Northeast Running Services 7/22/2011

Athlete: Julie Benson Goals: Build fitness and length of runs toward an Oct 2nd Half Marathon
Week starting on Monday

2-3 miles easy; 1 mile of strides alternating 100m on, 100m jog

6 mile long run. You may cool down as long and as slow as you want on the elliptical.







off - stretch 2-3 mile steady today. You may run; 1 mi cool do as much core down work as you want.

1 mile warmup; off. 1 set of dynamic drills; 3 mile fartlek of 3 mins on/ 2 mins off. 1 mile cool down. If you can find a gently rolling route, that is ideal.

5 mile run. 1 set 23 miles Be of drills after if sure to you're not hydrate with feeling too tired. the summer heat.

1 July 25th 2 miles easy jog 7-8 mile long run. You may start practicing taking a Gu 45 mins into this run. August 1st 4 mile easy run. 9 mile long run; Finish with 5 X 200m strides with full recovery. Off - lifting/core work and stretching. 3 mile run; 30 min elliptical. 1 mi easy; dynamic drills; 2 mi hard; 3 min walk. 5 mins of diagonals. 1 mi easy 1 mi easy; drills; 5 X 800m @ 5k pace (3:30 - 3:40) with 3 mins of easy jogging between; 1 mi easy 4-6 miles easy; lifting (or save lifting for tomorrow); stretching. off 24 miles


off - You may do 2 sets of drills as part of your core routine.

2 mi easy, 3 mi steady, (just under 8min pace)

6 miles easy off (run as slow as your body needs to to feel good) This would be a good day to run trails.

30 miles


August 8th

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Northeast Running Services 7/22/2011 4-5 mile run. Stretch after. 8 mile long run. off. Be sure to start out at a pace you feel you can maintain. 2-3 miles easy. 1 mile easy; 2-3 miles. Core off. Core, stretching, drills; 1 mile of lifting & and drills. 30secs hard, 1 stretching. min easy; jog 3 mins and drink water; repeat 12 more miles; 1 mile easy 1 mile easy; drills; 5 mile hilly fartlek with 4 mins on and 2 mins off. Aim for 7:35 pace "on" and 8:10 pace "off." 1 mile cool down. 1 mile easy; drills; 10 X 50m strides with jog back; 3 X 1500m accelerations (500m gradually speeding from moderate, comfortably hard, to hard); jog 3 mins in between. 10 X 50m strides, 2 miles slow cool down. 6-8 miles easy. If you can, split this run into two 4 mile runs, AM and PM. If not, just be sure to go slowly. Lifting. 24 miles Down week: The purpose is to finish the week feeling good.


August 15th 5 mile run. Stretch after. 8 mile long run. Start with 5 min jog and 1-2 sets of drills. Then 3 miles easy; 3 miles at 8:00 pace; 1 mile easy.

off - You may do 3-4 miles elliptical if you want, plus core & stretching.

off. You may do 33 miles as much walking Congratulate and elliptical as yourself on a you like. Option hard week! to lift today instead of yesterday.


August 22nd

5-6 mile run. 9 mile long run. 3 miles and core off. Finish with 1 set Finish with 10 X work. Be sure of drills. 100m strides, to stretch today. ideally barefoot on grass. Or use telephone poles as a guide (They are 25m apart in town and 50m apart on larger roads). You can cool down on the elliptical up to 20 mins. August 29th

3 mile run. 30 2-4 miles. Core mins elliptical lifting. (aim for HR of 120-140). 3 mile run. If this is logistically difficult, do 3 miles, then 2 sets of 10 mins of diagonals with a walk on the straightaway, then 3 miles.

35 miles


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Northeast Running Services 7/22/2011 1 mi easy; drills; 10 mile long run off - stretch 4 mile run. core with 3 miles today. work easy; 4 miles steady (7:457:55 pace); 3 miles easy. Practice taking a Gu during the steady state and getting water down. off - you may walk or do up to 30 mins of elliptical slowly. 13 mile long run. 4-6 mile run Wear your race shoes. Be sure to practice taking 1-2 Gus and at least 10 oz of water. Maybe do a 4 mile loop so you can lay out your water and grab 3 times. 5-7 mile easy run. 2 miles easy; 5 mile run, drills; 4 mile lifting. tempo at 7:40 pace; 4 X 400m at 7 min pace (95 secs) with 90 sec jog recovery; 1 X 200m hard; 2 mi easy 5 mile run/elliptical. You may split this up with the elliptical if you want, getting 40 mins of total time on your feet. 41 miles


Sept 5th

2-3 miles easy. 1 mile easy; 5 miles Core, stretching, drills. 3 X 1.5 and drills. ideally hilly miles (or 10 mins) with 400m jog between. Try to get faster each repeat, about 8min pace; 7:45 pace, 7:30 pace. 1 mile easy.

off - core, 34 miles Your stretching, drills. taper is beginning!


Sept 12th

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Northeast Running Services 7/22/2011 off - drills; core work 12 mile long run 4-5 miles with last 3 @ 7:45-7:55 pace. Be sure to start out conservatively. This last long run is important because it prompts your body to store extra glycogen (fuel in your liver). 30 mins elliptical. Be sure to eat your pre-race meal tonight. off 1 mile easy; 5 miles. Drills. off. drills; strides; 2 Core and X 1000m at 7:40 stretching after. pace. 4 X 400m @ 1:40. 2 mile cool down. This should feel easy. Learn what your pace feels like when you feel good. 27 miles


Sept 19th 7 miles


Sept 26th off - you may off walk 1-2 miles or do 10-15 mins of elliptical slowly

off - stretching dress rehearsal: half mile easy; drills; 2 miles at 8min pace; 5 X 100m strides; 1 mile easy off - active rest (you may xtrain, bike, hike, walk, elliptical, play frisbee, etc.) off- no running but core exercises and stretching

3-4 miles easy

1-3 miles easy; you may do up to 4 X 100m strides at the end at race pace. Good Luck!

Half Marathon Race Day! Half mile easy; drills; race; light jog or walk cool down

33 miles Congrats!

1 mile; 2 sets of easy 4 mile run drills; 1 mile


8 miles 'The goal of this week is to recover.

11 Oct 3rd 2 miles walk/jogging, 3 miles steady off-stretching; optional core work 5-6 miles. Run 3 miles easy how you feel. If you feel good, you may pick it up the last 2 miles. off Up to 60 mins of off or light elliptical. Core walking exercises. 14 miles The goal of this week is to rebuild slowly.

12 Oct 10th

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Northeast Running Services 7/22/2011

notes: Goal 1: Build aerobic base. Your long runs and your total mileage are designed to address this. Goal 2: Increase the distance and intensity of your longest run. This helps with running economy, and teaches you what it feels like to complete the distance. Goal 3: Increase general strength. Without corresponding strength increases, the increased volume of training may lead to injury. See trails, core, and dynamic drills, all aimed at this goal. Goal 4: Complete a half marathon in 8:00 pace. Any slower and I think you would have difficulty cutting your stride. Trails are a great way to decrease pounding while increasing stability. A convenient trail near you is the Rockingham Trails are a great way to decrease pounding while increasing stability. A convenient trail near you is the Rockingham Recreational Trail, which begins in Northwood and goes all the way to Manchester. (Take Route 108 to Ash Swamp Rd. to get there.) Also, see 111a Exeter River for a 4 mile trail. Long runs should be done at a comfortable pace throughout. If anything, you should feel strongest at the end. If running for more than an hour, practice taking on energy such as Gatorade, Gu, or Hammer gel. If you cannot currently run continuously, start by jogging and running in alternation. Try to judge your effort by jogging to begin and "saving" as much energy as you think you'll need to make it through. tempo - an aerobic pace where no lactic acid builds up. This is designed to be about 80% of maximum heart rate, where you can still talk but you're running hard. For you this should be between 7:15 and 7:35 min pace. steady - refers to "steady state" running, which is slower than tempo pace but faster than a regular jog. Estimate about 20 seconds faster per mile than your average running pace. fartlek means "speed play" and can be done on any surface. Alternate regular training pace with hard effort. Note that a shorter fartlek interval (1 min) would be run faster than a longer interval (3 mins). core - weight lifting is most beneficial when you activate your core (trunk) muscles. Try enhancing even simple lifts like shoulder press or bicep curls by standing on a stability disc. I feel that neglecting your legs when lifting is a mistake. After all, you only run in one direction. Your abductors and adductors may be weak, leading to knee pain. Simple ways to work these muscles are to lie on one side and do leg lifts. The upper leg works the abductors, The leg on the ground works the adductors. Use your arms and other leg to brace yourself, and stay controlled. dynamic drills - work on range of motion and flexibility through isolating parts of the natural stride. It sounds like you have limited time, so I recommend doing my warmup routine 2-3 days a week to work on some of those weaknesses. I am attaching a word document that includes this series of exercises (It only takes 5-10 mins).
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Northeast Running Services 7/22/2011

accelerations - Continuously get faster during the repetition. For a 1500m example: 500m about tempo pace, 500m at current 5k race pace, and 500m at current mile race pace. strides - running for a short time at a fast pace to teach the body good form. Run only 40-100m strides, trying to be light on your feet. Jog back to the start. This is to enhance efficiency, not make you tired. hard - hard effort should be similar to the pace of your strides. Run light on your feet, and try to lengthen your stride Imagine your foot making a circle as it leaves the ground, not just moving forward. dress rehearsal - Wear the shoes you will wear for race day. Be sure to break them in by wearing them in longer tempo runs too. Practice your pre-race routine of what you'll eat at least 3 hours before the race. Be flexible. Don't feel like you have to complete these days in order; feel free to move around your routines. The most important days each week are the quality days (long runs and workouts), followed by total mileage.

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Northeast Running Services 7/22/2011

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Northeast Running Services 7/22/2011

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Northeast Running Services 7/22/2011

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Northeast Running Services 7/22/2011

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Northeast Running Services 7/22/2011

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Northeast Running Services 7/22/2011



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