there for the students. By having our own Help Desk at the school, student problems are often fixed within minutes. The Help Desk is run by Stephen Reiach and Alberto Minera. They can be reached by phone at +39 (02) 53000029.

ASM Laptops vs. Non-ASM Laptops

Read this entire section before making your choice of laptop. It contains VERY important information.

The American School of Milan does not require you to purchase your laptop through ASM, however, you need to consider very seriously the following issues in order to make an informed decision about where you will want to purchase your laptop from. Total Cost of Ownership
You might think that the price of the laptop offered in the ASM Laptop Purchase Program is inflated. This is due to a misconception about the total cost of the laptop. In a computer store, the price you see is just the cost of the laptop. The ASM Purchase Program includes:

The cost of the laptop The cost of the proper installation of all software The cost of access to all software used while attending ASM The cost of the proper configuration of all hardware The cost of an unbeatable manufacture warrant The cost of Complete Care warranty for accidental damage The cost of on-site support from authorized Dell technicians And very importantly, FULL support from our Help Desk staff

ASM does not profit from laptops purchased through the ASM Laptop program. ASM has arranged a partnership with Dell which offers the best options for our students. Additionally, the Technology Department of ASM is in a position to provide the maximum support for laptops purchased through the ASM Laptop Program. We posses the tools, software and resources necessary to return any defective ASM laptop to working condition while covered by warranty.

On-Site Technical Support, Parts Warranty, Accident & Theft Insurance

Students are power users who demand the most from their computers. With this knowledge ASM has arranged for the best possible situation for laptops purchased through the school through on-site support and a great warranty. On-Site Support: Most problems students have can be fixed here at the school, often in the same day through our Help Desk. If the laptop has problems due to viruses, spyware or malware, we can fix most problems easily using software utilities we have on-site. If necessary we can re-image the computer back to its original working condition. Parts Warranty: If the problem is a defective part, Dell technicians come to the school to fix the problem as part of the laptops Next Business Day On-Site Repair warranty. This ensures that laptops needing service for defective parts are fixed as quickly as possible, thus reducing the time your child is without a functioning laptop. 3 years Complete Care Warranty: Drops, spills and accidents happen. Bundled in the laptops warranty is accident coverage called Complete Care Warranty. For all damage caused by the user. Repairs are done either onsite, or at an authorized Dell Repair Center, fixing all damage caused by the user. This can be a huge life and cost saver! Theft Insurance: Finally, included in the warranty is Theft Insurance. Regretfully theft can happen; e.g. you are traveling on holiday and your car gets broken in to. Theft insurance will replace the laptop. Appropriate documentation (Police reports and a Claim Form) must be submitted, but this is also a huge life saver.

Non-ASM Laptops & Their Minimum Requirements

Our Help Desk staff cannot possibly provide the same level of support for non-ASM laptops, there are too many factors and issues. Please understand that our Help Desk staff:

Is not authorized to fix physical problems with the laptop as it would violate your warranty Cannot fix Operating System and driver problems with your laptop. We do not have access to the drivers utilized by all laptop manufacturers You will need to provide your own technical service support

American School of Milan Laptop Purchase Program Guide

American School of Milan Laptop Purchase Program Guide

If you choose to purchase your laptop from a different source, your laptop must meet the following requirements to work with the school network and class needs:

It must be compatible with a/b/g/n wireless protocols Must have Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 32 bit

The operating system must be in either English or Italian. We cannot fully support operating systems in other languages

The laptop must have been purchased during the past 3 years to ensure it is powerful enough for the expected use The laptop must be able to withstand rigorous daily use (note: while smaller laptops might be cooler they not typically rugged) Help Desk support will be limited to:

Connecting your laptop to the school network The installation of school related software Please contact our Help Desk if you need additional information.

Apple Laptops: Additional Information

It is not possible for ASM to fully support Apple Macintosh laptops. While most Macintoshes purchased in the past 4 years are compatible with our network and network resources, not all software used at ASM is dual platform. Therefore any student with a Macintosh laptop WILL need to purchase additional software to be fully compatible with course work done at various grades while at ASM. with Microsoft Office. All Apple computers must have Windows 7 Professional installed

It is expected that any electronic homework submitted to a teacher be minimally compatible with Microsoft Office 2007

IMPORTANT: Regarding Technical Support from the Help Desk

If you opt to bring a laptop purchased elsewhere to ASM, please understand that we are not authorized to provide service support for non-Dell laptops. We do not have service agreements with other laptop manufacturers and if we were to do repair work, it would violate your warranty. Furthermore, in situations requiring the re-installation of the operating system, we do not have access to the software and drivers your laptop requires to work properly. Make sure that you have up-to-date support information and copies of all CD-ROMs that came with your laptop in the event of there being a problem with your laptop. It is our experience that the students who have the greatest number of problems, and experience the longest down-time are those who have purchased their laptops from other sources.

Software Used @ ASM

If you are providing your own laptop, because of licensing, we cannot provide MS Office. You will need to purchase a copy of Office. At ASM we use Microsoft Office Student Teacher edition. Students will have access to all other software and their updates while attending ASM.

Technology Fee
If you are purchasing a laptop outside of the ASM program you will be required to pay a 500 Euro technology fee to cover the cost of software and support for the laptop to operate on the school network. This is a ONE TIME FEE. This charge is included in the cost of the laptop if bought through the program.

Dell Latitude E6320: 2011 / 2012 Model

Base Model Processor: Intel Core i5-2520M (Dual Core, 2.5GHz, Intel HD Graphics 3000) Hard Drive: RAM Memory: LCD: Keyboard: Wireless: Optical Drive: Operating System: Extended Warranty: Complete Care: Carrying Case: 320 Gb, SATA (7200 rpm) 4.0 GB, 1.333MHz DDR3 13.3 Full High Definition (HD) 1366 x 768 US International Version Intel Wireless 6205 802.11a/g/n Mini Card and Bluetooth DVD+/-RW 8x Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 32 bit International 3 Year On-Site Next Business Day 3 Year Complete Care Damage and Theft Recovery 14`` Neoprene slim laptop bag

The complete price for the laptop program bought through the school is 1900 Euros (Including IVA). This price includes EVERYTHING for 3 years. The laptops will come completely setup with all the software your child will need for school. The Complete Care warrantee will mean for 3 years every physical problem with the laptop will be repairedeven if its accidental! Furthermore the added theft insurance means you can receive another laptop if it is ever stolen.

Time to Delivery
Laptop orders take a minimum of 2 weeks to deliver from the time the order is placed with Dell. Orders for the new school year are done over the summer and in single large groups to better facilitate delivery and co -ordinate with our summer hours. It is therefore very important that orders are submitted as soon as possible to ensure timely delivery and no later than June 18th 2011.

American School of Milan Laptop Purchase Program Guide

American School of Milan Laptop Purchase Program Guide

Laptop Worksheet for 2011 / 12

Print and complete this form and fax it to the ASM Business Office c/o the Business Manager, Ms. Luisa Linzani as quickly as possible to ensure prompt billing. Laptop orders for the beginning of the new school year must be in by no later than June 18th to ensure timely delivery. ASM Fax #: +39 (02) 57606274

If You Are Purchasing Your Laptop Through ASM

If you are purchasing your laptop through ASM, select any options you want and fill in the spaces provided below. Make sure to fill in the Total Amount Due. Upgrades are optional, if you have any questions about these, please see the section of this document entitled To Upgrade or Not To Upgrade or contact our Help Desk staff at +39 (02) 53000029 / email: All values on this worksheet are in Euros. Item Selected Cost Total Base Model Laptop Price includes all warranties and software. Hard Drive : 320GB Hard Drive (for double the storage and additional backups) Additional Battery 3-cell 30W/HR (for additional battery life)

1900.00 (iva included) 100 Euros (iva incl) 100 Euros (iva incl) Total Amount Due



Payment Option Payment must be made in full before the laptop will be released
A minimum down payment of 1,500 euros can be made for the laptop to be ordered, however the laptop cannot be released to the student until the balance has been paid in full. Please select the payment option you wish to use.

Please note, laptop orders will not be processed until payment has been made. Please send a copy of any wire transfer with this form.
I will make a 1,500 euro deposit and pay the balance before the laptop is delivered. I will pay the cost of the laptop in full.

If You Are Bringing Your Own Laptop

I select not to be a part of the ASM Laptop Purchase Program and will provide my own laptop. Please bill me the one-time 500 euro fee for software & limited support. We agree that this fee will only cover the cost of the required software and laptop configuration to connect to the ASM network. I understand that ASM is not authorized to provide any technical support for any computer not purchased through the ASM Laptop Program. I agree to provide my own technical support.

Students Name ___________________________________ Purchasers Name ___________________________________ Purchasers Signature 6

Grade Next Year

________________ Date Signed

ASM Network, Safety, Ethics & Expectations So that your child is prepared to use their new laptop on the first day of school, we provide a user orientation. Students are shown how to login, access network resources, use email and understand the expectations and usage policies of ASM. Please sign up for one of the sessions (morning or afternoon) offered below by placing a check mark next to the session you wish to attend.

Name: Grade:

____________________________________________ ____________________

Aug. 30th (Tuesday) 10:00 - 12:00 am or Aug. 30th (Tuesday) 2:00 - 4:00 pm

BUS Service will NOT be provided for this event. Please arrange for personal transportation.
All students entering the laptop program must attend these sessions. Students who have purchased their laptops through the Laptop Purchase Program must attend this program to have their laptop checked out to them. We will be discussing appropriate behavior and introducing the students to the resources available at the school and creating their user accounts. Students will not have access to the school network until they have completed this course.

American School of Milan Laptop Purchase Program Guide