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Wavs of Caining Provision

from Allaah
Prepared By:
1he Educational department of Daar Al-
1ranslated bv a team of specialists
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All praise is due to Allaah alone; may He send
salutations and exalt the mention oI the seal oI all
Prophets and Messengers. our Prophet Muhammad.
his Iamily and all his companions.
Many people nowadays complain about the de-
crease oI their provisions Irom Allaah and the strug-
gle they Iace to provide Ior themselves. This preoc-
cupies their hearts and minds and worries them to
such an extent that they try all possible ways and
means in order to increase it. For example. a person
may deal in interest to increase his income. another
may take bribes. a third may lie and deceive others.
a Iourth may shed blood. and so on.
All oI these evils are simply to IulIil the needs
oI their wives and children. Such people seem to
Iorget that Allaah has given His slaves the appropri-
ate means by which they may gain provision Irom
Him. He has Iully clariIied the reasoning behind
them and has promised those who adhere to these
that they will receive abundant provision as well as
protection Irom Him. and they will be provided Ior
in ways that they never could have imagined.
Beloved Muslims! The Iollowing are the ways
oI gaining provision Irom Allah:
1. Pietv
Allaah made being IearIul oI Him a way oI gain-
ing or increasing ones provisions. He says what
means: "And whosoever fears Allaah and keeps his
dutv to Him, He will make a wav for him to get out
(from everv difficultv), and He will provide him
from (sources) he never could imagine. And who-
soever puts his trust in Allaah, then He will suffice
him. Jerilv, Allaah will accomplish his purpose.
Indeed Allaah has set a measure for all things."
(At-Talaaq.2-3) Allaah will reward. in this liIe and
the HereaIter. those who Iear Him and are mindIul
oI what pleases Him in all situations. One oI the
worldly rewards is that Allaah will make a way out
Ior him Irom hardships and adversities. and He will
provide him in ways which he never could have
imagined. Allaah says what means: "And if the peo-
ple of the towns had believed and had the 1aqwaa
(pietv), certainlv, We should have opened for them
blessings from the heaven and the earth, but thev
belied (the Messengers). So We took them (with
punishment) for what thev used to earn (polvtheism
and crimes)." (Al-Araaf.96) Shavkh As-Sadi. may
Allaah have mercy upon him. said: "If thev trulv and
sincerelv believed with their hearts. proved their be-
lief with actions and were fearful of Allaah inwardlv
and outwardlv. Allaah would have opened for them
blessings. from the Heavens bv sending rain. and the
earth bv causing plants to grow bv which thev as
well as their cattle would benefit. Thev would have
lived the richest life without the least difficultv or
What is this piety that Allaah made a reason be-
hind gaining provisions? Why did He inIorm us that
He would sustain the pious unlimitedly?
Piety is that which places a barrier between you
and that which harms you. It is a protection which
comes in the Iorm oI perIorming everything which
Allaah has commanded one to do as well as reIrain-
ing Irom everything that Allaah has prohibited. In-
deed ones liIe revolves around these two things.
There are many statements which were made by the
Salaf in this regard explaining and deIining piety.
Ibn Masood () said: 'It (i.e.. pietv) is to obev
Allaah and never disobev Him, to remember Him
and not forget Him, and to thank Him and never be
ungrateful to Him.`
Beloved Muslim! II you wish to increase your
provision Irom Allaah and live a comIortable liIe.
then Iear Allaah and be pious in all your aIIairs: at
home. at work and with your Iamily. Protect your-
selI Irom sins. adhere to the commandments oI your
Lord. reIrain Irom His prohibitions and protect your-
selI Irom whatever results in His punishment.
2. Repentance and seeking forgiveness
InIorming us about Prophet Nooh (). Allaah
says what means: "I said (to them): :Ask forgive-
ness from vour Lord, verilv, He is Oft-Forgiving.
He will send [rain fromj the skv upon vou in [con-
tinuingj showers and give vou increase in wealth
and children, and bestow on vou gardens and be-
stow on vou rivers.' " (Nooh. 10-12) Commenting
on this. Imaam Ibn Katheer. may Allaah have mercy
upon him. said: "If vou repent to Allaah. supplicate
to Him for forgiveness and obev His commandments.
He will increase vour provisions. send down bless-
ings from the Heavens and bring forth plantations
from the earth. increase the milk production from
vour animals. grant vou children and wealth. and
provide vou with gardens through which rivers flow
which contain different tvpes of fruits."
Allaah says what means: "And (commanding
vou): "Seek the forgiveness of vour Lord, and turn
to Him in repentance, that He mav grant vou good
enjovment, for a term appointed, and bestow His
abounding Crace to everv owner of grace (i.e. the
one who helps and serves the needv and deserving,
phvsicallv and with his wealth, and even with good
words). But if vou turn awav, then I fear for vou
the torment of a Creat Dav (i.e. the Dav of Resur-
rection." (Hood.3) Allaah has promised the one who
repents and seeks His Iorgiveness good enioyment.
increased provisions and the bestowal oI bounties.
The Prophet () said: "Allaah will relieve one who
excessivelv seeks His forgiveness from all grief,
find a wav out for him from all hardships and pro-
vide him from means which he could never have
expected." (Ahmad & Abu Daawood)
The type oI supplication Ior Iorgiveness which
brings provisions. increases it and blesses it is that
which is made Irom the heart as well as the tongue.
while he is not persistent in his sin. However. the
one who seeks Iorgiveness verbally. whilst at the
same time committing diIIerent types oI sins. is not
truthIul in his supplications. and these supplications
will be Iruitless.
II Allaah has provided Ior you abundantly. then
rush to repentance and Iollow your words with ac-
tions. Beware oI uttering supplications with your
tongue alone because these are the actions oI a liar.
3. Reliance on Allaah
Allaah says what means: "And He will provide
him from (sources) he never could imagine. And
whosoever puts his trust in Allaah, He will suffice
him. Jerilv, Allaah will accomplish his purpose.
Indeed Allaah has set a measure for all things."
(At-Talaaq.3) He whose heart hopes in Allaah alone
in bringing beneIit or preventing harm. and puts his
trust Iully in Him. He will suIIice him. relieve him
Irom all grieI and provide him Irom sources which
others are deprived oI.
The Prophet () said: "If vou relv on Allaah as
He should be relied on, He will provide for vou as
He provides for the birds; thev go out in the morn-
ing with emptv stomachs and return full." (Ahmad
& Tirmidhi). Commenting on this hadeeth. Ibn Ra-
iab. may Allaah have mercy upon him. said: "This
Hadeeth is a fundamental in the issue of reliance
upon Allaah. and it is one of the greatest reasons for
gaining provisions. Some of the Salaf have said. If
vou relv on Allaah. provisions will come to vou
without anv effort. "
Reliance on Allaah is to express ones inherent
incapacity. complete and inclusive dependence on
Allaah alone. along with the certainty that Allaah
alone has control over the universe and that the aI-
Iairs oI all oI creation are under His Will. It is He
alone Who provides. creates. grants and deprives
Irom bounties. beneIits. aIIlicts. gives wealth. causes
poverty. health. sickness. liIe and death.
Reliance on Allaah does not entail abandoning
the utilisation oI worldly means. because Allaah has
commanded us to utilise all possible means along
with relying on Him. Physically striving to utilise all
worldly means is in Iact an act oI obedience to Al-
laah. and reliance on Him with ones heart reIlects
his belieI in Him. Allaah says what means: "1hen
when the (1umu'ah) Salaat (praver) is ended, vou
mav disperse through the land, and seek the
Bountv of Allaah (bv working)." (Al-Jumuah. 10)
A Muslim is required to utilise all means. but
without relying on them Ior the results. Instead. he
should Iirmly believe that the matter is completely
with Allaah. and that He alone is The Provider.
4. Maintaining ties of kinship
There are many ahaadeeth which prove this.
Abu Huravrah may Allaah be pleased with him.
heard the Prophet () saying: "He who would like
to increase his provisions and remain mentioned
with goodness among the people should maintain
good ties with his kinship." (Bukhaari)
Ali Ibn Abu Taalib may Allaah be pleased with
him. narrated that the Prophet () said: "He who
desires that he be granted more provision, his life
be prolonged and that Allaah protects him against
an evil death should fear Allaah and maintain
good ties with his kinship." (Ahmad)
The Prophet () clariIied that good ties with
kinship has many Iruits and good outcomes; it in-
creases ones provisions. prolongs liIe. protects
against an evil death and brings love between rela-
tives. The question thereIore arises: who are kin and
how does one maintain good ties with them?
Kin are any blood or marital relative. regardless
oI whether one can Islamically inherit Irom them or
not. Ties may be maintained in many ways: visiting
them. giving them giIts. enquiring about their condi-
tion. giving charity to the poor amongst them. being
kind and respectIul to the old amongst them. inviting
them and being hospitable to them. ioining them in
their celebrations and ioy. comIorting them during
adversities. supplicating Ior them. holding no
grudges against them. accepting their invitations.
visiting them when they are sick. advising them. en-
ioining them with good and Iorbidding them Irom
evil. protecting them Irom evil and many others.

5. Spending for the sake of Allaah
There are many texts addressing this issue in the
Qur`aan and the Sunnah. and proving it to be a way
Ior gaining provisions such as:
Allaah says what means: "Sav: 1rulv, mv Lord
enlarges the provision for whom He wills of His
slaves, and (also) restricts (it) for him, and whatso-
ever vou spend of anvthing (in Allaah's Cause), He
will replace it. And He is the Best of providers."
(Saba.39) Ibn Katheer may Allaah have mercy
upon him. said commenting on this: "This means
that whatever vou spend in the areas that Allaah has
commanded or allowed vou to spend in. it will be
replaced in this life and rewarded for in the Hereaf-
Allaah says what means: "O vou who believe!
Spend of the good things which vou have (legallv)
earned, and of that which We have produced from
the earth for vou, and do not aim for that which is
bad to spend from it, (though) vou would not ac-
cept it save if vou close vour eves and tolerate
therein. And know that Allaah is Rich (Free of all
needs), and Worthv of all praise. Shaitaan (Satan)
threatens vou with povertv and orders vou to com-
mit Fahshaa (evil deeds, illegal sexual intercourse,
sins); whereas Allaah promises vou forgiveness
from Himself and bountv, and Allaah is All-
Sufficient for His creatures' needs, All-Knower."
(Al-Baqarah.267-268) Ibn Abbaas. may Allaah be
pleased with him. said: "Two things are from Allaah
and two things are from Satan. Satan savs. Do not
spend vour wealth. and hold on to it because vou
need it. and then commands vou to do evil. Allaah
promises vou forgiveness for vour sins and more
blessing in vour provisions. Allaah conceals the sins
of His slave in this life and the Hereafter. and in-
creases his provisions in this life and bestows His
bounties upon him in the Hereafter."
The Prophet () said on behalI oI his Lord: "O
son of Aadam! Spend and I will sustain vou."
These ahaadeeth and many others encourage
spending and promise great rewards and bounties
Irom Allaah. plus raising the rank oI the spender.
6. Repeatedlv performing Hajj and :Umrah
Ibn Masood () narrated that the Prophet ()
said: "Repeatedlv perform Hajj and :Umrah, be-
cause thev get rid of povertv and sins just as fire
gets rid of the impure particles in metal, gold and
silver. A correctlv performed Hajj will have no less
a reward than Paradise." (Tirmidhi & Nasaai)
7. Kindness to the weak
The Prophet () clariIied that people receive
provisions and victory by virtue oI being kind to the
weak among their ranks. Musab Ibn Sad () said
that Sad () Ielt that he (Sad) had more virtue than
other companions oI the Prophet (). so the Prophet
() said: "You onlv get provisions and victorv bv
virtue of having the weak among vour ranks."
Abu Ad-Dardaa () heard the Prophet () say-
ing: "1ake care of the weak among vour ranks, for
vou onlv get provisions and victorv bv virtue of
having the weak amongst vour ranks." (Abu Daa-
wood & Tirmidhi)
The weak to whom the Prophet () reIerred to
are oI diIIerent types. such as the poor. the needy.
orphans. the sick. strangers and women who have no
guardians or slaves. The way to show kindness to
them diIIers Irom one type to another: the poor by
giving them money and giIts. the orphan and women
with no guardians by checking on them and Iinan-
cially supporting them. the sick by visiting them and
encouraging them to persevere and so on.
Slaves oI Allaah! II you wish to increase you
provisions. gain the support oI Allaah. be kind to the
weak and reIrain Irom harming them.
8. Devoting oneself to worship
Abu Huravrah () narrated that the Prophet ()
said: "Allaah 1he Exulted savs: O son of Aadam!
Devote vourself to Mv worship. I will fill vour heart
with contentment and make vou rich; otherwise, I
will make vour life hectic and keep vou poor."
(Tirmidhi & Ibn Maaiah) In this Hadeeth. Allaah
promises the one who devotes himselI to the wor-
ship oI Allaah two things: contentment and wealth.
It is known that the one to whom Allaah gives a con-
tented heart. poverty will never Iind a way to reach
Devoting oneselI to worshipping Allaah does
not mean that one stops seeking provisions. reIrains
Irom working and sits in the mosque day and night.
Rather. what is meant is that the slave should always
have his heart attentive during his worship to Allaah.
humble himselI to Him. be aware oI His greatness
and remember that he is invoking upon the King oI
the Heavens and the earth.
There are other ways to increase ones provisions
which we will mention in brieI:
9. Migrating Ior the sake oI Allaah.
10. Jihaad Ior the sake oI Allaah.
11. ThankIulness to Allaah.
12. Marriage.
13. Supplicating to Allaah during times oI need.
14. Shunning sins and maintaining oneselI upon
the religion oI Allaah by perIorming acts oI
This last way is the most important oI all what has
been mentioned. Ior provisions are gained by obedi-
ence and lost by disobedience. and a person gets de-
prived Irom provisions due to a sin he commits. Sins
are the greatest cause Ior losing provisions. having a
diIIicult liIe and losing blessings in liIe. Allaah says
what means: "If thev (non-Muslims) had believed
in Allaah, and went on the Right Wav (i.e. Islaam),
We would surelv have bestowed on them water
(rain) in abundance." (Al-Jinn.16) This means that
iI they maintained themselves upon the path oI truth.
guidance and belieI. He would have increased their